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Enter the Wind Princess
(2012-12-30 - 2013-02-20)
After the Sevent Heaven renovations are done, the girls admire the new Inn, until a lost WindDancing princess enters.
Tifa Lockhart With the new bar's size and repurpose into an inn, its been a little more busy around the place. There are rooms to clean up, and more food to handle for those using the rooms. But its a nice kind of busy too, its always good to have some business after all, especially with the dark times. Tifa merrily hmms to herself as she's taking care of the dishes right now.
Aerith Aerith on the other hand descends from the upstairs rooms, dusting excess dirt off of her hands. A faint floral scent can be picked up from her clothes too. Seems she's been busy giving the new inn a touch of color. "Well then, this is a bit more interesting, isn't it? I'm glad you could manage this, but I'm also glad I can have a room of my own now." She chuckled. "Better than the one I used to be in."
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa had returned briefly to Goug, waiting for the party to start at Deling city. She had other things to investigate there first, but Seifer was right: She needed a good disguise before heading back there. Fortunately, she had some time to prepare and to tell the others that they'd been invited too.

She walks into the bar, and is quite surprised to see that it has grown and an inn has been added to it. "Wow..This looks amazing, Tifa!" She smiles as she spots Tifa busy washing dishes at the back and makes her way towards her and Aerith. "Hi, Aerith! How you doing? Good to see you two again.." She had questions for this one too. After seeing how differently she fought in the sewers..Hmm..
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smirks at Aerith "Well of course, I got my own room too, instead of sleeping in the backroom. I didn't mind it so much, but this is an improvement." She pushes a stack of dishes aside, and then picks them up to put into their proper place "I might need to hire a cook or something though."

She looks over to Rinoa as she enters "Thank you~ I'm happy with the results too. I'm going to need more help if I get more bars though, phew.
Aerith Aerith turned her attention toward Rinoa. "Oh this is just the start, Tifa has an expansion planned in Manhattan, once we get it back of course." And they would. A plan was already in place. They just had to find out how to put all the pieces together, so to speak. Aerith headed toward one of the tables and took a seat. "So then, how's things been since our little sewer romp?"
Rinoa Heartilly "It's really wonderful! It's like a second home, isn't it?" Rinoa sighs as she twirls around to admire the larger, more comfy looking space. "I guess, not knowing if Timber is still around, and with Deling so dangerous for me, I dont really have a home, but..Seventh heaven is the closest I get to it..And it's really starting to feel more cozy too!" she hugs her arms as if to emphasize that coziness.

"Ooh, Manhattan?" She pauses, "Hmmm, but is it really possible to restore Manhattan? I thought it was lost for good.." The memory of what happened there still makes Rinoa feel a bit sad.

When Aerith brings up Deling sewers, she shrugs, "Hmm, I've been searching for a suitable disguise before heading back there. But! The folks who hired us to clear out that monster also invited us to join their party there in a couple of days! So, maybe we can take it easy for a bit..I just need a good disguise first, otherwise Seifer's right, they might arrest me on sight.." That wasn't the only thing bothering her however, as she lapses into silence as she recalls the sorcerss heartless they fought, and the mysterious woman in the shadows who she suspected was a sorceress as well...
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods, moving a rag along the counter top "We found a way, or at least information on how it works. We got pointed in the right direction you could say, we just need to find the different pieces and put the puzzle together now."
Aerith Aerith placed a hand on her chin for a moment. "I'm more interested in this Princess of Heart business... I mean, if the only reason Manhattan is still intact is because of this one single person, then that would mean finding them would be a big goal too." Her head lowered for a moment, gaze fixed on the table. "But... who or what decides who gets to be one?"
Rinoa Heartilly "Hmm?" Rinoa scratches her head, "So there is hope then, as long as these Princesses of Heart exist? I've heard of them, but I dont know much about them. Oh! That girl Jasmine was one, wasn't she? That's why Garden was protecting her so fiercely, and Baron and the heartless were determined to declare war against SeeD in order to capture her.."

