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Sports, The Sky, And A Red Lily
(2013-01-01 - 2013-01-02)
A meeting in Luca results in introductions... and confrontations.
Mercade Alexander It's a beautiful day in Luca! The sun is shining, the sea salt air is fresh and clean, and the seagulls are even behaving themselves.

"I am so glad this isn't a desert." Mercade says apropos of nothing as he sits there in the central square of the port town. He's watching a Blitzball game on the sphere-cams near the stadium, sitting around on a bench while enjoying local (overpriced) snacks. Some things never change.
Maximilien "I bet you are."

Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne dropping in out of nowhere is basically his MO. Mercade probably isn't surprised when the Phantom Thief lands next to him, dressed in his usual white tuxedo and red cape; then again, it's Mercade we're talking about here, so maybe he's surprised anyway. "Bonne annee, Monsieur Alexander, et joyeux fetes aussi. Comment allez-vous?"

The frenchman just settles into the seat next to Mercade, kicking back to relax, his feet swinging up onto the (currently empty) seat below him. "You paid too much for these tickets, I suspect."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart thinks Mercade had the right idea of not going INSIDE of the stadium but rather outside of it. The spherecams allow you to check on the action without having to pay for the entry tickets... although the snacks are still rather pricey.

Tifa drops a bar of sea salt ice cream into Mercade's lap "Here's for you." She smirks, and leans over the back of Mercade's bench, looking up at the screens. "Blitzball huh? Looks pretty interesting, but not sure how long I'd be able to stay underwater.
Deidra it was a risk coming here to Luca given fiends and all. Well being seen as one but she's keeping with friend it shouldn't be too bad and somehow due to the mess of worlds the gargyole can enjoy the sun. Even if she seems a little sleepy, she's going to enjoy it. It's so nice and warm and she's got some over priced drink. "So they play this Blitzball like we do Hockey, Baseball or Football. I wonder if the TDA Could play ait at some point it might be fun." She looks over at Max and Mercade for a moment.
Will Sherman Will comes up with his own pile of snacks.

With a ravenous appitite his starts tearing into his food. If you think it is for sharing, you might lose a hand in the terrible frenzy that is hobo-lad's food frenzy. He doesn't answer Mercade initially, thinking that he doesn't need to. Someone will.

Of course, fate loves to spite him sometimes, instead, he growls and wiggles his fingers.

Out of nowhere, a beachball sails towards Maximilien.

Infact beach balls will probably keep intermittenly sail out of nowhere. Without rhyme or reason.

Will is actually glad for the low tension for a change. "Hey Tifa." He doesn't ask the obvious 'where's mine' question, beause OBVIOUSLY this was a ploy on Tifa's part. Will considers this...

Barkeep and detective. He can see it.
Rhiannon Zellen Rarely does Rhia step out of her lab at Shinra HQ.

Even more rare is for her to even be on another continent entirely. But here she was, casually strolling through the central square of Luca, looking left and right in wonderment as she did so. "My, my, my...look at all of these people...their complexions...their features...similar, yet different."

And wry smile crept onto the scientist's face as she slowed down to a stop, her attention taken by the action going on in the stadium, courtesy of the spherecams. "...Interesting. How do they manage to stay underwater for so long? ...Are their lungs more advanced than a normal human's? Or perhaps they use some sort of device...? Regardless, capturing one for dissection would no doubt prove highly informative..."

And thus, the insane, and totally audible self conversation continues.
Cirra Constantine Cirra Constantien is often sent far afield from Archadia, and today it's Luca. To...

Watch a Blitzball Game.

It's the Archadian Cactoids on one side. THey're a very new team, and it shows when one of them is double teamed by the opposing side and knocked out of the sphere.

"They're terrible at this..." she sighs, and looks at her snacks. "Did they really need a Judge to body guard this? I'm getting tired of getting the busy work..."
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina Carenze is observing the Drownball game.

She glances down at a cheap Manhattan watch she purposed and then refurbished and then adjusted and then rebuilt. She looks back at the screen again, frowning. It looks super fake, she thinks.
Faris Scherwiz Meanwhile, in the background...

A somewhat familiar purple-haired princess in a yellow dress is grumbling about sand up her dress.

