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Hot Sauce and Plasma Bolts
(2013-01-08 - 2013-01-21)
Shego encounters a familiar face from her own world. Said familiar face bolts. Hot sauce ensues.
Shego In Traverse Town, a tallish woman walked, swinging her arms and singing a quiet song to herself. "...rinse and obey, I'm a playa just... hmm hmm hmm hmm~" All in all, this woman was exuding an air of confidence, shoulders high and back, and weaving effortlessly through the crowd as she goes. Dressed in green and black, her outfit had a harlequin sort of shading, her very pale skin and green eyes not... quite setting her apart here as much as it had on Earth.

Overall, Shego felt fairly confident in herself ever since leaving Earth, and it showed in her walk and in her talk. Or... her earth. Or... well, whatever was going on here with the portals, and the heartless, and everything. Stepping around a little obstacle in the sidewalk, her hand darts down into her pocket, pulling out a scrip of paper that one might recognize from the jobs board. Where was she headed?

Well, the supply store, of course.
Deelel Deelel has beena very busy basic really, supplies, resarch talking to allies and generally fighting heartless. She's going to resupply on a few things for herself but mostly her allies. Someone's got to make the supply runs right? Also this was one of the better place to find more hightech things since the fall of Manhattan, Her clothing is a bit on the odd side and the fact she's got strange ciruti like tatoos on her exposed arm, not to mention a strange disk attached to the back of her clothing is strange but she's really minding her own business for the ... moment.
Ron Stoppable "What is that? That freaky thang..."

A mixture of words and whistling seems to be what is coming from the likes of Ron Stoppable at this very moment. He's minding his own business, doing the only thing he should be allowed to do in any sort of fashion: Traversing Traverse Town. He's got his hands in his pockets and he's just kind of blissfully unaware of anything that may or may not be green and black and evil all over.

Rufus, however, while perched on Ron's shoulder is so much more observant. While he too was just dancing along to the whistling of his theme song, Rufus kind of freezes up when he sees who is off in the near distance. There's a small squeak of what may be fear or something else and then he's reaching up to yank and tug on Ron's ear, frantic pointing!

"Yes, it's the Naked Mole Ra--- OWWWWW! Hey!" Ron's loud exclamation is probably too loud and he doesn't pick up on the fact that he should be looking in the direction that Rufus is pointing right now. He's too busy trying to nurse his ear back to good health.
Shego Shego rather thought Deelel fit in. Why, admist the talking animals, the pirates, and the medieval knights, a techno-raver was positively normal. At least as normal as her. But still, Shego was walking in her direction, and so, being in her way, Shego's gaze does go to her, flickering to the pirate captain behind her. A kinda mean smile spreads across her features then, and she draws a breath to call out to the programme...

And she hears a voice from... to her side! A voice that she knew, and loathed.

Shego whirls in place, her eyes narrowing in on the form of Ron Stoppable in a heartbeat. And that... freakish rat he carried around with him. "Stoppable?!" she says, her voice rising in surprise. Of course, where there was one...! Shego steps forward, opening her stance and lifting her arms up in a ready, martial artsy sort of deal. But she wasn't looking at Ron. Her eyes were scanning the crowd, looking up at rooftops...

"You're alone?"
Ron Stoppable Blink. Blink.

Ron looks at Rufus.
Rufus looks at Ron.
Ron & Rufus look at...


Ron Stoppable wastes absolutely no time is throwing his hands up and flailing like a boy that has just realized he's about to get kicked all up and down the street or something. No, seriously, the look on his face in this instance is so darn specific it is probably something that should be written down, described, bronzed and hung up in the Museum of Unnatural Art.

But then, Ron is realizing that perhaps this is the best moment of his life! Because Shego is asking a question. A question that he does not have to actually tell the truth in his answer. Hmmmm. "Alone?! Ha! You wish, Queen of Mean!" Ron takes a step back, almost as if to prepare for the Fastest Escape Ever. "Ron Stoppable is never alone! And you're about to find out just how Not Alone I am..." Ron takes this moment to look past Shego and then... SUDDENLY POINTING!

"Right Now!"

Initiate: Made You Look Escape Plan #72!

