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Side Quest: Hold My Hand
(2012-12-31 - 2012-12-31)
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Reize Seatlan It's evening time...

The entrance of the caves is filled with a lot of shinies. The Mythril Mines are generally used to dig out for ores, but general has a lot of monsters.

The call was made to everyone who could help out with the affairs. The postings came about, inviting all adventurers who were able to do so to help a young lad who wanted to be an adventurer. His father, who was worried, wanted to make sure he was safe. He even decided to travel with his kid.

"...Why did I agree to this?" Enter a dark-skinned man within his mid-forties, is all what the man was able to managed. He was a simple New Yorker cab driver. However, his son had big dreams after seeing the heroes defending the city with their lives. The boy, who was a mere age of fourteen, wanted to be an adventurer. His son.

...He has to be the supportive dad.

"...I can't believe I'm doing this." He lights up a cigarette, trying to steel his nerves. Being a supportive dad is tough.

Meanwhile, the boy, fourteen years old, had been outfitted in some leather armor and has been given a sword and a hammer. The boy turns back towards his dad, "'ey ey, dad! Yo! Check it! I'm an adventurer too, now!"

Deciding to take on the task, Reize looks over towards the boy and he smiles, "Don't worry, Mr. Johnson! We'll teach your son to be an adventurer in no time! He'll find his own treasure and we get to face off against monsters!"

Mr Johnson twitches and shudders. Why. WHY?!

Lots of shinies are glowing in the cavern. The place has a few jagged spots, but it is overall clear.

For now.
Leida In light of the constant hazards that seem to come seeking her out while trying to stay out of trouble at the Shard Seekers HQ, Leida has decided that the only clear course of action is to try to get /into/ trouble. That way it will get confused and won't be able to find her.

The fact that she is with Reize puts her even more at ease in blantant contrast to pretty much everyone else on the planet. But he saved her from the demon so she figures putting her trust in him can't be too bad. He atleast has more adventuring knowledge than she does.

The princess wanders into the mines, firmly adhering to her guardian's side like a frightened puppy, her massive bow clenched tightly in both hands for comfort. This is the first time she's been put into any sort of real danger scenario since the demon was sealed. It was both exciting and horrifying at the same time.

"U-um... Reize-san... w-what kind of monsters... will we find...?"
Ron Stoppable So. Here's The Thing.

"But I don't wanna goooooooooo." That would be Ron Stoppable, ladies and gentlemen. He is, at the moment, currently sitting on the ground as much as he can be. However, there is something attached to his waist. A rope. A rope that is being yanked and pulled by... what appears to be a Naked Mole Rat. The cute little creature is tugging and pulling with all of his little might and actually seems to be moving the huge lump of Stoppable that is pouting and sulking the entire time.

They are moving, slowly (so very slowly), towards the cavern where ADVENTURERS are supposed to be meeting up to ADVENTURE. Clutched in the palm of Ron's hands happens to be one of those postings. It also has cheese on it.

"We were doing just fine at Bueno Nacho. Waiting for Kim. And eating. Eating delicious Nacos of an endless supply." Ron starts to drift off into something of a daydreamy state which creates a blissful smile on his face.

Rufus, the Naked Mole Rat, stops with the tugging and pulling and wipes sweat from his widdle brow and slumps back against Ron's back. Finally! They are here!

Ron's up and on his feet before Rufus can finish leaning, letting the cuteness fall to the ground with a squeak. "Okay, okay! Let's get this show on the road! That's right, Adventurer and Teen Hero Extraordinaire, Ron Stoppable is here, ladies and gents! Uh-Huh! That's right!" Ronald throws on a pair of shades as he just saunters into the cavern, shooting finger-guns at those gathered and looking ever the part of someone that does not look like they belong in this parts. Dressed in his mission gear, complete with Backpack of Nothing Useful, Ron is all about making an entrance.

Rufus runs up the rope still attached to Ron's waist and takes a flying leap for his owner's shoulder!

Stoppable starts waving his hand in the air, "When I say Ron Is! You say Booyah! Ron Is!"

... Oh Lord.
Zia Being invited to join the Shard Seekers had been an unusual Christmas present to say the least, but since it was her first real 'Christmas', Zia couldn't exactly argue. It isn't as if she hasn't called their HQ 'home' during her wanderings between the worlds, and with Manhattan now gone, it's as close as she's likely to get for quite some time. So, rather than simply mooching off of their generocity, she'd started serving as a sort of night-guard, and tagging along on missions now and again when her 'inconvenient' tendency to turn to stone allowed her.

Leida's presence is a strange addition, especially since the gargress had kind of beaten on the girl with magic not that long ago. She's still a bit cautious about going galavanting all over the world with humans, but... somewhere along the line she's determined that Reize is harmless and thus it's probably safe. For now the mage leans against a wall nearby, watching with her head cocked sideways.

