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(2013-01-01 - 2013-01-21)
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Deelel Deelel has been busy she's been hitting the books trying to rearch what she can on the heartless and she's not had much luck on the matter. She'd been thinking over how to go about finding information. It has to be out there, there's always a readme out there. Seriously there is so far as she knows, she'll just have to change the nature of her search yet other things are bothering her. The chaos of user space, she doesn't hate the users no they are suprisingly like basics themelves but they are born without purpose. If there was a system to it, it's full of so much chaos and it scared her, disturbed her like something wasn't right in this world.
TRON It has been a few days since TRON and Deelel have last spoken, and much has happened in-between. Finding her was the easy part, but to speak with her is going to be not so much. He is still wary of retribution should he be spotted and recognized by the wrong people.

One moment, Deelel is alone in the garden--the next, she isn't. A man completely clad in black leather with a black opaque-visored motorcycle helmet steps out from behind one of the many large trees nearby. He makes no move to approach her, not quite yet.

":Greetingz, Program.:" His voice is heavily modulated, making it impossible for identification by voice alone. ":You zeem to have much on your mind.:"
Deelel Deelel pauses as someone app4ars the style is enough to wake her up she's already going for her disk. She however pauyses the stance she nods once to the strange person. She can't id them but they are a basic or know what theyare. "Greetings Program." She makes an assumption "It's unwise to sneak up on me like that I might have derezzed you. Also you ... got in." Then again that's no really that hard still she looks up. "What Business do you have with me?" She's not quite sure who it is but she's got her thoughts on here given how few basics have found their way out.
TRON The man in black seems to tilt his head to the side slightly at her initial reaction. Her reflexes are still good, and her decision-making better. Promising. ":Call it payback.:" Even modulated, his voice sounds very amused. ":You got me once zimilarly, remember? Back at Traverze Town'z waterwayz?:"

He moves the conversation along, trying to keep her from audibly identifying him after that huge hint. ":I'm here to check on you.:" Only then does he start moving closer, but doesn't quite get within melee range of her. ":I have not zeen you about lately.:"
Deelel Deelel knows who it is at that point and she just smiles as a clue she undestands. "You got me good this time I must admit so. I do I recall it well enough." She offers a chair to the guest 'Sit down if you like, I been busy. I been making use of the User datastacks. I been trying to find what they know of the Heartless it's basically all 404ed. I guess I really had my nose in that work haven't I? There's also been things...that i keep finding disturbing about this place..."
TRON TRON's shoulders untense slightly and his movements become less cagey. At least now he doesn't have to worry about getting into a fight by accident. ":I zee.:" He takes the offered seat and leans back slightly, having the appearance of being completely relaxed but still ready to react to anything unexpected. ":What iz bothering you?:"
Deelel Deelel says "The nature of the system here. It's just so inately chaoic the grid bugs eat eachother, even the users eat them somewhere along the line. No control over anything they are at the mercy of systems seemingly gone rampant. There's ... beauty like I have never seen before it just ... feels wrong at times." She takes a deep breath clearly a habit picked up from users. "They are all born without purpose, without direction. From the moment we are rezzed we know what we're made for...I shouldn't be talking with everything I been doing but still I know why I was made. I was made to create, those users who are great at such things? Stumble into it or may never discover thats what they could do."
TRON TRON listens closely, his mask shielding anything that would indicate what he's thinking. In fact, he doesn't react to anything until Deelel gets it all out of her system. So she /is/ a media Program after all.

":Deelel.:" He shifts the way he sits on the bench, his forearms resting on his thighs with his fingers steepling between his knees. ":There iz no comparizon between our world and theirz. Even Uzerz of different worldz seem to have zimilar opinionz of each other'z worldz.:"

He pauses for a few seconds, thinking in silence and likely ordering his thoughts accordingly. ":Have you noticed any zimilaritiez between Programz and Uzerz?:"
Deelel Deelel says "I guess your right, still. It's nothing like I expected. Beings born of chaos able to make a world of order." She tilts her head a little bit for a moment thinking "Your right it's still a little unsettling. I guess this is like how some of my user companions BSOD when I try to tell them about the Grid. Yes, they are social as basics like us are. I seen seem some sports much like some of the gaming grid before SARK." When they were not lethal. "They dream a lot, they really do they can pick themselves up after so much and keep going. They are worth protecting worth getting to know it's just I guess prehaps the order of our world would make them feel uncomfortable too."
TRON TRON nods slowly. ":Uzerz are more adaptable than uz. Becauze they have no eztablished purpoze, they can become whatever they wish--good or bad. Programz like uz do not adapt unlezz we muzt.:"

He lifts his head, seeming to stare straight at Deelel. ":You and I, even CADUCEUS, zurvived The Gamez becauze of that. But neither of you were truly programmed for combat.:" His helm tilts again, his tone softening slightly. ":You... cannot truly azzimilate combat data into your core, can you?:"
Deelel Deelel says, "Adapt they can, I think I understand. I was never made for combat I just, didn't want to be derezzed. I didn't want SARK to win, I wanted to talk to Sarah42 again. Wanted to help my user make art again. I'm not sure if I can or not but what can I do. Maybe LEXUS is right I am glitching but I don't have a choice. Till you, CAD and yurita got out? I was the only thing between MCP, LEXUS and the grid."
TRON TRON turns his head as if glancing off to the side. ":And I thank you deeply for that, Deelel. Your effortz to hold them both back bought me time, though I ztill wish I could have intervened much zooner than I did.:"

