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(2013-01-09 - 2013-01-22)
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Katyna Ugh...How did he beat her? What was that power..? Most of all...WHY!? Angantyr's violent and merciless rage had left her barely alive, with just enough energy to revert to her normal form as she tried to crawl into a safe place on the desert floor. Still the unrelenting sun beat down mercilessly on her, and vultures circled above her, attracted by the immense smell of blood from her numerous wounds..

After spending a few hours trying to summon a portal and finding no more potions left to save her, Katyna was ready to give up, her eyes falling heavily shut as she curled into a pathetic, bloody ball on the ground.

The vultures have already landed and they start to pick at her bloody and broken form...Is this..The End!?
Reize Seatlan It's a nice day for some people.

The young adventurer was out in Fluorgis, about to do a bit of a trip out of the city. It would be his next day for a grand adventure and to see what lies beyond. Last time, there were some disturbing news within the grapevine. Reize wanted to see if that was true...

..This, however, is cut short when the boy starts to make it out to the edge of the city.


As the vultures have landed and begun picking, the boy runs out towards the body and he quickly swings his boomerang out. "OII! BACK OFF!" The boomerang whips about, seeking to smack against the birds of doom to knock them away from the girl.

He is running towards the body as quick as he can.
Katyna The girl wavers between conscioussness and unconscioussness, her eyes barely open to slits as she watches the birds. She seems to be in a daze however, and neither strong enough mentally nor physically at the moment to really do anything about them.

The vultures snarl and flap their wings at Reize as he approaches. Did he really think they'd let him share this meal with them? What nerve..But when he swings his boomerang at them, the bird screech and back off, some of them flapping away to the sky while others back off and watch both from a distance, waiting for an opening or opportunity..
Reize Seatlan The boomerang coils back his way. Reize brings his hand towards the sky. As the boomerang is swirling around, he extends his right hand up. The boomerang sticks to the hand before he runs and kneels beside the fallen girl. Once he starts to lean down, he gets a better look at the fallen form...



He grimaces, then he starts to wrap his arm over her form. He looks up towards the vultures, /daring/ them to stop him from aiding her. "Need to get her to the headquarters." Lenn and the others will need to be contacted.

After picking her up in the princess-carry style, Reize starts off with getting her into the headquarters.

She is going to need lots of healing. Hopefully Lenn is on standby.
Katyna KWEH! KWEH! The vultures continue to squawk in that ugly, graceless way of theirs, fluttering their wingsbut keeping their distance from the formidable boomerang wielder. They know better than to fight someone with such a deadly, aerial weapon.

Katyna tries to lift her gaze to meet him, but she can barely see through the veil of blood that washes over her eyes. Even so, she attempts to lift a shaky hand towards him, recognizing his voice. The expression on her face is a mixture of pain and a deep inexplicable sadness which turns to slight surprise at the sight of him.

Katyna, he'd said. Did he recognize her? Was she still in her dark knight form? Would he kill her..? "R-reize..." She whispers before her head falls to the side, quickly losing conscioussness. The world starts spinning around her as darkness surrounds her..

She's not too heavy, especially since the armour's badly damaged and missing in places..Hopefully headquarters are not far off.
Reize Seatlan As Katyna reaches her shakey hand towards him, Reize frowns. He extends his hand towards her own, placing it to his face. "Oi, I'm here for you. Don't die on me!" Then, he watches her lose consciousness. He grimaces, then he lowers his head. "Nggh. I need to get her to the headquarters, quickly."

Please be on standby, Lenn. He knows you are there.

Reize is running as fast as he can towards the headquarters...


Time had passed since the event. Perhaps it has been three hours. Katyna will find herself within the women's dormitory of the Shard Seeker HQ. She will also find that her armor is likely removed and most of her form is bandaged up. She'll likely be wearing some cleaner clothes, something that should be fitting.

Reize, however, is at the exit of the headquarters. He is between staring at the city proper and remaining inside. He occasionally looks out the dorm, trying to see if she would wake up.
Katyna Darkness...Nothingness..Oblivion. Is this what it felt like, to die? she had always feared death, having seen it happen so often around her in the past, even when she was a few years old. Ivalice was a violent place, no place for a poor orphan to grow up, and yet that was her fate in life, to be surrounded by death, to defy death and then..To become an agent of death..

