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Awkward Engagement
(2013-01-11 - 2013-01-11)
Reize finds himself waking up on Lenn and the topic of their fated engagement is discussed about. Hilarity ensues.
Reize Seatlan On this very night...

Reize had a very interesting chat with Emi at the night of the garden. However, a very profound news struck the boy that was so frightening and so large, the boy collapsed. And then, he was place on top of Leida for maybe an hour or two, before he was pushed thrugh a wall, then bounced back from another wall, through a hole, and back into the women's bunk area.

...And he lands right onto Lenn's arms, his arms wrapped around her and head against her chest. Lots of beating has been dished out. Thanks to the wall crash, he has some cuts, bruises, and debris on him. Some of that debris falls off of him and rolls along Lenn's bed.
Lenn Lenn is awakened, wearing a demure (much as something that fits THAT figure could be called such) green nightgown that matches her eyes, by the beaten Reize. She gasps, as she looks Reize over, then sighs, "Oh, Reize, what happened to you this time?" She slips out of her bed to gather her crystals.
Reize Seatlan Yep. Reize is beaten. This is almost an everyday occurance for Lenn, isn't it? Nevertheless, Reize shows no signs of response. Why?


And of course, he's pressed against her on the bed. Well, at least, until she slips out to gather her crystals.
Lenn Lenn gets her crystals, and pulls out a green one, releasing its healing energies into the sleeping boy. "Reize, who did this to you..." She renews her decision. Next time she can find Mr. Galvan, she's asking for lessons in how to fight.
Reize Seatlan Of course, Reize is good as new! Through the power of Lenn's healing magic, Reize is now in better condition. With that good condition, Reize is soundfully asleep. She'll find that the arms are wrapped around her, pulling her in....

Lenn Lenn blushes, as she's grabbed, and pulled back in... Reize immediately finds himself a silk-wrapped pillow, much to the elven woman's surprise, but... she can't say she isn't enjoying the embrace, as her own hand gently rubs his back.
Reize Seatlan The next morning...

The sun is shining, kwehing stirring the air. Those that can hear the call of the large bird are likely awoken to it. It is a beautiful morning in Fluorgis, where everyone is able to relax and get breakfast or begin the hunt.

....Except Reize.

Reize is asleep on top of Lenn. His head is pressed up against the nice, soft 'pillow'. It is a nice silk-wrapped pillow.

Then, the eyes slowly flutter awake. "Ngghhh.." The sleepy-eyed boy mumbles, "...Ten more minutes, dad.."
Lenn Lenn blushes, looking down. "I am definitely not your father, Reize..." The blush seems pretty burned into the blonde's cheeks, by now.
Reize Seatlan "..."

He mumbles against Lenn, burying his face against her stomach. And then..


As he reaches a hand up to grab over for something, like an alarm clock or maybe repositioning the pillow...




"Much bett-.." Why is Reize getting a sudden deja vu?

His head slowly creen up, the sleepy gaze is returning towards the blushing blonde.



His jaw gapes open.

Hand is still there.
Priel Aylin And at that point, the door slooooooowly creaaaaks open.

"Hey, Lenn, Lily, I...--Hah?" And there was Priel, poking her head in, apparently about to address the other girls, one of whom was no present at all. The look on her face went from mild incredulity, to utter amusement in a second. With a wide grin spread across her face, Priel pulled a telltale camera out of her pack.


Angling it just right at Lenn and the currently groping Reize, Priel then hit the button and...



And whoosh. She's gone.

...Oh dear.
Lenn Lenn is gasps, biting her lip as Reize begins his groping again. She then looks at Priel, wide-eyed, as the picture is taken. "P... Priel!" Oh, dear... what does she plan to do with that picture?
Reize Seatlan ...


Reize's stares, similar to the deer in the headlights look. Reize is pretty flabberghasted at the fact of his current position and the fact that Priel just took a picture.

When he slowly turns his head to see Lenn, well.


*THUD!* Reize rolls off of the bed and he lands on the floor pretty hard. A groan stirs for a moment. A hand rises, "...I'm okay."
Lenn Lenn says, "You ended up in my bed, all beaten-up... I healed you... then you grabbed me, and pulled me down..." She blushes... "N... nothing happened... though."
Reize Seatlan Reize is trying to process everything that Lenn tells him. He got beaten up. He was in her bed, he was healed...

...And then he grabbed Lenn and pulled her down?!



Reize stares towards Lenn, looking completely broken for those several moments.

"I... uh.." His cheeks are redden. Different topic. "Wh--what is this about us to be married?!"


And his cheeks become even darker.
Lenn Lenn blushes. "Wh... who told you? Ivo?" She looks away. "I... I didn't want you... to be bound by it... if you didn't want. I wanted you to choose me yourself."
Reize Seatlan Flailing, "Emi told me!" The boy continues to flail until he calms down.


His antenna hair flops up and then down.

The cheeks are still red.

The young adventurer looks over Lenn for those few moments, considering her words for a few moments. He can see that there is a great deal of worry for her. Eh heh. He cannot help but rub the back of his head nervously. ...Considering everything that they've been through..

Lenn will find herself given a hug from behind. "Oi, you've been a great help to the team and you've been a great friend." The smile is given, "Your culture is likely strict," He recalls Emi's statement, "...I respect your culture. However, you are also a great companion and you have been there for all of us."

...Well, given that there has been feelings growing for his companions, well..

"..I would be glad to be your husband."
Lenn Lenn gasps. "Reize... You really..." She leans in to hug the young man, happily... but maybe removing his ability to breathe, for certain portions of soft flesh in the way...
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki, some time ago, became human!

