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(2013-01-11 - 2013-01-11)
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Megavolt "I said unhand me!" comes a shout from the doors beyond the lobby, before a ShinRa security comes flying through them, smashing through the glass and flailing to the ground. He slides to a halt, smoking and twitching, as none other than Elmo "Megavolt" Sputterspark steps through the broken doors, his rubber boots crunching on glass. "Behold, ShinRa fiends, I am your doom! I am MEGAVOLT, champion of machines, king of the lightning, and revolutionary against oppression!" he announces as he points a gloved, sparking finger in the air. As alarm klaxons go off, Megavolt laughs maniacally, although it sounds quite high-pitched, and his goggle-covered eyes slide back and forth, daring anyone to make a move against him. "You all will pay for enslaving the poor, oppressed souls, the tired huddled masses, yearning to be FREE!"
Sammy Colt Samuel Colt, Turk extra-ordinaire was enjoying a liesurly time of playing his video game, Rufus' high score on the line and almost beat, when suddenly the room turns one of those 'Bad things just happened' shades of red. Naturally, this puts the 'Alarm' decal up on the big screen, which is folowed by the sound of the klaxons filling the boy's ears.

There's an eyetwitch from little Sammy. He had been trying for the last three days to beat that score. The pause button is pressed and Samuel gets up in an almost too relaxed fashion. The controller is put down and the well-dressed, if not dishevelled male begins walking his way to the elevator.

The ding noise comes, he steps in, presses a button, adjusts his vest and clears his throat before the door closes.

Eleeeevaaatooooor muuuuzaaaak

The door opens to the scene of some crazed-looking rat-thing. There's a pause as Sammy checks the floor number, no doubt wondering if he had reached R&D or in fact, the floor under fire.

Stepping out of the elevator, the Turk announces himself with a clearing of the throat. "Oi! What do you think you're doing? Do you know how much security glass is?" He asks - not the rat-man, but more the singed guard. "It's coming out of your pay." He exclaims before turning his attention to Megavolt. "So... Who are you and why do you want to get your butt kicked?"
Megavolt Megavolt glowers at Sammy, sizing the Turk up with a snarl of his lip. "The name is Megavolt! I am here to seize this fascist place of unjustice and free the machines here from slavery!" He levels his sparking finger at Sammy, squinting one of his eyes as his body crackles with energy. "You are a soldier of inequality, hatred, and oppression! I will strike you down, for machines EVERYWHERE!" A lightning bolt snaps across the room, from Megavolt's finger to the Turk facing him.
Sammy Colt The crazed rat-man speaks. Oh good! He's all about saving machines. With that plug on his head, it was kind of obvious that he's a few amps short of a full charge. Megavolt's finger arcs some form of lightning and Sammy, a little too tired to react properly, gets nailed right dead centre. There's a blinding flash and arcing electricity, followed by the Turk slumping to one knee from the attack.

Colt gives out a small cough as his hair stands on end, puffed up by the voltage pumped through him. There's a second where it looks like he's going for a gun, but instead, he busts out the ShinRa brand Turk shades and places them on his face.

"Good enough for me." He states as he stands up and cracks his neck to the right. "Try that again, rat-face." He says, goading Megavolt into attacking him.
Megavolt Megavolt frowns at Sammy, his finger smoking as he watches the Turk put on his shades and gear himself up for a fight. That didn't hit his foe nearly as hard as he'd have liked. "Oh, you think you're so cool, with your shades and your haircuit and that suit! Well I'll tell you what's really cool - eight thousand megawatts, coursing through your body!" He spreads his fingers on his extended hand, releasing another, much more powerful blast, as he attempts to draw electricity away from the Turk in the process of electrocuting him.
Sammy Colt The bolt sizzles forward, the smell of ozone filling the air and as it closes, Sammy merely stands still. The bolt strikes true and... goes right through him?

