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Legion Infiltrates The Shard Seekers
(2012-12-29 - 2012-12-30)
Legion infiltrates the Shard Seekers and successfully passes their trials.
Legion Legion has talked a bit with the TDA about who they found in Fluorgis and has, ironically, learned a bit about Leida. As such, there are two Legions in the city again: Imi, whom Leida knows, and the other one, who had remained silent and didn't say much of anything the last time they were here.

Of course the reason Imi was in Fluorgis in the first place was to visit the Shard Seekers and 'network' with them. As such, the two Legion head up right to the front door of the former workship and knock on it lightly.

Then they step back and swing their hands behind their back, mimicking each others gestures.
Leida It is late in the evening now and the oppressive heat has begun to fade with the disappearance of the burning sun below the sandy dunes. An equally powerful chill sweeps into to take its place, the strange dynamics of the desert climate switching from one extreme to the other in swift sucession.

However, it is not the cold that has Leida shivering as she sits quietly at the central table in the Seeker headquarters. The unusual visit from the strange man that morning had left a mark on her mood, his tidings of doom and accusations of past evils still hanging overhead like the blade of an executioner. The girl hugs her knees to her chest, staring listlessly at the ground as she waits for the others to return if only for the sake of their company.

The sudden knock on the door startles her out of her quiet musings and cautiously hops down onto the floor, eyeing the door with apprehension. The elf had not bothered to knock on his last visit and she hoped he would not be so cruel as to visit twice in the same day. The other Seekers would not bother to knock either - so then, who could this be to come calling so late?

Leida moves over to the door and slowly slides it open, peering out into the fading light timidly. The surprise and relief upon spotting the two Legion nodes is overwhelming.

"Imi-chan...! Oh... I am so glad it is you!" She pauses, looking between the twins for a moment, remembering that there were supposedly a handful of these sisters. "Um... i-it is you... right?"
Legion The one on the right raises an arm to say 'hello', and smiles at Leida. "That is correct. This one is Imi. The other one, ah, has not picked out a name yet?"
The Legion on the left shrugs her shoulders a bit and leans in, peering at Leida for a few precious moments before pulling back and glancing towards Imi. She nods slowly to her and then tugs lightly on her own hair as if contemplating something. She seems to be at a bit of a loss, one that isn't really dealt with for some time because she keeps doing it even as Imi starts chatting it up again.

"I did not know you were with the Shard Seekers." Imi admits quietly. "I was actually supposed to meet with them, that is why this one was dropped off here. This one came back to make sure, haha, I came over. The Network admits to some embarrassment over the situation."

She steps a bit closer and examines Leida. "How are you feeling?" She is genuinely concerned. "--Is anybody else here? We do not wish to get you in trouble by entering without proper approval, The NEtwork is unclear as to the Shard SEekers' Security Protocol."

The other one nods and says, "This one is here for clarity purposes. I watched you before. The Network apologizes for an improper introduction."
Leida Leida smiles as her suspicions are confirmed, her mood brightening instantly. "Oh... I see." She leans back from the nameless Legion when she peers at her but tries not to look too upset by their continuing habit of invading her personal space. It just seems to be something they do.

"Ah... I am well... thank you for asking..." A pause and a thoughtful look are given to the mention of security protocols but Reize seemed to be pretty welcoming of just about everyone. He even forgave Will for coming in without asking and eating their food. Besides, she'd really prefer not to be alone. "I do not think... there is a problem if you come inside."

She steps back, pulling the door open completely to allow the twins access and gives them both a bow. "I am alone right now... I believe the others are busy with errands. But I would be happy to entertain you both until they return..."
Legion The two Legions step in and look about the workshop. There is a table. There is furniture. There are papers that are notably stacked properly. There are workbenches. In sort, there is not much notable to see. However, they take a good gander all the same. Leida doesn't seem to be acting 'high on darkness' as she was warned about either just earlier today.

It's a good thing that they are very honest as spies. If they were really bad dudes they could do all sorts of crazy shit upon coming inside. Instead after looking around, Imi looks back to Leida.

"That's nice of you to offer." She says fondly. "I'm sorry I didn't bring much with me this time, I wasn't sure if I would be able to come in. Umm--we were here to, ah, network with the Shard Seekers?" She tilts her head. "But well if that doesn't go well, I can't say coming here was a bad idea. Perhaps if we survive long enough, we can tell you where we're--"

The other Legion interrupts. "We will try not to disrupt anything while we are here. I am glad you are well."
Leida The princess stands up again and shakes her head reassuringly. "O-oh no... that's alright. You don't have to bring anything..." She smiles again warmly. "It's nice just to... see my friends."

