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(2012-12-31 - 2013-01-01)
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Legion Legion has had enough adventure for two days, yesterday, so today they are not engaged in adventure. However, a Legion--dressed as a pirate but, being more or less identical to more or less any other Legion, makes her individual identity hard to guess. Naturally, Beatrix hasn't actually met her and probably wouldn't even know there are others? So that's another weird thing to consider now ain't it! But in either event, the pirate dressed Legion is sitting in the cafe. She has a cup of coffee. And she's reading the newspaper.

She has a semi automatic rifle leaning against her chair, lazily. It has a few rainbow stickers on it to make it look less threatening.
Beatrix Between taking care of Alexandria and the various missions she was given as part of the Baron alliance, Beatrix doesn't get much time to herself. And today is not quite one of those times either. While not really on duty, her troops, all female, wanted a day out for shopping and what not. But given that she can't really give them all a day off at the same time, the deal is that she tags along and if there's something urgent to answer, they drop everything and run back together to the airship.

Which hasn't happened yet, at least, so the female alexandrians are walking around, gossiping, giggling, and talking about cute guys, if not flirting with them sometimes.

The General though, not interested. She only keeps watch, but decided to stop down at the cafe to rest her legs. She enjoys tea, so this is a good place to stop by.
Legion The Legion looks up. First, she's looking up at the female alexandrians being normal people and certainly not cannonfodder to be slain repeatedly in some dungeon or another. She listens to them, curious about what she understands to be normal behavior. She doesn't think she could make that work, however, because she doesn't really see herself behaving in this manner. And soon her attention drifts towards The General who also seems to be the sort of person uninterested in chatting about cute boys or even, as far as she can tell, clanky rusty broad men with conal heads.

She notices, then, she's missing an eye.

"The Network apologizes." She pulls the eyepatch up. "If we have offended you."
Beatrix Beatrix had time to sit down at a table, one thigh clad leg over the other. Not trying to show off, but she's comfortable like this. She lifts the remaining eyebrow when she's addressed like that. She shakes her head "There was no offense." She points at her eyepatch "This is an accident and a reminder of what happens when you are weak." She's quite the confident lady, even with missing eye she's known as a pretty strong figure, at least in her world. In this melded world, she doesn't have the same popularity following her.

She takes her cup up for a sip quietly, bringing the cup to her very lightly painted lips. Not too much accessory or make up for the lady general, just the minimal really. "Though I would wonder why you would want to wear an eyepatch when you have two functionning eyes."
Legion Why indeed.

The Network is not very familiar with the FF worlds, having spent most of her time since in Traverse Town. she has been outside a bit, but not too much. They had little desire to travel at first nad once they did, they weren't given much opportunity to do so. And really, to them it isn't 'The World of Ruin', 'TRaverse Town', 'Phantasia'. It's just one big huge world that is different from their own and, frankly, far preferable.

"It is a costume, The Network explains." She leaves the eyepatch flipped up. "It's a bit of a long story. We do not mean offense, however."

She closes the newspaper, setting it aside, standing up and giving Beatrix a look over. Legion doesn't seem like it's capable of being 'comfortable'. Really, even just standing, she seems akin to a block of wood. Her eyes have this natural deadpan to it and there's a kind of smooth focus that makes it look like she's not looking at anything in particular, but also not glancing about all that much either.

"We are Legion. What is your name, The Network introduces itself."
Beatrix Beatrix tilts her head a bit at the peculiar way of talking. But its not like she hasn't seen odder things in her travels. Like a pair of clowns that seem to repeat each other's words in a different order, seemingly only to see how much they can twist a sentence and still retain its original sense. Or just because they like hearing their own voice, take your pick. "I am General Beatrix, from Alexandria. It is a kingdom at the far northeast of the Southern Continent." She's far from home, but she's getting used to the portals as well.

"Simply giving my troops a bit of time off." Unlike what the program seem to think, they are not fodder, otherwise she wouldn't give them any freedom either. Every life is important on the battlefield after all.
Legion Legion doesn't react to 'Alexandria'. She doesn't know of it but, really, there's a lot Legion doesn't know. Politics is perhaps the breadth of knowledge that interests them least. But she does note that Beatrix is a General. Generals, she knows, are individuals that control armies. And people who control armies, even if they happen to be entirely incompetent, are dangerous. And General Beatrix does not seem to be incompetent.

