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Scrambled Inventory
(2012-12-31 - 2013-01-06)
Hearts Intertwined is always in need of good help. In the wake of massive misfiling and other signs of bureaucractic chicanery, Sable and Faruja have a moment to introduce eachother as long hours of boxing looms ahead of them.
Faruja Senra Sometimes Faruja wishes he had been a healer rather than a soldier. For all of his love of fighting, and simply being well suited to the job, the act of healing the wounds of another brings the Burmecian quite a bit of comfort. Unlike the more violent portion of being a Holy Dragoon, there's no potential guilt to go along with it.

With the looming mission for his leader lingering in his mind, the ratling has made a trip down to Traverse; both as a stop over before he clears up affairs in Fluorgis, and to acquire a few healing materials that simply can't be found anywhere other than a multi-versal crossroads. When a small case of disease came to his attention? Well, the rat has enough time to stop and help.

Thus, the Burmecian exits a healer's tent, the ratling already well acquainted with many of those helping in keeping the refugees afloat. Chatting with an older White Magess as they exit, escourting her slowly, the rat seems in a relatively good mood. The Magess, even more so, as she's escorted by an actual knight!
Sable Although they have never spoken, one of the helpers that has shown up again and again is one more present amongst the charity workers. A black haired teenager takes a moment to rest, putting a stack of supplies down with the rest and swinging himself up to sit on the ledge of a small fountain. He automatically starts to unbind and rebind his hair, grumbling very softly under his breath.

This is one of the few times he hasn't been been smiling and or cheerful. The teenager rubs the bridge of his nose hard, then leaps up onto his feet and picks up there picking up the supplies which he brings to the feet of the magesss. By the time he actually has to speak with anyone, the smile is back on his face and it only looks a little forced.

"This is the right box this time." he says to the magess with some chagrin. "One of the other workers put the wrong label on it by accident. "
Faruja Senra Suddenly, teenager! The Magess is presented with the /correct/ box this time. It earns Sable a smile and a laugh. "What I wouldn't give for more /useful/ help around here! Well done, thank you my Child. Lord bless, and don't work too hard." She offers, one hand idly crossing the air before her.

Faruja moves a step to take the fox. "There we are, if you would allow me, fine young Ser. Not many of your age working here. Temple Knight Faruja Senra, at your service. My companion is Lady Priestess Anita. To whom may we offer our thanks for your hard work?" comes the lengthy, roundabout introductions the rat seems so fond of. Even as he speaks, the duo are moving towards the tent where they house supplies. Looks like they expect the boy to follow!
Sable And the boy does in fact follow them. "Sable Owens, ser. I've been around and about and I think I've seen you a few times." he dips his head a little to the lady priestess although he doesn't say anything else to her.

He does this almost automatically as he follows, keeping a small distance from Faruja and the Magess. The teenager looks a little worn around the edges but like he has before, simply powers through whatever tiredness may have befallen him.

"And don't mind the confusion. Everybody's asking for things we don't have so the things we do have tend to get shuffled around a lot."
Faruja Senra The Priestess opens the flap for the ratling, who has his hands full. Inside? Boxes. Boxes everywhere. If Sable's ever played a certain demon-shooting game in Manhattan? Kinda like one of those rooms.

"Ahh, then forgive me for not making your acquiantance. So very busy, you know?" Leap! The rat's up on one box, setting this one atop another.

The rat chuckles at the mention of supplies. "'Tis always the same in any refugee camp. Never enough of /anything/." A pause as he leaps down, and properly looks at the boy. "Are you alright? You seem weary. Overwork, if I am to judge."
Sable "It's alright." Sable waves off the question as he manuevers his way through the boxes with something a little like practice.

He apparently has been here many times before, so that the looming maze of boxes --while not totally familiar-- is at least not a threathening maze of canned goods and stuff waiting to fall on the head of the unwary.

"So-- I'm curious. What is a temple knight doing out here? Why are you helping people you don't know?"
Faruja Senra Teeter teeter. One box threatens to bonk a rat-knight on the head. He deftly reaches up with his spear and rights it before he loses any dignity.

The question sparks the beginning of a reflexive answer, one about duty, that he's so quick to turn to. Faruja's muzzle opens, then he pauses. Truthfully, he'd never really thought about the reason.

