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(2013-01-11 - 2013-01-12)
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Percival Percival walks down the narrow path at a deliberate pace, his eyes turned to the heavens. The twilight sky here was so unusual, so strange. As if the darkness were almost a palpable entity, and the stars were dimmer, less brilliant.
Walking down a path out of town would have been out of the question only a month ago, the mere act would have had him ousted by a crowd of startled and frightened humans. He had only recently become accustomed to not being the most unusual creature walking through the streets.
Now that he was out of town, he did not even have the occasional glance to worry about, just the dark, and the creatures that may lurk throughout.
His wings remain cloaked to the shield strapped to his back and he looks most...heedless, to say the least.
Deidra Deidra had been out and about heyond Transverse and was making her way back. Once things had been finally settled with the TDA's latest job. Still the seeking of the vriouys shards that might allow for her home to be restored was a daunting job. Still it was something pretty good tod eal with right? She's not flying at the moment for whatever reason prehaps she's seeking something on ground level but from the looks of her she's clearly a Gargyole of scottish stock but seeminly with a very modern leaning given what clothing she's wearing and she's got some sort of smart phone in hand.
Percival Percival continues on the path in his mostly heedless state, which is perhaps why he is taken quite off-guard when he crosses paths with...

Wait, no it couldn't be? And yet it was. He couldn't help but stop and stare, in an almost dumbfounded manner for a moment, but then his mind seems to process it all as he takes in her measure.
"While I should find myself at a loss for words, I would be a great fool to allow such a vision to pass me by. Well met, Madame. But where are my manners? I am Percival, esquire. May I have the honor of your acquaintance?"

And without missing a beat, and seemingly while having little concept of 'personal space'; he takes whichever of her hands that isn't holding the smart phone, and in an almost comically archaic fashion bows from the waist to brush his lips against the back of her hand, before straightening. His expression is quite serious, though relieved, without even a touch of lecherousness to mark his actions.
Deidra Deidra is suprised to see another Gargyole, not of the sort she's used to but she's met at least one of South American Stock so the differnces don't stun her too much she seems suprised. "Wait another but I not seen anyone." She sorts out her suprise and says "Deidra, i'm from Manhattan." She's suprised by how forward Percival is and seems very suprised when all things re done. There's no real lech vibe from him so Deidra's not set off. "Where are you from and your like none I seen before..."
Percival Manhatten! She was from Manhatten! Perhaps there was some hope after all.

"It is a sincere pleasure to make your acquaintance Deidra. Normally I would be forced by oath to deflect your question, but I believe circumstances permit otherwise, my clan hails from just outside of London. I presume then, that you're a member of Clan Wyvern, and that there are then, other survivors?"

The hope on his normally disciplined expression is quite visible.
Deidra Deidra shakes her head. "I'm afraid I'm not part of the clan there was a few other lone gargyoles in the city. I know of two others wuthout clan but really in englands. Wait does this mean london and part of the UK hasn't been devrouted?" She looks excited very excited by this. "As for Clan Wyvern I do know them, they fought along side us."
Percival Her question takes him completely off guard, as his hand slides away from hers. "I..honestly have no idea Madame Deidra. I wish I knew. I was in Manhatten when the demonic creatures came. I was turned upon by the mob, left for dead, and then knew only darkness for a time before I awoke here. Suffering was all I knew for a while, but I seem to have recovered." He straightens afterwards, allowing the melancholy of his words to slide away as if he could simply shrut off the memories. "I'm quite relieved to know that there are others of my kind have survived, and that Clan Wyvern still exists. I was sent to find them you see. And now it seems I have."
Deidra Deidra pauses at the other gargyole. "I'd hoped another part of our world might have surived. Those creatures are called hertless they consume worlds and people like cancer." She frowns a little bit. "I see and yes they surived. So humm your from the UK right how did you managed to get across the ocean? Sneak on a ship or a plane?
Percival His shoulders slump at the question, as the answer is most embarassing, and yet he finds himself unable to deflect it.

"I took a voyage in a crate. A ship captain who was very loyal to the Crown stowed me away, then had me delivered to the right people once we came to New York City."

His expression becomes a thoughtful, contemplative one. "Heartless you say? A most apt title for the creatures. For I saw them attacking any civilians and innocents who crossed their path." He gives her a wistful, almost bemused and self-depreciating look. "It is only by the grace of God that I survived, but still, I find it most ironic that it was not the heartless that overcame me, but a scared maid with a firearm that shot me in the back, much to my shame."
Deidra Deidra bobs her head a little bit "I see, that's suprising honestly and yes. They consumed owrld a group known as the Shadow lords canc ontrol them and were behind the aassault upon the city." She pauses for a moment cringing. "It's a good thing you surived it and ... I'm not sure what to say other than I'm sadly not suprised. Humans when scare will burn everything around them as it were and yet. I'd be alone if not for a pair I met some time ago. I work for an rather unusyal dective agency known as the TDA." Given the fact there are several mages and one flat out socoros on staff there, it is indeed a strange place.
Percival Once again he finds himself at a loss for words. Shadow Lords? Detective Agency? He takes a moment to process all that she's saying before he simply blurts out what he's thinking.