The nightmare returned once more as she moved through her memories, watching as the heartless attacked. "Protect the children!" He was there too, the boy who looked like Reize, he and Katyna stood behind the other thieves, the adults who tried hopelessly to protect them. One by one they fell, their screams interrupted as the heartless tore through their bodies and ate their hearts whole in front of Kat's startled eyes.

That noble knight Kasrillen was there too, always telling her to pray, to have faith, that Faram would have mercy on them. "No, dont go!" She had called to him but he went anyway. "I'll protect you!"

..But he too, fell...

"Dont worry..." The boy that looked like Reize smiled at her as he was all that was left between her and the heartless. "I'll protect you.." and he ran towards the heartless, engulfed in the darkness, vanishing quickly from sight.

"Reize....Noooo!" She called, reaching out to him, but all that she was met with, was the cold smile of Riku as he plunged his blackenned hand into her chest. "You wanted the darkness? Here it is...All the pain...All the emptiness..All the hopelessness..Here it is..It's what you wanted isn't it?"

"NOOOOooo!!!" She screams, jerking awake suddenly, panting heavily as she opens her eyes...What..Was that a dream? No, no a nightmare...But where was she? Is she...Still alive?
Reize Seatlan Reize spent the time reflecting. When he reflected upon the day and the events, he cannot help but look ahead. Fluorgis is having some issues and he has not visited Cleyra in a while. He wonders what is going on th---



Reize withdraws both boomerangs and he runs out towards the women's dormitory. No! He won't let anything happen to his friends! He won't----

He arrives to see Katyna, awoken and panting.

"...Katyna?! Are you alright?!"
Katyna She runs a hand through her black, sweaty hair. Guh, she's sweating all over, but thakfully she's been cleaned of all that blood and dirt. Who..Did this for her? Who saved her life? She had no friends in this world so who...?

"Ahh..." She sighs, calming down a little as she glances around. "Just a dream then. No, a nightmare. That same stupid nightmare..." Damn, Riku. He tried to warn her, but she wanted to see anyway. Now, she'll forever be plagued by these nightmares..All because of her foolish ambition.

Reize comes running and she smiles, relieved it seems as she remembers seeing him captured by heartless. Reize is here, he's safe. But wait, that boy in the dream...Wasn't Reize, or was it?

"Reize..." She manages a casual, lopsided smirk, and just shrugs. But she's not so into the cocky, easy going thing today. Too much has happened. She..Failed again. Her usually bright ember eyes seem some how darker today, sadder.

"You..Saved me? It was you?" Kat nods slowly to his question, "Yeah, I'm fine..Just a bad nightmare I've been having. But it's just a dream, right? It's not real..." Or is it? She didnt know any more. "Ugh.." She looks down at her slightly trembling hands, clenched into fists on the bedsheets.

"I guess..I owe you my life..Again. Thank you.." How pitiful, how shameful that she was too weak to defeat that jerk. It's not the first time she was 'rescued' by Reize from the desert and brought here. Nor is it the first time he has shown her compassion, one of the few people in this terrible world.

Then suddenly she realizes she's been stripped of her armour, and she sweatdrops. "Gah!! My armour! My weapon! Where are they??" One would think her life depended on them the way she seems so concerned about them..Crazy girl!
Reize Seatlan As Katyna grets him, Reize is smiling once he sees the smirk back on her face. At least, she does seem to be herself. Or at least, she did for just a few moments. That passes revealing a darker mood. He watches her, eyeing over her frustration as her voice exhales its dischord. And the way that she clenches against the bedsheets...

Reize has a faint smile that grows. He leans against the wall, glancing over to see that Leida, Lily, and the others are not in the room. Especially Lenn. Reize's face is still reddening from that.

"Don't worry about it, you needed help. That is important. There is no 'owe' in this." He smiles, "As long as you are alive, I'm happy!" Then, he looks over to her as she panics. "...Uhh... its on the shelf."

He gestures a hand over towards the right side of the corner. There, the shelf has the armor that has been bundled together. "Your other clothing is getting cleaned. It was dirty, so..." He offers her a faint smile.
"You seem to be going through a lot."
Katyna Careful, Kit! Don't give yourself away! Had he seen her transform from the heartless knight..? But no, he doesn't seem to suspect anything. "Heh.." she smirks again, feeling more relaxed once she's assured of her armour. "That's good, without my sword, I feel kinda naked.." She chuckles, although that too, fades when he says he's 'ahppy' to see she's alive.

