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(2013-01-01 - 2013-01-02)
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Lavi The day is already late, though within the grasp of Traverse Town's perpetual night that is never apparent from the state of the sky. Only the activity on the streets is any real indicator of the time. Oh and the giant clock tower. That helps too.

The brilliant glow of neon shop signs mixes with the faint illumination spilling from the many tiers windows of the buildings lining each street, casting the small settlement in a warm artificial light that is as ever present as the stars overhead. The huddled masses of refugees that still line the streets is also becoming a common sight, though time is slowly starting to whittle away at the numbers of homeless as families migrate to new worlds or are taken in by the workers of Hearts Intertwined as new shelters are built.

Lavi wanders through the area, her heavy boots making a steady thumping beat against the smooth checker-pattern stones of the broad plaza. Very few people even take notice of the giantess now, her presence merely another oddity that the populace have grown used to in the recent days. She preferred District 3 to the rest of the town, it's open expanse easier for her to maneuver through without having to pause every few moments to avoid stepping on someone or something important.

At the moment her weapons are drawn but not powered, the shimmering translucent crystalline swords resting lightly on her shoulders as she goes about on a casual patrol. No one is paying her for this vigil but the Heartless are a common threat here and she can't just sit by and watch innocents get dragged off. Besides, she's bored and carving up a few monsters might help with that.
Legion Legion is interested in one Lavi because, well--Lavi is a giant middle aged woman with apparent uber armor and actuators and pnumatics and magitek armor and giant blades and you can ride her and she's like 'HOLD ON' and you're like ':D' or, really, :D :D :D :D :D in a sense. She's fascinating, just to LOOK at, and a fun person besides from experience. Legions like to move around in pairs and indeed two, with no notable discerning physical modifiers between the two of them, are following behind Lavi. Every so often they stop and duck down. One holds a sign that says 'Potted Plant' and ducks down every so often and holds up the sign. The other is holding a sign that says 'Please Ignore That It Is Not A Potted Plant'.

Heartless may always pop about and be troublesome, but so far the two have been unmolested. They approach gradually, gradually---duck down---get up--move gradually until they can get a good look at Lavi again.

They look over her, in something of a transfixed state.
Lavi Despite the utterly failproof disguise that the two are sporting, almost everyone stops to peer at the twins for a moment but invariably looks away just as quickly, as if the sheer nonsense is somehow painful to behold. So in some round-about manner, they move through the thin crowds at the edge of the plaza somewhat unnoticed or atleast ignored.

On the watch for Heartless, Lavi's senses are keyed up long before the Legion nodes make their stealth approach. Her expressive eyes scan the crowds constantly, nodding to those who stop to greet her. Mundane details that few would ever care about or notice are observed to keep her mind occupied: how many people have what color hair, the various styles of clothing present, snippets of conversation from the local gossips, how many potted plants are following her... boring stuff.

The reflection in the broad blade of her shining sword causes the titan to grin slightly but she doesn't slow or aler her course, instead choosing to entertain herself with a little game. She makes her round of the plaza as usual but upon coming to one of the many dark alleyways, Lavi unexpectedly turns and tromps into the shadows, vanishing from sight.
Legion Suddenly... THEY LOST HER! WHAT! NOO! NOOOO! Of course, The Network can understand a desire to think on such matters as how many people have what color hair, but they aren't worried about that right now. Only TWO potted plants are following her. IT could be worse. It could be five potted plants. As it stands, though, Lavi seems to have either cottoned on or has discovered something interesting!!

The potted plants follow!!! They don't abandon their signs however, instead simply running at full pace with them in hands. They don't comment to one another, instead they talk with THEIR MINDS--communicating between themselves. One can probably guess the contents of the conversation without actually hearing it though--they're remarking the obvious to one another--they've been spotted!

They aren't smiling like Lavi is, but that doesn't mean they aren't excited.
Lavi There are no other people around this particular area so when the Legion-plants break out into a run no one really takes any further notice of them. As the two round the corner into the ominous alleyway, they find naught but shadows and windswept garbage to meet their expectant gaze. The massive armored knight is simply gone without a trace despite having only been out of their line of sight for a few moments.