It's not pretty.
Mercade Alexander "Ah..." Mercade says, trying to vaguely guess what Max is Frenching at him about. "I'm doing pretty well, Max. Good to see you." He smiles. "Free might indeed have been too much. The reception seems to be a little... watery." Ha ha ha. He looks to Deidra and winces. "I don't think I'm cut out for Blitzball, Deidra. I have no idea how they hold their breath that long."

He absently reaches up and bats a beachball away from Max, and smiles as he suddenly gets a bar of ice cream. The Detective looks up appreciatively at Tifa, smiling. "Thank you, Tifa!" He says, and picks it up to begin unwrapping it. Can't let it melt (or get stolen by Max)! "I know the feeling. I have to wonder what kind of crazy training they do to manage that kind of sport. What are you up to, Tifa? Just enjoying the day?"

The mad scientist arrives, and Mercade blinks at the audible narraration. "Do I sound like that?" He asks himself quietly, before he listens to her. "That woman is pretty intense." He mentions to those around him.

He waves to Cirra over in the distance. "Hey Cirra! How's it going?" He calls. While sitting next to Max. Uh oh, this might get weird. He doesn't quite notice the princess in the background.
Maximilien Max doesn't steal food. That's beneath him; he's not /homeless/ or something. He does, however, fold his hands behind his head and nod appreciatively at the beachball being batted away from him; it goes bouncing away, and Max sigh quietly to himself. If it happened again, there would be a problem, but for now...

"Bonjour, madamoiselle," Max cheerfully greets Tifa, standing up and taking her hand in his and everything. He's the very model of a proper gentleman. "Please, take my seat; I do not approve of ladies standing when I am sitting. It is the mark of an uncultured, rude man." He smiles-

And then Mercade calls out to Cirra, just as Max steps out from beside Tifa to allow her to sit where he was sitting.

There's /no way/ that this will go poorly. At /all/.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart waves a hand to Max "No, that's alright, there's enough seats I just felt like standing up." She smiles kindly "Thank you for the offer~" Gentlemen still exist huh?

She nods at Mercade's question, munching on her ice bar as well "Yeah, took a boat and ended up here, just relaxing for a quiet day. Sometimes I go race my chocobo too, but today they are closed up with the New Year stuff. Understandable. I wonder why these guys are playing today honestly."

She turns her head to look at Sarisa, noticing other familiar faces where with Sarafina and Will. Although, The self-narrating girl is a new one to her. Not as terrible as Gilgamesh at least.
Will Sherman Will looks innocent as the beach ball is sent flying away.

He works on his fourth hotdog, in a state of condiment-ment. That wasn't a very good pun, Will looks back at his writer, who shrugs. He ain't drunk enough to write for you hobo-lad, this is the best material you are going to get.

Will sighs for no reason, and then looks at Cirra!

"Cirra! Hey!" he pauses, "I promise no singing!" he says, giving her a grin.

He warily eyes the narration scientist, " you don't. You kinda sound like a dork sometimes, but not creepy." he pauses. Realizing he was probably too loud. He shurgs, "Too creepy really." he continues.

Then Max is on his feet...waiiiit a minute.
Cirra Constantine Cirra is a little bit further ahead then the other group. "My country's team is lossing. /Very badly/." she recognizes Mercade's voice enough to answer by just shouting over her shoulder, and doesn't see Max.

Then Will says 'no singing' and she turns to look at them. "Good!"

Then she sees Max. "..."

"/You/!" she stands up, scattering her overpriced snacks and jumps up on her seat in one motion, getting ready to leap.
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina looks at her once one last time and then turns and approaches the gathering--beachball included--"Oi Tifa." She says, waving a hand towards her. "Hard to miss yo--" She pauses, noting Will and... Mercade and--"...tch, was focused on that 'game' and missed everything it seems." She looks towards Cirra, who is now all a tumble, but she doesn't know what's going on and just glances thataway for a bit.

"Will, is there something I should be wary of?" she asks.
Faris Scherwiz Faris' writer offers Wills' writer alcohol.

He'll need it.

Then Sarisa knows people she knows! Adjusting her tiara set on her hair, she sweeps over with a smile. "Monsieur Alexander, Lady Tifa, it is wonderful to see you again, and here of all places! Are you enjoying the Blitzball match?"

Faris remembers Lenna's princess lessons well. Probably too well.
Deidra Deidra is getting looks from the local but she looks over at the game now and grins a little bit "Well isn't this game new to most's pretty neat it's like watching how humans would handle themselves if they could fly unaided." She grins watching the game for a moment before looking back to Tifa and will. "Hey, Tifa. Will so...just lets no go whale hunting again shall we?" The princess looks to Sarisa who is totally not Faris. "Hello!"
Will Sherman Will blinks...

