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(2012-12-31 - 2013-01-01)
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Tifa Lockhart Christmas is gone past, but the lights are still up. Why? Well, there's still celebration going on. Between the reopening of the bar into an inn, and still being in the holidays, it lifts her customers spirits when it looks like this. When its not just the sights of the cheerful bartender of course.

Speaking of which, she has a santa hat on right now, the tip falling down the side of her head and wiggling about when she mvoes her head. There's a jingling bell in the tip too, so she jingles as she serves the customers, and her usual happy smile on her face.

The only time people haven't seen her smiling was when Sephirith walked in. As long as he's not around though, Tifa fares well.
Neviril The front door opens and in steps night itself, a Dark Knight, fully bathed in the darkness of its armor, and anyone capable of feeling or sensing could not help but notice the massive taint flowing from its body as it enters. It turns to look around, spotting customers, the barmaid. It then slowly walks towards a table before pulling out the chair and taking a seat, creaking chair sounds and armor squilling as it bends to fit into the sitting position..
Wether it's watching, or looking is anyones guess as it's face is completely blocked off to all that would look upon it. Yet after it's seating, it raises a hand and lifts a few fingers as to gesture the barmaid that it would like to order something. But makes no other move to do anything else, cept apperntly sit there and enjoy a nice seat.
Rinoa Heartilly Wow, it's so festive in here! And Rinoa loved parties. Lately, people have been so grim with all the stuff going on in Manhattan and the refugees, that there didn't seem to be much hope going around. Now however, she was in full party gear. Like Tifa, Rinoa is dressed in festive wear, not only donning a red hat with white furred trim, but she is also wearing a bright red minidress trimmed in white fur to match.

It's been really busy at Seventh Heaven lately, and so she's done her best to help Tifa with serving the constant flow of guests. Aerith was right, with her outgoing personality, she makes a good host. "Gosh, don't you wish it was like this all year round?" she smiles and winks at Tifa in between servings.

Then the door opens, letting in a dark knight..But this time it's not Kaydin..Who is it? She pauses in her work, peering intently at the person, not recognizing them from anywhere. But hey, as long as they behave themselves, she'll do her best to treat them as a guest. "Good evening.." She with a small but wary smile as she makes her way carefully to the dark knight's table. "Can I start you off with anything?"
Faris Scherwiz Faris eventually wanders in. Eventually.

She's not even drunk, honestly, she's just. Quiet. Tonight of all nights.

That being done, Faris pauses just inside the doorway to squint. Huh. Things have changed since she's last been in here. "Hello, Tifa." The pirate captain raises his hand in greeting, before taking a seat at the bar.
Tifa Lockhart There are a few things to get her attention right now.

First of all, customers, there's always a constant flow of that. Which brings into the second thing, Rinoa. She's been a very good help of course. She smiles to her friend "It is almost that busy all year long Rinny, but its alot busier in the holidays. People want to party and have fun, and what better place to do it where there's other people at?"

The third thing is the dark knight. Well, she doesn't have any prejudice, everyone coming in for a drink is welcomed of course, as long as they pay. Otherwise, might find the flat of her boot imprinted somewhere that isn't nice. But Rinoa is taking care of that right now, so she can turn to the fourth thing of interest, the captain. She briefly met the captain on 'his' ship. Yeah, for all she know, its a he after all, even if he does look familiar. "Hi Captain Faris, nice of you to drop in tonight. Is your ship going to be okay? I'm afraid it was something beyond our control though, but least I can do is offer you the drinks tonight." She says charmingly as always.
Neviril The Dark Knight nods, head tiling to look towards the festive Rinoa, then in a gruff deep, yet still oddly feminine voice speaks, "Two glasses, whatever your most expensive, hardest liquier is. I care not the price, age, or how long it takes to get it. And something to eat, something spicy, whatever you wish to pick." Then goes silent, not much for words but it gets the point across.

