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(2013-01-02 - 2013-01-02)
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"Sir. Are you... the one they call the 'Demon Driver'?" This man, apparently respectable, bespectacled, and in a nice white labcoat--was talking to an individual enshrouded in darkness, one he knew only by reputation.

"I have not been called that for some time." The obscured being said. "It was...the past."

"Yes, I know. And we know you haven't driven in a long time, but it's said that nobody can catch up to you--and for today, we need that kind of driver." The respectable man leaned forward. "If you'll allow us to explain--"

"No!" The enshrouded individual shook his head repeatedly. "No, I promised. I promised I wouldn't get behind the wheel again. No good can come of me getting behind a wheel, sir. I'm sorry. And besides, I have another job I've got to--"

"Sir." The respectable man interrupted. "We anticipated this response. But please allow us to explain and if you still say no, we will leave you be." He paused for a moment to allow for an objection to be raised. When there was none, he continued, withdrawing a small business card into his hands and handing it to the 'Demon Driver'. "This is who we represent." He said. "We have reason to believe that certain agents may be coming after him. Hopefully, it's not true. However, if it is, our doctor's safety will be surely endangered. We do good work, important work...Surely it's worth the risk. And you may not even have to get inside the vehicle."

The one in shadow looked at the card and murmured, " do good work. Everybody knows it." He paused and looked. "Alright, fellah. You've got yourself a driver. I just hope you can handle it."

The respectable man smiled, "I'm sure we can. We're tougher than we look."


Thanks to the efforts of Isaac and Legion, the TDA has been able to track down the person giving the Network orders to Goug City through their pager. The Shard Seekers have been informed through Imi 'slipping up' and, well, Goug City is a pretty big city, especially with Shinra moving in, so it's a busy area. Nevertheless, a young man in a labcoat is tapping away at a small smartphone near a red convertable, which is parked. The driverside of the car is wrapped in shadow, leaving it difficult to see just who is inside--if anyone--there's plenty of shadow for someone to hide, naturally, and indeed there is little indication that the scientist isn't just driving himself. They are inside a parking lot but it's near a public street and within easy view.

Legion can't help much since if they appear, the plan will be revealed and would defeat the whole purpose of the TDA's investigation. But how hard can it be to catch a single pencilarmed nerd?
Mercade Alexander The TDA has been on the case ever since they met Legion. Mercade said then that a Detective helps people who can't help themselves.

He intends to live up to that. Out on the public street, a man drives a motorcycle, using the information given to him from his from his friends. He looks up across at the parking lot, and grins slightly.

He guns the engine. There is a roar as a motorcycle swerves, and rushes into the parking lot, the motorcycle bearing down on the guy at the car as he leans over to line up for a grab for the smartphone. Isaac /loves/ smartphones. They have datas. "Sup." Mercade Alexander says. "Can I borrow this for a second?"
Ivo Galvan 'Bad scientist people', huh?

Ivo, wearing the semi-formal street clothes he picked up in Manhattan some months ago, leans against a lamppost admist the busy Goug throng, gazing sidelong at the man in the almost-too-distinctive labcoat occupying himself with something. Even if the specifics of this scenario escape the knight-errant's understanding, Legion's allusion to her own posible annihilation has stayed with him, despite the antics it was surrounded by. The specifics of Imi's 'accidental' note led him here, but having not had the opportunity to coordinate with the Twilight Detective Agency, he hangs back, keeping an eye on the mysterious car and remaining more or less inconspicuous, his sword tucked away in his fitted coat for now.

"How are you feeling, Leida?" he asks quietly, turning to the girl with a reassuring smile. The tension is high, and this is likely one of her first missions; besides, she's probably worried about Legion, too. He doesn't know her well, yet, but her demure demeanor is charming, and he feels the same instinctive fraternal affection he does for all of Reize's friends. "Don't worry," he adds, "we'll be able to help protect Legion-chan." He looks at Priel, as though seeking helpful confirmation-- and then thinks better of it, looking back at the car.

"Where are they...?" He's assuming that the TDA will make the first move, so-- "There! That's Mercade," he says, in case Leida or Priel don't know. Ivo smiles tightly, blue eyes intent. He always appreciates Mercade's sense of style. But how is this going to pan out?

"Get ready for action, you two."

Better wait and see...
Isaac Hanlon Isaac got asked what they should do for this whole thing. He advised discretion, and subtlety. It would serve them better in the long run against these 'VitaTech' guys, he said. He sounded kinda like he knew what he was talking about with them, too.

So, of course, Mercade swerves around the corner on a motorcycle and dives for the phone in the guy's hand with a pretty cheesy one-liner. The definition of 'subtlety' appears to be completely lost on the TDA as a whole. He should have probably seen this coming.

Isaac, from his seat at what might have once been a reputable street corner cafe, just slowly raises the newspaper to cover his face. There is a quiet 'thunk' as his forehead hits the tabletop.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart takes a step out of the bar, that happened to be near the ongoing 'subtleties' from Mercade. Well, he's certainly one person that she knows about. She was wondering what was the noise about, so she came to see, a plate in hand and a towel rubbing it clean and dry in the other hand.

She tosses the towel over her shoulder, hming. She wonders what's going on. There's quite the assembly of people, a few of them she's met before. They usually don't do things on the doorsteps without getting in for a drink after all.
Will Sherman Across the table from Isaac is Will.

Will, like Isaac is being subtle.

This means that, of course, Isaac has distracted Will with food, and Will is currently chowing down the food while Isaac does the work, and Isaac is that much more likely to succeed because he is near Will, who is some sort of luck singularity...unlike Reize who is the opposite. He is, oddly NOT with Mercade, who is being reckless, because Mercade is a jerk.

Will looks up at Isaac when he bops his head with the Newspaper. With his mouth full he speaks, pauses, swallows, and then "What? You look upset?"
Aerith Aerith yawned, arms stretched above her head as she made her way out the doors of the Seventh Heaven. "What's the racket? Thought we were supposed to have some..." Cue another yawn here. "...Quiet around here." She rubbed her eyes in an attempt to remove the haze her vision was under. "Tifa, who are they?"
Leida The 'slip up' in question was of both a literal and figurative nature, creating a great deal of commotion at the job board thanks to Imi's rather unusual antics which filtered back to the Shard Seekers quickly. Curious but unwilling to ruin her friend's 'hard work' at being inconspicuous, Leida merely waited until the Network grew bored or distracted by something else to go out and read the notice.

Still almost entirely unfamiliar with the names of most of the worlds, she took the message back to the others for interpretation. Ivo happened to be the only one who was not out on business or errands. Still he was a nice enough guy, she thought, so she brought it to his attention.

While led them to where they are now, standing in the bustling and unfamiliar streets of Goug. The princess is still dressed much like a homeless urchin at the present, a plain but oversized shirt draped over her frame like a dress and cinched at her waist with a belt. A massive bow, atleast as tall as the girl, is slung over her back, tilted at an angle to keep it from dragging on the ground.

Leida looks up at her companion for a moment with a slight hint of unease, before her eyes go back to peering around them at the strange sights. Motorvehicles, and technologies in general more advanced than a candle or a carriage, are pretty new to her. She isn't quite sure what to make of it all.

"U-um... I'm fine, Ivo-san. Thank you for helping."

Her attention is drawn over to the rumbling of the motorcycle's engine as Ivo points the trenchcoated man out. Immediately, she lowers her head and ducks slightly behind the tall man, trying to stay out of Mercade's sight. He likely wasn't going to be any happier to see her than Will was.
Legion The scientist pokes and prods at his device, frowning at it. He looks around once and then says, "Wait...that connection..." He taps at it a few times. "That can't be right... it's not supposed to be communicating back with us..."

At about this moment, Mercade passes by in a motorcycle, the scientist is JUST on edge enough that he manages to snap his hand back before Mercade can snag it. Strangely, he seems to recognize him.

"The--It's you!" He stammers. He was WARNED about Mercade. He hesitates only a moment, throwing himself into the car.


A bipedal dog-man steps out of the shadows, eyeing the driver seat warily. In his hands, a shield--patterned after a BLUE SHELL is held tightly in his hands. He swallows nervously and then looks to the scientist.

"Gawrsh..." He says. "Are you sure?"

"Yes! There's no time!"

The dog-man closes his eyes, breathes out, and murmurs. "Well," He says. "I made a promise." He slides into the driver street and turns the ignition.


Walker's glasses fly off, his eyebrows narrow. His eyes fill with red rage. The car vruums and vruuumms as the engine warms up and suddenly, WITH A CRASH OF LIGHTNING, Walker becomes...


"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE DRIVIN' STUPID!" He shrieksat Mercade, slamming his foot to the pedal. The car lurches forward suddenly, slams into another parked car, and ramps off it into the lane on the opposite side of the parking lot from Mercade...

...facing incoming traffic.

"WATCH WHERE YER GOIN'!" He yells, shaking his fist as he weaves effortlessly between the cars headed straight for him. "JEEZE!" He turns towards his now absolutely terrified companion who is rapidly regretting his decision.

"/It's like they think they own the road!/"

He swerves around a truck, eyes glittering with madness.

Minerva A local biker had had no idea about the young woman was able to drink him under the table a few nights ago. She'd won the bet and his strange steel Chocobo which she'd been trying to figure out the strange craft that was no her's. there'd been a ruccus in the bar with several people she knows. Things had just gone one way or another. She looks about no chocobos just her strange metal beast and she's going to have to chase after them. She gets on hopes she read the manual right and the engine roars to life...this can't end badly right?
Priel Aylin If Priel were to have her way, she would not even be here. But alas, perhaps it would be a good thing to get off the eastern continent for a change. And so here she was, accompanying Ivo and Leida, whom she had yet to have any real sort of conversation with yet, to Goug. Fascinating place really. Reminded her of Garenia City back home actually. Except, with 100% less snow.


