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Brooklyn's gota guuuuun
(2013-01-06 - 2013-01-06)
Brooklyn finds will, and confronts him about what happened at the world heart in Manhattan.
Will Sherman Will Sherman, hobo and secret seal of Loki, was walking back into the Traverse area after running a errand outside of it for Mercade. It's been a rough month or two, but right now he's finally got himself in a more balanced state...for once. A lot weighs heavily on him, but he's also starting to make progress on that too...maybe he might actually get this resolved.

Right now, Will works on eating a hotdog he picked up on his way back to the Temporary base of the TDA until they can set up shop. Man...what a mess...

But at least everyone was safe.
Brooklyn On the road back towards Traverse town, a recently erected statue of a gargoyle serves as a warning to those who would bring harm upon the city. Just kidding. Brooklyn needed a good place to get some sleep, and since there's no natural sunlight in this part of the worlds, he just goes into stone sleep when he needs to. Whether Will takes notice of the statue or not, however, it starts to crack and break, before popping open and revealing Brooklyn, rested and rejuvinated.
Will Sherman Oh hey...

It's Brooklyn, Will remembers them...he was told he managed to get out of the world heart, Deidra still accepted Will, thanks to...well...knowing just how awful the fae are. He pauses for a moment, looking as the Statue starts to break, realizing he's about to wake up...well, there was no avoiding this he simply stands there, waiting for Brooklyn to fully wake up.

"Yo.." he says, he can pretty much guess what's going to happen next.
Brooklyn Indeed, after the stone chips fall away, and Brooklyn's eyes focus, he finds himself looking right at Will. Surprisingly, he doesn't just leap upon Will and start assaulting him, but he does point a finger at him, rather accusingly.

"You!" Comes the roar of frustration and anger as he aproaches Will, "You traitor! You caused the fall of Manhattan! I should take it out of your hide!" Well, just 'cause he's not assaulting Will doesn't mean he's happy.
Will Sherman Will takes a breath...good, he isn't crushing him...that's a good sign. He's being reasonable.

Mostly. Will shakes his head, "I am not a traitor...that wasn't me." he tries to explain. "It's...complicated, but It's something I found out that night too...and found out more than I could ever want to know." he pauses, "And it I am often told, not wholly my responsibility. There were Shadow Lords there...Baron...god knows what else. There was something...IN Riku that night, something..." he pauses, "Darker than anything I have ever seen before."
Brooklyn "I will deal with Riku in due time." Brooklyn says, matter of factly, "Everyone has been avoiding me since Manhattan fell, save for one of Baron's knights, who claims to have had a change of heart. I don't believe it in the slightest."

Brooklyn's rage is clearly evident, but he's keeping himself controlled for now, "You not being wholly responsible does not render you completely free of responsibility for what happened."
Will Sherman "No <GOOSEHONK>." Will responds bitterly towards Brooklyn. "You didn't get to sit there and watch helplessly as a being of pure malice came out of your body and decided to /hurt your friends/. You didn't get to get betrayed by someone you thought of a friend, all because of you." he shakes his head.

"I am not throwing off responsibility, I have been doing everything in my power to find out how to never make it happen again.." he pauses...

He looks at the hot dog, and he looks back at Brooklyn. "Well, I /have/ to eat." he says, and indigantly eats the hotdog. IT IS DELICIOUS.
Brooklyn Sigh.

Try as he might, Brooklyn is not someone who can stay angry for terribly long, especially as Will tries to look indignant while eating that hotdog. Brooklyn wants a hotdog now, "So, uh...Where's the hotdog from?" He asks, giving up on being mad. He realizes Will's just as much of a victim here as Brooklyn is, and as much as the gargoyle wants to exact vengeance, Will is not the real person to beat up, Loki is.
Will Sherman Will finishes his hotdog and looks back up at Brooklyn, "Uh yeah. Guy down the road has a cart. He used to run one in Central park, managed to be at the right place at the right time...was...interesting." he says, with a nod. "Favorite stand too, go figure." he says with a grin.

"Right now...the only clue I have to go on with all of this was given to me by a guy named Puck." he scratches his head, "And it is already leading me to...interesting times."
Brooklyn Brooklyn's hair practically bristles when he hears that name, "Puck. That little.." Brooklyn growls loudly, "I should have suspected him to be behind this sort of thing." He growls again, now feeling kinda bad that he was lashing out at Will when it was Puck's trickery.
Will Sherman "What? No no, he's not...he's actually helping. Apparently the fae don't want this guy getting back out either...well...he is a fae too. Look, it's a long harrowing story...and I actually gota get on my way...a friend of mine needs help uncovering bad people in Hearts intertwined...I am about to go help with the Investigation. Wana help Mercade?" he asks, "Oh and yeah, we found Mercade."
Brooklyn There is a long pause as Brooklyn has to process the thought of Puck being helpful, but he shakes his head, "I wouldn't trust Puck as far as I can throw him. And I could probably get some decent distance." He says, "But I'm glad you found Mercade. And if you need my help, I'll help. I know Xanatos is behind that group, and you know I don't trust anything that he's behind." Gargoyles seem to be naturally untrusting. Or at least Brooklyn's clan, at the very least.
Will Sherman Will shrugs, "Yeah, I guess." seemed alright to him..

"Anyway! Here's the address. I'll meet you down there okay?" he says, and runs off, leaving a piece of paper.
Brooklyn Brooklyn takes the offered paper, and reads it real quick, before shoving it into a pocket.

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