The words of the elven mage echo in her head suddenly, encouraging her to stick by her friends more often. Despite his willing admission to being a Shadow Lord, that particular piece of advice is something she doesn't have any issues with.

As for networking, Leida has no idea what that word means but she assumes they want to speak with Reize or his friend Ivo, someone who can make actual decisions regarding the group. She hadn't actually met Ivo yet, thanks to his busy schedule, but she couldn't imagine Reize turning down such nice girls if they needed help.

"Um... thank you," she offers to the nameless Legion, looking at her curiously for a few moments. "I...I don't mean to be rude but... I'm not sure... what to call you..." Imi said she had not picked a name yet but that seemed odd. Didn't her parents give her one? Maybe they didn't have any. She chooses not to broach this potentially painful subject.
Legion The nameless Legion says, "We apologize, but this one is not interested in a name at this present time. Please call us Legion, however, if you'd like." It's almost a name at htis rate in of itself, with all the others having picked one.
The other one pipes in, "It's a bit of an experiment in self actualization. Don't worry." Imi smiles. "Are your knees okay? I noticed they were a bit bruised--" She tilts her head to try and get a looksee--but even as she's doing this, the nameless Legion, who is a bit more practically minded--at least at the moment--speaks up again.

"Are you still possessed by a demon?, The Network inquires for purpose of clarification of current circumstances."
"Aww, do we really have to start that up?" Imi says.
Leida "O-oh... I see..." She goes quite for a moment then smiles again. "Alright... I'll call you Legion-chan... until you take a name..."

To Imi she inclines her head, almost bowing again out of habit. "Ah, yes... they--" Leida's response is cut off just as Imi's question is and her eyes go wide at the mention of the demon. Immediately, several horrible scenarios flood her mind. Had she actually met one of the Legion before and caused them harm? Was she friends with someone who had suffered during her possessed rampages? And if not, who had told her of this?

The princess lowers her gaze and stares at the floor, looking pitiful. "I... n-no... the demon is... sealed..." But was it really? Again the meeting with the elven Shadow Lord darted through her mind. How could she be so sure? What if she was wrong. Leida didn't want to consider that possibility.

"Did... did I hurt someone... you know...?"
Legion Legion-Chan.

Legion-Chan stares at Leida as she decides to call her Legion-Chan. She isn't so sure about how to respond to that, as she was really just intending to make sure nothing too ridiculous happened, but she ultimately decides that, no, it's not really her issue. She can be called what she likes. She's been called worse things than Legion-Chan evne if Legion-Chan just sounds strange and alien to her.

"Unknown." The Legion admits to Leida. "I think it is at least conceivable you have hurt comrades or employers, however it is unlikely that you have hurt them before we met them." She thinks it over for a few moments and then nods to that. "Irregardless, to say it was you while perhaps partially accurate is not totally accurate. We have no intention of breaking the friendship and, even if we were, we suspect it would be difficult to convince Imi to, as such there is little for you to fear from us at this present time. We understand a bit about demons and seals."

Imi says, "Um--well, I think--ahh that is to say, The Network just wished for confirmation. The past is the past, yes?"
Ivo Galvan Some of the sparkle of interest has returned to Ivo's eye as he opens the door to Shard Seekers HQ and strolls through the entrance just after Imi begins to reassure Leida, the knight-errant's blue cloak curling in on itself as he turns to shut the door behind him. He hasn't yet informed his fellow Seekers about his setback regarding their application for clanhood, but part of that is because he's already fomenting a plan for getting around it. With luck, he'll be able to surprise them with a prototype for the Shard Seeker device a little earlier than he anticipated. One step at a time, though; always one step at a time.

The young swordsman raises his eyebrows slightly as he soon espies three unfamiliar girls in their lobby, his slight smile broadening, one hand on his hip and the other rising to his chin as he adopts a contemplative pose, looking somehow amused. Heavens know why. "One of you must be Leida," he says, as means of announcing his presence. Oh, so it's a guessing game now. "Ivo Galvan, co-founder of the Shard Seekers," he then adds, in less playful tone, lifting his hand from his chin in greeting. He doesn't typically introduce himself that way, but if they have visitors, it might be helpful.

"Hmmm..." He looks between the three of them. Two of them look oddly similar to each other, though it would be rude to point that out. The girl looking like she's made herself at home in that oversized shirt, though-- "You must be Leida," he guesses, gesturing toward Leida with a grin, eyes sparkling again. He seems easily entertained. "You seem like Reize's type." How casually he says it.

He enjoys teasing girls, of course. But she looks, for some reason, a little downcast right now. Maybe embarrassing or distracting her will cheer her up a little.

