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(2013-01-05 - 2013-01-06)
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Ron Stoppable Traverse Town. District 3. It's not exactly the best place in the world to be right now. Or is that: Worlds? Anyway, the streets are somewhat barren at this moment, in a strange manner. It is almost as if these streets are barren for the sole purpose of creating an illusion that everything is calm and peaceful. Everything is working itself out in a way that just means that there's not really anything to worry about beyond the fact that, well, there's nothing to be worried about.


That would be the yelling of Ron Stoppable coming from the particular direction of one of the villas or mansions or something. His voice is soon followed by his body as he's already in a strideful run (Top Speed). There's the occasional looking behind him as if there was something (or many things) giving chase. And considering that Ron would not be moving this fast if there wasn't, there's probably a safe bet that there is.

SPLASH! Ron runs right into the fountain, splashing this way and that as he continues to try and get himself through the water and to the other side. He's soaking wet right now and looks like some kind of wet human noodle or something. "We gotta' hide. Gotta' hide now." Another glance over his shoulder and then he's looking back in front of him, taking a run and a diving leap and crashing through the window of the nearest mansion that doesn't look inherently evil.

A girl screams.

"Sorry! I just need to borrow your closet!" Oh Ron.
Avira Now the streets aren't entirely barren! And thanks to Ron, it isn't entirely peaceful anymore!

The unsuspecting still-stuck-as-a-mutate-right-now Avira was HOPING on a peaceful evening. She really was! Spent, perhaps, enjoying the sea salt ice cream she had recently purchased. Watching her eat it is a bit on the hilarious side as her long tongue snakes out of her muzzle to lap at the frozen treat.

The VALKYRI seems to be happily minding her own business, walking by the fountain, when a certain SOMEONE comes tearing through the area with reckless abandon, screaming about a monkey. "What the-!" she starts to say before Ron's flailing splashes a WALL OF WATER onto her promptly soaking her fur. She stands there, dripping, trying to piece together what just happened.

It clicks and she whirls around, shouting in the direction that Ron just ran off to. "HEY! HOW /RUDE/! You can't just come tearing through here all-"

A huge shadow falls upon Avira from behind, which thanks to the sun being conveniently at her back, she instantly notices. Noticing this, her yelling ceases and she slowly turns around.

There's a monkey alright. Avira recognized a "powerwild" when she saw one. But powerwilds were not normally ten feet tall and beefed out like King Kong. One of its arms reaches out to grab and Avira immediately hops backwards several feet.

Quickly, she shouts something into her linkpearl about the Heartless, then uses her only free hand to draw her weapon. No way in hell she's actually dropping her ice cream over a Heartless.
Minerva Minerva is wondering about herseld she's been catching on to this indoor plumbing thing, the idea of a hot showere easily in the cold of winter seems like the most awesome thing in the world to the oddly icy monk. However that must wait for a little while. She's got other things to worry about as Avira puts out a call for help to deal with some heartless. She sighs her experimenting with hitech creature comforts will have to wait. There's a terrible horrible heartless to deal with so here she comes boltinfg from the HQ in a full out run to deal with his heartless. The creature shall pay! Oh it shall pay for delaying her...
Hati There are certain people who just seem to have trouble follow them everywhere. By technicality, a certain werewolf had been told that she wasn't to return to Traverse Town by an overzealous Burmecian, but who is she to simply roll over and show her belly to some god-crazed, oversized excuse for a mouse? So, Hati is doing what she does best at the moment, prowling the rooftops - keeping her eyes and ears open for information that might be useful.

Things had almost gotten boring at the point when a boy comes screaming down the street. Her ears perk, and the werewolf steps to the edge of the building, bemused by the sight of him flailing about in the water and then doubly so at poor, drenched Avira. The wolf can't help but laugh outright at the sight of it. "At least /that/ was entertain--" Hati cuts herself off as she spots that shadow move across the form of the mutate.

Her reaction is more instinctual than not. Her heckles raise and her ears fold back. For all that she might use the Heartless, herself, the werewolf avoids them whenever possible. Lately, more and more had been appearing under the control of people who had no idea how to handle them. Reaching for her daggers, the wolf swats her tail once, then leaps forward, catapulting off of a few nearby buildings, even coming close to the window that Ron had lept through to mutter a quick, "Coward!" at him, and then she's landing on the ground, moving forward in a run.

"Hey, back off banana brain." The wolf growls under her breath. The last time she'd faced off againts a Heartless, her mind had been unfocused and it hadn't gone well. Right now, well, here's a chance to show that that was a fluke and not the rule. "You got back-up coming?" She asks, a glance towards Avira. Obviously, the lone wolf doesn't have a pack of heroes to call at a moment's notice.
Sarafina Carenze Heartless, always out to cause problems!! But just because they are heartless, it doesn't mean they're ustoppable or, for that matter, Ron Stoppable who would appear to be entirely stoppable but, at the same time, is kind of unstoppable in a stoppable sort of way. It's like a puzzlebox, an enigma wrapped in a mystery covered in wacky hijinks.

Sarafina, who was just hoping to go for a walk and mind her own business finds a Ron splashing into a fountain and talking about hiding. He looks like a human noodle and is, it seems, diving into a masnion.

"Mm." Sarafina says. Honestly, worrying about a monkey, she thinks, what kind of--

She turns her head and sees Avira and, well, the monkey in question.

She opens her mouth in shock but doesn't manage to get any words out. Instead she reaches for her chainsaw. Because chainsaws, much like friendship, are magic. "Never a dull moment, eh Avira?" She asks.
Maira A call for help. A huge Heartless in Traverse. Again!? What is this? Is Traverse no longer a safe place? Uuugh.

Maira grabs her bathrobe and dashes out of bed, neglecting to put on shoes but remembering to grab a box of tissues. Her cheeks are flushed, her eyes glassy, her nose red. She's wearing a pink bath robe over pajama shorts and a t-shirt. Her hair is even messier than usual.

This is how she appears as she makes her way to Avira, looking around and not blinking nearly enough. "I'mma here, aim me in the direction of something that needs lighting on fire," she says, extending a hand as she summons a flame and waits for someone to physically turn her in the correct direction.
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina Carenze is distracted by mortal peril by sick Maira.

"Oh no!" She exclaims. "Look at you, you're sick!" She walks on over to Maira. Oh dear, oh me, oh my! "You shouldn't be out of bed, you poor thing!" She fusses with Maira's hair in an attempt to make it respectable.
Ron Stoppable Somewhere In A Rich Girl's Closet...

"Okay, buddy. We gotta' get out of here. But we can't look like us. It knows us! IT KNOWS!" There's some loud BAM-BAM-BAMing happening on the other side of the door at this exact moment. "I'll be out in a minute!" Ron yells, before turning to look at Rufus.

Rufus is rubbing his little chin and then perks up! In a moment, he's digging into the backpack of Ron Stoppable, tugging and pulling out what appears to be... Kim Possible's Head? Well, not exactly. It's more of a mask.

Ron's eyes light up. "Rufus, you're a genius! My Movie Magic Make Up Kit! That's it!" Ron turns his attention to the backpack and starts rummaging through it. "Rufus? Find us something to wear."

Rufus tosses a salute in the air and leaps up towards the many clothes hanging within this vast and expensive closet.