While they might spend a great deal of time pondering this mystery or get bored and leave in disappointment after a minute, the twins are given time to do neither. A massive metal finger brushes up against each of their spines, starting at the base near their hips and running swiftly up each of the individual vertebrae in a playful manner meant to give them both a shiver as Lavi steps out from around the corner, somehow having gotten behind them in that handful of seconds. How? Trade secrets.

The Legions consider this predicament. It's a bit odd, after all, to imagine losing track of a ten foot tall woman with glowing swords. The two have barely enough time to glance at each other when suddenly...EEEEE THEY ARE BEING TOUCHED!

The two tense up sharply, mouths hanging open briefly before they spiiiiiiiiin around and--Lavi!? Giant woman?!

The two look at each other and then chuck their signs over their shoulder, taking out a nearby heartless that drops like 3 munny.

"Lavi." One says. "We've been looking for you."
"Incognito, The Network pipes in." The other says.
The other nods once and then tugs on her own ear a couple times lightly before smiling. "Do you have some free time? Our investigation appears to be a bust, but we were wondering about you...and your world...if it is not too much trouble?, The Network smiles hopefully in an attempt to mercilessly manipulate her friend?"

She smiles up at Lavi, eyes becoming--for a moment--very disneylike. :) :D
Lavi The reaction is precisely what she wanted. Could have used some girlish screams but the looks on their face is good enough at present.

Kneeling down to bring herself closer to eye level, Lavi ruffles their hair and grins broadly. "Well, well, well. My own personal stalkers. What have I done to deserve this honor?" She blinks as the flying signs take out a small Heartless moments after it expands from the shadows, exploding in a puff of black smoke. Did they just do that on purpose? "Huh, nice shot."

Again, the sheer brazen nature of the girls' statements makes her laugh out loud. "So I'm your friend now, am I? Hmm. I think I can live with that!" A hand goes to her chin, rubbing thoughtfully. "As for my world, well... it was a pretty awful place. But there's plenty of things to talk about if you're looking for the all the grim details."
Legion Legion aren't prone to screaming. Shock is perhaps the closest they tend to get. The two are pretty brazen, however, which is something of a trait for the Network to have. Despite their neutral tone and behaviorisms, they lean towards saying outrageous things.

One glances over to the dispatched Heartless and seems surprised by this. Careless actions have consequences, it seems.

She looks over to Lavi. "Of course. If someone gives you a ride, they are your friend, this is an immutable law of the universe, The Network lectures." One says, tilting her head. "Oh--is that so? It was awful? We would not say our world was offer, perhaps, but we are glad to be here instead all the same, The Network admits lazily." She looks around a bit and notes the alley is a dark alley and then looks back to Lavi, bobbing her head a few times.

"I suppose you could say that we are, THe Network admits its nature as a burgeoning detective. Could you tell us what made it so awful? And yet, it seems, perhaps developed something not so awful such as yourself, who seems pretty incredible all things told?"
Lavi "Flattery will get you everywhere, kid," Lavi grins back at the girl. "At least in my book."

These Legion were pretty weird but then she hardly has any place to comment on another person's unusual nature, now does she? She ponders just how much gruesome detail and horror she should unleash upon them but they seemed pretty unperturbed when swallowed by a giant whale so maybe they could handle it.

"A detective, huh? Sniffing out clues and information to solve crimes. Sounds like an entertaining job." The knight pushes back to her feet, earning a soft whine of machinery from the battlesuit. "Let's go find somewhere less... dank and smelly, eh?" One of the downsides of having massively enhanced olfactory senses. Garbage. Ew.

Lavi turns and heads back over to the fountain at the far end of the plaza, it's corner location giving her a good view of the rest of the district so as to keep an eye out for further Heartless signs. A seat is taken on the ground and she motions the twins to take a spot for themselves.
Legion "We are still on probation." Legion says. Despite being unperturbed by smelly situations, they are not precisely happy to be in smelly situations. There is a sliver of difference between the two. Tolerance and acceptance are a far cry from enjoyment.

"Still, we are of the belief that it will be good work." She says carefully, looking over the knight(?) and following along after her, since yes--they are happy to be out of dank and smelly places even if they are tolerant of dank and smelly places. And worse smells besides. Smells that are never enjoyable to be around if you have something akin to a sane mind.

The two recall the fountain. They look it over and approach it, sitting down at the fountain and over to Lavi. Somehow ... the fountain ...