The Dark Knight tilts it's head to look towards a Captain, and just stares, perhaps sizing up, perhaps pondering if they'd make a good meal who can say. But, doesn't speak and seems to have promptly gone back to ignoring Rinoa after the order was given.
Rinoa Heartilly Hmm, Rinoa's been pretty wary of dark knights ever since meeting Kaydin..And battling the other dark knights of Baron. She'll have to keep an eye on this one. She has yet to meet a 'good' dark knight. Of course she doesn't want to be too prejudiced against this one either.

The animal trainer forces a warmer smile now, trying not to think too negatively. Hey, it might be a really nice person under all that armour. "Alright, I'll grab your our best bottle of 'Thunder shock..'" She winks, "I know you'll love it. Secret ingredients of course!" As for something to eat, "Ahh, we have are special flaming hot chicken wings and spiced pickles. I'll add that to the list. Please make yourself comfortable. You must be a long way from home.."

She's totally fishing for information, of course! With that, she turns away to serve the next table, passing by Faris' table and nodding to Tifa. "No worries! keeps me on my feet." she quirks a brow at the 'captain'. "Ooh? You own a ship? what happened to it?"
Aerith "It sank."

Look at that, Aerith's here! And she appears to be in a partying mood! "That's a big story to tell though, so you might want to sit down." For a moment, she glanced toward Rinoa's clothing. "I can see Tifa's put you to work!"
Faris Scherwiz "It's fine, Tifa, honestly." Faris says. "I accept what happens when I take on paying customers needing transport or other things, it's just... sov very odd that we ran into a octopus then a whale in about a five second period of each other."

But then, there's a flower girl, and a curious Rinoa. His green eyes flashing in amusement, he bows in his seat to the brown-haired woman. "Sank, somewhat."

"Salvageable, though, I think. Perhaps we best begin from the start?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "Rinoa wasn't there for it, she doesn't know what happened." She smiles, and readies up the drinks for what the dark knight ordered. She hands them to Rinoa as well, so she can serve them back, as she works on the food meanwhile "I need to ready the spiced wings a bit, but won't take long." She hmms as she fetches out the hot sauce and covers the chicken wings with it carefully, putting them to the oven shortly after. The kitchen part is alot better since she converted into an inn, more capacity to make sure there's enough food.

"I understand Captain, but still, I hope it won't be too tough to fix. If there's anything we can do to help as well."
Neviril The Dark Knights glance changes, well to itself it does as another one speaks, a young lady, with a name at that. The tentacle attached to the left wiggles and slides down pulling out something frmo the side of the leg of the knight and dumps a small jiggling bag of coins on the table. The whole while the Knights angle not moving from watching the conversation and obviously listening to the tale of the sunken ship. But other then that, appears to not be to worried, or caring much for anything, and not showing any signs of violence of ungoodness
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa gasps. "Sank? How did that happen?" she smirks at Aerith and shrugs, "Been working here for some time now. It's been pretty busy so I offered to help! Did you come to help too?" she turns to the captain again, "At any rate, can I order anything for you?"
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "I'm not that sure we know about ships, Tifa." She pulled up a chair just across forom Faris. "Well then, I don't think we had a proper chance to make formal introductions, I just came along for the ride with Tifa." She gave him her best smile. "Aerith Gainsborough.... and your name, good captain?"
Faris Scherwiz Faris whirls around in his seat, to be able to watch all three lovely ladies at once. "Well, it started out as an adventure. As I mentioned, I got paid to act as a ferry for something that Aerith, Tifa, and a group of others were looking for in the middle of the ocean."

"It was a windless day so we weren't doing all that well, time-wise..."

"Of course, no wind and storms often mean bad trouble, and I was proven right."

