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(2013-01-08 - 2013-02-28)
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Rinoa Heartilly It seems things are never quite normal, not even at 7th heaven. The little fiasco with the dark knight had left Rinoa a little confused and drained. After serving the last trickle of patrons for the night, Rinoa had settled in for a long night's rest, then spent the next day shopping, glad to get some fresh air for once.

Of course, she had not forgotten that they were going to head to Deling some time soon, and she still needed a disguise. While they were at it, why not go shopping for some new clothes too? Afterall, her usual outfit had been a bit ragged and needed repair after the battle in the dwarf woods.

Angelo is at her side as always, although she seems anxious, barking at the shadows, although when Rinoa looks, there seems to be nothing there. "Angelo, hush..It's fine!"
Deidra Deidra often did come to the 7th given it's owner had no issue with her and had even fought for Manhattan when it fell. It was only fair it would become one of her haunts outside of Tanverse town. She'd been making her way to the 7th heaven. She's got a cloak on to hide her self given Goug didn't have exactly a high population of non humans it was best to not raise too much of a fuss right? So she's suprised to find at least one person near by, that being Rinoa and wonders if she's heading to the bar itself as well.
Lumeria It's a been while since Lumeria's dropped by the 7th Heaven. Research and other matters had kept the girl busy. Still she figured she should get out and socialize. It was also a good way to gather information. Upon arriving outside, she notices Rinoa along with an odd woman. She's read about gargoyles, but she's never seen one in person before. Of course she can't help to wonder where she's from now.
Zia While there are plenty who would have more commonly hung out in this part of the machine city, Zia isn't one of them. Then again, since her impromptu addition into the Shard Seekers, the gargress has had more and more reasons to go galavanting about during the evenings. Like her once-human counterpart, the white gargress wears a cloak, pulled up over her head, walking past the buildings one by one as she looks for the right address. There is something about her that just screams 'lost tourist', which in this sort of area, probably isn't a good thing. Then again, maybe the tail sticking out from underneath the cloak is keeping the worst of the thugs at bay.

She blinks blue eyes, not noticing the others converging on the same location, not at first, anyways. Instead, Zia shrugs her bag up further, looking from the sign on the bar to her paper, and then back again. "He cannae draw a map wi'out gettin his lines crossed, 'n his people cannae draw a bloody picture either." She sighs to herself. If anyone happens to catch a glimpse, it looks as if someone drew a very bad rendition of the bar's logo in crayon on a napkin or something.
Rinoa Heartilly Angelo continues to growl at something in some darkenned alleyway and Rinoa frowns. "Angelo! What's gotten into you tonight?" she sighs, pulling the dog back on the leash. Usually, Angelo has her free run of the place, but there were all sorts of undesirables here that Rinoa would prefer not to get involved with, nor her dog for that matter. Besides, she's searching for whatever suitable shopping stalls might exist in this part of goug, rather than to take her dog on a walk.

As night falls upon Goug, she shivers a little, glancing around nervously at the shadows in the corners..Was it just her imagination or was someone following her? She could have sworn she'd heard a trash can being turned over in a nearby alley..

But then Angelo's bark becomes lighter, not so anxious as she spies a familiar Lumeria, running towards her on her extended leash, seeking pettings from the elf maiden..

Not long after, Rinoa spies two...Gargoyles? Oh dear, she's never seen creatures like those before. She lets out a little, audible gasp of surprise as she sees them, and just..Stares at them for a while, particularly at Zia, who appears to be lost. "Oh! Can I..Help you find something, miss?"
Deidra Deidra had no idea Zia wasn't being a loner as much as she used to be. She'd be quite happy for Zia that he wasn't being alone. She did spot the person who seemed to be a lost tourist, she heads over to the other gargress. Well unaware of whom she is she pauses for a moment and she does notice the tail for a moment. Her own tail might be spotted as she nears the other.

"Hey are you all right you seem a little lost."
Lumeria Lumeria looks a bit surprised by the dog's reaction to her. Nevertheless, she leans over and pets her gently. She wonders how the dog would react if it knew her true nature, but she decides it's best not to find out. The last thing she needs tonight is to be attacked by an angry dog. Instead she watches Rinoa and notices another gargoyle join her.
Zia After having spent quite a while hanging around Shard Seeker HQ, Zia probably has picked up some scents that a dog might recognise. The resident puppies that were rescued, along with the scents of two werewolves, which may or may not make her more likeable to this particular canine. She's definitely not the source of his unease, though. For once, she isn't the one lurking in the shadows.