Pale Legs. Pantyhose Up.
Waist. Taco Boxers. Black Leather Dress.
Chest. Sexy Purse Strap.
Horrible Ron Feet. Black Pumps. Stumble.
Lips. Red Lipstick.
Slicked Ron Hair. Black Curly Wig.

With that mini-montage all done, it would seem that a certain Ronald Stoppable is all Battle Bra Ready. "Ready, little buddy?" His wig swooshes as he turns to look at his shoulder. Where Rufus has fashioned his Mini-Wig onto his head and a very small piece of black fabric into a matching dress. And yes, there's even lipstick. Rufus offers a big thumbs up!

More fist banging on the closet door and suddenly the door is kicked open wide, knocking the angry father backwards and sending the girl screaming in the other direction.

"Look out world! Ronda Stoppabelle is on the move!" And Ron(da) is already taking some big stumbling steps towards the bedroom door to exit. "And yes! I'm French!"

Avira "I made the call." Avira tells Hati with a half-smile, actually quite glad to see her here. Clearly a stark contrast from what Faruja's reaction would be to seeing her in Traverse Town. "Though if you're here to join in the hunt, by all means, please do. It might take them time to come." In fact, wasn't right now shower time? And she's pretty sure that Maira is kind of sick right now.

"Sarafina! Hello!" Avira would wave, but both of her hands are occupied by weapon (important) and ice cream (very important!). "And...hey, wait a second-" Avira is also very concerned that Maira has actually responded to the call for help over the VALKYRI network in spite of being sick. "Sarafina's right. You should be in bed, not pushing yourself like this!"

Everything seems to suddenly STOP as 'Ronda Stoppabelle' makes her entrance, standing tall in her black leather dress and black pumps. Though she does look like she's here for a night on the town rather than a Heartless battle. Avira looks over at this newcomer and...nods.

Seems legit.

"HEY WATCH OUT! WE'VE GOT A LIVE HEARTLESS IN THE AREA-" she calls out. Suddenly there is a shadow overhead. The Jumbo Powerwild LEAPS over Avira and lands on all fours, loping after Ronda. Could it be that the Heartless is NOT FOOLED AT ALL? Or...perhaps just attracted to the pretty lady?

Whipping around, Avira's wings flick out and she chases after it, Spine lifted high. "Go time!!"
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina tries anyway. In these sorts of situations, Sarafina's brain undergoes a startling transformation. Its transforms its professional form to MOM-RA! THE EVER! FUSSING!!!!!! HWAAA HA HA HA HA HA!!! She gives a small nod to Avira (her arms are similarly full with chainsaw and maira respectively, this is not really the best condition to be fighting in). "No no no," She tells Maira. "It'll be fine, just take it easy, okay?"

She is about to say more when Ronda Stoppable because a thing. SHe looks at 'her'. She peers at 'her'. And yes, she is totally not buying that this person who is having difficulty even moving is a lady. On the plus side (for Ron) she also really is determined to not get in on hijinks. Instead, she has people for that.

"Gangway!" She whistles. "Come on over, bring the emergency chicken soup!"

A Hummingway rolls on in, pushing a cart along, a comfy chair strapped to his back. On the cart there is a bowl of chicken soup, and a tablecloth under that. He rolls it out in front of Maira and then places two spoons next to the bowl of chicken soup. He sets the chair down in front of it and then, upon approaching Maira, wraps a blanket around her body, leading her on towards the chair. The blanket has a map patterned around it.

"There we go, there we go.. now just..." She pauses, peering at the chicken soup, "This isn't hot enough." She says and takes Maira's hand and shakes it a few times before a fireball launches out, heating the soup!

"There we go." She says kindly. "Now just take it easy."
Minerva Minerva had been about to step in to the shower she'd not even thought to get changed nay she's got a towel about her self it's secured well enough for nwo but she's not even realised till she's right on the scene that she's got a towel about herself and nothing else. She's going to have to not think about this as she sees Avira going after the beast, she leaps after them her fists freeing up as she moes into strike.

"You have disturbed my rest creature! YOU WILL NOT BE HERE FOR LONG!" She's not a happy monk no she's a very unhappy monk! The punching has started now!
Hati At first, Hati just nods with that brief, curt sort of way of someone who is used to taking orders and getting information in the midst of combat. Of course, the 'back up' is anything but what she would have expected. If nothing else the werewolf can say about the heroes of the world - they keep very strange friends. If it isn't Minerva arriving in a towel, it's the girl who looks like she's brought some form of the plague with her and the mother-hen tending to her. Oh, and let's not forget the cross-dressing boy. Her head cocks, and the wolf does one of those comical blink-blinks while looking between the various points of insanity.

"Your friends are a little crazy, you know that, right?" She asks, but rather than taking the situation too seriously, the werewolf has a quirk of a smile on her lips. This will be far more entertaining than just watching and listening for the heroes plans against the Shadow Lords. One dagger gets flipped in the wolf's hand as she traces out a symbol in the air with the wickedly curved tip. It's a strange language, mostly with slashes and points, but it only takes a moment before the rune flashes once, disappears, and then reappears beneath herself and Avira.

The power of the magic makes her hair move slightly as it washes over them like a wind, but that moment of near-seriousness is broken by... the antics of super-momma. "Really, really crazy." Hati muses, "Just make sure the firebug doens't set my tail on fire, okay?" She calls out, having no real idea of what Maira can do, but the last thing she wants is to end up an accidental target. Well, she might be a bad guy, but she's on their side at the moment, as screwed up as that might be.
Maira Maira is mom'd. Somehow, out of seemingly nowhere, there is an easy chair, blanket, and chicken soup. Awesome. Maira has already basically forgot what she was doing here, so she sits and lets herself be swaddled. Her arm flops when Saraf shakes it, obeying with a small fireball to heat the soup.

Maira takes the spoon in her other hand and spoons some soup into her mouth, looking up as the Powerwild goes crashing by. "Oh...that thing....right," she says, and flings a few fireballs before pausing to blow her nose.
Lavi A loud crashing noise begins to steadily grow from further away in the city, a heavy pounding that resonates through the district like the footfalls of some massive beast above the panicked screams of citizens fleeing the gargantuan monkey Heartless. It shares a similar pattern with the strange loping gait of the Powerwild, echoing almost in counter-point to its movements as it clambers towards Ron. Maira's soup is beset by ominious ripples as each thundering impact rocks the area.

Could it be there is another of these fell beasts here at the same time?!

That frightening mystery is abruptly solved as a massive tower of metal and golden hair comes barreling around the corner, running at an incredible speed - straight into the side of the Heartless. Lavi's warcry turns from an inspiring bellow to a surprised, "GRRRRAAAA--WAAAAAH?!", as her vision is filled with monkey.

However, the titan recovers quickly and throws her arms out to grapple the beast in a flying tackle, trying to intercept its course for the struggling young lady. Lavizilla vs King Powerwild! Let the showdown begin!
Ron Stoppable Ronda Stoppabelle comes bursting out of the door of her mansion, her hair bouncing in the wind as she does. She's got herself a smile on her face, though the moment she comes out... she sees Wild Warrior Women fighting with the GIANT EVIL MONKEY THING.

