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(2013-01-13 - 2013-01-13)
Agantyr moves to get his allies out of prison, and Gabranth happens.
Of arriving back rumors have started to emerge and people were talking. Already in Rabanastre a problem has arisen where someone assaulted a judge. Though from all reports currently that Gabranth could locate down quickly, there was no judge in that area. Troops yes, Judge no.

So this required a bit more looking into, including who this Avira was. That was something he researched on while on the flight to the city from Archades. Slowly being reminded as he flew over the world from a distance view the damage that had been brought to New Ivalice by the hands of Vayne; perhaps in some ways; his own.

Once the airship arrives, people quickly scatter back, not because of the troops, because the very man who steps off. The black armor that absorbs the very light around him. The golden trim almost seeming silver in light being the only thing reflecting the said light. His leathery cape moving behind him with simple ease with each step he takes with a very calm, sure stride. With each step also was the clanking of metal on metal from the scabbards on his hilts that held a short and long sword; Highway Star and Chaos Blade.

As they moved out into the city center, the mix from the people was mixed at best. Somewhere only watching, some running perhaps to tell others, and others were moving to their homes to hide. The Judge Magister only could watch the activities with his cold gray-blue eyes behind the helm, hidden by darkness it casted over him. To the outside word, there was no eyes, no face, just cold black steel.

His gaze, and slowly his head peers around the area, before motioning to one of the troops who had been on guard here to come over. The guard does so quickly, and the Judge Magister begins to speak with the soldier regarding the earlier activities and what any details he may have to offer on it.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr was thankfully not here when this happened...perhaps Garland planned it that way. He got to hear about the rumors from Flurogis, and now has braved the desert once more to find his way to Rabanastre. His eyes ablaze as he tries to figure out how to best handle the situation. Rellius had been already prewarned that Angantyr may try to let himself be captured to give him access to the jails and break lose from the inside. His ability to use Corridors of darkness had been documented by the Arcadian authorities at least once.

So here he was now, armor and a desert cloak hanging over him as he moves through the front gates, passed the guards and starts making his way through the city. He was fairly recongizable, tall, powerful, and with a lost of marks under his own belt. People knew him, and gave him a wide breath, especially with the scowl he had on his face as he starts approaching the central guard house. This path would take him through the damaged areas...considering them for only a moment, but his intent was dead set on his friends first, and admiring Avira's handywork second.
Sanel In this grand, colorful city of Rabanastr, there are many vendors selling food and other sort of goods. With the merchants hailing people over, there is one person who is peacefully residing the streets.

It's a little boy, specifically. He is easy to miss, passing along with the crowd. Perhaps the oddest thing about him is the blue hair and the oversized blue coat in this area. There is one thing that is disliked. The heat. However, with the winter atmosphere, it provides a lot more cooling.

Wrapped arund his arms is a small, pinkish creature with feathers for bunny ears. The dreamhare is looking up towards the boy with a confused look.

"Buun buuun! Sanel will get you food!"

The boy found an injured monster along the way, so he took it with him and treated it. It may be why it is letting the strange boy hold it. While he extends a hand to get an apple for the creature...

A commotion is caused as people run, hide, and so forth. Many of them going on about Judges.

"Bunbun! Let's see what's going on!"



Grabbing an apple along the way from the marketeer, he hands it over to the bunny and he walks along the path where the potential source of interest lies within the city center.
A few of the soldiers standing by notice the Sell Sword moving in from outside. At first they were trying to decide to move in to tell him he couldn't enter, however thanks to the earlier battle and damage, there would be few of them to handle if a fight broke out.

So instead one stood back, while another one went off to go locate their Judge in charge. However that Judge was injured earlier by the commotion and well, probably what could have lead so many to thinking that Garland was perhaps Gabranth; or just another evil Judge Magister.

Once the soldier gets to Gabranth and salutes him, he speaks up clearly with that slight british accent common for the area. "Your honor, the one who was fighting the.. armored man earlier.. their associate is here."

The Judge Magister slowly looks over to the soldier. There was a long stare before he spoke, "Who is this individual?" He says with a crisp, calm voice.

"Your honor, he is a Sell Sword. He is known for taking many jobs, including also some for us. However, we are not sure if his presence here is because of..." The troops silences as Gabranth walks by. "Your honor?"

"I will look into this further by my own means."

"Your honor, I do not think that would be wise. You have been out of the loop for some time and.."

Gabranth quickly draws out the Highway Star and lifts the tip of the blade to the soldier. His voice growing with a low growl in it. "I am very aware of what has been taken place in lands you would never step foot in. I have seen the darkness and it crawl over the lands of many words. The screams of people far haunting then that heard in wars. Do NOT find me so fool-hearty as to not know."

The soldier places up his hands, before he nods his head gently. "Y-Yes, your honor. Forgive me for the.. mistake, your honor."

Gabranth then lowers his blade before he sheaths it once more. "Forgiven." He states calmly, before he turns back on his heels. His cape flowing with the very movement in an almost heavy motion. Soon the Judge Magister starts to move into the group of people. Past the youth who took the apple from the stand who came to see what the commotion was about. Which he looks over too and gives a minor nod to the youth, before he continues on.

It is obvious to Gabranth that the crowd also moves for another further ahead. That other being most likely the very man the troops spoke of. He read about a Sell Sword in the area, this very individual. He could not but silently wonder if it be whom he thinks it is.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr doesn't say anything to anyone, he has no soldiers to call his own (yet) and simply moves to wade across the market place. At this point, Gabranth enters in his wake, the people now really backing up. A Judge and someone associated with a outlaw...worse, someone who has little love for Arcadia. The cloak hides his back, but the figure is powerful...familar perhaps. Not many people have a build like his, Rallius is the closet...though he's considerably more bear-like that Angantyr. However, where Rallius' body was...lighter, brighter somehow. Angantyr's body is darker, colors and light dimmer near him.

Angantyr pauses as he notices that people are not just staring at him, but at something behind him. Slowly, he turns, eyes looking annoyed at being followed, and watches as the iron clad judge starts making his way in his wake. The eyes narrow...that armor...

To Gabranth, the man was older, a few more lines in that face of his, but he was very little changed from the battle of the younger man's home. There was also...something else, the darkness was calmer, like staring into a pool, instead of a raging storm. That unmistakable darkness was still there, but it was almost like he had wrangled the beast, instead of it consuming him. As Rallius would have attested...Angantyr had this particular darkness sense he was born, uncontroled even as a child, he was an oddity in the family of paladins. He was the sacrifice for their great light...the shadow that one casts when standing too close to it.

