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A Lack of Understanding
(2013-01-11 - 2013-01-11)
Reize spends time reflecting on various issues until he has a chat with Emi of the Legion...
Reize Seatlan Trouble is brewing...

There has been a definite word of mouth arriving over the change of events regarding Cleyra. The city that the young traveler once visited the place and it was a peaceful time. However, to hear that tensions has risen.

Even worse was that the burmecians had been given a new set of powers.

Staring at the garden is somewhat soothing and relaxing. Reize leans against the porch, holding onto his pendant. He muses thoughtfully, staring at the garden that has been planted by Ivo, Lily, Sassaral... and many others.

It is peaceful. It is home for them.

But the thought of the war lingers. The fact that Manhattan is still a mess lingers. The fact that the prince of Cornelia is still in a critical condition lingers. And then Fluorgis...

He wince, rubbing his forehead.

"...One thing at a time." He exhales a sigh, the antenna hair 'sighing' with him.
Emi Dennou Imi loves the garden and while she is 'spying' on the Shard Seekers, tends to spend most of her time here. At some point she invited Emi over--perhaps to talk to her about the recent Heartless invasion--perhaps there is a Shard near Fluorgis, it's hard to say, and so she thinks it's important to talk to her about it. Even so, she has largely focused on working on helping with the garden while Emi stared at her with a completely bored expression which, to be fiar, doesn't mean she's bored--she might just be Emi.

Shida is not present, but thankfully they are a network, if there's any questions he wishes to ask about her, Emi can probably answer it. Shida is busy. Doing what? It's a secret.

Reize has been unexpectedly quiet and--perhaps shockingly--hasn't tumbled or seen any women bathing or anything strange like that, so it's actually a bit of a surprise when Emi actually looks up and notices Reize--thinking.

She observes him for a few moments even as his hair reacts to his emotion. "...Reize." She says. "Sorry to intrude."
Reize Seatlan An unexpected company arrives to join Reize at the garden in the form of a Legion. Reize had been pretty quiet for the most part. Although he is also an adventurer, he is also a leader of the group. Being the leader carries its burdens and responsibilities from Cleyra to Fluorgis itself, Reize knows that things are becoming rather intense.

However, he has to remain strong. After all, if people see their leader falter, then they falter. That is why Reize has to keep a smile and remain strong. How far can Reize take before even he breaks?

That moment of contemplation is interrupted by the observing Emi. Snapping out of it, his eyes widen and he turns to face Emi. "Oh!" The boy brightens considerably, "Oooi! Uhh..." He doesn't remember this one's name. There are so many to keep up with!
Emi Dennou Emi is hoping to become a true detective one day and, technically speaking, she is a member of the TDA for real now so she could say 'I'm a detective' and be technically accurate but she knows that she has much to learn from Mercade before she'll truly be pulling her own weight--rather than just parroting him--and while parroting Mercade is certainly not the worst thing someone could do, it's not precisely a show of thinking for oneself. It's just a springboard. The others have similar mindsets, naturally, but Emi is probably the most hardcore baout it.

So naturally when Reize turns and is all cheer, she gently reminds him. "Emi. Network administrator. The Network is glad to see you are well and that you have recovered. You seem pensive, The Network notes that there are worse ways to seem."
Reize Seatlan "Oh! Emi!" The boy tilts his head over, then he brings his hand over towards his forehead, "Sorry Emi, I am still getting used to having a lot of new visitors!" He moves his hand to the bac of his head, giving her a very sheepish laugh. "Ah ha ha ha ha ha...." However, the boy grimaces, "Ahhhh, I was just thinking about a few things."

He turns his head back to the garden. "A lot is going on, many of them are going on at once." After a moment, Reize takes the moment to pull away from the porch, deciding that a walk through the garden is in order.

"So, just trying to figure out where will we start with first. Hopefully, Ivo will have the Shard Seeker device ready to go and we can try to use that to find Manhattan's shard."
Emi Dennou "Shards, isn't it?" Emi asks. "Though this one admits all that gobbledy goop--to use the technical term--about worlds and hearts and shards is a bit hard to swallow and understand." It's complicated stuff OKAY? Imi glances back at the two as they chatter but stays where she is for the moment so she can keep working on the garden. Emi will tell her everything anyway and she's concerned about possible collissions if she goes along.

"That device ... are you sure it will work?" Emi inquires. "Nevertheless, The Network supposes that if it doesn't, there is little harm..." Except in all the hearts you've crushed ^_^. "But the TDA has been following leads too. I...would like to help them find it," She looks over to Reize. "Because they saved our lives." She smiles. "Leida-Chan and Faruja helped too, of course. I suppose the vows are handy, mm? The Network teases blatantly."

This is probably the most emotion REize has ever seen Emi utilize, though Imi has certainly shown plenty--if those were real emotions anyway.