"Oh?" that brings that familiar smirk back to her lips. "You've got a big heart Reize, and a soft spot for the girls, eh?" wink wink. What fun it is to tease him, it allows her to forget her troubles a little. But it seems he noticed something amiss, anyway.

"Hmm, I guess that's the life of a knight. " shrug. "Y'know, fighting monsters, winning, losing, facing death. Sometimes it can be a little scary, when you realize you're not as strong as you thought, when that power is just out of your reach.."

She remembers that wish, the one she'd thought of when Reize's pendant had lit up and she peers at it curiously. "Hmm.. I had this wish once...but I wonder if it'll ever come true?"
Reize Seatlan A sigh is given to Katyna when she relaxes. The boy frowns at the girl, "Oi, don't scare me like that, Katyna!" One can see the steam coming out of Reize's head as he chastizes her. He looks over to her, then he blinks over to her.


She hits it on the head when she comments over his soft spot towards the cute faces. His eyes widen, flushed cheeks coming forth, "O--oi! Stop that!" He tries to push down the flushed cheeks, the young man grunts an he rubs his face. He is trying to wipe that flushed look of of his face.

But then she returns to the life of a knight. Thoughtfully, Reize considers. It is something that he doesn't quite know about. The young man brings his hands over the back of his head. "...Well.." He lifts his hands up, then he frowns, "..."

"Katyna..." He offers her a faint smile, approaching her. When he gets closer to her, the young man smiles, "... It will come true. Just have to believe. To those that believe are able to achieve their wish." He tilts his head over with a smile.
Katyna Katyna giggles as she sees him blushing. He sure is cute when he blushes and fun to tease too! What exactly was Seith's interest in him, anyways..? "aww Reize..You're blushing.." She seems more relaxed, a little less sad now than she was before. What is it with this boy..?

"Alright, I'll be more careful next time. Sorry to scare you like that. I guess, being leader of the Shard Seekers, you must have to face this thing all the time though, right?" she smiles, "But I'll bet you're pretty powerful in battle too.." Yes, she had seen him fight with all his heart. And she'd seen that pendant glow too.

"Hmm, I wonder though, when I made that wish, I'm certain I saw that pendant glow..What does that mean, huh?"
Reize Seatlan As Katyna points out the fact that he is blushing, Reize grunts with both cheeks puffing. "Am not!" He huffs, then he turns his head away. He rubs his cheek, muttering to himself. The young man then glances over to her.

Being the leader does mean he has responsibilities. He has to ensure that his friends survive. However, he is also an adventurer, so he puts himself in danger all of the time much to the dismay of his companions. "...Yeah." He offers her a faint smile, growing.

"..Perhaps so."

At her question, Reize considers with a finger on his chin, "The pendant glows at many points. Sometimes, it glows when the darkness is strong and danger is near. ...Othertimes, there is a faint glow, showing me that someone has a strong wish. And it is that only wish that the person wants, more than anything else."

A smile is given. "... And I try to do what I can to help people achieve their wishes."
Katyna "Are too!" She continues to giggle away madly. Honestly, she hasn't had this much fun in ages. It's not like people in Hollow Bastion ever have time to anything more than order her about, manipulate her, beat her up or tell her off because she's not good enough, strong enough, evil enough..Just plain enough..

Ah yes, she knows all about responsibility, expectations..But then Kat's not a leader, and she isn't responsible for the lives of others. No, she's everyone's minion and punching bag, the over eager knight who lacked enough darkness in her heart to truly become a shadow lord...What a disappointment.

"Hmm, soo, that means it's owner..You..Can grant a wish? Is that really possible? But this wish, is a really special one.." She smiles, "If you knew what it was, would it be easier to grant it?"
Reize Seatlan Reize cannot help but to have his face remain red. He furrows his eyebrows, then he continues to wipe his cheek. Though, in a way, it is making Katyna happy again. Reize can see her smile return. She looks happy to be herself again.

Finally, Reize makes his way closer to Katyna. He stops at an arm's length, then he starts furrowing his eyebrows. "Well..." He laughs, "...In a way, I suppose. But... it is mostly helping a person ACHIEVE their wish." He rubs the back of his head, "It's not like I'm some sort of genie."