"I somehow doubt this is a social call, Judge. So let me be frank, I am here to seek release of my allies that were taken under custody. The battle was not something they were involved with, nor was it a judge that my friend assaulted." Angantyr is going to try and play diplomacy first. "Holding them is pointless."
Sanel In the midst of it all, the boy has managed to walk past the group of people trying o get away to avoid being in the onslaught. The little boy in blue, however, is walking straight into the mess without a care in the world.

While he manages to find the spot, his little friend is happily nibbling on the apple.

Managing to get a bit closer to the vicinity of the rising tensions, Sanel's good eye peeks out.

"Kwee?" asks the dreamhare.

"Sanel doesn't know. Let's see."
The Judge Magister studies the Sell Sword. Before those blue eyes narrow slightly in thought. There was silence as he listens to what Angantry stated. His hand gently come to rest down on the hilt of the Highway Star as though it takes him a moment, he starts to place facial features together.

It was enough to cause him to sneer behind the masked helm, however the voice betrays the action which still remains calm as ever. "You should know, Sell Sword that while in New Ivalice and in the territories that which Archades rules over, you to refer to a Judge or Judge Magister as your honor. Or at least by proper title if nothing less.. and even in armor, there is a large difference between the two."

Gabranth then hrms softly. "As for your comrades that were caught in this mess. I do not know who all was captured or placed in prison for the earlier acts. However, as you do know of what may have taken place here, I may have to request for you to come in for questioning."

So far it seemed the Judge Magister was remaining calm and composed. No motion had been yet made into a fighting stance, nor the hand resting on the hilt moved any to grab of the weapon. Instead it continues to remained relaxed. Though if Angantry was sensitive to it, he may indeed feel the Judge Magister staring directly at him, eye for eye. Like two great predators both staring one another down; at least it may explain why the tension in the air was slowly starting to become thick.
Angantyr Vespar "I wasn't here. I only know because of rumors and a frantic call from my friend to fix things." Angantyr partially lies.

However, the voice brings back memories...dark memories. His eyes narrow, and his own hand moves to the shaft of a mace that rests on his back...larger than some people, and a dark aura radiates from the weapon as well. It is a mean obsidian looking weapon...and nasty to boot. His eyes remained focused on the judge. "You tolerate my impertanance because of my skill and power, but now I am here to clear something up, I have nothing as far as information about the event to offer you, and I refuse to be taken in for crimes I did not commit, nor will you use me as bait for Avira. I am not a victim, judge, rather you like to contest this is in your court."

"But I do remember you now. Did they give you a promotion for killing my country men? To make them sacrificial lambs for your nation's conquring forces?" Angantyr accuses, keeping the tone calm, but pointed. "I'm not here for my I am here to clear up the matter of my three clan mates, to get their freedom. Our matter, can be resolved later."
Sanel The boy is taking the moment to examine both individuals. While both are armor-cladded, they give off a different vibe of power. It makes the boy curious, tilting his head over while taking observance and listening in.

The eyes shift towards the Judge, first and foremost. There is that weapon. Then, it moves towards the other warrior of darkness.

Sanel merely watches while holding BunBun. This is quite a bit to take in.
Gabranth would break into a laugh. Oh how he would laugh. Something he'll do probably when he is in his room alone really. To be stated that he 'tolerates' this mercenary for his skill and power. How off this man was, how off he was from the truth. Respect, perhaps. Perhaps he should have said respect when he spoke with Gabranth, but to late now. "It is good to see that power indeed still makes a man think he is worth pride. Pride could indeed be your undoing one day, Sell Sword."

He ignores the call of being called Judge and speaks calm still. "Mm. So it is you." His hand at last tightens on the blade at the conformation. "I did as I was ordered to do as a loyal soldier of the Archadian military.. and for promotion. No. I was already a Judge Magister even then. It was only a further proof of my loyalty yet however." He narrows his eyes, as they slowly start to go from blue to a golden amber in color as dark magic starts to gather from within him. "Unless you have forgotten how our structure operates, then I suggest you go read up."

"Now then, as you have no proof that they were not involved and you are speaking on the behalf of an individual currently a possible suspect of a crime that I am investigate into to either clear them or sentence them. I can not simply let your clan mates go, until I am done with my investigation." Gabranth tilts his head a bit to the side. "So you can either aid me in finding the proof, get out of our way as we handle this, or stay in my way at which case I may have to charge you for impeding a investigation."
Angantyr Vespar "But I am not in your way, you came after me. I am going to the guard tower to get them released." Angantyr says, as if talking to a small child. "Do I need to break it down any farther? Did you forget that you came after me? What a way to waste time in this investigation." he grunts, still keeping his hand on his weapon as the other man started to channel that dark energy. Angantyr's starts to flare a little as well, his eyes not changing to a more amber hue, instead they stay their natural color, as he focuses on Gabranth.

"There is a thin like between arrogance and confidence...what you might see as one, I know is the other. But if pride is to be my undoing...then it will surely do me better than being a faithful puppy to House Solidor." he says, with a faint smirk.

"Whatever your reasons for what you did, they are not the subject of why I am here today, so if that is it, judge, I am going to conclude my buisness." he says, and turns, offering his back towards Gabranth as he continues to move on his way...and the now MUCH emptier streets of Rabanastre.

"Did you get all that?"
Sanel "What does BunBun think that Strange Men are talking about."


"Oh, stupid human stuff?""Kwee!"

"Help you take overthe----"

And then the magic starts to resonate. That is where Sanel's single eye, obscured from the mass of his hair, give off an ominous red glow. It radiates that bright glow as he peers towards the source of it: Gabrath.

He stares for several moments the frown growing. Then, it concentrates on Angantyr.

"Sanel feel odd."


While the streets are much emptier, there are few stragglers here and there. And one onlooker.
Gabranth did not snarl, he did not growl. Instead his voice continued to stay very calm, though he did turn to face Angantyr as he started to walk past. Those eyes still staring into the man. "I was informed by those very guards of your presence and /that/ is why I am before you. Now then, if you continue to walk."

Gabranth then slowly looks away. "I will have to take action, as my authority here over-rules all authority with Rabanastre. Also it is YOU who is hung up on your past, since you continue to fall back to that."