In the spirit of fitting into their surroundings, Priel wore something a bit more muted than her usual outfit. Or rather, that is to say she rearranged a bit. The black and gold dress she wore under the usual red ensemble was present, accompanied by a simple black jacket to make up a more modern look.

But then, no amount of pressing up was going to hide her tail and ears. Those seemed to have permanently situated themselves, no matter how hard she tried to revert them these days...

Regardless, she sighed as she stood beside the other two, watching the car with a clear expression of boredom.

"This job sounds horribly unprofitable really. Do we really have to stick our necks out like this?" Priel asked, arms crossed in impatience. Nevertheless, the dragon girl mentally prepared herself to launch into action. Though probably not as eager to do it as her companions here.

After all, if there was no money to be gained from hard work, what was the point?

"Oh hey, looks like something's going on over there." She commented after, watching as Mercade tried to steal the man's phone. Huh, didn't think he was into that line of work. Well whaddya know? But nevermind that failed attempt at thievery, something much more interesting was going on there. A dog man stepped out and...

"Oh wow, do you see that? It's like he just all his gil in a game of poker! Ahahaha!" And there Mr. Wheeler went, speeding off into clearly busy traffic. "...Well! I guess that if we're gonna be stuck doing this for no good reward that..." Priel turned away at that point, looking over at a car that just pulled into a parking spot nearby. A middle aged man opened the door, watching as the chaos ensued. He didn't see Priel coming until she was right in front of him.

"Excuse me, Mister~" She spoke to the man in a fake, yet alluring tone. The man looked up at her, blinking a couple times as he took in her appearance.

"Y-Yes, Miss?" He asked, looking horribly confused by this point, what with the car speeding off into traffic combined with this obviously foreign woman before him. Priel leaned down, tracing a line along his jawline with a finger as she spoke. "We need to....." And then she grabbed him by the collar and tossed him out into the sidewalk, much to his surprise. Oh wow. "-Borrow this car for a bit! Ivo! Leida! Get in!"

...Wait a second. Did she even know how to drive? We'll find out!
Isaac Hanlon Isaac lifts his head. He takes a breath, composing himself. Then, he folds the paper into a neatly-folded rectangle, and slides it beneath a stained and empty mug in front of him. "Mercade went ahead and went for the grab without us and screwed the pooch," Isaac explains. He stands up and fishes some gil out of his pocket, leaving a stack of it on the table without bothering to count it. More than enough. He tips well.

"So now we've got to catch up, and --" Isaac is looking around for a lift. He didn't bring one; he teleports instead of driving anywhere. Saves on gas. "-- a-/ha/. C'mon. I've got a plan." He hustles down the street, yelling, "Hey, you! Wait up!"


"Hold on, Will!"

Isaac peels out of a side street right behind Mr. Wheeler's streaking automobile. He leans into the turn, two wheels gripping the street tight and kicking up dust as it skids around behind. Isaac's ride is nearly soundless as it picks up speed, a quiet whirring but little else. His long coat blows out behind him, cutting quite the figure in the fast lane.

On the other hand, riding a bicycle into oncoming traffic may not have been the best idea he's ever had.
Gilgamesh "His name is Gilgamesh. He provides a much-needed job here, in this City of Shinra. The smoke of the city sky clogs out the dreams of human beings; those who cannot live in its heights dwell an eternal life in the slums, devoid of joy or justice. These people cry out for heroes; for larger-than-life individuals who give of themselves, of their own free will, to save those in need. But heroes are everywhere; from the Twilight Detective Agency to the Shard Seekers to this unlikely pair."

"Sent to the X-Zone for a crime they definitely committed, this duo promptly escaped from the realm of shadows across the Barriers of Light. Today, still hunted by those who seek true blades, they survive as heroes of fortune. If you have a problem - if no one else can help - and if you can deal with listening to an opening crawl that's two paragraphs long on your client screen - maybe you can hire...the Gil-Team."

% "Well, what do you think?" Gilgamesh nudges his giant green Rock Hound partner Enkidu as they walk through the streets of Goug. "It'd make a pretty good book, right? Right? Or maybe a Television series! I hear they're getting television in Goug and Galbadia. Maybe they'd pick it up!"

The massive green rock hound just rolls his eyes. Gilgamesh frowns. "R-really? Well...okay, how about this?" He snaps a sword out of nowhere, holding it up beside him as they round a corner, and adopts a thick scottish accent. "The name's Gamesh. Gil Gamesh. Double-Oh Gil."

Enkidu shakes his head. Gilgamesh sighs, again, looking quite forlorn. "C-come on, Enkidu! How am I ever going to get picked up if my co-writer isn't excited by the...wait. Do you hear that? It sounds like...ADVENTURE!"

Enkidu strains his ears. Gilgamesh rounds the corner just in time to see Mr. Wheeler's startling transformation; Enkidu pads afer him, his eyes widening. Gilgamesh's sword disappears into thin air. "Come on, old chum! We've got to chase him! Quick - to the Gilmobile!"

Enkidu barks as Gilgamesh starts running, racing after him to keep up. Gilgamesh looks over his shoulder. "Wait...what do you mean I don't have a Gil mobile?!"


"Well...well, we need some way to keep up with them! They're clearly criminals, Enkidu! Criminals! Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do-style criminals! We could get on TV for this!"

Enkidu raises an eyebrow, as if to ask why Gilgamesh even cares so much about getting on TV; a moment later, Gilgamesh's head swivels around, his pure-white eyes widening in enlightenment.

Enkidu's eyes widen in fear. Gilgamesh nods.

Enkidu whimpers.


"REAAAAAAAAAL MEEEEEEEEEEN RIIIIIIIIDE EAAAAAAAACH OOOOOTHEEEEEEEEEEER!" Gilgamesh screams, holding tight to Enkidu's collar, shouldering a massive greatsword. Enkidu looks like he's gotten about twice as big in the last two minutes; he's easily as big as a car. This is pretty impressive, given Gil himself is like twelve feet tall anyway.

So yeah.

A giant grey man with a greatsword nearly twice his size goes barrelling down the streets of Goug on a green rock hound the size of a car, screaming about riding men.

...sure don't see that every day.
Ivo Galvan Ivo watches Priel's plan of action with the bewildered delight of someone new to reality TV shows. Taking Leida's hand without any further hesitation, he rushes forward, stopping only for a moment to lean down over the middle-aged man she's dumped onto the sidewalk. "Don't take it personally," he says helpfully, as the man stares aghast up at him. "She does that to every guy. Figuratively speaking!" he calls over his shoulder before rushing over to the vehicle. It's fortunately a convertible, though not an expensive sort, and Ivo unceremoniously pulls off the top and tosses it in the back seat before leaping in on the passenger's side, drawing his sword in the single smooth motion that Raiya has taught him.

"Leida, get in!" he calls, and though his tone is even and calm despite the hectic circumstances, he's grinning from ear to ear. "Priel, can you catch up to that car? Leida, if you can get a clean shot at the tire! We've got to take him out before we cause any more-- I mean, he causes any more damage."

Bracing himself against the seat and the door, with a crackle of energy, Hauteclare's blade detaches from its hilt, preparing for ranged combat. He maintains that pose for a while, before, after a moment, awkwardly looking down at Priel. "You know how to work this vehicle, right?"

'Thief!' the middle-aged man is now shouting. 'Thiiieeeef!'

"Tell me you know how to work this vehicle."
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment. Right... car chase, people suddenly leaving, big dog running by, confusion everywhere. She shook her head and turned toward Tifa. "I have no idea what's going on... but I can sense Mercade and Leida out there, and whoever they're going after can't be up to any good." She sighed. "Let's go... we have a dog to catch.
Will Sherman Will blinks up at Isaac.

"Ha. He is getting to be more like me. Except a jerk." Will says to Isaac. "Well, maybe. Look, what are we go-..." then Isaac has a plan.

Moments later, they come out from behind a corner, on a girls tenspeed bike, with Will sitting on the basket infront of Issac, leaning down so he can see. Will, looks over, in a very uncomfortable in his position, and leans to the right and left as needed.

"THIS IS THE BEST PL-Oh man! The driver! His fate lines...are all black!" he says to Isaac, "I haven't seen such...a dark heart. Be careful!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Aerith "I can drive, don't worry. There's a motorcycle in the back, I can borrow it when I need stuff from far. They don't mind as long as we dn't scrap it." She hops over the railing, leaving the plate there, on top of the wooden railing, along with the drying rag. She jumps over a fence afterwards, apparently knowing where she's going at least. Before Aerith can catch up though, the roaring sound of the Shinra motorcycle is heard, and a large, skidding turn later, Tifa appears on top of it, screeching to a halt next to Aerith so she can hop on "Hey lady, wanna go for a ride?" She says kiddingly as the flower hops on.

Once she's sure Aerith is securely on, the motorcycle roars to life again, zooming down the street after the others... behind the RockHound. She shouldn't be surprised at Gilgamesh' antics, but poor Enkidu. But why is enkidu suddenly much bigger anyway? That's going to break down the road.
Mercade Alexander Mercade misses! "Damn! I forgot to yell Yoink! It never works if you don't yell yoink!" He'll remember that for next time.

The appearance of the dignified Mr. Walker causes Mercade to blink. How can such a mild-mannered man possibly engage in a high-speed car-

Oh. Ohhhhhhhh. Oh. Yeah. Oh.