She nods and logs this information down. It should be noted here, however, that Legion is not a program. They are not from TRON. Nor do they think they are fodder (ff9 sure seems to think so though! That jerk!).

She is, however, a network. "Time off." She says, as if the concept was unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. She thinks about it and then adds, "We are on time off too, but shortly we will be returning to work. And once that is done, we will be having time off again, The Network explains vaguely in a half-truth sort of way."
Beatrix Beatrix hmms a bit at the strange speechh pattern again. Oh well. It is somewhat amusing. "That is the point of course, but purposely taking time off while on duty is different. Sometimes, you have to make time for it, rather than wait for it to happen." She explains a bit, since it doesn't seem like the network understands all of it either. "Because sometimes you are very busy and it takes too long to wait for the end of it. There are necessities to acquire, and a need to relax, take your mind off things. It helps clear the mind, sometimes finds new ideas.
Legion The Legion bobs her head, tilting her head at Beatrix curiously. The purposes of time off are explained to her and, after some thought, says, "We suspect that is in part why we are given time off. The other is so that the labs can analyze the data that they receive from our battles, though we admit it's a bit strange to receive time off now. The Network is uncertain, since only a few more battles remain before they can accomplish their goals, secretly sharing information with the General."

She looks around a bit and turns her head towards---the cafe's bathroom? And then back to her feet.

"Is that hwat you are doing now?"
Beatrix Beatrix hmms "More or less." She takes a quiet sip of her cup, holding it with two hands. "My troops are getting the time off. I am watching over them. We are still on duty, but there are necessities to take care of. Health products, soaps, clothes and such. Those do not replenish on their own. And since we have been very busy lately, this is the only time we could make for it." She shakes her head "I would lie if I said I was not enjoying the time off, but I need to keep an ear out for potential danger or duty calls as well, so not quite off duty, but relaxing while I can."
Legion The Legion looks to the bathroom again and then to her rifle, which she walks over and picks up and, shortly after, slings over her shoulder. Her free hand picks up her cup of coffee and takes a small sip of it. Surrrrrp. She grimaces upon swallowing but then takes another sip.

"Alexandria is far from here though, isn't it?, The Network actually doesn't have a clue." She doesn't really care either, but in another sense she cares deeply because she is bored and, on another tact, doesn't often get to talk to eyepatched Generals.

"Could you tell me more about your Kingdom?" She requests. "We can tell you about our own home if you'd like, though there isn't much that we know." She supposes she could go chatting about the lab? She actually isn't too interested in talking about her home but if she must to learn more about this General, it would be an acceptable sacrifice.

At this point another Legion steps out of the bathroom and looks towards Beatrix. Now two are looking at her.

o_o o_o
Beatrix Beatrix looks between the two in time. Left. And then right. Sip.

"Who is your friend?" That's the first thing that comes to mind really. She's not into the mindset that there could be two bodies for one person after all. Not from where she comes from at least. "Alexandria is a nice kingdom, but it doesn't have all of the things we need either. Since the world merging, it changed many of the trading routes and nto everything has been reestablished yet. Also, the troops like to get out for shopping. Even if nto buying anything, it is amusing for them to glance through the wares and check out the things they did not know about. Of course, there would be closer towns for that, but new worlds also brings a load of new, unknown things."

She flicks her hair back with her hand, a gesture she so often repeats it seems. "We have a fast way of travelling to the portals as well, so it is not as far as it seems for us. On foot, it is a long walk."
Legion The two do look pretty identical, but twins do exist. Sometimes they are clowns! Sometimes they are not clowns. These do not appear to be clowns but they are, functionally speaking, identical except that one has been in the bathroom--apparently even human networks have bodily waste!--so it seems that while identical, they do not have to use the bathroom at the same time, at least...unless...

Legion puts down the cup of coffee and says, "Excuse me. The other node will listen in the meanwhile."

And she steps inside the bathroom. And the other Legion looks over Beatrix again as if to make sure she's still the same Beatrix and says, "Hello again."


"The Network thanks you for the information regarding Alexandria." She blinks a few times--like a blinking green like on a wireless adaptor, a metaphor Beatrix probably doesn't know about right??

