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Six From The Darkness
(2013-01-05 - 2013-01-05)
Mercade meets the restored member of the Legion Network, who he last saw in much less... alive circumstances.
Mercade Alexander Things have been fairly relaxed in Traverse Town lately. Mercade can appreciate such things since this thing between Will and Max has apparently been resolved. He's down with this since it means the TDA will continue to survive.

However, some other news recently came up: One of the Network members that he previously had seen being horribly murdered is now alive again thanks to thei ntervention of Isaac 'Is A Goddamn Wizard' Hanlon.

As Mercade taps a pencil against his chin in his hotel room, he can't help but wonder what the formerly dead woman was like, and if she is going to rejoin the others.
Legion Shida of Legion is in a bit of a bind. Being dead meant she wasn't connected to the rest of the Network. Having come back alive, she reconnected to the Network, but even that relatively small period of being a corpse meant that she had some information for the rest that didn't quite match up with the others experiences which led to some strange moments as she was perceived, for a little while, to be something of an intruder on the 'system' but eventually matters have stabilized. Will there be longterm effects? Probably. But it's impossible to tell whether this is ultimately a good thing or a troublesome thing--it may have to do more with how Isaac handles his contract with Hades than anything Legion does.

There is a knock on the hotel room door. It is, naturally, Shida. SHida has elected to retunr, at least for the moment. Much like most Legions, she's dressed identically as the others.
Mercade Alexander Mercade opens the door, nodding as he sees a Legion. But which one is she? THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME TO HIM. (It's not racist if they really are identical!)

Maybe he'll have to invest in hats or something for them all. That could be a great idea.

"Hello there." Mercade says, looking momentarily confused at the Legionnaire. "Come on in." He invites her into the hotel suite, which is serving as the 'office' until he finalizes some requests for their next office space.

"How can I help you?" He doesn't really want to ask 'which one are you', since that seems impolite.
Legion That sounds like a racist thing to say!!!!

As time goes on they are getting a bit more individualistic though it's hard to get them all in one room to really compare them. Unfortunately, even if it seems like having one spill over your shoes should make one immediately differentiable, that's not apparently true in this case.

"You are Mercade." She says. "Sidha of The Network establishes confirmation." SHe closes her eyes and breathes out a sigh before closing the door behind her. She glances about the hotel suite once and then again as if--again--establishing confirmation before she looks over to Mercade.

"You were there when I died, Shida of the Network inquires whawt would be appropriate to say in such circumstances."
Mercade Alexander Mercade blinks. Ah, it is the now not-dead one. He looks over the Legionnaire, perhaps checking for signs of undeath (pale skin, grave dirt, hungering for souls and/or brains, terrible cat-eye contact lenses for use in dance productions). He seems to be satisfied, as he offers her his chair and sits down in a different one. He kicks up a leg, pondering for a moment her question. "Well, I am glad you're alive. It's a pleasure to meet you, Sidha." He smiles. "Are you feeling all right? Is there anything you feel you need? We have food and drink here if you need it."
Legion Shida of the Network seems to be about as undead as the rest of Legion. She doesn't even smack her lips. Her eyes are about as emotional as the rest of LEgion which is to say they aren't very. Her skin has natural coloration.

She sits down at the offered chair and tilts her head curiously at Mercade's shoes. She squints at it briefly perhaps to make sure her blood still isn't on it but of course by now it wouldn't be.

"This one is hungry. And ... this one is not sure what she does now. Am I still with The Network? I fulfilled my duty, Shida of the Network perished as part of the outlined rules for the experiment. There are no rules for sudden ressurections. This one is free." She is having trouble sticking to the quirk right now.
Mercade Alexander The lack of zombiness is a comfort to Mercade. He has enough problems with Heartless without considering the possibility of a Hanlon-induced zombie apocalypse.

He does, however, go get some fruit (provided by Celina as part of her HEALTHY EATING OR DIE initative), and offers the fruit bowl to Shida. "Have as much as you like." There's a variety of common and healthy fruits inside.