"And who are our guests?" he continues, grin subduing into an affable smile as he turns toward the two Legion. "Welcome to our headquarters. I'm sorry there aren't more of us to greet you."
Leida This Legion seems more inclined to using big words and strange ways of saying things, but Leida thinks she gets the general idea. They aren't going to blame her for what she did before or stop being her friends. That's good news!

"Ah... thank you Imi-chan..."

Before she can further than that however, the door opens again, this time without any knocking or magic involved which can only mean its one of the other Seekers. Leida lifts her head and peers at the open portal, expecting Reize or Lily but finding herself confronted with a taller man she's never met before. The little princess in rags stares back at Ivo quietly, unsure what to say until he pipes up himself.

"O-oh... you must be Ivo-san..." She gives him a deep bow full of respect, after all, Reize said he was a good friend. She isn't quite sure what to make of the 'his type' comment. After a few moments, the girl straightens up and turns, holding one hand out to indicate the two Legion nodes.

"Um... pleased to meet you. This is Imi-chan and Legion-chan. They are part of the... um.. Net-work."
Reize Seatlan It's been quite a bit of time.

Where has Reize been through this time? He has been trying to deal with revitalizing himself out at the hot springs. His mind has been going through the conflict of many circumstances in his mind. In particular, some of them have involved Cornelia, Manhattan, and helping with transitions. And yet, Reize also has to wonder the status of his group not yet a clan. Most of all... What about his pendant?

The sound of water splashing far off as Reize emerges out, wearing a bath towel. He stretches both arms in the air and he has a brightened smile. His antenna hair wiggles and it starts moving around.


As the door to the garden opens up, Reize shouts, "Ahhhh! All refreshed!" Reize is revealed to be wthout a shirt or his headband. The bare chest has some definite signs of tone to them. However, he luckily has a towel wrapped around his waist to obscure anything below.

Nice and refreshed!!

He blinks, realizing that there are guests. "...Uhh... oi!" Now, this is awkward. "Err... didn't know that we had guests!" He better change, "First, let me grab..."

---Enter Dandy.

A small beagle puppy passes by as Reize is walking to grab something from the counter. And he knocks Reize over. "GAH!" The boy is rolling along the ground, and the boy attempts to catch himself. He manages to slide up, only to slide right towards Ivo.


And he is going to fall on Ivo.
Legion The Network is not aware of Reize's types, though they are aware that Reize is one of the founders of the Shard Seekers. They turn towards Leida and wonder. If Leida is Reize's type, then what kind of person is Reize?

Legion contemplates this as Ivo arrivals. Ivo seems to ... well look something like a cartoon character. If she turned on a cartoon about knights, and she saw Ivo, they'd look quite similar. The unnamed Legion focuses on Ivo for a few moments and, well, it's hard to tell whether Legion is fun to tease or not because they are sort of, in weeaboo terms, giving the Ruri Stare. Well one is, the other is more focused on Leida right now.

"We are Legion." She says. "You may refer to the other as Imi, if you prefer, or Legion, if you'd like. The Network clarifies that this one does not have a name to provide. We are here to spy--" She pauses for a moment after saying that and then adds, "--in other words, to network, on behalf of the Twilight Detective Agency for whom we are working with in a probationary manner. The probationary manner, The Network explains, is dependent on a period of two weeks in which we work for Will Sherman though that time is almost up--and also further dependent on the lack of our imminent murder from an organization that wishes for us to be killed in a series of battles. The Network provides the exposition quickly in an attempt to slip it by you and apologizes for the excessive dialogue."

She then goes quiet.

The one being called Imi says, "You're welcome," in a friendly enough manner. "It seems we're in luck, the founders seem to have been here after all. It's as she says, we're a network and we are, naturally, here to 'network'. We don't suppose you have heard of the plans to restore the world known as 'Manhattan'? We had heard from Merlin that there is a method to doing so. Naturally, that is part of our purpose in Fluorgis and in your headquarters, for the purpose of organization and--again--networking. Please ignore that we admitted to being spies as we are aware that that may interfere with the act of spying, The Network clarifies to assume the term 'networking'. I will be the representative of the Network present, if you find the terms agreeable." Pause. "My sister, naturally, will not be staying due to being the next--"
She's elbowed slightly.
"--that is to say, she has her own duties." She beams. "Pleased to meet you!"

The two then sharply look up as Reize arrives. One raises their hand to warn him about the puppy but then lowers it as Reize trips over the puppy anyway. He rolls across towards Ivo and--they don't get in the way.

Instead their eyes sparkle hopefully.

"Will the towel fall off...?" The unnamed Legion asks. "Will this start an illicit reaction? The Network waits with baited breath."
Ivo Galvan If Ivo-san is disappointed that his provocative comment doesn't seem to embarrass Leida so much as confuse her, he doesn't show it, merely smiling. She doesn't seem crestfallen anymore, at least, and that's what counts, even if it had nothing to do with him. "That's right. Nice to meet you at last, Leida. Glad to have you with us." His tone is casual, but gentler than usual, like that of an indulgent older brother, an acknowledgment of her difficult circumstances without bringing them to the surface.

