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A Hobo, A Templar, and an Inquisitor walk into a...
(2012-12-28 - 2012-12-28)
Will Sherman, Faruja Senra, and Inquisitor Sarah meet to discuss recent events, and what to do about Will's little problem.
Faruja Senra Never let it be said that Faruja isn't a nezumi of his word. Just as promised, Will receives a sealed letter, stamped with the Church's seal. An invitation to dinner! The restaurant in question isn't exactly high society, as one might expect of a person who talks like a well bred Knight. But Faruja is anything but well bred, and his own tastes run closer to the side of simple. Thus, the dining venue today is Traverse Town's "Giovanni's Eatery", a small little diner that's well cared for, and a cut above places such as Manhattan's Omlette House.

Oddly enough, for being 7 at night, the diner is empty aside from employees, and the pair of robed persons already seated. One in red, one in green, Faruja sits adjacent to a human woman. The ratling has forgone his armor for simple robes, legs crossed and sipping on wine while idly pondering the menu. The woman, much taller than he and much older by far, is clad in red. Her hood down, long strands of blonde tinged with streaks of grey show her quickly advancing age, though still looking both healthy and beautiful for a woman in her mid-fifties. A cane leans on the table beside her. One empty seat sits in front of her, a menu and cutlery already there; as well as a glass of wine.

For those of sight beyond normal persons, a single thread connects the pair; a positive connection of sorts, one of student and mentor, the older woman likely someone who's shaped the young Knight quite a bit.
Will Sherman Will arrives at about seven, early or late, he arrives on time.

Yes. That is logic.

You don't know how it works, but if you expected Will to be early, he was late, if you expected him to be on time, he was late, and if you expected him to be late, he was early. Fate is sometimes spiteful.

He dons the normal clothing, slightly threadborne clothing, a hat that has seen better days but is never seperated from're not sure if it has even ever come OFF his head. His gloves come off, fingerless gloves that is, and he walks towards the table. Odd that Faruja isn't in armor, but eh... "Evenin'," he says to the pair, "Will Sherman." he address the lady, holding out his hands.

They are not clean.
Faruja Senra Will walks in exactly one second after the Inquisitor pulls out a pocket watch, turning to the door with what might be vaguely veiled impatience. It quickly turns to a smile, however, as she spies the hobo King. For all of five seconds, when that glove comes off, and is offered her way. Her nose wrinkles. Standing, she takes a step back, crossing the air and bowing. "Good evening, and Lord guide your steps my Child. It's a...pleasure to meet you. I am Inquisitor Sarah Diamonde, of the Holy Church's Office of Inquisition. You are familiar with Ser Senra. Please, do not stand on formalities...that goes for you as well Faruja." Dirty hobo-hands avoided!

Faruja has the good grace to stifle the laugh in a decidedly fake cough. If the smell of hobo bothers him, he masks it well. After the little mouse-adventure Will and the others had, there might just be evidence towards that.

"Good, good, you came Ser Sherman. You had me worried for a moment. Fashionably late, hmm? Come, order something. We have much to discuss."

Nearby, a waitress hovers, just outside of eavesdropping range. Not that she would; all the employees have been paid enough by those present to keep their mouths shut.
Will Sherman Will looks at his hand for a moment.

He pauses, thinking for a moment if he should make things worse, and decides against it. Instead, he thinks about how insensitive to her culture he was, she bowed! Of course, he heard about this from Han. He, returns her bow...not too low, however, he was /royalty/. "Eh late? Was I?" he asks, "I can't really control that, when I was walking back up here, I got stopped by a friend of mine who wanted to know if I got any spare change from Merlin, sadly the old guy was being stingy today," Will comments about the wizard.

Sitting down, he looks at the menu for a brief moment. "Huh. First time I have eaten here.." he says, "Without my own money." Which means, of course, he can get anything he wants. He hands the menu back to the waitress, "Surprise me." he says, with a grin, and turns back towards the other two. "Nice to meet you, Miss Sarah." he says, as about as formal as he's going to get, "And good thing you like formal...I don't like being called your magesty all night." he says with a grin. Funny, that someone this young, apparent, was a hobo.

"I guess we do. How much have you told her?"
Faruja Senra The woman simply shrugs on the matter of time. "Close enough. Not everyone is so obsessed with timing." Green eyes of the woman's meet the single red one of Faruja's, mirth in her features. Faruja turns away, hmph'ing indignantly. Seems the woman likes to get a rise out of the Templar!

But, down to business. The waitress is away with the menus, getting everyone's orders ready. The ratling pipes up. "Mayhap, then, I shall leave you with a few coins to present to your friend. 'Tis the duty of those of greater means to support those whom have fallen upon difficult times." It's not just lip-service; the rat sounds like he means it.

