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(2013-01-01 - 2013-01-01)
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Priel Aylin The city of Fluorgis, about afternoon, Shard Seeker's HQ. The place is rather quiet for once this day. It seemed that most of the usual suspects were gone today.

...Well, all except for Priel of course. She was in the kitchen area, apron on and working over the stove. It seemed that she was making lunch or something. "Hmmhmhmhm~" ...And there she was, humming a cheerful tune to go along with it. Wow, Ivo would probably have killed to catch sight of this.

Funny that the day he left would be when it would happen.

After some time, Priel glanced off towards the side that lead to the female dorms and called out. "Heeeey! Lily! Get down here! Lunch is ready~!"
Lily "Ah-- coming, coming!" Of course it's not from the dorms that the response comes. Her words are muffled though...

Creeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaak. The door to the garden opens and--

A barking beagle puppy goes charging down the hall. Dandelion is growing but not really acting like it one bit. Because he goes diving for the apron to bite and tug on it, hoping to play with Priel! Tail wagging up a storm!

Lily's approach is a bit delayed but she strolls into the main room, head peeking around the side. "D-did you say lunch, Priel?" Her tiny hands, just slightly wet, grip the corner of the wall's edge as she sort of leans into the room from the hallway!
Priel Aylin "Ergh...Get that mutt back outside!" Priel spoke in a rare show of irritation, pointing a ladle at Lily while keeping her ground against Dandy and his apron pulling. Her own tail comes around to lightly whap the puppy on top of the head. Not hard enough to harm him, but enough to drive him off.

"And yes, I did say lunch. Fancy macaroni and cheese~?" The dragon girl spoke in a playful tone, a smirk forming on her face afterwards. "But no food until HE is back outside! Understand~?"

Seems Priel didn't like dogs much.
Lily Frown.

Lily frowns when Dandy yips and runs back to her to hunker behind her legs. And then peeks between Lily's legs up at Priel with sad, fearful eyes!

Poor Dandy. Lily reaches down to scoop up her puppy. "Dandy just wants to play!" Lily counters. She's quite baffled by this behavior, but well... Priel's been baffling from the start, what's new?

"Nnnnnnnh..." Still, she glances between the stove and table and Dandy several times, her expression turning rather torn...
Priel Aylin Stare.



"Ohhhh nevermind." Priel sighed and rolled her eyes and turned away scooping up a helping of food into a bowl and setting it onto the table for Lily. "He can stay, but keep him away from me, will you?" And with that said, she took off the apron and sat down at the center table, apparently not going to eat.

"Well, go on. Eat! You're hungry, right?" Priel spoke plainly, resting her elbows onto the table and her chin in her palms, watching the younger girl intently. "Just don't wait for it to get cold. It's not as good then you know~?"
Lily "You're not getting any for yourself?" Lily blinks a bit as she seats herself, tucking the beagle down onto the floor under the tablecloth and playing with him with her feet. Happy yips and barks and the sound of his jingling collar are all that will be known of him for a while!

"Did you already eat? ... or do you not need to...?" The girl in white taps a cheek but picks up her eating utensils even so.

It isn't yet common knowledge that she doesn't need to eat, mostly because she doesn't even understand it herself. But good food is good food! As proven when she leans in to sniff the dollops of mac 'n cheese happily while awaiting her answer.
Priel Aylin "Hmmm.....I wonder about that~" Was Priel's response, which was followed by a mischievous smile. Her tail swayed about behind her in a rather obnoxious manner to back up her current amusement as she offered no clear answer.

"Maybe...Maybe I prefer human meat? Or maybe...I don't need to eat at all? I wonder, I wonder~" Nope, looks like she wasn't going to answer at all. "Nevermind that though, there are more interesting things to talk about!"

...More interesting things?

"Tell me, what do you think of the others? You know, the rest of the people in this merry little band of do-gooders~"
Lily Lily makes a horrible face as the words 'human meat' reach her ears. Right as she's spooned up a bit of food and was about to plop it into her mouth.

Horrible, awful face. That lasts a few seconds.

Then she shovels the cheesy noodles of glory past her lips and swallows, making a very odd face... just how doooo they taste? How did it come out?

