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Hypothetical Swordspeople Musings
(2013-01-01 - 2013-01-01)
Faris, while taking a break in her home area by Tycoon Castle, is beset upon by Gilgamesh. Hypothetical questions and musings follow, for great amusement.
Faris Scherwiz By this point, the half-sinking of the Syldra II by the combined strengths of a ultra-savvy, talking, perverted octopus and the giant blue whale known as 'Monstro' is becoming legend across the World of Ruin. For the captain herself, it is a sad story, and currently, the ship is deep within the ports of Junon, or somewhere else, getting rebuilt.

For right now, however...

At the western outskirts of the forest surrounding Tycoon Castle, Faris Scherwiz sits on the grass, her coat bundled behind her head, a small fire crackling nearby as she peacefully observes the sky.


Gilgamesh He missed all the fun. /Again/.

He always misses the fun; then again, he's been kind of weirdly absent lately, sort of vanished from the world at large. It's like he forgets he exists, so he doesn't for a while, until he remembers that he does, and so he does. Which is kind of confounding if you aren't Gilgamesh. It's sort of a cosmic mystery, but it's no stranger than an ageless shapeshifting grey man and his giant green shapeshifting dog whose memories are hazy at the best of times and whose intellect may in fact be...erm...thoroughly, thoroughly damaged.

Kind of.

Speaking of the sky, however, there's a little red speck way up in it; a little green speck next to it. It's not really hard to figure out what it is, but in case Faris isn't sure, the loud sound - like a dropping bomb, but /screaming/ - is probably enough for her to figure it out. If not, the panicked howl of the rock hound probably is.

They hit the ground a little ways away from Faris; the earth explodes upwards, then comes crashing back down again, fortunately nowhere near Faris's makeshift little fire. Several trees shake, and the ground quakes from the meteoric impact; birds go flying, screaming off into the trees. Pretty routine stuff.

The big grey man pulls himself out of the crater first and holds up one of his massive grey hands. "Faris! We have been looking everywhere for you, my lady. Er, Captain. We heard about the ship sinking while we were off on a grand adventure, and immediately, I decided to abandon said grand adventure and come hunting for you, because it was probably my fault you were in this situation in the first place!" Gilgamesh shakes his head as he helps Enkidu out of the crater; the hound wobbles, then pads over to Faris's fire, flopping down in front of it with a tired 'bark'.

"I am sorry about your ship, Faris. Would you like us to go try and retrieve it? It cannot be that far down." Gilgamesh pulls himself free, wandering over to the fire to sit down as well. "And I am an excellent swimmer, after all."
Faris Scherwiz Red dot, green dot. Red dot, green dot. Gilgamesh, Enkidu.

"Oh, f-"

Faris rolls over instantly, burrowing her face into her jacket as they impact. While it mostly does not do anything, some dirt still goes flying, most of it little bits, but Faris eventually sits back up, brushing off the back of her shirt as she watches them leave the crater.

"Hello, Enkidu." She greets the Rock Hound, gently reaching over to stroke his head, before she promptly rolls her shoulders at Gilgameshs' comment. "It's fine." She says.

"We got a significant part saved, it just needs a ... a /lot/ of repair. We managed to get to the Junon port, though, but it took on a /lot/ of water." She clucks her tongue tiredly.
Gilgamesh "Oh," Gilgamesh replies. It seems he's stopped narrating himself in the third person, though, so there's that. He hunches over a little bit, making himself smaller (either by will or by reflex) as he does so, so as to better fit around the fire. He just sort of stares at it for a bit, quietly. "Too bad I missed it. It sounds like it was a wonderful fight. At least the ship is being repaired, though; I cannot imagine attempting to acquire another. We may have had to steal one...or worse, pay for one! And stealing ships is not so easy as stealing swords."

Enkidu barks gently and rolls over onto his back to enjoy, well, not flying through the sky; the rock hound also shrinks a bit, compacting himself just as Gilgamesh had done. Gilgamesh is silent for a moment, staring deeply into the flames...flames...flames...

"Say, Faris. You travel a lot. Do you know anyone big and black, with big red eyes? He looked sort of like this." Gilgamesh grabs a stick off the ground and starts drawing in the dirt. It's...well, it's not really the best likeness of anything at all, it's kind of...'s a good thing he fights better than he draws. "Someone like this? Bigger even than I, all in black?"
Faris Scherwiz Faris looks at Gilgamesh. Just looks. "You know I stole that one, right? At least with the repairs, it'll stop looking like the original ship I stole, which means I can go back to Costa De Sol, but..." She shrugs.

She watches them both curls up around the fire, and a small frown crosses her face. Then... Gilgamesh goes off a little bit, and she leans over next to him to look down at the drawing.