"AHHHH! MONK-mmph!" Rufina's hand has reached up to pull Ronda's lips closed. Remember? Undercover! Can't act like RON!

Somehow, Ronda must be able to speak Silent Naked Mole Rat because she realizes what's going on and then nods her head a bit. "Oh my heavens me! It is I, Ronda Stoppabelle! French Girl!" Ronda's high pitched voice is horrible and not even French at all. But still, she's making herself known. "I'm just passing through! Don't mind me! Teehee!" She tosses her purse and her hair and just proceeds to get her skipping on. Clearly, attempting to just skip through all this madness, because that's the easiest thing to do.

Rufina? She just scurries down and dives into Ronda's purse. Meep!

Here's to hoping these two girls don't get caught in the sights of this giant monkey thing of doom.
Avira "Are they? I bet they'd say the same thing about me, Hati!" Avira laughs as she plunges the Spine deep into the monkey's back. The Heartless actually stops with its big hand reaching for Ronda in the process and starts to turn upon being attacked. It seems like Ron might be home free, what with the wild warrior women thoroughly distracting the Powerwild!

It whips around, grabbing for Avira, but missing just as Hati's magic takes effect, enabling Avira to move out of the way far faster than usual. The faster reaction time also gives Avira the chance to peek over her shoulder and see Sarafina thoroughly momming all over the poor, sick Maira. Then Maira unleashes magic upon the Heartless, each striking the monkey in turn and pushing it back father. Despite this, there is concern on Avira's face.

"Sarafina, can you get your friend to roll her away? She really shouldn't be here right now! It's dangerous!" What if someone came along and captured her again?!

Minerva leaps up and socks the Heartless in the jaw, though it seems to do very little to stop the monster. After a second, it turns away and starts to move after Ronda again, reaching out, ready to grab 'her' as she proclaims to be FRENCH and tries to get away.

But all the sudden, someone of the Heartless's size comes barrling out of nowhere and rams into it, actually lifting the big Powerwild off the ground for a few seconds. It isn't long before it digs its hand-feet into the ground and firms up its stance, sliding, then pushing back with its entire body against Lavi.

Unfortunately for Ron, this titanic wrestling match blocks his path of escape. Oops!

The pushing continues until it seems to 'give' against Lavi-or rather, it tries to pull Lavi in and swing her around in a wide circle, striking those that are far too close to the Heartless.
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina nods over to Avira. "Certainly. I'll be there in a moment." She looks towards Gangway.
Gangway looks towards Sarafina.
'Now' mouths Sarafina. Suddenly, the Hummingway pushes the chair and cart along back into VALKYRI headquarters until Maira is in bed or--at least--finishes her soup!

Sarafina looks towards the Heartless, looking it over for a few moments.


Ron skips merrily along going teehee and the like.


Still there's a Heartless to deal with. Sarafina charges forward, intending to plow into it with her fists and saw!
Hati "And they'd be right." Hati cals back towards Avira, even as the mutate charges into battle against the monkey-heartless. At the very least- no matter how insane the calvalry might be, they do seem to be distracting enough to keep the Heartless occupied. She moves to join in the fray, right at the moment that Lavi comes running around and barrels into the powerwild. "What in the ...?" The wolf asks herself, ears flattening. While werewolves could get to eight feet tall on a big male, this one was... /huge/. For the little five-foot-ish wolf, it's enough to make her eyes go big and her tail puff slightly.

And that's when the sweep of the powerwild comes towards her. This time, Hati is quick enough, despite the chaos, to flip herself out of harm's way, coming to land somewhere near the escaping 'french girl'. In a crouch, the wolf growls under her breath. "How about a little help here, huh?" She asks, giving him one of those long looks with her scarred blue eye. "If you were hoping that the outfit will scare it to death, you've failed." She notes, "Nice legs though." She's teasing, right? Probably.

The werewolf leaps back into action, propelling herself off of a nicely manicured topiary in a nearby yard. She's quite quick in this human form, and soon enough she's managed to work her way around the group to find one of those fancy carts where vendors sell their wares. The arrival of the Heartless has left this one abandoned, so the wolf grabs hold of it, kicking out the stoppers and racing along behind it.

At the last moment, she leaps out of the way, letting momentum carry it between powerwild's legs, aimed right for the big monkey's 'coconuts' - if it even has any.
Lavi The giant knight grunts as she brings her strength to bear against the massive Heartless, arms locked about its body at an awkward angle thanks to the impromptu grappling session. A sharp whine fills the air as the machinery in her battlesuit comes to life, accuators and servomechanisms spinning and hissing magical steam from a dozen tiny nozzles across its armored surface.

As the momentum of her charge dies out, the Powerwild manages to get its footing again and heaves back, slowly but inexorably grinding to a halt. Lavi grins at the shadow monster, her powerful muscles straining slightly to keep the stalemate locked in place for several moments.

But suddenly the cirumstances shift and she finds herself being /pulled/ instead. Her eyes widen slightly as she realises what is happening and the warrior woman throws herself into the swing, riding it out and carrying them back around right where they started. She may have been used as a baseball bat in the process.

"Oh, this one thinks he's clever!" Her gauntlet comes up, rearing back as the giant fist is curdled up and comes slamming back into King Powerwild's beady-eyed face, hammering into it over and over.

"We'll... soon... fix... that!"
Ron Stoppable Ronda gets knocked into a spinning splendor, "WHOOOOOAAAAA!" She doesn't even really know which way is the right way to look at this exact moment. She actually just ends up stumbling and tumbling to the ground without so much as a second thought. She can't help it. She's horrible in these heels. They are just too high. Even if they do make her legs look even better than they already do. If they actually look good in the first place.

When she stops moving, Ronda is already reaching into her purse. "Oh my! My hair! I must fix it ever so quickly! Teehee!" Worst. French. Accent. Ever. But then she's pulling out what doesn't look like a hair dryer at all, but she pulls the 'trigger' on it and there's actually a launching of a hook-and-wire grapple line that fires out of it. Ronda manages to duck the immediate expulsion of this 'hair dryer', though that grapple line is headed off in the general direction of anyone that may be wearing a towel.

Minerva Minerva is totally not french she is not like Max. She's from Faux england darn it, she totally is. However she's trying to get get away she's hit it's not too bad all things again but she's grabbed. Shes then struggling to get lose but it's not doing so well she's is trying to prepare for something but just waht she might need some help.
Avira Avira's wolven lips pull back into a fierce grin at Hati's 'compliment' right before she...promptly does something crazy and darts in, ready to fight! Only just as she does, Avira finds herself met with a facefull of Lavi being swung around at her and is promptly knocked flat on her back. She almost loses her grip on her weapon as she slides backwards along the ground. Her other arm...

...holds her sea salt ice cream up in the air, successfully preventing it from being knocked out of her hand. Success!

Lavi is, fortunately, released after just one swing at the attackers, ending with smacking into Ron. The big Heartless crouches, fixing beady eyes onto Lavi and expertly ducks his head around punch after punch in an erratically effortless fashion. While it remains focused on dodging Lavi, it cannot split its attention between multiple attackers, allowing Sarafina to dash up to it and not only punch it, but stick it with her chainsaw! Being a creature made mostly of darkness, this, of course, is not all that gruesome. It turns to pursue Sarafina and right then, Hati's cart comes freewheeling in between its legs.

