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(2013-01-08 - 2013-01-14)
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Riku Deceptively wonderful. Well. Traverse Town might not be the best place to go for a lack of conflict considering the recent explosions, but the town has been mostly quiet. Well-- about as quiet as it ever gets in a place where all the many worlds of the sea of stars collide.

And it looks like other people come out here for some peace and quiet, a figure perched on a rocky outcropping that looks out over the ocean. It's always in these times inbetween bouts of disguise that he always seems to be discovered. In the times of quiet when he doesn't want to see things, people inevitably break right into his thoughts.

The teenager turns his eyes towards the two figures still some distance down the beach, rubbing one arm across his jacket and leaning away from the combined aura of light coming straight at him. Riku slips down from the rock, pressing his back against it as he contemplates opening a portal underneath his feet and going somewhere. /Anywhere/-- but right here, at this beach.
Jasmine "Oh, Belle. It's all /so/ magical," Jasmine replies breathlessly, with respect to the ocean. She can't get enough long looks at it, even after multiple shipboard adventures; the princess of a desert kingdom is totally gobsmacked by its very existence. Maps never did it justice, back home, and a sea of sand just isn't the same. Being near the great body of water, exuberantly inhaling its many scents, brings an especially radiant smile to her lips, a glow to her eyes, a flush to her cheeks.

She doesn't get a lot of opportunities to soak in the wonders all around her in more than a passing, fugitive sense, but having shaken off her constant pursuit by enough of a lead to allow a brief visit to Traverse Town, she's clearly soaking it all in for all it's worth. Even so, she's never entirely relaxed; more than she's been in a very long time, surely, but some small part of her remains ever-wary for personal danger, or worse, her personal danger endangering this peaceful seashore.

Perhaps that's why she notices the distant figure jumping down behind a rock, though she doesn't comment upon him, other than to lift a curious eyebrow, and a slender hand in a friendly and equally inquisitive wave. He was too far off, and largely gone too quickly, to recognize, but maybe he'll see the gesture? She never passes up the chance to make a new friend.

"Someday, I'd like to chart this ocean, update the maps," she muses aloud. "Since things are all jumbled up... see the worlds at a more leisurely pace, and produce something useful for everyone." Her extremely shabby robe and veil cut a fairly pitiful contrast to Belle's jaunty fashion, but at least she doesn't smell; she recently seized the opportunity to do her laundry, an especially important task when one only owns one set of clothes.
Riku Riku never has the disguise ready when he needs it. If it even could be called a disguise and not just another method of running away.

Riku muffles that internal thought, grumbling that it was prudent and a completely cautious requirement. It also allowed him to ask the questions he needed answering. ~ Yeah? And how is that working out for you? ~ Riku squashes the internal sniping. The last thing he needed was to start talking at himself. The disguise. The whole thing requires preparation and time that he doesn't have. It's never been a thing he's needed to do quickly before. The teenager frowns at this and makes a mental note that he should work something out. Still, there was pretty much no point to the entire exercise anyways.

Riku taps his fingers against the rockface, frowning at the gossamer sand lit by the vague twilight. He snorts faintly to himself. A short, harsh exhalation of decision.

Why the hell not. When in Traverse Town-- apparently, build sand castles. He slides around the side of the rockface and leans against it. He doesn't approach just yet, but he doesn't hide his curiosity as he looks over at the sand castle Terra is constructing.
Jasmine You could call Jasmine more than a bit vain and be right on the money. She is privately deeply unhappy about the decline of her wardrobe, and it's rather telling that despite said decline, her magnificent curtain of black hair is still essentially pristine -- when she fled Agrabah, she fled with hairbrush in tow.

But she made a choice about what to prioritize in her life, and clothing didn't make the cut; to the extent that a visual disguise serves her at all, looking poor and unimportant is well worth it. (She hasn't quite made the connection that looking like /exactly the same street mouse/ everywhere she goes is something of a fatal flaw to her plan, but she's new at this.)

"I thought I saw someone," she explains softly, before her voice positively purrs with enthusiasm as she goes on to explain, "And -- I've actually sailed quite a bit, now! And the crew was kind enough to teach me enough to be helpful in a pinch. I'd be glad to provide context to your reading sometime, we must do it sometime."

The sight of Terra arrests her easy, graceful path across the sands. It takes a moment of fast thinking to not joyously call her name, to let sound cross the distance of the heart. But she doesn't; they are sisters in being hunted by awful, scary men, and with that commonality comes a certain care. Sublime happiness leaks from her face and her voice, but at least it isn't loud. "I certainly doubt she's doing it against their will! Come on, let's go say hello."

She sweeps her arm in a wider arc, trying to get the girl's attention on approach -- sneaking up on her is not her objective. And then Riku reveals himself, and /now/ he's recognized, with an identical emotional response: pure and simple pleasure, and an expansion of her waving that invites him to join them. Nobody ever told her he was involved in Manhattan, after all; the last she saw either of Terra or Riku was on the same fateful day at Balamb Garden.

Who knows, maybe they've been traveling together.

"I'm so glad you're all right," she says the once, though the phrase applies to both of them. "I've missed you!"
Riku Riku looks extremely uncomfortable in his situation.

It is not particularly one in which he seems suited to handling. It also looks like these two know the third stranger which is entirely another layer of awkward. In awkward situations, Riku's usual impulse is to run the opposite direction. He walks down the beach one step at a time, and completely ignores that he should be running in the opposite direction. He doesn't think about it too hard, or he'll turn and follow the insistant demand.

"Jasmine." he says very simply as he approaches, nodding his head to Belle. "Ah-- and Belle. It's.. I'm surprised you're out here." he looks at Terra, then at the two of them but doesn't comment on introductions or the lack of them. If Terra wants to introduce herself, she can. Otherwise he'll just look at the Sand sculpture with the intensity of the very awkward.
Jasmine "Let's make sure we do," Jasmine says to Belle, of sailing together, and then it's reunion time.

She vividly remembers Terra's personal space issues, and is very surprised by the enthusiasm of the greeting -- and its abort, in the physical sense, doesn't put her off at all. Her stance remains open, her smile fierce and wide and warm, and she slowly, gently reaches out her hands, for Terra to clasp if she so wishes, without any concern for the grit. And if Terra does not so wish, the motion is turned into a fluid, welcoming outstretching of her arms to the side, a clever and graceful avoidance of possible awkwardness.

This relatively nuanced compromise of a reception is the product of years and years of welcoming visiting dignitaries of every possible personality and custom, especially before she stopped caring about bruising their egos and started rolling out the Rajah Welcome Wagon. For the princes, anyway.

"Terra... Riku." Two names, four syllables, transformed on her tongue into sunlight, summer breezes, sweet waters. Prayers, blessings. "This is a dream come true." She means it with all her heart; her extremely rare pleasant night visions are very much centered around such events as these.

The green-haired girl reminds her of their promise, and her beam intensifies. "We kept it together, coming to this beach separately," she points out. She simply shakes her head, the base of her massive ponytail swishing an arc through the air, to answer Terra's question about secrets, and Riku's surprise. "Once in a while. I'm not staying long." That could have been to either of them, or both. "Do you two know each other? You were at Balamb at the same time, but it's a busy place..."

She doesn't acknowledge Riku's discomfort; either she hasn't noticed it, or thinks the best way to combat it is to simply treat him the way she always does.

Then she, too, turns to regard Terra's sand sculpture with eager, friendly curiosity, and waits for an answer to Belle's question.

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