The Thing with red eyes makes her shudder, before she shakes her head. "I don't... really know, Gilgamesh." The captain frowns, nibbling on her bottom lip. "Not anyone like that. I'll keep watch though..."

Gilgamesh "He ambushed me as I travelled the worlds!" Gilgamesh waves his hands above him in a far less dignified manner than he's been talking, which in and of itself is weird enough; Enkidu nods upside-down, which creates a really weird effect of his doggy head bobbing up and then slamming back on the dirt. "I was not even aware that was possible, let alone that something so big could move that way! I was walking from one world to another, talking peacefully with Enkidu, when all of a sudden the shadow man came out of nowhere and accosted us! It was a most trying battle; eventually we overcame him, but it was still quite trying and worrying! I was simply wondering if you knew of anyone who fit that description, so that I might hunt this would-be thief down and give him what for!" Gilgamesh whacks his fist on his hand to emphasize the 'what for'.

"...and yes, I remembered that you stole it. But stealing one ship is less difficult than stealing a ship when you are already a wanted pirate, I suspect!"
Faris Scherwiz "... but... Gil... how many people have that capability? To travel between the worlds as you and Enkidu do?" Faris can't help but question it, with no notes of anxiety or worry threading her voice. While the Princess of Tycoon, heart of the Fire Crystal has changed, she still lets no one know of her worries.

"No, I'm sorry. I'll keep a look out." She promises this firmly, before she cracks a smile with a chuckle.

"Okay, well, that's true, it'd be easier. But... this way it all dies down, really."
Gilgamesh "Hmmmmm," Gilgamesh sits forward, shrinking a bit more as he rubs his chin thoughtfully. That was true! How many people DID have the capacity to do such a thing? How many people COULD walk around freely through the worlds the way he did? He knew Kaze could; the Black Wind never seemed to need a ride or anything! So if Kaze could...there were probably others who could, too! Gilgamesh's fist slams into his palm again. "Quite a few, I imagine! I know of one other, at least - his name is Kaze, the Black Wind! He and I have an accord struck from long ago...but nevermind, that is hardly important! He travels the same way I do...and if he can travel that way, so too must others be capable of the same feat, yes? It only stands to reason! You are far smarter than I am, Faris."

Gilgamesh crosses his arms thoughfully, then nods, as if that was some kind of answer or something. "Have you been waiting here long?"
Faris Scherwiz Faris shakes her head. "I just asked a question that neither one of us truely know the answer too... but perhaps you might ask Kaze, the Black WInd then? If he can travel like that, he is far more likely to have seen the fiend you are looking for than I, Gilgamesh."

Whoops, sudden change of topic. Faris blinks.

"Only for a day or so." She murmurs. "I could go back to the castle, but.."
Gilgamesh "You are easier to find than Kaze is," Gilgamesh replies, shaking his head. "Unless he wishes something of me, it is nearly impossible. If he does wish something of me, I will not have the chance to speak to him regardless!"

Gilgamesh shakes his head again. He wasn't really even sure why this was bothering him; nothing ever really DID bother him, after all....not most of the time. "I suspect you suspect it would not go over well if you returned to the castle at the moment, then?"
Faris Scherwiz "Right." Faris is pretty sure she could find Kaze.


She leans against Gilgamesh, with a half-shrug. "It'd ... be itneresting. Because Lenna's gone so they don't have any ruler on the throne right now, even though by now they've probably heard about 'Princess Sarisa of Tycoon' wandering around Goug and the rest of the World."
Gilgamesh "Hmmm...perhaps." Gilgamesh admits after a moment. "Then again, without a ruler on the throne, they are likely concerned more with matters at home than afield. A kingdom without a ruler needs a strong seneschal, or a good council; the ruler must always be the head, however, and without the head, the body will eventually cease to function."

Enkidu gives Gilgamesh another weird look, as if to ask what he knows about being a King, anyway. Gilgamesh either ignores it or doesn't notice.

"Do not trouble yourself. It is not the life you wish for! Responsibilities are important, but there are others who can prop those up at far less cost to themself. You must live for you first; a ruler who sacrifices for his people is never the answer."

Enkidu rolls over completely, propping his head on his legs and staring carefully at Gilgamesh. He would KNOW if this as some sort of imposter, and he'd alert Faris, too. Still, strange. Gilgamesh was usually not so coherent.

...maybe that most recent blow to the head.
Faris Scherwiz Faris and Enkidu both give Gilgamesh a weird look. Considering she's still staring at him, she risks a quick look over to Enkidu, as if to ask, non-verbally, 'what the hell happened to Gil while I wasn't around to watch him?'

She has language enkidu maxed, she can comprehend his answers.