Heartless don't have certain bits of anatomy to take advantage of but yet this cart does manage to smash into the monkey heartless and briefly knock it off balance. It teeters...and teeters...then falls!

It falls upon poor Ronda and hits the ground (and her) with enough impact that sends a shockwave of fire spreading out around it. Very strange, actually, since Powerwilds didn't normally hold control over fire.
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina starts to says something but a FIRE SHOCKWAVE interrupts her hopes and dreams. Instead, Sarafina is forced to dive in and whallop it once more, the fire grazing her left side but not doing significant harm to her. She says, "Monkey See, Monkey Do!" because that just seemed like an appropriate thing to say at that point in time. She pulls on her jetpack cord and intends to grab at the Heartless and just goddamn lift it up in to the air with her hand. She swings the poor critter around in a circle--if she's able to get down on him and then shortly thereafter comes down on it as it falls, feet first! "Hya!!" She shouts since really, this is one of those times where a HYA is notably appropriate.
Hati For all that Hati sometimes mascarades as the devil-wolf some have begun to call Pyre, fire is not her strong suit. She'd proved that point during the battle for the Empire State building, ending up looking more like a crispy critter for all her efforts to keep a certain sky-scraper stealing program safe. So, as she's rolling away from the cart, the wolf has just a split second to leap up high enough to get out of the way of the shockwave. She balances with uncanny grace ontop of a light-pole, crouching on her toes. "That's not normal."

Then again, a powerwild this size isn't exactly normal, either. People mess with Heartless all the time though, often those who know the least about how to actually handle dealing with them. Right now, she's not thinking a lot about the meaning behind the attack. If it was important, she would have heard it through the grape-vine from one Shadow Lord or another. "Careful, it's still dangerous." She warns, tail wagging behind her. The wolf is enjoying this fight. It's like fighting in a pack.

There's no more time to worry about Ron(da), so instead she waits until the fire has dispersed before launching herself back down towards the ground. "Let's see how you like this." She growls, then slashes another pattern in the air. While she seems quite skilled with those daggers, the wolf doesn't actually go toe-to-toe very often, it seems. It's not really magic she uses, though, but some extension of her own strength. It's impossible not to notice that this wolf wields dark magic. The waves of black flame can't be mistaken. Then again, she is on their side, or at least she appears to be, anyways.

A ball of swirling black vapor forms before her, and with a roar that sounds both animal and human, Hati strikes through it, the force of her blows catching the infectuous qualities of that darkness and carrying it along with, aimed to blast the monkey in the side.
Lavi The titanic fists whoosh as they swing heavily through the air but, despite their size and speed, the dark simian lord makes a mockery of Lavi's punishing assault. Monkey-Fu apparently still works when the combatants are the same size.

A final monstrous swing comes in at the Heartless' chest but it easily throws itself out of the way, rolling deftly to the side, only to be chainsawed brutally. She turns to grin at the clever use of her distraction but a soft beep and a flashing rune on her eye warns of the approach of a high-speed object.

Hopping deftly aside, Lavi avoids getting careened by the runaway cart which goes smashing into the Heartless. Seeing her chance, the giantess moves in, foot raised to plant a solid kick square in its chest. But then it starts to fall and she hasn't got time to do anything but latch on again and throw the two of them sideways into the open.

Unfortunately, the towel-clad monk is in the path but such is the calculus of war. Some are sacrificed so that others may fight on! The powerful firey explosion upon their landing sears the ornate surface of Lavi's armor, cauterising some of the mechnical components. Suddenly she finds her arms wedged in place, unable to release her grip on the giant Heartless.

Best to use this to thier advantage! "Grr! I'm stuck but I've got it down! Strike while you have the chance!" Even as she calls out to them, mental commands are relayed to the suit's computers and a cocktail of battle stims floods her body, granting her more focus and power to aid in holding the slippery beast on top of her.

A faint nimbus of golden light begins to play around the edges of her body as well, a tiny hint of unnatural light as she calls upon the barest measure of her secret powers. The destroyed machinery begins to scrape and hiss softly as the burnt components reform, reality bending to her god-like will.
Ron Stoppable Ronda spots that a giant cart of doom is headed her way and she's already on the move. Her feet kicking off the pumps, sending them flailing in random VALKRYI directions, whilst she makes with the diving out of the way. When the fire spreads, Ronda is already running away from it, as if she's not going to stick around to get burned up into something nasty. Which is just fine with her!

While her grapple gun is no longer usable, Ronda is more than capable of doing something that may help. "You fiendish ghoul thing! I won't let you hurt these beautiful women that have decided to come to my aid! Never!" And that's when Ronda goes into her purse and yanks out a handful of... Diablo Sauce Packets?

"Fire in the hole!" She exclaims. And then laughs because, yeah, fire shockwave.

Minerva Minerva is not doing so well she really should have taken time to throw something on anything on honestlyy but today she did not just bolted out of the bathroom with a towel on her. She was asking for this honestly shr really was as the beast now sets her on fire. She's not one to burn for long given her state but well that towel it catches fire. It's now burning, and it's only a matter of time. She is on fire now she's chargin the best again and she's clearly very not happy as she starts to spin, prehaps making the flames wores.

Only now does she register that she's on fire and it's dar too late to stop at this point. She's going impact with the beast and prehaps knock it airborn she leaps up attempts to blast the thing beast with a bit of holy elemental power before landing to just punch it once more trying to set it on fire in return. All the while her towel's doom is certain.
Avira Lavi latches onto the Heartless and is all but welded into place thanks to the fire. So when Sarafina latches onto the Heartless, applies the jetpack and tries to lift it, she goes nowhere.

The combined weight of Lavi and the Heartless is far too heavy to be lifted. The Jumbo Powerwild looks over at Sarafina with an expressionless yellow-eyed stare before swinging one of its massively muscled arms at the airborne Momzilla. Not that it can really reach while being pinned.

On her feet again, Avira manages to leap over the ring of fire and catch a current, propelling her into the air. As she flies, she takes her ice cream and sticks it into her mouth, grabbing onto it with her teeth so she can grip her weapon with both hands. A coating of ice overwhelms the Spine and, after a second of circling, she dives down, holding her weapon inverted, and drives it deep into the jumbo Powerwild's tail. Ice magic creeps up along its length, slowing it and making it easier to strike. In theory.

"You got that right. I've never seen one of these use fire before. Maybe they're mutating or something." Avira glances to Lavi, as if her very presence was to blame for mutant Heartless. Come to think of it, she never did ask if Lavi emitted radiation. "Never seen them this big before either."

Darkness. It's easily seen in the dark fire that Hati summons through the motions of her dagger. It's easily noticed by Avira, who had just finished struggling with an unnatural bit of injected darkness with her mutation. The ball of dark energy that Hati fires should garner a lot more attention than just Avira because the attack blows a hole clean through the Heartless. Hati can see all the way through its thick mass to the other side. Yet in spite of this large and grevious wound, the creature is still moving. It is a Heartless, after all. They do not know pain. They do not know fear.

Minerva will have no need to knock it into the air with Lavi pinning it down. The monk is easily able to come up and punch it with holy power to her heart's content. Oddly enough, that holy power seems pretty effective.