"Sometimes, Ah wonder if head-trauma comes with bein an adventurer." She's eyeing the pink rodent and the boy being dragged in after him. "Or maybe jus' the crazy." Her scottish brogue is certainly a bit strange, but with all the people from so many worlds, it isn't all that unusual. There's even a duck somewhere that sounds like her, sort of.
Skoll Ulfang "It's good to have your children learn to toughen up a bit. It means he will be less trouble to you in the future, and can take over as the next alpha in your family when you grow older." Skoll comments, standing besides Alpha. His response was in regard to the man mumbling to himself on why he agreed to this. "Don't you worry. I'll keep these kids safe." He points his thumb at his chet. And by the sound of using the word 'kids', he's not just refering to the young boy adventurer. But also... the OTHER young boy adventurer.

The wolfish youth then quickly glances Leida's way, and nods at her. She's wearing his christmas gift - he notes. She must like it. He's glad the girl is fitting in. He heard a little about her, so he feels like in a ways, she is the reason he can be confident that Hati might fit in with these guys. That she needs not worry about being stabbed in the back. And more-over... that darkness is not the end. Leida had been far further gone that Hati after all... and far further gone than himself.

He then turns towards Ron and just kind of raises a brow at him. What's with him? And what's with the ugly little 'monster' on his shoulder? That's when he notices Zia at the edge of the group commenting on the 'adventurers'. The dad probably agrees with her, and Skoll kind of grins. "Pretty sure just the first."
Reize Seatlan Deep further witin the Mythril Mines are more of the jagged rocks. With the area containing nothing but a rough, rocky structure, there are also tree limbs serving as a ladder or rope for people to climb. The mines is bereft with lots of ledges that could spell death if someone made a wrong jump.

Meanwhile, Reize is looking over towards the group. He brightens a smile towards Leida as she firmly joins him. While she holds her massive bow, the boy notes to his friend, "Well, Shiki and I explored this place together." He taps his forehead, "There have been giant snakes, fairy-like dragon, blob-monster men with GIANT MACES!!!!" He then rubs his chin, "...And Shiki and I ran into a blob that I tried to kick, but it did not go so well." He exhales a sigh.

And then he looks over towards the entrance of Ron, "Wow! A great adventurer as well?!" The young man beams, waving a hand his way. "Welcome! I'm Reize Seatlan!" Then, he gestures to the people beside him, "And we're all the Shard Seekers! We would be happy for you to join us!"

Mr. Johnson is squinting. "...You're kidding, right?" The older man is rubbing his forehead, shaking his head. "Nevertheless, don't forget that I am paying to make sure that my boy remains safe!"

"No worries, pops! I got this going really well!" The dark-skinned boy is waving his sword around. "That's right! My homies will totally be jealous that I am now a heroic adventurer!" Then, he waves his sword high. "Let's kick some monster butt!!!!"

And he charges RIGHT into the path of the caverns, runnin ahead where the monsters lurk.

"Wait! The group needs to!"


"Ack! Wait!" Reize is already quick to run off to meet with the boy.

And it is an unfortunate thing. Because should the group hurry pretty quickly, a large mass of pink creatures with maces in their hands. They are going to hurt the boy pretty badly if nothing is done.
Leida Leida's gaze drifts about the cave, her wide amber eyes seeking out any signs of trouble. She gives a small start at Skoll's acknowledging nod, seperating herself from Reize's side long enough to give him a deep bow. His animalistic nature was regarded with some spiritual reverance by the small princess, reminding her much of the forest gods that lived in her own world and she made sure to show him the proper respect out of tradition. Even if the people of these disparate worlds did not share her view on some things, that did not mean she had to give them up.

The gargoyle was also something Leida was unsure about but she had not had the courage to approach Zia yet despite seeing her around the HQ a few times. Any memories she had of their former confrontation were gone or so deeply buried away that they might as well be, the same as those of Skoll. She allowed her gaze to linger on the elder woman for a few moments when she thought Zia wasn't looking but timidly kept her distance.

And then a young man wearing clothes similar to the Manhattanites comes barging, waving his arms around and spouting strange phrases. What the--

Leida's eyes go wide as she spies the creature leaping through the air at his back! Those beady eyes! Those wicked teeth! That sinister countenance! It must be--!

"Eeeeeee! Monster!!" The princess draws an arrow from the wooden quiver at her hip, nocking and firing wildly in Ron's direction. Fortunately, she forgot to open her eyes and the projectiles zip wildly around him.

"Reize-san! Don't leave meeeee!"
Ron Stoppable "Nobody? Nobody at all?"