"You wouldn't." The girl states firmly and clearly, but then sits up and gazes with considerable perplexion at the tailed girl.

"What do I think about them? U-um... it's hard to put words to it. I like them. All of them. Especially Reize! He saved me from that awful darkness.... someone in town used a word that sounds right... um... family! Family... I think."
Priel Aylin Priel listened and only looked to be more and more amused with each and every word that Lily uttered, electing not to reply on the human eating subject. Forever a mystery. "I see, I seeeee....Family, hmm~?" Of course, she found such a notion to be...


But she refrained from voicing that particular thought, instead focusing on what the girl had said. " like Reize, hm? Just HOW much do you like him though?" The redhead asked, leaning forward a bit, smiling pleasantly.

...Was this a safe discussion to be having? ...Who knew.
Lily Blinky blinky. Lily gulps down a few more hurried bites of food after deciding this is indeed pretty good. Seems she really hasn't heard of savoring anything through all that gusto. Not yet, anyways!

"Mm... um... a lot! So much it feels awful when anything bad happens involving him.... wh-why? Is that bad?" Not like she's entirely going to trust Priel with advice, but the way she's leaning in has her ponderous now. Lily peers puzzledly at her lunchtime companion.

From beneath the table, there's more yips and barks after a pause, for she forgot to keep playing with Dandy, oops! That's quickly remedied.
Priel Aylin "Ohhhhh....I was simply curious..." Priel replied rather cryptically, tapping her cheek with a finger idly. "No, it's not really bad. A bit silly if you ask me, but that is besides the point." Crossing her legs one over the other, she continued on with her eventual point.

"You see...there seem to be a lot of other girls who feel the same way about Reize that you do now...How does that make you feel, hm~?" Priel's smile widened then and her eyes narrowed, only further displaying the utter amusement she was feeling at the moment.

"Does that bother you~?"
Lily "Silly?" This, judging by Lily's emphatically disapproving tone, isn't anything she'll EVER comprehend. It's quite baffling really. "It's not silly... or anything to worry about. Someone said I should worry about all of that interest... I don't see why. The more people who care, the more who will look out for him. Which... is good. He's always getting in trouble."

Not picking up too well on the amusement, LIly states this solidly a nd emphasizes with a very certain-of-this-fact nod before scooping in more noodles to gulp down!~
Priel Aylin "Oh reaaaally now? ...How cute~" Priel cooed mockingly, rolling her eyes at Lily's answer. Yes, she should have expected something like that from these people. Ah, so goody goody. It was suffocating almost.

"Well I guess that's true on SOME level, but..." She leaned back then, crossing her arms and tilting her head slightly. "...Don't you ever want to keep him for yourself? Don't you ever want to...sweep him away from the others? Even if only for a little while~?"

Bad influence vibes going off the scale. Warning, warning!
Lily Right as she's about to take that next bite those words give LIly pause. She sets the spoon downand gives Priel the look she might've been waiting for. Eyes wide and hanging on them. "I get the feeling you're up to something... but yes, I doooooo... he's always so busy everywhere else!"
Priel Aylin Indeed, that is the look that Priel has been waiting for. It's delicious. Far more satisfying than any food. ...Well okay, maybe that's a lie. But no one has to know that anyway! Regardless, she ended up giggling lightly to herself, looking away momentarily to compose herself before speaking again.

"Me? Up to something? I'm not up to anything! ...Anything bad at least!" Saying that, the redhead made jazz hands idly as she continued to speak on. "I'm just getting fed up with this ridiculous situation you, Reize, and the rest of those silly girls seem to be stuck in, so I thought I'd offer a bit of...friendly advice is all!"

Friendly advice.


"You seem to have the most sense of initiative out of all of the girls who care anything about that kid, so I figure that you'd be the best person to talk to!" With that said, Priel leaned forward again, folding her arms on top of the table's surface and resting her chin on top, staring intently at the girl in white.