Mr. Wheeler barely misses Mercade, sending him skidding to one side as he panics. "JESUS H CHRIST WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" He yells, moments before he leans in. "Well, if its a chase they want, it's a chase they're going to get."

He guns the motorcycle, and rockets off, exploding out of an alleyway onto the street, weaving into traffic and launching after the crazed driver.

The Gil-Team flies past, Gilgamesh racing by with a giant sword on a wolf. Mercade blinks, looks up... And then back, and blinks again. "How..."

He promptly hits the back of a car and goes flying. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"

Moments before he hits the street, his motorcycle comes sliding across the street, kicking up sparks.

He lands on the side, surfing it down the street for a second before kicking it back straight again, roaring forward. "LIKE HELL I'M GOING TO LET A WOLF-RIDER BEAT ME!" He yells.
Leida The sudden flurry of activity gives the small girl a start and her eyes go wide as the metal beast comes roaring out of the garage, smashing bits of metal and glass everywhere as it carelessly plows into the parked cars lining the side of the road and then moves on to threatening oncoming traffic with blatant disregard for any common sense or safety.

This is not doing much to help make her more comfortable around modern technology! Leida squeaks girlishly as she is dragged out of hiding by the person whom she was hiding behind, hopping on one foot to keep up with his broad strides. Her foot is planted square in the stomach of the discarded car owner, earning a soft grunt of pain, which causes her to turn around so as to apologize. Mid-bow however, Ivo calls out to her again and the princess swiftly finishes the motion in fast-foward before turning and scrambling up over the edge of the door into the rear seat.

"I-I'm coming!"
Legion Riding a bicycle into incoming traffic is a pretty insane thing to do. Almost as insane as driving a car into incoming traffic. And significantly less insane than asking Mr. Wheeler to be your driver.

A lot of people go into incoming traffic. Strangely, a lot of them are able to manage this just fine. In fact it's only Mercade, who would haev normally had the advantage of being closest, is the one who has trouble. DESPITE recovering from his first crash and landing on his bike and surfing it like woah, it soon becomes apparent that motorcycles aren't really ade for surfing and he finds himself staring down a car as it fails utterly to avoid plowing into his bike! WILL MERCADE RECOVER?! Either way, the experience sets him back towards the rest of the drivers, now significantly congesting the road. IN FACT the road is so bad off with so many people driving the wrong way, that tons of normal drivers who don't know how to drive ridiculously end up, in their attempts to avoid crashing into the non-Mercade driers, end up crashing themselves. Cars fly into the air, spin into dividers, roll over onto their back. It's total pandamonium and the chase has barely begun!

Even Wheeler, despite his aforementioned skill, ends up getting sideswiped by a car which shoves his vehicle back and ruins his forward bumper. He shakes his fist and says, "SUNDAY DRIVER!" shaking his fist.


Mr. Wheeler spins the wheel sharply and swerves back into the lane, and looking ahead he finds--

--three of Shinra's private police cop cars blocking the road. Yes, you got to three stars that quickly.

Mr. Wheeler grabs his shield and flings it for the cars in front of him. the shield slams into all three ands ends them flying up into the air. They pirouette in midair an come crashing down towards Isaac's bicycle, Priel's car, and Tifa's motorcycle! Better avoid them--or perform a CRAZY STUNT to try and use it to get closer to Mr. Wheeler's car.
Priel Aylin Once Ivo and Leida found their way into the car, Priel slammed the door shut and stared down at the wheel and overall interface of the car.


She had NO idea how to work this thing. But hey! It looked similar to Airship control panels back home! Maybe a little fiddling would do the trick. And so... "Oh ye of little faith. Of COURSE I know how to work this thing~! When have I EVER steered you wrong~?" A lie told with a completely radiant smile. One could almost see the sparkles emanating off of her now. In any case, fiddle she did.

It only took a couple seconds before her hand passed over the ignition. Experimentally, she turned it, causing the car's engine to roar to life. "Oho! There we go! And now..." How to move it? There had to be some sort of propeller equivilant somewhere...She didn't see an orbal control device, so that meant that it had to move by some other means...

A tentative push of the gas pedal causes the vehicle to lurch forward momentarily and Priel grins as she seemed to have figured out the gist of it. "Alright! Now we're talking! Let's get this party started! Ahahahaha!" And without further ado, she floored the pedal, causing the tires to screech loudly before they were off, speeding into traffic at rapidly growing speed.

Miraculously enough, they managed to avoid getting utterly wiped out in traffic, weaving through the various other vehicles on the road by pure dumb luck and the skin of their teeth. "Whoooo hoooooooo!" The redhead cheered she drove like an utter maniac, chasing after their wayward target, otherwise known as Mr. Wheeler. "Okay! Leida! Take out those wheels! And don't screw it up! It's not like the fate of the universe is hanging in the balance here! If you miss, then we all die! No pressure! Ahahahaha~!"

Well, someone was having just a bit too much fun with this now. Perhaps it was the compensate for the fact that they would likely not be getting paid for this.


Was that a car falling RIGHT FOR THEM!? "You have got to be kidding me! How the hell did he do that anyway!?" Priel yelled out loud, attempting to swerve out of the impact zone, lest they become part of a car sandwich. And that didn't sound like fun!
Gilgamesh Enkidu's massive feet pound against the pavement; he IS a gigantic rock hound the size of a car pounding against the pavement with his full weight as he races after the truck like this is some kind of racing game or something. Gilamesh grabs Enkidu's ears; Enkidu howls, loudly, as if that was a horn being honked. He casts a very ugly look at Gilgamesh; Gilgamesh just grins down at him. "KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD, OLD CHUM! THIS SCENE'S ABOUT TO KICK INTO HIGH GEAR!"

Enkidu barks out something really unpleasant at Gilgamesh, or at least something that SOUNDS really unpleasant; it's not like anyone but Gilgamesh can understand him anyway. Gilgamesh frowns. "DON'T TAKE THAT TONE! THIS IS A HEROIC UNDERTAKING! THAT BAD DRIVER COULD GET A TICKET OR SOMETHING, ENKIDU! A TICKET! DO YOU WANT HIM TO GET A TICKET? WE'RE DOING A PUBLIC SERVICE BY GOING TO HELP HIM!"


Enkidu's head swings back around. Gilgamesh grabs onto Enkidu's neck and clings, the greatsword disappearing into thin air. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"



Enkidu goes barreling right through one of the cars that didn't get out of the way quite in time. The rock hound, being as he is the size of the car and made of solid rock, as well as going about the speed of the car itself, sends the car flying; it loops over Gilgamesh, landing on a parked car upside down and explodes.

Four stars!


Enkidu howls. Given that he just smashed into a speeding car head-on and came out of it functionally uninjured (in fact, it's a lot like when Gilgamesh gets "injured"), he probably has nothing to howl about right now more severe than a headache...but still, he's hurting. Gilgamesh straightens up, a Megaphone falling into his hand; Tifa might recognize it! It''s the HP Shout? ....except it doesn't look quite right, and it's got some weird letters on the side...

Gilgamesh swings the megaphone up to his face and takes a deep breath. Enkidu's ears flatten out; the wise might do the same.


Of course, given he's using a Megaphone weapon, this long and extensive speech just EXPLODES down the road, tearing up the pavement and destroying glass in its wake! It's probably going to make things harder for...well, everyone who's behind Gilgamesh right now, really, as well as anyone not smart enough to cover their ears.

Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart seems to be a decent driver. Its mostly just martial arts training that allow her to possess good spatial awareness really. The police cars go flying, and Tifa.. just accelerates. She reaches a hand back to Aerith, tapping on her leg to get her attention "Pay attention, getting ready to duck."

And that's all she says, as the police car comes down toward her.. and like in slow motion, she brings the bike in front, and almost flat on the ground, wheels first and she's practically hiding behind the bike, almost laying under it and grazing the ground as the motorcycle slides barely under the flying car.

Or at least she hopes, being just about the only way out of incomming cars.
Aerith Aerith grits her teeth as the car... just about comes down on them. She reaches her right hand up, the materia on her silver wristwear flaring to life, and a bolt of fire lances out in an attempt to take the offending hunk of metal out before it smashed them to pieces!
Ivo Galvan "How could I mistrust a face like that?" Ivo replies laconically, as Priel beams at him while fiddling wildly with the interface. Despite the fact that they're just sitting there, the middle-aged man has fallen silent, still slumped on the ground, now staring with bewilderment at the eminently polite Leida, a strange addition to this band of robbers. But before anything else can be done or said, they're off!

While Priel cheers at the top of her lungs and proceeds to just go nuts, Ivo keeps on grinning, staring into oncoming traffic seemingly unfazed as they miraculously weave through it. Well, what good would fear do at this point anyway? He turns to look over his shoulder at Leida, who may not be having such a fun time in the backseat. "You alright there, Leida? We're going to get you close, so see if you can get a bead on them!" It might sound blithe given the circumstances, but he's making careful eye contact with the girl, as if to say: remember, this is for Legion.

Ivo turns his head then to see Mercade in the midst of, uh, surfing on his motorcycle. Nice moves, detective. "Mercade!" the swordsman calls, above the roar of the wind and the shriek of skidding vehicles, raising his hand in salute. "The Seekers are here to support!" So that he knows, at least.

Of course, drawing Mercade's attention would draw the eye to Leida in the back seat, as well.

Ivo seems about to say something more, but his eye is caught by-- what appears to be a giant grey-skinned man riding a giant dog made out of stone raising a megaphone to his lips. The resultant shockwave causes Ivo to flinch and put his hands over his ears, nearly dropping Hauteclare, its blade nearly spinning out of control. He seems to be shouting something at Priel right now, but, yeah.