He turns his smile to Imi and Legion at Leida's polite introduction. "The Network, huh? Sounds up Deelel's alley." Ivo adapted to Manhattan's superior technology faster than most, perhaps thanks to his previous training. "Well, nice to make your acquaintance, Imi, Legion-chan." Why does only Legion get the honorific? He opens his mouth to continue-- but then Legion launches into an utterly fascinating introduction. Ivo's jaw actually drops, his lips slowly closing as he listens with widened eyes and raised eyebrows. But as soon as Legion literally says she is spying on them for the Twilight Detective Agency, the corners of his lips twitch upward, and soon Ivo is grinning. Where another person might be desperately trying to skip the cutscene, he listens avidly. "Oh, no," he demurs gallantly. "I adore exposition." It's true.

She certainly seems Deelel-esque, but Ivo tries not to pry into the origins of women until such information is volunteered. Imi's comment about Manhattan at last causes Ivo's expression to turn serious again. "Faruja -- our ally -- left us a note about that," he murmurs. "Apparently this Merlin sent an animal messenger to our headquarters when the rest of us weren't around. If Manhattan's been consumed by darkness, then it looks like it may be our time to shine. ...I definitely need to finish my work on the device, then," he concludes, with a look of resolution in his eye, a far cry from the playful glitters mere moments ago. The set of his lips is almost grim. "As if I'd let bureaucracy stop me. Well," he lightens up a bit, the ghost of a smile returning, "make yourself at home, Imi. We have guests all the time, so spy -- sorry, network -- all you please." Completely unfazed. Oh, there's that flicker of mirth again. "I doubt Reize'll mind. In fact, just mention that you might 'be killed in a series of battles'--" That's one hardcore arena. "--and we'll be more likely to leap to your aid more than anything. He is a noble and dignified sort--"

Slow motion as Reize tumbles through the air, Ivo turning blithely at the flicker in his peripheral vision. As their faces close in, ethereal flowers bloom in the background, Ivo's eyes widening as the two Seekers threaten to collide. Instinctively, the taller youth reaches out to defend himself, stepping back but tripping on an uneven portion of the floor, and there is a blur as the two topple. Ivo collapses back into a seated position, Reize on his lap, and their lips--


--an inch apart, Ivo's hands pressed to Reize's chest to hold him away.

"That was close," he mutters.

And then Reize's towel, flying free, lands on his head.

Leida "T-Thank you very much..." The smaller girl blushes slightly at the gentle acknowledgement, her timid nature showing through in the face of a new acquaintance. She'd been looking forward to meeting the rest of the Shard Seekers and it seemed this one, atleast, was as nice as advertised.

Leida listens to the extensive exposition that comes spilling forth in the light of its intended target, staring blankly through most of it. Most of this stuff was over her head. She did manage to pick out some of the important bits though, namely that the Network was working for the TDA and that they had come to work together with the Shard Seekers. Her eyes widen a little at the term 'spying' and the almost comical attempt to cover it up. But it was very Legion-like behavior from what she'd seen thus far and Ivo didn't seem particularly upset by the notion so she just gives a soft sigh and lets it go.

The raised hand, however, draws her attention again and she follows Legion-chan's gaze and the sound of crashing to where Reize has become a human bowling ball. The princess' eyes go very wide this time, a hand going to her face in concern as the two men slam together on the floor.

"R-Reize-san...! Ivo-san...! Are you-geh?!" Upon seeing the towel, her face immediately goes neon red and she whips around to stare at the opposite wall, only to find Legion-chan peering at them with disturbing intensity. She quickly steps in the way and holds her arms up to block the older girl's view. "L-Legion-chan! You must not look! It's indecent!"
Reize Seatlan As the boy falls towards Ivo, the defensive knight manages to trip on the uneven portion on the floor, which causes the two to topple along each other. The arms slip around Ivo, holding onto him in that embracing posture. As the bodies collide together, Reize will temporarily lose all sense of reality, leaving everything around him to become distorted. It briefly feels like a flash that popped him in his eyes, but as he regains his senses, he will find himself in an awkward position.

His body is close towards Ivo's own and his eyes are staring against his. As the two become intimately close, Leida and Legion are no longer within the sight. His eyes are focused only, and only on Ivo.

The background between them loses the colors of the headquarters and is instead filled with a blue and white background. It is the whimsy clouds that pass by within this background. But then, the soft explosion of sakura petals.