"Thank you for agreeing. Are you an experiment as well?, The Network inquires while jumping to the gun, perhaps." One asks, looking over Lavi cautiously. They still aren't offering names, not this time though!
Lavi Settling in with a soft grunt, the large woman leans back against the ege of the fountain, using it to prop herself up. Both elbows come up and rest on the stone lip as she makes herself comfortable, almost like she were sitting on the edge of a hot tub. One can dream.

"Well, everyone has to start somewhere, little one. No one simply pops into existence already skilled at their job. Not even me."

Though she imagines it was pretty close to being that for herself, actually. The talent was already there it just needed refining. Their question segues nicely into that line of thinking and earns another smile, though this one is has a bit less mirth behind it. "Rather perceptive of you. You'll make a great detective."

There is more chinrubbing as Lavi decides where to start. "Well, since you're asking about the 'why' of my world I guess that means we have to go back quite a ways to the start of the wars that destroyed the land. Tell me, do you know about nuclear energy?"
Legion "Nuclear energy." Legion says. "Is that the sort of power that destroyed your world or, i suppose, the land is not quite the same thing." She taps her chin lightly. "We appreciate the compliment, though you do not have to go out of your way." She smiles faintly. "We're aware there is much to learn."
"Haha, you're the one that wants it the most." The other Legion says, smiling broadly. "Ah--" She looks to Lavi. "That is to say, The Network is interested equally but some are more equal than others?"
The other Legion coughs lightly into her fist and looks over to Lavi. "Nuclear power can be a good source of energy. Indeed, in many areas it is not that rare. However, it can also be used for weaponry. Much like any other sort of power, though the power of its destructive power is notable in of itself."
Lavi Lavi nods back at them, looking wistful. "Yes, that is true. Power is not inherently good or evil, in my experience. It is how it is used that determines if the wielder is a saint or a tyrant. Unfortunately, in our case, the masters of such destructive energy were not as wise as they thought themselves to be. Or perpaps, not as benevolent as they claimed."

"Long before I was created, six sorcerers unlocked the secret of eternal life. However, such power was beyond the ability for human bodies to handle - some sort of cosmic safeguard, a cruel joke, bad luck? No one knows. Whatever the case, they were only able to extend their lives. These people became the Council and through their guidances the land of Astoria became vastly advanced compared to its neighboring nations."

A hand is waved dismissively through the air at this point. "I'll skip the boring politics and chest-thumping involved but eventually those who coveted Astoria's wealth of technology banded together and assaulted them. Their sheer numbers were such that even with the gap in quality between the armies, Astoria started to lose."

The titan pauses and gives a thoughtful hum, glancing down at the two girls. "So, little detectives. What do you think happens when people used to being in charge have their power threatened?"
Legion The chest thumping and politics might be the most important part for a detective normally but as this world no longer exists, she sees little reason to delve too deeply in those matters. Instead she nods, allowing Lavi to skip for the time being. If it becomes neccessary she can always ask later, she figures.

"From your earlier comments...perhaps they used a weapon in which numbers make little difference." She shifts her hands, pressing them against the side of the fountain. "...Is this a correct supposition?" She turns her head up and towards Lavi. Despite the implication of vast nations of people being nuked to ash, there is not a flicker of emotion behind those eyes. At best there's an interest in understanding. Perhaps they are not empathetic or they see little use in sobbing over the ancient past. Frankly speaking, chances are even that council is gone.

"Of course, that is not always the case. Sometimes people in charge of a nation consider the safety of their people first, or--if nothing else--their own. Even being used to being in charge does not make one inherently inclined towards reckless reactionary behavior though it certainly makes it more dangerous, one could suppose."

The Network is generally inclined to accept those in power, however, by their nature and they don't go into much detail beyond that.

"Nevertheless, this was far before you were created, correct?"
Lavi "Correct on the first try," Lavi grins. "Though all of those are excellent points. The Council had no wish to give up the power it had accumulated over the course of a thousand years. They were a peaceful enough group. The war had been initiated by the other nations. But they feared that all of the advanced knowledge they had gathered would be destroyed or used to misbegotten ends."

The stones creak slightly as she shifts her position, one leg crossing over the other. "In the end they destroyed the world themselves to save it. Their intentions were... noble, I suppose. They planned to rebuild from the ashes but the result was something they could not have predicted. Our world was highly steeped with magical energy and the mixture of science and the arcane was commonplace. The nuclear bombs dropped upon the world were no exception."