No one can hear that, bro.
Minerva Minerva somehow manages to not cause any sort of diaste this time but that wll only last so long. She's not managed to crashed into anyone or anything as she tries to get into the chase. But speaking of things she can only stare at Gil for a moment what the heck is that? How is he driving how can this be! Wait is he even driving? No she's just doesn't evne know! She presson on hanging on to the machine for dear life. "DEAR SAINT! How do they live like this!"

She's looking a bit like a deer in healights as she chases on.
Leida Leida pitches headfirst into the back seat, rolling forward with the motion and flopping roughly on the cushy surface as Priel discovers the gas pedal. Fortunately, her bow slides to the side as she does so, the weapon landing next to her unharmed.

She starts to sit up but the sudden application of incredible speed tosses her right back down again, her tiny body no match for the forces of acceleration. After a several moments of girlish screaming as scenery and shattered cars fly past on all sides, the princess manages to get the courage to push herself upright and peer out at the scene of nightmarish traffic.

It this what travel was like to people from the 'modern' worlds? How did they survive from day to day?! Swallowing her fear, Leida leans up against the back Ivo's seat as he tries to remind her what's at stake, speaking up against the shrill honks, burning rubber, and over enthusiastic dragons.

"What's a tire? Oh... the wheels..." She reaches down and tries to pick up her bow but another sudden course adjustment by their maniacal driver sends the girl back to the floorboards. Which is a good thing because it means she doesn't see the incoming car meteor that threatens to take them out, as this might be a little too much for her delicat nerves at the moment, and also conveniently puts her out of sight of the detective, who is still oblivious to her presence.
Mercade Alexander Mercade finds himself staring down a vehicle who is about to smash into him! HE IS DOOMED! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED! "WAAAAAAAAAGH!" Mercade yells, as he pulls back on the handlebars! The motorcycle hits a wheelie, and he thuds into the front of the car, ramping up off of it to fly over some of the traffic! "I'M NOT GOING TO LET YOU GET AWAY!" Mercade yells, taking advantage of the happy coincidence to get some Awesome Points. He hits the street, skidding in a circle as he rides on momentum, only righting himself moments before Gilgamesh unleashes the SUPER MEGAPHONE! Mercade claps a hand over one ear. It doesn't help. "DAMMIT, GILGAMESH!" Mercade yells. "That's not helpiiiiiiiing!"

Ivo calls out, and Mercade glances over. Leida coincidentally is out of sight, and he waves. "Awesome! Always glad to have you guys along! Come on, we need to cut off that madman before he destroys everything!"

Mercade guns the motorcycle, redlining it as he heads forward in an attempt to try to catch up on the ridiculous driver!
Isaac Hanlon Isaac's bicycle is the kind one runs messages and small parcels on. The fact that Will is even capable of fitting in the basket is probably entirely due to the fact that Will is the King of the Hobos and likely mildly malnourished, despite how much he eats. Isaac is pretty sure that there is some kind of sorcery going on here.

The bicycle cannot possibly keep pace with the rest of the cars by foot power alone. Isaac is already sweating trying to keep pace; he's hard-pressed, but making good time with all the crashed cars littering the place. The bicycle zig-zags through traffic, weaving this way and that. It floats like a butterfly and swerves like a terrified bee, Isaac calling out apologies and excuses as they pass angry and frightened drivers of all sorts. "Excuse me, pardon me, sorry, in a hurry, life or death, I am El Diablo get out de way, get off the road, this is no time for birds or honking--!!"

The road suddenly buckles from the shockwave of the megaphone. The bike lurches, abruptly going downhill and gaining speed. It hits a bump and jumps into the air, gaining altitude by virtue of speed and the coincidence that it just so happened to have rode the shockwave /just right/. Isaac yells in a mix of shock and sheer, pants-wetting terror, twisting the handlebars and trying to keep his balance.

*KLONK.* The bike lands on the back of the Shardmobile, perfectly and precariously balanced. Isaac looks down through the back window. "Uh -- sorry, hitching a ride for a sec. Will, I've gotta do a bit of magic, take the --"

Cars fall out of the sky. Isaac looks up with one hand in his coat, half-withdrawing his tablet. He fumbles with it and flips it open, spouting sorcerous syllables and waving frantically at the flipping, rolling police cars. The one heading for them glows faintly blue at the edges and hits the ground right in front of the car, and bounces almost straight up like it was abruptly made of rubber. Isaac throws his weight forward and then to the side, the bike rolling off the car and into the street at high speed. The undercarraige of the cop car narrowly misses skimming the top of Isaac's head, the hubcap just barely grazing the rim of his glasses.

The bike hits the street, wobbles madly, and shoots forward from gathered inertia. He finishes his sentence before going back to casting, this time on themselves. "--WHEEL!!"
Will Sherman Will raises his hands into the air as they go flying!

"WILL SHERMAN PHONE HOOOOOOOOOOME!" he says, completely randomly, and completely forgetting the fact that he is mad at anyone! He screams in joy, as they fall to the ground, completely unafraid of their crashing...and are saved by the Shardmobile!

"Hey guys." he looks down, he knows Priel vaguely...and Leida. NO! He is having TOO MUCH FUN.

Oh that's Ivo. He knows from a picture...and a story told to him by Riku in the Dark Relm. "Wow. You really DO hit on everything." he says, looking at the two in the car. "ADVENTURE!" he shouts as the car flies at them, Will doesn't even move, as the hubcap flies over their head.

'Will take the...' Will doesn't respond, flipping off of his seat and grabs the wheel while Isaac casts and peddles.

His hands easily manipulating the handlebars...

And then a mushroom materializes out of the sky, thanks to Isaac's sorcery. It hits Will. And then they get a MASSIVE SPEED BURST.

Legion all the 11s mean you get a jackpot bonus, munny starts falling from the skies. Everybody receives 1111 free munny!

Gilgamesh unleashes a powerful shockwave, clearing the road of ost normal vehicles. In fact, past the blockade--there doesn't seem to be any incoming cars anymore. Priel's crew may hear a citywide bulletin about the chase, noting that Shinra's attack helicopters are already on the way.

A car flies for Tifa's bike which would be truly bothersome were it not for aerith blasting it out of the sky. Shinra aren't people after all so it's okay.

Gilgamesh offers driving advice. Mr. Wheeler, and the pale scientist, both look over. Mr. Wheeler, notably, is the one driving and doesn't have his eyes on the road anymore. Strangely, Gilgaesh has managed to get into the lead riding a dog. What is perhaps less strange is that Isaac is right behind him, followed by the Shardmobile then the others. so basically all the rides that shouldn't be in the lead are in the lead. Life is strange when Mr. Wheeler is involved.

"Slow down?" Mr. Wheeler asks. "WHY SURE!" And suddenly--he stops, threatening to crash into Gilgamesh and send the two as a giant projectile for whichever vehicles Gilgamesh feels like threatening to fly into though chances are, Isaac and/or Priel will have to be worrying about it the most. Then again, it's Gilgaesh. Who knows what the hell is going to happen when he's involved?

Either way, the car soon speeds up again. If Priel and Isaac manage to avoid the Gilgamesh or the Gilgamesh, they'll be able to harass Mr. Wheeler's vehicle and DO SOMETHING. Mercade and Tifa are starting to catch up, though, that sudden STOP allowed everybody to get a fair bit closer (provided they don't get hit by Gilgameshes).

However there's another problem. At about this point two Shinra attack choppers flit into view. One hangs back and fires missiles at Mr. Wheeler, who--sadly--manages to knock the missiles away from his car with his shield and send them spiraling away towards Mercade's bike.

The other one moves in close to the side of the road, spraying machine gun fire towards Priel's car--it was reported stolen!--though really Shinra thinks all you crazy people on the incoming lane are working together. Still, that one that's a bit too close? It's risky...but maybe you could get inside and take it over. And that'd really be a boon to catching up to Mr. Wheeler, especially for those stuck near the rear. Of course failure might mean falling even farther behind. Then again, stealing a chopper is awesome. So many influences and choices.
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh swings his megaphone back around at Mercade. "I CAN'T HEAR YOU ON ACCOUNT OF THIS MEGAPHONE," Gilgamesh roars, "YOU'LL HAVE TO SPEAK UP!"

This does sort of counteract the whole 'speaking up' thing, but, well, logic. Gilgamesh. Oxymoronic.

Enkidu lets out a loud bark as Mr. Wheeler suddenly comes to a grinding halt. Enkidu suddenly shrinks to a tiny size; what was a dog the size of a sedan is now a chihuaha-sized rock hound. This means two things. Firstly, it means that Enkidu is small enough to slip under the car harmlessly. Second...


Gilgamesh is twelve feet tall. And, given that his ride just disappeared...well, Newton's first law of motion: objects in motion remain in motion until acted upon by an external force.

In this case, a stopped car! Gilgamesh smashes into the car, leaving a big, Gil-sized dent in it; he rebounds off it, rolling towards Will rapidly. Gilgamesh groans as the megaphone disappears out from under him; a moment later, he's used as an impromptu ramp for a rapidly-moving bike.

"O-ow...Enkidu...ENkidu, where are you?" Gilgamesh calls as he pulls himself to his feet.

Enkidu, meanwhile, is maintaining his speed..and, in a few minutes, is going to grow to massive size once again. Directly in front of Mr. Wheeler.

That might be a problem.
Priel Aylin The falling car landed behind their own with a loud crash and a shower of parts for anyone who was behind them, also denting the pavement. But Priel did not even spare a second to look back. There was abolutely no time for that! Instead, she focused her attention ahead and continued to floor the gas pedal like an utter maniac. Hah! This driving thing wasn't so hard at all!