Apparently, Ron Stoppable is still under the impression that people are going to be shouting Booyah for him. When this doesn't happen, he just kind of le sighs and pulls his shades down to look around at the gathering of people and creatures and whatever else. It just happens to be a very diverse group. It'll do.

"Shard Seekers, eh? What exactly are the Shards that you Seek? I mean, are we talking Glass Shards? Maybe some broken Plastic Shards? Does broken metal actually count as a Shard or is that more of a Sliver? Hmmm." Ron is barely paying attention to anything that's not his own thoughts right now. He's literally tapping his chin with a gloved hand, pondering the definition of Shards.

Rufus simply facepalms.

Eventually, though, Ron realizes that things are afoot and that the group is running off after some kid that's from the West Side?

Wait. Is that... an... arrow?!

Ron's eyes get wide, but when the projectile goes around him, he's more than willing to take off with the running. "Wait Up Shard Seekers!!" Ron's hands go out in front and he takes off in a mad dash to keep up with the others. Rufus, of course, hangs on for dear life as Ron makes with the speed-running.


Ron skids to a halt. "Hey Buddy." Ron looks to Rufus on his shoulder. "Did I?"

Rufus looks down and then back up at Ron, nodding with a small squeak.

Ron looks down at himself, spotting his red heart boxers and then looks behind himself to see that the arrow has stabbed the rope into the ground and thus created the chain of events to turn him into Ron Stoppable. Sans Pants.

"... Uhhhhhhh. Everybody relax! This kind of thing happens to me all the time!"

Another Rufus Facepalm.
Zia The fact that she gets that small grin from the werewolf is enough to make Zia's lips curve up in a smile of her own. Sometimes, the path to courage is all about taking those first, early steps. She looks past the others, not noticing Leida's gaze at first as she looks towards Mr. Johnson, "Dinnae worry yerself. We'll keep an eye on the boy." Part of her wants to say 'what's the worst that could happen?' but inevitably that's the sort of question that just begs for something bad /to/ happen.

The fact that there are arrows being shot around a moment later only has the gargoyle ducking, trying to avoid it as it bounces off one of the rock walls near her. "Careful lass." She warns Leida, blinking. Of course, that's when she sees something she never wanted to - and that is a human being in his boxers. "Oh, dear sweet Merlin." She mutters, covering her eyes with one talon. "Fine then, lad, ye take care of yer trouser mishap, we'll take care of the gangsta knight." She rolls her eyes, and gives chase into the caves, trying to catch up with the boy before he gets himself into too much trouble.
Skoll Ulfang Upon being bowed towards, Skoll nods his head towards the girl again - though is wondering what he'd done to deserve to be bowed before. "Please, don't bow before me." Skoll mutters to Leida. "It... makes me feel nervous." His hand moves to the back of his neck, rubbing his muscles. Indeed, it did make him feel a bit nervous. He's not really someone who wants to be a leader.

"What? Hey!" Skoll watches the boy go on running off, and already is moving his hand over his face. "Ugh... young ones..." He's pretty sure he was never /like that/. Boy is Skoll glad he didn't want to become an 'adventurer' when he was young. And also, he's glad he didn't see Leida nocking that arrow. He has little reason to stop her after all. He'd had to take a double-take at the naked mole-rat after all.

The wolfish youth glances back to Zia then, who is moving past him already, and runs along with the gargess. It doesn't take long for him to ask though; "What is a 'Gansta Knight' - I don't think I know that class. Is that from one of those 'video games' that the folk in Manhattan supposedly played all the time? Like... World of beachcraft or something?"

Can you imagine it? All the kids and teenagers who had to leave behind their computers? Twitching and frothing because they have to live without their precious videogames? Skoll is following right along - and finally does spot the pink blobs with the large weapons. He's quick to grab for the young adventurer and attempts to pull him 'behind' him. "Careful kid. Don't just rush in."
Reize Seatlan Poor Leida. Reize takes the moment to look back at her, calling out towards her, "Then catch up! We can't let the kid get hurt, Leida!" Quickly, Reize looks to see the large monsters ahead. "Gah! Those things again!" Then, he furrows his eyebrows, getting the boomerangs out. "Everyone, let's get ready to defend the kid!"

The Gangsta Knight is bringing his sword aside, then he is about to charge for he pink blob readying the ball of chain. Those beady eyes of the creature flick and it launches at the boy...

Until Skoll pulls him away. "H-hey! I could had handled that!"

Reize brings his boomerangs out, throwing one of them towards the blobous creatures, "Everyone! Let's take these things down! Leida! Aim your arrows towards those things!"

Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson is running after the group, "Hrghk... wait up!" He gasps, clutching his chest. "... I need to cut down on the cigarettes..." Then, his eyes widen when he sees ALL of those monsters about.