"Everything... well, almost everything was annihilated by the energy released. Only the Crystal City of the Council survived intact and even then just barely. Humanity almost ceased to exist that day - in my world, at least. But as probabilty goes, small pockets managed to avoid destruction and band together. And then the mutants came."
Legion Legion has never heard of nuclear war creating mutants except out of comic books before which Umi tends to read. However, one can reason that worlds can be fiction in another world within a certain degree of similarity. She thinks quietly, not sure they agree that their intentions were noble though, perhaps, they thought their intentions were noble but they aren't so sure what makes an intention noble anyway, so they elect to not worry about that aspect so much. Still, between suicide and destroying everybody else...

"We think that was a mistake, The Network thinks that if the intent was noble, they would have allowed their fall to happen while disabling their more dangerous technologies in the time they had given to them, or perhaps shared technology with the other nations and limit their own growth so they were not too advanced relative of other structures. Their desire to be the 'city on a hill'--naturally jealousy occured after--it would be hard to say it was unfounded either, as these technologies undoubtedly included medicine and longevity magic rather than simply power in of itself. Even so, they could have made a deal with other nations, technology to not make themselves an enemy. In doing so numbers may have been less of an issue."

"In any event, slaying that many people for their own sake--and the sake of what they've created--shows their intent."

They may be a bit more opinionated than anticipated, though to them this isn't opinion at all.

"Still," She admits. "Their mistakes led to you, it seems." She seems to think of this as a good thing.
Lavi A deep chuckle rumbles from within the tall woman. She liked these girls. "I am inclined to agree, however, as I owe my creation to this series of events, I am put in an awkward position when it comes to disapproving of their choices."

Turning in place, Lavi dips a cupped hand into the fountain and scoops some water up to her face, slurping it up casually. The possibilities for what might have been in that fountain at various points since it was last cleaned don't seem to bother her that much. "Ah, that's better. Now then, on to the good stuff!"

"So, yes, there were many ways in which this situation could have been avoided but the results are what they are. The arcane energies that spread throughout the world corrupted and twisted the living things upon it. Those that survived became horrible monsters - most had teeth. Lots of teeth. Teeth are apparently popular with monsters."

She gestures up at the sky, tilting her head back to look. "The stars were something I had never seen outside of pictures before I came here. A cloud of mist obscured them completely at all times. Even the sun's light had trouble getting through. Everything had to evolve to survive this new paradigm - and with most of humanity cut off from each other, they were losing the battle again."

"Blah, blah, blah - humanity struggled on and managed to survive for a while but the Council felt responsible, like they were, so they wanted to correct their mistake. To do this they created what they felt was the ultimate warrior to face these new perils," Lavi says with some smug satisfaction apparent in her voice. "Me."
Legion Legion nods along, understanding that much. Sort of like how she can only sort of disagree with her own creators in a sense, right? Well, they want to beat down the project--this is all fine by her.

They do allow a small chuckle with one another as Lavi mentions teeth, that's certainly one way to sort of dissolve the tension about such events, she can certainly understand Lavi's blaize attitude regarding whales right about now anyway.

"We are not sure if you are the ultimate warrior, but we think you are rather good at warring." One of the Legion says. "The Network inquires what your life was like as an experiment. Were you born as a child or were you made as you are now?" They seem like they want to ask more but manage to restrain themselves...

Lavi Lavi rubs the back of her head, still staring up at the stars. "That's... well, hard to explain. I wasn't really an experiment so much as a desperate last-ditch attempt to purify a gaping festering wound so that it could be safetly sewn shut. Sorry for the visual." She grins, looking back at them.

"The Council put every scrap of arcane knowledge and science they could muster into crafting the perfect example of humanity - with a few fringe benefits. When I was 'born' I was about the same age as you, physically, but I continued to mature until around what most people would look like in the mid-twenties, I suppose. About the same as I do now, just with fewer wrinkles."

Self-consciously a hand goes to her temple, running through the faint streaks of grey hair present there. The twin streamers of solid white running down one side near the middle are a little harder to conceal.