Sarah, however, seems slightly confused. "...'Your magesty'?" A glance to Faruja. It's his turn to shrug.

"Ahem. 'King of the Hobos', Lady Inquisitor."

"...Oh. Of course." She shakes her head.

"Everything, Mister Sherman. You say there is an...entity...within you. By the name of Loki? And that this entity overtook you during the battle for Manhattan?" The pious woman can't quite bring herself to call it a god.
Will Sherman Will nods, "Yes, William Sherman, King of the hobos," he repeats.

He nods approvingly at Faruja, helping out the impoverished is something that will get on Will's good side. Though he is also amused at the lady, who enjoys messing with the night with the stick up his rump. Overall, they are both making impressions on him, in different ways.

"Yes. Loki. It's..." he looks a bit uncomfortable, "Well, we're here now, and it's not in a place where it can be listened in to..." he says, "When Riku and I fell through the Keyhole...thing...we fell into what I guessed were the Ruins of Manhattan. The dark...taken over, heartless infested ruins. It was..." he shudders, "Something else. Though given what Merlin said...I wonder if we were in that strange place Mickey found us in the entire time. I don't know. Reguardless, we went through the ruins, eventually coming upon a woman named Hel, who was Loki's daughter...who helped us get away from the heartless, and found...some islands. After the islands, we came to where I first came to be." he says, "Before Manhattan. We found...that Loki was a god, and that he was sealed after some war between him and members of his particular pantheon. The king of these people, above all of them, intervined and had him punished...which.."

"Is pretty horrible in itself. Eventually, for some reason I wasn't able to find out, they were all leaving this place where Loki was sealed, and they had a ritual prepared to put Loki in human form...Oberon used his magic to corrupt the ritual...which created me. Sealing Loki in me." he comments, "So in technicallity, I guess I am physicall like them."

"I don't age, I see things I shouldn't, I am supernaturally's odd because I am not sure which powers are mine, and which I get from Loki. But with the heartless coming at us frequently lately, drawling on these powers has apparently weakened the veil that has kept Loki asleep all this time. With the right mixture of stress, this weakening, and darkness...well..."

"I am told that if I can somehow realize what I am...maybe I can keep Loki inside, and repair the damage to myself."
Faruja Senra "Take your time, my Child." Comes the woman's voice, switching from 'dinner guest' to proper Priestess. Hands folded in front of her, she's all sympathy, none of the accusations one might expect of her title. She's not here, after all, to accuse King Hobo of anything. Faruja is all ears as well, the pair silent as they listen.

Knight and Priest share a look, Faruja eventually leaning in to whisper in the woman's ear. A shared nod, and all attention is refocused on Will. The waitress returns, efficiently laying out their meal silently; a salad and sandwich for Faruja, a cream-colored vegetable soup and plate of pasta for the woman, and a massive bar b que sandwich for Will. She's gone a moment later.

With a sigh of a woman who's seen far too much in her life, Sarah adds in her thoughts. "Dear, dear Child, it is a good thing that this matter was brought to /my/ attention. Several of my colleagues would have you rounded up and thrown into a cell to rot, or worse. But that would hardly be productive; this 'Loki', if he can masquerade as a god amongst those who haven't been acquainted with true faith, would snap metal as easily as a simple toothpick. Nevermind what would happen if you were to die. I would not like to think of the devestation this being unleashed could wreck upon the worlds as they are. No. We've a mystery to solve."

Faruja nods, the Church officials seemingly on the same page. "Of course, you have laid plain the heart of the matter, Ser Sherman. This weakening. We must discover your past, whom you really are. But in the meantime, we must ensure that you do not lose control. Perhaps a few magical wards from the Lady Inquisitor would be not out of the question, hmm? As much as I would like to ask you to refrain from using your powers, I do not think that circumstances will allow it, if we are to recover Manhattan. Anything to lessen the chance of another...incident...would do us all some peace of mind." Sip. He wets his throat before continuing.

"You have been alive for some time. What is the earliest thing you remember? Mayhap we can find some record of the time period when you were born. 'Twould be a start, at least. As well as more information on beings known as 'Loki'." A glance to the woman. She shakes her head negatively.

"I've never heard of such a being, myself. It isn't native to Ivalice."

"Nor of Gaea."
Will Sherman Will shrugs his shoulders at all of this.