"I can tell you plenty of things that'll make Reize....reaaaaally happy, annnnd will let you keep him alllll to yourself! What do you say, hmm~? Want to know?" Where the hell was everyone else right about now? Priel is about to say bad things!
Lily "You're up to something! ... but I don't know what you get out of it..." Well well, Lily's not QUITe as naive as she was a month or two ago anymore. Not quite. Still that counterpoint's not made very forcefully. Both her hands hit the table and lay flat to support her leaning forward a little. "But please tell me more! ... I'd love to make him happy! ... but not make everyone else mad, that's bad... what do you mean?"
Priel Aylin Jackpot!

"I'm glad you're willing to listen to reason~" Priel spoke airily, raising up from her current position to a more comfortable one. She pretended to be lost in deep thought, yet in reality, she was just pausing for effect. After several moments, she began to speak.

"You remember what I was talking about the other day? When Ivo was cooking, yes? About catching Reize alone...taking him to your room...Well, there is more to that~ But first!" She abruptly ceased speaking on that point, swerving into another. "You recall his expression when I touched that ridiculous strand of hair on top of his head, right?"

Wagging a finger as if she were teaching an important lesson, the dragon girl smiled in entertainment as she elaborated. "There is another part of him that you can touch that'll produce that sort of reaction from him as well. Want to know where it is~?"
Lily "I don't get it, my hair doesn't feel feel weird if I touch it. But his is weird." Lily murmurs out thoughtfully, running a hand through her own in momentary confusion... really what IS up with Reize's, she wonders. But then here's Priel with a tail, so maybe that's normal...

"Nn! What is it, Priel?" Eagerness abounds. Priel has Lily all but on the edge of her seat!

No dramatics here, just straightforward yes!
Priel Aylin A wicked grin crossed Priel's face as she humored the younger girl. Were there going to be repercussions for this? Probably. Did she care? Not particularly. "Juuuuust a moment~" She said with a particular air of glee as she rose up from her seat, walking around to Lily's side and then plopping down right next to the girl. From there, she leaned over to her ear and whispered...

...and whispered some more....oh god, what was she saying? Eventually, she finished and drew back, resisting the urge to giggle madly. "...And if that's not enough, then there's even more that you can do, buuuuuut....let's leave that for later!"

Having said the terrible thing she wanted to, utterly uninterruped, Priel pointed straight at Lily. "You have you assignment, my student! Go forth and make me proud~!"

...This was not going to end well, was it?
Lily So much conspiratorial WHISPERING!

At first, Lily's face is full of curious wonder. Her eyes quickly go wide and even cross a little at a few points in the explanation, but eventually... eventually she starts giggling in the silliest tone. "That sounds WEIRD... maybe fun..."

But now's when, as she sits back in her chair and PEERS hard at Priel, the girl asks, very VERY intently, "You're SURE this isN'T going to be anything bad? I don't want to hurt him... or anyone..."
Priel Aylin "Complete nonsense!" Priel replied nonchalantly, waving a hand dismissively at Lily's worries. "Trust me! Reize will love this! And no one else will get hurt! It's nothing but good feelings! I promise!"

And then she looked away, covering her mouth with a hand as she broke out into another fit of giggles. Oh yes, this was comedy gold. And hey; SOMEONE had to start pushing this train in SOME direction! They were all so passive...and boring! Priel wanted to see some excitement!

"And it IS fun! Make sure you grab him alone sometime and try it! It'll all be fine!" Bad advice; successfully imparted. Priel then rose up from her seat, patting Lily's head gently. An uncharacteristic action from her. Maybe she was in a good mood now.

"In any case, I'm off! If any of the others come by, make sure you keep what we talked about secret! Okay~?"
Lily "Secret?" Lily's voice spikes into a half-hiccup, but after a few seconds she nods reluctantly. That was the whole point, after all. This is clearly a secret technique or alone time!

"I hope you're right... I'll give it a try later." Well well, her mood's mellowing out and she's starting to smile quite sincerely.

How long will Priel's mischief persist amongst such NICE PEOPLE though?
Priel Aylin "Good girl~"

And then Priel steps away, cleaning up at the kitchen area for a bit before making her way off to the front door of HQ. "Bye now, I look forward to hearing about the wonderful deeds you'll no doubt accomplish! Ahahahaha~!"

And then she was out the door and into the streets of Fluorgis, off to do god knows what.

But then again, it was always like that with Priel. Coming and going as she pleased. Nothing new there.

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