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(2013-01-09 - 2013-01-16)
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Ember After some shopping in Agrabah with Riku that had ended in some soul searching and other weirdness, Ember was still determined to discover the rumoured treasure that lay in some desert..Somewhere..Unfortunately, the map had led her astray, and she once again ended up in the wrong desert..

"Ugh..." She snarls as she glares down at the stupid map. "This is definitely the wrong desert! Whoever wrote this is an idiot.." Wel, she'll be sure to give the map maker a piece of her mind once she gets back to town. Right now however, she's too tired to port back to Dalmasca.
Angantyr Vespar Sometime fate has a strange way of bringing people together

Angantyr was out here looking for a rare mark that was supposedly making it's way through the bare desert. In his dark armor and desert cloak, he realizes that seems to be a bust. He hates wasting his time, and considers porting back somewhere...but things the workout would be better for him. He can hit Fluorgis from here and simply stock up before heading back to Dalmasca. He takes a drink, and then...


The waterskin is dropped, and he draws his weapon, throwing off his cloak in a single motion.

"YOU!" he shouts as he starts charging for Ember, Mace in hand as he runs right at her.

Uh oh.
Ember Ember wasn't too keen on facing Angantyr and Avira in combat again, not so soon after the failure of her previous mission, and Riku's incessant scolding. She had been hoping to lay low for a while, especially when everyone told her to just stay away from Angantyr.

Unfortunately, it seems she has no choice in the matter. Angantyr is suddenly there not too far away and she growls. Ugh, he'd better not be searching for the same treasure as her! But it seems she has bigger problems to worry about as he suddenly charges towards her.

"Oh great! You're just like a rotten penny, always showing up at the worst of times!" She grumbles. He's pretty fast, too fast to avoid, not like Ember would ever run away like a coward from a fight. He swings at her with his mace and her armour absorbs most of the blow, although the hit is still quite impressive. She gasps, staggering back, coughing a little.

"Grr..You're so full of rage, aren't you? But you'll be sorry you attacked me! Ugh!" She charges back at him, swinging with her flaming sword, unleashing sparks of brilliant explosive light with each swing.
Angantyr Vespar "A...what?" he asks, as he swings his dark mace against her brilliant attacks. Sparks fly from each attack, but as he moves to smash, she stabs, as the flames course over his body. Growling, he swings down, aiming to try and take the spiked weapon into her legs...before turning to swing the mace down across the ground again, trying to knock out her legs from other. His eyes narrowed at her, "I wonder why, you <GOOSEHONK>! You think I'd forgive you for the crap you tried to pull? No, Ember, today you pay for your slight on me...and get to find out just how out of your league you are!"

Then the mace moves down, the mace trying to tear through armor and flesh as if there wasn't anything in the way. Then, without warning, the mace comes up, with both hands holding it, as he swings it into an overhead smash, a massive trail of darkness surging out of the weapon as he swings.

"Time to die!"
Ember "Ugh!" She staggers back again, trying to deflect his blows, trying to counter his attacks, but he's strong..And he's fast. "Dammit..Where did you get all this power from.." she mutters. Still, she recalls all the warnings, and even Riku himself had mentionned how badly he had beaten her up. His last strike sends her stumbling to the ground, and she rolls to the side, shakily climbing to her feet, surrounding herself with a protective spell.

"No.." She smirks, "I didn't expect you to forgive me, why would I? Even so, you should be grateful I didnt kill her. But..." Her smile darkens, "Such a creature full of rage is bound to lose himself to the darkness, sooner or later!"
Angantyr Vespar "Oh? I am Angantyr Vesper, Ember. I am /Garland's Apprentance/," Angantyr states firmly.

"I might be filled with anger, but it is not rage. I control the darkness, it does not control me. And you know why? Because I am not the pawn of others, Ember. I chose my own path, and do not let others trick me into being their little minions. That is why I am strong.."

His mace hits the ground, his eyes focusing as he reaches into himself... "Restriction released.." he says, and a magical pentagon appears, before a surge of darkness courses through his body, "Nightmare armor...ACTIVATE!" and then the darkness wraps around his body, shrouding his form for a brief moment. As it receeds, the armor left on Angantyr has taken over his previous armor. The armor itself seems to be made out of pure darkness, looking into it was like looking into the abyss. Darkness rolls off of him like he was a miniture anti-sun, as every inch of his body was covered. His face, covered with a full plate helmet, with the only thing vible being crimson red underneath the slit for his eyes.

His hand picks the mace back up as he speaks, "And you are weak! This is not a power I chose to weild, Ember. This is a power I was born with, and mastered lest I be destroyed by it. If you are going to try and taunt me, I suggest you get some better lines!"
Ember Ember clenches a handful of sand in her hands as she climbs shakily to her feet..Ugh, this power is comparable to Riku. Is this the result of training under Garland? Dammit, why couldn't she have this power too? "Yeah yeah, I know all of that.." She tries not to appear too scared or weak. That'd just be too shameful. But she can already see that she's not gonna stand a chance in this battle.

"Anger, rage, what's the difference? You want to kill people. You tried to kill that girl Leida too. You show no mercy, your hatred is absolute. Seriously, what makes you any different from the 'evil' you supposedly fight?"

She narrows her eyes, focusing upon his form as he wraps dark magic around him..Dammit, that same power is something that she still struggles to control. But it would be pointless to explain why exactly she desires such power. This guy's head is like a rock. Why on earth did someone like Avira like him anyways?