The Jumbo Powerwild opens its mouth, perhaps to bite Lavi as it tries to thrash itself free. In that very moment, Ron hurls the Diablo sauce packets in. The Heartless closes its mouth and the packets are swallowed. There is an ominous rumble.

Suddenly the enormous monkey EXPLODES with power, wreathed in dark fire that bares a slight resemblence to the power that Hati has been invoking. The burst is enough to wrench even Lavi free of itself. The Jumbo Powerwild levitates into the air, its head tilted back to look at the sky. Something is brewing in the air above, mysterious dark spots appearing in the air.

Comets descend. They are pure blasts of dark fire so there isn't any bothersome rock shrapnel to deal with, but each blast is extremely dangerous and leaves significant damage in their wake. Anyone struck is in for a world of darkness-induced pain.
Tom Magnusson There is a certain somebody living in Traverse Town in recent days. The stories say that this certain somebody is a monster of a man. A man who eats monsters- who goes and hunts the beasts in the depths of darkness, danger and despair, and emerges days later with a fresh rack of ribs and a mysterious new trophy for his cabinet. This is only partly true- the certain somebody does in fact go and hunt bounties for food and profit, but he does not do it merely for sport or greed! No, he does so to sate a burning need in his heart- a heart that calls so often for justice!

Tom Magnusson braves the night because it is the beasts that lurk within that threaten so much. He goes forth and adventures because he must answer the need to challenge himself. He strides, boldly, into darkness to show that light can triumph over it, with strength of heart and strength of arm.

And it is a rare treat, then, that the darkness comes up to his doorstep.

Word that a giant, shadow-ape had begun rampaging in Traverse Town's square had not taken long to reach the TDA's ears. Unfortunately, Tom was the only one in at the time. Fortunately, /TOM/ was the only man in at the time. His arrival is heralded by a thunderous flapping of fabric and the squeak of a tiny, blue mouse. His arrival is then confirmed by a roar of manly fury and the unmistakable thunder of unbridled confidence in the Vespertine Investigator's voice. His timbre is the sound of a storm rolling over and endless plain! His stalwart tone, the rumbling of a mountain standing tall and mighty against earthshattering tremors.

"Hey!" Tom Magnusson booms, standing atop a block of heavy stone set into the high, grey, plaza wall, "Ugly!" A finger jabs aggressively toward the horrible Heartless Ape. Tom's muscles tighten and bristle with incredible, sanity-crushing strength. "Pick on someone your own size!"
Hati For all that her brother might be the 'noble wolf' and she might tend to be the one known more for her rage, Hati isn't so far removed to not notice a girl with a flaming towel and not much left to spare before she ends up fighting in the buff. Let's face it, someone has to try to come to Minerva's rescue, otherwise - well, hilariousness and strategically placed objects may have to be called into play. Still!

The wolf slips her arms out of her trenchcoat, revealing bare arms. The left one is scarred down the side, matching the ones that mark her face and cheek. It goes against her instincts to go in closer to this fight, but she does so anyways, trying to stay quick on her feet. The intention is to try and throw the jacket over Minerva's shoulders and try to douse the worst of the flames and possibly save her from putting on quite a show in the streets. "Here, this should be a bit more useful against this thing."

She says, right as the Heartless explodes just about in her face. No good deed goes unpunished. The wolf gets thrown backwards, tossed into the wall of a nearby building, and then she sinks unceremoniously to the ground. Groaning from the pain of it, Hati barely manages to keep herself conscious. This isn't her wolf form, and it can't take damage as well as when her beast is let loose. She hadn't been expecting the explosion, and there is a distinct feeling in her ribs that suggests more than surface damage. At the very least, her fur isn't on fire... this time.

There's no point in trying to get to her feet, so Hati looks around for one of her daggers. Thankfully, one of them was blasted nearby, sticking into the wall not more than a few inches from her head. The wolf grabs the hilt, yanks it free, and then aims it towards the Heartless, drawing up an inhuman howl from her lips. The darkness forms again, this time into the shape of wolves. This phantom pack moves forward, charging towards the Heartless, snapping with pointy teeth and sharp claws.

It's probably a good thing Maira went inside to nap this all off. Gangway, the Hummingway, is perturbed and opens up one of VALKYRI'S windows to shout out at the Powerwild. "Hey! Hey!!!!!" He shouts. "HEY!" And then he nods once he's sure he's got its intention evne though he probably doesn't? "Keep it down out there! Maira's trying to sleep!" And then he slams the window shut again.

Sarafina dives and weaves between comets but she gets caught by one and ends up crashing to the ground regardless. She hits the floor roughly, spins around into a crouch and then throws herself into the air once more, guiding her chainsaw forward before her.

"Tom!!" She complains. "Maira's trying to sleep!!!"

The window opens up again and Gangway pokes his adorable head out and shouts, "CAPTAIN! SERIOUSLY!!!! MAIRA IS TRYING TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sarafina shouts back and then dives down, intending to carve up some monkey stew!
Lavi Lavi grits her teeth against the thrashing of her captive, holding it steady if not still, while the others unleash their fury upon it to mild degrees of success. Despite the struggle, she seems to be enjoying herself immensely if the big grin on her face is any indicator.

"Hold... still!" Slowly the magic or whatever force brought to bear by the giantess does its job of repairing her armor enough to move her arms again - just in time for Ronda's ill-fated attempt to assist.

The sudden surge of dark fire explodes right on top of her, bypassing the protective wards of her armor and searing both it and the occupant with sorching heat. Lavi grimaces in real pain, her body explosively smashing into the stone tiles of the plaza with a resounding crack of metal and rock.

The impact of her titanic weight dents the ground beneath her, a wide crater of circular rubble erupting in all directions as spiderweb cracks split a small section of the plaza asunder. "Hnnrgh... that's one fiesty monkey! Get back here yo--oh."

She lurches to her feet as a shadow looms overhead, just in time to see the massive balls of demon fire raining upon them. One in particular streaks down upon her like a comet of evil. Lavi grins again and crosses her arms, moments before it strikes, as if to ward off the blow with mere disdain.

A horrendous crackle of energy erupts mere inches away from her body as the fell flames strike a barrier of invisible power. The two forces struggle against each other for a split second before a massive explosion engulfs the giant knight in purple and black fire. It takes several moments for the smoke to clear, during which Tom strides forth to give his defiant challenge. However, a voice calls out after him from the swirling flames and smoke.

"Hey, I'm not done yet! Find your own giant shadow thing!" Lavi emerges from the explosion, her armor blackened and cracked in a few places, but her spirit hardly phased. Both arms are flexed at her sides as a quartet of massive bore gun-barrels emerge from each gauntlet, clicking into place with sharp crack. She gives the man another grin before turning her fists up towards King Powerwild.

There is a metallic click, a pause, and then fire erupts from her weapons. Yellow muzzle flash and brilliant scarlet tracers stain the sky while a cacophonous wave of gunpowder explosions drowns out all chance at hearing. Sorry, Lavi isn't very noise pollution friendly.
Ron Stoppable Ronda Stoppabelle is not fast enough this time. This is the bad news. Well, really, it's more that there's about to be something massively painful raining down upon her like there's nothing stopping it... and there's nothing stopping it at all. The comet of DARKNESS PAIN comes falling down upon her with all sorts of fury and terror.