A smile grows, "...I've helped a friend of mine eventually find her friend and another person find her way back home. ...Sometimes, I can hear the person's wish. Othertimes, I suppose I'll have to find out." He furrows his eyebrows, "...Whether or not it is easier... I don't really know."
Katyna Katyna continues to smile, wondering if his face will go so red he might just faint. "Heh, you can relax, it's not like I'll kiss you again or anything, right?" Wink wink. "Just incase, we'd better make sure there's no mistletoe around here though..Who knows what those other girls get up to, now that they know how to use it properly!" She flashes another cheerful grin, althogh suddenly winces, having forgotten for a moment just how badly injured she is...

"Ahhh..." She flinches, falling back on the bed. "I hate this. Being weak, being unable to fight, bit.." Kat smirks, "You might not be a genie. But you have a big heart and desire to help others...I wonder if there's a special magic in that, that gives you the power to achieve the near impossible? Hmm....But I wonder, if you heard my wish that day..?"

If he did, it'd be easier, right? It he didnt..Would it be alright to tell him? "I'm curious though, if you could have one wish, what would it be? It must take a lot of energy granting other peoples' wishes afterall..Sometimes you have to think of yourself too, right?"
Reize Seatlan Grunt.

Reize puffs his cheeks a bit, but they are reddening again. He cannot help but recall the kiss that Katyna did give him back near Christmas time under the mistletoe. The boy instinctively looks up, realizing what could happen if that was around. The instinctive urge to flinch fades away upon realizing that there isn't a mistletoe is at. ...Lily may have a couple in stock, who knows.

Reize frowns at Katyna, approaching her while placing a hand over to her shoulder. "Hey, you should rest." Of course, this puts him pretty close with her. He kneels over to her level as she sits, at least to make sure that she remains seated.

"...Ahaha, who knows?" The boy considers, "...It has magic. It allows me to use magic and to sense other people's desire, in a way. It has been my protection as well." Of course, it is corruptable, but that was an event that long passed. Though, he knits his brows as he consider her question, "N-no, I don't think I have. When it glowed, I don't think I heard it."

He blinks, "What did you wish for?"

And then, her next question gets a different reaction from Reize. The bright color within his eyes fade, if not darken completely. His smile becomes faint. "...That is something that I am still longing for. ...I am not sure." His hand instinctively reaches over to his side, gripping at a spot along his belt. A particular pouch.

"...I am sure that I'll find that wish." He brightens, "Who knows?"
Katyna She closes her eyes for a moment. So tired, so very tired. She just wants to sleep, but, Katyna couldn't sleep while he was watching her like that, when he was so close she could kiss him. Of course, she'd probably make a lot of girls mad if she did that, not that it would have stopped her if she really wanted to.

"Dont worry! I dont think there's any mistletoe around." She smiles again, resting back when he presses a hand on her shoulder. "Alright..." She sighs a bit wistfully, recalling the horrible nightmare..And then her one secret wish. But it causes her to frown a little, biting her lip as she looks away.

"Oh...Well..It's really quite a silly wish, so if I tell you, you have to promise not to laugh..Or tell a soul, y'hear? As for your own wish, I'm sure some day when you really need it, it'll come to you. Otherwise, you might just wish for something you dont need.."
Reize Seatlan A sigh of relief comes after a moment. While the boy is so close to her, this would be a good moment for her to kiss him, wouldn't it? The fact that Reize is now face-level with her, his eyes lift up to lock with her own. His eyes shut as the smile brightens. "Eh heh!"

And yet, the adventurous young lad cannot help but grin wide. And then, she starts to go on about the wish and even go as far as asking him to keep it a secret. Just as he kept the promise with Riku, Reize's hand lifts up toward Katyna.

A pinky finger is given her way.

"Pinky swear."

As for his own wish, that remains in the hands of silence.
Katyna If she were feeling stronger, Katyna might very well have pulled him down for another kiss..Unfortunately she's so out of it right now that she doesn't really have the strength to pull a 'fast one' this time..Next time. Just give her a little more time..!

She smiles sweetly however, reaching over to grasp his pinkie in her own and nods. "It's a promise then!" she lets her hand linger there a moment too longer, enjoying the close contact with the boy, but eventually exhaustion takes over and she falls back down again, fighting to keep her tired eyes from falling heavily into sleep.

"After they all died...Because I wasn't strong enough to protect them..No, because I wasn't strong enough to protect myself. I just become strong enough that nothing and no one, could ever hurt me again. That was all I ever wanted, but.." She bites her lip, unsure how to finish that statement.
Reize Seatlan So, that is her desire.

Reize lowers his head a bit, mulling over the situation. Deep down, Katyna wants to become stronger. Strong enough to protect herself and those important to her. Reize considers what to say.