"Your colleagues, no offense, would have tried. Possibly failed, it's hard to say. I am not familar with all of your magic...and they are certainly not familar with me. Though, I guess this is good, it might put Faruja in a spot if they did." he comments, he is confident, not cocky. "Also...I don't think magic wards should be used. Magic and...whatever I am can end badly. My blood and active magical spells can cause...explosive results. Healing spells seem to function alright on me, and I am effected normally by most normal magic...fireballs and the like...but wards...hermetic magic? Not so good. Also hurts like the dickens when familars bite me and draw blood."

"Isaac tried to use a spell to undertand me once. Uh...his device turned in on itself. The spell completely unraveled...he oddly didn't look surprised."

"My earliest first home. Two hundredish years ago, the person I called mother for a while was asking me questions...that I couldn't answer. I couldn't speak...I barely knew how to do anything. I didn't have any memories...because well, I was litterally a newborn baby, essentially. Despite looking like I do now. Minus the smell of hobo."

"As I said...before that...I think I was just created, and...I have no idea how I ended up washing up on that shore or how I got into the ocean."
Faruja Senra Though she doesn't directly refute Will's confident words, the Inquisitor simply smiles in a way that's all experience and intent. Her eyes shine with dark amusement. She's heard things like that before.

The magic part, however, she's more vocal about. "A pity. Then our only choice is to urge you caution. Don't die on us, Will Sherman. And do not overuse your abilities. Understand?" Her words are stern, an order to the hobo.

Precious little to go on. Faruja rubs his chin. "And unfortunately, with the loss of Manhattan, our stores of information are limited regarding your world. It may be better to concentrate our efforts on finding out what we can on Loki, and the other creatures it warred with. Though I doubt there shall be anything of use, I shall see what the archives in Mullonde has, as well as anything Traverse may possess. As a crossroad of worlds, perhaps the local libraries may be of some use." Faruja suggests.

Sarah speaks up as well. "There's also the matter of one 'Leida'. A girl, possessed by some demon? And you also claim that Heretic Riku was possessed as well?"
Will Sherman Will smiles back...she can see something there. A breath of experience that isn't the same as the boy infront of her.

"I don't plan on dying, lady, but I understand. I will try to avoid fighting, though fate seems to put me into combat far often then I'd like to be," he says, with a sigh. He turns towards Faruja as he talks, turning away for a moment at the talk of Manhattan...there is a lot on his mind, "Actually. I was visited by another of these...creatures, recently. A creature named Puck. Floppish, but he informed me that there might be a way, but that my course lie in the belly of a whale. I am not sure if this is litteral or figuitivly but...apparently he's famous in mythology, because my friend recongized him."

"I will appreciate anything you two can find...maybe something about my own abilities would be helpful. I dunno, though, it seems to be a lost cause," and then the talk turns to his two most favorite people.

"Leida...was possessed, yes. I am not sure of the specifics, but I saw with my own eyes, the demon IS sealed. Funny that Reize is the one to do this." he shrugs at Faruja, "Not a single ounce of luck in the boy, until things go completely pear shaped," he mutters turning towards Sarah about Riku, "And he was. Something...far darker than I have ever seen. I see many things, I have seen shadow lords and monsters...the heartless...but never..." he pauses, "Never have I seen a darkness that profound. I have seen many things...suffered and feared many more..." he turns away from them both, "But what I saw? That frightens me. For now, Riku's problem is solved...for how long...that depends on him, I think."
Faruja Senra At the mention of 'Puck', the rat straightens, then calms. Certainly not the lost Prince of his country! "'In the belly of a whale'. Mmm. Large ocean-going creature, from what I remember of visiting one of Manhattan's libraries. We should set aside nothing, of course, but I would wager he means in the figurative." Faruja chews on the words a while longer, but seems to come up with nothing on the meaning judging from the slight frown to his features.

The woman nods. "We will. But do not be so quick to give up hope, my Child. The Lord offers a way to all ends that are holy, if we are but keen enough to find it. Ahh, yes, Faruja's little friend. The good Templar thinks much of the boy."

Faruja's quick to chime in. "Ser Seatlan may yet become a true knight, if his recklessness and ignorance does not kill him first. Still, I do think that destroying the demon would be in better order. As you have so proven, Ser Sherman, a seal is often a temporary thing."

The Inquisitor takes a sip of her soup, pondering momentarily as she eats. "Don't worry about him. Concentrate on yourself, Child. Such horrid darkness is why the Inquisition exists in the first place. I suggest that we all stay in touch, any information gathered about this 'Loki', or the demons possessing either of the two would be valuable to our efforts. Did the demons have power of speech?" It would be too convenient if they would simply talk about their evil, demonic plans. But she has to ask.
Will Sherman "He wasn't a demon." Will says, "He was a man."