"Ah that is right, you asked about me. This one is Legion too, though if you'd like, you can call me Umi. Hi!, The Network adds with energy."
Beatrix Beatrix hmmms a bit, nodding politely "Then nice to meet you as well Umi." She tries to understand "So you two share knowledge I would suppose, or did you hear me from the bathroom somehow?" That is a possibility of course. She's not one to dismiss the potential.
Legion "We are a network, The Network explains redundantly before being further redundant by explaining that a network is..."
She pauses for a few moments, scratches at her ear, and then adds, "...Shared knowledge."

PErhaps not all computers in a network are created equal. Nevertheless, she adds, "We suspect that your soldiers are not a network in that capacity but soldiers are something of a physical network in that each engage in a smaller operation to form larger operations." She bobs her head knowingly. "Mmhmm, mmhmm."
Beatrix Beatrix nods at that, listening and trying to make as much sense as she can. It does make sense, but she's not computer literate by any stretch of the mind. ".. That would be the concept of individulity, personal experiences and growth. Everyone is different, and that's why we are said to be unique, no two people are the same. I guess you are an exception to that, but I am not surprised either. Perhaps what makes you unique, to our eyes at least, is that trait you have with your... yourself, Legion and Umi.
Legion That--in fact--seems to be the first time that anybody has really said anything quite like to them. That they were unique for being...not unique. It's a strange concept and it actually makes 'Umi' disquieted. She thinks about this, clearly, cupping her chin and tapping her foot lightly. She says, "What a strange notion, The Network has never been told something quite like that before, though I suppose perhaps we have but not quite in that way?"

She looks up towards Beatrix. "What is unique about you, The Network inquires?"
Beatrix Beatrix lifts a hand dismissively "There are alot of things. I look different, I talk different. My voice is different, the combination of features is unique. Chest, hips, weight, eye color, hair color, skin color, the combination is unique. And then personality, it is what people remember us by as well, not everyone is fit to be a General as I am, or is strong as I am. Those are unique qualities. But there are also flaws in everyone, since noone is perfect. Even if you found 2 person that looked exactly the same, the chances that they would have the same personality, talents, hobbies, wants and needs, likes and dislikes... It would be impossible to make a database of all of this."

She hmms quietly "Also, experience will make people change. If for example you took two person exactly the same, raised the same, and they acted the same. If at one point they would take two different paths, they would start to be different from each other. One would experience, for example, the relaxing colors of the flowers while the other would live among the stones of the city. The differenes might be infinite, but they might start enjoying different things.
Legion 'Umi' ooohs as Beatrix lists off all sorts of things. She was expecting, like in a tv show, that she'd list off one super secret trait that was just hers but was, in reality, probably a unique trait for many people. In fact, there is likely someone that has similar eye color, hips, chest, weight, skin color, and personality to Beatrix if perhaps not all of those things but perhaps one of those things and then being different in other ways.

Se taps her chin lightly and then, after some though, says, "That's incredible."
Her eyes widen. "We suppose it is not so disimilar with us. Still, our differences are still--we should note--something we all share." She smiles. "Does that make any sense, General Beatrix?, The Network inquires sheepishly?"
Beatrix Beatrix has a faint smile on her lips "Yes, it does make sense I suppose. So you have those infinimate differences between Legion and Umi, despite sharing knowledge? It can be minor things like the way you react, the way you speak." She hips her tea "But being remarkably similar, that is not something common for us you see. So that is why that would seem 'unique' for us, while it is normal for you. The reverse is true as well, we might all seem 'odd' or 'interesting' to you because we are different compared to what you know."

She sighs lightly at that "But not everyone is able to understand 'difference', and it leads to many sad outcomes. Prejudices, wars, hatred. Even to your own race, the difference between genders leads to frictions."
Legion "Yes, we are aware of some individual quirks and notes regarding our behavior, it would be rather difficult to not be aware of ourselves in that manner by the nature of ourselves, The Network explains cheerfully." This is of course perhaps a bit convoluted but Beatrix is a smart classy General and seems to get the idea well enough even if it's not ideally explained. "For instance Omi, who is not the one in the bathroom, seems to frown a lot more than I do, The Network likes to tease her and by the Network I mean myself but we're partners even beyond the Network, this node likes to think (who is named Umi)."