"...I need ten packs."
Leida Running after the wayward youth and his protectors, Leida pulls up behind the rest of them, save for Ron who's having a wardrobe malfunction. He's already fitting right in with the Shard Seekers! That this might be partly (or entirely) her fault is something she doesn't dwell on. It's his fault for having a monster for a pet!

She huffs for a moment, a bit out of breath thanks to the sudden dash through the mines but when the /real/ monsters show up, Leida finds the air to squeak in fright. Another arrow is drawn from her quiver and after a few moments of fumbling she gets it settled on the bowstring.

This is it! Time to show what she can do. The princess takes a deep breath to steady her nerves and steps to the side to give herself a clear shot (from the back of the formation). Just like that, she seems to become completely serious as if a switch had been flicked in her head.

he girl's feet are aligned with her shoulders and she turns to gaze down at the pinkish blob monsters and their deadly ball-and-chains. Slowly the bow is lifted up over her head in a smooth flowing motion, and then coming back down as she extends both arms in opposite directions. The arc of the bow goes forward while the string is pulled taut, the weapon dropping until the shaft of the arrow is equal to her cheek.

Leida takes a moment to focus, picking her target carefully. And then her eyes narrow and there is a sharp twang as the deadly shaft flies into the foremost creature, embedding its wickedly barbed tip square between the eyes.
Ron Stoppable And? BEHIND Mr. Johnson? Ron Stoppable. He's practically tripping over himself as he runs after the group, trying to catch up and also manage to put his pants back on. It's a really awkward process, that pretty much results in the fact that he can't do it.

"Guys! Shark Seeders! Wait Uuuuuup!" Ron attempts to get his yell on, but it probably happens to be falling on deaf ears. Speaking of falling, the moment he gets one of his feet into his pants, he tries to run, trips and skids after Mr. Johnson.

But nothing so simple can just happen to Ron Stoppable. It can never be that simple.

The moment Ron's body hits the ground, his Grapple Gun bounces free and triggers. Which, of course, immediately fires off an intense Grapple Line of SPY KID JUSTICE goes sailing off in the general direction of Adventurers, Cab Drivers and Pink Blobs. Granted, that Grapple Line may have a nasty habit of ricocheting off anything that is solid enough for it not to hook into... so who knows what the heck this Bootleg Hookshot is going to do. If anything.

As for poor Ronald, he's barely keeping up with the others, as he's now attempting to grab hold of the Gun part of his Grapple Gun... which could prove to be both amazing and disastrous, since he has kind of a tight grip on the gun with one hand. The other hand is on still holding onto his pants.

Rufus? Hanging onto the pants.
Zia After her previous experience facing off first-hand against a certain insane duck, Zia knows well enough not to charge head-first into the fray. She'd spoken briefly to Faruja about getting some real combat training, but thus far the mouse has been otherwise occupied with handling refugees and converting whomever he can to beliving in his god. More power to him, but it means that Zia is still left with just her magic, and any good role-player knows that a mage goes on the back line of the party setup.

"It wouldnae surprise me if it was." The gargoyle replies, stopping just short of the line of combat, slipping easily from her run on all-fours to a two-legged posture, hands extended in front of her. Little known fact - Zia used to play some of those human video games, on stolen internet with a scavanged laptop which is hidden away with her things at Shard Seeker's HQ. She's a mage, they're geeks by default. A faint glow shows around her fingers, already begining to channel magic.

Just as she's about to pull out some wicked special effects, an arrow goes zooming by, and the gargoyle can't help but stare after it. Maybe if the girl had been shooting like that instead of lashing out with magic, the gargress wouldn't be standing here to stare. "Nice shot, lass." She can't help making some sort of comment, but then struggles to focus. Right, battle, eyes on the enemy. Zia isn't really good at that yet. With so much going on, she can only manage to shoot one quick zap of lightning, which strikes one of the little mace-wielders, complete with 'zzbbssttrrt' sound effect and a black and white view of the critter's flashing skeleton.

After that... well, someone needs to go lend the pantsless wonder a hand. Although maybe not a 'hand' persay, he's got those quite full, it seems. She's not actually going to help with his trouser mishap, but at least she can step back and make sure he doesn't get himself killed in the process. "Ye alright, lad? Be'ta get it straightened out, or fight in yer skivvies, wha'eva. But if ye keep flailin a'roond, yer gointe loose yer rodent."
Skoll Ulfang "You watch the enemy first, /then/ you attack. Watch the rest first, and learn from it." As much as Skoll may look like a punk, he's a guardian at heart. He won't let this kid get wounded. Scratched maybe - hurt, okay... gotta learn to roll with the punches. But truly wounded, no way. The werewolf then lets go of the kid. "Now be careful." The youth then suddenly sees arrow flash by, followed not too long after by lightning!

