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(2013-01-05 - 2013-01-06)
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Angantyr Vespar Sometimes things start with a explosion...

At the Gates of Rabanastre, this is one of those times! "COME BACK HERE!" Angantyr shouts after a retreating Riku. Angantyr follows in hot persuit, ducking down a side passage to try and cut off the younger warrior. He turns a corner, aiming to put himself right infront of Riku, as the mace comes to bare. His eyes narrow, and he starts to walk forward. "I don't know who you think you are, kid, but today we settle things once and for all!"

He says, with a smirk as he throws a easily deflectable swing of the mace, trying to test out Riku's defenses and see generally where he was on the fighting scale today...which seems to be some sort of sliding scale somedays!

"If you think you can beat me, you got another thing coming kid!"
Riku Riku vaults in a semi-spectacular fashion around and over a fruit cart when SUDDENLY Angantyr. THe teenager grins at the dark knight, rocking back on his heels.

He completely didn't MEAN to start the fight with ANG. He was out here totally because he wasn't hiding from a crazy scientist lady.. and Portals are not the best thing in the world, He has found. In fact-- he's starting to think Portals are plotting against him. Riku refuses to feel anguish about something that isn't his fault, mocking. "Blah blah blah-- AH! WHoa. MACE."

As Yeah- Suddenly. WHOA. MACE. --Riku springs upwards, kicking off the wall and then using Angatyr as a stepping stone to start running down the alley.

It's not like he MEANT for it to be /his/ stew.

Angantyr Vespar "ONE HUNDRED GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL!" Angantyr shouts in complete and utter (not really) rage!

Riku's agility saves him from the swing, but Angantyr turns, stopping on a dime and immediately following after Riku. The mace swings again, aiming to try and catch him by the leg and try and trip him up. "AND MY ARMOR! YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT TOO!" he booms, aiming to quick kick to the gut to try and sprawl the Darkness user out.

"Seriously! I liked that stew too!"
Riku "Tough cookies." Riku goes flying several revolutions, THUD, THUMP, WHACK-- (apples.. a lone grapefruit.. something that resembles a kiwi) The teenager picks himself up from the general fruit destruction and floor show. He throws the offending grapefruit up in the air and catches it, shrugging at the lesser scary armor dude (as opposed to Scary Armor Dude the Greater)

"Then go slice a mountain in half or something. I'm /sure/ nothing can go wrong!" he throws this over his shoulder as he shoves the grapefruit into tha hands of the irate shop owner, pushing him away, weaving through the crowd. Dumping crates and scattering chickens and vaulting across low walls whenever possible.

He /so/ didn't want to be around people for this--

Riku runs down several short alleyways but he isn't familiar with the streets of Rabanastre. Soon he comes to a dead end (which is going to be a BAD END very shortly) and he decides. Yeah. No. Not today.
% Riku waves in the general direction of the wall, a portal opening up as he barely slows down as he charges through it.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr growls!

"Still sarcastic I see! Lets see if you can cash that check that your mouth just wrote for your <GOOSEHONK>!" Angantyr chases Riku down, but he manages to slip away from him once more. Growling, he turns down an allyway and then...

Dark portal.

Angantyr dives down the alleyway, before diving right into the closing portal! "OH NO YOU DON'T!"
Deidra It's always night in this town yet Gargoyles still need to sleep. Deidra had found the clock tower had made a nice roost, it was high up, harder to get to and well a great place to get some air just after she woke up. The thing is she's not awake, she's sleeping and all that is apparent is another bit of decoration on the tower in the shape of an non human woman who seems to be thinking about something. She's not inactive per say nay she's dreaming at the moment really about who knows what it's doubtful she'll remember upon her waking. Still what does she have to worry about only the other gargoyles in the town really have any idea about this spot barring the janitor who may take care of this place. It's true humans never really do look up all that much.
Riku Riku drops heavily to the ground and tumbles off the edge as a portal appears at a slant and dumps him across slanted roof tiles.