Oh wait, there was something on their car. Priel glanced up at Isaac and Will, blinking a couple times in confusion. "Oh wait, aren't you--?" But what the hell? Before she can even get a word in edgewise, the bike is speeding back onto the street. "...Well then--WHOA WHAT THE HELL!?" And then came Gilgamesh's genius idea to use a megaphone to tear up the streets. The dragon girl was not going to stay on the road and allow her ears to be torn up by this incessent noise!

"Ivo! Leida! Hold onto something! It's about to get a little bumpy!" ...She said that as if the ride wasn't already bumpy enough. But then lo and behold, here came Shinra helicopters! And they were firing right at them! "Holy crap! Are you serious!?" Bullets began to riddle the vehicle, a couple grazed Priel at verious points, and she was clearly shot in one shoulder. "Ugh! Gotta get out of this!" Oh hey, there was a turned over cop car ahead, just angled in the right position to be used as a ramp. So Priel did was any self respecting and totally sane driver would do in this situation.

Use the fallen car as a ramp and go FLYING into midair, effectively avoiding the rest of the terrible sound wave and the gunfire as well as taking them just up enough to be eye level with the jerks piloting the helicopter. But then...suddenly it seemed like time was frozen. What the hell?

Did they just enter bullet time? Priel glanced over at the other two at this point and pointed down to the street level, where they were descending for Mr. Wheeler's vehicle rather dangerously. "Leida! Ivo! Do it NOW!"

...Do what exactly?

Priel probably didn't even know herself. But they should do SOMETHING!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews a bit. Apparently her timing was off, but Aerith saved the day with a well placed spell. "Thanks Aerith."

With that, she skillfully kicks the motorcycle back up, the back wheel skidding around back in the right direction, and speeding down the lane, jumping a bit over the paved road that got lifted by Gilgamesh's sonic attack.

And apparently she needs to dodge chopper support firing. Zigzagging between the totalled cars along the road, she tries her best to use them as shielding against the fire, she's managing to catch up to the lad car. But still behind Mercade and... Wheeler? So they are chasing Gilgamesh now? What happened over there exactly?

"You okay Aerith?" She asks out, just making sure she didn't get hit or anything, she knows the girl is behind her, as she's being held to. No seatbelts on this thing.
Aerith Aerith nodded. "Better than okay! I need to learn how to drive one of these, seriously..." She peered toward the lead car. "Get us close enough to stop that thing! We need to end this before people get seriously hurt!" Lucky as everyone was right now, who knew when it would run out? No, they'd have to settle up, right now.
Will Sherman Will holds on tight, moving the bike as best as he can as they SPEED HEAD FIRST down the road. They are starting to make good distance, before Wheeler breaks, firing Gilgamesh towards the two of them. However, Gilgamesh falls short...

And Will pops a wheely, firing high into the sky once more! "WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO! HI GILGAMESH!" he screams, as he flies straight ahead...and lands INFRONT of Mr. Wheeler.

"Yes!" he shouts, finally able to get something done!

However, there is a Tank infront of them! Oh god...that isn't good at all! "Did we get to give stars already? Crap! This isn't good!" he grunts, and turns towards Isaac.

"I am giving you the bars back! Do something! I am going for the guy!" he says, and flips backwards...

This is going to be tricky, aiming to flip backwards...

Rolling end over end as he flips to grab the window, and puts himself right into the backseat of the convertable.

"Hi! My name is Will Sherman, doctor. And I am here to ask you some questions."

"But first, I am here to save you /from yourself/."
Mercade Alexander CHAOS! MADNESS! CRAZINESS! The entire freeway is a battleground. Innocent people are being put into danger because of this madman.

Mercade narrows his eyes as missiles fling through the air, spinning towards him. "I am not going to let you get away with this..." He says, leaning forward. "Come on! TIFA! AERITH! Let's get this guy!" The missiles roar towards Mercade, raining down in firey destruction as he weaves. Flame blasts around him, and one hits the area before him, engulfing him in fire.

Mercade launches out of the explosion, fire wreathing him as his trenchcoat flares in the air. Light shines down, glinting off of a pearl-handled revolver that he pulls from his coat.

A semitruck jack-knifes in front of him, threatening to smash him. He skids, performing an EXTRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEME LEAN as he slides under the back of it, leveling his gun and firing twice for the back tires of Mr. Wheeler's car!
Ivo Galvan Ivo offers Mercade a last salute as, unbeknownst to him, Leida temporarily vanishes beneath the seats, foiling his player's diabolical plan. Before he can turn back to the road, however, a bike, of all things, with a strange hobo stuffed into the woven basket in front, lodges itself on the back of the car. Blinking, dark hair whipping about him in the open wind, Ivo stares at Isaac and Will with raised eyebrows and the vaguely amused expression of a stranger in a stranger land, as though he were viewing all this from afar and not, you know, hurtling to his death here. "Not at all," he says gallantly, if only so that Priel can keep her eyes on the road. "Take your time." Doing what? Well, he's curious to find out.

Will's comment takes him aback. He's just standing here in an open-top speeding vehicle, you guys! Ivo doesn't recognize either of them, but it occurs to him they must be members of the Twilight Detective Agency, whereupon he grins. "What, is that tidbit in your file on me?" he jokes. Yes, Ivo, if by 'file' you mean 'a cellphone picture of you and Reize in a compromising position'.

His curiosity is rewarded when Team Isaac and Will go blasting off down the road, putting them and Ace Driver Priel in the lead for now. "We're making good time!" he calls over the wind. While he doesn't look quite as carried away as Priel was, his eyes are sparkling merrily. "How're you holding up, Leida?" It is probably the most insensitive query after someone's wellbeing that has ever been uttered. One wonders if Leida even retains consciousness at this point.

Well, even if she does now--

"Gghh!" Ivo's a sitting duck in the car as the Shinra attack helicopter opens fire. "Reinforcements--?" He really didn't have enough background information about this mission, he reflects. Well, it's all for Legion-chan. "Priel, what are you--" But before he can even recalibrate, they're off, the car launching off a makeshift ramp and into the air, briefly seeming suspended as the knight-errant finds himself staring into the widened eyes of the helicopter pilot through the windshield glass, his own stunned expression reflected back at him. The roguish redhead is right: there's no time. Someone has to act. Someone has to do something.

Something crazy.

"Leida, I'm counting on you to take out that vehicle if you have to!" he shouts, tone suddenly serious. "Priel, do whatever it takes to keep Leida safe! I'll see you two--" Glancing over his shoulder, he grins again. "--on the other side."

Is that side the land of the dead?

It might be, based on what Ivo's about to do now. The Orbital Blade Hauteclare magically generates a magnetic pulse between its blade and its hilt that allows a trained wielder, among other special techniques, to summon the freed blade back to its hilt. For the first time, he inverts that principle. Launching the blade at the helicopter next to its side door, seeking to embed it in the glass, at the apex of their car's leap Ivo then /jumps/ from the car, hilt in hand, and a surge of crackling light /hurls/ him toward the embedded blade-- that is, toward the helicopter's door, feetfirst. If he's lucky, he will literally dropkick through the door and into the shocked pilot, smashing him against the other side.

If he's not-- well.
Leida Leida's shrill screams of fright are drowned out by the monstrous sound wave and the crunching of cars all around them, followed by /machine gun fire/. Considering she has no idea what a gun is, the entire car is trying to kill them now in her mind. Miraculously, none of the bullets manage to strike the small girl, perhaps due to her being out of sight.

That changes as Priel ramps up the fallen police cruiser. With nothing holding her down to the seat, the princess finds herself suddenly experiencing the bizarre sensation of being weightless. Opening her eyes, she finds not the hellish scene of vehicular destruction and mayhem but the surprised faces of two Shinra pilots staring back at them through the glass canopy of the helicopter.

Ivo's words come to her in slow motion and something strange happens within her mind. A measure of firm resolve floods through the girl and her body begins to move, almost of its own accord. The bow is brought up, an arrow is nocked, and aim is taken upon the spinning rotors of the flying beast. Her expression becomes dangerously calm, amber eyes narrowing as she lines up the deadly projectile with her target.

A massive explosion of kinetic force rocks the car as Leida unleashes her shot, the arrow blasting away from the weapon in a blurry dart of wood and steel. Well Ivo, she listened.
Minerva Minerva has got very lucky so far and now she's getting confident this could be where it gets dangerous she's weaving in and out of traffic the engine roars on motor cycle and she's going for the car that's aheadh the Monk realises the thin isn't being pulled it's got to have something making it go like the mysterious machines in Goug do. So that means, humm it can't be in the back or the middl it's go to be in the front.


She pulls up along side looking at the occupants of the car for a moment then speeds head attmept to cut the car off and then without warning? Her fist suddenly is covered in lighting and she tries to punch into the car's engine before pulling away this can't go wrong right?
Isaac Hanlon Will takes the, uh, handlebars. Isaac holds on with his knees, tablet clutched in both hands as the bike goes this way and that. He pedals madly, flipping through electronic pages as fast as humanly possible. He finds what he's looking for and casts madly, pouring mana into the spell and the spell into the bike. The sudden speed boost catapults them into the lead of this ridiculous car chase, but not by much. Given they're on a bicycle, though...

Isaac looks up as Will does something stupid. He gives him a thumbs-up, then takes the bike in one hand and holds the tablet with the other. He casts something else, a spell as easy as breathing, and queues up something else on the little computer in his hand. He watches the road, but as luck would have it, he doesn't need to do it terribly much; he keeps alongside the car and lets their velocity continue to gradually increase, keeping them on the straight and narrow... this time.

