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"Let's Make A Deal"
(2013-01-06 - 2013-01-06)
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Avira It had been nearly a week at this point.

Avira stares in the mirror of the mysteriously absent women's bathroom she had ducked into, watching her dark visage. Sure, the darkness was gone, but the mutation was remaining. It didn't seem to be slowly fading as she had hoped. In her mind, she considers Mercade's offer to kiss it to make it go away and she kicks herself at her reaction to that. But at the same time...

"...he deserves better." she says quietly to herself. Taking a step back, she sings the next line.

"They /all/ deserve better, I am sure."

She reaches out to touch her reflection in the mirror. "Not a crime against nature~"

She rests her elbows against the sink's counter. "And here I thought a scarred face was my biggest flaw~
Her head sinks, "But now I've learned my lesson. I should have been happy with myself...after all."

On the verge of tears in the ladies room...yeah. Avira has seen better days before.

This is Hades' specialty. While Avira wallows in self pitty, in the Underworld a ghost wails, and Hades stands up. Pain and Panic fly through the room, bumbling over themselves, before crashing into a heap. "What's the situation boys?" he asks them, "Well seems someone on the topside is..."


"Seriously? Why in the Underworld did I install that thing if all I am going to get is it wailing whenever Cloud is awake? Or when Leon or Squall or whatever he calls himself these days starts cut-"

"No sir, we think she be PRETTY!" Panic says. Hades pauses...

"Oh, so it's the medusa thing again? Man, I learned my lesson about that one, I am NOT going to interfere when it comes to the lov-"

Hades remembers that Olympus is gone,... "Goddess..."

Suddenly Avira will look up at the Mirror, and then in the reflection is Hades' smiling face. "Hey, Hades lord of the dead, why the long face?" he asks, a perfect reflection in the mirror. Why isn't he there? IT'S A DISNEY CARTOON! God.

"Your tearful song was so inspiring, that it has garnered divine attention..." he pauses, looking at Pain. "Uh...Avira..." he answers, sorting through a scroll, impersonally, "Right Avira."
Avira A chill goes down Avira's spine, as if, for a few seconds, someone was walking over her grave. She looks to the door of the bathroom, frowning for a second, then turns back to the mirror. She's about to just wash her hands and be on her way, done with her little pity party of one for now.

Except her reflection all the suddenly got REALLY ugly. "GAH!!!" Avira recoils at the mirror and that strange shark-toothed guy grinning back at her. "S-son of a..!"

She starts to take a step backwards, watching Hades suspiciously. "Divine attention? It's a nice trick you have going on there, btu really...divine? You're some sort of god?" Yeah, all the sudden she seems to be pretty worried about talking about herself.
Hades "Yeah. Dead people, lord of the dead, that is what I do. Try to keep up, will ya?" Hades says, he's a busy god, and he doesn't have all of the time in the world to devote to being a charity.

" if I hear things used to be human, and want to be human again? This thing you are now, being pretty ugly." he says, holding his hands out like looking into a camera.

Then the image on the mirror changes...

To how Avira USED to be.

"So how I see it...I give you want you want, but in order to GIVE you something, I need something in return. Equivilent exchange...or how I like to call it: Everything has a price."

"So, I let you be a exchange...I am going to need things...done. Someone of your...fine calibur. Beat a few heads in, roll a few skulls what I need to get done to get some peices into place, that kinda thing...and better yet, a form where nobody will recongize you."

"We both win!"
Avira Avira turns over the words in her head. Lord of the dead. Hades? Now where had she heard that-"Aha." she smacks a hand in an open palm. "Greek mythology." She leans in a little closer, squinting at him. "Though I thought I would have picked a more Mick Jagger rock and roll thing if I had-"

The fast-talking lord of the dead interrupts her with, frankly, what is pretty spot-on about her whole mutate situation. Avira draws herself up and folds her arms over her chest. "Well...yeah, that IS what happened and I /do/ want to be human again."

Suddenly, she's looking at her human self in the mirror, arms folded over her chest. She wiggles her hands to see if the mirror is really working as a mirror for a few moments before his words shake her out of her thoughts.

"So some kind of Faustian bargain, huh." Avira, wisely, does sound a little reluctant about that, especialy when he claims she'll need him to 'do things'. "HOLD UP. You put this in writing. I need specifics. How many things are going to need doing? Just whose heads are you going to want me to beat in? Is this some kind of thing that'll go on 'forever' or is there a point where I'm going to permanently earn my human form back."
Hades "Oh! A dealer, I like this...but little missy..."

The image fades, "I hold the cards here. You want the ability to even remotely look human again? I am your man...all I want you to do is help keep the system going...there are some strange other wana be afterlives trying to muscle in on ain't much, and probably people you want to punch in the face anyway...other then that, just doing the standard greek monster thing. Might even need you to fight in the arena once or twice." he gives a shrug.

"This is a once in a lifetime ain't fair, but this deal is completely..."

"Alright, not completely sold? Tell you what. I'll even give you a fairytail ending. You find, ONE. SINGULAR, ONE...person, someone who loves you for you, and gives you a kiss in your mutate form...and your human. /Forever/." a scroll appears infront of Avira, with the terms of the contract. Avira works for Hades, gets human form when not on clock, turns back to human forever if gets a kills in her mutate form.
Avira "Look! I've read those Greek myths! You guys aren't exactly the /nicest/ pack of people to your mortal followers!" Avira says defensively.

He does bring up a good point. He kind of holds all the cards in this offer. "...well. As long as /nobody/ and I mean NOBODY can recognize me..." she starts, hesitating a little.

Then he throws in something else that makes one of her eyeridges raise. An escape clause, just in case this 'helping this guy' out thing isn't exactly as favorable as he's making it sound like. (And let's face it, it probably isn't, which is why Avira's trying to push for details.)

Gingerly, Avira takes the scroll and reads it all over. CAREFULLY. Each damn word. It's probably pretty infuriating, but Avira's from Earth. She knows all about /modern lawyers/, man. The kind of lawyers that make "Disney Magic" happen.

"...alright." she says, after a long breath. "But if I'm human that means I won't be working for you while I am, right? You're completely hands off? If that's the case, then yes, I'm in."
Hades "Of course. Only when you are on the clock...and I'll contact you in advance!" Hades says...

A pen appears in her hand, waiting for her to sign on the line.
Avira Avira grabs the pen, though she does hesitate for a moment, glancing to Hades. He's not exactly the most trustworthy face. That fast-talking-ness reminded her so very much of a used car salesman.

But at the same time, she wanted to be human again. Flipping the pen around, she signs.
Hades The pen writes her name perfectly...

The scroll vanishes in a puff of fire and brimstone...

And Hades cracks his knuckles, waiving a finger upwards...and points it right towards Avira...

And then magic happens. "And Bam! Pleasure doing buisness with you...I'll be in touch." he says, and the image is gone...and infront of Avira is...

Her human form.
Avira It...worked?!

Avira's kind of in awe at how easy that was for this guy. Then again, he is the Lord of the Dead so he probably was packing quite a bit of power. Nervously, she tugs her loincloth back up onto her hips and pokes her own body to make sure it's real. "Yesss...I'm back to /normal/!"

Excitedly, she rushes out of the bathroom. Off to get her regular clothes back.

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