The comment causes Mercade to rub his chin, considering. "I always wondered if that speech pattern was something you all did on purpose or not. However..." He thinks. "I've never really been in your situation. Normally, I would say that you should still be with them. They are your sisters, if nothing else, and you belong together... But this isn't really for me to decide. What do the others think?" He nods. "But we want to free the others too. We don't want anyone else to die for these experiments, Shida. What happened to you was... horrible."
Legion The healthy eating OR DIE initiative is a good one since generally one eats healthy in an attempt to stave off dying. Nevertheless, Shida takes the bowl and realizes that she has not eaten in weeks. Of course, Hades appears to have not abused the variety of ways 'bring her back to life' could have been done. A true straight dealer, dude with fire for head! Though really, for her own part, she is not sure how comfortable she is with making deals with the lord of the underworld. Unluckily, the sorceror decided to do that instead. Hopefully nothing terrible will come of that but she doesn't know the details of the contract. She just feels somewhat guilty of being encouragement on his behalf to sign it.

She shoves fruit in her mouth like no tommorow pausing generally only to chew and swallow. This keeps her mouth occupied. "The Network has informed Shida of The Network, The Network as Shida informs Mercade." Her eyes go crossed for a few moments as she tries to figure out if she did that correctly, gives up, and shrugs her shoulders. "We simply wish to be accurate. Individuality..." She shudders. "...This one felt it, for a time. It was very frightening." She looks back up to Mercade, reaching for another piece of fruit. "That is the truth, Shida of the Network could barely think straight. Will you save the one who killed me?"

She eats th eother piece. It's nice to have a full stomach, she thinks, and then adds, "We are not sure what to think. This is unprecidented. We suppose that is common behavior for Isaac Hanlon, Shida recalls he is a man of unconventional behavior, The Network confirms."
Mercade Alexander "Very unconventional." Mercade agrees. "Isaac... He's a very clever guy. Sometimes he's a little too clever for his own good." He stands up, folding his arms as he heads to a window and looks out over the town of eternal night. "Save him, huh? Save Cronus..." Mercade trails off for a minute. "I suppose he might be just as much of a victim as you. We'll do what we can, but I am fairly sure we're going to have to punch him a little bit."
Angantyr Vespar In the hotel room that is the new Detective office, a corridor of darkness appears. Randomly, without rhyme or reason, as a large man in chain mail armor rolls out, behind him will probably be a familar figure to those here...followed by THE DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!


Angantyr doesn't even bother to look where he lept, instead swinging the mace around as Riku hopefully was /right behind him/ and aims to MACE him a question.

Riku Riku groans. "I can't believe I FELL for that." but in a contest between evils, being-- The teenager staggers into a wall hard as he is clipped out of his mental train of thought by an incoming mace. He growls very softly in exasperation, launching himself at Ang and using some of that leaking darkness to form multiple misty spears that crystalize with a number of snapping pops and crackles.

He uses them to try and pin Ang to the floor and or the walls while he gets enough breath back to take a look around, leap over some furniture and find a window--door-- building-- portal between himself and Scary Armor, The Lesser.
Legion "We would not say that he is a victim in the same way we could be considered a victim, Sidha of the Network says though we prefer, THe Network as the Network says, to not be seen in such circumstances for matters of pride and--"

A dark portal opens up to the side and people start fighting. After a moment's reflection, she assumes this is natural behavior.

"Cronus behaves oddly for someone whose only purpose is to kill us for purposes of an experiment." She say to Mercade. "In our last battle, for instance, he allowed me multiple chances to retreat--though he followed--nor did he kill me as immediately as he could have, Sidha of the Network explains that in our initial meeting, his instinct was not to kill us either. He was told to 'dispose of the waste material', The Network explains. His behavior seems erratic, this one admits, but we believe if he is a victim it is of himself. We are of the supposition that he has convinced himself to enjoy it. He does desire power, however, and that is why he is doing these acts he is uncomfortable with doing."

And then after a moment she reconsiders the elephant in the room and looks over to Riku and Ang.

She doesn't recognize either of them. She looks to Mercade, then to Riku, then to Mercade, then to Ang.

She stands up, fans her hands from side to side, and then declares a terrible, dreadful phrase.

"NO FIGHTING (the Network insists and forcefully heals your wounds)."

And that's when--in a matter akin to force lighting--electricity erupts from her hands and collides into both Ang and Riku...threatening to...!!!!!

....fix them up? Ooh nice tingly feeling! It's kind of nice!!
Mercade Alexander "That's... really weird." Mercade says as Shida explains the situation. "It's almost as if..." He trails off as the portal opens up.

Mercade and Shida were having a nice conversation here!

