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(2013-01-04 - 2013-01-04)
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Brooklyn The beach is a good, wide open place to practice fighting, which is why Brooklyn has asked Skyline to come down here. It's not that he doesn't trust her combat prowess, she is, after all, a gargoyle, but he wants to see first hand what she's capable of, so he'll know how best to employ her in a tactical situation, should she be willing to join his clan. If he ever finds his clan. Right now he's sitting under a palm tree, sunglasses on, peering out at the perpetual twilight.
Skyline "Seems like a nice place to relax or take a nap," he'd hear from behind her. Skyline had decided wander her way out of Traverse on foot rather then gliding out. She was still in the process of remembering where everything was in the town ontop of getting used to not having to hide from everyone in the city. "You wanted to see me?"
Brooklyn "Hey, thanks for coming." Brooklyn says, "Yeah, I've uh...Been sleeping out here the past few days, actually." Sleep being stone sleep, but she'd know that of course, "Our castle was by the ocean, it sorta reminds me of home...My original home, not Manhattan. Though that was by the water too." He shrugs, "Anyway, if we're gonna take our home back...We're gonna have to fight, and I just wanted to make sure of what you can do, is all."
Skyline Skyline gives a nod, "I was in a place called San Diego, I could actually see the Pacific, so I can relate to that, Brooklyn." Ah hah, a spar, heh. Nice. "Not a bad idea. With everything going on I've been doing more running then fighting, truth be told. This will be a bit refreshing.
Brooklyn "So, basic rules." Brooklyn says, "No killing each other is pretty high on the list, but basically...Pull your punches, not much obviously since we can both heal up easily enough...Just don't murder me." He says with a bit of a grin, "And I won't kill you either, but you know how to spar I'm sure.." He hasn't gotten her full story, but he knows gargoyles can play rough and still be okay
Skyline Skyline grins, "Mostly self taught, dealing with jerks in a park where I roosted at. Nothing all that interesting, in truth, but now that you mention it.." she takes a moment to reach into her jacket and switch her clips out, "I don't want to kill you, after all."
Brooklyn "You use guns?" He asks, as he watches her swap magazines, "Don't let Broadway know that. He hates the things." He states, "From when our friend Elisa got shot. I'm sure he won't smash you guns, but every time he comes across some street punk with one, he crushes it."
Skyline Skyline says, "Don't blame the weapon, blame the user," is her quick response. "The man I owe a lot to taught me that, and its true. This," she holds up the gun, "Can't do anything without a person behind it.""
Brooklyn "You won't hear an argument from me. It's the same for a sword or a magical book, as far a I'm concerned. You get the right hands on it and it can be a force of good. You get the wrong hands on it and, well, innocent people end up getting hurt." Brooklyn steps away from her a bit, and then drops into his combat stance, "So lets see what you and your guns can do."
Skyline A smirk. Her and her guns eh? He probably wouldn't expect her to come rushing in like she does. Why? Its not claws that are suddenly reaching out for Brooklyn, but the flat of a pair of daggers. Pulling punches he said, no point in getting the beach all bloodied.

This scene contained 10 poses. The players who were present were: Brooklyn, Skyline