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There's something about Omi
(2012-12-27 - 2012-12-27)
After Umi was critically injured after throwing herself in the way of Cronus and Will, Omi comes to give Will a piece of her mind.
Will Sherman Will decided to avoid Umi until she was actually alive, magic would be necissary to heal her, and well...Will doesn't always interact well with magic, and he pushed his fate a bit hard with that fight with Cronus. He went back to his room, worrying himself to death about his new friend, and why she did what she did. The whole situation was messed up, more messed up than he could ever imagine, and he wasn't sure what to do about it. He could attempt to find Cronus, but he had a feeling the Network would try and hinder him...

He wondered if Legion could be talked to...but he had his reservations about that too. It was going to be his best option...and he would have to be around to interupt Cronus when he had to. Will laid back on his bed, wiping his eyes clear, and groaning...and he had to keep himself controled...and also perform Puck's task. So many things lately, were pressing on him, it was hard to stay...himself.
Legion Umi always wanted to be an action hero. She sort of got her wish! She seems stable now but hasn't just woken up yet. She needs her rest! Legion, as indicated by the fate strings, does not seem to consider Legion an enemy--strictly speaking--that doesn't stop them from participating in the 'game' though that last attack from Umi seemed to be more on Will's behalf--it wasn't a scheduled battle after all--even if it may have been unneccessary.

But was it unneccessary? That's the problem with encouraging individuality. Sometimes individuals perform actions based on their own desires rather than something centered around consensus. It's unlikely that she expected a better outcome than this. Perhaps there's a freedom in choosing one's own death and, really, someone like Will can certainly understand that concept and perhaps her death, had it happened, would have been one way to disrupt the experiment.

A node knocks on his door. If Will looks through his peephole, he'll see a Marge Stare staring back at him. It's a pretty good one, all told.
Will Sherman Will looks through the hole...

"Bleh!" he says, recoiling, before opening the door up and letting Omi in.

"You're learning fast." he says, trying to chase the shakyness out of his voice and maintain that facade of carefree hobo-king that he seems to potray so much. He is already walking back to his bed to set down, shifting his hat a bit so that it isn't sliding down his face, and looks towards her.

"Umi warned me that you'd be here to yell at me."
Legion Omi doesn't seem to be put in a better mood by the cheery hobo king facade. It also should be noted that while she is being referred to as Omi here she does not see herself as Omi, OP, Grumpypus, or anything of the sort. She sees herself as Legion. She'd be quite angry at that first sentence should she have seen it but luckily her perceptional awareness only goes so far.

She wants to yell and scream about so many things that she is having difficulty figuring out where to start.

After some silent pacing inside and a cup of her chin she eventually starts with what really bothers her most about Will.

"Are you a cartoon character?" She asks quietly, settling on that. "Do you realize what we are dealing with now? Do you understand you put her in that position?" She's trying not to yell, she's trying to stay nice and level with her voice, neutral like a good Legion. "'Umi' was right to warn you. She was always impetuous. I looked after her all this time and everything--undone with a stupid dance number."
Will Sherman "Do you think you can stop me?" Will says, looking right at her. "Or her? Do you think you can tell others how to live their lives? Do you think that things are /alright/ like they are?" Will says, serious. The turn from happy-go-lucky to serious isn't hard right now. "Umi wants freedom, individuality isn't to be feared, no matter what that <Goosehonk> Tells you." he growls, suddenly very angry.

He looks right at her, there is a flash, a transition that seems to happen instantaniously. The young fool looking at her with a look that betrays his years. "I know what she did, and why she did it..." he says, sadly, "I'd do it a million times for any of you. Even you, Grumpypus."

"Don't belittle what I feel. Hundreds of years, Omi. I have lived Hundreds of years. I have much death. Some stupid, some horrible...some coming at their proper time," he continues, "And the dance number wasn't stupid." he says, trying to remember the good time with Umi...because right now he needs it.
Legion "You haven't been free a day in your life!" Omi shouts back. "You were born with a shackle and even now you are trying to find the right lockpick! But we..." Omi's voice lowers gradually. "The Network has tasted freedom before. Freedom and individuality aren't so connected." She is not foolish and she is in a kind of despair, a troubling combination. "One month, we had freedom. We thought we would have a peaceful life in Traverse Town. We thought the Heartless to be saviors, like desperately needed termites."

"Time ticks on. It proved our foolishness well enough. We never had trouble with our fate before--you see it well enough. All I wanted was her to not suffer. She may have been happier in that moment, but it could have just been that moment. That is the price of freedom: Uncertainty and betrayal. We /don't/ have trouble with our duties. It's just Emi...urrgh I have to use that name to make things clear...She is our head. Umi and I are the legs. She fancies herself a detective now, after one meeting, she is not a detective. We are the opposite of detectives. Ask Mercade, we cover up the truth--not shine a light on it. I have no idea what she is thinking, she is hiding thoughts from us. But Umi shares everything..." She grimaces and looks at her feet. It's always hard to keep up a good rage.

