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(2012-12-26 - 2012-12-27)
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Tifa Lockhart The ranch is always quiet, its a good place to relax when there's no world threat at least... something there has been too much of honestly. And she had a very displeasing visit yesterday in the bar, so today, the barmaid decided to take a bit of time to feed and train her chocobo. She smiles softly, petting the red mane. Yes, Tifa apparently has a red chocobo now. She holds some greens for the giant bird, that feeds out of her hand over the fench, standing in the outside area, enclosed up but still large enough for the chocobos to stretch their legs out as much as they want. Without being set free obviously "Yes, you're a good girl Premium." The chocobo kwehs happily.
Raiya Fujihara The tranquility of the Chocobo Ranch is exactly why Raiya Fujihara has wandered out this way. Her efforts within Wutai and the Battle for Manhattan have both weighed heavily on the samurai as of late. For a change of pace, she has come out all the way to this Chocobo Ranch for some rest and recuperation.

Raiya had only rode chocobos when she was required to, but maybe that was something that needed to change. The ronin strides up to the stables proper in her usual kimono with her katana sheathed on her hip. The Moogle at the fence receives a glance as she nears. "You can always get closer as that is what I intend to do." She offers before geturing towards the chocobos themselves. The blonde swordswoman then looks around for a stablehand, but finds Tifa instead.

The old aquaintance is approached with a friendly wave. "Greetings, it seems that fate has decided that our paths cross once more." Premium now gets a look. "Is that your Chocobo? I've never seen a red one before."
Portobello Portobello has been out passing by this area, having left Goug last night after that whole fiasco. The fresh air out in this ranch within the tranquil field seemed to clear his head of all the things that had been troubling him earlier. He could not spend all of his time focused on his work or burying himself in research and information gathering.

He stood atop a rounded fence post, curiously watching the birds though not getting close to them as he normally avoided Chocobos, he found them way to big to be entirely comfortable around but he figured keeping a distance while observing them should be fine.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks over to Raiya with a smile, nodding "Yes, thatis Premium Heart. Say hello." The chocobo kewhs happily. "She's a smart bird." She grins "You can get red ones through some breeding, I was surprised when this baby popped out and was red. But it looks so good on her." She smiles and pets the red mane some more. At least she's a bit more cheerful than yesterday. She notes the nearby moogle too, remembering him from last night as well. At least he didn't cause any concerns.
Portobello Portobello looks over towards Raiya when she speaks to him, she looked like some kind of oddly dressed swordswoman. He thinks for a moment about what she said before looking back over towards where the Chocobos are, "I am not sure how they'll react to me, Kupo. This is the first time I've decided to actually watch them. They are kinda big you know." He says in a somewhat hesitant voice.

He spots the girl from the bar as well, Tifa, as he remembers her name being spoken there and gives a polite nod in her direction. It was nice to see her in a better mood after all the grief and trouble she was put through by that horrible person. He did idly wonder about what sort of strange things he was refering to, especially about that unnamed person he knew that Tifa knew.
Raiya Fujihara The samurai tips her circular hat up slightly so that she can get a better look at the chocobo. She smiles happily as the bird kewhs and simply does its chocobo thing. "I have never raised Chocobos before." The happy Chocobo is then motioned with an armored hand. "But, I could see how it could be a most worthwhile hobby." Once more, Raiya flashes a small but honest smile.

When the moogle doesn't exactly follow her, Raiya looks back towards him. "I have seen a Chocobo try to...make a snack out of someone before." Her smile turns a tad bit mischievious. "You will be fine. Just try not to get....too close."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods and waves Portobello closer "They won't harm you. They are friendly. Well, they go for Reize's hair because it looks like gyshal, but that's different, they just want to eat, not hurt him." She giggles softly.

She nods to Raiya "You don't have to worry about chocobos much here, they take care of them while you're gone, you come back to train it, or if you want to ride it out you can as well."
Portobello Portobello looks between the two women for a moment, he's not too keen on the idea of having one of those birds take a nip at him with their large beaks, but they are domesticated so it shouldn't be a real threat, right? He removes his back pack carefully and sets it on the post, disconnecting the cables to the pouches on his belt, "Kupo, maybe if I just keep airborn It'll be safer."