Sadly, because of his Epic Fear and SHEGO, Ron has not noticed anyone else too nearby. Yet.
Deelel Deelel is totally a one woman rave when she wants to be really. She's being followed a bit but she pays it no mind she's going for the shop after al it's a pretty busy one to be honest. As for Shego however She does get some more notice humm interesing user from the looks of her but the train of thought is derailed by Suddenly WHEN NAKED MOLE RATS ATTACK! Ron may end up on fox someday and it seems that Shego knows the screaming guy as well. This may have just got interesting. " I missing something here?"
Shego Shego's face twists into an expression of contempt, her eyes flickering from him, throughout the crowd. If one didn't know any better, they might think that Shego wasn't worried about Ron, so much as... something, or someone else. And when that someone didn't show - the contempt in her features starts to twist back into a wicked, wicked smile.

At least, until he starts to answer her question, that smile dashed from her features as she twists in place to look over her shoulder, her hands coming up defensively to fend off...

"Oh, come /on/, we're not in the first grade anymore, /Ron/," she says with an air of disdain, turning back around, slowly. If Ron hadn't run yet, it would be best. Shego would straighten up, and put her hands on her hips, and just kinda give him a disapproving look. If he /was/ running? Well, Shego would flip forward, and the chase would be afoot!
Ron Stoppable Gone Like The Wind.

Ron Stoppable as already on the move and running away like there was nothing to do but run. He was going in the complete and opposite direction of Shego, hands out in front of him and putting the sneakers to the street like he was meant to do this. In a way, he kind of is. "At least she remembered my name!"

Rufus doesn't look as impressed with this feat as Ron seems to be. Mostly because he's hanging onto Ron's shirt for dear life and the speed at which Ron is making with the MUST GET AWAY is something short of Epic. He, of course, has no where to actually hide. Traverse Town is very Not Middleton. And while he's been here for quite sometime, Ron Stoppable still doesn't have a particularly comfortable place to stay. And if he did, he sure wouldn't want to lead Shego there!

Must. Keep. Running.

Deelel Deelel looks over at teh strange man for a moment she realises she's getting well looked over and she shrugs fgor a bit. "Not when every other passer by is armed as well. The Heartless are a far more troubling thing in times like this. They don't eat they infect." She corrects the captain almost off hand without meaning to. "So you ...." She watches as well the chase has seemingly started "...Users..."
Shego For a moment, Shego just smiles, her smile taking on an almost feral gleam. Of /course/ she remembered his name, but a woman like Shego taking any chance to irk Ron on that she could? Of course she would do that. She was just utterly surprised to see /him/, /here/. But with him running like that... well, Stoppable was the best source of intel she had at the moment on anything Kim related, and while she might not be doing something wicked right ~now~.

She wanted to leave that option for herself in the future.

So Shego leaps into action, starting a quick trot after him.

"Yes!" she calls out after she runs, grunting a bit as one of the denizens of this fine down meanders into her way. A brief pause, a shove to the side that sends the human tumbling, and Shego was running after him again. At full tilt. "Where /are/ you, pumpkin? Are you around?" she calls out, teeth gritted as she... jeez, Stoppable could /run/. "I... just... want to talk!"
Ron Stoppable Maybe Ron's a Robot because he doesn't seem to be getting tired at all. In fact, he's just making with the zig-zagging of running at this moment, to make sure he doesn't run into anyone. Which, for someone as bumbling and clumsy as Ron normally is, it is somewhat interesting that he hasn't ran into anyone or anything just yet.

Could Running Away be the only thing that Ron Stoppable excels at?!

"Send me an e-mail!" is yelled over his shoulder at the villainess that is chasing him down like some kind of... well, villainess that is chasing him down. "Rufus. We're gonna' have to take down Shego on our own. You with me?"

Rufus manages to let go of the shirt with one little paw and gives a squeaky salute.

"Good. Soon as I think of a plan, we'll do just that."

More Running.
Deelel Deelel says "User....err." She looks a bit sheepish. "It's a term for humans where I am from as for the what did you call them Tattoos? They were there the moment I set foot in Manhattan from my world." She admits. "So I'm afraid I do not have that information." She just stares at the whole Ron and Shego chase. However the Captain is gone like a mist, like some sort of ninja but that ain't right...
Shego Shego could barely believe...! He's... he's... actually causing her to lose ground on him! Ron! Now Shego was getting a bit peevish. "You know, if you'd give me your... grrr...! ADDRESS!" she says, the frustration in her voice becoming evident. Brow furrowing tighter, she grits her teeth, somersaulting forward to jump atop a low hanging roof, taking that for a couple of sharp steps, before lunging forward again, to land upon the rooftops. Sure, that fun little manuever caused her to lose a little bit of ground more, but up on the roofs, there were less people to get in the way, and doubly so, unless that little rat that... um... ratted her out in the first place spies her, she might cause Ron to believe he lost her.