SUDDENLY, RECORDSCRATCH. The radios in all the cars nearby abruptly re-tune themselves and flick into the 'on' position, lightning up with a station that is off the dial. There is a brief hiss of static, and then the likely-familiar energetic voice of a Man On A Mission fills the airwaves.

"HEY ALL YOU FOLKS IN RADIO LAND! This is DJ ZERO, and this is a ZERO HOUR SPECIAL REPORT! We're coming to you LIVE from the scene in Goug where a bunch of crazy cats have clogged the streets, riding the wrong way up the road and chasing down a not-so-innocent bystander! Now, I might not have the luxury of being smack-dab in the middle of this carnage, but judging by the cops and the 'copters, things are getting /serious/!"

"So why don't we unwind... with some music."

The transmission keeps going. Music fills the street, floating out of every speaker anywhere near the scene of the chase.

Legion The E.T music plays as Will and Isaac fly through the sky on their magical bike. Will uses the opportunity to jump into the backseat. He looks scared shitless and is clearly not thinking straight. He draws a gun and points it towards Will and even has time to pull the trigger--

--but Will is so damn lucky the pistol misfires and is rendered useless, smoke billowing out of it. The man curses and throws it away.

Mercade uses the opportunity to shoot out the back wheels of Mr. Wheeler's car, it rapidly slows down--no longer able to drive! and to totally wreck the car, Minerva manages to leap forward and punch her arm through the engine block, destroying it utterly...

...but unfortunately her arm gets LODGED in the car. Not a big deal right? Well, except for one teensy problem.

As Mr. Wheeler's car slides to a stop, Mr. Wheeler looks up and peers forward, raising a hand to his forehead. "Gawrsh! What is that?" He asks.

'That' appears to be a giant ass Shinra tank, it's forward cannon charging. It blocks the entire road--there's no way around it. And if that thing fires, it's CERTAINLY going to vaporize the scientist and Mr. Wheeler's car. No guarantee about Mr. Wheeler, though, who seems to be throwing a fit about not having a functional car anymore. Now it'll be certainly easy to get the scientist out--he's not physically a match for the Hobo King--but the bigger problem is Minerva, who is now stuck to the car. She won't be able to get away from the cannon blast in time.

Ivo takes over a helicopter. It's pretty badass. Unfortunately, Leida has favored enemy: helicopter and blasts the propeller. The helicopter starts dropping and tumbling, falling towards the--

--is it going to hit the tank? Is it going to save everybody?! YES! THIS IS IVO'S MOMENT TO SIGN AND--

The tank backs up a few yards, allowing the helicopter's descent to bring it between its cannon and the cars its actually aiming at. It doesn't look like it's going to choose not to fire. Ivo has a few seconds to jump out before the helicopter is obliterated.
Gilgamesh Separated from Enkidu, Gilgamesh is growing increasingly impatient. Enkidu can't afford to run back through the traffic; it would slow them both down and accomplish nothing. That means there's only one thing Gilgamesh can possibly do.

Well, he could just FLY, because he can do that, but that seems sort of counter-productive to the scene at large, doesn't it?


Behind Gilgamesh, the sky ripples in a tremendously unnatural fashion as the big grey man crosses his arms and closes his eyes. The Genbu Gate splits down the middle; a golden light shines forth, spilling into the street. Is this the legendary treasure trove of the Worlds' Greatest Swordsman, filled to the brim with shining and glorious objects from all across the worlds, a trove that was famous even when the Barriers of Light still existed?!

Indeed, the Genbu Gate splits open, and for a brief, shining moment, the treasure of countless worlds and countless ages shines forth, spilling into the streets! Weapons piled as high as skyscrapers, swords and shields and guns and more besides, all lurking within the Genbu Gate. It's beautiful. It's glorious.

Most of it is probably fake.

However, from that glorious gate, it floats out - a massive golden device, a floating platform laid in jade, with a big golden throne in the center. Gilgamesh hops up onto the platform and crosses his arms, sitting himself down in the throne - and ignoring the fact that said throne is sized for a much smaller person. He attempts to look cool, but basically winds up smushing himself into the seat as the Genbu Gate seals behind him. "HAH! Look at my beautiful treasure, from...somewhere! I forget where, but it was surely a climactic and epic battle where I acquired it! Even Enkidu can't go as fast as-wait. How do I get you to go?"

He pokes the throne. Then he knocks on it. Then he knocks it on it again. "Uh...giddyup! Hyah! Go! Pedal To The Metal! 3-2-1 Start! ...uhhm....Flight, Please?! Go faster! FORWARD!"

Gilgamesh hammers on the throne for a moment, punching it. This succeeds in doing absolutely nothing. Then he looks down at his feet. "Pedals, activate? TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!"

Sigils scribble into the air, in a language no one in the area understands. Then, what is unmistakably a countdown in the sky appears. The mysterious sigils tick. Tick. Tick.

Gilgamesh's eyes widen.


The flying throne suddenly lurches forward. The flying throne, incidentally, has acceleration...massive acceleration. We're talking 'zero to maximum' in all of three seconds. Also incidentally, its maximum speed is something comparable to the legendary horses of the gods of old - that is to say, a horse that is as fast as lightning. Probably...somewhere around an F-15 Fighter Jet? At a guess?

Further incidentally, do you know what happens when an object going the maximum top speed of an F-15 Fighter Jet suddenly accelerates at nearly ground-level down a crowded street full of buildings, cars, bikes, and other objects?

Survery says....SONIC BOOM!

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh" can barely be heard as the flying throne platform goes screaming past...well, basically everyone. Assuming anyone still can hear through the sonic boom. It's going to take Gilgamesh a while to get back, that's for sure.

Enkidu just sort of...stands there, puzzled. He's not really sure what to do now.

...Exasperated Bark.
Priel Aylin Seeing Ivo literally dropkick his way into the helicopter, Priel couldn't help but whistle in appreciation. "Wow. That was actually pretty cool." ...Hey wait, what'd he mean by other side? Oh well, no time to ponder about nonsense like that now! Hey wait a second, where was Leida aiming? It wasn't for Wheeler's car...hey! That was the helicopter!

"Whoa! Leida! Not that! Fire at the car down there! The car! The car!" Whoops, too late! She can only watch and sigh as the girl's arrow goes flying right for the propeller blades. ...Oh well! If Ivo actually managed to look cool for more than five seconds, Hades would probably start feeling the underworld freeze over. ...Yep.

And so with a rough crash, the shardmobile came back down to the ground, lurching to a stop just behind Mr. Wheeler's car. "Oh wow, you see that? I'm preeeeetty sure that's not a good thing!" Priel mused rather nonchalantly, eyeing the tank up ahead while tapping her cheek with a finger. Oh look, there went Leida's handiwork, about to impact with the ground! "...Okay, change of plans Leida! Get out! We've got to get off to the sides!" Priel decided rather quickly, kicking the door on her side open with a foot before quickly getting out and opening the back door for the girl after.

"Hurry it up! We haven't got all day!"
Will Sherman "I woul..." the gun locks up.

"Ha!" he says, with a grin on his face...stands up, and proceeds to smash the scientist in the face with his head!

Mr. Wheeler seems preoccupied, so W...

Oh god...

A tank. Which is now aiming to /fire/ at them. This is bad, because he's not sure if he can stop that...


Rolling to the side, he grabs the probably dizzy scientist, and drags him over his shoulder...

To watch as GIGLATHRONE flies right by, with the speed of a jet! The sonic boom deafens him, as he falls ontop of the scientist, looking up weakly as he looks...

"...Made in Tiawan?" he says, spotting the make of the throne on the back of the right leg. "Huh." he says...he pauses... "WHAT?!" he shouts, looking around. "CAN YOU GUYS HEAR ANYTHING?! I CAN'T HEAR ANYTHING! THERE IS A RINGING IN MY EAR!" he shouts.

Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart turns the handle, pushing the motorcycle even more. As long as they have gas in the tank at least, they can follow. "I'm pulling in, try to slow it down or break it, aim for a wheel!" She shouts her suggestion to Aerith, leaning the motorcycle to the left a bit as she moves around an obstacle, a downed car.

And then, she zips by Enkidu sitting there.



"Where's Gilgamesh?"

She hasn't seen him on his flying throne yet. But anyway, the focus is on the lead car, moving on the opposite side of where Mercade is, squeezing the car between the two.
Mercade Alexander Oh God, Ivo was almost awesome for a second there with how he totally kicked Shinra ass.

Don't worry, Ivo. Mercade saw your fleeting moment of glory.

That's about when Gilgamesh SONIC BOOMS, causing Mercade to get flung across the highway and crack into the divider, hitting his head and promptly forgetting it.

Sucks to be Ivo.

Mercade, however, slides down to the ground, slumping and semiconscious as the Shinra Tank prepares to blast Mr. Wheeler and the scientist!

"Did someone get the license plate number of that throne?" Mercade slurs to no one in particular.
Ivo Galvan Ivo comes dangerously close to looking cool.

Kicking through the helicopter's door and plowing feetfirst into the pilot, he slams the poor man's head against the opposite door accompanied by the shattering of glass. Whirling toward the flabbergasted gunner, Ivo grins lopsidedly before lashing out with his hilt, the pulse of energy about it acting as an impromptu Taser on top of the sheer blunt trauma. Both Shinra operatives are dropped quickly, and Ivo scrambles to his feet hurriedly before pausing, and glancing around. No one else. It's just him, in the helicopter that was shooting at his friends.

He did it.