Now there was the low growl as the hand unlatched the blade form the sheath. "Now. I will say again, Angantyr. Stand back and let us do our work, that way your friend can be freed sooner, or I will have you thrown in there with them until we are done. Be glad my patience is remaining currently, but you are on the last sliver of it."

The Network wonders if Max is stealing something from Rabanastre again since he did mention going on job. Emi and *drumroll* Umi have made their way into Rabanastre. Umi is feeling a bit down for mysterious reasons that totally don't involve Percival. She is also, unlike Emi, wearing a baseball cap off to the side that is a bit ratty. Nevertheless, the two are together and clearly similar enough in appearance to be called 'twins' even though they're really more of a sextet at present time. Still, the first people they notice are Ang and Gabranth and then, shortly after, Sanel.

Emi observes the two for a few moments and then glances to Sanel. Umi also glances to Sanel and, ultimately, jogs on over to Sanel. "OIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" She shouts at the young boy. "Oi oi oi!!"

Emi sigihs faintly and returns to observing the Judge and his uh ... Ang.

"Oi!" Umi says. "Your eye..." She whispers. "Your eye is glowing. Did you know that? I'm Umi. Pleased to meet you. The Network says hello too. What are you up to? Do you need anything? Are you about to be all Cyclops Death Lasers POOOOSH? Because if you are that's totally dangerous and you shouldn't..."

She glances over to Emi for a moment before leaning in to add, "...But it'd be totally wicked. You get my meaning?"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr has pretty much had enough of this.

The cloak goes flying, off of his shoulders to hit the ground to the side of him. The mace comes into his hand...and Gabranth can see it now. It is massive, more than a man could...or should weild in two hands, but he handles the thing in one arm as he brings it down into the ground, shattering it.

"So you're in my way, Judge. Fine. If I have to take you down to free my allies, then so be it. I tried to play by the rules, but if I gota make my stand against Arcadia now, I'd gladly do so for Clan Dagna." he states simply. He turns, and then just dives at Gabranth, aiming to swing the mace into his body, trying to tear away armor and flesh. The mace moves again, aiming to swing down at his legs with the second movement, aiming to try and crush bones and cause pain through his legs, before his right hand exploded into flame...coursing through his body and aiming to clench the fist.

This time, a explosion of darkness rings out, and attempts to claim Gabranth's body, burning...but not causing any pain. Instead, it flares when his attacks hit, causing them to hurt even more. "I'm not going to be your bait. Lets DO THIS!"
Sanel Blink!

Truth be told, Sanel is surprised by the initial, loud contact of Umi's approach. At first, a wary glance is cast over with that single, visible eye. That other eye, hidden by the mass of hair, continues to glow due to the strong presence of magic. Nevertheless, the surprised boy is clutching onto the dreamhare tighter. The creature, squeaking at the boy's affections, twitches and it wiggles to try to escape the boy's OVERLY STRONG hold.

As Umi makes an observation, Sanel blinks, "...Sanel's eye glows?" It is hard to tell. It just feels odd. With the first contact made, Sanel replies, "Sanel is Sanel, happy to meet Umi. BunBun is BunBun," He introduces the dreamhare, who is gagging. But, after the boy relents, the creature is able to breathe once more. Why, god, why?!

Sanel squints towards Umi, "...Sanel does not know if that is possible. Sanel thinks Umi is making up stuff." His cheeks puf up. "...Sanel is watching the Armored Men talking about 'stupid human stuff' and--" The explosion occurs, "...fight."
Gabranth does not draw the sword. Instead he just lets the Sell Sword --

Be the villain.

To long has he been in these type of games. To long has he seen the seeds before him. He could see the storm coming before it came. He already knew that no matter what words were placed before this man, that he would just simply ignore them. Rage, rage drove Angantyr, that much was clear to Gabranth. That rage-- would be the very weapon he now used on the Sell Sword, a rage Gabranth knew well, as he too had it, but he learned to focus it. Control it. It would not cloud his judgment, for in law...

You could not let anything cloud your judgment, because the one thing that did drive Gabranth's blindness was now locked away nice and tight.

The Mace slammed into the armor, however the armor only cracked only the sheer force, not giving as much has perhaps the Sell Sword would be use to in his battles. The second impact does the same damage to the armor, also cutting into the leather, the marks deep, but not ripping it apart just yet.

Then the darkness flares out around Gabranth, slamming the Judge Magister back and straight into a wall. However, instead of stay still. Gabranth slowly moves himself out. Weapons still not drawn. "Angantry, you strike out in your rage. You do not listen to the words given to you. Are you so deaf in your madness that you do not understand what I gave to you? Does your past rule you so deeply that when you are given a choice of standing by, you simply toss it aside because you let it lead your hand now? You call me a dog of the Empire, yet you are a lost puppy to your very past."

The Judge Magister then draws out the Choas Blade and Highway Star. The two swords though not pointed to Angantry, instead their tips pointed to the ground. Troops were starting to move in, but until Gabranth gave the word. They did nothing but stand by. "Now stand down, before you are truly marked as an enemy of the Empire."
Angantyr Vespar "You already threatened to take me in, you threatened my allies and keep them on false charges and base simply use them to lure in Avira, who wasn't even attacking a just desire a conflict." Angantyr says, "See, I am much more honest with myself. I do not let pretexts cloud my vision. You say I am mad with rage...but I too use that rage as a weapon. The anger and hate that fill me will be directed at those who stand in my way...those who abuse their power to give them dominion over others."

Angantyr's darkness bursts, as he stares at Gabranth, "Your words are hollow, and we both know it. To be judged as a enemy of the empire? Please, I know you've been keeping tabs on me for years, because you knew I was up to something...well be damned the waiting. Now is as good of time as any...I am here to free my allies, and to embarrass you infront of your men." he says, and then...the darkness folds around him.

Running over his armor...changing it from the cheap looking material to armor crafted of something nightmares.

The armor is full plate, litterally made of darkness, looking at it would be like staring into the abyss. The armor continues to merge with him, until it snaps over his head, encapsulating his body as he snaps his head up. The visor where his eyes should be was just a crimson glow...and the darkness continues to grow with each passing moment.

"Lets do this, fido."
Emi Dennou Umi is pretty boisterous. Emi, on the other hand, is a bit more cautious and does not jump into the fight. She is content to observe for the moment. She bites her lip at the discussion, a lot of this is quite honestly over her head. It's not that she's not smart enough to figure it out--it's just that much of this is based off information she doesn't have and she doesn't like the idea of making a sudden judgement call. Still, one thing is clear. One is fighting on behalf of Avira and the other is fighting against Avira and Avira is someone to whom she owes something of a debt. Another thing is clear is that this is a personal matter for Ang. Better not get involved unless an opportunity presents itself.