He lashes out a hand to keep himself from falling off the edge, but only manages to arrest his fall a little bit before his arms give out. He falls about five feet before jolting to a stop on a slightly lower ledge. He tries to balance himself, scrambling for purchase on a tower decoration to get him away from HUGE FALL IS HUGE.

"AHhh.. No. Yeah. Just.. No."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr was pretty much near the end of his stamina...

So when he hits the roof, he starts sliding as well, falling onto the lower edge...

However, he spends this time waiting...

And then punches Riku as hard as he can towards the balcony below, aiming to follow up and land right ontop of him.

Angantyr quickly moves to try and put his foot on Riku's sword.

"NOW we settle this.."
Deidra Sleep also must end eventually too, and it's right about now whatever processes govern Gargyole sleep patterns end. Deidra is waking up as stone turns to flesh from within. As Riku makes his perch upon Deida, he and Ang would notice the sdtatue is starting to crack like it's about to explode the next thing there are stone shards exploding everywhere. There's ain inhuman roar/yawn as the statue is stretching and judging from the looks of her it's Deidra. Prehaps this is why she was very paranoid about where she sleeps. She really has to have a safe haven to sleep, and the next thing she notices that Riku on her she lets out a cry and is losing her balance. Who the hell is fighting here in basically her bedroom!
Riku Riku just folds around the punch. The armored fist almost feels like it crushes his chest at the impact. He goes flying in a long arc to collide with the rough stones like a falling star. The entire body weight slams down on him, the armor boot causing him to jerk and spasm as the boot then slides to pin the sword to the ground.

Riku weakly lets in tiny gasps of air, darkness swimming around the corners of his vision. His world contracts to a vague and distorted image in which the colors are bleeding away and strange. He had the realization that HEY, he has been in this position before as the light dims. In the distance, he feels the pull of the darkness murmuring to him to lash out again. It may be his only chance to survive.

The light goes dim as Riku passes out, head turning to the side as the light of consciousness fades.. and he gives in.

Except there is still a part of him that clings onto his control even in consciousness. The one still on the wary look out for echoing footsteps. Riku chooses not to give in. Not to his fear.. and not to Scary Armor, the lesser.

He did NOT respond well to intimidation. When push comes to shove. Riku always pushes back. The teenager's eyes flicker as he fights his way back to consciousness, the mist sword evaporating as a faint groan trickles from his throat. WIth an anguished sound of pain, Riku slams his palms into the rough stones, forcing himself to curl like a spring and lash out, feet first, straight at the armored man's chest.
Angantyr Vespar Riku was suddenly back on his feet?!

Angantyr stumbles back, accidently falling back and accidently shoving Deidra, he manages to catch his balance...thanks to Deidra...

But there was a stairwell there...

However, that is a story for a different day, as a lash of darkness swings out from the mace, aiming to try and sink into Riku's body to burn him like dark flame. Angantyr stands back infront of Riku, the two of them stare each other down... It will come down to this...

Angantyr drops the mace, deciding that it wasn't going to be necissarily, as he moves to come down on Riku with his fists.

A right, a left, and then he swings both hands down, aiming to try and pile him down with a single hammerslam, before trying to put room between himself and Riku, just in case the kid
Riku I'm sorry. This Riku is no longer in service. Please hang up and try again at a later time.

The teenager raises his arms to try and deflect the blows but you knwo-- armor against no armor is a suckers bet.

He slides backwards, the armored punches forcing him backwards. Riku manages to get one more good strike in, using the very remnants of his strength before-- HAMMER time. Riku thumps hard into the ground. He does so hard enough to bounce slightly from the rough stones. He doesn't get up a second time.
Deidra Deidra is sleepy is confused she's caught in the middle of all of this suddenly fight. She's dazed now as she's caught int he middle but well there's a stairwell she forgot to close the door before she wrnt to leep and she's going to pay fot this. She's going to so pay fo this due to avoid the two comatqantas she staggers entrance and she just ends up falling down the stairs with a loud cry as the two warriors fall.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr swings...

Riku Swings...


Angantyr stumbles back from the strike...and then prompty falls backwards, landing on the ground with a loud THUD.


This scene contained 14 poses. The players who were present were: Deidra, Riku, Angantyr Vespar