"Most of my early life was spent learning all what I just told you but in greater detail. That didn't take very long, actually, my combat training was what took up most of my time. For about... twenty years I think it was they trained me in every form of combat they could think of. But I also learned about science and technology so I would best be capable of making informed decisions when faced with any scenario."

She sighs. "Honestly, I could have been done with the training after about five years but the Council was a bunch of overprotective hens. They hardly let me step outside without a platoon following me around."
Legion "Mm... Were they..." Legion considers this. She thinks of these people as scientists and tries to compare their behavior with the behavior of those that created The Network. Of course, they were made to be food for someone who they perhaps wished would become LAvi. Would that still happen? Well, she has put her faith in detectives. After all, detectives help those that nobody else can help.

She nods slowly, thinking this over, peering towards her grey hair---but only briefly, she doesn't seem to be troubled by Lavi's age, in fact that's part of why they're interested in her.

"How did they deal with the mutants in the meantime?" She wonders aloud. "And--are you like Will? Did you have a family?" What a strangely personal one to ask?! But well, detectives get to ask these sorts of questions. Just one--of many!--perks.
Lavi Lavi laughs. "Poorly for the most part! The casualty rates among the Knights were appalling but they can hardly be blamed for the limitations of their bodies. The enemies they were up against..." She shakes her head and chuckles at some private joke. "Let's just say that very few people I've met in these worlds would measure up to a Crystal Knight."

The titan pauses and stares up at the sky again. "Will... Will... oh the 'Hobo King'?" She grins again at that title. "I couldn't say, we haven't sat down and swapped life stories. I don't have any family though - didn't even when my world was still around, really. The Council were the closest thing and well... we didn't see eye to eye very often."

"Anyways, once they finally let me out into the world, I started to clean the place up. It took... well, a very long time. I met lots of interesting people and watched many more die horrible deaths in the defense of their families and a brighter future. The Crystal Knights travelled around with me because it was easier to do some things with their help, like setting up new settlements and clearing out the weaker but numerous critters. But when the really nasty things showed up..."
Legion Poorly, for the most part. And what's more, few people would even measure up to a Crystal Knight. That means they were formidable opponents which, naturally, means that this one is also very potent even relative to the crystal knights. Then again, she counterreasons, just because one is good at fighting mutants doesn't mean they are a great fighter in other situations or even general situations. She may have some advantages that the Crystal Knights do not have, yes, but that doesn't mean she's any more capable than she is against the Heartless, persay. Still, she is not terribly concerned by these idle thoughts.

"He is the Hobo King, though we are not entirely sure he sees himself as a King despite calling himself one, The Network posits that perhaps it is what is known as an official unofficial title."

She nods slowly, "It makes sense to leave the fighting to the weapon. There are some things best left to the Network for instance, though that is not our ultimate reason for existing."

She looks up and adds, "Did you want one?"
Lavi "Want one? You mean a reason for existing?" Lavi exhales deeply with an exasperated noise but smiles warmly down at the twins. "You girls certainly ask some troubling questions, you know that?"

Adjusting her stance to cross both arms over her chest, the knight goes quiet for a few moments, looking thoughtful. "I suppose, in the end, there are benefits to knowing what you were meant to do, why you were born." Her head tilts to the other side, shifting her hair with it. "On the other there are always unawared questions. What would it have been like if I hadn't been designed to fight? Would I have still be a Knight? Would the desire to defend the weak still have compelled me to throw my life into danger like the mortals who fought by my side?" Lavi sighs again. "I think the hardest question for me to consider is am I even really a person? Everything about me was designed - like a blueprint for a gun. If that blueprint was ever recovered could someone just... make another me? Would that person develop differently or think the same as I do?"

A strange thought occurs to the woman and she turns towards the girls, an amused expression on her face. "Hey, you girls are twins, right? What do you think about being so similar to each other?"
Legion Legion opens her mouth to say that's not really what she meant but, well, it's an interesting answer anyway so she ends up clamming her mouth shut again as Lavi talks about herself. Is she even really a person? The network had never really questioned that. They always assumed that they, themselves, were not a person. Perhaps they were--at best--a people. But even then, they never really considered themselves people and once they were told they were people, they thought, sure--why not--they didn't have this period of thought and concern over the matter.

"There are five of us, The Network adds there used to be more." She says and then ponders. PErhaps they can help Lavi here, after all--they know this experience inside and out, after a while one smiles. The other remains chill but the smiling one speaks up first.

