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(2013-01-11 - 2013-07-19)
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Rhyme The Pathways of Darkness, between worlds, were not a very hospitable place for many. Sure, there were those that traversed the Darkness as a means of transportation, but others use it as a means of refuge. Corridors torn between the worlds, pockets of lost worlds, grand bastions and castles that loom high...

But mostly, it's strange fields and weird geometry, little hillocks and winding roads through the universe as the heartless squelch out the light and devour worlds. On a patch of ground that just cannot decide whether it is stormy or far too sunny overhead. And, in a huddle at the base of the far too grassy hill curled up with her knees clutched to her chest, is Rhyme. A thin blanket is clutched around her as she stares up into the sky that is neither entirely stormy, nor oppressively sunny, a strange paradox.

Like her. Her beanie sits high on her head, two points under it that don't follow where a normal girl's head would curve, and strange black tattoos scroll up her neck, stylized bones and muscle groups 'inked' onto her skin.

She is the girl who failed at dying, twice. And something is very, very wrong with her.
Hades From behind Rhyme there is a presence of someone there.

A tall dark man with flames for hair and a toga that seems to end in whisps of darkness walks out from behind a tree. The tree maybe a tree large boulder instead. However, we're not quite sure right now, check back later.

"Hey, how ya doin', names Hades, Lord of the dead, nicetomeetcha." he says, giving Rhyme the double pistols with his fingers and a wink.

"Rhyme, right? A player, or rather...WAS a player." he says, seeming to HINT at something more about all of this.

"You seem a bit down, why don't you tell Uncle Hades about what ails you little lady?"
Rhyme The presence does not go unnoticed, as the two unnatural points upon her head twitch gently, and she turns.

And sees a man wreathed in flames. For a man so 'loud' (and on fire) he was surprisingly sneaky. And then he introduces himself. "I'm... Rhyme." She smiles weakly, not really liking the cut of Hades' jib as he approaches, but... "Yes, I was a player. Then I lost. Now I don't have a player pin, but something else. And I've been... feeling funny, for weeks. And then..."

She just gives a weak smile and turns. "It's okay. I'll be fine. I'm sure everything will... work out okay."
Garland Hot on Hades' heels is another nightmare. The darkness opens up, splitting like a doorway; from that doorway comes a man nearly seven feet tall, clad entirely in menacing-looking plate mail. He walks forth, utterly silent despite the presumable weight of his weaponry; he steps down out of the darkness, and it closes immediately, sealing up as though it were never there. The massive man is Garland - the Ironclad Nightmare. He strides forth, standing on the opposite side of Hades and looking over the little girl thoughfully.

"This is her?" He inquires, his voice as deep as a deep-sea trench and twice as dark, rumbling like a landslide.
Hades Hades turns to Garland.

"Yup," he says, turning back to Rhyme. "Well...little missy, I know about your situation...and to be quite HONEST with you? You're anything but fine." he says, running his fingers down his arm. "You see, I recently became the so called CONDUCTOR of this little Reaper's game. However, I'm a busy man, so I got one of the other 'reapers'." he finger quotes, "To deal with the day to day things. What was his name...Bet...Beat! Right Beat. Anyway, From what I can tell're both a Player, AND a Noise." he says, "So effectively, half a heartless."
Rhyme Rhyme looks startled at Garland as he enters, his approach forboding and not just a little bit scary. Where Hades had simply startled her, causing her to jump a little bit. But Garland? Garland makes her shoot up, skittering away as the two Dark Badness Men - her blanket going off in the wind.

This, of couse, reveals her hands and legs, similarly covered as her neck in black tattoos and strange markings.

"No. I'm not one of them. I've not lost my heart, even if this... These..."

She sighs, forcing herself to smile. "You know me. I don't know why, but I'm just a girl. I'm not a Player, or a hero. I don't have any powers. I've tried. I just hurt."

Then Hades comes in. "You... You made my old Partner... The Game Master? Really? Well that's... That's great. Good for him." She offers, trying to be as upbeat as possible.