The sudden eruption of Darkness between the two causes the Detective to grimace, pulling out pearl-handled revolver with a grimace. "Shida, look out!" He says, as he quickly moves to interpose himself between the DAAAAAAAAAAAARKNESSSSSSSSSSS and the newly-resurrected Legionnaire.

He isn't going to let her die again THAT fast.

And then he sees what's going on, as the pair smash into the room. "Angantyr!? Riku!?" Mercade's expression grows dark as he seems to be unsure of what to point his gun at for several seconds.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr moves to try and grab Riku by the shirt...


Angantyr looks oddly around him, there was a little girl that just shot them full of lightning? Which...kinda felt okay? He blinks looking down at his wounds, which were now...lot bleeding or infected with 'THE DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!' he blinks, and then looks up at Mercade.


"Huh. Sorry." he says, half heartedly, and then moves to try and toss Riku out the door. "We'll be just...movin' along." Angantyr moves to follow Riku, thrown or otherwise, out the door...

They might be needing a new door either way.
Riku Riku forcefully has his wounds healed, which is so startling that he staggers back a step or two. He gets roughly grabbed by Ang but he knows being IN RANGE IS BAD, so he twists away, leaving Ang with just his jacket. The teenager still nearly falls over a chair backwards but catches himself at the last second. He instead swings the chair in front of him like a shield, frowning slightly as he recognizes the detective. "Here. Catch."

he throws the chair at Mercade in a rather softball manner that he /hopes/ will spoil his aim. ""Thank you whoever you are." he smiles at Legion, still trying to shake off the tingly feeling as he vaults over some furniture, dodges past Angatyr and rushes into a side room, slamming the door.

He throws up a hand, summoning a portal near a window just as he dives into a side closet that may or may not be full of things, closing the door behind him
Legion "Ah?" Shida says as Mercade HERO ROLLS into position. She blinks twice as she's thanked and ... Ang gets awkward. Or--as is perhaps more appropriate--Angward. She nods a bit to Riku and then says, "Ah one moment." as Riku summons up a DARK PORTAL OF POWER. She looks between the Dark Knight and Riku and says, "You are going into a dark corridor. This one suspects the influence of darkness may be problematic. Allow this one to be of some assistance." She is oblivious to Mercade thinking about who to shoot--suspecting it to merely be a matter of surprise, hero nature, and detective moxy.

She raises her hands up and fires another bolt of electricity. This one doesn't really heal but it should protect them from the influence of...

Mercade Alexander Mercade looks like he's finally deciding who to shoot. Just as he raises the gun, however, the chari knocks the gun aside, the bullet burying itself harmlessly into a doorjamb. "DAMN YOU, RIKU!" Mercade yells, no doubt giving Riku a momentary feeling of amusement. Also, Legion works on healing them both! "What the hell, guys!" Mercade yells as the runble carriues itself out of the room and into another one. Mercade leaps into the other room just in time to see a Corridor of Darkness open. "Why the hell is this even happening?" Mercade asks.

He won't get an answer. He never does.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks around...

Where was...


"Wait what?" he turns towards Legion again, and then..

THERE HE IS! "Look, Mercade, there is a very logical expl.."

Angantyr half way through responding runs into the neighboring room, leaving Mercade without a single reason why this happened, and a wrecked room.

Angantyr busts through the door after Riku, and see's the Dark Corridor...

And advances to jump inside of it.

Riku Riku isn't hiding very well if strange healing people can find you in side closets and shock you with healing voltage.

It's not unpleasant but it's REALLY unsettling. It also completely blows his hiding spot, so he just charges forwards and -WHACKS- his head on the closet hanging bar. Riku winces in pain, muttering a curse under his breath as he yells "I'm sorry." over his shoulder just as hand /BARRELS/ into Ang from behind.

"HAH! I can pull this stunt too, jerkass." He lashes out to CLOCK Ang in the back of the head with the handle of the mistsword.
Legion Legion knows now, more than ever, that closet hearts... is lightning.

Shida of Legion waits as the two vamooshalize. And then she looks over to Mercade.

"What were you going to say?"
Mercade Alexander Mercade frowns at the trashed rooms, sighing. "We're never going to get our security deposit back..."

And then Shida asks him what he was going to say. He blinks. "I...." He pauses. "I forget."

Legion ....................................

Shida hangs her head. gonk.

And then she presses her hands into her face. gonk.

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