"We consider ourselves to be the same as one another, but also--different." ...WOAH PARADOX, but she seems to think this is very insightful, nodding repeatedly to herself.

The other adds, "This one thinks that is the wrong question. The label of 'person' is ill defined. Some could say you are a person and some could say you are not a person. However, the qualifications for being a 'person', being undefined. Perhaps the better question is 'who would see you as a 'person' and who would see you as a 'weapon'?"

She tilts her head. "If you were mimicked down to the every last detail, this one suspects they would not be precisely like you and, if they were, you would ultimately develop some changes naturally. As a Network designed to behave similarly with one another, this node notes that some variation still exists within each individual object. Each of us holds differences yet we share these differences, allowing us to be the same. Individuality--I would not overtreasure it. If there was another person just like you in this world--you being someone who selflessly fought for her world's safety and wellbeing--would that really trouble you, if you were faced with someone like that? If someone existed just like you without having been formed by the same blueprint, this one suspects you would simply find the resemblance uncanny and become friends with them. If you knew beforehand, that may color your initial reaction--however, you would also have someone who could understand you better than anyone else to talk to--truly, it would be an opportunity for a wonderful friend--or a sister, depending on the precise circumstances."

She looks away. "But our opinions may be a bit strange compared to most people. A lot of people hold a lot of emphasis on their identity. We do not. Two of you would be a blessing and we think, at least with time, you would see it as such too. You would not be able to help yourself, this node suspects."

She turns back to Lavi and gives her another look over. "What I had meant to ask was 'Did you want a family?'."

She tugs lightly on her ear again before scooching a bit on the fountain to have an easier time looking at Lavi.

"Some have said we were not people and used that as justification to kill us. This is true. However, that is just an argument. It holds no ground in the practical realm. What do they even consider a person? Someone like them? Perhaps, but what makes a person is not 'what is similar to oneself' otherwise we'd definitely be so. We suspect the term 'person' functionally exists as a means to dictate what it is acceptable to inflict suffering upon and what is not and as such is a malleable term that changes with each usage."

She smiles faintly. "We do not know if you are a person though as noted we distrust the term. But you are definitely incredible. If you were destroyed, it would be akin to shattering fine art. Wasteful and criminal, this one thinks. You certainly have thoughts and personality,...and fun."

"Do you desire family?" She asks again.
Lavi As the two nodes engage their tagteam response of her mistaken answer to their question, Lavi is overcome by an unsual sense of awe. She had suspected some things from their behavior and the terms they used to be to hear the confirmation of a biological hive mind was something else. Even in her own world no such thing could have been accomplished. At least, no one would have thought of it.

Just like they said, indivduality was very important to a people who faced horror and potential doom every day. Everyone wanted to make a mark, to stand out in some way, so that they might be remembered just a little longer. It was something that had burdened Lavi's mind a great deal to think that she could be replaced. But the way these girls put it, it almost sounded... pleasant.

The titan leans back again, the emotion clearly evident on her face as she churns these new perspectives through her enhanced mind, coming to a conclusion within a few moments as they clarify their original query.

"I... never thought of it like that. No one did, in my world. I... thank you. That is an agreeable perspective that you possess." The tension is waved away by another dismissive hand motion, Lavi's ever-present grin returning. "I think I'll borrow it, if you don't mind."

"Family... ha ha ha, still a hard question, little ones. I can't really have a family in the same way that you might be thinking. My body is too altered for me to mate, even if I could find someone up to task."

She winks at them. They might not get that crude joke but she's going to enjoy that one for herself. "And even if I wanted to merely fall in love for the sake of company, I am... immortal."
Legion "We don't mind." The quieter LEgion says, scooching over a bit closer and kicking her legs back and forth. "...By the end of this month, this node may be a corpse." She glances to the other Legion with her who looks away once she's observed. She turns her head back to Lavi. "Should that come to pass, we have treasured your company. If that does not come to pass, we will still pass before your time. Strangely, hearts seem to contain near limitless potential--we are, of course, referring to metaphorical hearts rather than literal hearts by our understanding. The bonds of blood can be as weak as any other bond. Perhaps they can be stronger, this one wouldn't know."

