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(2013-01-05 - 2013-02-15)
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Morrighan Alazne "I am not sure just how much more of this nonsense I can take..." Morrighan mumbled, passing through the door to her personal chambers in Baron Castle. It was just recently that the kingdom had staged an assault on the Dwarf Woodlands, intent to pillage and pilfer whatever resources they could. The operation was not a complete success, but they managed to get away with some material.

But that's not the issue here.

The way the battle played out was utterly abhorrent. What with several do-gooder heroes showing up to get in the way, not to mention those two unlimiteds. They nearly leveled the entire forest with their clash... "I did not sign up for this nonsense..." With a sigh, the dark elf strode over to her rather sizable bed, sitting down and laying back rather unceremoniously.

"Those fools...Baigan, those fiends...I cannot even begin to-!" Oh boy, now she was getting worked up again.

In her mind, there was only one statement continuously echoing.

'I need to get out of here.'
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan's eyes were closed. Thus, she did not notice the changes in the room until she could very easily feel the surge from the flames of the torches within the room. Immediately, her eyes shot open and she sat up, looking rather alarmed. The sight of Maleficent in all her glory was...certainly one to behold. Being as magic oriented as she was, it was not at al hard feel the pure power radiating from the sorceress' form. It was almost suffocating. Almost.

"...Who are you? And how do you know my name?" The healer half asked, half demanded, wanting to stand up on guard, but...for some reason, she felt glued to where she sat, her body not responding to the her efforts to move. Desire? ...She spoke of desires?

Well that was easy enough.

Staring up at Maleficent, Morrighan didn't hesitate. "I want power. I want the power to do as I wish. Without relying on these so called /kings/ and /commanders/." She spoke with a fair bit of disdain. "I am utterly tired of the devilry and utterly incompetence that I am subjected to on a day to day basis. These people, here and beyond, have no idea how to run things. No idea how to use the powers they have."

A pause. And then she resumed.

"...I am tired of serving these fools who do nothing but posture about, make grand speeches about their evil plans, and then fail over and over again."
Morrighan Alazne Blink.

Blink Blink.

That laugh. Oh god, it's /that/ laugh. She's heard it before! It clearly echoed throughout Manhattan during that storm. So she was the one who was behind those rather...unpleasant weather conditions. Well, now that Morrighan was seeing her in the flesh, it wasn't hard to see how she was capable of such a thing to begin with.

Someone this powerful...She had an idea now...

"If I had power..." Morrighan mumbled in thought, closing her eyes for a moment as she considered it. "...I would do what I have to, to secure my place in this world. To move on. To be more than just some tool being used by an inconsequential kingdom." The dark elf answered rather calmly, relaxing now that she knew there was no threat.

...Or rather, no threat that was out to end her specifically. That was probably a better way to put it. "These kingdoms and corporations...they only care about expanding their borders. They do not see the bigger picture before irritates me to no end. And I refuse to be a part of it any longer."

The healer glanced back up at the sorceress then and stared for a moment. "...Wait a moment. That program, LEXUS...he mentioned that someone would be coming to see me eventually..." A hand was brought to her chin then as she mused a moment longer. "...Are you Maleficent?"
Morrighan Alazne "...Well, I certainly wouldn't mind if I knew the cause I was working towards was worthwhile. Something clear and not...utterly abhorrent. For example take Baron..." Morrighan began to explain, crossing her arms. "...All they care about is attacking other lands, building their own power discernible purpose. How utterly asinine. I cannot even begin to fathom how they do not see it."

She glanced off to the side then, considering the next question carefully as memories of manhattan played through her mind. "I know something else is going on. Something not many people are being told." The dark elf then glanced back to Malficent, looking rather sure of herself. "Back in Manhattan, I was there underground, helping your people against those do-gooders. The heartless were after something. Something far more important to them than merely land or destruction. They were the directly the cause of the fall of that world." A pause to take a breath. And then she went on. "...There is some greater purpose to this, is there not? You people. You shadow lords, are not simply making worlds fall for the sake of it now, are you?"
Morrighan Alazne "......"

Watching Maleficent move about her chambers, Morrighan remained silent, listening to the sorceress' reasoning for why they did what they did. Ultimate power...dominion over all worlds. It sounded rather lofty, but considering what she saw at Manhattan, there was little doubt what this was a tall tale now. In the end, she nodded slowly in understanding.

"...I see. Now I understand why Manhatten and all those other worlds before it fell...for power. Power to rule over all worlds. And power to end all of these pointless wars and struggles for dominance." Mumbling to herself, the healer paused to consider the notion. "...That is a much more agreeable goal."

With that said, she stood up from her bed, still rather diminuitive in the face of Maleficent, but nevermind that. "I want to become part of this cause. Part of this greater purpose. I am tired of the petty clashes and wars of these kingdoms. I want to do something much more meaningful."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan nodded at Maleficent's words, feeling oddly...empowered by her presence. What she doing that on purpose? Surely it couldn't be... "I understand that it will not always be /enjoyable/. If anything, my time here, has taught me that more than enough." She went on to say, her eyes narrowing at the thought of her previous experience in Baron's compaigns. Ah, such lovely times really. Makes one wonder just what they're doing with their lives.

Baron seemed to have that effect on you.

"As long as I know that my efforts are for something meaningful, something that trancends the petty squabbles of man...I will be willing to take a few scrapes." The white mage paused then, chuckling faintly. "I already have in any case."

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