Her ears twitch forward slightly, nudging under the hood of her cloak as she turns towards Rinoa and Deidra, blinking a bit with surprise, "Oh." Words, words are good. "Nae lass, Ah think tha Ah might've jus' found the place. Wouldnae have expected te see ye here either, lass. Life been treaten ye well?" It is all too easy to tell that this girl isn't human - not just by her far-too-pale skintone, but also by the way she stands, and the sharp, three-digited claws that make up her hands. "Ye dinnae happen te know if the owner is an alright sort, do ye? If the others sent me inte some seedy place, Ah'm gointe have te have words wi' them when Ah get back." If it isn't her odd appearance, it's the girl's accent that gives yer away as a total foreigner.

She tucks the cruddy drawing into a fold in her cloak, and then pulls over her carry pouch. A few things clank together from within, and it's clearly quite heavy. "Ah think Ah might have some bacon fer yer friend there." She offers, and lo and behold, Zia manages to tug out a small baggie filled with it. Lesson learned from Skoll: Always carry bacon.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart steps out of the heaven around that time, a carpet in hand. She sighs as she leaves it over the railing. It doesn't look or smell very good, looks like someone drank a bit too much and got sick. Happens, but why is it always on carpets? Ugh.

She tilts her head when she sees Rinoa surrounded by people, waving them over "Hey all." Its late night, so the bar is busy of course, that's where the barmaid was hiding all of that time. She knows a few of them at least. Zia, maybe a bit less.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa smiles when she recognizes Lumeria, although they had only met briefly at 7th heaven once..Was it during the pumpkin heartless attack? Well whatever. "Hi! We've met before..Haven't we?" Alas, Rin has forgotten her name, not that it's a surprise. it's been a while, really.

Angelo settles down after sniffing the elf for a bit, but quickly moves towards the two gargoyles, sniffing them both curiously, having never met such creatures before. Neither has Rinoa for that matter, and she tries not to stare at them too much, even though she is terribly curious now.

Of course this new world is just full of surprises, and after meeting Jack Skellington, really, there's nothing that could surprise her any more than that.

"Wow, are you two..Gargoyles or something?" Well they certainly look like the gargs in the fairytales. But this is amazing that they're actually real! She is sooo tempted to reach out and touch one of those wings.

And then the white skinned Gargoyle suddenly produces some bacon, and Angelo's tail wags happily, darting towards the baggie, sniffing it excitedly, trying to open it up with her nose and get at what's inside.

"Ooh, she really likes you!" She chuckles, glancing up at 7th heaven. It's open of course, now that it's an inn too, it's practically open 24/7. "Oh, yeah, I know the owner, in fact here she comes now! Hey, Tifa!" She calls out cheerfully to the other girl who steps out. "Looks like you've got potential guests!"

Finally, she lets Angelo off her leash, now that they are home and Angelo bounds up the steps, barking happily and licking Tifa's hand in greeting, before darting back to Zia and that tasty bacon..
Lumeria "Yes, it's been a while." Lumeria nods at that. She watches as the dog runs off, not too surprised by that. She's not from around here either, but that's not too hard to figure out. Her attention turns towards Tifa, "Hello we meet again." She greets the familiar woman as the girl makes her way inside as well.
Deidra Deidra smiles a little bit Zia a she says "I do, she's fine with non humans, she fought for manhattan covering the evaucation efforts." She tilts her head a little bit and smiles. "I'm glad your all right, I'd not seen you since the fight before the world fell. Things have...been complicated since then." At least she knows what's going on with Will now. "We should take this chance to catch up I run into some people of intrest that may be of intrest to you."

She glances over at Lumeria for a moment and sizes the gemini human up for a moment. She looks art rinoa for a moment and says "Hello, thats a pretty friendly dog you got there." Angelo is a cute little devil with all things said and done. She thinks for a moment on Rinoa's question and and has no idea she wants to touch her wings. She's not sure how she'd take to that. She holds off on answering the name of her species for a moment not sure how Zia would react to it.
Zia She may not have the ability to commune with animals like some people do, but usually the way to any beast's heart is through their stomach. "Well, hello there. Yer a hungry lass, are ye?" A couple of slices of nice thick bacon are handed over to the dog, even as Zia chuckles slightly, always reminded of the gargoyle beasts of her own kind. "There ye go." She tucks the bag away, keeping just one extra bit for when Angelo comes back.

Her hands go to the bag hanging from her shoulders, finding it a little easier not to show her nervousness that way. The tail twitching at her ankles betrays her, though. Try as she might, Zia still isn't that comfortable around humans, especially multiple humans in a setting that she's unfamiliar with. It sets off all those self-defense mechanisms she built up during years on the run. "Right on the money, lass. At least tha's what humans have always called our kind." She shifts a little, her wings caped beneath her cloak. When she moves, the heavy talons beneath her click slightly on the concrete.