Sammy kneels down, grabs his shades and places a small box on the ground at his feet, putting up a hologram.

Back to the action!

Sammy peeks out from around a corner and dashes forward, parkouring over the desk as he closes with the rat-man. "I'd say that's pretty electrifying, not cool." Sammy retorts to the rat-man's previous quip before going to upper-cut him with a book labelled: ShinRa Primer, followed by a few quick stabs and finally a boxing-glove on an extendor slam to the ground.
Megavolt Megavolt gets slammed up into the air by the book, spittle flying from his mouth as he's popped upwards. He emits a girlish shriek as he's stabbed, before the boxing glove brings him back to the ground. "Did anyone get the license plate of that truck?" he asks miserably as he pushes himself to his feet, wobbling about. He swings a punch at Sammy, before trying to grab him and shock him with his touch. "Okay, buddy, I think it's time I adjusted your AMPLITUDE!"

"Hmm?" Rhia mumbled, looking up from a rather delicate piece of tech, she was currently fiddling with. A tiny screwdriver in her hand. "What is that racket going on downstairs?" She asked no one on particular. Obviously getting no answer as she was quite alone in her lab, the young woman set the tool down before walking over to the door, where an intercom device was, pushing the button and speaking into it.

"You at the front desk, what is happening down there?" She asked, noting the sounds of a struggle nearby along with the electrical interference. Rhia would not get her answer however as the intercom shorted out not a moment after, causing the scientist to step back from it. "...Hmn. Curious."

With a sigh, she set out from her lab, the door sliding shut behind her as she made her way to the stairs. After all, if there was electircal interference, then the elevator would be a terrible place to be at that moment! A couple flights down and soon, she stepped out into the main reception area, pushing the door open on the way.

...What greeted her was the sight of several guards standing by at the ready along with...a turk? They were apparently locked in combat with a...giant rat? "...Oh my~" Rhia spoke in a low tone, bringing a hand to her cheek in amusemented. She was clearly entertained with this turn of events rather than alarmed.

And no, she wasn't going to help either.
Sammy Colt The wussy punch lands it's mark and Sammy kind of stands there, fist still pushed into his cheek as he blinks behind the shades. He was kind of expecting mo- And then Megavolt grapples him and suddenly the world is white with pain. The revelation of Megavolt's real attack is a cold comfort while Sammy convulses. Luckily, it only lasts a few seconds before he can step back and regain himself.

There's a pause as Sammy adjusts his suit and loosens his tie. This was getting interesting. "While that was a little 'shocking', *my* 'amptitude' goes to eleven!" He exclaims before suddenly pulling out a ShinRa standard issue rifle and unloading directly towards Megavolt's position.

Luckily, the bullets are rubber, made more for riot control than out-right killing.

He continues to fire until the echo of the empty gun's clicking fills the room. He obviously hasn't taken notice of the new arrival to the scene and the guards are more than happy to let a Turk handle it - plus, last time one of them got in Sammy's way, they got knee-capped for insubordination.
Megavolt Megavolt blinks rapidly behind his goggles as the rifle comes up, and emits a screech as he dances about through the withering fire, hopping from foot to foot as he spins about. As the rifle's magazine empties and Megavolt realizes he hasn't been hit, he emits a screeching, hysterical laugh. "Eheheheheh! Can't touch this! Da na na na, da na NA!" He wiggles his fingers, and sends a nearby vending machine careening at Sammy, shouting, "My machine brother, strike down the enemy of freedom!"
Rhiannon Zellen Blink.

That was all Rhia did while she watched as the rat; whom apparently had electrical powers!, send a vending machine flying right at the turk. Ah, what was his name again? Pammy? Ranny? Cammy? Oh well~ "...This is quite an interesting turn of events, I must say~" She wanted to study that rat. It was the only thing on her mind right now.

"Excuse me! You there!" The scientist called out to Sammy, utterly uncaring about his personal wellbeing. "Once you are finished playing around, capture that specimen! I want it further!" Those words were uttered with a rather ominous smile too.