Emi follows. "We are more free to do as we'd like now. While we are not knights, we see no issue with assisting comrades."
Reize Seatlan "I just learned to accept it all." Reize smiles a litle more, "It would be like trying to understand the entire concept of magic. In a way, you lose the main purpose there is about the presence of magic, to appreciate it for what it is."

Then, Reize lifts his eyes up in the air, thinking over the question. Will the Shard Seeker device really work? Will it lead them into a wild goose chase? Will it lead them to their deaths?

"I don't know." He smiles, "But, that's the point of adventuring. It is not the destination, but the journey." The boy grins, "Besides, I trust Ivo! He hasn't steered me wrong yet!"

As Emi offers her help, Reize ofers her a warmer smile, "Thank you, Emi. I appreciate any help that we can get." He starts to walk along the garden, looking back towards Emi, "...I am glad that they did." He frowns slightly, "..Unfortunately, I had to speak with the residents at Cleyra about brewing tensions." The frown grows, "...Something about bermucians using dark powers as well."
Emi Dennou "I can't just accept it. Detectives don't just accept information without both understanding it and verifying it." Emi may not be Omi but she does see herself as a professional. Simply 'accepting' things is not in her nature, though--of course--not everything needs to be understood at once. Some information only becomes clear with time.

Burmecians using dark powers. "Faruja...was not using dark powers. He was using holy magic just as of yesterday. Perhaps you should ask him about it--they are his people, isn't that so?" She pauses, though, at something Reize said. Trust is all well and good, but--

--"Reize... you do not need to play at being happy go lucky for my sake." Emi looks up after saying that--is she sure about this deduction? Well, "We admit we have a dark past, one could say, but we have never been unhappy with it. We were one might say blessed at birth to never be alone. What we have lost... is unfortunate...but we do not despair. It is alright if you are worried about being able to help Manhattan. We are too, but you do not need to act as if it is a mere adventure for our sake."

She shakes her head again after that. "And we understand, you are a busy individual. Coming to save us would have been irresponsible on your behalf, though one must admit that did not mean it had been uncommon behavior. When you have so many you need to protect, allowing those with some measure of ability to protect themselves to stand on their own is simple logic and besides... One could say they are not truly alone in any event."

She cups her chin, thinking the matter of the Bermucians over, however. "This is just a guess, but the Darkness--it is a powerful weapon, correct? If people are desperate, then they will go for a weapon even if it can be problematic in the long run. After all, survival on that level trumps goodness. If your enemies seem to have a tactical advantage--it is only natural to try and obtain their weapons for yourself."

She lowers her hand and adds, "The Burmecians' torments are no secret if you look into them." She must have, then, thanks to Ami. "Therefore the answer to this problem is likely one or two options. Give them a better weapon, or remove the need for weapons."
Reize Seatlan "There are some things that can appreciated if one doesn't try to understand it, I think." He beams, "If people try to understand stuff, it is no longer interesting!" He puffs his cheek with annoyance. However, he does relent when he considers, "...Well, I suppose that is true. Being a detective does mean trying to understand everything." He sighs, "Even if it no longer becomes interesting!"

Regarding the subject and Faruja, "I considered speaking to Faruja once I see him again. I... know that this will worry him greatly." And then, Emi's comment about his happy to lucky nature, Reize falls silent for a bit. But nevertheless, "...Aha, sorry." He rubs the back of his head, "Just got a lot of things on my mind. Sometimes, being the leader of a group means that you have to worry about a lot."

"...So many to protect." He thinks over her statement more. Fluorgis, the refugees of Manhattan. here is so much to protect. ...Suppose things were more simple when he was a boy in a village. No worries outside of that tiny village. But then, that would had been boring.

Back to the Burmecians and the darkness. Rize falls silent, the boy runs his hand over to his pendant, "...Yeah." He furrows his eyebrows, "... Looks like finding the source is key for this. Will have to travel to Alexandria."
Emi Dennou Emi manages to not fall flat on her face even though Reize said something that should, really, make her fall flat on her face. Emi's view of Reize may not match up with Reize's view of Reize--but it seems to her that something is troubling him and that he has been trying to :D at her in an attempt to throw her off which might be her overthinknig the matter because, well, that's not really a detective's trait but it may very well be an Emi trait.

"If you understand is no longer interesting..?" She tries to parse this but really it's so against her nature that she just can't. This is not a phrase she can adopt. "...Mm...." She considers it. Is there something she's missing about that? Imi would be so much better at talking with Reize, she thinks, why did she walk with him and not her? That would have been the appropriate method here.

"Well, I disagree but this one admits she cannot prove that matters she understands are still interesting and will not pressure you on your viewpoint. The Network welcomes you to focus on not understanding so that you may live an interesting life."

She thinks that's what Reize is saying anyway.

"While I am not in charge of the TDA you could say I am, in a sense, a leader of the group. The group being, in this instance, The Network. Of course, we are also NOT a group but that does not mean this one doesn't have some understanding of your situation." She swings her arms up, pressing her hands against the back of her neck, stretching.