At least that was the PLAN. Usually, she had Doctor D to think of things more involved than that.
Ron Stoppable So many footsteps! So many! And that's when another glance over his shoulder has Ron Stoppable slowing down his run and looking backwards. "Wait wait... I think we lost her." There's just some minimal breathing that happens as Ron comes to a complete stop and then, he's putting a big ol' smile on his face.

"Yeah! That's right! Ron UnStoppable Strikes Again!" He goes into his pocket and yanks out a pair of shades. They get tossed onto his face, even as Rufus just kind of facepalms about all of this. "Uh-Huh. You all saw it. I outran Shego. Totally left her in the dust! I'm Too Fast! I'm Too Furious!"

Ron proceeds to get his Strut On down the street at this point, taking his time and pointing finger-guns in the general direction of anyone that may be looking in his direction.

Never once does he look up.
Shego Okay, Shego knew it would take some /time/ for him to slow down. But here she was, barely holding on, leaping and dashing across rooftop after rooftop, just /trying/ to keep Stoppable within eyesight. It felt like her lungs were on fire - and while normally she liked fire, she wasn't sure if she'd like it /there/.

So when she saw him slow down in the streets below, she wanted to kinda slow down as well. But that might make her lose her window of opprotunity, and she /wasn't/ going to run after him again.

Breathing heavily, Ron's first warning would be a clack of her boots on a low(er) rooftop nearby as she lands on something near him, but a bit lower. If he bolted /now/, he would probably be fine in dodging her entirely. Otherwise...! He might have to get tricksy. Shego would somersault off of that lower landing, hitting the ground in a crouch, trying to sweep Ron's legs out from under him.
Deelel Deelel with nothing to hold her here she's got an idea she's going to find out what's up and she breaks into a sprint at a rather suprising speed as she doe so she pulls a strange rod off her leg and grabs it it takess a second but it rezzes a light cycle about her and she tears off down the street attempting to catch up. She knows she's going to have to book it on foot part of the way but, this should help her catch up. Thankfully there is NO LIGHT WALL OF DEATH turned on at the moment.
Ron Stoppable Ron is too busy playing up to the crowd or whatever is wandering around. He's not even paying attention to any sounds. He's got that false sense of confidence that pretty much means he's already got this thing won. Plus? He's wearing cool Shades. Nothing can happen to him when he's wearing cool Shades. It's just the nature of having on cool Shades.

"WAHHHH!" Flail and Fall! Ron is sweeped right off his feet faster than he knew what was happening. He goes backwards, Rufus leaping out of the way, and smacks down into the street kind of hard... his Shades bouncing off his face and skidding off to the side. And that's when Ron sees the culpriit. The vile femme that has ruined his Sexy Strut. And as he locks eyes with the nemesis of his best friend (>_>) there's only one thing he can think to do:


Scream Like A Girl.
Shego This was usually about the time that little rat bit her shin or something like that. Shego had her /eyes/ on you, Rufus. Unless the flailing fall of the teen caused the little furlessball to bounce somewhere she wasn't watching. Shego was nearly breathless at this point, panting fairly heavily as she reaches down to grab ahold of Ron's shirt, green fire flaring around her hands and her eyes as she hefts him up.

And the scream.

Her right eye twitches, and kinda half closes, and she kinda overall winces. "Alright." Deep breath. "Alright. That's nice." Another panting breath. "That's a wonderful scream there, right." More twitching. Yeah, she wasn't looking out for Rufus anymore, but she was catching her breath, still sounding a little hoarse. "Oh, my /gosh/ can you shut /up/?!"

To aid in this whole shutting up business, she starts to shake Ron a bit. "Where's Kim Possible?! Is she here? Is she here with you?"

It takes Ron a moment to realize that he is not being Plasma'd in the face. He's somehow managed to be in a twisted fetal position, even while being shaken like a madman by this madwoman that's apparently attempting to get some information out of him. His eyes have been slammed shut for the entire scream and one after another they pop open and he just kind of stares at Shego.