It's hard, with Garland and Hades /personally concerned with you/.
Hades Hades makes a shark like grin.

"Really? Normal huh? I dunno, little lady, I don't think you got those 'Unique Features', by just being the baddest kid where you're from." he points out.

"I take interest in all the little STRANGE things that happen...and well, /I'm a god/. Despiration domain." he says that in just the right way.

"Look, lets cut to the chase here. You're not normal, I know it, you know it. But yeah, your old partner is 'The game Master'" Finger quotes again, "I wonder why he joined so fast to be one." he says, almost accusingly, "I mean, you're nothing special right?"
Garland Garland is EXTREMELY GOOD at making people highly uncomfortable. The slow, distinct, ringing tapping of his gauntlet against his wrist certainly helps; it echoes through the area, perfectly timed with each beat to suggest the thump-thump of a heartbeat, or the footsteps of a massive beast. His hands are tucked under his cape, making it worse; the sound is bad enough, but not being able to actually see the focal point of it?


"You are something new. Something unique. A Heartless with a Heart. This...intriuges me."
Rhyme "I didn't get them from being bad. Or anything! I..." Rhyme protests, but she stands in the pressence of two people who not only know better, but basically are convinced she is something special. "Something happened, I don't know. It's not my fault! I don't want to feel this way, and be all weird, and have these horrible tattoos and..."

She looks at Hades, as he talks of being the god of Desperation. "I'm not anything special. We met by chance, in the game. And I lost. He just found me to get his powers back. I don't even really know him, he just grabbed me as soon as the Game started. And then I jumped in front of a shark, and died."

"How does a heartless have a heart? They're monsters! I'm..."

She puts on a strong face, looking away. "I'm /not/ a monster."
Garland Garland chuckles.

That's a terrible sound, Garland's chuckle. It denies any sort of light, life, mercy, joy, or any of the things usually associated with laughter; it's a cold un-laughter, a mockery of the universe and everything within it, crushing Rhyme's adorable light under a crushing and palpable darkness as he steps forward.

"Of course you aren't."

And he says no more, trusting in that seed and that seed alone, that hint of doubt, to take its root. Garland is...nothing if not enormously patient.
Hades "Oh of COURSE." Hades says with a smile, "You're not a monster, you're a person who has hopes and not being a horrible monster." Hades says, with that shark like grin.

"But...lets just say something is wrong with you...something both unique and terrible." he says, with that same salesman like pitch.

"Let me level with you kid. You scratch our back...we'll scratch yours. You obviously don't wana be like this forever...and we want to know how you came into existance." he says, hand on her shoulder, trying to be gentle and calming. He's rather good at this, rather good at faking it.

"But hey...if you're fine and all.." he says withdrawing his hand and waits...
Rhyme Rhyme withers when she hears that terrible, dark chuckle. Crushing her positiveness, the front she had before the world, that she forced others, and herself, to believe. That she was happy. That she was fine. The lies she convinced herself of.

The darkness sweeps forth and crushes all that, and leaves a scared girl, now only bouyed up by somethine else. An animalistic, feral need to survive. Fight or flight bounced back and forth with her head, but her heart pushed both down. Fighting was frutiless. Flight was foolish. She just had to tough it out.

"You d-don't know me very well, Hades. Composer. I played the game before. I lost. I... I don't have those things. I can't remember what I wanted. What I dreamed about." She mumbles, stuttering gently.

The hand on her shoulder seems to startle her, but not to the point of recoiling, though the offer, from such terrible darknesses, seemed... Too good to be true.

It could also be her way out. "What... Did you have in mind?"
Hades "How would you like to have those...things back? Hopes...dreams." Hades says, with a grin. Oh it somehow looks more shark like.

"You obviously want these things back...after all, you're not even a player anymore." he says, with that same calm smile.

"We want to know alllllll about you. Specifically what you are. So for us, and I can return what was LOST to you. Well..eventually. You see...if I give those back to you NOW...what do you think will happen to you?"

