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(2012-12-31 - 2013-01-03)
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Avira What does a wrong turn at the Crossroads yield? Trouble. Especially if one chooses to go north. Just spotting that oddly-constructed castle at the distance makes one's head hurt and go fuzzy. After that, it's hard to remember what had happened next or even how much time has passed. There is a vague sense of being compelled forward or drawn somewhere.

For the latest set of souls drawn in by the trap, they can remember the castle, slightly, but other stronger memories take precidence. Morrighan ordering Kaydin to 'bring the midget to her.' Avira waking up in a cell in castle Baron. Morrighan putting the huntress in a maid outfit. Roughly a day passing.

It feels like these memories have been tread before, especially as Morrighan skips through the castle with her new servant in tow, explaining to her what a memory sphere was. 'It's a simple spell used to capture moments and preserve them for the spellcaster's wishes. Quite convenient~'

Avira looks vexed. This felt real but at the same time, she had the feeling this had all happened before. Both of them will get that sense. Both will anticipate what SHOULD happen next. Maira would yell out, informing Avira that she was here.

But no such yell happens. The castle is peaceful. Guards go about their business as normal guards and not people infiltrating.

Avira looks mightily confused. Something was supposed to happen there, wasn't it? She stops following after Morrighan and looks around, as if expecting something. The memories become fuzzy. "...there was a..rescue attempt..?" she murmurs to herself.
Morrighan Alazne How had she gotten here? Why was she here? Morrighan could not answer those questions. In fact, she could not even be sure of the duration of time passed. All she could remember now was a vague feeling of sinking...and then darkness.

She could see memories playing before her eyes. Familiar memories. Ordering Kaydin to capture that scarred harpy. Antagonizing Avira from the cell she was put in. Their subsequent agreement. And then quite infamously, the beginning of the 'maid incident'.

Ah, and there's the memory sphere bit! She remembered that! ...But wait, this was the part where that inconsequential flame wielding woman came out and...


Morrighan stopped walking then, frowning in confusion. "Wait a this not the part where...?" She muttered quietly to herself, Memory Sphere still floating in her palm.

She could almost swear that SOMETHING was supposed to happen here, but...


"Hmn, I suppose I must be imagining things!" Shrugging the weird feeling off, the healer turned to look at Avira, grinning wickedly. "Now then, come along, my dear pet! We have SO MUCH to attend to today! No dawdling now~"

Oh dear.
Avira As Avira turns around in confusion, she stops and watches Morrighan. Strange, that, she seemed JUST as confused as she was. "Something was supposed to happen, right? You feel it too?" But there's nothing. A tumbleweed could be rolling down the hall at this point for how quiet everything else was right now. The more Avira tries to grasp that particular memory, the faster it seems to slip away, especially as time passes from that moment.

She turns back around, looking behind her, staring down the hall. "But-"

Morrighan speaks up and the weird feeling is forgotten as the huntress turns to face the dark elf. She bristles, meeting that wicked grin with barely restrained anger. "I have a /name/." she scowls crankily, "You know it. You should USE it."

Her eye twitches and for a few terrifying (to Morrighan no doubt) seconds it seems like she's going to leap back into physical violence. However, the memory of her air being cut off was still fresh in her mind and the band around her neck was still slightly tightened. After a moment in which she seems to calm herself, she resumes following after the dark elf.
Morrighan Alazne "Something supposed to happen? Hmm...." Morrighan mused aloud, tapping her cheek with a finger idly as she walked through the castle hall, eventually turning to go up to another floor. "Tell we then, what WERE you expecting to happen? Hm~?" Of course, she pointedly continued to not use Avira's name as she glanced back at the shorter woman. "Were you expecting the cavalry to have come and broken you out now?"

'That's because that is EXACTLY what should have happened'

But no, Morrighan would not outwardly acknowledge the thought. Why? Because this was utterly entertaining as well! "You should have already known by now. None of those so-called 'friends' of yours actually care about you." The grin returned and the dark elf came to a stop as the stairs tapered off into the second floor. "You are a tool. Expendable. Easily thrown away once it becomes apparent that you are no longer of any use~! Ohohohohoho~"

And then came that haughty laugh again, complete with a hand brought around to the side of her face. "Just accept that you have been deemed worthless and lost! Be grateful that I would deign to take you in as my pet~! Ohohohoho~!" Another around of laughter followed before she added one last statement.

"This is your life now. Do get used to it quickly~"
Avira Now that's a tricky question indeed. Avira stops again, clearly really trying to think. This is Pooh Bear style deep thoughts here. Smoke should be coming out of her ears with how hard she's thinking. "...yes..?" she finally ventures, "...that's exactly what I was expecting. That they would notice it and-"

Morrighan interrupts her. 'None of those so-called friends of yours actually care about you.' With quickness in her step, Avira closes in on Morrighan, ready to get right up in her face, even as the elf promptly haughtily laughs in it. "That's not true! Someone will come!" Her hands ball into fists, "I'm sure of it."

At Morrighan's final statement, Avira really does get up in the elf's face. She's ALMOST touching, but not quite, just hovering there standing on her tiptoes. There's a mixture of emotion in Avira's eyes-disbelief that she would be abandoned and fear that she really the fire of defiance.