Ronda squeals through this entire moment, covering herself up with her arms and there's just nothing be screaming happening from her beautifully non-French but French self. It is really quite awkward the way she's even still screaming... when the danger and pain of darkness has passed. She's just curled up on the ground, huddled against her Naked Mole Rat Female Sister Thing, as if the Fetal Position is going to actually help with what's going on above and around her.

"Oh, that is it. THAT IS SO IT!" Ronda is leaping up and making sure her dress is still on nice and tight, she takes off in a quick run in the direction of the giant Heartless Kong. She starts screaming wildly like some sort of mad woman, swinging her purse around her head like some kind of mistress of the deep and...

Her foot slips right on the damn pump that she was wearing earlier, which sends her into a rolling roll right in the direction of the Heartless Monkey, while her purse is in the air and sailing right off in the direction of the latest addition to this madness: Tom.
Minerva Minerva towel is doomed she needs to get it off ot she's going to be injured more. Her pride or second degree buirns there's a slight pose as she's prepared to do the latter. Modesty shouldn't get you killed right? Than is by an act of the divine there's another option for the monk. She's got someone coming to help. She's now got a trnech coat on her as the flames are put out and well The flames re doused and she says "Thank you, I am in your dept." She really is, she was an inch away from being mortfied.

She now cna focus on more imporant thigns like getting some payback from the heartless she gives Hati one last nod of thanks before she leaps away and heads down towards the beast and her hands are glowing bright with holy as she's clealry intent ot give this creature the boot "I was about to enjoy the results of this science thing! The fact I can have a hot bath without needing to pester some poor fool to do all the heavy liftint and you interupted it! She lunges trying for the thing head in a bounding leap given it's side and just grabs hold. It's like a small nuke going off really.. there's a flash of light.
Riku '--------ssss-- UGH. THUNK." Splash.

And suddenly Riku. And Angatyr. There is a black stain (again in the air, although sideways this time instead of straight down) and there was a dignity here, but it's gone now.

Riku is up to his knees in water, being splashed over by a constant stream and coughing out some munny he nearly swallowed by faceplanting straight into the fountain.

Knowing the dangers of being in this sort of position, he vaults over the side of the fountain dripping wet and somewhat woozy, muscles shaking from excertion and sheer information overload.
Avira A show of power clearly begets a show of power. Destruction rains down all around them, leaving nobody unscathed.

Wolves of shadow tear forward, leaping onto the Heartless and viciously dragging it back down to the ground. Avira, who lunges forward with an ice-imbued weapon, does not shy away from this particular attack, unafraid of the pack that Hati summons. In fact, it reminded her of a certain spell of her own that she had devised, but had not attempted to use since the cure.

Unable to dodge or really lifts its arms to parry, the giant monkey Heartless is a sitting duck to the airborn Momzilla. Sarafina tears into it with her chainsaws, each strike tearing off chunks of darkness. Seconds later it does start to reform, but at significantly less mass than before. It seems as if Sarafina is, literally, cutting the Heartless down to size.

Sarafina might want to move, though, as Lavi opens fire upon the Heartless. The noise is deafening, perhaps even moreso than the comets that were just summoned by the Heartless. Lavi will find herself satisfied at last as the Heartless does not dodge or absorb these strikes. It's almost comical, the number and size of holes left in the King Powerwild are absolute obscene. It's hard to believe that there's anything left for Minerva's holy power to hit. And yet there is. The blasts from the monk actually tear the Heartless free of the vicious Shadow wolves, though it makes little effort to counter. Instead, it falls over, face-first to the ground, its massive, battered form unmoving.

Then Ronda rolls up to its prone form, her body smacking soundly against its head. A second later, the entire Heartless evaporates into a mass of swirling mist, leaving nothing but a sparkling black crystal behind.

Avira sloooowly turns to look at the civillian that, in spite of warnings, did not evacuate. On one hand, that was kind of foolish. On the other, actually attempting to fight the Heartless was pretty brave of the woman. "...hmmmm."

Suddenly there is commotion in the fountain. Avira whirls, her weapon raised. "!!!"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr falls out of the portal, landing next to Riku in the fountain of Traverse town.

Groaning, he stands up, shaking himself off and watching as Riku starts running off.

"OH NO YOU DON'T! TIME TO FINISH THIS!" he shouts and leaps over the fountain barrier, and right towards Riku.

This time, his right hand bursts into dark flame, pointing it towards Riku, and causing the same to happen to him. This is followed by the Knight rushing towards Riku, hand extended, aiming to try and break through the barrier of electricty that surrounds them both, and then...

Aims to grab Riku by the back of the head, aiming to drag him face first into the ground, and then aims to punch him full force into the ground and aim to send him flying back up from the sheer force of it.

Then he falls back into the aggressive stance!
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina drops down quick to avoid getting friendly fire and--ONCE THE BATTLE IS OVER--performs a Final FAntasy Victory DAnce. It involves punching the air repeatedly. She turns to the shower after and says, "Shhhh!"

She points towards VALKYRI. "Maira is sick and is trying to sleep."
Hati From the distance, Hati watches the end of the Heartless as the rag-tag group of mismatched heroes manage to take it down at last. Her own wolves vanish after a moment, howling once in song before disappearing into little more than vapor. With a growl, she pushes herself to her feet, checking that everything still works. Everything is intact, even if she's got more parts of her body muttering about aches than she can count. "Well, that was interesting."

It isn't exactly a victory dance like Sarafina manages, but she twirls that one dagger and sheathes it, glancing around in search of the other.

"Everyone alive?" She asks, one hand wrapped around her side. There's little enough time for worrying over the others, as suddenly the sound of the new arrivals perks her ears. Turning, Hati just... stares. Riku, she clearly recognises, but the other one, not so much. Of course, just what the two men are doing, short of something close to a wet t-shirt contest, or pro-wrestling, is anyone's guess.

Strangely, the wolf looks to Avira, as if she were somehow the one to take a que from.
Tom Magnusson Tom arrives. The beast is slain shortly thereafter. Tom hrmphs quietly, crossing his arms over his chest. "Well," Tom concludes with the logic that only Tom is capable of wielding, "Guess I was too late for the party. Or maybe I was right on time, and it decided to melt back into the darkness as soon as it noticed me! Heh."

There's a pregnant pause. Tom frowns. The tiny blue mouse clambers up his leg and perches on his shoulder, squeaking consolingly at its mount. "Well, maybe next time. I guess!"

And then, something draws Tom's attention. A couple somethings.

Tom leaps from the ridge-wall, and lands with a loud thud in the town square. "Oi, Riku!" Tom says when Riku gets himself punched in the face. "Where've you been? You picked up another guy who wants to put you through a wall? Maybe the two of you aught to take thise somewhere there /ain't/ civilians? Hmn?"

His muscles tense, and then he launches himself forward, arms lashing out to--

Take both of the young men in a massive, Tom Grade bear hug!?
Lavi The deafening roar peters out swiftly as Lavi cuts the feed of ammunition to her weapons. While she might thoroughly enjoy blasting something down to its component atoms, living for over a century has given her the necessary patience and restraint to know when she's just being wasteful.