"Who's the lady dressed up in the princess outfit?" he asks Mercade, before answering a question from Sarafina, "Well...yes. You see, Max here decided that he was going to steal something important from Vayne, who is Cirra's boss. I told him not too, but he decided that because I am homeless, and he was too french, that he wasn't going to listen to me. So now Cirra is going to murder him. I am going to watch and laugh. Possibly interfear on her behalf because I like her, and he's a giant French dickbag," he comments.

"Might get a reward too." he thinks.

"Escuse me, I need to be supportive."

"No Cirra...stop, this must be a missunderstanding." he says, completely half heartedly, "And yes D, no more Whale hunting. Ever. I think Faris hates me a little."
Rhiannon Zellen The growing ruckus coming from not too far off to her side does not escape Rhia and she eventually managed to tear her eyes away from the footage of the game long enough to give the perpetrators a spare glance.

Hmn. Mostly human. How boring. Well, there was that gargoyle creature but even her fantastic appearance did not move the scientist at this moment. She was far more interested in figuring out how those players were holding their breath for so long. But it would seem that would have to wait.

With those thoughts filed away for later's contemplation, she turned to face the group, addressing the comment made about her by Mercade. "Oh, I apologize. Was I musing out loud again? I tend to do that. Hopefully I haven't let out anything embarrassing now!"

She tops off that statement by bringing a hand to her cheek, smiling in a vaguely sheepish manner.
Maximilien Max's smile literally just doubles in size. "Excusez-moi, mes amis, madamoiselle, I have business to attend to!" He just slips around Tifa, giving up his seat regardless, and makes his way over to Cirra. His smile is /genuine/, too; broad, wide, and reaching his eyes. He holds up both hands in front of him, waving them in front of her.

"Bonjour, ma chere; comment allez-vous? A happy new year to you, of course. Please, do not stand; you have wasted your food on my account, and that is a tremendous shame. Allow me to buy you replacements by way of apology, mmm? And as thanks for the wonderful dance. I do not often get to enjoy dancing so much these days; it was a lovely evening." Max slips his hand into hers, bows, and kisses it politely, then rapidly releases it - assuming she doesn't just clamp down and try to rip his hand off.

"It was a great deal of fun, madamoiselle, though I suspect you do not feel the same way." Max straightens. "I should very much like to dance with you again sometime, perhaps in less...mmm....extenuating circumstances."

He's very much trying not to turn around and do something he'll regret, and it's obvious from the look in his eye, which currently only Cirra can see; he's trying very hard to focus on /her/, and not on events going on behind him. "Please, allow me to make up for the inconvenience I have caused you, mmm? It is a new year, after all!"
Mercade Alexander "It's never a dull moment." Mercade comments. "It's good to know people, you're always surrounded by familiar faces." He says offhandedly. AND PRINCESS. Mercade blinks as Sarisa addresses them. "Oh! Hello, Princess! Good to see you!" He smiles, using a bite of his ice cream to buy a moment of time to think. "We're still working on your case. Hopefully, everything will be sorted out soon."

"Hello Sarafina. Everything seems to be going fine. Enjoying the game?" He asks. "The Archadians seem to be new to the sport. It's kind of showing against these guys." He nods to Tifa. "Well, some people like to watch sports on the holidays. These people are crazy for Blitzball. In my world, we had people playing sports on the holidays too."

Mercade looks over to Will. "This is the Princess Sarisa. She hired us to look for her sister, remember?" He sighs, facepalming. "Be nice, Will. There's no reason to be this hostile."

He glances over to Rhiannon and nods. "It's all right. Don't worry about it." He smiles, and gestures. "Name's Alexander. Mercade Alexander. I'm from the Twilight Detective Agency. What brings you out to Luca?" He flicks a hand, and produces a card, which he offers to the mad scientess. The other hand is occupied with ice cream.

Mercade then blinks, and looks between Cirra and who she's staring at. Max. "Ummm..." Mercade pauses, having just been informed of their previous encounter. "Is everything all right?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shrugs and goes to sit next to Mercade anyway, since Max left entirely. Not that she needed the seat, but might as well. She smiles to Deidra "Oh yes, rather not to, I mean, stomach of whale isn't where I'd like to spend my vacation. But if we ever decide on a boat cruise, that might be nice. I mean the relaxing kidn of course."