"A detective agency? Are you saying that the Gargoyles can hold down jobs, have occupations in this world? The humans....I knew they were strange already, in so much as that they didn't attempt to murder me on sight, nor even flee but this....this is unexpected."

He once again pauses to collect himself, before speaking in a grim tone.

"If the heartless truly are in thrall of these Lords of Shadow, then I suppose that settles how I am to end this madness once and for all. Where can I find them?"
Deidra Deidra says "I do not know who the puppet masters are. Is it the heartless or the Shadow Lords i can not say, what Ic an say is they have and will contiune to consume entire worlds. I'll just say they are not normal and as for this place? I seen beings that I thougth were just leends I seen A Lamia raised by a human as his own daughter. I seen other creatures as well and some worlds where humans are used to other species. It's very strange as for here yes you can go about without much trouble in the city. I know it's suprising isn't it? It takes some getting used to honestly. Mercade is a very good man and he gave me a chance. Then again I later uncoverd many of his other employees well are not exactly normal humans either. He's totally normal just a strangness magent. We don't kno they have an army are organized even with the remains of the national guard and the NYPD having help from people like myself we only were able to delay the fall to get several thousand people out. If your willing to help we need all the help we can get to recover the shards there may be a way to restore the city yet."
Percival "You ask me if I am willing to help you Madame Deidra?" His grey eyes twinkle. "While it is my duty to assist you in any way I can, I can say with all sincerity that it would also be a distinct pleasure to aid in the restoration of my world. For all of its flaws, it is our home. Where do we start?"
Deidra Deidra says "I take it you have nowhere to stay I take it the clock towere in town's a good spot if you need a roost. As for the TDA I think I'll have to introduce you to Mercade he's the one calling the shots, I just help and do resarch on certain things." She used to be the only magic go to person, but not anymore still she's got her uses so she's happy enough. "They didnt' deserve what happened and not because...of how it happened."
Percival He clears his throat, clearly embarassed.

"I hadn't given much thought to roosting. You see, when I first came here, my body did not seem to know what to make of there being only eternal darkness. I didn't change to stone, I merely suffered in the dark from my wounds. It seems that I've adapted well enough now, I changed for the first time in...well to be perfectly honest I don't know how long. It is maddening to not know how long time has passed. My injuries still pain me, but they've for the most part healed."

He nods his head in response

"This Mercade? He's human I presume. At least he sounds like a good man. As a detective he's probably not too unlike the humans I'm acquainted with."

A pause as the gravity of her words catch up to him.

"And no, noone deserves what happened Madame Deidra, but that is why we will set things right? So do not fret." A reassuring smile brimming with confidence. He only wished that is how he truly felt within.
Deidra Deidra says "There's a clock tower in town and yes the worlds plays havoc with our sleeping. We'll stone form sooner or later. You ever seen a really tired human you start getting like that a bit before it happens. If you need to we can find a world where you can sleep easier. Likely show you the clock tower for one and set up a meeting with Mercade if we can swing it. We're all hunting down leads also do you have any issues with magic? There are a few mages in the TDA."
Percival "M...Magic? Really? The last time my clan possessed any sort of magic, it was...nearly ten centuries ago, and by a single member. And you say its used freely here?"

He stammers out eagerly.

"Can you show me..but, wait.."

Hesistance creeps into his tone.