Oh dear.

And no, she still wasn't helping.
Sammy Colt Not a single one hit. Sammy examines the gun, as if there was something wrong with it before tossing it aside like someone would discard a bubblegum wrapper. The Turk watches as Megavolt does some kind of ritual dance. It truly is an odd spectacle.

The Turk is about to say something, but the rat-man exclaims something to the effect of 'I'm crazy and think machines are alive.'. Sadly, Sammy wasn't paying attention because of some nosey little scientist woman calling out to him. The Turk turns to listen and before he can get the entire sentence from the woman, there is a sudden impact as the once loyal quick-chip dispenser slams into his side and sends him through the front reception desk.

The rubble shuffles a bit after a second and the quick chip machine slides off of the top. Sammy stands himself up, covered in dust and dirt and what could either be ketchup or blood. In his mouth is gripped a small bag of chips.

He holds up a finger, grabs the bag, pops it open and begins munching on the chips.

It's hard to fight when he's hungry. "When I'm done, I'll gift-wrap him for you." Sammy states to Rhiannon as he munches on some chips before facing the original electric rat. "You know... You just ruined my favorite vending machine." He says as he tosses the empty bag over his shoulder and rotates a shoulder.
Megavolt Megavolt turns his attention to the scientist, squinting at her words. "Specimen? Oh, so it's not enough that you ENSLAVE and EXPLOIT machines, but you need to study them too? What else are you working on in your fiendish lab, a device to take away the souls of light bulbs?!" He pulls a strange, scrap-ish device from his belt and plugs it into his chest, floating into the air as he crackles with electricity.
Rhiannon Zellen Megavolt's insane rambling is met with a simple smile from the scientist. "Hmm? Taking away the souls of lightbulbs..." Rhia mused out loud, rubbing her chin what appeared to be serious thought. "Why, that sounds like a wonderful idea! Genius in fact~!" Wait, what? Was she actually serious? Maybe, maybe not. It was very hard to tell...

"I will be very much looking forward to my present then~" The young woman says afterward to Sammy, taking a step back to avoid the general combat zone a bit further. Ah, this was becoming more and more entertaining though. Sure, she was losing time working in the lab, but such thoughts were quickly dismissed.
Sammy Colt Oh good, the rat was distracted. While he waxed poetical towards Rhiannon about machine souls or lightbulbs, or whatwever nonesense this whack-job was spewing, Sammy took the initiative to rush Megavolt - who was airborn, thanks to his strange plug-in powers.

"Your head's in the clouds!" He states as he leaps up, putting both sleeves forward and aiming them at Rhiannon. "You need to be grounded." He says matter-of-factly before a 'click' sound is heard, a large hammer sprining forth and coming in a downward motion in an attempt to put the rat back on solid ground.
Megavolt Megavolt gets slammed back down to terra firma, stumbling about as stars dance around his vision. "Grounded? GROUNDED? I'LL SHOW YOU GROUNDED, YOU INSUFFERABLE TWIT!" he screams. "You're gonna wish you were grounded!" His hands explode with electricity, as his rage boils over and he sends a huge field of lightning balls at Sammy.
Rhiannon Zellen But on the other hand...that turk was displaying some rather curious abilities himself. How exactly was he hiding all of those objects in his sleeves? She was not unfamiliar with the hidden weapon martial arts techniques, but this did not seem to be anything like that. The movements were all wrong for one. "Hmmm...How curious..." Indeed, maybe she should have to study /him/ as well.

But for now, Rhia was content to stand back and allow the fighting to play out. There was no further need to speak for the moment.

Plus, those lightning balls looked rather mean.
Sammy Colt Megavolt was probably right. The giant orbs of electricity slam into Sammy, sending his form careening across the office and through a wall. The gyprock gives way easily to reveal the lobby's bathroom. It's a painful area to land and the bursted pipes don't help either.