And then he smiles.

"Well, well! If you think I'm going to tell you anything about KP, then you've got another thing coming, Shego! Ron Stoppable does not rat out his friends! Especially KIM!"

Ron's eyebrows lift, though, and he seems to relax. Why the heck is he relaxing and Shego's about to plasma him to bits?! "But I will say that you really should do something about your rodent problem."

Epic Grin.

And here comes RUFUS FROM ABOVE! Buck Teeth and Claws Ready! Like a little mini-naked rat version of Wolverine! Snikt!
Deelel Deelel has ducked in and out of hitting anyone suprisingly there's a slightly machine like precision to her driving but all and all she has mostly caught up a the strange craft comes to a halt and vanishes as as she just kinda srtates at both of them for a moment "Just...what is going on here exactly?" then suddenly RUFUS!
Shego Shego can only imagine how wacked this must look to someone who had no idea what was going on.

Not that she was focused on that at all.

"/Finally/," says Shego when Ron shuts up. "Has anyone ever told you you scream like an /annoying/," she says, pausing just a moment. He wanted plasma? He was going to get it. That green fire leaks arms, and surrounds one of her fists as she draws it back. "Little /girl/?!"

Although she pauses in her punching when he starts to talk, her eyes narrowing. "Cute," she says in the brief space before his rodent warning. "You know what's cuter..." Yes, she was about to begin one of her threats, when that threat that Ron speaks hits her brain. Glancing up at the last moment, Shego is greeted with a face ful of naked mole rat.

Now it was her turn to scream. "Getitoffgetitoff! OW! You... little!" She was clawing at Rufus. But one imagines that the brave little mole rat was quick enough to evade her grabs. At least for the moment. "I'm /soooooo/ going to OW!"
Ron Stoppable "Booyah! In Yo' Face, Shego!"

Ronald is up and on his feet just as fast as he can go, literally running towards Shego and leaping to HURTLE her like he does all day in football practice. One hand going down to snatch up Rufus on his way.

"Good job, buddy!" He holds a finger up and Rufus hi-fives it, as they are on their way with the escape. "That's right, baby! Ron Stoppable /is/ all that! He doesn't just think it! HE LIVES IT!" And the running has him headed in the direct direction of Deelel and Light Cycleness.

"Hi. Ron Stoppable. Secret Agent of Awesome! I need a ride. It's a life or death situation." Ron looks back over his shoulder towards Shego. "... A green one."
Deelel Deelel can guess the two have a history, that it's not a good one but Ron's clearly not exactlyy fully compiled it's too hard to tell with Shego however she does however just peer art the trained grid bug, no what the heck is that hairless thing that's attacking Shego. She kinda steops in and AHEMS and she looks at him. "That's my light cycle and it only comes in the colour it's set to. I do not think Awesome is the name of a covert operations unit..." Her hands go to her hips still hanging on to the rod.
Shego "Oooo-ooof~"

That was the sound a Shego makes when she is being hurdled over by a teenage miscreant, knocking her off balance and pushing her down towards the street. For a moment, she just stares down at the ground, before that plasma comes again, hotter and brighter, and she draws her fingers against the street, turning around slowly to look towards Ron, her dark hair in her face. There was definite anger in her eyes.

What might hasten the decision of Ron and Deelel both is the bolt of green plasma she releases with a slash of her open hand. The shot was wide, but it would still arc probably way too near the lightcycle for comfort. She was... exhausted, that scream was still ringing in her ears, and now she was embarrassed. This was a bad combination to incite in a woman with anger management problems. She wasn't exactly sure she wanted to find Kim right now.

Throwing Stoppable into the ocean after a good, long bout of punching? That was sounding better.

Hopefully, they wouldn't delay too much in getting on the bike and getting away. Because Shego was standing up, and just about /lunging/ with one of those long leaps that only she can pull off, towards the lightcycle, and Ron, specifically.
Ron Stoppable "JUST DRIVE WOMAN!"

Ron Stoppable is not exactly trying to do anything more but just get on the Lightcycle. He's hoping that Deelel doesn't like fight him on this because it is time to GO. Green Plasma that BURNINATES EVERYTHING? Means that it is time to GO!