She keeps her eyes up toward the screen, glancing around when addressed once in a while. The princess is one that visiter her bar a few times, so she knows about her of course. "Still looking for your sister then? Must be tough." She doesn't have anyone else to look out for right now. Well, Cloud is missing, that worries her a little.
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina says, "It feels faked," to Mercade. "I don't really understand it, but I suspect I should keep my opinions to myself while here, or at least keep my voice low." She smiles faintly. Thievery is not something she is especially happy with but it's not like she isn't an outlaw herself of a kind right now, she doesn't really want to get in that mess.

"Pleasure to see you again Princess." She bows her head to Sarisa courteously and straightens. She is the sotr of person who takes the monarchy rather seriously. She glances to Will and is quiet for a few moments. She understands his feelings, of course, but sometimes in a landmine field it is better to not make a move and just wait for the airship to drop a ladder down.

"Don't worry." She tells Wlil. "Thieves catch themselves before too long, usually by the noose."
Faris Scherwiz "I am Princess Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon, of the Land of Tycoon, eldest daughter of the recently deceased King Alexander." Faris explains to those who don't know her. Yeah, she doesn't -like- claiming her status as heir apparent (any timeline, and Faris will always pass it back to Lenna), but...

In some cases, it's good to wave the crown around.

Rhiannon is eyeballed, cautiously, of course. "It's a pleasure to meet you, or see you again. Sometimes, I do forget who I've met or not." She admits, gracefully. "Now, my lady Judge! I have not had many reasons to wander into your fair part of the world; but I have heard wonderful things of Vayne Solidor; perhaps I should visit!"
Cirra Constantine Cirra glances at Will, "It's no misunderstanding." Max takes Cirra's hand and kisses it, the only response her expression becoming even more >:| then normal. "You broke into the palace, snuck around, and then..." Cirra just clenches her teeth, "You. I am going to take great joy in arresting you. That will certainly be starting my new year off well." Max has about a third of a second to get his hand out of her grip before she clamps down on it.

Sarisa starts talking, and puts Cirra in an awkward position where she has to deal with forgien royalty as a Judge. Her back straightens and she looks between Max and the Princess. "Princess, you... I mean thank you." Max's window of escape has lengthened considerably.
Will Sherman Will sighs...

A lot of radio conversation really sours his mood. Very much so. he puts the food down, so much for his relaxing time. This became very unfun for him, in the few moments he gets to not stress about being a walking time bomb completely shattered. For a moment, there is a silence to him that just screams he's about to jump Max, but he stops.

Instead, Mercade gets his stare, and then he says nothing at all for a very long time. (-20)

He simply turns away from the conversation, picking up the drink he set down and takes a sip.
Deidra Deidra life has been anything but dull since she faild her sneak check rescuing Rusty. She'd likely be alone right now if she was alive or consumed with the rest of the city had she not taken a chance and truystd Mercade and his strapping young hobo companion. Still She seems pretty relaxed at this point but pauses as Mercade gets the stare from Will. She pauses at the Princess distracted from anything else seems they got royalty in their mists. One that's not full of herself she can appicate this.
Rhiannon Zellen "Twilight Detective Agency..." Rhia mused, taking the card in her hand and looking it over curiously. She wound up not introducing herself in the end. Likely on purpose. He never specifically asked after all! "Oh me? I..."

'...Am surveying the area for potential new reactors' Is what she was actually here for. But of course she wasn't going to tell him that. Not at all.

"...I was curious about the sport these people play here! The way it is played while submerged and the fact that they can stay underwater for that long is truly fascinating!" A complete lie? No, not really. But not the whole truth either.

In the meantime, Faris is given a vaguely patonizing wave for her staring.
Maximilien "You are not in your jurisdiction; you could perhaps make a case to the local authorities, but to arrest or attack me outside your jurisdiction would invite an international incident. People would assume Archadia believes it can do whatever it wants; even if I /am/ guilty, I am guilty in another country." Max replies cheerfully as he slips his hand out of her grasp juuuuuuust as she clamp down; it disappears into his sleeve, and he produces from it a flower - a very specific flower.