The soft, whimsical voice of the boy in a low tone, accompanying the sparkling eyes.

Reality set in.

"...Could I get my towel back?"
Reize is eyeing Ivo, who has the towel on his face. Squint.
Legion Legion lifts up a small phone and takes a small photograph. She was told she was welcome to spy, after all. She closes up the phone after and pockets it whereupon Leida informs her that it is, in fact, rude to stare. After some consideration, it nods slowly and turns around. "Thank you for this information, The Network says." She isn't blushing at all, of course and--really--she seems to be a bit of a tricky person after all because a small looking glass pops into her hands and she uses it to try and look past LEida whose arms are waggling about. She squints at it and lifts the piece of glass up as she peers into it.

Imi just turns around, giggling into her hand good-naturedly. She says, "Isn't this wonderful? They seem to have accepted us. We're a bit odd, aren't we?, Leida-Chan? Hehe!" She's a bit less predatory than the other Legion and seems content to let the flow of things go around her while the other is actively acting upon it, and no doubt making it worse. Legion has been ORDERED BY A SUPERIOR to photograph Ivo and Reize not-kissing so she had to make sure that got done, however.

"We are not very bodyshy." Imi adds.

"The Network suspects that Ivo understands our purpose here. We are glad there is no confusion." She pauses. "Faruja." Pause. "Is that Nezumi Knight that Ami was infatuated with. Interesting."
Lenn A long day running a booth at the bazaar, and the lovely blonde elf returns home to HQ... And stops... Her skin, getting tanned by the desert sun, quickly turning cherry-red. "R... r... Reize?" And with that, there's another body falling to the ground, blonde hair like the tail of an asteroid falling to earth.
Ivo Galvan A lovely white and blue background, like fluffy clouds upon a dreamlike sky; scattered pink petals reflecting the fleeting passion of their youth. Two young men embrace, their love transcending that shared between men and women, their bodies expressing a touching vulnerability as much as masculine vigor. Their voices are husky and soft, and glistening eyes sparkle like dewdrops.


But there's a towel on Ivo's head, which somewhat spoils the effect.

"...Yeah, okay."

Or enhances it, depending on your perspective.

And so, unceremoniously, Ivo pulls the towel off his expression -- which is carefully blank -- and then shoves it right in Reize's face, sending the boy tumbling off of him without doing much to cover what counts. Ignoring this, Ivo calmly rises to his feet and regards the others as though nothing had happened. "Regardless," he says, all too blase, "if there's anything the Shard Seekers can do to assist the Twilight Detective Agency in the restoration of Manhattan, don't hesitate to call upon us. The loss of such a jewel of culture and a home to so many was a loss for us all." Besides, he rather likes Mercade, even if he doesn't know him all that well. "I--"

His eyes widen slightly as Lenn trips behind him. But, rather unchivalrously, it's not the collapse of the elf that draws his attention this time. (Reize will have to deal with that. Good luck, Reize.) It's Legion's last comment.


Misinterpreted, of course.

"Faruja has a girlfriend!?"

Deliberately? He's grinning widely again.

"Why, that sly rat. He acts so righteous, but I've seen the way he looks at the ladies." At least he's a real knight, Ivo. "I wish I were more surprised. So?" He crosses his arms, still grinning. "Where's this Ami friend of yours? When do we get to meet her? We'll have to have her over for dinner when Ser Senra is around, of course."

A brief, thoughtful pause.

"...How many friends do you have, anyway?"
Leida When Legion turns around Leida calms down a bit and begins pointedly staring at her hands, tapping her two index fingers together nervously. She didn't see anything indecent, nope. Imi, fortunately for her nerves, seems to be less troublesome. However, her cheerful explanation for their utter lack of modesty just makes the poor girl blush even harder.

"U-um... well... I... I suppose so..." It was indeed a relief that the Network had been accepted so readily. She's not sure what she would have done if Ivo or Reize had been cross with her for letting some strange girls in, even if they were friendly. And weird. They were her friends now, after all.

The sound of another unfamiliar voice and a body hitting the floor catches her by surprise and the girl tilts her head to peer at Lenn. Unfortunately, the timing is such that Ivo shoves the younger boy away with the towel on the wrong part of his body just as she turns, giving the poor innocent princess a full body shot. The embarassment combined with the nervousness of meeting these new people is a little too much at this point.

Thump. And now there's another unconscious girl on the floor.
Reize Seatlan Of course, Ivo does manage to pull the towel off of his face, the boy is holding his hand out expectantly. Then, it is shoved right onto his face. "Who-aaacckk!" Reize is sent tumbling off of his older friend.

Reize is rolling his way towards the falling Lenn.

Oh hey, this is seeming veeery familiar.