But she's no longer in Garden right now. "So...We just need to find this princess to restore Manhattan? I wonder if we should look for Jasmine..Or if it's another princess?" She glances back at Aerith, "And what about you? You seemed attractive to the heartless before.."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart thinks about it too "Well it would be logical that each world has their own princess, since they said that each world was protected by them. If the princess is lost, so is the world, Merlin said. So maybe its someone native from that world, that would have a connection with it?"
Aerith Aerith scratched her head. "I think that's just coincidence. Not too sure why they want me, aside from..." That one thing that shadow LEXUS had summoned told her rang in her ears. It knew who she was... what she was. Her train of thought was broken by Tifa's comment. "Yeah, that'd be more appropriate. Besides, I think Jasmine is in a whole other league."
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa arches a brow. "Merlin? Who is that? Sounds vaguely familiar..Some mythological wizard?" Hmm, how much has she missed since being in Deling? "Oh, so..Each world has its own princess, then? But how do we know which one belongs to which world? I guess they'd be a native of that world. I wonder then, who would be the princess of Manhattan..I guess someone from that world with an unusually pure heart. I cant really think of anyone I know from that world personally..Can you?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "Me either, maybe we just haven't met her yet though. But maybe its something completly different too, who knows. We'll have to seek them out. How about finding girls with unusual attraction from heartless to start with?
Aerith Aerith nodded. "That'd be the way to start, though there has to be something else. I'm not too sure what, though." She sat back in her chair. "Enough talk about that... What's with this party in Deling City? Who's holding it?"
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa nods, "Perhaps we should advertise some carefully devised contest to draw them here? But something cunningly drawn up so as not to draw the attention of the heartless or Shadow Lords." She nods to Tifa, "Or we can check out refugee camps like the big one in Traverse and a smaller one in Deling.."

Rinoa glances back at Aerith and nods, "That's right, a party! It's the same people who requested we go in and fight the heartless so they could hold that party in the first place. They're refugees from Manhattan.."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hmmms "A party you say? Well that could be interesting, but it will draw lots of attention, just need to make sure its not too much unwanted attention there." She slides to the side, cleaning up the bartop with her tag, and then tossing it over her shoulder, as she moves some bottles around. Empty ones get removed and replaced with new ones.
Aerith Aerith lowered her head again, brows just low enough. "TIfa has a point, but what I'm more interested in is just who these refugees are. I mean, they could be harmless enough, but with what happened in the city just a while back, it could be a trap." She shook her head and looked up at Rinoa with a smile. "Even if it is though, doesn't mean we can't have a good time. All we'd need is to wear something pretty."
Rinoa Heartilly "Dont worry." Rinoa smiles, "Afterall, we already removed the main threat in Deling. They have Galbadian soldiers always on guard there, even if they're not as numerous as before the heartless attacks." She shakes her head at Aerith, "A trap? I highly doubt it. Didn't you see them? They were tired and ragged. They're just refugees from Manhattan. You're not suggesting they are heartless disguised as people? If that's the case, why would they let us know about a heartless lurking in the sewers, secretly feeding on the people of Deling? It's fine. Besides, we did a good job last time, if there's trouble, we'll be ready for it.."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hms "So that would be a party to lift the homeless' spirits up? that might help. But what I worry if is the priness of heart is among them, it could crash the party quickly if that's what happens."
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "I doubt we'd be that lucky, to find one so soon." She sighed. "The chances of finding even one of those are probably slim, and even then if they made themselves known so soon, that's a bulls-eye on their forehead." She glanced toward Rinoa. "Then again, who knows what could happen?"
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa nods to Tifa. "Yeah, it'll be fun! Even so, I'm worried about that shadowy figure..What she said to me..What did she mean? she was a sorceress too, I'm sure of it." She makes a face at Aerith, "Oh, dont be so negative! We gotta start somewhere, right?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Rinoa "I know, I'm not sure what she was talking about either. but I guess there's no use worrying about it for now, don't you think? If its not something you can control or change, no use worrying.
Rinoa Heartilly "I suppose you're right.." Rinoa nods, trying not to think about it. Surely that woman's words about her 'potential', meant little. She probably said that to everyone. "Heh, even so, she DID say she's after Edea too. I wonder if we should try and stop her?" she sighs,

"Edea..The sorceress once tried to kill me afterall, and she DID murder president Deling. Even if it might have been out of fear... But the crowd cheered. Why did Seifer think she's not evil, only misunderstood? Still, I just want to believe him, if only a little.." Even if she was now just a 'former flame', still she could not give up on him so easily.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart reaches over to pat Rinoa's shoulder with a smile "I know, I understand what you're feeling. There could be other reasons he doesn't, or cannot, tell you about. But you know, its clear he's not completly honest with himself. He keeps ending up doing things with you, following the same path, and even protecting you. Obviously he cares about you. That's probably the reason he's pushing you away, he doesn't want you to get involved in what's going on."
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa smiles and nods. "Thanks Tifa! I'm sure you're right..Afterall, he could have arrested me, but he didnt. I DO need to come up with a good disguise though, or they'll arrest me for attempted murder."

That's not a very comforting thought. "Hmm, I wonder if there are any good stores in the slums I can borrow a disguise from? I do have an idea for a disguise though, it'll be fun! Can you help me?"