The red flower he produces is not a rose; it's a lily. Specifically, a Galbana Lily - a lily that grows exclusively in Dalmasca. "But you are so very beautiful when you are angry, I cannot hold it against you. A man could fall in love with that face so easily; it is your true self, isn't it, this Avenging Lawgiver? I am enraptured. Besides, I hardly did terribly much sneaking - I ran into you mere seconds after entry, and we spent the night in such a lovely dance! I even helped you up instead of running off. Tsk, I would hardly call that /sneaking/!"

"Bonjour, madamoiselle," Max offers cheerfully to Sarisa, "Comment allez-vous? It is a pleasure." He does not, however, take the window of escape; he just looks at Cirra and smiles, as if to say it wouldn't be fair for him to capitalize on her sudden situation. He simply moves to stand next to her, holding the Galbana Lily in one hand, his other hand in his pocket.

Of course, he's fiddling with a smoke bomb, but that's not really relevant to the situation at /all/, is it? Yet. Still, never hurts to be prepared.

He lowers his voice significantly, mumbling something to Cirra as he stands there, but otherwise puts a smile back on his face. He'd learned to smile when he didn't want to. He'd learned to smile through whatever it took.
Mercade Alexander "Yes, I considered it pretty amazing myself." Mercade says in response to Rhiannon. "You have the look of a scientist about you, though you're a bit fancier than I might expect from a typical one. You're a biologist, then?" He asks.

He chuckles to Tifa. "I've never been on a boat cruise. Never had the chance for one. Have you?"

Sarafina gets a shrug. "Maybe, maybe it isn't. It certainly wouldn't be the most amazing thing I've ever seen out here in these worlds." He doesn't seem to notice the anger or disappointment from Will, but the situation between Max and Cirra has become a rather... engrossing problem. He doesn't look like he's getting involved in it, however.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head at Mercade "Nah, but wouldn't it be nice? Maybe that'd give me a chance to use a swimsuit or something, work on a tan, sip on a drink that isn't one I made." She smirks a bit. "There could be a business about that, maybe, hm?" She chuckles lightly, stretching upward after finishing her ice treat. She looks up at the screen "Wow they are really a long time underwater, counting the stopped time, its been going for almost 15 minutes.
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina Carenze observes the interaction between Max and Cirra. She considers whether or not to be disgusted or impressed with his behavior. Certainly flirting with the law is a gentleman thief's perogative, but just like it's a thin thin line between love and a waste of time, it's a thin thin line between a roguish demeanor and an arrogant prat who needs to be taught a lesson. Ultimately she settles that an Archadian Judge can settle her own damn conflicts. Issues of sovereignty, she imagines, does not neccessarily matter to Archadian Judges however. Archades seems very similar to Baron as far as she can tell and if Baron had a criminal lurking about in some other city just goading them, they'd probably go after 'em just fine anyway. And if there was a complaint they'd point to the airships above the city and if they complained overmuch they'd take over--

Sarafina shakes her head. She really needs to stop thinking of how Baron would respond to situations.

"Sometimes it's hard to remember one left." She looks to Mercade. "You might want to settle this matter with him later."
Faris Scherwiz "I will be sure to tell dear Emperor that you're doing a wonderful job representing your country. It's a pleasure to see that Emperor Solidor allows those so close to him to get to explore the world so freely."

Faris says this brightly and smoothly, her green eyes sparkling in ... what seems to be amusement. "Mercade, do keep me updated, please." She requests of the detective. "After all, I keep interrupting you in the middle of issues."
Mercade Alexander Mercade Alexander is probably glad he's not psychic or something. All of these crazy internal diatribes and judgement sessions would drive him insane. Sarafina gets a nod and a reply, "I'll deal with it when the opportunity arises." Which is not here, and not now. Munchmunchmunch.

"I will, Princess. I promise, as soon as we've gotten this handled, you'll be the first to know." Okay, well, second. Maybe third.

Tifa's response gets a grin from the detective. "I'm sure that you'd make quite a splace there, Tifa. Are you thinking of going into the cruise business? I've known a few people that did that." He rubs his chin. "Do you often drink things other people have made? I'd think that your profession would make you kind of particular sometimes."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smirks "Oh, often enough. I mean, sometimes you need to try what other people do so you can learn what it tastes like, and offer a better judgment on how people would like it. Say they want a sweet drink, and that drink is sour, it'd be hard for me to tell before tasting it, so I can't accurately suggest it to my customers. But I meant as a 'I'm not on duty so I let others make drinks for me' kind of way."
Rhiannon Zellen "Oh please! Fancy? Ahahaha! It must be the coat! Perhaps I should wear something simpler then?" Rhia replied to Mercade, chuckling faintly with a hand against her cheek again. "But yes, I am a scientist. Not just biology though. Magic, technology, biology, and whatever else strikes my fancy. If it is interesting, I will have some stake in the matter."