Umi blinks a few times at Sanel, a bit surprised. First off Sanel doesn't seem to know thath is eye glows. And unsubtly at that. Second, cyclops death lasers are totally real. Third, stupid human stuff naturally implies Sanel does not see himself as a human which is okay, really, The Network doesn't exactly scream humanity itself.

"Hmmm..." Umi says. "HmmmMmMMmm.... OH HEY!" Her head rises. "You are Sanel. SAnel is Sanel, you said, well Umi is Umi, heh! The Network wonders if you are part of a Network too? Umi is of The Network, to clarify, as is Emi, who is over there in observation mode. The Network is pleased to meet your acquaintance and inquires that if you are not human what are you? Are you a cyborg Network? That would be metal, The Network confirms (actually just Umi)."

She looks to BunBun. She dismisses the name as irresponsible. There's no switchblade, after all.
Gabranth can only sigh softly. "You took what I said and saw them the wrong way. This does not surprise me. I told you to stand aside, help us, or I have to arrest you for the time of the investigation. I had no plans to hold them if all facts pointed to the fact they had nothing involved. You had no proof, thus I have to follow the proper trail. What enforcer or general would I be if I did not keep to some letter."

The Judge Magister then rolls his shoulders. "Though I see once more, taking the stance of Diplomacy does solve very little. Very well, lets just amuse the masses. You defeat me, your friends can go free and if we find charges against them, we will capture them. If I win, you go in prison. Where you will now go at any rate for your actions."

"I'm also a man of my word, not that you would believe such."

The Judge Magister then charges forward, his blade swings out, both carving downward to shred into the new armor over Angy, before he attempts then to use the very dark magic to rip into the armor, attempting to yank away for a time any magical properties it may give the Sell Sword. "Show me what you have learned since then."
Sanel "Network?" Sanel looks at Umi with a confused look. He runs his hand over to his hair, playing with the strands while giving a thoughtful look. "Sanel dos not know about the Network." Pause. "What is the Network?"

Then, his eyes drift over towards Emi, who is observing the fight as well. The look becomes that of curiosity. Sanel looks over towards the girl who is the first to initiate the conversation.

"...Sanel does not know if he is human or not. Sanel only follows what BunBun says." Then, he frowns, "Sanel doesn't remember anything except for his name." His eye occasionally drifts to watch the two locked onto combat, but then it returns towards Umi, showing signs of interest in her.
Angantyr Vespar "Oh please, encourage me to fight harder." Angantyr challenges, with a grin.

Gabranth charges in, but Angantyr does not defend himself, instead he acts aggressively. He swings the weapon, aiming to try and deflect the blows of the Judge, and for his efforts he only manages to take a bit of the pain out of them. The blades cut into Angantyr, seemingly not providing much in the department of defense...the shadow does not withstand the blows from darkness, breaking apart, and drawing dangerous lines of blood from their strikes.

Angantyr, however, swings, the mace trails a massive line of dark energy, aiming to try and smash Gabranth across the head.

However, acting aggressively, Angantyr presses the attack, as he movse forward once more, this time a massive wave of darkness bursts through the ground as he swings the blade upwards...a massive maw opens up from the darkness, aiming to try and grab a piece of the judge, trying to tear a chunk of him out...and causing a strange feeling of something draining from his body afterwards.

Then Angantyr swings down again, once more trying to drag the mace down ontop of the Judge's head.
Emi Dennou "The Network? Well... Mmm... I'm the Network. Emi is the Network. Ami, Imi, Omi, and Shida are the Network. We're all The Network." She nods firmly. She doesn't really mind chatting about this, though she has to admit, "I don't know if you're human or not either... But I guess if you're not, you still seem like you could use some company. I'm Umi! Like I said. Umi is Umi, right? Right. So--" She jabs a thumb at herself. "Consider official introductions over! We know who each other is and I even know of Bun Bun, your spirit animal." She scratches at her ear lightly. Hmm. No what should she say to this fellah?

"May I try something? It won't hurt, but I'm curious about you--The Network admits--and perhaps we could be friends!" She beams.

Emi meanwhile watches someone try to bludgeon someone in the head with a mace.
Sanel The dreamhare looks over both Sanel and then Umi with a curious look. After a moment of their exchange, it exhales a sigh, deciding to relent on its attempt to escape.


Nevertheless, Sanel is holding onto the bunny, tilting his head over towards Emi. "Network is the Network. All of Umi's friends are the network." Pause. "Sanel is happy to meet the Network."

She wants to try something?

"S-sure, Sanel will let Umi try something. ...Sanel would like friends. Sanel wanders around and does not know anyone."
Emi Dennou She sure does say she wants to try something, though hearing Sanel talk like that almost makes her reconsider. She doesn't seem to realize Sanel is going all Elmyra on that poor bunny. But then, it's typically Ami's job to worry about animals. Umi's job is to be highly excitable and friendly.

"Is that true...? The Network wonders." Umi taps her chin lightly and nods to herself. "Mm...hmmm... Well you're in luck, we can be your friend. See, I had a feeling you might need friends, it was my womanly intuition that is to say we are observant which is to say we can recognize like-like instances of behavior, The Network confirms."

She looks Sanel over and closes her eyes. "If this bothers you... tell us to stop." And then, upone reopening them, allows electricity to crackle across her form. It's a magical energy and she is curious whether or not this will cause that eye to glow a bit brighter. It's just a little bit, not intending to cause any problems with Sanel--at the very least, she doesn't want to!
The dreamhare has relaxed, managing to not become frantic despite of the strange boy's grip on it. Sanel is pretty happy, overall. Umi's offer of friendship brings a smile to the amnesiac's face, who seems very willing for this. "Like-like instances...?"

Sanel is confused for one moment, but then he awaits,. Once the electricity starts to crackle across the form, that magical glow on his eye brightens. It is a glance that pinpoints over to her. And yet, while hte other eye remains lockd onto her, the boy is able to recognize that coloring.


"Sanel senses strange energy.... it feels warm.... it looks odd. Umi has funny glow around her, just like the two men."

BunBun sees its chance!!!

The dreamhare springs off of Sanel's arms and it runs away.