He actually stares at Leida for a moment. For such a small frame... to pull that big of a bow. He knows what kind of strength a bow takes. In games, they'd often have the 'weak girl' wield a bow - but that thing isn't a composite bow. And she just drew that thing to her cheek. Skoll squints for a moment, before nodding agreeingly at Zia and then moves point swing one of his chains out towards one of the other mace-wielders. It quickly spins around its weapon, 'Disable'ing it. He then points at it.

"Show me your best swing." It seems Skoll is in full 'teacher' form today again, like he usually is around newbies. At the same time, he's thinking about the rather diverse party they have here. And... how many of them are bumbling fools. He's glad that the grappling hook at least doesn't hit him!
Reize Seatlan "AWWWRRRGGG!!!!!!"

There is a resounding cry of success as the arrow, flung from the release of the bow, strikes true between the creature's eyes. It clutches onto its eyes, releasing the ball and chain. As it struggles, it writhes in pain.

"Good job, Leida! That was a great shot!" Reize compliments his friend.

The others, seeing its brethern harmed, the other creatures bring their balls of chain in preparaton for war. They charge towards the group.

And then, in comes Ron's Grapple Line of Spy Kid Justice. That Grapple Line ricochets off of the wall and it slips past Reizefor a moment.


It ricochets and it slips past Leida.

Then, it ricochets once more. Reize and Leida will find themseles wrapped together by the ghetto grappling hook.


"ACK! OOOII!!!" Of course, it looks like Leida and her guardian will experience another Close Encounter with one another. And of course, they are likely coming towards Ron's way as well, because why not?!

"...I definitely need a pack of cigarettes after this."
Sigh. Mr. Johnson is sweating. These adventurers?! These are the adventurers that he hired?! While one with the arrow in its head reaches for the mace, the gunshot fired from the man's pistol, intercepting the attempt.

It's eyes glower towards Mr. Johnson. This gives Zia the chance to electrocute it with her lightning spell. "Grrraaaaaaarrwrrggghh!" And it withers away into the darkness.

While Reize, Leida, and Ron are experiencing technical dificulties.. this gives Skoll the chance to play teacher. "Oh... I get ya." The Gangsta Knight blinks, then he has a grin forming. Eddie, the boy, is winding his sword back, then he leans forward to thrust with the blade. "Hyaaaa!!!" He swings the sword downward, almost like a downward bat swing.
Leida Ahhh! The gargoyle is talking to her! Leida immediately engages wallflower mode as she is complimented by Reize and Zia, shyly looking down at the ground and stammering out a soft 'thank you'. Ofcourse, thus distracted she doesn't notice the wild grapple line creating its web of doom between them until the line goes taut.

There is a moment of surprise, a second or two for the small girl to glance down and realise the predicament that she's in, her eyes going wide. NOT AGAIN!

And then the device retracts sharply, earning a girlish scream from the princess as she's pulled into Reize which sends them both tumbling towards the source of their troubles - Ron.
Ron Stoppable Ron is, for the most part, pretty used to the way things go down. He doesn't even need to brace for impact. It just kind of works for him. And the collision with Reize and Leida will hopefully allow him to actually finish pulling up his pants. But, well, then again, considering his luck with bumbling, it could also just wrap them all up together in some strange Trifecta Adventurer Burrito.

Yeah, let's go with that.

As the grapple line wraps around them, Ron just kind of offers a haphazard smile, as his Cool Shades are practically hanging off his face. "So uhhhh. Are we winning?" is the only thing asked of the other two. "Hey Buddy! A little help here!"

Rufus is scurrying up and onto Ron's shoulder, squeaking and offering a quick salute, before jumping down and letting his SHARP MONSTER TEETH work on biting through the grapple line to get the SHARK SEEDERS back into the fight!

This up close and personal, Ron's breath smells of Cheese and Nachos. Good Luck.
Zia There are days where one just can't help but wonder at the bad luck certain people have. It's enough to have Zia wondering if Reize wandered into a mirror shop and bumbled around a bit or something. Either way, she just stands there, watching the grappling hook ricocheting off of various things, eyes turning in comedic unision to each rebound, and then eventually to the end result, which apparently results in a teenager burrito. "Yeah, lad, 'n dinnae be doin stuff like tha." She's not about to play teacher, but maybe the little would-be knight can learn /something/.

The gargress seems bemused, although she can't help but also be aware of the danger of the little horde of upset monsters nearby. "Let me lend a hand, wee one. Ah think these'll do a bit be'ta then yer teeth." She hooks a talon underneath part of the grapple line, and works on cutting appart the heroes. "Think ye two can handle a bit'a coverin fire while Ah get these ones unwound?" She asks, raising her voice. There is no way she can cast much of anything while she's disecting the bundle of teenagers.