As the boy is skidding off, the boy quickly tosses the towel off of his face. "Lennn!" The boy yelps, reaching both of his hand to catch her. "I got you Lenn!"

...And the hands go where the marriage couples go.



Reize panics and lets go. This will cause Lenn to fall ON Reize, the impact knocking him unconscious and possibly have the elf roll off of him.

Reize's status: x_x
Legion "We are pleased to hear that," Legion says. She is, temporarily, distracted by an elf (ooh! an elf!! :D) tumbling to the ground and then, shortly thereafter, a Leida tumbling to the ground. In short, a lot of people are tumbling to the ground. Even Reize is taken out, afflicted by this dire curse. She can't even respond to a lot of Ivo's inquiries because of how shocking this all is. She says, "One moment, regarding Faruja, the Network pleads for a moment." She examines all the bodies and notes, "Ivo Galvan." She says. "We have heard tale of something like this. It is called the Sleeping Curse, wrought by one Maleficient--the Dark Fairy. Her capabilities are rare and strange, but she put an entire kingdom to sleep--only for a kiss upon the sleeping beauty to wake them up from their dark curse." She looks towards Ivo. "These curses always have such loopholes, even in our own world." She reaches forward with both hands and cracks her knuckles. "Yet there are only two of us. Imi. As you are friends with Leida-Chan, you can handle her. It is only appropriate." She turns her eyes towards the elf who, well, is an elf and that is enough to fascinate the Legion who remains unnamed but seems to be something of a coordinator for the other Legions who have obtained names. Perhaps that is why she was the last one. Imi approaches the fallen Leida and lifts her head up in her arms, staring down at her even as the other Legion approaches Lenn.

"Ah--that is correct. Ivo Galvan. Could you please handle Reize? If we don't act quick, the Curse may envelop us as well. Perhaps our sturdy wills have protected us thus far."

Carefully disentangling Reize from Lenn and gently resting him on the ground, she ducks down and brushes bangs out of view of her eyes. starts playing. Birds fly into the workshop and start chirping musically. A pair of squirrels hop up on the tables and sing along. Butterflies are freaking /everywhere/. The Legions sway a bit to the music before suddenly looking disconcerted, and then around to try and find the source. Eventually they shrug their shoulders and lean in, simultaneously, their lips pressing against those belonging to the unconcious ladies much like a STORYBOOK PRINCE--except of course there is a total lack of emotion in their eyes and they seem to be trying their best to be professional about it.

Or so it seems anyway. There is an orchestral upswell and they close their eyes, fanning an arm to the sky. Little forest animals dance around them.

And then they pull away, the unnamed Legion murmuring faintly, "They have stolen our innocent first kisses, Imi, The Network remarks to all so they may know their secret shame."
Lenn Lenn 's blouse actually comes open, revealing far too much flesh and silk for Lenn's comfort... if she was awake. Then there was Legion stealing her first kiss... but There's no seeming response.

Or is there?

The blonde simply rolls over onto her side, wrapping herself around the arm of the unconcious Reize, mumbling. "Mmmm... Reize... not until the wedding..."
Ivo Galvan Unfortunately, Ivo's questions will have to wait for a little while, entertaining though the prospect of the answers be. Fortunately, what is about to happen is infinitely more entertaining than anything Legion could tell him.

He remains blank-faced -- perhaps still mildly traumatized by his close encounter with Reize's towel -- as their guest launches into an involved explanation. At some point, however, a keen eye would detect that Ivo is repressing a smile.

There aren't really any keen eyes around at this point, of course.

"You must be right," the knight-errant says, completely deadpan. "I can think of no other explanation." He doesn't even bother to look at the collapsed Leida or the naked Reize. The fact that the majority of his comrades have abruptly passed out all in succession doesn't seem to faze him in the slightest. And then Legion brings up her solution. There, Ivo /almost/ can't repress it, the corner of his mouth twitching slightly, but he keeps his cool.

"Good plan, Legion-chan," he replies. "I'll handle Reize."

But he doesn't move for a moment, isn't just taking a mental snapshot of the complete absurdity of the two girls' highly professional expressions as they steal kisses from his unconscious friends-- well, that and the sight of Lenn's open blouse. (Well, hello there.) At last, still straight-faced, he walks over to the now completely naked Reize, and--

"Dandy, here."

'Woof! Woof!"

"Go get 'im!"

--the eager puppy, having scampered away after being tripped over, rushes back over, follows Ivo's pointing finger, and immediately begins to lick Reize all over his face.

"Good dog."
Leida The sound of animals and music slowly drifts through the haze of the princess' momentary faint and she stirs slightly. There is a dull throbbing in the back of her head for some reason and it takes a moment for her senses to return properly. Her deep amber eyes flutter open, the hazy image of a person who is much too close coming into focus - and then she sees why.