"...Don't be afraid to ask for help at times. Strength usually comes from people that believe in you and yoursef." He offers her a smile, resting his hand over to her forehead. "Many of us have to have something to fight for in order to become strong. Knight's Vow #85: Follow your heart and let your convictions guide you." His eyes drift low towards Katyna, offri her that growing smile.

He sucks in a breath, still recalling that Christmas day.

...He dips his head over, gently brushing his lips towards her forehead.
Ember Katy smiles a bit abashedly, feeling rather foolish to have such a silly 'dream'. "Ahh, it's kinda stupid, isn't it? I mean..I suppose everyone wants to be strong, but.." She sighs wistfully, tightly clutching the rosary in her hand. What's with that relic anyways, that she is so attached to?

When Reize tells her not to be afraid of asking for help, she just chuckles and shakes her head. "You dont understand. People died trying to protect me. I....Don't want that to happen again. I was weak before, and that's why they died. Because I couldn't protect myself, much less them."

However, these knight's vows have her a little curious, sitting a bit forward to peer at him thoughtfully, in spite of her wounds as she considers that. "Hmmm, I wonder, do you have a book of all these vows? That'd be something interesting to read." Another chuckle, "But..I dunno. I'm not sure where my heart's leading me right now. I feel a little lost.."

And then he kisses her..On the forehead. Kat blinks in surprise, resting back against the pillow. No, she hadn't expected a kiss on the lips of course, but even this was unexpected. It's not like she was terribly close to anyone in this world, and maybe it was deliberate. It was better that way. Then she wouldn't have to feel the deep loss she had experienced before..

She sighs, closing her eyes briefly, a small, tender smile fluttering briefly on her lips. "Reize..You remind me so much of that boy, Razan.."
Reize Seatlan "..Some have a stronger reason for having such a wish than others," adds Reize.

While Katyna comments about his vows, Reize furrows his eyebrows and then he adds, "Nope! I memorized all of them from the times that dad told them to me!" He notes proudly. It may explain where all of the other parts of knowledge went: Dumped.

It was a gentle gesture by the boy. Though, he also had that lingering feeling from the mistletoe incident. The boy had offered her a faint smile. Once Katyna reveals the tender smile, the boy looks over at her. "...Razan?" He blinks, scratching his head. "...Was he one of the people...?"
Ember Katyna smirks. "Wow, that must take a lot of brainpower..How many oaths are there in total, anyways? Can you list 'em all off? I'm curious." Well, she's no knight herself, but she's still curious. "But..I wonder if you're right? Do people really need other people to be strong? Is it not possible to find that strength within yourself? I..."

Kat sighs, looking down at her rosary again. "I wanted to believe that once. Razan and me, we were both orphans, just kids at the time who got tired of being bumped from one orphannage tothe next. We were treated badly too, little more than servants. So, one day we ran away. We watched each other's backs..We, were just little kids, maybe 7 or 8. But, we felt we were invincible."

She chuckles at the memory, although her eyes seem sad somehow. "We became thieves, stealing from others in order to survive. WE even joined a thieves' guild..There was a paladin, Sir Kasrillen, who attempted to 'turn me around'. Tried to convert me and instill a knight's code and honor and religious faith in me."

Another wistful sigh at the memory. "He..Taught me much about how to handle a sword, and also about being kind to others, but...Then the heartless attacked. Every member of the guild stood up against them, but they were outnumbered. They all died, one by one, doing their best to protect me and Razan. Even Sir Kasrillen protected me. 'They're just kids, they're too weak, they cant protect themselves..We must protect them, they're our future, our hope!' they said, but...In the end it was a waste. They all died. And in the end Razan, he tried to protect me, but he was too weak too...I...I dunno what happened to him. they carried him away..Then I saw you.."

She looks back at Reize hopefully, "I wanted you to be him, but...I guess you arent."
Reize Seatlan Furrowing his eyebrows, Reize puts off her comment with a 'tsch', "Of course not! It came naturally!" Somewhere, deep within the depths of that brainpower, 'Knight's Vow' has taken up about 40% of the space, 'Adventure' has taken up 59% of his brain, and Common Sense is somewhere in that little corner at '1%'. Nevertheless, the boy coughs, "I'll list them all off, but there are 218!"