There's the sound of a mirror hitting the ground as water begins to spray out from one of the busted copper pipes. A grunt emits itself and in a second, a soaked and rather unhappy-looking bowl cut appears. Sammy's suit is nice and charred and the once pristine white undershirt has some blackened marks. The tie is nowhere to be seen and one of his shoes is god-only-knows now.

The Turk gives a bit of a cough as he wrings out one of his sleeves with the other. "Nice comeback. My own lines? I mean. Wow. You sure are a smart one." He states in a mocking tone before wiping his nose with a sleeve, pointing towards the shoe at Megavolt's foot.

"Mind handing me that?" He asks.

How odd that the shoe seems to be beeping...
Megavolt "Oh, this?" Megavolt says, looking down at the shoe and picking it up. "What's that sound..." he muses, shaking the shoe and putting it up to his ear. Then, the shoe explodes, sending his plug hat flying off his head. He staggers to the left, his face blackened and his goggles crooked, his afro on fire and smoking. "Sweet Christmas, that hurt!" he complains, before he turns about and staggers out of the building, attempting to escape.
Rhiannon Zellen "Oh dear, the suspect seems to be escaping~" Rhia called out to Sammy in a singsong tone, not looking all too broken up about it despite being the one who wanted to study Megavolt. In the end, she didn't budge whatsoever, and left it to the guards and turk. That WAS their job after all. Plus, it was a needless expenditure of effort of her part!

And of course we can't have that now, can we?

Or she's just being lazy.

That's more like it.
Sammy Colt The explosion rocks the hallway, leaving the Rat to be rather shaken up and Sammy to have a smile on his face. Though deeply, he is sad to have lost his shoe. He would have to remember to have a proper service done for it. Or... just requisition another pair. Preferrably without the semtex built into the heel.

Rhiannon sings her little tune about the escaping suspect and Sammy lets out a sigh. Trudging after the electric-rat-man-thing, he begrudgingly steps onto the singed guard and grabs Megavolt by the collar.

"Sorry, but your presence has been requested elsewhere." He says as he places a small device against Megavolt's neck - it says tranquilizers on it, but knowing Sammy, it could also just be sugar.

"Come along quietly, or else." He states. The man had a bomb in his shoe... One would wonder how far he'd go for an 'or else'.
Megavolt Megavolt gets grabbed by his suit's collar, his leg flying forward as he jerks to a halt. "Hey! HEY! I'm not going anywhere with you! You have bombs for shoes, and besides, what kind of guy do you think I am?! It's only the first date!" he complains, trying to wriggle free of Sammy's grasp.
Rhiannon Zellen "Ah, the first date, hmm~?" Rhia spoke in an amused tone, approaching the two rather casually. "Then perhaps you would not mind if I invited you on a second date now?" That question was asked with a rather eerie tone to it. That second date sounded horribly suspicious now.

"Please?" She asked, fluttering her eyes in an attempt to look innocent...which was impossible. "We will have oh so much fun together! I promise!" Not helping, Rhia.

Not helping at all.
Sammy Colt Sammy lets out a sigh and hands Megavolt off to the guards, all of which were training their guns on the nefarious villain. Rhiannon was creepy enough on a good day. At least she had something to focus on and could stay in the lab for a while. Slogging his way to the elevator, Sammy steps in, presses the button, adjusts his collar and returns back to the lounge.

He moves towards the game, sits himself down, water cascading on the couch as he picks up the controller. There's a sigh of relief and just as he unpauses the game, the TV shorts out and explodes. In the darkness, Sammy sits in an eerie calm. The smoke rises from the screen and, for comical effect, it falls over onto the floor. There's a sigh that comes from the Turk's lips as he stands up and makes his way for the lunch room.

"Dumb rat. Costed me the high score," He says in a grumbling tone as he one-shoe steps into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich.

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