"Just a bit, lads 'n lassies, Ah'll have ye out of there in a jiff."
Skoll Ulfang Aaaand... Reize and Leida end up being stuck together. Skoll lets out a loud and audible groan, but is too busy keeping the enemy reigned in for the boy to start wailing on - to really worry about them right at this moment. Ugh, kids. Of course, them being stuck together isn't going to stop the monsters from picking on them. So with another pull on his chain, he drains the earlier monster he'd locked in place a little with him, and reaches for Reize and Leida.

To be more exact, he reaches for the grappling hook wire and drags them behind himself. "Go untangle yourself before she gives you cooties." It's a good thing it's not a chain, or Skoll would have adamantly refused to let the molerat destroy it. He does however, with Ron now being nearby, try to whap him over the head for being an idiot. It's one of those friendly 'whaps over the head'. "Get your act together."

He then turns his attention back to the kid and the monsters - as Zia joins in on cutting the two loose. He's glad to have her with him - at least she doesn't share this /awful/ stroke of luck these others carry with them. And she seems to have a far better head on her shoulders. In regards to the covering fire, he calls out to the kid; "Get back for a bit." Before he swings a few more chains along the front like a whip, in an attempt to 'push back' or at least deter the monsters from getting near.
Reize Seatlan This is one of those points of life where Reize is in pain. Not because he is wrapped in the rope next to Leida. Not because that they are uncomfortably close, but because of the breath that is acidic of cheese ad nachos. The boy lowers his head, comical tears flooding along his eyes as he mutters, "...We are not winning!"

He blinks, looking over towards Rufus, who salutes and tarts biting down at the grapple line, "Oh wow! Nifty little guy!" And then Zia is joining into the fray, "Oooi, Zia!" The boy is happy to see her! He'll be even MORE happy to get away from the naco-breathed kid.

While the wire drags the two behind Skoll, the boy lowers his head with comical tears. "Mada mada..." As soon as they do get free, Reize immediately sees one of the creatures readying its ball and chain, "Oooi! Everyone!"

Reize throws the smokebomb to the ground, offering that disorienting protection for his fiends and to throw the creature off.


The large beasts are charging forward, swinging their ball and chain around. "YEEAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!" As they speed towards the group, the Gangsta Knight sucks in a breath.

"They are in trouble!"

Eddie growls, and then he charges to hack at one of the monsters with the sword.

"Get away from my teachers, you ugly punkass, mother ---"

The monster, using the ball of chain, wraps the chain around the sword and yoinks it away.


And that ball of chain moves to *SWHACK!* the boy pretty hard towards the group. Unfortunately, just the strike along gives him a resounding headache as he is sent flying like a fastball.

Imagine Eddie being the bowling ball. Now imagine the Shard Seekers, Ron, /AND/ Mr. Johnson being the pins.
Leida Leida just closes her eyes and tries not to think too hard about the fact that she's pressed UNCOMFORTABLY CLOSE to two young men, one of whom is currently pantless, when all she's wearing is an oversized shirt herself. If the scarlet color in her cheeks is any indication, it's not working.

However, Skoll comments to the two boys that /she/ might get something on /them/! The nerve! Whatever these cooties are she most certainly is not afflicted with them! Unfortunately, it's difficult to look indignant when you are lasso'd together and the ill-timed decision to turn her head towards the werewolf gets her a face full of naco-breath.

"I do /not/ ha--eeeeck! W-w-what is that.../stench/?!"

Ron's breath pushes her already delicate senses to the brink of tears when combined with their horrible situation. And then comes the human bowling ball...
Ron Stoppable "Ow! Heeeeeey!" That is in response to getting smacked in the head! "I'm not an actor!" Oh Ron.

Rufus is all about letting someone more qualified help with the getting them out of Teenager Burrito. It really is all about making sure that Ron is okay. He's already scurrying away with a quick salute and diving into Ron's pocket, now that his pants are back up and around his waist... as they should be. Darnit.

"So, about these Shard Seekers. Are you guys like a gang or..." It's about this moment that Ron Stoppable looks the other way and sees a Fastball Eddie headed straight for them! "AHHHHH! GANGSTA KNIGHT!" His scream of terror and fear is amazing and perfected.

Just in time for the grapple line to be popped by awesome talons!

"RUUUUUUUN!" is yelled at everyone that is too clsoe for comfort.

Rufus peeks out of Ron's pocket, YEEPS! and dives back down inside.

Ron takes a step back, attempting to turn and flee, because there's a bowling ball kid headed for them. Sadly, Ron's clumsiness kicks in once again, tripping over the grapple line and stumbling his fancy footwork. He trips and spins, eyes going WIDE as Eddie *WHAM*s right into the body of the... is Ron Stoppable even really a spy?