"How is Lily? If she is hungry for magic, we can provide her with a meal." Emi says. "Shida asks after her. We would like to be friends, that is to say, perhaps, Shida especially would like to become friends but The Network shares its friends after all."
Reize Seatlan The boy is simple. A simple boy with simple aspirations. To make things complicated is to add nothing but frustration. Nevertheless, the boy is no longer considering too much. And yet, when Emi finally makes her conclusion, Reize smiles a bit. "Hee, thanks, Emi!"

Simple boy.

Though, he does offer a faint smile when she adds in her point as the leader of a group. "You have a point..." He laughs a bit.

But then, a different topic.


Reize looks around, considering the girl in question, "Lily is usually around here." He notes, "She tends to garden the place and she has Dandelion with her at times." He thinks over Lily's eating habit, "...She doesn't get hungry, actually. She only eats because it's a custom that we do." He considers, then he smiles a bit. "I am certain that Lily would love to be your friend, especially Shida." He grins wildly. "You're all welcomed here as anyone else are." ...Well, Priel is an exception, but...
Emi Dennou "Ah, the dog that kissed you." Emi says--yep she was the one who has tasted the ear of Lenn! And--is pretty sure Lenn has not yet realized this. But that's besides the point. It was a memory that she will have forever. Legion has no issues With Priel--indeed, she really is probably neccessary to the Shard Seekers even if it as their gall bladder.

"We do not mean food, though--" Emi pauses. "--though even the Human Network requires food. Our bodies are still fundamentally human even though our brains have been adjusted." She says this matter of factly like it isn't even a thing.

Reize offers an invitation. She says, "Thank you, it is kind of you to offer even though I kissed your elven bride--again we must assure you that it was for science and breaking magical spells and not because out of a more base curiousity."

She nods a few times and adds, "It is strange, not being dead, don't you agree?"
Reize Seatlan "Urgh, yeah. Dandy.." His antenna hair flops with annoyance as he remembers the very moment that he was naked the entire time thanks to Ivo having his towel. He never did get over that! Nevertheless, the quirks an eyebrow at Emi. "Well..." He gives a shrug, "Lily operates differently. I still don't quite understand to what extent, but..."

Wait. What?

Reize squints over towards Emi. "..Elven bride?" He squints at her once more. The antenna hair flops over an a question mark forms from it.

"... What do you mean bride?"
Emi Dennou "How does your hair take on such transformative properties?" Emi asks, getting into SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS TERRITORIES but luckily the conversation shortly becomes about elven brides which is significantly less dangerous than Reize's incredible hair antenna.

Emi doesn't comment on Reize's nakedness even though Legion does not forget and it's forever burned across their minds.

Instead she says, "An elf is someone with pointy ears and a pretty face, usually. The ears are--notably--salty in flavoring, this we have deduced." She nods slowly. "A bride is typically one in the process of being married." She nods again, though she probably has missed the entire direction of Reize's question. "Therefore, an elven bride is someone with salty ears that you are in the process of marrying."

She looks into REize's eyes. "Congratulations."
Reize Seatlan ...

Reize's brain has broken.

Wait, when was this even decided?! When was he supposed to be marrying Lenn?! Reize peers toards Emi, "Wait-wait! When did this happen?! When was I getting married to Lenn?! I don't remember this!!" The boy flails his arms.

In fact, watch Reize run around flailing around the garden for a bit. In circles.
Emi Dennou An important question is asked! When was Reize settled to marry lenn? Emi slows down, cupping at her chin again. She practices holding it a few different ways. Maybe she should say 'Elementary Dear Seatlan' even though to her this all seems rather complicated.

Eventually she says, "Gosh." And then after some further thought decides to level it up to a, "Gawrsh. Would you believe that this one is not entirely sure? However, when we attempted to wake her, she had mentioned a wedding which, we note here, she noted that something was to wait until 'after the wedding'. Of what that is, of course, we do not know but it a dear memory--though we were operating on the assumption it was relatively recent--"

She brings both her hands up and presses them against her ears, waggling them a bit to try and imitate elven ears. "Elves are known for their strict customs, The Network makes up but it sounds true. Is it not true that she is your elven bride? That is to say, a bride that is also elven--perhaps even especially elven."
Reize Seatlan And that important question brings forth to an answer that confuses even Emi at first. As the Legion member considers the previous incident, Reize is looking towards her fo several moments.

...Wait. After the wedding?! What-- argh...

Reize is unable to even think of how this happened. He doesn't anything! Strict customs, elven bride.



...And Reize, in his impression of Leida, has his eyes roll to the back of his head.

Emi Dennou Legion watches Reize pass out and mentally adds another notch to the scoreboard. Heh heh heh.

She takes a few moments to be in communication with Imi to figure out just what to do and then ducks down towards the fallen Reize. Squint. Squint.

"I guess... I need to work on my delivery when making jokes?" She taps her chin lightly and then hefts Reize up.

"Depositing in embarrassing position as 'thank you' gift for Leida. Commencing operation." She adds.

They'll make sure the placement is the worst/best.

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