"Nggh... sorry, need to get BunBun...." With a look of surprise, the boy is quickly running after the sprinting dreamhare, trying to catch the creature along the streets.
Emi Dennou It seems that Sanel has an eye that can detect magic. IT grows more brightly the closer--or more--magic there is around him. But why? Well that's a question for later it seems because Sanel has to chase after a bunny. Umi says, "Remember Umi!" as Sanel darts off. "Maybe we can talk more later!" She waves after him. "The Network fears for that poor rabbit, however... hmm..." She taps her chin a few more times.


Emi looks back to Umi. Some silent communication passes between the two and now BOTH Legions are observing the fight. Contemplating.
The Mace slams into the arm of the Judge Magister as Gabranth blocks the incoming blow. The leather takes the brunt and shreds through the leather exposing the skin under it. Then moving quickly to the side, the darkness pierces out. It rips through the armor, metal shards fly off, yet the armor still stands. Strength slightly pulled from but his resilience still stands.

Gabranth turns his attention away for a moment as he moves back a few steps, keeping his blades ready as a defensive stance. Though words are not heard nor lips seen, it is obvious that somehow Gabranth is giving orders. Several troops vanish from the scene, carrying out whatever order Gabranth may have given.

Soon with a deep inhale of air, the Judge Magister lowers the chaos blade to the ground, only taking quick steps in with the highway Star. Making quick, fluid slashes for the other dark knight. Using the speed of the lighter blade while giving his arm a moment of rest before the next strike comes in.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr smirks as the blow tears away armor, the blow was palpable...but it wasn't as powerful as he wanted.

Oh well, he'd have to wait again for another strike like that. However, the heavier blade was lowered as Gabranth came in with a series of quick blows. It would be effective too, if Angantyr had any wish to fight defensively or wasn't using such a large weapon. Angantyr swung with his own weapon, aiming to try and break through the barrage of blades, his own weapon swinging upwards, aiming to try and smash the other fighter upwards...but the smaller blade manages to stop the massive weapon, and the two collide...Angantyr's momentum stopped...but the Judge's attack also halted.

The clash of darkness sends a dark wind throughout the area, as Angantyr bounces off the strike and skids back along his feet...

But then he was on the move again, trying to push the attack. He comes upwards, leading the way with a fist, covered in dark flames, to try and lead the assault, dashing from a decent distance, before he swings the weapon downwards...

And repeatedly tries to smash him into the ground, aiming to try and bounce him off the desert town's streets.
Gabranth raises up the Chaos Blade after their quick exchange of blows, The mace slams down, breaking Gabranth's attempt of defense, before the mace once more swings down and impacts into the Judge Magister's shoulder. His knee slamming into the ground, but from that stance he swings out his blades, before he suddenly pushes right off from where he was knelt as a dark aura surrounds him.

As Gabranth pushes off and goes back. He gathers the dark aura around his blades before he sends it out with a slash of is blades toward the mercenary. Then landing down on the ground, he charges in, following in the dark aura only to bring a quick slash from the Highway Star, then spinning around before moving the Chaos Blade down. "Know this now, You are now a criminal of the Archadian Empire. Anywhere you go, you will be hunted down. You brought this on yourself. Do not forget this."

Gabranth knew saying such may be an unwise idea, however given the circumstance. Win or lose, what could have been avoided, was not, and thus the wheels were already in motion once more.

Umi approaches Emi and looks at the incredible fight between two great warriors of evil justice. Or dark justice. Right, dark justice. She gets antsy very quickly, hopping from foot to foot as she stares at the battle. It seems like Ang has the upper hand, but--

"Can't I jump in...?" Umi asks of Emi.

Emi shakes her head. "Doesn't seem appropriate. Ang seems to have this handled and we do not wish to draw attention to ourselves, remember..."

"agggghh..." Umi complains. "We've gotta. A true action hero has to jump into all fights especially if it isn't any of their business..."

Emi sighs and stuffs her hands in her pockets, looking away. "This one is not involved..."

But then Gabranth gives his speech. Umi just can't resist. She runs in, jabbing an electrically charged finger pointing towards him. "Hey hey hey--you want a rumble huh?? Well--Ang's a pal of Avira, and a pal of us, and that means we're all pals..." She fans both her hands forward and summons... well electricity obviously, spreading her arms to the side. "Have a hand, Ang!" And she intends to fling the spark towards him, intending to provide some electrically charged armor to protect him from


but will there be a dynamic interrupt...!?!??!!

Emi has nothing to do with this.

A figure in a red armored jacket leaps down from where they had been quietly watching this entire exchange. He picks himself up, vaulting off the top of the building and kicking away from the side so that he is pushed far forwards in a diagonal streak through the air.

He slams into Angatyr, knocking the mercenary back a step or two as Riku proclaims "What. Again?! Somebody kick over your stew, Angantyr?" he leaps back, putting himself inbetween the two combatants with a shadowy blade of crystalline mist forming and snapping into life as he faces the mercenary, he look over at Umi.

"Do you have to get your fingers into /everything?/"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr moves defensively, oddly, as he had been playing aggressively for a while.

The mace colldides with the Highway Star, the two weapons colliding for a brief moment...but the Chaos Star punctures through his defenses. Causing Angantyr to take the full blunt of the assault, being driven back by the blow...

"Not bad." he grunts, standing up and cracking his neck. Then a scream from Umi... "Oh <GOOSEHONK>, no! Stay out of this!" he says...and then COUNTER COUNTER INTERFEARANCE! Riku smashes into the dark knight, sending him back a bit and out of the way of Umi's help. He growls... "What the hell Riku?! Stay out of my fight...I am not kidding this time. I am not going to hold back if you <GOOSEHONK> with me kid."

This puts him into a very bad situation. However, the judge would have to come first, as he speaks at him... "Oh no, I am hunted by the Arcadian Empire! Gosh! I better give up..." he says, and smashes the mace into the ground.

Until he moves right to Gabranth, his right hand suddenly shifting, as ZA DARKNESS warps the hand. "THIS IS FOR EVERY SOLDIER OF MINE YOU SLAIN! LET THEIR CRIES SEND YOU TO THE GRAVE!" he the claw drives upwards into the man... aiming to grab him and litterally LIFT him off the ground with that massive arm..

Then the blood spilled between the two men pools up from the ground arround them, becoming hundreds of claws as they tear up, aiming to completely and utterally try and rip through Gabranth... aiming to leave nothing left at all.