"Ur-KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM!" are the final words of Ron Stoppable as he's literally knocked backwards and sent into a sailing and tumbling roll back towards the opening of the cavern!

Ron's Shades, however, sail up and over, in epic slow motion where they land on the only person they can land on: Reize Seatlan.

Deal With It.
Zia Just the sound of the Gangsta Knight giving his threats from behind her are enough to make Zia wince, "Oh, this cannae end well." She comments, but continues to work on the rope holding the trio together. "Just a wee bit more."

There's no time to address the stench of a certain someone's breath, or any so-called girl-related disease. The moment that the rope springs free, she hears the shout from ron and there's only a split second to roll out of the way before the Manhattan teenager turned adventurer uses them as dominos.

Zia lands in a crouch, ears drawn back. By the time she looks for Ron, he's gone sailing out of the cavern and is nowhere to be seen. "Well, at least he's out of harm's way. A boy like tha's got nae business in battle. The rat-thing had more sense." Her eyes scout for the others, making sure they're alright, especially the father and son combo, since they're the ones paying the bills here.

But there are other things to worry about, too. "Get back ye bloody sods." She mutters, looking at the monsters, raising one hand to send a big blast of wind at the closest one, hoping to repeat the same sort of bowling effect that almost impacted the Shard seekers, except right back at the enemy instead.
Skoll Ulfang Ugh! A smokebomb! Skoll quickly covers his nose, knowing just how oversensitive his nose can be at times. Then there's the monsters, moving past his fallen defensive line. And behind him, the 'kids' are shouting. And then Eddy goes and starts shouting about coming to their rescue. "No wait!" He calls out, but it's already too late. Ugh, damnit Reize! Damnit Ron! Then, just as the ropes come off, Skoll's good ears swirl and turn - making out the sound of the bunch of them.

He hears Zia ducking, and he reaches in quickly and /grabs/ Leida. Reize can take care of himself, and will serve as a good cushion for the boy. But Leida is a young lady - she has no place in getting hit by that boy. Not to mention, who knows what kind of damage those unwieldy weapons might do. So within a moment's notice, Leida is grabbed by the wolf's hands, and pulled against him as he ducks...

"Are you alright?" The werewolf asks, patting her shoulders, before quickly getting up already again and turning towards the monsters. "That's enough. Time to reduce the enemies numbers to one." He mutters, before stabbing both his chains into the ground...

Which causes far larger and sharp blades to suddenly come out through the ground, trying to intercept the monsters. "Zia, help me out." At least the blast of wind helps him see the things, as it smokes away the smokebomb's black mist. The gargoyle is being far more helpful than she might realize.
Reize Seatlan To assess the situation, the person responsible for getting them stuck together, Ron, begun to retreat, abandoning them in their place. "Oii! Wait!" The boy turns around to see that Eddie is flying right towards the group. Reize winces when the boy is sent flying towards Ron.

Eddie slam againt Ron, who is used to cushion the boy's fall. Unfortunately, because they are nearby, Reize is yanked along the way, though he manages to roll away from the group in time to turn over towards them.


And the glasses fall on his eyes.

Reize's looking sort of cool there.

"...It's pretty dark."

And Reize turns around, only to see one of the monsters loom over him, "Guh?!" Suddenly, the ball and chain slams Reize pretty hard, the massive metal ball leaving the boy soaring acros the gorund, "Oof!" The boy winces, clutching his stomach. He sucks in a breath, now gettin back to his feet.

"Oooi! Eddie! Get up!"

Eddie is wincing, already in tears.

"....Eddie! Get your butt up!" Mr. Johnson snaps, "You said that you wanted to be an adventurer and protect the family! Are you going to go back on your word now?! We're fighters, damnit! Our family are fighters!" He keeps shooting at the monster.

"Nggghh.." Reize rubs his forehead, "Everyone! Mobilize! We are not going to fail them!"The boy springs towards one of the creatures, knocking it aside and back to the ground. As the creature attempts to get back up to its feet, it is given the forcible push by the gust of wind that Zia has manifested. That creature, dragged along the ground, is sent flying towards the other creatures.

Eyes wide, they screech and they attempt to catch their friend.

This puts them all together... The large blades that erode from the ground inercepts the creatures. Two of them are caught in its trajectory. It pierces though them, then the wither to dust.

Upon seeng the effects of the blade, the other three give a hiss, swinging out towards the massive sharp blades.
Leida Leida squeaks as the grapple line's deathgrip on the trio is broken, her tiny frame flying sideways with the released tension. Thankfully, Skoll is on the ball and the small feels a strange moment of disorientation as she's snatched out of harm's way.

Suddenly finding herself pressed up against the tall werewolf's body, she stifles a soft gasp and blushes brightly, placing her hands on his stomach to steady herself as he pushes away and speaks down at her.