"Its not witchcraft, is it?"
Deidra Deidra says "Yes, magic is very comon on some of the worlds we can reach now. Some they fuse science and it. As for no, so far as I know none of them have packed with any dark powers for it. It's insante so far as I can tell." She's one of them but how does she bring that subject up.
Percival "Oh, well that's different I suppose. It is simply that I need be wary of magic that is used for fell deeds and rituals" He brightens once again, seemingly as if the subject was all but forgotten. "Still, I would very much like to witness magic, in the near future. We have greater priorities it would seem anyhow. Where can we find this Mercade? I've not grown so tired yet that I'm afraid of the change coming soon."
Deidra Deidra says "Magic's like a gun it tends to be what you use it for often it just simply is." That's the last thing she's got to say on the matter. "He's normally here or roaving i'll have to see give me a moment to get on the phone here." She'll turn on the phone and comment "You likely will there are users of it on both sides."
Percival The unspoken question in his mind is Will I now? But he doesn't say it, he just watches her press buttons on the contraption in her hand. He appears to be slightly fascinated by the device, but not overly so.
Deidra Deidra talks for a moment on the phone and then gets off it. "Seems they are busy at the moment. Still I'll let the other know come on I'll show you the tower and humm got any mummy? It's honestly nice to not be a theif to eat here."
Percival Money? The mere concept of having money nearly brought laughter to his lips, but he didn't let it erupt for fear of offending his company. "I'm afraid not Madame Deidra. We truly had no use for it. All pecuniary arrangements were usually handled by our human allies. I do understand your point though, larceny of any sort should be despised. Please do show me to the tower though. I would very much like to see it."
Deidra Deidra says "If it's about surival it's differnt than greed. That's me not all have luck like that, honestly." she heads towards the city "You able to fly in your condtion?" She asks raising one blue eyebrow.
Percival Percival smiles as if it were some sort of test, or challenge. "Of course. Just try and stop me, but by all means, please go first." He definitely did not want to bring up the twinge in his back, and his various aches and pains. Now he knew why the elders in his clan complained so whenever the weather changed.
Deidra Deidra takes a moment to spread her wings and take flight "It's to the north of here. There's a lot to learn about here also you can see teh space port. There's surivors from worlds that make the technology of the humans from ours seem like stone knives and bear skins."
Percival Percival follows after a brief moment of finding an upraised outcropping, spreading his wings and adjusting to the unusual currents of Traverse Town. "That doesn't seem too unusual. You Yanks went to the moon after all, didn't you? Perhaps it'll be like one of those science fiction films from the cinema."
Deidra Deidra says "I'm talking Faster than light travel, so yes. As for the others of our kinda bout there's one named Skyline, myself, Zia and the Clock Tower clan as they are known now lead by Brooklyn. There were more rogues in the big apple than just the clan you were seeking. So you from a large clan?"
Percival An interesting question. One he wouldn't normally give the answer to, but the mere fact that others of his kind were alive caused him to answer honestly and earnestly. "Sixty two by last count. Not so large. The Order of St. Castorius still remains a force to be reckoned with though, I assure you. I would very much like to meet all of you."
Deidra Deidra says "Maybe, I'm not sure. Still that's larger than what i heard of before. Honestly i'm not sure how well I'd do to be honest." She does a loop. "Till a little while ago I thought my wings were juste vegital and didn't actually work. Took another gently pushing me off a building to teach me."
Percival He doesn't perform any sort of aerial somersaults in response to the challenge. Perhaps because there's still an ache in the bones of his left wing that he just can't shake. And any thoughts of responding to the challenge leave him at her comment afterwards. "Wait, you didn't learn to glide until just....recently?"
Deidra Deidra nods "Yes, tha's right. AS I said I'm strange person all right." She sighs a little bit "So yes, yes I did all right.?" She's heading towards the clock tower. "Most don't come up here the only thing I ever had happen were two ... dark knights just come bounding through in some sort of teleport fight it was the damnest thing."
Percival Strange indeed, he didn't know what to make of that. But he was too polite to press her further. She wasn't of the Wyvern clan after all, perhaps the American Gargoyles didn't teach their hatchlings to glide until adulthood? If so he truly felt for them. A deprived childhood, he suddenly felt quite sorry for her.

" knights, in a teleport fight?"

The sheer absurdity of the thought made him think back to the movie Excalibur, and he just couldn't picture it. What sort of knight teleports?
Deidra Deidra says "Yes, expect everything is true in a world like this somewhere. So get readfy fo the level of crazy to go higher." She smirks a little bit "It's interesing and umm oh yes Merlin's aiding those trying to restore the city though I am uncertain if it's our world's version of him or not."
Percival He blurted out at that immediately. "Merlin? THE Merlin? And version? There's more than one of them?" The sheer possibilities were beginning to make his head hurt. He was almost afraid to ask if King Arthur were truly recovering from his battle with Mordred upon an enchanted Island and has risen to lead them to victory. You know at this point that didn't sound all that crazy..
Deidra Deidra says "Well another time or place, There's a version of imperial china I do not know if it is our past or another world to be sure." She has no idea Arthur's still a kid at this point on that merlins world. "Yes it's a lot to take in, well there's been other earths it's just..." She throws her hands up a bit as she flies. "It's a lot to take in."
Percival Right. A lot to take in. "I'll try to keep my questions to a minimum then and just, absorb it all." Another pause as he glides along in silence, banking for a moment as the current shifts. Oh, that wing definitely isn't up to par yet. A few more days of sleep though, and who can say? He wasn't used to any injuries that didn't heal over the daytime. One question nagged him though. "I'm guessing that a proper blade will cost me a fortune as well?"
Deidra Deidra says "Actually no it should be easy enough to get you a weapon if your looking for one. There's a number of merchants and worlds where you need to be armed given humans and other races are not the apex predator of those worlds." She grins as she heads for the top of the clock tower.
Percival Ah excellent. A practical world at least that knew the value of good steel. Or so he hoped. He pulls up, following her towards the top of the tower. "Then I'll earn enough for a quality sword through honest toil. All of our kind in this world roost here? Or are they scattered?"

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