An explosion of darkness aims to consume the judge as the dark claw disburses from his arm, aiming to return the knight to normal...Knightmare armor gone and everything.
Emi Dennou "Yes!" Umi says.

"No." Emi says.

The two look at each other for a few moments before Umi turns back to Riku. "And you totally just got involved too---"

"After you--" Emi begins before Umi covers her ears and 'la la las' until Emi quiets down and starts berating her WITH HER BRAIN instead. Eventually Umi lets her hands drop and hops from foot to foot. "Man--you can't just expect us to hang back and watch when we run into something like this, can ya Riku? Besides you've got way more spinning plates than anyone. You're like holding five...six? A hundred spinning plates."

Though really Gabranth looks like he's getting whuuuupped so maybe Ang didn't need help? Well that's besides the point to Umi.

"We are sorry for the trouble, sirs." Emi says. "She's getting antsy."

Umi runs over and intends to ALSO get in between the two. "DOUBLE OBSTACLE!" She yells.

Emi covers her eyes.
Gabranth is lifted off the ground, yet there is still no fear from the man, only a simply, "Death is what you seek. Then be done with it. Death will gain you nothing in the end, so just get over with it already!"

No cries escape from the Judge Magister as the claws attempt to rip through the armor. Shredding the leather, and cracking, placing claw marks into the unique armor. There was no screams of pain, only that cold stare as those gold amber eyes only glow brighter from behind the helm.

"Because if you devour my soul. You will only find that what was here was always an empty husk. It died long ago." Then there was a glow that started to form under them both, as dark light sheds upward. "Let us be Judged, shall we? Brothers.. in Darkness."

Then with a blast of the dark light a Blade attempts to slam upward to jut through Angantyr in a ghostly haze. Not attempt to impact him; but his very soul. Gabranth then uses this chance to break himself free from Angantyr.

Gabranth lands back, almost falling over, but forcing himself up. He sheaths his blades quickly as summons forth a dark orb in his hands, gathered from the dark energy he summoned earlier which forms into his hands. Then a dark barrier starts to form behind Angantyr, as a piercing darkness spike then tries to freeze the mercenary in place as he thrusts the dark ball forward. The very energy then attempts to absorb the darkness around it into the hole, as Gabranth rushes forward. Moving to slam his fists into Angantyr, before a dark sphere glows around his fist as he spins around and then comes around with a hard punch which shatters the dark barrier around them, exploding it out like blades that try to pierce through Angantyr.

Then quick following with the shattering, Gabranth draws out his Chaos Blade once more, looking down the length of the blade before he lets out a mighty roar in defiance of his own pain-ached body to bring down the blade upon Angantyr.
Riku Riku feels a terrible longing to pull at that endless darkness. To place himself in it's path again and see if it would once again extuinguish the flame of his life. There is a mesmerizing appeal to the idea. Light being snuffed out by an overwhelming darkness. It seems.. even peaceful.

Instead of bowing to the instincts that draw him like a moth into the lethal fire, he struggles to stay calm and focused.

Of course, he feels sort of silly trying to do so when Umi just runs out there and imposes herself. Now he feels like picking the strange Network girl up and carrying her back to her (sister? Clone?) and telling them not to lose any wandering valuables. "You're crazy, you know that?" he says through the side of his mouth to Umi. There doesn't seem to be particularly any ire to it. Just a statement of fact.

Then all the kings horses and all the kings men, etc.

Gabranth and Ang just seem to blow past Umi and Riku, hammering at eachother in massive blows. Riku doesn't seem to be quite willing to allow himself to be swept off to the side.

His eyes flicker with anger at what seems like a pointless exchange.

The fight before was nothing of great important either but.. the intent was different here. The intent was to kill, and Riku wasn't about to allow this if he could stand in the way.

He says to Emi. "Ang picked a fight, and I picked a side. Not much of a plate to spin there." and then he returns to Ang, and he takes in a shallow breath and swallows his fear, fingers trembling only slightly. " Where is your soapbox about control now? Did you sell it?" Riku readies the blade. "Back off Ang. What the point of /ANY/ of this?"
Angantyr Vespar Then suddenly...GRANZON.

The darkness surrounds Angantyr, who realizes what this is.

His eyes narrow, as he surrounds himself in darkness as well, using the same thing powering the attack as a shield, throwing his power into the weight of the attack...he manages to weaken it. The two powers collide, creating a massive wave of energy that explodes where Angantyr once was. There was a moment...a brief moment where Gabranth might have thought he claimed the man's body.

And then Angantyr steps out of the dark fire that was a spot on the sidewalk. His eyes narrowing, "Brothers, we are not. Do not compare yourself to me..." he says, before Riku drives into the middle of them. His eyes narrow, the mace comes down but he does not stop. "The freedom of three of my friends rests in my hands, Riku. These monsters have taken them in because of a fight between Avira and a man impersonating a judge."

"More then that, this man destroyed my home. I would like to see you be more controled than I am right now." he simply ends the explanation. "Now we end this. If you stand in my way, Riku..." he growls, and then sifts out the darkness...There was a small moment where he simply vanished, trying to get into melee range with the Judge, aiming to drive the mace down, aiming to try and slam him into the ground, before repeated aiming to send the mace into his body. "GO DOWN!"
Emi Dennou "Maybe not..." Umi says. "But you're totally interfering, so I getta pick a side just fine. Ang wants to rescue his friends. I'm not crazy, Will would do the same thing--" Okay maybe that is not the sort of argument that would convince Riku but then Umi seems to think it would? But then she doesn't really know precisely the deal between those two either. But then again it doesn't really seem like Ang needs help holy crap. But then again it's the spirit of the thing that's important.

"Mm..." Emi considers. The 'spirit of the thing' has less of an impact on her than it might Umi--however! Getting involved in business that is really not your business is truly the TDA way, so she says, "Do what you'd like, Umi, but this is not Network sanctioned."

She turns her head to Ang and adds, "I see no reason to stop her for pride's sake. Nevertheless, if they are friends of Avira's... Then this is not simply your business. We owe Avira our life...and the life of--" What is he anyway? She settles on a neutral term. "--acquaintance."

Umi grins. Her reasons for hanging back minimized. She reaches back with electrified hands and--flings a quick pair of sparks for Gabranth, following up with a shotgun shot!? She tries to aim around Riku, whom she has no issue with (beyond name callin') but Riku is A BAWSS--it might not work out so readily. WHO KNEW THAT DUELING IN THE MIDDLE OF A CITY COULD MAKE THINGS CHAOTIC?
Riku Riku frowns as Ang explains the particulars.