Faris rubs the back of her head. "I just want Lenna back. Lenna was a proper princess, a GOOD princess. I'm just a pirate."
Gilgamesh Enkidu shrugs. Like he can read Gil's mind any more than anyone else in the world can. If he could, he could probably avoid a lot of the problems that befell him in life.

"Well, you are a pirate captain, yes; you have your own people to lead!" Gilgamesh nods, then stands up abruptly. "A captain is like a king on a ship! It is the same! You are a fine captain, so you would probably be a fine princess...besides, is not that /boy/ hunting for your sister?" /Bartz/. /Bartz Klauser/. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTZZZZZZZZ!

"Typhoon will last without you. For now, we should get to some civilization and find you something to eat; if you have been out here long, you are probably not doing too well in the way of supplies. Hunting is different from fishing, after all!"
Faris Scherwiz Faris shrugs back at Enkidu.

Then, to Gilgamesh: "I've ... not seen Bartz. Not since we ran into Exdeath. not since the Heartless blew our world apart. Or Krile. Or Galuf. I've not seen Lenna since then either." The party was well and truely split, and the only person Faris has even moderate knowledge on the survival of is Gilgamesh and Lenna.

Drawing her legs up against her chest, Faris rests her chin on her knees, looking surprisingly close to her age compared to being more mature by doing so. "I have food." She gestures to her pair of bags sitting nearby. "I've only been out here for a day."
Gilgamesh EXDEATH.

It was really kind of unfair. It was Exdeath's emergence that had put a halt on his happy lifestyle of bouncing through the worlds careless, stealing weapons and fighting heroes; it was Exdeath's return and the power the dark tree wielded over him that had compelled him to return to that world, and it was Exdeath's return that had made him fight against people he really didn't care about fighting against (except for BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTZ, of curse). Not that he would tell ANYONE this, especially not Faris; no, one of the few competent things Gilgamesh had ever done was burying his involvement with Exdeath entirely. As far as the world knew, he was simply an unrelated force of chaos.

"Still, we should not linger; food dwindles swiftly in the wild, and might attract wild beasts! Like bears! Bears are ferocious beasts! They eat honey and fight swarms of giant bees in a Hundred Acre Wood, or so I am told!" No, he's never seen a bear.
Faris Scherwiz EXDEATH is awful.

Faris wants to murder him.

Faris shakes her head. "Just let me have one more night by home, will you?" She asks, almost tiredly, resting her cheek against her knee. There is a sort of odd sadness and deepness to the woman that most people normally haven't seen, but time and work here in the world of ruin has changed things.

"Between the three of us, we'll be FINE."
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh shrugs. If she wants to rest out in the wilderness, he realy didn't have any right to stop her or anything. He wasn't her KEEPER or anything, that was silly; she was an adult woman, she could make her own decisions. "Have as many as you wish; I will stay nearby until you are ready to move on. I do not advise lingering, but I cannot stop you from staying, either."

Enkidu rolls over and pads off into the woods, most likely to get a good idea of the lay of the land and stuff. Gilgamesh sits down again, resting against a tree; it shudders from his full weight. "I suppose it is not as if anything around her can challenge the mighty Gilgamesh, in any case; if it could, it could hardly challenge myself and Enkidu! And if it could, well, it could not challenge myself, Enkidu, and you! Or any combination thereof! Not that I would like to see you fight, of course; placing you in danger would be foolish and irresponsible of me."
Faris Scherwiz Faris rumbles slightly, watching Enkidu wander off. After a few seconds, the grey-skinned swordsman will find himself with half a lap full of pirate captain, the woman leaning against him with what could be said 'all her might', but more like Faris just... needing some contact. With someone that understands her.

And her world.

"You're always so knightly, dear. Is this because of Sarisa, or because of FAris, though, that you are always so protective of me?" This is not a baited question; it is a honest one. Is he protecting the pirate, or the Princess?
Gilgamesh "I do not understand the question," Gilgamesh replies, equally honestly; he doesn't blink, except when he feels the need to do so, and he does now, so he's clearly quite surprised by it. "Are you two different people? Does Sarisa secretly hide inside Faris and turn her skin inside-out when she does not require the services of a pirate?"

...he's not being sarcastic, either. That's an honest question.
Faris Scherwiz "... it /feels/ like I'm two different people." Faris mutters, staring up into the sky as she shifts to rest her head on his knee to lay down. She stares into the sky, peacefully, which is somewhat surprising.

"... mm, nevermind, though."
Gilgamesh "Then I shall not mind." Gilgamesh shrugs, resting back against the tree. He wouldn't, either; it was already put out of his mind. It was unimportant! If she said it was unimportant, it would drift off into the ethereal vapors of his mind (as if he could even spell ethereal vapors), never to be heard from again!

...a worrying number of things might have done that already! Oh well. No time to dwell on things like that.

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