"Back off, Shego! Don't make me use this!" And in Ron's hand is the only thing that he can think of that could actually match Shego's Plasma Hands in power. The only thing that could possibly give he and Deelel another second to get on the cool cycle thingy and get the heck out of dodge. The only thing that--


Diablo Sauce. And that packet is hurled in Shego's direction like a grenade!
Deelel Deelel is now at a loss here, she knows something is up, she knows there's a history between the two from what's going on btween them but whose, right? Whose wrong? She's not honestly certain and for all she knows it could just be some sort of general grudge and not the fate of the world. Still when the packet is thrown she kinda stares for a moment. Ron bellows at het to drive, howeve tthe green plasma is going to work okay so there /are/ serious weapons here. She was leaning to Shego till the plasma started flying this is getting insane. Unaware of the horror of the thing Ron has thrown she says "Hang on to me, it's not made for two." It's gong to be a cramped cockpit to be sure. She'll rez the bike and if Ron doesn't argue she's going to floor it. If she only knew what Ron hath done! If she only knew the horror of this thing users claimed was FOOD.
Shego For all the horribleness of that hot sauce, it was still just hot sauce. It strikes Shego's face, and she has the presence of mind to close her eyes as she lands. This would have saved her normally, from getting nothing more than odd swelling on her face. But keep in mind she just had a vicious rodent biting her.

Hot sauce + open wounds? That equation equalled ouchy. A burny sort of ouch.

"YAAAAAAAAA!" Shego cries out, the fire going out as she claws at her face again, managing to clear her eyes, at the least. Ooof. Missed a spot near the corner of her left eye. "YAAAA!" she howls again, and yeah, she was looking quite a bit angrier as she gives Ron a single-eyed glare (her left was turning a bit red, and she had that eye shut, you see.) Fighting Kim felt... satisfying. Skill against skill, strength against strength.

This was... this was... /awful/. And if she /ever/ caught Ron...! Well, he could probably see the hatred in her eyes (eye). One very much doubted that Ron would argue, but as the bike roars to life, Shego, using the sound of the thing more than anything else, gives it a plasma-powered swipe to the side of the back tire.

Probably not enough to /stop/ the bike, but make it a little more swervey and harder to control for a couple of seconds as the others peel out? Sure.
Ron Stoppable Ronald does indeed do two things at this very moment. As there are only two things that can be done.

1) He hangs onto Deelel for dear life. Which is kind of secretly awesome because he is usually not this close to a girl that isn't his best friend or trying to kill him or... well... Bonnie. So that last one might not even count.

2) Ron turns to look over his shoulder, whilst the bike is doing that awesome peel out thing it does to get them to safety. His final words being...

Deelel Shego hits hard, hard enough to warret that fleeing was a good idea. Still what the heck did he throw at her she seems to be in agony at this time the bike's damage but it behaves strangely it kinda cracks a little bit. She has a bit of trouble controlling the bike though she is able to get away. She's not even think about just how close Ron is. It might not even register really to her. " once we get somewhere else I want to know what's going on here and who mac are you and her?"
Zeke Speaking of wandering the worlds there was this one young salt of a captain. What was he doing in Traverse? His ship was stocked. His crew was enjoying time to themselves. He'd just been hanging out til he sawl Deelel. Sure Tatoos weren't a new concept, but these?
Zeke He followed the Program made Flesh with his hands tucked in the pockets of his greatcoat. Just out on walkabout.
Zeke Zeke didn't think Deelel was normal, but then he looked like something one might be forgiven for stepping straight off the pages of Treasure Island, given a bath and a shave, vitamines, and. Well. He noted Shego and Ron but what was it to him? Lotta people having business 'round here so he focused instead on the oddball Tatoos.

Then Ron started screaming and he finally turned to look at what the fuss was over. "Can you two keep it /down/ over there?" He sounded.... annoyed... "Nobody's fool enough t'hurt ya out in public lad. Not with those shadow crawlie thinggies on the loose." Sure there would always be chrime. There were always territory wars and gang violence, but having litteral beasts from beyond trying to eat you or drag you off..... That had ways of refocusing priorities.
Zeke Zeke looked from Ron and Shego being Weird to Deelel before raising an eyebrow. "Of?" He asked. "Users of.... what? Helps to be specific miss, though and i do apologize if I"m being overly rude but... who did your tatoos? I know a guy who has a fella from singapor that does great work but those. Those would take real talent to make."

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