As for sorceress Edea.."Hmm, for now, I just want to watch her from afar. If this shadow lord is out for her..I'm not sure yet if I want to intervene, until I know more about Edea. But, I DO want to help keep Seifer out of trouble. I guess you're right, he just wants to keep me safe, but there's no way I'm gonna let him confront this thing alone.."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "I would do the same if Cloud was treating me like this." Wait, is she meaning that she dated Cloud or something? Well doesn't matter too much since he's not around lately. She really is worrying about him alot though. He disapeared as quickly as he appeared, maybe back in the darkness again? Maybe he was in Manhattan? She can't be sure. Either way she can't let that bring her down either, there are people counting on her now.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa arches a brow when Tifa mentions a Cloud. "Ooh? Who is this Cloud then?" She smiles, "A secret crush, or is he your boyfriend? C'mon, I want to know all the details!" She teases, curious to know more about her life.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart giggles, shaking her head "... He's the only other survivor from my town, if you want to know. He's a childhood friend. He left long ago to join SOLDIER, so he'd become stronger, a hero he said. I saw him some time ago here, but he disapeared again." Of course, she's hiding all of the rest, but that's part of her nature. She's so friendly and nice to everyone that she doesn't even seem to think about herself, what she's feeling.
Aerith Aerith placed her hands under her chin, as if she'd heard this before. She sighed and glanced toward the door, wondering if the one she'd lost had been found yet... but never mind. "Well, I'm actually looking forward to this party thing. We've been doing too much fighting, maybe it's time to have some fun!"
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa blinks, tilting her head forward a bit as she listens intently to Tifa's story. But..It seems to be missing vital details, "Oh..Really? Just a survivor?" she sighs, resting her own hands on Tifa's shoulders, trying to offer comfort. "Wow, I didnt even know...I'm so sorry! I suppose, it's not something you want to be reminded of, is it? But maybe one day you can tell us all about what happened.."

She pauses as she listens some more. "Hmm, what is SOLDIER? Is he something like SeeD mercenaries or something? Maybe he's just out on a mercenary job, and it's really far away. I'm sure he'll be back again soon..?"

She smiles at Aerith, "You've been quiet, anything on your mind? I guess we've all been fighting too much. We could do with a nice relaxing party.."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "SOLDIERs are an organization that works for Shinra, you could say its a private army, but they have so much ressources that they rival just about anything else really. Don't worry about it for my village, its in the past, nothing I can do to change it." But that's probably the main reason she's not a 'pure hearted' herself, as nice and friendly as she is, she keeps a deep gash in her heart about the events that happened there. She just hasn't talked about it with anyone yet.
Aerith A nod from the flowergirl as she turned her attention back to Rinoa. "When is this party happening again? We need to have our best dresses ready for it!" Her features lit up again. "I wonder if there's anywhere good to shop at in Traverse Town?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles to Aerith "Looks like you're looking forward to dressing up, hm? I had the chance to wear my dress in Manhattan at least, but I dunno if its a bit too formal for what kind of party they will be holding."
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "Well to be honest, it's better to be safe than sorry. And I'd rather go in feeling pretty than feeling underdressed." She glanced at Rinoa. "Do you have anything to wear? Or do we need to help you with that?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart giggles "She has a lovely dress she wore with me at the same party, she looks gorgeous." She smiles fondly at that, moving around the bar to take care of everything. The glasses are put aside now that they are dry, moving them to the cupboards for later use, always within reach of the barmaid.
Verianna As the girls are chatting, the door to the bar swings slowly open and a pair of big, bright purple eyes peek in along with a pair of long, elven ears. "Hello? Is this a public building where one can rest for a bit?" She looks around and sees the three girls hoping that she isn't invading someone's home. But the elf is quite tired and fatigued from walking for so long.
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa hmmms, nodding slowly, "I guess..I dont know much about Shinra even. There's some kind of energy company or something, right?" She nods again when Tifa says not to worry. Poor girl, she must have such deep wounds, being the only other survivor of her town. Whatever happened there, she's sure it hurts too much to talk about.

"Alright. Well..I hope you guys have fun at the party! Heey, why dont we shop the malls here and see if we can find some new dresses? I need a disguise too! Maybe I'll take a trip to the hair salon. I mean.." She glances at the two of them, "Do they actually have any decent stores in the slums here or should we head somewhere more highclass.."