He begins flapping his wings upon his back and manages to hover in mid air before heading over to the others. This made more sense too as he could speak to the humans without having a conversation with their shins or constantly looking upwards and getting a neck cramp.
Raiya Fujihara Raiya nods to Tifa knowingly when she speaks of Reize's incident. "Reize's encounter with a hungry chocobo was exactly the time I was thinking about." Premium gets another look before the samurai nods once more. "You are most correct. I nearly forgot that Chocobos mostly eat greens above all else." The Chocobo newbie explains with a good-hearted chuckle.

Portobello going airborne causes Raiya to look back his way. "Smart move. You will look far less appetizing that way." She still teases despite remarking on the herbivore nature of Chocobos moment prior. There is a brief pause before Raiya offers a question of her own, "Have you ever rode one before?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles "I race mine, so yes I can ride one. I don't think our moogle friend has though, but I'm sure he could try riding Premium without a problem. Premium is pretty tame. And pretty fast too.
Portobello Portobello hovers near the others while nodding towards Raiya, though he seems a littl nervous at the whole 'appetizing' comment before looking towards the Chocobo. He takes a slow, deep breath in order to calm himself since he figures if he acts nervous it'll make the Chocobo suspicious and it might act unpredictably around him.

"Kupo, I'm getting closer now." He states before flying towards Premium, with a little less than a foot's distance between them, "Hmm.....I guess this is a very tame bird." He nods towards Tifa, though keeping most of his attention on the large red Chocobo.
Raiya Fujihara Raiya smiles as she looks from Premium, to Tifa, and then to Portobello. "It sounds as if we have quite a plan. You should take the offer and go for a brief ride." The samurai places a hand on the back of her neck now. "After a few falls here and there, my first time riding a Chocobo was very memorable...and exciting." A small gesture is now made to the Moogle's wings. "But with those wings of yours, you will most likely have a much easier time than I did."
Tifa Lockhart The chocobo kwehs, and leans toward Portobello, just staring and blinking with that huge eye. The head titls a bit curiously too "Kweh~"

Tifa giggles softly "You can hop on, she won't harm you. The trick is to not excite them when you're on top of them. Don't hit with your heels, just light taps to direct them."
Portobello Portobello's eyes widen a bit while the Chocobo examines him, he keeps very still and his breathing even, "Kupo, believe me when I say I have no intention of doing anything to excite your big red bird." He slowly states towards Tifa before closing his eyes for a moment, " goes nothing then."

He flies over til he's directly above the chocobo's back before gently lowering himself down. He looks about before holding onto the back of the Chocobo carefully, gently tapping his heels against its sides.....wait, he forgot to the reins! Of course they were out of his reach at the moment now.
Tifa Lockhart The chocobo kwehs, feeling the taps, and starts to trot off with moogle on its back. Premium Heart is fortunatly not too excitable, so it doesn't run off in the distance before the moogle has time to reach for the reigns "Lots of people ride them without reigns you know, as long as they trust their mounts not to go crazy." She giggles.

She looks over to Raiya "If you want to get a chocobo yourself you can ask inside, the boy, Billy, knows everything about them.
Raiya Fujihara Raiya looks on with amusement over Portobello's predicament. She surely clutches hard on the reigns when she first rode. This can lead to other problems, but hopefully Portobello's won't enocunter those as well. "You are doing quite well!" She compliments simply before turning her green eyes upon Tifa.

A blink. Raiya then turns to look at the stables before nodding towards Tifa. "I think I will. It has been...quite too long since I last rode myself." The samurai then excuses herself to go track down this Billy.
Portobello Portobello was at first clutching onto the back of the large bird much like a child would cling to their parent, though eventually he manages to sit upright without worrying about his sense of balance, his body bobbing in time with the bird's steps, "Well, so far so good. At least they're moving at a slow pace. I suppose if I lean in one direction they'll go that way, kupo."

