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The Dark Knight and the Hobo
(2013-01-03 - 2013-01-03)
Cirra and Will meet, it is time for ackwardness because it's the first time they've seen each other sense Manhattan, alone.
Will Sherman Will has been gone all day from the TDA. He doesn't have much to say, he's still accessable...he just...

Mercade's words hit too close to home, too close, and it's put him into a depressive mood again. He walks through the district, hands in pockets as he sighs. Everyone made it out, sure, but...the fact that he had a hand in Manhattan still weighs heavily on his mind, and on his heart. Things haven't gotten better, because everytime he tries to take steps forward...

Finally, he plops down on a bench and looks up at the forever night sky of Traverse. Where did Manhattan used to resign? He knows where it was now...and it was awful, but...would they truly ever get it back? Could he even help? He'd need to...fix the issue first, but...

Even that seen overwhelming to him.
Cirra Constantine Traverse Town's eternal night can certainly be depressing to some people. To Cirra Constantine it is a cool respite from Rabanastre's place in the Dalmascan desertm even she eventually gets bothered by the heat. And the sand. so much goddamn sand.

The tall silverhaired woman walks down the street in black knee length coat wrapped around her because she only wears the armor on duty, unlike some people. Upahead she sees a familiar figure sat down, staring at hte sky and she slows down to a stop and considers what to say, if anything.

"Stargazing is usually better done with a telescope."
Will Sherman Will pauses and looks to the side...

"No money." he says, sheepishly, and stands up, looking to turn towards Cirra. There is a moment where he doesn't say anything, looking at her with that look. Those eyes looking over the was all there, like he remembered it. Perhaps with stronger attachments...

And a strange new string...charcoal grey on her end and rose red on the other. Is that Max's?

He shifts on his feet and finally speaks, "I'm sorry Cirra...I got you invovled in...that..." he shakes his head, "and I nearly got you killed."
Cirra Constantine "Involved in Manhattan?" Cirra asks, looking away. "No. Even if you hadn't asked me to come, my superiors felt it was best to protect the city." she shakes her head, "I would have been there anyways." she has no concept of how Will's sight works. She walks towards the bench and pauses again. "I think it was the pressence of so many Heartless that affected me, and then...Riku." she frowns eyes nearly boring a hole through te bench for a second.

"That was stupid of me, my own fault."
Will Sherman Will sighs...

"You didn't see what happened..." he says, "It might it was me." he says and sits looks around. "Riku...when Riku hit me with that darkness when he...took you down..." he takes a breath. "He released something. I have...something sleeping in my body, this is why I am what I am apparently. A god from our world driven insane by the other members of his race, called Loki. Riku or whatever was there temporarily broke the bonds...and..."

Will looks away in probably shame and sadness. "I'm sorry.."
Cirra Constantine Cirra keeps looking at the bench as will talks, but eventually she looks up at him. "Are you apologizing for what you are, or for something that was someone else's fault?" She turns sharply, she's always got that military bearing, but it's more obvious right now. "Because both of those apologies mean nothing to me, Will. I won't accept them."

"I've seen him. I can tell it wasn't really him. His body, not his senses. If the Gods of your world drove one of their own mad, that is their shame to bear. If he inhabits your body, that is his hand that attacked, not yours." her eyes narrow afraction, "It is the same for Riku. If something was reaching out through him - and thats what I believe - then the responsibility rests squarly on that creature, not him."

"I will not accept your apologies because they are not yours to give!"
Will Sherman Will is...taken back by this. This is the first time someone hasn't either looked at him funny, or squared some responsibility on him. He looks at Cirra for a moment, trying to refute her... but well, her logic is sound.

He looks away finally, and shrugs, "Yeah...I guess your right. It...doesn't change the fact that I feel this way. Whatever this...thing is within me...I feel responsibile for it. I'm going to find out a way to keep it inside, forever..." he takes a breath.

"But...yeah, that's the truth I so badly wanted to know Cirra." he laughs bitterly, "I wasn't even supposed to was just supposed to be a weak body to hold the mad god. I'm not even...a person. My heart, my feelings...everything about me is just a reflection of this thing."
Cirra Constantine Cirra hmns at the bitter laugh. "Are you, or are you not, Will Sherman right now? If you feel responsible for the burden you carry..." she goes silent for what seems like a very long time and looks to the side, when she speaks again it's without a lot of it's former edge.