A nonchalant shrug followed that as she looked over the card again. "...Based in Manhattan, hmn? Didn't that world fall not too long ago?" Well, seemed she kept up on events, even if not directly involved. "Must be tough, doing business without your home now, no?"
Cirra Constantine Cirra looks at her empty hand with disapointment as Max escapes her grasp. Seems he's learned about her strength after last time... though to be fair 'last time' she picked him up and threw him out a window, that tends to be a dead giveaway. She frowns at him as he goes on about jurisdiction, which is unfortunatly true.

Then the flower. "Wha-" she looks back up at him, trying to decided just what kind of game he's playing at. "Wether you ran into me or not, you were still there to-" she glances at the Princess again. and then another stern look at Max as he mumbles something.

Cirra looks to the Princess again and stands up at attention, then puts one arm across her stomach and bos deeply at the waist, her other hand across her back. "Thank you Princess. Future Lord Consoule Solidor is a most gracious man and giving to the servants of Solidor." She stands straight again.

Then glares daggers at Max.
Will Sherman Will continues to mope, dealing with his own stupid psychic...well more like magical bullshit powers. He looks at the princess for a long time...

His face turns into reconition...and then shock...

And then he looks away quickly.

Quickly, he shoves something into his face.

Sarafina Carenze "Well with that, I think I'm going to extricate myself." Sarafina says. "Good luck." She says.

She bows her head once and departs.
Maximilien If Max cared even slightly about what other people thought of him, he probably wouldn't be a thief in the first place. He simply fingers the flower for a moment, leaning next to Cirra as he does so and enjoying the moment of peace and quiet. He smiles, then holds up his hand at one of the street vendors. "Excusez-moi, monsieur!"

The vendor stares at him. Max frowns. "Excuse me, sir. Madamoi...the lady Judge spilled her food on account of some surprise at my presence. Would you be so kind as to replace it? I will pay, of course; it was my fault, after all, and a gentleman should do no less."

Beyond that, though, he's not really talking, though he is staring at Will with very barely-contained annoyance, hidden only by a very careful smile.

It's probably mutual, though, so he doesn't feel terribly bad about it.
Faris Scherwiz Gods bless you, Will Sherman.
Gods bless you.

"Well, I do need to take my leave. I left my knight escort back there with the promise I would return within a few minutes, and I am afraid it's been much longer."

"A pleasure, Lady Judge. Monsieur Mercade, listen to your heart." She leans in to give him a swift kiss to the cheek, before Faris-Sarisa merrily Sarisa-Faris' her way off.
Mercade Alexander "A Renaissance woman. I like that." Mercade chuckles as Rhiannon extols her mastery of science (and SCIENCE!). When she mentions the loss of Manhattan, Mercade shrugs. "People have to adapt to situations even if they're bad. We're working on opening up a new place in Traverse Town soon since the town is clearing up over time. Some real estate is beginning to open up again. What about you? Where are you from, Miss Scientist?"

"See you around, Sarafina!" Mercade waves, as she heads out.

Sarisa's commentary causes him to smirk. "Tell me where is fancy bred? In the heart or in the head?" He gestures. "Is it ever that simple, Princess?"
Will Sherman "Later Sarafina." Will says, turning his attention on the poor bit of food he is eating.

And quietly murming into a ma belle. There isn't much to say, and Mercade is totally not getting anything from Will for a while.
Sarafina Carenze "Later," Sarafina tells Will, giving him what she hopes is an encouraging smile (It actually ends up more like a nervous one). She never is happy to see Will distressed and she can tell something is wrong. SO MUCH FOR STOIC.
Cirra Constantine "I won't take food from you." Cirra says as Max goes about trying to replace her food she spilled earlier. She bows again as the princess prepares to leave.
Rhiannon Zellen A gentle smile is given, which belied her true motives. Regardless, she answered the detective truthfully. "Me? I come from Wutai. But I work elsewhere. A rather simple arrangement at the end of the day, no?" She nodded in understanding afterward, folding her arms within her sleeves in a rather odd manner. Must be a Wutai thing.