Morrighan had her work cut out for her, clearly. "I will not accept this." Avira growls through gritted teeth.
Morrighan Alazne "Oh, but it is true! Surely they would have broken down the front gates like the big heroes that they are, and swept you away, yes?" Morrighan only looks more amused at Avira's closeness. Not even bothering to constrict the collar in case she tried anything funny. "Where are they, hm~? I certainly see no one here! How do you explain this?"

Indeed, she should have been getting a face full of darkness by this point, courtesy of Angantyr. But alas, there is no one.

"You will learn to accept this eventually." Finally deciding that, the elven woman turned her back on Avira, continuing down into the second floor hallway proper. "Otherwise, I have...'ways' to pursuade you~ Mhmhmhm!" Giggling madly, the healer brought a hand to her mouth is a token effort to stifle it.

"I do pray that you give me a chance to use each and every last one of them on you! We will have SO much fun together!"

Well, it doesn't sound like fun.

...For one of them anyway.
Avira Uncertainty is plain on Avira's face. Funny, she recalls that her friends really would have done just that by now. By now, Jasmine and Angantyr would have removed the spell around her neck, enabling her to try and exact vengence upon Morrighan. "...I'm sure they're on their way." She mutters meekly, a sinking feeling in her stomach.

Maybe she just had to wait. Maybe she just had to hold out? More importantly, maybe the spell on her would wear off!

Grumbling, she reluctantly follows after Morrighan to the second floor. Avira makes a noise that sounds like she's about to say something, but fear twists in her gut. If nobody was coming, she'd have to take her rescue into her own hands! The temptation to shove Morrighan down the stairs and escape is high.

Yet she decides against it, between the threat from Morrighan and the fact that she might be expecting such. Maybe if she bided her time and endured, the opportunity would come. "...well..." she murmurs, "...where are we going?"
Morrighan Alazne "Patience my little pet, all will become clear very soon~" Morrighan replied, leading Avira down the hallway, ignoring the activity of the other, actual maids and butlers milling about and working. Eventually enough, she slowed down in front in a lone door, located a bit out of the way. Oddly enough, it was rather silent, the activity of the castle personel becoming only faint noise now.

"And here we are~"

Announcing their arrival, Morrighan pushed open a set of double doors that lead into...a bare room. No furnishings whatsoever. The floor, ceiling, and walls were all a drab gray stone. Utterly untouched by whoever furnished the rest of the castle. Was this for real?

Nevertheless, the dark elf easily strode right on in and beckoned for Avira to follow, smiling in utter amusement.

Just was sort of madness did she have in mind now? Maybe Avira should just run. That's a great idea!

But wait, there's that collar.

Avira Where Morrighan seems intent on ignoring her surroundings, Avira is not. She's watching the other maids and butlers working, searching their faces, trying to get eye contact. Maybe she could recruit one of these people to help her-but it's unlikely, even if they may feel sorry for her being THE Morrighan Alazne's personal "assistant."

The layout is still being tracked. She notices that down here, sound is very muted and nobody else seems to be around. If she started screaming, it's unlikely anyone would hear her.

The dread is apparent on Avira's face when Morrighan turns around, waving her to come in. She balks at the entrance to the room and takes a step backwards, body tense. It really does look like she's about to run. After another step backwards, the collar begins to tighten.

Avira cringes and reaches for her neck again, trying to pull at something her fingers cannot touch. Morrighan is treated to the sight of the captive huntress struggling against the spell and eventually giving up. There's an angry, resigned look on her face as she steps into the bare room.
Morrighan Alazne Oh yes, this was hilarious. Amazing. Delightful. Oh, she could go on for days about that look she had seen on Avira's face. But no, there would be oh so much more to come. Not that she could ever grow tired of this. "Oh my...Are you still hoping for your brave friends to come and rescue you? Let me tell you again; it will not happen!"

Following that was a simple wave of her hand, after which, the double doors creaked and groaned before finally swinging shut with an audible slam. A brief rush of wind followed the door's forceful movements and then...

...There was quiet.

Here they are now, in a totally bare chamber where no one can hear what they do. Where no one, at least those who valued their well-being, would be curious enough to come check. There were no heroes here.

"And now, for the first order of business~" Morrighan spoke in a cheerful tone, one which belied the terrible things she had planned, and then gave another wave of her hand.

All at once, streams of light began to peek through the slight gaps in the stones making up the floor, walls, and ceiling from all over. They spung to life, forming into tendrils of light that threatened to wrap around Avira's arms, legs, waist, neck, whatever they could reach in order to hold her in place and keep her suspended.

"Let the fun begin~"
Avira "Of course I am." Avira says angrily, jumping and looking over her shoulders as the doors slam shut behind them. She studies the doors for a few seconds before turning back to glare at Morrighan.

She didn't like that tone. Instinctively, she takes a step back from the dark elf. Her eyes grow wide as she looks all around, spying the light which turns into something far more substantial and alive-looking. Avira tries to run but frankly, there is nowhere to run to.

As she is caught, a blood-curdling scream escapes her, only really audiable to anyone else in the castle if they had been listening for it. Even then, it would just sound like the shrill screech of a bird.

That very same shrill chirp echos in the air around Castle Oblivion. Time passes. Hours in the real world. Days, weeks, or even months to those caught in nightmares.

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