At the very least, Deidra seems comfortable enough with these people, so perhaps that's enough to set some of her nerves at ease. "Ah couldnae tell ye how Ah was able te escape, but Ah'm alive, 'n tha's a small miracle in itself." She offers a smile for the other gargress. "Ah think things are complicated everywhere, though." She looks to Lumeria, offering her a nod just to be polite.

As Tifa emerges, though, Zia's eyes look over the familiar woman. There hadn't been time for introductions in central park, but these two had fought on the same battlefield. "G'evening, lass. If yer the owner of this fine establishment, then yer the one Ah've been sent fer." She digs into the bag and plucks out a piece of paper, with an even worse scrawl then the drawing of the bar's sign. "The vintners of Fluorgis send their regards." Dragging the bag off of her shoulder, Zia offers it out - complete with the paper outlining some four or five bottles of fairly hard to aquire 'adult beverages' which have been neatly invoiced. Someone must have arranged it, because it's all paid for and just requires a signature.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart tilts her head as she steps down the porch toward the group, especially at the offering "For me? Wow, I wonder who sent this. That'll be a nice addition to the collection of drinks I have." She grins "Looks like drinks of important occasions too, wouldn't want to drink it all aywa too fast." She smiles, looking over to everyone "So are you going to all stand outside or you want to come in for a drink and a warm spot?" She grins a bit, always playing hostess.
Lumeria "Yes, it's a bit cold out tonight." Of course the way Lumeria was dressed didn't help. She nods as she makes her way into the bar. She stops as her attention turns towards the two gargoyles? "Out of curiousity where do you happen to be from?" She wonders if they're from the same world as her or somewhere else.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa smiles at Lumeria. "Sorry, I've forgotten your name again. But, it's good to see you're alive and well." She arches a brow at the two gargoyles as they exchange words and smiles. "Wow, never met a gargoyle before. You have such pretty wings.." Ahh, but it must be so much fun to fly around..

Angelo seems to have taken a liking to Zia as she continues to nibble on bacon bits as much as she can before Zia can put the bag away. She glances over at the others and chuckles. "Oh yes, please come in and make yourselves comfortable! My name is Rinoa by the way. I work here with Tifa! If you need a place to rest, we now offer rooms for rent as well!" Yes, she's getting practiced at this.
Deidra Deidra is stuck for a moment longer in oh it's a doggy mode for a moment longer, sdhe's never seen a gargyole beast herself but tha'ts to be expcted given where she came from originally. She seems to be in a good mood though. She does see the tail movment and has become good enough picking up on it she shifts a little closer. "We pretty much are, though she's right humans coined the name a long time ago. I think so, I was fornate I washed up with a member of the clock tower clan and another gargyole in Transverse town. "I guess that's how life can really be. Humm isn't that where Reize's crew has their base?" In refence to Fluorgis. Tifa gets a look for a moment. "We'll come in at least I will, I'd been planning to catch up and get something to drink." She halts for a moment "Deidra." She offers in kind to Rinoa. "As for where we're from..." Her expression takes a doward turn.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart knows the answer to that one at least, she knows where Gargoyles come from, she heard the story often enough, and she was there when it happened. Anyway, she invites everyone inside "Last time you came it was only a bar, now its an inn, as Rinoa said. We have rooms, serve meals, I even got myown room now." She laughs a bit at that.
Zia As she hands over the delivery, Zia stretches her shoulders, easing her wings up slightly from beneath her cloak. Carrying the bag on human transportation meant that she had to keep them folded, but with Deidra here, it seemed okay to let them free for a while. "Ah believe tha the vintners are lookin te aquire a bit of yer favor, so they might arrange a deal fer distribution here." The gargress closes her eyes, trying to remember the exact words she was told, "Somethin aboot... a sign of good favor. Or somethin of the like. Ye'll havete excuse me, doin this sort of thing is new te me."

The words of welcome have that twitching in her tail calming a bit as she nods her head, "Ah certainly wouldnae mind a spot, 'n Ah may needte take ye up on the room as well. Ah cannae head back te Fluorgis until tomorrow evenin'." The whole, turning to stone during the day thing can be a problem when it comes to travel. Luckily, this delivery mission paid well enough to cover such things. It's not the usual Shard Seeker task, but every RPG has a couple of delivery side-quests.