"Traverse Town...I have not gone there as much as others have. Thus, I cannot say that I really understand the state of things there." Rhia tilted her head slightly then, glancing upward in thought. "Perhaps I should pay the place a proper visit someday.."

'And see what sort of interesting specimens I can get my hands on~' The mental statement that followed caused the scientist to grin in a rather ominous manner momentarily before she caught herself. "Oh my...would you look at the time?"

She turned away from the others then, giving the surrounding area one last scan before she nodded to herself. "I should be on my way as well. Time is knowledge after all~"
Maximilien "Then do not," Max replies, "It is irrelevant to me. I have my own honor, whether you believe it or not, ma chere; you can throw it on the ground for all I care, but being the cause of a lady's inconvenience is something I will not do. If she wishes to choose to be inconvenienced, that I cannot help, but I will not be the direct cause without attempting to make reparations."

He nods at the confused vendor, then resumes playing with the flower. "Think what you will of me, but just as when I gave you my name, I would rather die than fail to uphold the rules by which I live my life."
Will Sherman Without warning, Will suddenly spits his drink out in a wide arch.

He falls over coughing a storm and dropping his Ma Belle.
Mercade Alexander There's something about Rhiannon that sets Mercade's teeth on edge. You can see it in the slight quirk of his face. Even if he is good at hiding his outward expressions, there are some things that just make him pause. "Of... course." Mercade says, regaining his equilibrium. "Good luck in your work."

Tifa's analysis of drinks causes Mercade to turn his mind to better places. He thinks, leaning back in the bench as he looks up into the sky. "I see what you mean, Tifa. You're working on expanding your horizons. That's good! Experience helps everyone out soon... And with the new place opening, I think it'll serve us all well."
Cirra Constantine "Several things happen at once, and it takes a set of razor sharp reflexes to respond to them the way Cirra does. The Pricnes leaves, Max insists on not being an inconvience, or maybe just aggrivating Cirra more and then Will sprays drink everywhere.

Cirra's hand snaps up Max's back, grasping his red cape and pulling it across her front, letting the airborn beverage drench the cape instead, and Cirra lets go of it, letting it flap against the man's tuxedo.

Cirra turns to him, "Consider the debt repayed." and then turns again to begin walking.

Is that a red Galbana Lily in her hand?
Maximilien Max takes a moment to bow to the ladies who are leaving. "Au revoir, madamoiselles; until we meet again, I hope your year is a delightful and merry one."

Then his cape is grabbed; it's soaked quite cleanly through with Will's drink, and Max coughs as he tugs on his neck (Cirra really is quite strong, after all), trying to get some room with his cape.

...when did she take...?

He laughs. "Very well, then, ma chere. Repaid in full." He tugs off the cape and drapes it over his arm, then heads back over to sit down next to Mercade and Will when she's actually truly gone.

"And are we all squared away, then, as you say?"
Will Sherman Will coughs for a few more moments, taking the phone...frowning at it, and shrugging.

Closing it, he looks up at Max, noticing his cloak is wet as hell, and Cirra is wondering off.

"<Gooshonk> you." will says towards Max.
Mercade Alexander Mercade relaxes as most of the people move on. He doesn't even let the continued problems between Will and Max get to him. "I'm doing just fine." He says in response to Max. He looks back at the sports broadcast, and just finishes watching the Archadian Cactoids get dominated.

Could be worse. They could be the Besaid Aurochs.
Maximilien "I suppose that is a no. We shall have to talk about this in the future, then." Max sets his cape down to the side and sighs. "Thank you for the other cape, by the way; I did not expect to need it so soon, though."

"...we should, perhaps, go somewhere and talk about this before it becomes a problem, however."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods as she gets up from her seat "Well, I suppose its late enough for me anyway, I should think of heading back to the bar before the evening rush starts up. It was good to get my feet out of the house for a bit though." She smiles, offering a wave "Well, you have a pleasant day, will ya?" She says pleasantly.
Will Sherman Will turns away from them and continues to be mopey, "Later Tifa." he says, to her.

This scene contained 56 poses. The players who were present were: Deidra, Will Sherman, Mercade Alexander, Tifa Lockhart, Faris Scherwiz, Sarafina Carenze, Cirra Constantine, Maximilien, Rhiannon Zellen