She glances to the bathroom. "She does not have a name yet, The Network suspects this is because she has a sense of responsibility."

She glances over to Beatrix. "Of course without war, it would be a bit odd being a General, wouldn't it?" It is in a sense strange to see a General who seems distressed over war, to her, but perhaps this is because she does not truly understand war. "Though even a General can be in too many wars..." She thinks this over. "Or perhaps participates in wars because sometimes wars happen and someone knowledgeable about wars is an asset during war, The Network wildly throws out several theories on top of one another."

She thinks, though, about the people she's met and after some thought decides, "There are many odd people here, The Network admits however that is why they kind of like them?" She grins widely.
Beatrix Beatrix shakes her head again quietly "It is not that simple. The idea is that everyone essentially fights to protect something. Some think that by killing other races, you 'purify' humans, eliminating what they consider to be flaws. Thus they protect that purity." She hms "I am a general to protect my kingdom. If it means attacking another kingdom before they attack us, it is still protecting ourselves. But I do not encourage warring for the sake of killing or destroying."
Legion Umi's eyebrows shoot right up as if they were rocket propelled when this is noted. This is the first they've heard of this kind of attitude! "Oh no!" She says. "But they're some of the best part! The rat people, the duck people, oh especially the duck people--they don't even wear pants. Usually I mean, they don't wear pants. And it's /amazing/, The Network informs Beatrix in case she does not know about this." She waggles her finger knowingly, like a self important instructor.

The bathroom door opens and the other Legion steps out. She looks towards Beatrix, and then Umi, and then to Beatrix.

She nods once. And then doesn't nod. And then she nods again.

"Hello. the bathroom is free now, if you require it."
"We share bathroom thoughts, The Network whispers to Beatrix, sharing this important secret." Umi says.
Beatrix Beatrix nods quietly at the whispered non-secret "... Yes, I see." She's not sure what that entitles, but she leaves it like that. Back to subject "Not everyone think like that, and that is another part of being unique. But it is not one that I hope people share either. That what leads to wars as well, protecting the non-existing purity of one's race by killing the other races, that is genocidal nonsense."
Legion "Have you been in a war like that before?" Umi asks, since--in a snese--it does sound like she's talking from experience rather than from theory, though she may be misunderstanding. The other Legion seems content to let Umi handle the talking and, instead, approaches the table she was previously seated at. She does in fact sit down and does in fact lift up that cup of coffee and she lifts it up to her face and--sniffs the coffee and lets out a faint 'ahh' before lowering the coffee again.

Umi opens her mouth to ask one question, rethinks it, and then instead adds, "We've been working with the TDA, have you heard of them? The Network inquires."
Beatrix Beatrix tilts her head a bit at the 'Omi' legion there "... you are supposed to drink it." She offers kindly, looking back to Umi "I have not. To either questions." She takes out a notepad though, leafing through it "But my informations say that its detective agency, no real speciality, ranging from objects to people."
Legion It isn't the Omi Legion. THis Legion does not have a name. She says, however, "That is understood." and sniffs it again, and ahhhs again. "...This one enjoys the smell of coffee." She says. "And is hesitating to drink it as a result, though this node also notes that it is cooling."

She frowns faintly. "A detective helps those that nobody else can help. Apparently, that is the TDA's purpose. Therefore, if you are having such an issue that which nobody else can help you with." She looks to Beatrix. "You are free to inquire for assistance, though this one supposes that it is a bit odd to imagine a General reaching such a state." She smiles briefly at her. "Thank you for entertaining Umi."
Beatrix Beatrix takes a sip from her tea, finishing the rest of it. Her troops are reappearing, almost done with the shopping and coming to get their general, right on cue "It was my pleasure as well, miss." She bows her head as she gets up "If you ever come by Alexandria, stop by to say hello." She offers politely. She's not without emotions, but you can tell that she's used to 'controlling herself', especially in front of her troops. It doesn't do to be too emotional when you're leading after all.
Legion "Take care of yourself," The Legions say so simultaneously it might be creepy, if they weren't also a bit too silly to be especially creepy. They bow their heads to her and allow her to depart without incident. And then, after making sure Beatrix is gone--

--The coffee bearing Legion finally takes another sip. She's a bit strnage.

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