Another flicker of anger flashes across his eyes as he closes his eyes. He flickers, darkness wreathed around him as he once again interposes himself between Angatyr and the Judge. He takes the crushing blows, an aura of baking heat and ghostly flames protecting him from some of the worst of the damage. Thorns erupt from the ground near his feet, trying to snare the mercenary and fling him backwards away from the judge while he then steps into the path of the second attack.

" I don't care what you said they did! You think I'm just going to stand back and watch you murder someone in the street?! You didn't wait for him to do anything. I heard the whole thing, Angatyr. He said he was /TALKING/ to them not torturing them. What if you are wrong? What if this is the wrong guy?!"

He knew the consequences of throwing yourself at something without the right information. He grits his teeth against the pain as the electricity wracks him, extending a hand towards Umi, a cutting black wind of darkness and bitter cold lashing out at her. He doesn't attack either of them. He just stands in the way.
Gabranth was worn down from the combat. His armor was wrecked, parts of the leather torn to shreds. Blood was at last starting to make its way to the sandy soil. However the Judge Magister forced himself to stand, his eyes gazing past the combat as their blue color started to fade in. Looking up where earlier where some troops had vanished.

His two swords held firmly in his hands. Those blue eyes then look to the mercenary, however he watches the youth come in. A youth he only saw a glimpse of for a moment, but paid no mind to in battle until now. The young lad was protecting him. Placing himself before the very people who were attempting to strike him down.

This caused the Judge Magisters eyes to go slightly wide with mild surprise. That someone was /protecting/ him.

Though no words could be spoken in time. All Gabranth could do is prepare for the Mercenary to come in, including hearing the cries of a woman outside of his vision. However when the attacks should have struck, the young lad did indeed further protect him. "..why..?" Gabranth said softly in mild confusion.

Riku though explained his actions to Angantyr, but they were still lost on the Judge Magister. Everything about this was confusing to him. Different. For all his life he stood on his own once he was abandoned. No one was there for him. No one ever came to his side. Even the other Judge Magisters may come to assist when called upon, but.. this was out of no where, a total stranger.

It was about this time that the troops who left out earlier came back with several individuals that were pulled in for questioning. They were being lead down and away form the madness. Gabranth then spoke up at last. "Angantyr, your reckless behavior only cost you your record. Your friend," Gabranth coughed for a moment. "..Your friend Aniva was it.. she had no charges with us. She is clean.. those you seek for.. as I stated once things were checked in with would be free to go. You should have never picked this fight."

In some ways, Gabranth would also have to thank Cirra later for some of her quick intel check. She was a very impressive woman, that Judge was. She would one day make a fine Judge Magister.
Angantyr Vespar This fight was getting nowhere...and Riku was standing in his way.

He was reluctant to seriously fight Riku. He acted in defense of himself once...and the fight around the world was hardly serious...but right now, Riku was seriously close to getting everything Angantyr had to bear. His eyes blaze, ready to continue the fight...but Gabranth speaks.

His eyes look to spot members of the Clan being escorted out. Avira and they were clear...

"Like I give a <Goosehonk>. Any other judge, I might not have picked this fight...but NOT with you. You sit there and look down on me, but it is YOU who were laid low. Now it is you who is shielded by a child." Angantyr spits. "And for you.." he says to Riku, "There is no mistake. I remember this monster, I remember what /they/ did to my home. Tell me, how many of my men did you kill? How did you convince my brother that their lives were unimportant? He still thinks that there is any chance of reconsiliation..." he spits again.

"Dogs...everyone of you." he spits once more, as he turns to Umi and Emi, "You two better get out of here." he assides to them. Angantyr however, moves to pick up his cloak, and replaces it on his body, but the mace does not go back...he was still in the middle of Arcadia's city.

He starts to withdraw, however.
Emi Dennou Umi seems totally okay with making mistakes. Nevertheless, Umi hisses faintly as darkness pushes into her. Emi gives Umi a sharp look for--even accidentally--harming Riku and after a glance, Umi lowers her hands, kicking the floor sullenly. "Sorry Riku." She mumbles. "But..." She looks up again. "But even if it's a mistake I can't just sit by and wait...not if they're not gonna bother clearing stuff up." She stomps her left food. "Didn't say nothin' 'bout killing him neither. Just was waiting for him to say 'uncle' s'all." She then utilizes the maneuver known as the 'poutyface' and indeed poutyfaces super hard.

For Emi's part she bows her head to the judge. "Thank you for releasing them. We apologize for our transgressions." She looks to Umi. "Right?"

Umi grumbles out a 'right'.

"If there are reparations you desire, we can provide medical aid to whomever you'd like. However, if you do wish to take us prisoner we will have to follow Ang's advice and depart. I do not wish to be a tyrant over my own Sisters even if I disagree with them." She looks to Riku and adds, "And we apologize to you too. This is the second time we've caused you trouble. One day this one hopes it can be made up to you."
Judge Magister Gabranth still stands tall, even as the insults fly from Angantyr's mouth. Attempting to rile up the Judge Magister who has hard far to much training to be riled up by such childish behavior. His blue eyes slowly gaze over, as he moves his head to at last look at Emi and Umi. He studies them for a mild moment, but says nothing to them.

Then his attention slowly drifts back to Angantyr as he walks away. "Next time we meet, Angantyr. It will be with your arrest warrant and I will not hold back like I did this eve. You will learn that though anger may grant you your power, your lack of control of that anger, of that power, will one day be your undoing. If not by I, then by another."

Gabranth slowly, carefully sheathed his swords once more back into his hilt. "Fool." He says softly to no one but himself. "If you only realized how much alike we are." He then for that moment grimaces before he coughs again. Finding himself gently resting up against a slightly wrecked wall, before he stares over to the remaining officers. "Check on the people! Make sure none were harmed!" He barks out in an order, which the troops quickly respond too, even if a few stare for a moment before moving along.

His then returns back to Emi and Umi. "You both should go. I will ignore your activities here.." He almost has to hold in another cough. Yeah, it seems Angantyr did more damage then Gabranth was letting on. "Now go." He motions to the two sisters to leave.