He experiments with this by tilting his weight in one direction while balancing atop the chocobo, though he really does not have that much weight in his small frame, hopefully the bird will understand the directions he's trying to convey.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles and talks a bit louder for Portobello to hear "You can use the reigns to lightly tug, but you can also tap only one side lightly, the chocobos are pretty smart.
Raiya Fujihara My goodness! It seems that this Billy was indeed quite knowledgeable about everything there has to do with Chocobos. Inbetween explanations, she is given numerous pamphlets which she all carries back to where Tifa and Porto (sort of) were at. "You were most correct. Billy was very helpful indeed." The ronin laughs briefly as she begins to go through the various informational guides. "Now, I believe I should first start with coming up with a name." Raiya supposes as she continues to leaf through the guides.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart giggles "You don't have to name it right away. You an just give it a temporary name, and once you figure out its personaly, give him a new one. Sometimes it just pops in your head when you look at them, but it can take some time."
Portobello Portobello turns his head back towards Tifa and nods once he hears what she says, "Of course, I should have thought of that before anything else...ugh, walking on my own just seems less of a hassle." He groans before lightly tapping his right foot against the bird who begins slowly turning back towards Tifa. The then gives another tap with both feet in order to pick up the pace since the Chocobo had roamed a bit far.
Tifa Lockhart The chocobo picks up the speed a bit more, getting tapped. It kwehs and moves a bit faster, but still a cruising speed for the bird, Tifa knows it well. "Premium Heart trained alot for races, so you can ask her to go pretty fast without getting tired." She smiles, watching her chocobo going around the pen "Chocobos love running."
Raiya Fujihara A lazy gust of wind blows through the area which tugs at the pamphlets in Raiya's hands. It seems that the samurai has figured out an temporary name for her Chocobo as she heads back towards Billy now. Some matters are discussed between them. But not before too long, Raiya trots her own chocobo out for some exercise. She pats the head of creature gently with her hand before retaking her reigns. "I could not resist the offer." The Wutai ronin explains aloud before gently increasing the speed of the chocobo that she now rides. It seemingly is not very fast or special, but Raiya's plain yellow Chocobo is behaving very well so far.
Portobello Portobello grows a bit more comfortable riding the bird, learning how to manage its steering and getting it to go faster, still he's not very interested in seeing just how fast it will go, "Well, I do not doubt your claim, Miss Tifa. Though I'm not sure if I want to be along for the ride when they take off running." He manages to steer the large red bird closer to Tifa to the point where he does not have to call out in order for his words to reach her, "Though I think it would be helpful at this point to know how to give the signal for this Chocobo to slow down and/or stop."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart grins "Instead of tapping, dig your heels into lightly." She looks over to Raiya, smiling as she comes out with her own "Nice, how did you call it? What's the gender?" She giggles softly. All of the chocobos start as yellow ones, have to start somewhere.
Portobello Portobello listens to Tifa's instructions as his ears perk a bit, "Oh...dig my heels in a little? I would have never thought of that personally." He says as he brings the Chocobo close by Tifa once again, before pressing his heels in gradually as the bird eventually comes to a halt near the woman, "Phew, I think that's all the basics. This'll conclude my ride, kupo."

He sits there for the time being on the Chocobo's back as he could still feel the motions of its movements even though he was at a stop. Finally he slid off the bird's back, only to forget about the distance between there and the ground as he tumbles off near Tifa's feet, "Terra firma never felt so good." He says while sitting on the ground a little while before standing up and dusting himself off. He figured this was a good spot for now, even if he had to lean back to look at everyone else, "Thank you for the lesson, Miss Tifa."
Raiya Fujihara Raiya nears Tifa soon enough to offer a reply. "His name is Tranquil Breeze because he is just so cal.." The samurai accidentally digs her heels into the Chocobo a little too hard. Her chocobo suddenly takes off running! She doesn't look to be into too great of danger persay, but the look of surprise on the woman's face shows that she wasn't planning on doing this at all. Go, go Tranquil Breeze.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles and offers some greens to Premium Heart "Its not that complicated or dangerous, you get to used pretty fast." She pets the mane of the bird. "Its good to be on firm ground, but it feels nice when you can ride the wind too."
Portobello Portobello nods a bit in response to Tifa as she feeds the Chocobo, "Oh yes, I guess there's always a little bit of hesitency when one rides for the first tim----" He pauses mid sentence as his head turns off towards Raiya as the Chocobo breaks off into a sprint along with the strtled Raiya, "Well...I'm sure she'll have a lot of breeze to catch now." He idly comments

