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(2013-01-03 - 2013-02-20)
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Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews a bit as she gets back home, in her bar. Its her home after all. She smiles, walking in and checking around for life. She hmms a bit. Its empty, its still early. She moves over to the bar.

Then she glances to the wall, where there's a framed picture, with a small golden plaque underneath written 'nibelheim'. Its always been there too, it seems.
Aerith "What's that you got there?" Aerith comes up behind Tifa, glancing at the picture on the wall. "Is that where you used to live? Before..." Before everything went to pieces, their world lost to the void.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "It was lost well before the darkness appeared. Its a long story." She smiles softly, but you can tell she's a bit sad by it too. She moves back to her side of the counter quietly "Used to be my village, because its been put to flames."
Aerith Aerith went silent for a brief moment, at a loss as far as what to say. She didn't want to ask how... that'd draw up some painful images for the both of them. Why wasn't a question either. So at a lack of things she could say... she hugged Tifa from behind, hands around her waist. "I'm sorry to hear that." And really, she was. "I can't imagine what goes through your head every time you look at that picture..."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head, leaning a bit into the hug "Its alright. Sometimes it feels good to talk about it too... yesterday, I told someone about all of it too. I wonder why I didn't tell you yet."
Aerith Aerith smiled. "We've been doing so much... just so many things going on that we haven't really had time to talk." She shook her head. "Don't bother, though. No need to look back when you could easily look forward and keep moving. Right?" She pulled away. "Speaking of looking forward... we have to do something about Baron. As far as I can tell, we can't touch the other bad guys yet. Baron is easily the most visible, and they're clearly worse than Shinra." She shook her head. "And yes Tifa, they are really worse. Shinra is out for money, not domination. Baron is just plain going to run over everything they can, without any trace of subtlety."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "I know what you mean." She leans on the counter, on her elbows, considering things. "That's why I'm giving it my all to protect what I can after all."
Aerith Aerith headed for the bar and closed her eyes. "Okay... they were obviously there to get resources." She tilted her head down for a moment. "Manhattan was for the technology and to put Xanatos in check, at least for a moment. This was obviously to help them retrofit the technology they have..." She remembered the weapons on that airship just before it blew to pieces with a chuckle. "...A bit better than they've done." Her expression turned grave as her eyes opened again. "If we hadn't stopped them, they'd be able to do it much faster. At the very least, we've bought ourselves some time."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods, letting Aerith analyze things. She moves over to get some tea ready for the two girls. "I see. Well, anything helps in the greater picture, isn't that right?
Aerith Aerith didn't move to respond, her thoughts too caught up in possibilities. "We've got a lot more to deal with now than we had before... With Mercade looking for that lead on this murderer, Baron making their moves, and us trying to get back Manhattan so they won't have control of the city anymore, it's going to get interesting." She looked up at Tifa. "Which avenue do you think we should tackle first?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart thinks about that "... I keep thinking that we might want to find that Princess of Heart. I mean, if there is such a person, she must be in constant danger, if the heartless are trying to get her so seal off manhattan for good.
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "Let's face it... that's going to be like finding a needle in a haystack." Her head tilted down again. "These Princesses? If they even have the slightest idea of what they are, they don't want to be found, at all. Which makes the very idea of finding them a pretty crazy one, considering there's no real way to identify, locate, or track them." She poked the counter with one of her pointer fingers, as if to emphasize her next point. "And even if they were to reveal themselves, it wouldn't be their choice."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hms "Well it was just an idea... We could try to find those that seem to be attacked by heartless an inordinate amount of time, but yeah, might be hard." She shakes her head "Either way, the rumors are that the Shard Seekers created a device to pin point where the shards are, so there's good chances they will be the best bet reopening the portal. We have to make our part into keeping it open afterwards.
Aerith Aerith blinked and looked up at the barmaid. "You serious about that?" She frowned for a moment. "But then you have to factor in that one thing in our world... the World of Ruin... that does the same thing, maybe a bit easier, than what the Shard Seekers may or may not have. We can't leave that out." Speaking of that... Aerith peered around the bar. "Where's Rinoa?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hms as she looks around "Looks like she didn't follow, maybe she stopped somewhere on the way there. I'm sure she'll get here sooner or later." She smiles, sliding a teacup for Aerith "What do you mean? You have know of a detector?
Aerith Flowergirl shook her head. "Merlin said something about it. I have no idea where this thing could be or what it's really good for. All I know is that we have to find it, as soon as any word of it turns up." And she had no idea when that'd be...
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hms "Oh, the keyblades? Yeah, not sure how that works either. I never seen anything like that, but I did hear about them. Doesn't seem like there's alot of people that can use those.
Aerith Aerith chuckled and slid off of her stool. "Not those, I meant the other thing that Merlin talked about... some material or mineral or something that could locate world shards. But while we're on the subject... I've seen a Keyblade before." She sighed, her eyes distant. "A mouse named Mickey uses it, and it's remarkably powerful in the right hands."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart tilts her head "Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. We got talking ducks, a talking dog... and now a mouse." She shakes her head "All sorts of things in this new world, don't you think?
Aerith Aerith smiled. "Yeah, well nothing surprises me anymore. Blame it on what I am, I guess." She stretched her arms over her head and yawned. "I'm beat! You got this place renovated just in time, I think..." She marched toward the upstairs rooms. "You get some rest too, we're gonna need it."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "Oh I'll be going there soon..." She moves over to lock up the front door, in case anyone decided to get in for a drink when noone's there to serve.

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