A quiet moment passes, and Faruja gathers his thoughts, not quite sure why he's opening up to the boy he barely knows. "...I know what it is like to lose one's home. To see every single person one grew up with, one /loved/, ripped asunder by demons. To have a piece of one's identity stolen, all due to the callous greed of others. When Burmecia fell to Darkness, under Alexandria's strain, I awoke in the company of those who would care for me, and change my life utterly." He nods to the Ajoran Priestess beside him.

"'Twas a miracle that I am not worthy of. These people? If I can offer something of the same miracle to them, then mayhap I can ease their burden and my own debt as well."

He shrugs. "Besides, I am a Knight of the Church, and a healer. 'Tis my duty."
Faruja Senra Faruja's ear perks. "...and why do /you/ help, young Ser?"
Sable Sable looks at the manifest near the door, updating the inventory as he scans the rows of boxes. He reaches out a hand, putting one of the boxes around so that he can read the scrawled note on it and double check the contents for any more 'inventory' errors.

He briefly pauses to listen to Faruja, turning his face towards the burmecian as he is given an honest answer. He raises an eyebrow slightly, then nods as if in understanding. "Then it is a personal reason after all.." he seems to be satisfied with this answer because he afterwards ignores that he heard anything. "Sometimes I wonder that myself. Maybe I just needed to do after the fall. --Maybe I couldn't just sit back and watch and feel helpless to understand."

Sable shrugs a shoulder. "Do me a favor. Count the second to last row on the top there? Are they all labeled green?"
Faruja Senra The ratling tilts his head, and smiles to the boy. Not a bad child, really, if a bit strange. It reminds him of someone, but he can't quite put his digit on it. With a mental shrug, he speaks.

"There is /always/ a personal reason. Some are, rightly or wrongly, merely reluctant to speak it."

Leap! Up the rat goes, scrambling over to the boxes. The Burmecian's vision is a touch lacking.

"Ten green. This one, and this one are red." Sigh. He swats his forehead with his own tail in frustration.

"Antidotes do /not/ go here. They are over with the potions!" he mutters in irritation, the Priestess and rat doing a bit of fireman's carrying to get the boxes in their proper places.
Sable "And Hipotions should not be mixed with Ethers, but we've got both of those." Sable grins grimly. "And Ether does hell all to people who don't have anything like magic except taste like cough syrup."

He checks the inventory again, then goes to help shuffle around the boxes until everything is set to rights again. "Alright. Ah. That's right-- someone else needed this box. I might not need Ethers, but the Emberwood chapter does. Some of these are supposed to go there this evening."

Sable snorts. "It's a surprising thing that anything even gets done here."
Faruja Senra The grim news has the rat's face falling. Slinking over to a box, he timidly opens one. It's labeled to be potions. Inside? Happy Ranchers, the Midgar-then-Goug based candy.

"...How /ever/ did we get a shipment of candy. In the POTIONS box."

Slowly, dramatically, he turns to Sable after setting aside the boxes for the Emberwood chapter. Frown. Froooown.

"...Worse than that, Ser Sable." Pause. "We are going to have to check every single box and verify its contents. Then count and relabel them." Hours of menial labor, go!
Sable "Well. I've done it at least once before." Sable chuckles and groans faintly but whole-heartedly.

"It's a more pleasant task that going outside the town and having an adventurer land on top of you, I can tell you that. As long as these boxes don't start breathing fire-- then I believe you and I can handle this mess."

He smiles at the Priestess. "Is there anything else I can get for you ma'am? I wouldn't want to hold you up here since the healing staff is so stretched right now."
Faruja Senra "Ahh, but as much as I would like to stay and assist you children, you're right. My services are needed elsewhere. Mr. Sable, thank you. Ser Senra? Make sure you don't get hit on the head again by a box. Finding you unconscious once was enough. I had thought you drunk!"

Faruja turns away quickly, ears aflame with red.

"I do stay sober while on duty (mostly) Lady Priestess! Pardon, as Ser Sable says! The thrill of monsters and adventuring is well and good, but tasks such as these are far more rewarding!" Quickly changing the subject, he's already starting off on the boxes, warily looking up ever now and then as the Priestess bows and departs with a blessing.

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