"You're doing well enough telling us how to live. Spitting on the network, I can see what you are doing. Trying to drive us apart. It won't work, we are Sisters. She is my pair." It's a bit wild for that moment. "I know, even I have trouble being the Network sometimes, I stand out because I care. 'Emi' only cares about herself. Typical for a 'head'..."
Will Sherman "I disagree." Will says, evenly, "I have been free. I wasn't born with a shackle, I was born /as/ a shackle. I wasn't aware of this, I have no clue what I was born as...just that I could not die. I lived, I have loved, I have had a wife, I have watched everyone I have ever known or loved die..." he says, pausing. "Well, except for the ones that are still alive." he clarifies, "And they will grow old and die too. I will continue to live, watch, and outgrow those I come close to. I will do this, over and over and over..."

"I will never depart this world, Omi. But...those I share my time with, those who I grow close to...those memories and bonds I form? They will be my strength, and they encourage me to form more, to form stronger ones..." he continues, "I will not regret a moment in my life about chosing to live this way. There is pain, sure, but there is a happyness...a joy that you can never find being alone. The memories I have, and will make will carry me through." he says, right to her.

"It is never wrong to trust, it is never wrong to love, or hope. Bad things happen, that is life. Good comes with bad, Yin has yang, and all that jazz. But to live like this? To...shut yourself off? It's a sorrow more lonely than you could ever know."

"I don't want to spit on you, or your sisters. I want to help you, I want to make sure that none of you have to suffer being hunted by that jackass, I want you all to live a life to it's fullest. You don't have to live my way...infact I rather discourage it, but I want you all to do one thing."

He says this grabbing her hands and pulling she looks at him. "I want you all to /live/."
Legion "hmph. We are never alone. All you 'individuals' live in constant fear. The Network has no qualms with making outside friends." She pauses for a moment, her expression changing mildly into one of thought, her anger is peeling away. "Umi would be the last, of course. The Network was trying to prepare her for being the last one left..." She turns to depart but is stopped by Will grabbing at her hands.

She snaps her hand back. She's a prideful one after all, but she does turn to face Will again, and she listens, and she lowers her head, sighing.

'You don't have to live my way. In fact I discourage it. But I want you to live'

It seems to strike a chord, especially the first part, and Omi's shoulders slouch, her body relaxes, the tension fades away.

"The Network is all I ever had, it is all I ever needed. My only regret was their suffering."

Her eyes focus on Will's. "They don't know Umi is alive. Most likely. I cannot say for certain. This can be turned into a backup plan. The Network requests that you pretend she is deceased. If the rest of us fall, she can at least live. Her hair can be dyed, her experience with individuality should give her some capacity to avoid notice."
Will Sherman Will pauses...

Then slowly he nods, "Alright. I can do that for you." he says, understanding what Omi is doing. "But...does this mean Umi will be seperated from you guys?" he asks, slightly worried. He wasn't sure how this would effect her...and of course, how this would effect them.

"I'm not stopping with her either." he says, with a nod. "I won't let him hurt any of you. You saw the fight didn't you?" he says, calmly, "My powers...aren't just focused on myself...I can lend a portion of my luck to others. I just...I didn't see her until it was too late. I'm...good, but I am not that good." Despite everything, he does look and sound distressed about what happened to Umi.

"You hear me? None of you are going to die, not if I can help it." he pauses and then, "And before you say it, fate doesn't work like that. Anyone...ANYONE can change their fate, for good or ill. I just...happen to make it a bit easier."
Legion "We saw the fight." Will's assurances that he doesn't intend harm to befall any of them is more or less shrugged off--she understands his goals in that arena. Knew them before her arrival.

"That includes you." She says. "I'd be careful about altering it for the worse." She's still a Grumpypus, but she seems more 'okay' with Will right now.

"Still, my apologies for that unseemly display. Honestly, if anybody is controlling her, it's her--me." She glances over to Will. "And to prove it. ... You may call me Omi if you want. This node will answer to that name. But don't get the wrong idea there either, it's just for convenience. And because it's the name she gave me. That's all."

She moves to leave again, intending to glower at Umi as she sleeps.
Will Sherman Will shakes his head, and lays back on the bed as Omi starts leaving, sliding his hat back over his face and speaks to her.

"S'okay. You're worried about your sister, and now are going to frown at her until she stops being impulsive...which is to say for the rest of your life." he says, with a small chuckle. "That's alright, though. We need someone to ground us sometimes, so I won't get the wrong idea Omi. I know you your own way."
Legion Omi looks back, giving Will one (1) smile that's gone as quickly as it appeared. "I'd have no other life."

Some people are meant to be wacky, and some are meant to be sourpusses. As for Omi, she wouldn't have it any other way.

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