"...If you really feel responsible for whats been forced on to you, then thats fine, take responsibility. But being responsible doesn't mean sitting around and mopping, it means going out and doing something about it, /for/ it. Don't offer apologies that aren't going to heal any wounds, find a way to do something."
Will Sherman "Yeah...sorr-...Well, I am sorry for THIS." he shrugs, "For moping. It's all just been...weighing heavily on me lately." he shakes his head and looks back up. "People wana just keep reminding me what happened...what I am responsible for. I can't blame them but...It just..." he ughs, "Things were simpler back when I didn't know anything. I could just be Will Sherman...not the nameless god-shard that happens to keep the world safe by just existing...and has been endangering the world by being a person." he shrugs, "I keep trying to do things about this...but all I got is a book by a crazy witch and sent on a quest by someone of my race who just happens to be slightly less of an <GOOSEHONK>. I don't even know what this is supposed to do...I just go along with it because...I don't have any other answers..."

"What about you? I know you didn't become a Judge for the're too..." he pauses, "...I can see the strange string in you. Sorry, I didn't say anything about it before because of company...because when people can look at other's secrets...they tend to be upset if everyone knows about them. The string...I can see it in much potential, but also not natural to the other strings I can see." he pauses, "That is how I see everything, Cirra. Strings. I can see faces, I guess...but over everything I just strings. Stands of fate...and before you say 'fate has no hold' it isn't like that. Nobody is static, there is no overarching fate strand that makes everyone act a certain way. Fate is just as much determined by your choices as they are by random chance and others."

And Will pushing them along.
Cirra Constantine Cirra inhales, her bearing reasserting itself to something colder. "I'm a judge because I want to be a Judge. It's what I need, thats all that you need to know right now." Her expression doens't change as Will explains what it is that he...does. How he sees. "Strings of fate." and talks about her own strings. "I made a choice. Thats all I'll say about it. More importantly." she hehs, "If what you say is true, you can already see the string that leads into my past." she turns away. "Whatever you see though, I'm not telling people about it, just yet."
Will Sherman "...Alright." Will says, turning towards her. "I trust you. Even if what you say about Arcadia is true, I know you came to help us. Also the fact you haven't taken off my face because of knowing something I shouldn't." he says, with a soft grin.

"IF you ever need help, I'll be there for you, okay? And.." he says, a bit more firm in resolution, "That I'll see my problem through to the end." he pauses, "That's right, right? The resolution sound? I usually don't get to say things like that...I just kinda flap a cape or something to make someone else look cool when they get all resolvy." he says, cracking a smile. A bit more like him...or perhaps he is trying to laugh the pain away.

Then he does something he might regret. He moves, quickly, and gives Cirra a hug. "Thanks." a tight FRIENDLY hug.
Cirra Constantine Wether it's an improvement or a flashood, Will's behavior is better then it was. Cirra might smile, a tiny bit, "It was ... Good. Resolve is something everyone is going to need. I think capes are too much for show, personally."

THen Will hugs her, and Cirra's back goes straight. To her it's twitch, to Will it feels like he's hugging a pnuematic press trying to spring out of his grasp.

"Off!" she quickly grabs Will by the shoudlers and lifts, not pushes him, up and holds him out at arms length "No hugging!"
Will Sherman Will is suddenly held by the Judge at arms length.

"Aww." he says, at the No Hugging, but HE has seen her do WORSE to people.

To be fair, it was actually just friendly. He isn't Max! He's also married.

"Um...friendly pat? Hi five? Fist pound? Handshake?" he asks suddenly, despite being in her death grip, he grins at her.
Cirra Constantine Cirra sets Will down with a sour expression. For a time it looks like she's going to stay angry.

"A handshake." she extends one hand, open.
Will Sherman Will grins, and gives the Judge a handshake. "Alright." he says, evenly with Cirra, "I can live with that."
Cirra Constantine Cirra takes the hand and shakes it once, she then slides her hand back into her pocket. "Take care, Will." and steps back and turns, "Deal with your burden, and everything else will follow."

This scene contained 16 poses. The players who were present were: Will Sherman, Cirra Constantine