Mid-smooch, Leida's eyes shoot open as the realises that another girl is kissing her, quite boldly at that, infront of other people! While she might not be so innocent as to have never kissed anyone before, this situation is still highly embarassing. Why is she being kissed anyways?!

Another surge of sheer social awkwardness rises into her cheeks as Imi pulls away and the other Legion remarks about losing their first kiss. It's too much for her to take. Her eyes roll up and her head thumps softly against the floor again as she goes limp in the older girl's arms.

Fission mailed.
Reize Seatlan Quite the situation for the unconscious boy.

The young elf has rolled over towards her side, snuggling close against the arms of the boy. Of course, his arms are right between her bosom, or at least where her bra is at. It's one of those moments that it is a good thing tht he is unconscious.

..And then Dandy assalts his face.

"Argghha-rgghhwhatgetoff!" The boy winces, twisting and laughing as Dandelion goes after his face.


Wait. What?


The boy stares in disbelief.
Legion "AH!" Imi says. "She's awake, The network reports!"
"Nevermind." :(

Legion is having similar troubles but is impressed with Ivo Galvan's methodology, mentally noting that Ivo is a dangerous--and clever--individual. Their dire hopes will have to remain unfulfilled for today. But one day, she thinks, the dog won't protect you Ivo. The /dog won't save you/.

And then she says, "The elf has not waken either." She says. "Perhaps..." She looks to Reize and carefully reaches for his arm and carefully withdraws it from Lenn's ... ... pocket ... And then adds, "Allow us to try one more thing." Though Ivo may have suggested his DEEPU KISSING by this point.

She then leans in again and tries to suck on Lenn's ear. Legion has no shame.

"...That is what you wished to do anyway, The Network hypothesizes!"
"Mffhhincorrect." Legion says, though her voice is obscured by ear. "Her face is simply trapped is all."

Imi just brushes Leida's hair about. "Perhaps Ivo or Dandelion could assist with Leida? I suspect my lips are not sufficient for the job." Imi laughs, finding this all quite hilarious.
Lenn Lenn seems to squirm, in her unconciousness, moaning a bit as her ears are sucked on. However, it still seems to fall within her dream, as she tries to re-grab onto Reize. "I said, not until the wedding, hon..."
Legion Legion pulls back after a moment. She considers LEnn for a moment. And then she licks her finger and sticks it in Lenn's ear and swirls it around repeatedly. Her :| face has returned.
Ivo Galvan Ivo's mission is complete. Reize is waking up. Now to see if Legion can successfully revive Lenn and-- whoa-- /whoa/-- uhh--



Ivo remains carefully expressionless, which he seems to be fairly good at doing when it's obvious what he's thinking in any case, before he immediately begins to dig into the folds of his cloak. "Where did I put that... where... aha!" And he extracts a Memory Sphere recording device. "Right, let's see here... to record, you..."

'Would you like to record over the previous memory?' the sphere says, in a pleasant, silvery feminine voice. Ivo blinks, as a sample of the previous recording plays as a reminder, projecting itself in miniature above the sphere: Avira in a maid outfit, dusting away. There is a long silence.


And beads of sweat actually appear on his brow, as he grits his teeth.


Alas, Ivo, alas.

And thus does Ivo's bad nature win over his, uh, bad nature, just in time for a groggy Reize -- still naked, one presumes -- to ask his shocked question. Uh oh. This may not be the time to reveal that whole engagement thing; Lenn made him promise, after all. Quick, time to distract Reize. "Reize!" Ivo says sharply, possibly before the boy can regain his senses. "Leida still hasn't revived! You heard Imi! She needs a kiss, immediately!"

He even has a believable look of concern on his face.

"Hurry! There's no time!!"

Before you think too hard about it!!
Reize Seatlan ...

Reize's eyes are widened. His blinks and he just stares. Not only because that Legion is oing after Lenn's ear, the boy is staring. "Ooi! What are you doing?!" ....Deep inside. Deep down inside.

Reize is still a boy. A boy that is to be a man. And you know... He's mentally taking notes over Lenn. It is done to where Reize himself does not know. But deep down, he _IS_ takin notes

But then Ivo snaps him out of his stupor. And he has YET to put any clothes on!
Thankfully, through the magic of rating, the camera pans to the vases to help hide him.

!!! "Right!" The boy is immediately moving towards Leida, leaning over to the girl. He crawls right next to her, leaning down and....

Leida is receiving a kiss, right towards her lips. He has to revive her!