One the subject becomes about her growth of power, Reize does consider her situation carefully, "You know, it is very possible. However, adventurers must stand on their own feet at times. ...But we should never be afraid welcome help from our friends!"

As Katyna tells the tale of her life, Reize listens to her explanation of Razan. However, he is learning a bit more about her as well. Someone who was treated badly. He lowers his head, offering her a faint smile. His time reflect to when he was seven and eight, learning the trade of the boomerangs, leading his friends on wild 'adventures' through the forest, and even rescuing the younger children from a wolf.

His eyes knit, listening more to her tale of thievery. He can't help but smile for her, a knight who tried to instill a code in her.

Nevertheless, as she learned a path, the Heartless came. Reize lowered his head, bowed close to her own head. "...Sorry, Katyna." His hand rests over to her head, giving her a faint smile. There are those that have been unlucky in their struggle against the heartless. Like Riku.

"...I know you will become stronger soon. I don't know how... I will admit, but... I know it!"
Katyna Of course, that's not where Kat's story really ended. She is careful to leave out the part about how a Shadow Lord found her and 'rescued' her from the same fate as the others, how he trained her in the dark arts, to follow in her footsteps..And then suddenly disappeared one day, before he could pass on his Shadow Lord mantle to the young knight.

She chuckles a bit as he claims that there are 218 vows, nodding slowly. "Aah, I guess that might take a while but, what do you think are the most important vows a knight can ever take? I guess Kasrillen taught me only a few of those although I seem to have forgotten a lot of them lately..Y'know, things arent's as simple as they once were, afterall.."

She smiles when he apologizes, shaking her head, "It's alright. I guess it's true that what doesn't kill you really does make you stronger. I've..Been training really hard, but..I guess I'm still not strong enough. I...I dont think I have what it takes to be a hero, but, maybe all I want is to be able to protect myself as least. Maybe some day Sir Kasrillen would be proud of me..."

Kat clutches her rosary again, smiling softly at it. "He gave me this once, said that I should have faith and hope..In myself and others. That I should pray more and then maybe the answer would come to me, but it never did." She sits up again, feeling a little frustrated to be stuck here, resting when she'd rather get back on her feet and kick Anganty'rs butt instead!

"But, if you really can grant peoples' wishes, then maybe I'll just hang around here a little longer, hey?" she grins impishly, "That is, if you dont mind having a rival VALKYRIE around...I'm sure there is something important you have to teach me though.." Why else does she keep running into him? And what is with that pendant of his anyways?
Reize Seatlan "Hrm..." What is the most impotant vow that a knight can ever take? The boy furrows his eyebrows and then he grins, "Knights Vow #1: Always help a person in need!" The one that Reize has taken up and sprouted out the most. The boy puts it as his important one.

Nevertheless, Reize blinks and he frowns. "...That's the most important. I don't really think that being a hero is important. Just being able to protect the ones that you care about is the most important thing. Knight's Vow #159: Your heart can be your greatest strength or your greatest weakness." The young man looks over toward Katyna as she holds onto her rosary. With his head close by, he can't help but gaze at it with curiosity.

"I don't mind that! Rivalry with VALKYRI is healthy! I am sure that everyone would be happy with a little rivalry!" Then, Reize shuts his eyes, "...Anyway, you should get some rest now."
Katyna Katyna chuckles. "Hah! I knew you'd say that! But..I wonder if protecting and helping others is really the most important thing? I mean..What happens when you get hurt..Or you even die? What happens to the person you're trying to protect? Because..That's what they did. They protected me..And they died because of it."

"That's why I think it's important to protect yourself so they dont have to. Maybe that's what makes a person a hero afterall, because heroes are all about self sacrifice. But..I just think sacrificing just hurts others. Anyways..." She sighs, "I...All the people I cared about..They're gone now, so..."

But what Reize says next causes her to peer back at him curiously, arching a brow at him. "Hmm..I suppose that could be true. If your heart is the source of your determination, your strength, then..That's what can easily fall into darkness, or be drawn into the light. But! I wonder if harnessing the power of the darkness is really such a bad thing. I mean, I know Riku's trying to protect me from the darkness, but look how powerful he is. and Angantyr too.. Just makes me wonder sometimes.."

But, she's already revealing to much! "Ahh..But dont mind me, I'm still a little delirious! Hahahaah!!" She yawns tiredly, still smiling. "But you know, maybe it's alright if I try to protect you too..For my own reasons..Just, dont get yourself killed trying to be too much of a hero, y'know?"

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