"A-ah... yes..." Actually, she's pretty bruised from the whole ordeal; her body from being rolled all over the rocky cavern and her pride for being accussed of having strange diseases but the unexpected display of kindness sweeps these things away under her doormat of a personality.

The sound of battle reaches through her moment of girlish weakness a moment later and the princess gives a startled look as her guardian goes flying. "Reize-san!" A look of determination returns to Leida's face and she rushes to where her fallen bow lies, snatching it up and turning on the remaining foes.

She reaches down to the quiver at her hip and draws not one, but three arrows, each with a flat chisel-like tip. All of these are nocked with a single graceful motion, her earlier unnatural aptitude shining through again with fresh focus. The bow goes up over her head as she goes through the motions as before and the triplet of indentical missiles are sent flying into the cluster of monsters.

Something is different this time. Though the arrows fly straight and true there is a cacophonous explosion of kinetic force as the bow string is released. The slender projectiles dart forward at blinding speeds and each one impacts a different blobby form with horrific results. The soft bodies cavitate as a massive gaping hole is blasted through them, their torsos replaced with wounds that gape wide enough to see clear through the other side.
Zia At least without Ron here, Reize's bad luck seems reserved for himself. Maybe if you get two jinxed boys in close proximity it amplifies the effect? There's no time to ponder that now, but perhaps something to look at closer later. Zia stumbles to her feet, a few scratches visible on her form, although she seems to have escaped the brunt of the damage by just working the utility-mage role.

"Aye, lad. Let's see if we cannae get them tuckin tail 'n runnin home." With everyone freed and on their feet, and Reize looking distinctly more 'cool' even if his bad luck seems to be holding, it's easy to focus her attention. The gargress steps back a bit, some wind catching on her loincloth and making it flutter slightly. There are some mutterings in latin, and a growl as the gargress's eyes turn red.

For once, she doesn't stop to wonder at the amazing archery abilities being shown beside her, or Skoll's ability with his chains. Instead, she manages to keep her attention on the battle long enough to send down a series of bolts of lightning, which are distinctly drawn to those metal instruments of war that the monsters are wielding about.
Skoll Ulfang Leida got a quick glance from Skoll just after he'd moved to protect the girl - that blush not having escaped his notice. Ahhh, the young. Still, it actually reminds him to check up on Zia... just as that loincloth goes flapping about and magicis summoned. His heart suddenly beats firmly, and he quickly glances away. Why is he blushing himself now!? It... it must be a spell! Yes, these blobs must be /casting a spell/! That's it.

The werewolf sets his sights forwards and draws his chains back out from the ground, and then kneels forwards and brings his chains forwards and arcing from the sides - before bringing them together towards the center in an attempt to 'halt' the blobs once more. He's not here to kill these thing per-se. No, his skills are aimed at disabling his opponents and assisting his allies. He won't let the young ones get harmed. The purple lightning that wraps around his chains at least stop Zia's own magics from penetrating them and causing the wolf to get a smokin' hairjob.

"I've got them! Now finish them off Eddie!" Skoll calls on out.
Reize Seatlan In the epic battle of Cool vs Luck, the latter won. It's one of those moments that one cannot help but feel tearfu over fate smacking you down for existing. No matter.

Everyone's resolve is picking up once more. As Reize watches Eddie getting back to his feet, Reize has a smile growing on his face.

"My sword!" Eddie's eyes widen. He rmembers that he doesn't have his sword.

"Your hammer! Eddie, use your hammer!"

That is when the boy, new to being an adventurer, looks over towards the hammer. It is not just any hammer, but more of a mallet with the rough size of a sledgehammer. He sucks in a breath, pulling it up.

Leida display her skills in a very fantastic way. The sight of the archer's ability to use the arrow is rather impressive. It is even more impressive when she releases a powerful burst that creates a gaping hole through the three creatures. That fateful blow sends them shuddering. The lightning from Zia strikes the three monsters down, sizzling their bodies with that crackling force of energy. Electricity slowly disintigrates them.

Then, the chains are launched forward and they start to bind the creatures, keeping them from moving.

"You can do it, Eddie!"

Eddie grabs his hammer, "....Here I go!" The young boy charges ahead, bringing the hammer about. He starts swinging the hammer around, twirling and moving like a tornado. With the creatures binded, they are unable to use their chains. This puts them in the position of getting slammed with the flat of the powerful hammer.

The creatures are repeatedly bashed by the blunt force. The final blow sends all of them withering away into darkness, leaving a few coins...

Eddie stares at everything. "I.....I.. I did it?!"
Reize Seatlan 0> You get: 1000 XP
0> You get: 1000 gil
0> You get: Long Range Materia

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