A cloud of thick gunsmoke drifts lazily from the cluster of barrels on her hands, mixing together into a grey mist that lingers about her arms as if they had just been extinguished. The knight wanders over to the smoldering husk of the former simian Heartless, smirking as it evaporates into a dark puff of smoke.

"Now that was a fight! Stomping on all the little ones was starting to get tedi-" More runes flicker across her HUD. The read-outs are strange, something she hasn't seen before but something is coming.

Her head tilts up to the sky moments before the air is rent asunder by darkness, eyes narrowing as the two young men tumble into the fountain. Bio-scans are performed immediately and within a few seconds the information scrolls across her eyes as thin lines of white light to anyone watching.

Scanning Lifeforms...
Bio-signs being compared to database...
Warning: Partial Match Only.

Lavi clucks her tongue at the output. No confirmation but they were similar to that boy out in the fields and the hooded man in the bar. Something had changed about both of them though. Or maybe it was just a malfunction. Absorbing so much dark energy had fried several of the circuits. It would take a little time to mend them.

She just watches quietly, eyebrow quirked as the others respond to them. Apparently the large man from the boat recognised them. Mentally she marked down the name Riku, applying it to the appropriate file in her head for future reference. Let's see where this goes.
Avira A look of annoyance briefly crosses Avira's face after she manages to tear her attention away from wet Angantyr in the middle of a fight. Yeah. She that all day, frankly. Nice. "Give us SOME credit, Tom, will you?" she huffs before noticing that look from Hati.

It takes her a moment to figure out what it's meant for. "We ought to break this up-" she starts, only for Tom to quickly jump in. Now there are three guys wrestling in the water in the fountain.

In front of a group of women. (And Ron, but he totally counts as a girl right now.)

Avira's quiet for a long moment before: "Oh. Hey. No. Break it up, guys." She sounds so enthusiastic.
Riku This is going to suck.

Riku has just about enough time for this very obvious thought to cross his mind before he impacts the ground. The barrier SMASHES apart, blood beginning to fly from gashes as he is picked up and slammed. Slam. Slam.

The pain also breaks through the fragile control Riku had over his darkness. It brings the fear to the foreground again as he realizes IN RANGE IS BAD. In the sense that he might very well get crushed if he doesn't do something right /now/. Die. He was going to die again.

Riku screams, the faint echo of a roar behind it as he reaches into the surroundings which are seeped with the echoes of fading darkness. "/ENO---GGK/" ---TOMHUG.

Riku in control of his darkness and his faculties would probably have reacted a different way. DEATH by squeezing and then just-- letting Tom do his thing because.. ridiculous as it was, he was only trying to help. --
% However. Riku is not here right now. Leave a message.

Riku roars in defiance again, eyes glaring at Angatyr as a deadly black storm whirls and slices with a million cutting blades around Riku as he draws in a gasping breath and at the --very last second, draws in enough self control to not lose himself completely. He slams his head back trying to KLONK Tom in the face before unleashing a veritable storm of dark energy from VERY close range.
Ron Stoppable Perhaps it is because she's dressed like this or something, but the fact of the matter is that Ronda is staring into the fountain and at this battle of battleness that is happening right now. She actually seems to be looking just like the rest of these girls are.Simply in awe of the two men that are battling it out and such.

"Wow." comes from Ronda's lips as he stares on like there's nothing else to stare at this moment. She doesn't even finish getting herself up and to her feet at this moment, because she's clearly too focused on watching Riku and Angantyr duking it out.

To be honest, though, Ron's just impressed by Riku's hair at this moment.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is serious, but he knows better than to actually go full force against the kid. He wasn't trying to kill him...just...

Then something happens, the area just suffered a massive fight of something dark. Angantyr wasn't sure what, but it's hard to figure out what is going on here...

There was a familar person, Avira is spotted out of the corner of his eye, the giant of a woman that he met in a bar too was there, but it's only a passing familar...

Then suddenly TIME comes out of nowhere. Grabbing him, and drawing him into a bearhug. Angantyr responds immediately, swinging in a massive arch of darkness, the mace aiming to grab into Tom's body and TEAR armor and flesh away with it's strike...

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" he booms, "STAY OUT OF THIS!" he shouts again, annoyed and angry. NOBODY interupts a fight! It is...simply...


Angantyr, having ENOUGH of people do this crap, hell...and HUGGING HIM!? He doesn't even KNOW this guy...

Angantyr's right hand channel's the darkness, letting it flow through his body, as he swings the mace upwards...

Then, without fear, the darkness wrapos around him, temporarily transforming into a shadow-like beast, just a single red glowing eye as he swings the mace in a massive arch, aiming to repeatedly drive it through him...

The darkness shifts as he brings the mace up, aiming to litterally draw life from Tom...

And then shove the mace RIGHT into him, aiming to blow the Detective away.

Sarafina Carenze "Avira..." Sarafina protests. She looks as Tom starts wrestling the other two. "Tom..." She adds.

Roaring from Riku.
Shouting from Tom.
SHOUTING from Ang.

Sarafina's left eye twitches. She looks towards the window of VALKYRI HQ where Gangway is just shaking his head and holding an index finger to her lips. And then he crosses his arms, looking awfully dissapointed. Sarafina's teeth grind together at the flashy special effects and power.

"I said..." She says, stomping forward and swinging her chainsaw in a wide arc, using the side of it (it's not active so it won't carve, it's just the broadside. She's not trying to seriously hurt anyone) to clobber the three of 'em!

"Maira is trying to sleep!"

Hati Stepping in to the middle of a fight between two obvious bad-asses. Not a smart move on Tom's part, and Hati can't help but wince in expectation of what is going to happen. Then again, it's his own fault. Her eyes shift away from Avira just long enough to watch the two turn against Tom. Guess neither of them like public displays of affection. Of course, with everyone focused on the fighting, it means that pretty black crystal is just sitting there.

The thief in Hati can't help but figure: their loss, her gain. Yoink. For all her injuries, the wolf moves surprisingly quickly. One minute it's there, the next, gone. Oh, and that wolf balancing again ontop of a lightpost? Nope, totally wasn't her that took it. Not at all. *cough*

She turns back just in time to spot Sarafina joining the fray for Maira's sake, and this time the wolf isn't able to keep from letting out a laugh. Sure, the situation seems dire and serious, but mega-mom is ... amusing. Of course, the laugh brings a wince from the wolf, too. "Think this is my que to head out. I've no interest in getting dragged into this fight." Why had she even joined in the other one? To protect the civilians? Ron(da)? Avira? When it comes to the lone wolf, her reasons are anyone's guess.

If someone actually happened to be looking in her direction just at that moment, they might see just the faintest shift of darkness as a portal opens, the wolf leaps through it, and then both disappear with a puff of dark mist. Yeah, that guest party member for this fight, totally made off with your loot.
Minerva Minerva is about to say something she really is, She's happy it's over she's she's now doing up the coat she's going to march back inside act like this NEVER HAPPNED and enjoy her first hot shower ever in the middle of winter!. Then two guys come out of nowhere, they are suddnely there fighting and then Tom goes into the middle of it. "HAVE YOU NO HONOR THEY ARE HAVING A DUEL!" She looks to Hati "I shall return this shortly." She glares back at Tom. WAit did they just run off with most of the mummy? Maybe she'll keeop the coat oh well she's got a shower on her mind and likely a potion or two...
Lavi More beeps and scrolling data accompanies Hati's swift exit. Lavi tilts her head slightly to regard the strange girl as she goes, noting the darkness that seems to respond to her will. The number of people who seemed to share this power was growing at a disturbing rate.