Shiki Misaki, to this day, has not realised it's happened yet!

Shiki Misaki just saw Priel pin something to the main cork board, and, well, you know, curiosity.

Subsequently, Shiki Misaki is walking around the girls' side, eating a piece of toast, wondering what hilarity has ensued while she was out doing some Noise Erasure over the last couple days.

And Shiki Misaki just heard some marriage proposals?!

Accordingly, there is a hat poking around your doorframe. And cat ears. Not on the same person, of course...
Reize Seatlan These couple of days has been very interesting.

Pain. Pain. And finding himself in awkward situations. That has been the situation for Reize to deal with. Nevertheless, after promising to fulfill his role, the boy is pulled into a hug by the woman.


His eyes widen as he loses the ability to breathe. Of course, that is because of a tightening situation that... would be pleasant!

"Guh...! Lenn... br--brea---...."
Lenn Lenn blinks, and lets Reize up, "Oh, I'm sorry... I guess..." She blushes. "I should get to work on rings, then..." She brushes her hair behind her pointed ears. "I just... I wasn't expecting...
Shiki Misaki "You're cutting off his air there, Lenn," Shiki says, finger raised in the air, standing in the doorway again. "Gotta be careful."

The expression is as flippant as always but a little something right at the back is putting on a brave face. First Lily, then Lenn...

Oh, crap, Priel and Ivo's plan is working.
Reize Seatlan Frown.

Once he is released, Reize's eyes roll along the back of his head and he gives his fiancee a sheepish smile, "Ehheh..." He rubs the back of his head, then he laughs, "It's alright, I--..."

And then Shiki speaks.


That is when Reize slowly turns around, recalling a couple of things in his mind.

~ "My entry fee for the Reaper's Game was my identity. The body that I'm... pretty much wearing now... it's not mine. It's not the body I was born in. It belongs to someone else, someone much prettier and more confident and better than me." ~

His eyes drift to see Shiki, perhaps to see that she is who she said she is. However, when the boy can see that she is herself, the eyes widen.


His head lowers. Did Hades not grant the wish? ..Did he really not keep his word? The expression looks a bit angry, but he manages to lift his head up and he brightens at Shiki, "Oooi! Shiki! I uhh ended up waking up here earlier."

As part of the debris falls out of his ear, he looks over with a very confused look. "Eh?!"

Oh, and if you look closely, you can see a Reize shaped hole through the girl's dormitory.
Lenn Lenn blushes. "I woke up, he was all beaten, and covered in bits of rock... I healed him, and one thing led to another..." She looks to Shiki... but doubts this story will be bought.

Then again, knowing Reize, it could have happened that way.
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki looks at Lenn.

Shiki Misaki looks at Reize.

Shiki Misaki looks at the hole in the wall.

She throws her hands up in the air, and walks away, taking a decisive bite out of her toast.

Mr. Mew walks over to the hole and begins taking measurements so he can figure out how much this is going to cost to replace. He writes on a clipboard, hands Reize the bill.

Imi Dennou passes by and notices a strange board with some photos. She stops everything immediately and approaches, ignoring the damage to walls and such. She peers at the photo with Reize and Lenn for a moment and then looks down and notices--

"Ah! This one is of Shida, myself, and Leida-Chan!" Her cheeks pinken and she presses her hands to them, wiggling from a moment from side to side. "Ahh...can it be? That we have finally completed our tribal initiation into the Shard Seekers? Are we truly now--one of them?" She wraps her arms around her body. "Ahnnn--this is so exciting!, The Network had never been knocked out in a humorous and lewd position before. This is truly a new and grand experience." She bobs her head. "And Shida too, she sure is getting around, hehehe!"

She cups her chin and examines the image. "Who was the kind soul that took this picture and showed the world of our proper initiation...? Hmm... Could it be Pr...ii....e....Ivo?" She taps her foot a few times in deep thought.

"How scandalous~." Imi singsongs. "In my embarrassment I better run into another room and fall on someone--"

She runs in a random direction and 'trips' over Mr. Mew and promptly starts snuggling him.

"Oh Mew... how embarrassing...!"
Reize Seatlan Reize looks over at Lenn, looking confused, and then he looks at Shiki, frowning as she starts to walk off. A sigh exhales from the boy rubbing the back of his head. And then, Mr. Mew brings him the clipboard, "Oh hey, thanks Mr. M--" His eyes widen at the bill presented.

...Our Shard Seeker funds...

Comical tears roll along his eyes and he rubs his forehead, "..I am going to have to sit down somewhere for a while." He smiles at Lenn, "We'll speak later." And when Imi passes over to hug Mr. Mew, Reize sweatdrops, "Hi Imi."
%t And finally, he manages step out of the girl's dormitory.

And the boy steps out, turning to see a shadow.

"Ah, Ser Seatlan, I've been waiting for you!"

"Oh, hi Faruja!" And of course, Reize cannot help but pause as the nezumi approaches with a fist slamming to an opened palm, "...Faruja?"

"I am afraid it is time to teach you the proper ways of knighthood, lad." Rolling up a sleeve, "This will hurt me more than it hurts you."

"Faruja?! Wait, I.." The shadows of the burmecian looms over the boy like a dark cloud.

From the Shard Seeker's headquarters, Reize's screams are heard in the midst of pain.

This scene contained 26 poses. The players who were present were: Reize Seatlan, Priel Aylin, Shiki Misaki, Lenn, Emi Dennou