"Yes, I'm used to walking a lot though I do enjoy flying now and again. It helps to balance out my mechanically inclined activities with physical ones, even if it's odd for a Moogle such as myself to be using their wings."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles, nodding "I can't fly myself, so its my legs or its chocobo. I suppose it helps that I'm taller than you, I can hook my legs around it a bit more easily.
Portobello Portobello nods, "Gurdy the Chocobo raising Moogle back in Rabanastre had to use reins and a special saddle when I saw her riding. Though I suppose I could get used to riding after a few tries, these Chocobos are not as hard to tame as the ones in Ivalice were." He says before glancing back up to her, "I've yet to meet a human who was not taller than me, kupo." He idly comments.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart laughs "Oh, I'm sure there are some, but generally yes." She smiles, and pats you between the ears, just a bit playfully. "So, I hope you weren't scared of coming back to the bar after yesterday."
Portobello Portobello smirks, "Oh I am sure there are. Though I imagine they were probably the victim of a 'mini' curse." He says jokingly up to Tifa, his fur atop his head feels rather soft and fine, his ears swiveling slightly, "Oh don't worry about that, it takes more than some sadistic creep to scare me away from some place. It's a very welcoming place none the less and I'll probably return when I'm about that way. I'd probably spend more time in Goug, but it's impossible to get in on the excavation projects now that they're all overseen by that one aggressive company." He sighs a bit.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods "Yeah, I'm sorry about that. That man... we crossed in the past, and it wasn't a happy reunion as you can see." She shakes her head a bit, trying not to think about it too much either. "Anyway, don't want to let him affect me. I have been having a good time, good friends here.
Portobello Portobello hrms, "I had noticed, I just hope he does not make a habit of paying visits just to keep you on edge. I personally cannot stand people who seek out amusement by making the lives of others miserable." He says in a more serious tone, "But lets not think about such things. Its a real easy going establishment and you do a great job of making it all the more welcoming." He says in a more upbeat tone.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles "I was working to open a new one soon, but it was Manhattan, you probably heard the news. So currently working on opening another one in Traverse Town as well. I have some friends that needed a new office and they wanted to make a bar as well." She leans on the pen's fence a bit.
Portobello Portobello nods slowly as he listens, heading over towards the fence as he climbs up onto its railing and sits atop there, idly swinging his legs back and forth, "Yeah, it was rather startling what happened and all, I do hope things turn out for the best with your new location in Traverse Town, it's a lot more stable area from what I heard and all. Having such a sociable place like 7th Heaven must help in making friends."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hms, nodding as she leans a bit more, elbows on the fence "It does, I got quite a few friends now. Considering I was practically alone, it makes me happy." One of Tifa's biggest downfalls is feeling lonely. Opening a bar helped that alot.
Portobello Portobello looks very thoughtful, "I guess for the longest time I was just so engrossed in my work that I never really gave a thought to the fact I didn't really make any connections with others or tried looking for friends. Though I feel nobody is truely an island, I help others when I can though. Considering the way our worlds were all in pieces and adrift, a lot of places managed to come together and make this single world...I feel it's important that people try to come together as well and help strengthen one another, kupo."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles at that "Glad you understand me then. I picked up mercenary work for that reason, and being a bar lets me offer smiles to everyone. It alleviates my loneliness at times." She lost everything and everyone she had after all.
Portobello Portobello nods, "Personally I found it was easier to help others while I was on the roam. Probably because many people probably took to traveling when their homelands were swallowed by the darkness or perhaps they felt it was safer traveling than staying where they were when everyone's lives got changed. I can't really do much, other than fix machinery but I try to keep people's spirits up."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart giggles softly "Well, you seem to be doing well at least. I'm sure you cna make lots of friends around. Being helpful is the best way to make friends at least. And a smile is always the best reward.
Portobello Portobello nods slowly, "Well, I like to think I am, kupo. Though more than simply making friends, helping people to stand again makes them more resiliant against those who exploit others when they're desperate and down on their luck. There's people out there with a whole lot of influence or are good at making promises but have a lot of bad intentions who would love to convince people that following them would make their lives better." He frowns a bit.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart pats Porto's shoulder a bit "I know, its hard to make the difference sometimes. Just need to weed out the bad from the good.