Smiling at the strange scuffle in the fountain, the titan marches over to join the other women. A plethora of metallic groans and squeaks accompanies her movements, the armor in terrible condition. The edges of the knight's body seem to disort and shine, the faintest hint of a mirage outlining her stout frame as if the light were playing off her in unnatural ways. The effect is subtle and noticable only for mere moments at a time.

A hand is rested on Avira's shoulder as she draws near. "You know these men?"
Avira Hati makes off not with munny, but a mysterious large black crystal the oversized Powerwild had left behind. Avira is pretty aware of Hati's departure, "Nobody should be dragged into this fight, especially not here in the middle of Traverse Town!" -and only notices a moment afterwards that their helper had run off with the left-behind crystal too.

A frown of annoyance crosses her face. "I knew I should have picked that thing up faster." Stupid sexy Angantyr.

As more people join the fray, Avira puts her Spine away and, from her mouth, pulls out the now bare sea salt ice cream popsicle stick. At least, during the fight, she had managed to eat her ice cream my letting it melt in her mouth.


"I do." Avira looks up at Lavi. "Riku and Angantyr. I'm assuming Angantyr is taking issue with Riku over Manhattan? Either way, you guys-!" she calls out to them, "Take it outside! ....of town! This place has had enough fighting in it today!"
Tom Magnusson A lot of things happen to Tom in a very short span of time. Tom has no idea who exactly Angantyr is- he knows Riku! But Riku does not seem to be here at the moment. Tom is very quick to realize this-- right around the time where he notices that, instead of an angsty, muffled grunt of disapproval, Tom instead recieves a headbutt, right to the face. He grunts, his head snapping back right on time to be caught up in a great conflagration of tenebrous shadow. And then, there is Ang. Ang, whose mace slams painfully into Tom's torso.

He produces a sound, it is a sound that is very much 'oof'-like.

He's flung back, skidding across the fountain stone. Miraculously, and speaking strongly to the detective's incredible durability, Tom is not actually unconscious just yet.

Then, he's slapped upside the head by Sarafina's chainsaw. Tom produces another sound that vaguely resembles an 'oof' as his jaw generates a noise that sounds like a 'crack' as he stumbles, painfully, back. "Ugh, jeez," Tom spits. There's a little bit of a blood mixed in with the phlegm. "Duels are great an' all, but there's a time and a place for everything, y'know?"

A wet, painful sounding cough wracks his frame, before he straightens and clears his throat, dislodging a thick glob of bloody tissue into a very wet handkerchief. He frowns, pounds on his chest once or twice, and then pops his shoulders. "Well," Tom concludes, soaked in all kinds of water. "/That/ was a great and painful sort of hello."

He turns to look at the... Peanut Gallery? No. The audience. An audience, to three guys brawling in a fountain. Mn. "So." Tom asks--

"Enjoyin' the show?"
Riku And-- Sarafina knew just what button to push.

The mom button.

Riku abruptly stops yelling as if Sarafina had stopped up his mouth with a sock. He chokes and gags, blearry yellow filled eyes staring woozily around at the surroundings. He shakes his head, exhausted from the expenditure.

He takes a shaky breath and lets it out. "I'm.." he grins lopsidedly at Ang. "I am NOT done wiping the floor with you yet, tin can." The bravado sounds a little hollow but he still wants to stop this armored goon that he can come back from this-- that he can control himself and still fight.

Hell. At this point, that he can still stand. Riku glances over to Avira, eyes widening slightly in surprise at something-- but he can't really pause for thought in case of MACE. Riku gestures for Angatyr to follow and /drops/ out of sight as the portal appears at his feet.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr instinctively swings the mace down towards the ground, kicking up debries as Sarafina mom's them.

Angantyr blinks, at her... "Maira's sick? Huh. Alright, sorry." he says, calmly, looking towards Avira. Then Riku offers a new place to fight.

"Alright. We go here and end this." he nods once, giving Riku that smirk. Angantyr walks through the portal, right after Riku.
Avira "Wow..." Avira says, suddenly very, very stunned, "They actually listened to me."

She looks up at Lavi, the shock evident on her face, before she starts moving to the fountain to collect a certain muscle wizard.
Ron Stoppable Ronda is up and on his feet right now. Her feet. Whatever. She's finally starting to work up the energy to head in the direction of the men that are fighting in the fountain or around the fountain or whatever.

"Hey! Fellas! That's right! You should stop! Teehee!"

And then they are gone.

Ronda frowns as she gets close enough to Avira to practically lean. She's breathing heavily. Too heavily. "Sad. I wanted to know where he got such wonderful hair."
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina looks about ready to slug Tom again out of pure frustration (and to be fair, punching him in the head is not like hitting anywhere vital) but Ron'da' speaks.

Sarafina lets her hand drop and she looks at Ronda.

And stares at Ronda.

"...Actually it was pretty nice hair." She admits. "...I wonder what shampoo he uses."
Lavi "Quite the pair," the giantess responds with a chuckle. As Avira wanders over to Tom, she gives him a quick round of applause and then rubs the back of her neck with one hand. "You seem to be quite durable! ... for a mortal," she adds with a grin.

The strange yound lady's comment almost causes her to laugh but she stifles it in time upon seeing Sarafina's angry glare. Her own hair seems to be completely perfect still despite eating a fireball in the face and wrestling with a monkey. Demi-god perks.

"So. Looks like the danger is passed. Aaaaah, a good workout like that has developed an appetite."
Tom Magnusson "Considering I just coughed up a piece of lung," Tom grunts past Sarafina's impending fist toward Lavi, "I'd give myself another five, ten minutes 'fore internal trauma drops me for a loop. I'll survive, probably."

When Avira approaches, Tom drops an arm over her shoulders, resting much of his weight on her back. "Damn good thing we've got someone familiar with healin', eh?"
Avira Slowly, Avira turns to stare at Ronda too. She squints, slowly...

'Seems legit.'

"You have some guts. Good on you, kid, and I'm glad you survivaled all of that." Steadying herself, Avira braces Tom against her. "Yes, good thing indeed. Let's go."
Ron Stoppable Ronda tosses her hair (but not too much - IT'S A WIG) and poses a little bit. "Hey. That's right. I did, didn't I? Teehee."

Ronda's eyes then roll back into her head and she immediately collapses to the ground. WHUMP. Fainted.

You can't just leave her there! ... Right, VALKYRI?
Lavi Lavi is already wandering off back the way she came, her armor looking less and less damaged by the moment. Seeing that Avira has already taken care of Tom, and Supermom will likely be all over the fainted girl, her work here is finished. She gives them all a casual wave over the shoulder before disappearing around the corner of a street.

This scene contained 61 poses. The players who were present were: Riku, Sarafina Carenze, Avira, Maira, Hati, Minerva, Ron Stoppable, Angantyr Vespar, Tom Magnusson, Lavi