He shakes his head sharply, far too much side-to-side motion to simply be clearing his thoughts. ":No, no, no.:" He stands up and moves to stand in front of Deelel, resting his hands on her shoulders. ":Lizten clozely. You would not have created that mural in Traverze Town, the zame mural that brought all of uz together, if you were glitching. You would not ztill be here, trying your best to help the Uzerz, if you are glitching.:"

He lowers his head, perhaps somewhat trying to get back to eye-level with the shorter Program. ":You are a media Program and you alwayz will be. But adaptation iz not the same az 'glitching'.:" His hands tighten slightly, not painfully so but intending to be a comforting gesture. ":Let me take your place, if you cannot fight any longer. It iz what I am programmed for.:"
Deelel Deelel says "It just felt wrong to save my self. What was I fighting for against MCP if I threw it all away to a /virus/. One that could threaten users, I'm just fornate I'm alive. I suprised him though he wasn't expecting me to ... even hurt him." She notes. She looks up at Tron as he sets a hands on her shoulders. She pauses for a moment thinking. "Prehaps your right, LEXUS was just trying to get into my head but I have a responsiblity. I am why MCP is lose upon this world. I can not look away, I can't forsake the people who helped me here either. Someday I hope to bring the help I can back to the grid and help free it."
TRON TRON nods once, his grip relaxing on her shoulders as she seems to understand. ":You were merely the firzt to open the door. I could not ztop the MCP from leaving The Grid anymore than you could. The blame iz not zolely on your shoulderz.:"

He drops his hands to his sides and straightens. ":Right now, you need to accept your own adaptationz to combat and find a balance between it and your original programming. Otherwize, you /will/ ztart glitching due to conflicting operational parameterz and incompatabilitiez.:" He folds his hands behind the small of his back. ":I need all the help I can get, Deelel. I cannot zave The Grid alone.:"
Deelel Deelel says "Right, it's just more than I expected. I'd intended to find help. Get a free system contact it's guardian and security programs for help before MCP spread further. Didn't expect to be face to face with the ones who made us." She nods at the talk about coming to terms with what she's doing and what she was made for. "I'm going to have to do so I just have a lot to take in, I'm goint to have to keep adapting. You, our users, the grid and all the othes are counting on us to keep it together."
TRON TRON nods slowly. Good, he has not misjudged Deelel's will at all. ":Do not rush yourzelf. Focuz on the zimilaritiez and bring thingz together from there. It makez everything eazier to accept and underztand.:" Despite the modulation, he sounds both proud and relieved.

He offers a faint shrug of his own shoulders, a rather helpless gesture. ":Beyond that advice, I cannot help you. I am programmed for combat, zo I cannot truly zympathize with your trial. The bezt I can offer you iz my zupport, and you know how to reach me if you need it.:"
Deelel Deelel says "I won't but there's something else. I been starting to seek information on the heartless they are viri, user space viri there's almsot nothing on them. I couldn't get anything of use in the data stacks i'm going to hit up surivors from consumed words. Even understanding the lesser form's behaviour might be useful. I'm also postive LEXUS is past any anti viral commands you have. We're going to need something more something made to work on the darkness to combine with them. I hit him so hard he should hafe derezzed on the spot but he got up and repaired himself." She nods once more "Don't worry, you have helped a lot. Oh yes, my user name her name is Sara42, keep a look out for them would you? She went quite a bit before ... MCP locked out the I/O towers."
TRON TRON nods once. ":I will leave the rezearch on the Heartlezz to you, then. I already know how to fight them from my own experience, but anything you dizcover will only help.:"

He tilts his head back, hands tightening behind his back as LEXUS is brought up. ":Yez, I think you're right. If my Uzer were around...:" His voice stops abruptly and he shakes his head gently. No, that kind of thinking is meaningless right now. ":Anyway, I will zee what I can do about LEXUS. Perhaps there iz ztill zomething I can do.:"

He focuses back on Deelel, head tilting faintly before he nods again. ":Sara42...:" He seems to briefly turn down the modulation effect in order to get the name right, but it's back to full power almost immediately. ":I will let you know if I find her. If you can, keep an eye out for Alan-One--/my/ Uzer--or Flynn. Either of them can help uz greatly.:"
Deelel Deelel says "I will, if these places had an net like Manhattan it be a lot easier to look for him. Flynn, or Alan-One. Copy that i'll see what I can do." She grins a little bit at the other program. "Be careful, I think he's hit a point MCP would have a hard time in a direct fight with LEXUS for all we know he's evolved past being a basic or a virus. It would be unwise to face him alone. Be safe, my friend."
TRON TRON chuckles softly. ":Do not worry. Like you,:" he waves one hand a bit to indicate their surroundings, "I too have found Uzer comradez. I doubt they would let me fight alone irregardlezz of the enemy, much lezz LEXUS himzelf.:"

He bows at the waist to Deelel. ":You az well, Deelel. Until next we meet.:" He turns and heads out the front door, a white baton appearing in his hand. It isn't until he has turned the corner out of sight that the sounds of a light-cycle revving up and fading into the distance could be heard.

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