"Someone was fishin' off the side of the boat, and he caught, well... the best way to put it is a octopus, but the guy we caught was no ordinary one, really."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods at Faris' story "It started by bonking a huge octopus awake, and proceeded to flirt with us. Then Faris said that al of the ladies on board were his care, the octopus started getting angry thinking we were slaves. And it just kept going into desillusions as we tried to explain." She leans into the oven to turn the chicken wings, so they can be all golden crisp on every side "And then that guy with us apparently managed to fish a giant whale that wasn't too happy, used the boat as a snack."
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "Part of me was wondering how you fish up an octopus that big anyway. The rest was actually amused at how... silly it was." She cleared her throat. "But like Tifa said, biggest whale any of us had ever seen, and it was hungry. First, maybe it might have wanted calimari... but then it wanted us."
Neviril From the Dark Knight helmet, a thick gutteral laugh erupts hearing the story, oh that's a good one. A very odd sight, a Dark Knight sitting there, laughing at a story. Wether it was because of just how funny it sounded, or perhaps cause of their misfortune, well that's another thing alltogether now. The laughing dies down and the thick voice escapes the slots, "That sounds like it was a truly fun adventure. A talking thinking squid, I'm sure it was morather interesting."
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa's eyes widen in awe and curiosity at the tale. "Wow..So you went out there looking for something, and ended up catching a giant flirting octopus, then attracted a big..Whale that fed on your ship?" She rubs her head. Wow, that's nuts. The dark knight chuckles and she glances briefly towards them, joining in the laughter. "Wow, sounds like you had quite the adventure..How'd you manage to get out in one piece?"
Faris Scherwiz "Look, when you have at least one Princess on board, and then a good friend- Jasmine - falls on board, one just gets overprotective." Faris mutters. That's her Lenna-protect portion of her brain kicking in, honestly.

"I don't know." She tells Rinoa, wryly. "Also, I'm Captain Faris Scherwiz of the late Syldra Two."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smirks "Actually the plan was to get inside of that whale for treasure apparently, we just weren't in all of the details. But I don't think that its the way we intended to get inside either, not crunching down the ship as if it was part of the main course at least." She shakes her head, and pick sup the tray of spicey wings, filling up a place for Rinoa to serve to the dark knight, smiling "Here you go, all ready~" She looks over to Rinoa "As for getting out. Pepper. In the cannons. You can guess the rest.
Neviril The Dark Knights helmet turns towards the wings, as it awaits the meal. It hoping these are as good as the barmaids said cause would certainly not like to have a not-good meal after coming all this way just for it. The Dark Knight waits patiently for the barmaid to bring over everything, afterall not waiting would just be impolite and rude.
Aerith Aerith grinned. "I personally think it could have been much worse." She glanced toward Tifa. "Could I have a cup of the usual please?" She left it at that as she turned back toward Faris. "A shame those Heartless were there, we'd have gotten out without too much trouble if we hadn't run into them."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart grins the wings herself since Rinoa is distracted~ She leaves the full plate on the table with the Dark Knight with a smile "Here you go, I hope you enjoy." She hmms as she trots back to the counter, stretching her arms up in her back. "It was an odd adventure."
Faris Scherwiz "What did you expect? Someplace like inside that whale is probably a breeding ground for those things. We're all lucky we got out alive, and I'm thankful to the seas and the winds that we did." Faris shrugs.

"Odds an understatement."
Neviril The Dark Knight listens to the rest of the tail, heartless in a whale huh, interesting. The knight picks up a piece of chickeny goodness, and brings it to the helmet, lifts it up just a small amount before taking a big bite of spicy chickeny goodness.
Aerith "Well fortunately for us, we all made it out in one piece, and with the book." She shook her head. "Those things really are everywhere though, huh?" Aerith leaned back in her seat. "Well then, how have you fared since then, Faris?"
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa smiles, "Nice to meet you, Captain Faris. I'm Rinoa." As she's probably gathered by now..Tifa passes her the wings and she serves them to the dark knight, as well as another plate to other patrons who requested the same order. "Here you go! Wow..Well it sounds exciting. I'm sorry about your ship..Was it not salvageable?" Between her other orders, Rinoa was unclear on that part. "Did you get any treasure at leasT?"

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