Portobello Portobello nods, "I just keep doing what I can to keep people from hanging their heads or burying them in the sand instead of taking back their lives even after the darkness has claimed most of what they knew." He says while sitting up a bit more straight.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods, crossing her arms "About that, I want to keep the hope we can reclaim that land. We did manage to pull some worlds out of the darkness, so why not those lands that we lost?
Portobello Portobello blinks, looking a bit stunned about hearing this, " happened to pull worlds out of the darkness. You mean places taken entirely by the darkness were somehow removed from the darkness? How...I've been wanting to know more about such things."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "I can't be sure, but there's one world that the news spread about unlocking it using a keyblade. The other one, we gathered relics that were pertaining to a certain world and it restored it, Serendipity.
Portobello Portobello kupos? Hearing a word that he had never heard mentioned before, "Keyblade? What exactly is this Keyblade?" He says, it sounds awfully important.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head "I have no idea either. I'm guessing its a key of some sort, that unlocks worlds? I can't be sure since I never seen one myself. Its just the rumors. I heard lots of things in the bar.
Portobello Portobello hrms, thinking deeply upon this, "Well, this is something. A starting point of sorts. I'm guessing it's a blade that looks like a key or a key that looks like a blade. You also said gathering relics from a world though. I don't know of any Relics out there but maybe I might come across something someday." He nods to himself.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods again "Some people came to us, related to Serendipity. The Queen of Card said she felt something, while Chocolina that came from that world pretty much zoomed on those relic's position. So that's how we managed to get all of them, it might be an exception though, but its possible that some worlds could be unlocked like that.
Portobello Portobello nods slowly, headtilting, "Kupo, seems more like higher powers had led you to find those things than comming across them. Though perhaps one could get lucky." He shrugs a bit at that, not seeming convinced it would be something he could readily take on.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart slides a hand through her hair, sliding fingers around her ear "Well its more of a random, rare occurence, but at least we know its possible. I think there's comfort in that.
Portobello Portobello leans foward as his elbows prop upon a fence post while his chin rests upon his palms while his ears twitch a bit, thinking this over, "Definitely a rare occurance, though it's good to know there are other forces out there aiding people instead of us alone against the darkness."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart waves Premium Heart over closer, smiling "No use dwelling on it, but we can at least try to keep our eyes open."
Portobello Portobello gives a small smile and nods, "True enough, we won't get anything done by setting out sights low, after all."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart takes some some greens for Premium again "Here you go girl, I'll be back soon for more, you be a good girl." She stands up with a smile "Well, should think about heading back home now. I needed to get my mind off what happened yesterday."
Portobello Portobello nods, "I don't blame you at all. I hope things return to a more plesant state for you. You take out there Miss Tifa." He says while sitting back up straight again and stretching out his arms, "I should start working on finding out more about these Keyblades."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart giggles "And you should look into getting your own chocobo one day. Once it gets used to you, its like a good friend, won't ever throw you off either."
Portobello Portobello hrms and considers this, "Perhaps one day...I guess I've just been too used to traveling alone. I guess it would allow me to get around faster." He shrugs once again before looking off into the sky, "I guess I always found it awkward being around the tall birds. Anyways, I won't keep you waiting, I'm sure you want to head off before the evening gets too cool."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles and waves "You take care then, come back soon. I'm sure we'll run into each other again soon enough. Its a smallw orld, despite being an odd one.
Portobello Portobello hrms and nods, "Certainly is, kupo. I couldn't help but notice how this world seems a lot closer together than the one I was originally from. Probably all the different civilizations and people all lumped together like refugees. I do hope to see you again soon." He says as he grabs his back pack and places it back on his back before climbing down the fence, waving towards Tifa.

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