Rinoa pauses however, when she sees a pretty elf peeking in. "Ooh, please come in! We have a bar, and now an inn too if you're looking for a place to rest! You're welcome to come in a look around. I think there's still lots of rooms available!"
Aerith Aerith peered over her right shoulder. "You know Rin, we could always use a hostess. If you ever want some extra munny, we've got spots open." Listen to her, talking like she helped run the place!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart grins as Rinoa steals her lines. But she shares Aerith's opinion on that. "It is a place to rest, so come on in and relax. If you need to drink, eat or sleep, we have all that's needed."

She ndos to Rinoa "I don't think we have any any class shops in the slums honestly, maybe if we got closer to the main city core. But I think Deling would have nice shops, right? From what I've seen, its pretty high class city."
Verianna Verianna's eyes would go wider if they could but the poor girl is quite worn out from her travels and it shows when she finally enters the bar and shuts the door behind her. On her back is a leather backpack that seems quite too heavy for Verianna as she slumps forward, though it felt much lighter a few hours ago. She smiles as Rinoa speaks to her and nods in greetings to all three ladies. "Oh well thank you! I hate to randomly barge in to just any old place but I've been traveling for what feels like days just to find somewhere to rest." She then removes her backpack and sets it down on a table very relieved to be rid of it as she sighs. Her hand then whisks back some strands of hair and turns to greet the girls. "Hello. My name is Verianna Aleanvirrea of Mythannor. It's a pleasure to meet you."
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment. "Wait, days? From where?" She stands and heads over to help with the pack... and yes, it is heavy. "What's in here, anyways? Seems a lot to carry around!"
Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa chuckles at Aerith, "I already do work here pretty much, remember?" She nods to Tifa, "Hmm, Deling has some really nice shops, but Seifer was right. I should get a disguise before heading there really. I was lucky because Seifer was there, but next time...I dunno.."

"Wow.." She looks back to Verianna, "You look really tired. Why dont you check in and I'll help you take your luggage to your room? My name is Rinoa by the way, nice to meet you!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles to the elven traveller "Well, you're quite welcome to stay here and rest, that's what inns are for after all." She looks over to Rinoa, nodding "I'm not sure how we can disguise though. Maybe we could try changing your hair color, and wearing different clothes. That might make it harder to recognize from afar at least. Can't do much from upclose, unless you wear a mascot costume or something."
Verianna Verianna looks to Aerith as she studies her pack, her arms moving to wipe some sweat from her brow. "It... seems like it anyways. I would walk then sleep, walk then sleep for what seemed like forever. But I sort of lost track of time I guess. I had to pack many things since I didn't know where I was going and what I would need." She starts to think of home for a moment but snaps herself out of it quickly before turning to Rinoa. "Oh, well thank you! I would love if you could since I'm a bit sore from all that walking. Thank you Rinoa!" She then looks to Tifa who seems to run the place and smiles at her. "Thank you for that, miss. I will stay for a few days at least."
Kaydin Kaydin would look at the door, having seen someone go in and he wanted to atleast wait a little while before he was heading in himself. He wore his simple black tunic with black leggings with no shoes and his sword wrapped in the chain that he usually wrapped about his arm. He carries the weapon in a reverse grip as if that was considered sheathed. He walks in and looks about the place, for those with the power to sense darkness would feel it from him.
Rinoa Heartilly "I have an idea!" she nods to Tifa, "That's exactly it, I'm thinking of cutting my hair, maybe getting blonde highlights, and a totally different costume! I do a bit of sewing, if we could get some fabric, I could whip up something awesome! Then we can head to Deling and find something really stylish for you guys!"

She makes a face, "aah, I dont want to wear a mascot costume though, but I DO have something way more fun in mind, you'll see! Actually I think I saw a fabric store in wall market. Not terribly classy place but they had some nice fabric. I'll check ito ut later.
Aerith And of course by now, Aerith knew how to pick up Kaydin's presence. She didn't have to look behind her to know where exaclty he was, and she didn't have to wave either. After all, she did say she he had a place here, and perhaps he was finally coming to cash in. "Hey there, Kaydin! Welcome to the new Seventh Heaven!"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart giggles at Rinoa's ideas, but smiles "I'm sure that will make her look nice too." She watches her leaving for now though, going out to check on the market no doubt, leave the newly arrived elf alone with Aerith and Tifa... and the newly appearing Kadyin. At least he used the door this time.

She looks over to the elf "Are you hungry then? I can ready a little something for you." She hmms pleasantly as she fares to the task.
Verianna Verianna smiles at Tifa and headshakes as she admires the variety of fashions the women here wear, much different than in Mythannor. "Thank you but no. I'm more sleepy than anything. Can someone show me where my room is? I'll just take a nap for awhile if that's ok." She smiles at the two before turning to notice the new arrival.

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