Will stares at the both of them, "A man with increadible power over darkness...but he was still a man. He did not have the fate of a demon...he had a fate of a man." Will taps his fingers for a moment, "And I have seen him without possessing Riku, in the relm of Darkness...yes, he is a man. I am sure of it...but the definition there of is...vague at best." he shrugs.

"But I can keep in touch, ma'am. But Faruja..." he pauses, looking at him, "Loki, when he attacked people at the world heart, was already considerably hurt, as he was forced to use my form. He was also not even at a fraction of the power he once had. And it took everyone in that room to stop him. I'd rather him be sealed for good, and if my powers are discovered...then I don't think we'd have to fear of anything." he says, nodding.

"He must never be released...that much I know."
Faruja Senra Three eyes widen. A man. A /person/. Not some demon. The Church duo, for a moment, share a rare instance of being shaken visibly. Both look to Will expectantly, for a name, for a description. The woman folds her hands. Faruja's toe-claws scratch the floor in frustration. Ever excitable, he's quick to voice his thoughts.

"Then, we have a general outline of the problem, but barely enough details to know where to start. Shadow lords, other famous users of Darkness...he could be anyone. And with so many worlds. My, my, Will Sherman. When you present a problem, 'tis one of steel thorns upon a black rose."

The Inquisitor's more upbeat. "It could be worse. At least we have Will's powers as a starting point. It will have to do."

"Agreed." Comes two voices in response to Loki never being released. The woman hands a tiny pearl to Will. "A magical communication device. Merely speak into it, Faruja and I shall be listening. Do not lose it, they are expensive."
Will Sherman Will takes the pearl, looking at it for a moment, and nods. Hiding it somewhere on his hoboed body. He also describes the man, but because Will's player is lazy, he refers you to the cutscene on Riku's Wiki page. The one about Ansem. You'll know it when you see it. "On that. Not a word to Riku you know about this. Don't tell the Shard Seekers either. The current...darkness isn't possessing Riku, and seems to be...uninterested in it. Riku' a lot of issues, and I wana help him, but he's through some himself."

"As for a name...I didn't get one," Will shakes his head.

"That's all I got, sorry."
Faruja Senra The Inquisitor chuckles darkly. "Don't worry. Riku's fate is already decided." She says rather vaguely.

"No, Ser Sherman, I have no intention of telling Riku anything regarding what you have said. As for my companions? This hardly has anything to do with them at this point. I will not lie to them, yet, neither shall I draw them into a matter than has become one for the Church. Let me put it bluntly. Riku is a traitor to the Shard Seekers. Even worse, he has willfully assisted in the fall of Manhattan. The girl? Possessed. You? Much the same. Riku, so far as I am concerned, is a murderer. As well as a Heretic. 'Tis my duty as a Temple Knight to hunt him down, and bring him to justice for his crimes."

As for the description? The Inquisitor busily makes a sketch with a notepad she has. Scritcha scritcha.
Will Sherman "Right." Will says, looking at Faruja, "Perhaps you'd be better served with letting us deal with him?" he asks, "It wasn't your home he took." Will says, rather evenly.
Faruja Senra "No, Ser Sherman, it was not. But he is a threat, not unlike that of the woman whose actions stole my own home. Those who are so craven as to destroy worlds cannot be allowed to continue their operations, whatever their reasons for doing so. Furthermore, I have my orders. Were I even inclined to leave the matter entirely to the TDA, my hands would be tied." He sighs, stern gaze softening. "Two worlds, Will. I have seen two worlds fall. I will be damned before I see Riku claim a /third/ while I have the power to do something about it. Mercy is not an option here, for one person, versus that of what worlds yet remain."

The Inquisitor speaks this time. "Still. He must be stopped. If you and your companions can, somehow, stop the Heretic from any further actions and turn from the path he walks, maybe something can be done if he earnestly comes to the Church in penance. The Lord is forgiving. Until then, Faruja's orders stand."
Will Sherman "Yeah. Right." he says, and stands up, finishing up. "Sorry, but if that's it...I think I am going to escuse myself. We already got what we need from Merlin, for now that's what'll focus on...not that I got much choice." Will says with a long sigh.
Faruja Senra Faruja stands, offering the hobo king a bow. "Of course. Take care of yourself, Ser Sherman, hmm? And Lord guide you, you shall need it Ser. This entire affair makes my blood run as ice. And give my regards to the rest of the TDA."

The Inquisitor is more directly dismissive. "Be gone, Child, we've all work to do."
Will Sherman "Still older than you." he says, to her, pointedly, but turns to leave. He wasn't sure if this good as he once thought. For now, however, he leaves well enough alone and doesn't spite her.

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