He then slowly turns to look at Riku now. "..You had no reason to come in the middle of that fight. He was out for my blood for past orders I followed and he will only continue to act on such accord until my death. Though in many ways, I was no better and at times, can still be no better." He then forces himself to stand up once more. "..What is your name, lad?" Though he heard them say his name, sometimes respect still was something to be given. Even more so when it was the one who showed some great potential.
Riku Riku shakes his head, slowly lowering the sword and trying not to shake with the relief flooding his system that he didn't have to really fight the mercenary. In the sense of fighting that he had meant for the man behind him. Riku glares at Umi, glancing between her and Emi with the intensity of focus. "I think you could go." he says softly, his voice only shaking a little at the end. He then looks at Emi, and his face softens as she apparantly brings Umi to task for leaping into the whole mess. Which he supposes, he shouldn't throw stones at. "It's okay. I--" he shakes his head. "I'm just glad nothing came of it. Still-- " he trails off. It seems like he has run out of things to say to them, he lowers the sword, causing it to evaporate as he turns to face the Judge. He looks almost disappointed and sad as the judge confirms what Angatyr had been saying, His mouth forms a grim line and his thoughts entrench themselves.

It didn't matter. He didn't know that then. He couldn't keep scouring himself for things that happen in the past.

Riku looks up at the man in armor. " name is Riku, your honor." he says these last two words with some of the weariness and adrenaline shock leaking into his voice, but he tries to keep it out of his face. "I did what had to be done, based on the things I knew at the time." he manages to smile at this. "I sort of make a habit of this."
Gabranth gives a soft nod to Riku. He recognizes that look in the youth's face, part of him isn't even sure why he should even care. "Then it is a pleasure, Riku. I am Judge Magister Gabranth, and it is not a bad habit to have. One should always try to assess a situation before jumping into combat. Though sometimes," He glances off toward where the Mercenary has gone off too. "old wounds may force you to be reminded that you may have to start the fight first, but I do believe if I was to act out, it would have only fed his reasons."

The Judge Magister then turns to Riku. "I am sorry that you placed yourself in that situation." His voice echos out calmly still, not even seeming shaken by the battle that just took place. "But the one thing you will learn as you find yourself in battles, is that you can not protect everyone, and sometimes in order to carry out what is best, lives may have to be risked. They are choices that are never easy to make, so I do hope you never will have to make them.. as they may lead you to facing someone who becomes much like the Sell Sword."

And Gabranth thought he had a record for anger issues. Maybe this goes back to his history and why he just learned to fine tune it into a nice weapon of control.

"Or, you could end up like him without proper training, control, and knowledge." He then peers over to Riku once more, "Something I do not believe you would care much for. You do not strike me as that type, Riku." Gabranth winced once more behind the helm. He was already mentally assessing his own damage taken and probably how long he would be out for.

"Tell me, Riku. Are you hungry or thirsty?" Gabranth asked as reached his arm up and fixed the gauntlet on his hand. Even if it was damaged. "I am most curious to know who has trained you thus far, if you are willing to share such information with a Judge Magister."
Emi Dennou Emi is silent as Gabranth pronounces his 'sentence'--ie: get the hell outta here while I'm feeling charitable. This has taught her a lot, in fact, and as a detective she can't help but call this something of a victory on that basis. Of course, on the basis of they'd better stay outta here for a while--well that could be seen as a failure, but the idea of them being unwelcome in this city is perhaps an inevitability with Max's activities here. For now, though, it seems like they're getting off light.


Emi grabs at Umi's collar--who still seems a bit disgruntled but now mostly just upset at the whole thing. From what she's hearing now, she sure messed up! Will Umi learn to look before she leaps?!

No of course not.

But Emi does look at him one last time before departing, "I cannot say their anger is justifiable, but we believe in you. Perhaps one day..."

She shakes her head. Getting ahead of herself. She drags Umi off coolly.
Riku Riku has seen a few airships before but has never actually ridden in one.

It was something of a distant idea, a contemplation of a dream that he not had the time for in many months.

The adrenaline shock of the interrupted battle was starting to drain out of his system but his body was tense with the excitement of actually seeing these things up close in personal. It's an awe-inspiring sight, and something that is so.. clean and completely free of baggage that he finds himself comforted by the feeling that was doggedly trying to get him to smile like an idiot while his self-control, opposing this, is trying to keep him attentive but not crazed.

Maybe he comes off as a little of both, or maybe, for a few moments, he just comes off like the boy that he is. Riku attempts to bow slightly in respond to the Judge Magister, trying to tear his gaze away from trying to look at everything at once, although he had actually tried not to answer the questions that they had raised earlier.

Those went all sorts of awkward places. "Thank you, your honor. I-- I will do that."
Riku Riku straightens up and pretends, ignore ignore, that he belongs here.

This is one of those things he does to trick his own mind into not freaking out all the time. It was the trick he used so that his brain didn't explode on the first sight of Traverse Town, or Manhattan, or anything else new and surprising.

It had actually been quite some time since he had had to bear down on himself like this. It seemed.. like he'd been roaming through a world of mist, and now this first actual glimpse of the greater world outside again was shocking by the clarity of detail. Again he was in a situation that he can't really believe he has found himself, and he immediately starts formulating in his head what he will say as a story-- and then there is a moment of screeching halt.

A storyteller without an audience, and his mental thoughts recollect themselves and redeposit him in the present. In the present where he defended a man who destroyed Angantyr's home. Where he is here because he made yet another rash decision without information.

Riku doesn't know what he's supposed to think about that except.. tired. So he pushes the thoughts away, although they linger as the teenager watches very intently as Judge Magister Gabranth leaves. When they have past out of sight, he turns back to Judge Magister Zargabaath. "It is. I-- don't see airships often where I was from." And he decides to add a little truth to distract himself from his thoughts. "It's amazing."
Riku "I-- umm.." And Riku's mind tries to slip away sideways and he brings it under strict control only by picturing what Reize would be doing and then doing the farthest thing he could think of. He coughs faintly, then replies.

"My name is Riku, your honor. I'd-- say from where but.. it isn't there anymore." he looks over at Cirra, and relaxes slightly as a tone of familiarity creeps into these proceedings that he clings to. There is a note of wariness there, as if he is not quite certain what she will do-- but he manages to keep the glance to only a second or two before looking around at the interior again to cover himself.

"He's going to be alright?" Riku asks this in a much lower register, because he has suffered Angantyr at very close range and knows the mercenary can inflict a grievious amount of harm in a short amount of time. It's only because of his.. abilities that he's able to survive these encounters at all.

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