With a glance to Deidra, Zia nods her head, "Aye, lass. Ah've been stayin wi' them fer the last wee while. Nice enough people, if a little loopy at times." She chuckles, but much like Deidra, her expression falters when they're asked about where they are from. "We usedte be from a place called Manhattan. It... fell te the Heartless a short while ago." She looks back to her fellow gargress, "Ach, now Ah do feel like Ah need a drink. Join me?"
Lumeria "I'm Lumeria." She reintroduces herself to Rinoa. "An inn...hmmm..." It was likely the safest place around here to spend the night, and she doubts it will be too expensive. "I'm sure you have no shortage of business, with everyone travelling. I've heard of Manhattan before, but I've never been there myself. That's a shame to here." She sounds oddly sincere as she says that.

She may not be the most moral person, but she certainly won't want her world to fall to the Heartless. "I guess I might as well join you as well, I have no other plans for the evening."
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa chuckles a bit at the mention of the Shard Seekers. "Aah, Reize is a cute kid. A bit..Goofy at times, but!" She sighs however, looking serious for a moment, even a little sad. "I never heard what happened with the prince of Coneria however. Did he ever awaken from his coma?" She knew it had something to do with that Garland guy, but what? It was a minor concern however, and something she was certain the shard seekers were taking care of.

When the gargoyles mention Manhattan being their home, Rinoa only sighs and nods again, "I'm truly sorry for your loss. But! Apparently there is some hope that it can be restored.." She hesitates to explain how that is accomplished of course, never certain if the heartless are listenning here somewhere..
Deidra Deidra says "Ya, Baron and the Shadow lords hit it hard and reallyh I don't want to talk about it much. As for a drink I'd be glad to, I could use one. Life's been ... interesting to say the least since we last met." She also lets her own wings out for now and strwatches them a bit. "Ah that's better, and yes I heard from Merlin himself on it. Mercade's been pretty intent ot throw what resources we have laft at this, aside from helping Will with his problem."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart takes the bottles back in, putting them safely away "We've been helping Mercade alot with his work actually. He was also thrown out and ended up here for a while, we were thinking of opening up a temporary place in Traverse for him, along with a bar, but since we seem this close to finding our way back to Manhattan, we're mostly concentrating there. Whenever he gets a lead, we're ready to help out." She smiles and moves to the counter "So what would you all like to drink? If alcohol is not your fancy, I can offer some tea as well."
Zia While Zia might have missed Rinoa's earlier comment about wings, as they step into the bar, her own come close enough to brush against the other woman's arm. It seems that she wouldn't have to ask to find out what they felt like. The white gargress doesn't even seem to notice as she walks by, her own focus on Deidra, "Aye. It isnae something pleasant te talk about." It had hit her worse than some others, since the loss of their world had also sapped the power of the crystal she wore, leaving her just as vulnerable as any others of her kind.

"Ah've been told tha Ah should speak te this Merlin. Apparently he knows quite a lot." Then again, she hadn't heard about him in regards to Manhattan, but in a conversation about something much closer to home. Her gaze shifts from her fellow gargress to Tifa, nodding slightly. "If ye find out anythin, please let me know. Ah cannae just sit by 'n do naethin at all." She grabs for a scrap of paper and jots down a 'ma-bell' number, offering it out.

Of course, some things go a bit too quickly for her to catch, "Will... ye mean tha one ye were fightin wi' 'n then he turned on us?" Alas, Zia has never been involved much with the TDA, so she isn't up on current events when it comes to the humans of her world. "Oh yes, tea would be lovely, lass. If ye have some milk, that'd be great." Leave it to those from Great Britain to like their tea that way, although Zia would likely insist it is the 'proper way'.
Lumeria Baron and the Shadow Lords? It sounds like Lumeria's been out of the loop. She would have to check up and see what's going on. "Tea will be fine." She doesn't hold her alcohol well at all. "Yes, this Merlin might be worth speaking to." New sources of information never hurt after all. "Wait, did you say Lindblum?" Her ears perk up a bit with that.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa yawns a bit tiredly as she steps into the bar..Something tickles her and she gasps a bit, glancing over at Zia. Oh, it's one of her wings, but what a strange feeling. She's tempted again to reach out and touch her wing, but that would be rude, no?

Instead, Rinoa clears a table for the guests to sit at. "Please..Take a seat! I'll grab your drinks..And a menu!" And she disappears behind the counter, making some tea and warm milk, along with other drinks they might require.

Angelo nestles down next to Zia somewhere, still sniffing her for tasty bacon, greedy dog!

"Hmm. Mercade. I remember him. Only saw him once. So how are things going with him and his group? Found any leads yet?" She asks, popping up every so often..

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