Still, she takes the opportunity to rush at him and attack him again, determined to give him a scar like the one he gave her. Even now, she seems to move a bit more slowly than usual, thanks to that painful souvenir he'd given her the last time.
Angantyr Vespar "That 'little girl' was the puppet of a demon." Angantyr speaks, distorted, but still there.

The mace moves, quickly moving to cross blades with Ember, and using his superior strength to try and force her weapon down, away from his body instead of getting a new scar, which would add to his ruggedness...either way, his STRENGTH WOULD ONLY GROW!

"The difference here is that I don't want to kill people. I will, if I must, I have no quams about it...but I do not specifically want to kill 'people'. Leida was nothing but a sad puppet...killing her would have been a mercy...though I guess it is good I failed in my task in the long run." he says, shaking his head, "I do act rashly, now and again...but I admit my flaws, I work through them and try and improve myself."

"You just want power fast, to whoever you can get it from. You mock my power and my motives...but in the end you just try and belittle me to make yourself better." he says, "You're pathetic."

Finally he steps back, breaking the lock on her blade and snaps his blade forward again, darkness coursing from around his body as he tries to punch her, aiming to shatter the enchantments on her form...before the mace swings upwards, creating a massive surge of darkness to errupt from the ground and litterally try and take a bit out of her, before spitting her back out into the sand.

"Your obsession with Avira is grating too. Stop looking at other people weaker than yourself to pick on. You are seriously a pathetic individual...your status as a Shadow Lord is a JOKE! I have seen heartless more powerful than you..."
Ember Ugh, where'd all this power come from? Was this Garland really so powerful, and why was he helping to train the 'enemy' so he could use that dark power against his own people?

"Mock? When did I ever mock you? I question your motives, and your ruthless style. But then you learned from a Shadow Lord, forming a pact with your enemy and then turning that same power against them. What sort of logic is that?"

Again, she gets hacked and slashed into, stumbling back, nearly losing her footing as she coughs blood. Dammit.."That's funny, telling me not to pick on her when I was only trying to help her see the truth. I never laid a finger on her." Those heartless however..Heh. "However, speaking of picking on someone weaker than you. I'm not even a Shadow Lord. Of course I dont have the training you do!" Well..She would have, if her Shadow Lord hadn't suddenly up and disappeared on her. Maybe she should look up Garland..

Letting out a battle yell, she rushes at him again with a trail of flame bursting and changing form with each strike she makes. Please let this hit for once!
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr growls.

"You seriously, do not know words do you?" he asks, tired of this game.

It was time to end it.

"Your truth is a lie. I do not turn my power on the Shadow Lords, only when I have to, to protect what is mine. If they chose me as their enemy, then that is THEIR problem." he says, flatly.

"Right now, you are MY problem." he says, running right at her, "AND NO LEXUS TO SAVE YOU THIS TIME!" he booms, running right towards Ember, and swings the mace repeatedly, aiming to repeatedly crush through her defenses with overwhelming force. Each strike was tolling...before...

He raises the mace upwards...and suddenly, life will just start spilling out of Ember if he manages to hit her, blood pouring from her wounds, energy rushing into the weapon, healing him and fueling his next attack...

"THIS IS THE TRUE FACE OF DARKNESS EMBER! NOT A THING TO WORSHIP! NOT A THING TO MESS WITH...IT IS YOUR END!" and the mace dives down into a massive thrust, litterally aiming to send a massive blast of darkness INTO her body, to litterally try and completely decimate her.
Ember Ahh yes. She remembers Lexus' words. He was on no one's 'side' but his own. "I..See. Of course. That's a fine line to tread, but..." She shakes her head. Then he probably often wavered back and forth between the two. His own side. His own motives.

She steps back, crossing her arms in front of her to defend the upcoming attack, but it comes all the same..She gasps, wide-eyed as he turns that very darkness that she coveted so much against her and for a moment life seems to pour out of her in slow motion, blood bursting from wounds that suddenly appear, erupting from her mouth as she falls to her knees..

"Ugh..So much power.." She gasps. Was it truly possible to control the darkness like this and not be consumed by it? To be so strong without forming an alliance with either one or the other. "How..?" She murmurs, closing her eyes as she awaits the final blow. But, it seems, broken and bloody as she is, she is still alive.

"What? I'm alive...?" How? She digs her hands into the sand, summoning her own protective powers, and flames and darkness erupt from her sword, surrounding her in protective energies..Just a little longer. Just needs enough power to summon a portal and get the hell out of here.
Angantyr Vespar "Huh. You survived." Angantyr says, as if slightly surprised.

"Slightly impressive." he mutters, and the mace comes back down. His eyes narrowing, as he swings once more, aiming to try and launch her upwards, before bringing the mace back down, and driving her body right into the desert again. The mace then falls, aiming to completely splatter her across the desert.

"Power comes to who can control it, not to whom begs for it. You do not worship power, you use it."
Ember Ember is only slightly more surprised than Angan that she's still alive, but she's still not strong enough to summon a portal to escape through. Ugh..Is this what it feels like..To die? She screams out in pain and agony as he rips through her again, sending blood spraying even through her tough armour. Where did this power come from, why cant she control such power? Why was she so weak, dammit!

His last words echo in her mind, trying to make sense out of it. It's as the others said but..How does she do that? Should she survive again..But for now such thoughts quickly vanish from her mind as she loses consciousness.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr lowers the mace.

He waits for a moment, and then nods in satisfaction. The mace swings once, shaking the remaining blood off of it and walks away. "One problem I won't be seeing again."


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