"That little infection you got will spread. Eat the rest of that little heart of yours." he says, "But...maybe with enough time we might figure out how to clear that little small tiny problem up."

"So basicly, I'll line this up. You work for me, and I'll return what you gave up in the game. You let Garland here study you...and he might figure out a way to fix this. When you're fixed, you're be free as a bird."
Garland "Such.../philanthropy/," Garland observes passively, in that same dark, terrible, and endlessly cold voice that says that he is absolutely definitely nothing like a philanthropist, altruist, or any other good sort of -ist. That quiet tapping is still going on, of course - it undercuts everything. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Footsteps, footsteps, despite Garland's own unnatural, slow, predatory pace elicting absolutely no noise, not even the grinding together of platemail one would expect to hear from armor that large.

"But...truth. You will be.../free/ to go."
Rhyme Rhyme listens. She considers. Then she shakes her head. "They're gone. I bet them, fair and square, on a second chance at life. I then tried to save someone else, instead of trying to win. So I lost. I'll just have to make more hopes and dreams. It's..." She screws up her face, balling her fists as she takes a deep breath.

"My dreams are gone. Just like Shibuya. Just like my home. And when I woke up, alive? I accepted that, no matter how much it hurt. So... No. No, I will not work for you, to bring back something I bid away and lost. Even if it was hard, even if I didn't have a choice - because it was better then just death."

She looks to Garland. "You didn't say you could /fix/ me, you just said I'd be free after you did it. ... I... I just don't want to feel so /bad/ I..." She looks between the two.

"Nobody has been able or willing to even try helping figure... /this/ out. I'm probably stuck like this. But if you want to figure it out..." She looks at Garland. She looks hard, and takes a deep breath. And then she can look no more, and squeezes shut her eyes. "I'll... I'll..."
Garland "Say it," Garland intones. Nothing more; just an echoing demand that rings through the clearing, nothing more, but a demand backed with intense and fearsome power.
Hades Hades looks like he's about to lose it, for just a fraction of a second...


She reconsiders. He pauses, grinning, and simply steps back.

"Say what's on yer mind kid."
Rhyme "I'll g-go with you, if that is what you want. I just do n-n-not want to hurt my friends. If you... think something can come of this, then maybe... maybe that's g-good enough."
Garland "Oh," Garland observes, another dark and terrible chuckle welling up from that armor, "I am certain that /something/ will come of it."
Hades "Alright. We gota deal." Hades says, rolling out a scroll, and placing it right into her hands. With a small little pen and everything. "Just sign on the dotted line."
Rhyme "I... What are the terms? I don't need a deal, I..." Rhyme looks at the paper, before taking the pen. She looks long and hard at the paper. The two dark figures who will most likely (Okay, let's be fair, TOTES WILL) kill her if she refuses. And she needs an answer. Any answer.

She signs, with a name. She doesn't even look, as the back of her hands reminds her of her curse.

~Raimu Bito
Hades The Contract flames where her name was written. The words are there, but they seem to litterally BURN into the paper, before Hades grabs the contract, and closes his hands, the contract is gone seconds later, and the pen disappears in a puff of harmless flame.

"Deal. Alright Garland, she's all yours. Sense you didn't wana hurt anyone...Garland is going to try and understand that thing...and well, you're in with those heros right? I'll ask you for some HARMLESS favors from time to time...what's going on, who's in the happ and everything. Maybe some other things. Nothing violent." he says, with that reassuring grin.
Garland Garland nods, then turns away from Rhyme. "I will collect you at a later date, when I have prepared my equipment thoroughly for your examination. For now, enjoy your freedom." Something about his tone says that such a thing will swiftly...disappear, as the darkness opens behind him.
Rhyme Rhyme shys away from the contract, and Garland, looking scared once more. "I..."

The two dark figures are finally too much to bear. She just plain bolts across the field, stifled so much she was almost strangled now. So she ran, bounding away like demons were at her tail.

Because they were.
Hades "Heh." Hades says and watches her run. With a puff of brimestone, he is gone.

Only in Rhyme's all too real coming nightmares.

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