"As anticipated," he says to himself, the blade tearing out of the windshield as though of its own volition and hurtling back to his hilt, snapping clean in just in time for Ivo to flourish the sword and rest it against his shoulder, other hand on his hip -- and grins at no one in particular. "...More or less."

He maintains the victory pose for several seconds, before looking over at the controls, then, as the helicopter begins to slowly careen, back at the unconscious Shinra operatives. "Hey, either of you mind telling me how to-- no? Hm." Furrowing his brow slightly, the erstwhile aristocrat regards the display with bemusement. He's an engineer by training, but the technology he's used to comes in a very different form. For a moment, he's at a loss. He's not sure if he can do this.

And then Mute City begins to play.

A bold light flashes in Ivo's eyes, the light of a man who lives to live interestingly. He throws himself into the pilot seat, gripping the handlebars with a confident smile. "Don't underestimate me just because I'm cute," he says, again to no one in particular. "I'll--"

An explosion rocks the helicopter, warning signs flaring up everywhere. Eyes widening, all confidence draining from his face along with the color, Ivo turns to gawk out the window at where Leida stands, poised like a goddess of the hunt, her bow just fired. "WRONG VEHICLE!" he screams through the shattered window, waving his arms wildly, eyes wide. "THAT'S NOT THE--" It is way too late for that. There follows an empty silence as Ivo proceeds to stare dully at nothing, his world turning about him. "Well," he finally says in a reasonable tone, "I suppose I didn't specify which vehicle."

Really, he should have known better than to rely on Leida at this particular juncture. All's well that ends well. Except this isn't likely to end well. It looks as though Priel and Leida are going to be able to scramble to safety, but it's his helicopter, of all things, that's in the tank's sights! At least he's serving as a kind of shield? So he and Leida were, like, engaged in teamwork. There, yeah, now he feels a little better about his immanent doom. Looking desperately toward the console (still playing Mute City of course), he sees the warning lights pulsing toward a single button--

"Alright, then."

--conveniently labeled EJECT.

With one limp Shinra operative under each arm, Ivo slides and staggers toward the pilot's seat, awkwardly buckling them all in, and waits carefully, even as the helicopter roars down to earth. Sweat beads at his brow, but he waits calmly, until, as it enters the tank's sights, the helicopter has rotated just enough so that it's facing right-side-up--

"Now," he murmurs, "can I fly a /chair/?"

--whereupon Ivo hits the button, the roof flies off on a hinge, and the chair shoots through the empty space, sending him hurtling through the open sky, parachute hopefully deploying. Of course, with two other unconscious men seatbelted in with him, who knows how this is going to go.
Leida The fierce look on Leida's face vanishes as soon as her arrow strikes home and she has just enough time to scream before gravity reasserts itself and her ride goes plummeting back down to the road. The landing is rough but not deadly and the princess finds herself sprawled out on the back seat of the car, head on the floorboards and feet wrapped over the top of the backrest.

By the time Priel moves around to open the door, the small girl is curled up in a ball on the floor, shaking like she's been submerged in frigid water. Her eyes are pressed shut, both arms wrapped about her knees, and no response is given to the urgent warning.

Leida has officially checked out. Please leave a message.
Isaac Hanlon The background music is pretty appropriate. It makes Isaac concentrate a little more easily, despite the chaotic surroundings; music soothes the savage, uh, DJ. He murmurs magic under his breath, keeping the bike on the straight and narrow. This proves to be a problem when the tank rolls up, and when a sonic boom makes him suddenly veer sharply to the right.

Isaac's bicycle careens out of control. He streaks down an alley and hits a convenient plank, shooting up into the air and running along the rim of a dumpster. The bike turns again, hitting a drain pipe and rolling up onto the roof while Isaac struggles to make it do anything but 'go forward'. The bike rips across the slanted rooftop, getting air again as it hits the peak.

The shadow of the bike appears, gradually coming into focus. It eventually starts to grow over the street as he loses altitude, coming down with a surprising amount of force, more than it should by all rights have. It drops like a meteor, a curious whistling following it --

-- and hammers into the back end of the convertible containing both Minerva and Mr. Wheeler. There's a pulse of dim violet light when he hits it, and the entire front end of the car flips into the air, flinging the two of them clear like rag-dolls subject to a bit of gravity tweaking. They'll land alright, though. Magic.

The bike's tires screech when they hit the ground. Isaac goes careening off down another street, doing a wheelie. He might be screaming, but whether it is wordless terror or useful spellcasting won't be actually obvious until, I dunno, next round.
Legion The shockwave has a nice benefit of jostling the tank's firing range so it only is in danger of hitting Ivo. This...this is better, right?

Will wisely chooses to not play hard heads against Mr. Wheeler. Instead he collides head with the scientist who goes limp--not unconcious but definitely not resisting. He starts crying. His glasses are broken. Today has been a bad day for him.

Mr. Wheeler notices this and--as his car is now useless--walks out of his car, smooths out his hair, puts his spectacles back on. "Excuse me, sir. Sir?" He approaches Will.

Suddenly his DARK Fate lines become BRILLIANT WHITE fate lines as his Mr. Wheeler persona is banished and replaced by that of Mr. Walker's. Will barely avoids getting temporarily blinded by the sudden change.

"That man you have there," He says, "0He's from Hearts Intertwined. I know y'fellahs are with those gawrsh-darned Shadow Lords but could ya be nice and let him go...otherwise in the name of the King." He holds up the blue shell and flings it at the other helicopter, sending it crashing to the sea before it snaps back into his hands.

"This Captain of the Guard's gonna have to arrest ya!"

Mercade's DETECTIVE VISION as well as probably most anybody with half a brain tells them that this story does not fit entirely with reality, even if Mr. Walker seems to believe it.

"Course my friends call me Goofy! Hayuck!" He says, looking over his shoulder towards the tank that is now, prresently, charging up another shot. It fires a cannon blast--but Goofy flings his shield once more and deflects the shot away. He's like Captain America if Captain America was a dog. And a goof. And kind of part Hulk.

Isaac crashes into the back of the car. Wheeler--or Goofy if you prefer--already got out of the car. But it may help dislodge Minerva. Most importantly, however, the car ends up flying right into the tank's cannon and it explodes. The explosion takes out the cannon. The Shinra personel barely has enough to escape before the tank explodinates.

The scientist is in no position to resist. He doesn't seem to be in much shape to answer questions coherently but he can be searched. what you NEED is his phone to track VitaTech back to where they've been working out.
Minerva Minerva has punched too deep, too hard, the urge of all street fighter wa too much she totally had to punch the car and oh ther's also a sonic boom. This is bad, this is very bad really. There's a canon blast coming she gets a wide eued look on her face this is bad she knows about siege weapons and that's a seige weapon that could blow a hole in a castle right at her. She ha to wonder how did they make it so moble and compact but most of it is going. I'm not ready to go meet the saint yet!

Then comes her salvation in the form of a magical DJ.

The next thing she knows she's airborne leaving her bike behind. She's okay with this she's launched into the air and spinign end over end she should be fine, right?
Aerith And of course, someone has to make sense of all this... which is where Aerith comes in.

"Anyone know what's going on here? Because I've lost every avenue of figuring this out."
Gilgamesh Enkidu barks loudly. He can't seem to hear either, but the dog is empathic enough to grasp what Will's asking. The massive rock crouches down to allow Will to hop on and sling himself onto his back; Enkidu is a willing and helpful individual when Gilgamesh isn't involved, after all. Heck, Enkidu's probably smarter than /Will/ is.

Once Will is on his back, Enkidu goes barreling away from this whole thing. He's pretty sure that's the right choice.


Gilgamesh continues to scream. The ancient flying throne continues to ignore him. He's already out of Goug; he'll be crossing over the seas soon!

At least he's got Isaac's sweet video game music playing. Oh, wait, no he doesn't; he's going WAY too fast for sound to keep up! Oh well. That music would've really made his crammed-into-a-throne-three-times-too-small-for-him-flying-at-supersonic-speeds situation at least a little more bearable! He would have some rocking jams, at least.

Ehn, he'll figure it out soon. Or he'll crash into a mountain /spectacularly/. One or the othr.
Priel Aylin "Oh for god's sake..." Priel sighed, reaching over and unceremoniously scooping up Leida into her arms. Huh, she was pretty light. "I swear you need to toughen up." She commented afterward before quickly making a run for it, incidentally in the direction of Mercade, Ivo, and the Shinra officers. "Ah sheesh...this took WAY too much effort for no reward at all!"

And then she unceremoniously dumps Leida on top of Ivo. "Oh and here, take this too."

Real nice.
Will Sherman Will looks up at Goofy.

The lines are white again...and then...

LUCK SINGULARITY. For a moment, Will just widens his eyes's just...the strings..they work so wonderfully for him, as Goofy talks, his ears stop ringing, and he pauses as he speaks.

"What? No...this guy isn't from Hearts Intertwined...he's from a company called Vitateck...and he's INVOLVED with trying to hurt a group of my friends." he says, with a frown. "Wait...did you say King? Like...King Mickey? I know him! he saved me from the Dark Relm! We fought together in Manhattan!" he exclaims! "I'm Will Sherman, Detective of the Twilight Detective Agency." he says, with a nod. Holding the guy in on hand, easily...

"If you wana come with and help us figure this out, I'd be okay with that, sir."
Ivo Galvan "Did we help?" Ivo asks blearily, wincing as his spine cracks as he tries to straighten. His ejected chair has landed neatly right next to where Mercade is lying dazed on the ground, and the Shard Seeker swordsman is trying to crane his neck to look at the lead investigator. "I think we helped." Sure, if it makes you feel better.