They don't react to the joke. Did they get it or just not find it humorous? Well, they simply nod in response to it as if with deep understanding. They don't laugh though? Strange.

"Death isn't a troublesome thing. Just have to make the most of one's time, one supposes. Even if someone you care deeply for won't be going down with you, so to speak."
Lavi "That's a pretty mature stance for you to take for someone your age, though I suppose you've learned something of death already haven't you?" They did say there used to be more of them.

"I'd like to think I've become accustomed to the concept of death as well. Any of the beasts that roamed my world could have destroyed me, given the proper chance. Every battle was an incredible risk - but one that only I was capable of taking. But..."

Lavi drifts off, staring down at the stone tiles in silence for a moment. "It just isn't the same. Certainly I enjoy the company of the friends I've made in my time. Their memories are ones that I shall cherish forever. But they are always present in my mind - I cannot forget them and they do not fade. You might think this a boon but it only makes their abscence all the more painful. If I were to ever become close enough to someone that I fell in love..."

She shakes her head sadly. "I do not think I wish to suffer that pain."
Legion Legion nods slowly, and then looks down at the ground. She thinks about the shovel, and the holes she's dug. There were no holes, there was no shovel, except sometimes they were there and she'd dig.

She is distracted for a moment, seeing an opportunity to get to understand the organization she is apprenticed to a bit better. What IS Max's relation to the TDA precisely? What ARE his goals--besides the thrill of theft? It's actually an interesting argument that she expects will go nowhere but is, nonetheless, intriguing.

She murmurs a few words, apparently to nothing, and then looks up again.

"When one's love is gone, it can be painful." She agrees. "...But that is why it is important to make as many happy memories as you can, The Network supposes but admits a level of ignorance in this. Nevertheless, we do think quite fondly of you."
Lavi Sadness and pain. Lavi was designed to be above such things. Emotions were burdens that an immortal weapon did not need, they just complicated things. For good or ill, however, the Council failed in this regard and made their ultimate warrior not merely more than human but super human. Every death, every tragedy, every smile, and laugh - she remembered them all.

"Maybe you're right, kid. Dwelling on what we've lost is probably a slow road to self destruction. I just wish sometimes there would be a constant in my life except the knowledge that one day everyone I know right now will be gone." The titan reaches out, ruffling the closest Legion's hair again before sweeping her arms out to scoop them both into a giant bear hug, grinning in the process as her good humor seems to return in a flash. She is, ofcourse, careful not to break them in the process. That would be a little too ironic.

"You girls are something else, you know that? Every time I think I've seen everything, some mortal comes along and surprises me."
Legion "You should become friends with Will, The Network notes that he is also immortal--sharing a secret she perhaps should not have?" Legion says, standing up at about this point and stretching out her arms. The other is also about to get up and is interrupted by getting her hair ruffled. She blinks twice and opens her mouth when suddenly they're BOTH swept up in a giant bear hug that would probably be awkward for someone not ten feet tall to have to deal with. The Network may not be the most durable of things, but they shouldn't be too easy to ACCIDENTALLY break.

Perhaps more surprisingly, they return the hug.

"Thank you." The ruffled one whispers. "For a wonderful sea memory."
Lavi Lavi leans her head forward to touch theirs affectionately in turn before setting the girls back down. "Any time, kid. Any... time." She sighs heavily as if exhaling all of the FEELINGS that have been flying back and forth here, squeezing them on the shoulder. Is that a tear in her eye? Nah, must be the lights.

"Well. Perhaps I will take your advice. Your friend Will seemed to be an excitable fellow, if his energy during our whaling adventure was any indication. And if the recommendation comes from you girls, he must be an interesting person."

Grinning again, she adds, "One day you'll have to tell me your own story. But the hour grows late and I wouldn't want your friends to worry over you."
Legion "We will tell you," Legion says quietly. "Once we are victorious." They don't want to have to deal with the worry and whatnot. But in a way, that sort of promise, makes them feel a bit more confident.

"Take care of yourself too. Immortal--appears to be a dangerous thing to be." The other says. They bow, and then--simultaneously--turn to depart.
Lavi The knight watched them go, putting on a bright smile as always, but she can't help but feel a pang of worry strike through her heart at their quiet determination. Fight or die. It wasn't much of a choice. She just hoped they were successful.

"You have no idea..."

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