..Wait. Why did she need a kiss immediately?
Lenn Lenn jerks upright at the 'wet willy' she gets in her ear. "Whaagh!" She bounces for a moment, even after stopping. "What was that?!?"
Leida Again, the princess' vision is clouded over by a black haze of temporary unconsciousness, floating on the edge of dream and reality. She hears voices in the background, floating up to her as if out of a deep well. Though she cannot understand their words, the sense of urgency is apparent.

A wisp of a strange memory drifts through her mind. Another girl's face, familiar yet somehow not distinct, pressed close. She's being kissed? How strange, why would another girl kiss her? There must be a reason, unless... a dream. Yes it was just an unsual dream.

The sensation of another presence leaning in close becomes apparent. It's just like her dream but this time she can't see the face. She concentrates and slowly, Leida's eyes begin to flutter open yet again as she forces herself back to the realm of wakefulness.

The lips are the first thing she sees and like a bad nightmare the events of the last few minutes come flooding back in. Only instead of Imi, Reize is now hovering overhead on designated smooching approach vector. She colors up again but it is a different sort of embarassment this time, the kind born out of secret admiration and selfish dreams. I-is this really going to happen?!

Then she glances down at notices that her would-be savior is still completely in the buff. Leida's eyes shoot open, her pupils dialating as she realises a naked man is hovering over her in a compromising position while everyone in the room seems to be staring at them.

Her heart skips a beat and the resulting explosion of embarassment floods out of her in a torrent of girlish scream that hits a decibel anyone who's ever heard her talk wouldn't think possible for the little girl.


Her arms shoot straight upwards, unnatural strength propelling the hapless young boy away from her with incredible force.
Legion "You're awake!" Imi says and gives Leida a big friendly hug.

Legion examines Lenn and remarks to her. "You are awake now. We have tried a variety of methods to waken you. It seems that we are finally successful." She pauses for a moment and then adds, "You're welcome, The Network says."

She looks towards Ivo and nods to him. She notes everybody seemst o be awake. "Mission complete." She says, standing.

And then after a moment she murmurs, "...Salty Ears."
Ivo Galvan Ivo nods back, expression still, somehow, completely serious. "Mission complete," he affirms in response, as Reize goes flying through the air completely naked in the background. Ivo does not even bat an eyelid. "Good teamwork, everyone," he adds instead.

After a moment, he crosses his arms.

"Legion-chan," he says at last, "I think you and I are going to get along well."
Lenn Lenn blinks, "To waken me?" She looks totally confused, not noticing her open blouse, yet. "Wait, salty ears? What do you mean by that?"
Reize Seatlan *CRASH!*

Reize is gone.

Completely gone. The boy was pushed so far up that he was sent soaring high into the air like a bird. Unfortunately, the type of ascension was not the way that he would had wanted it. No.

There is a Reize-shaped hole in the ceiling.

Through the midst of it all.




God why.
Leida Leida stares at the ceiling with the crazed look of someone who just avoided certain doom, both arms still extended and her chest rising and falling as she breathes heavily. T-That was close!

And then Imi leans in for a hug and she flails wildly for a few moments before just giving up, making a loud childish whining noise. It seems being around the Shard Seekers means giving up the foolish hope of avoiding embarassing PDA.

The princess exhales deeply, accepting this fate. There are worse things, she supposes. And this does accomplish the goal of getting closer to her friends in the most literal fashion.

"T-Thank you... Imi-chan..."
Legion "You were afflicted by Maleficient's Curse, an everlasting sleep that can only be woken by a kiss." Legion says, pausing for a moment, though, because--was it the swirling in the ear with a wet finger or the kiss? Perhaps she misunderstood the curse. Oh well. "It had afflicted most of those present so I took the liberty of handling you whereas Dandelion handled Reize."

She points towards Lenn's ear, the one with still drying saliva on it. "Salty." She says, and then stands up, ever the professional--she turns to Ivo and nods to him. "Thank you. Please treat my sister with kindness."

Imi smiles vacantly. "You're welcome, Leida-Chan."
Ivo Galvan "Of course," Ivo replies to Legion. But he is already looking up at the hole in the ceiling. "I'll fix that," he murmurs, "if someone else fixes Reize." He glances over to Lenn. "Lenn, think you could go up there and heal him?"

At long last, a smile begins to grow.

"Maybe you can revive him with your daring new fashion statement."

Well, /someone/ had to point it out.

Not that Ivo was tired of staring.
Lenn Lenn still looks at Legion, confusedly, until Ivo speaks up. "I can handle that, yes. Healing's a specialty, remember?" She then blinks. "Fashion sta-" She looks down, and goes crimson, buttoning up her blouse, but with a few buttons missing from how it came open. "Eek."
Legion Legion does not clarify further. Instead she stands up and departs as emotionally as she entered which is to say: not at all.

Imi continues smiling vacantly. "What a strange group." She says.

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