"Oof!" Ivo winces and looks up at Priel with one eye squinted shut as she pitilessly heaves an obviously traumatized Leida onto, well, the three laps of the men all strapped to the chair, only one of whom remains conscious. "Well," he manages, "an exciting adventure is its own reward, don't you think?"

Whereupon the deflating parachute settles over his form like a shroud.
Mercade Alexander Mercade narrowly avoids getting MANPILED.

"Sup." Mercade says, clutching his head as Ivo appears. "I could have sworn I saw you a second ago..." He shakes his head. "Ah, never mind. What about Wheeler and the scientist?"

And they are promptly recovered! Awesome. "Thanks for the help, Ivo. IF there's any reward in this, I'll make sure you guys get it."

Mercade stands, shaking his head and picking up his bike. Thankfully, the tank is dealt with.

He rolls over towards Aerith while listening to the explanation from Walker-Goofy. "Hey Aerith. Tifa. Good to see you guys. Thankfully, this cleaned up a little bit. Basically, we're hunting a murderer and getting information on his background. The scientist in that car has info we need, and he tried to get away with the help of that crazy guy over there." He summarizes nicely. "Are you both all right?"

Thankfully, Mercade still doesn't see Leida, since his back is to Ivo and the Shinrapile. Will's flailing gets his attention, then, and he approaches. "Hey there. Mercade Alexander, of the Twilight Detective Agency. Sorry that we caused so much disturbence, but we're investigating some murders." WOULD ANYONE LIKE TO TALK ABOUT ~*MURDERS*~?

"I apologize for the inconvenience, but I think this man has some information we need to help track down what's going on. After all, if he was innocent, would he really have needed you to drive him away really fast?
Leida The jolt seems to shock the princess out of her daze and she winces as she is unceremoniously dumped into the laps of Ivo and two strange men. Thanks Priel, you're all heart. She sits up and stares around timidly for a moment, turning to peer at the pile she is now a part of but before she can do more than give Ivo a questioning look, the parachute settles down around them.

Isaac Hanlon Isaac comes whipping back down onto the street on the bike. It screeches to a halt, leaving him facing away from the tank. He plants one foot on the ground, glasses gleaming.

The tank explodes.

He does not look back.

A moment later, Isaac dismounts and lets the spells fade. He wheels the bike back towards the gathering of odd individuals. The tires are lightly smoldering, and the bike chain appears to have been ground into a metallic powder, glowing kind of red. Heat rolls off it like an oven.

Isaac puts down the kick-stand before he leaves it.

Then, while Mercade is busy talking to people, Isaac walks on over and pats him down for his phone. He expects a fair number of people here won't even know what he's taking, and he only needs it for a minute.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart drives to a stop along with the others, blinking a bit as she sits up fully atop the bike, looking at the man-dog caleld Goofy.

Why is that name so fitting? She doesn't understand it, but it fits.

Anyway, she looks over to the others "Mercade. So what's the verdict, what do we do with that guy now? ... ... ... And while we're at it, someone wants to explain what exactly happened and why we were chasing them?"
Legion Goofy looks crosseyed at Will as he starts explaining.the situation. Unfortunately, he's not entirely correct. "Well gawrsh, I did think to check into it. He was on the employee page and even had a business card with his name on it, the photo matched too! Hrmmm!"

Mercade draws his attention however by saying he's hunting after murders, and Will fills him in by mentioning king Mickey. "Well shyucks! You know King Mickey? He's one of my best pals!" He grins wide. That's surely one way to get Goofy's fondness in hand. "I'm real sorry, but once I get behind the wheel..." He thinks it over, Mercade's reasoning about how a good person wouldn't want him behind the wheel or driving a getaway car. "well, gawrsh! You have a point!! I should've known something was fishy once he said he wanted Mr. Wheeler." He glances at the sobbing scientist. "Don't think he knew what he was in for, though."

Turning back to Mercade. "Well, to make all this trouble up to you, I'll help you find these villains and put 'em to justice with ya, hayuck! You can count on me!" He salutes, knocking his own hat off. He pauses and ducks down to pick it up again.

"I'm glad I didn't cause as much problems as last time, though." Goofy muses as if everybody got off light by this one.

Isaac pats the scientist down. He comes away with a wallet, a phone (which he can trace to one of Hearts Intertwined Facilities in Traverse Town), a set of car keys, and a pack of fine cigarettes.
Gilgamesh Far, far away, across the sea, a peaceful, idyllic mountain is suddenly disrupted at speeds exceedng Mach 2.

Don't worry, Gilgamesh is okay, though! Probably. Maybe.

Priel Aylin Priel just knelt down, only halfway listening to the conversation going on out front as she lifted the parachute enough to see Leida. "Would you quiet down. There's absolutely nothing to be screaming about here." And then a sigh as she grabbed the girl again, lifting her up effortlessly once more. "Fine then, let's get going."

A glance back at the others, and then Priel is walking off leaving Ivo with the Shinrapile. "Back to Fluorgis with your wimpy behind~!"

Yep. Ivo was being left to fend for himself.

As expected.
Aerith Aerith pointed toward the phone. "I think... that is what they were looking for. It might have a bit of information about someone who's a killer..." Though her knowledge of the situation ends there. She turned toward Tifa. "Okay, we're gonna follow them. Check?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Aerith "Alright, let's go then." She revs the motorcycle up, ready to follow the rest along the path. At least no Gilgamesh to shout the road off, literally.
Will Sherman Will scatches his head at Goofy, "Alright! The more the merrier." he says to Goofy...but this new thing. These people were in Hearts intertwined...this makes things worse. Much worse...which means he's gona have to get over being mad at Mercade for a while, because lives are at stake.

He waves towards Tifa and Aerith as they leave, "Thanks!" and then...

"Wait where did the Sharders go?" pause, "Oh well." he shrugs.

"Anyway, Goofy, basicly these people are running a science experiment...a horrible bad one. We're trying to stop it...but.." he sighs, "Man...they are in Hearts Intertwined...
Legion "Well sometimes when you're trusting, someone takes advantage of it," Goofy admits. "But gawrsh, it's still worth trustin' people! Taking advantage of those nice people is a real bad move, we'll show 'em that one way or another, right?" He offers Will a big gloved hand. "Science should be used to help people, and cheeseburgers!"
Minerva Minerva is still iarborn, she's not going to be for long as ehe's comming down letting out a call of look out below. She's shifting as sghe falls tio prwpare to alnd but she can't mvoe awauy in time it looks like Goofy may very well have a monk laning on him in just a second!
Legion "YEEEEEOOWWWCH!" Goofy yelps as he goes down like a sack of dog.
Will Sherman Will takes Goofy's hand...

"Darn right! We'll show them what fo-" MINERVAED.

"...Ouch. You alright Goofy?"
Will Sherman Will walks into the office. He grabs a fistful of something.

It is stuff in the Guy's pocket, the guy they just picked up, which really isn't much. A wallet (sans money), lint, keys, and nothing else of real value.

He drops them on the desk, and turns around starting to walk back out without a single word to Mercade or Max.
Will Sherman Will stops, turning around slowly and looking back at Mercade.

"I thought we've covered it already. I got nothin' else to say on it. After all, I'm just being a child about it," he grunts, bitterly.
Will Sherman Will grunts, turning around and plops down on a chair, he looks absolutely unhappy to be here, and doesn't actually want to deal with this. "What is there to talk about? I made my displeasure known, and you've basicly told me that I am /wrong/ because...?" He shrugs, "Honor this and honor that, but you still use the darkness. You steal from people who helped us, and you're FREEKIN' Okay with it, because it's 'his private life'."
Will Sherman Will just stares at Mercade.

Cue Elevator stuck.

Will speaks slower, "He. Uses. Darkness. I can see it, it's the same as Riku's string." he glares back at Max, "Not only that, he's trying to steal something FROM Rabanastre doesn't sit unwell with you? Why? What does this /have to do/ with our work? He just wants to steal it! It's not helping anyone, and infact /hurting/ someone who's done nothing but help and trust us Mercade."

"Tell me, what does it do for anyone?"
Will Sherman Will doesn't pay attention to the folders, but if he was it would be telling for him. He's kinda caught up in this situation.

"...Nothing good comes of the darkness. You didn't see that place..." he shudders, even after all these years, there is something that even frightens Will, truly frightens. "Some dark place we got thrown into after Manhattan was..." he shakes his head, "..." he doesn't say anything to the other point. He doesn't believe Max, but he just can't going around saying it without evidence. "'Some'."
Will Sherman Will looks at Mercade, "To use your example, Riku." Will says, evenly. "Reguardless of what I might feel on's true we took him in, and he betrayed us. Circumstances asside, we know what THAT power leads to." he says, and turns to look at Max, "That darkness and YOUR darkness are different." he says, strangely, "Don't ask me to explain it either, I can't any more than I could explain magical theory or what the hell is wrong with the Fae." he shrugs.

"Besides. Your reasons for this are 'they are bad so it's okay for me to be bad at them'. This is seriously what you are saying. Oh sorry, You FEEL they are bad, and I should be bad at them."

Will sighs, "Fine. I'm sorry."
Will Sherman Will pauses for a moment...

Then he turns right at Mercade, glaring at him, but then just...looks like he got kicked. He just sits there, listening to it, from Max. He doesn't seem to respond to anything, then finally, he stands up.


Finally, without another word, he just turns to leave.
Will Sherman Will is gone, no slammed doors. He just is gone.

This scene contained 79 poses. The players who were present were: Ivo Galvan, Priel Aylin, Will Sherman, Mercade Alexander, Tifa Lockhart, Gilgamesh, Minerva, Aerith, Leida, Legion, Isaac Hanlon