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(2012-12-25 - 2012-12-26)
Sable gets a little over his head. The Network introduces and Informs. Caduceus Scans and drops some phat expository beats. A great time is had by all.
Sable It's a quiet evening. One may even say that it is a Silent Night but that's going the right way for an armored knuckle sandwich with present company, who has had very enough of Christmas (he realized about the singing, and the background music. Status effect: Dire Mood)

Sable sits on a rooftop where he's likely not to be disturbed. He looks down at a picture with a torn mail envelope in his lap, one leg stretched out and the other pulled up besides him on the shingles.

He puts it away again, staring out over the quiet activity of Traverse Town and scanning the crowd that mills about below. There are still patches, here and there, of festive cheer and singing but mostly the madness has passed... for now.
Legion Legion is not actually especially religious but they seem quite capable of being drawn into hijinks as much as anybody else. This is not because of an appreciation for pressies, though pressies ARE something they are appreciative of, nor is it because they enjoy the idea of being judged by a jolly fat man who is also--perhaps--a slaveworker??--but there's always 'the new' and, in conjunction with that, the concept of 'a fun time'--which Legion is always happy to look forward to.

Two Legions are passing along the street. These Legions have not had an adventure as of yet but, nevertheless, they are clearly identical in appearance to the three Legions Sable may have caught sight of before, provided that he had paid any attention to the singing clones. They aren't talking but every so often they look at one another--as if they were. They slow down near Sable's rooftop and then look up and around as if in search of something.
Sable Sable is usually perceptive, but in the midst of sheer Christmas induced Horror-- he has missed the identical similarities between the multiple Legions. He scans the crowd idly with no actual intention to see anybody.

However, the act of the two stopping near to his rooftop does mean that he looks down at them with a momentary curiosity. He's actually surprised when they start looking up and around because it is to his experience that very few people actually look yep.

This is why buildings and rooftops are good places to be left alone because usually anything above eye level is sort of painted in afterwards by an idle executive summary of the mind and sort of just assumed.

He's pretty easy to find actually when looking up. He made no particular effort to conceal himself. Sable smirks down at them. "Good evening." he calls down once he's been spotted.
Legion The two stop their looking around once they actually spot Sable. They look up easily, indeed it seems they look up frequently. They look up enough that they look up more than they look down, and almost as many times as they look forward but not as much as they look behind them because if someone gets behind you, it can be quite over.

One waves a hand up silently, as if to say hello.
The other one smiles a bit and actually does say, "Hello again." She says, her voice friendly. "Good evening. Do you mind if we join you for a small period of time?, The Network is aware they are being a touch obtrusive but is willing to back off if it is desired."

They have a peculiar way of speaking. A sort of statement then a clarification on that statement.
Sable Sable notices things when they are right in front of his face. Granted. Usually this requires a distance of two inches or so, but he raises his eyebrows slightly at the two and smirks lopsidedly. "I don't mind at all." he gets up from his seat, groaning faintly at muscles that have become stiff over the last half hour or so of sitting.

"Actually-- Why don't I come down?" he shakes out his mucles and quickly descends back down to street level. "Old habit." he says by meaning of explaination. "Usually go and sit somewhere quiet to think." he smirks and remarks.

"For the little good that it does me." in an off hand manner to himself. "I'm-- sorry?" he says experimentally, because he's pretty sure he didn't hear things right. "I don't think I caught your names. I'm Sable. Nice to meet you both."
Legion "Oh we could--" In truth it wouldn't be difficult at all, just some applied electricity along their hands and legs and they could climb up no problem, but as it stands Sable is quicker on the uptake. Legion likes consensus before it engages in activity which as one might expect, can result in some decisions taking extra time.

"Oh, that's right." The talking one says. "We haven't properly introduced ourselves. We're called Legion. Nice to meet you too. Sable, as in 'Black' right? Like your hair?" She is referring, naturally, to one of its meanings--the one most apparent.

The talking one looks towards the quiet one and nudges her a little with a finger. The quiet one shuffles her feet and says, "Hello, the Network says."
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS has been helping out various people today and was practicing riding around his lightcycle, the sound of that specific electronic hum can clearly be heard as he races along the alleys. His Lightcycle was bright green with greyish white sides and the vehicle stops before colliding with the people infront of him. Then the cycle seems to glow and disolves to reveal the rider holding a green rod which is then put along his leg. "Greetings." He says, his voice possessing a slight electronic hum.
Sable There are some times in which even Sable's much expanded sense of 'weird' starts to gnaw on the back of his head. He blinks several times, looking curiously between the talking girl Legion and the non talking girl also-- Legion? The Network? Huh.

"Okay. That's new." he says without rancor. Just a mild curiosity since this newness didn't (hopefully) involve anything unpleasant.

"Yeah. Sable Owens." he offers them. "The last part sometimes means 'Ram'. At least, I'd like to think it does." he hears that electronic whine and goes on the alert until the lightcycle stops near them. Sable raises his eyebrows as he vaguely recalls the figure.

"Oh Hey. You're that guy from the coliseum." his voice is friendly but neutral. "Can I help you two get somewhere? I didn't mean to interrupt you or anything, it just looked like you were looking for something."
Legion 'Black ...Ram'.
To their credit, Legion doesn't make any quip about it. Caduceus appears on a lightcycle in the meanwhile and says 'Greetings' to them. This is very distracting, but Legion is focused on Sable for the moment even though they give Caduceus waves. Despite not knowing him at all. Though really, they don't really know Sable either but they have (sort of) seen him so they felt comfortable approaching him.

Instead they look at each other as Sable asks if they needed anything and they take this time to consider whether or not this is a question they should answer. They are prone to both curiousity and caution which leads to a lot of indecision 2012.

"Yes." The talky Legion says. "We were looking for you."
"That man that said 'Greetings', the Network wonders if he is one of those 'Programs' we had been referred to." The quiet one murmurs to the Talky Legion.
After some thought, Talky Legion adds, "We saw you depart during the impromptu and bizarre musical number which is to say, the Network clarifies, that our other nodes saw you during the impromptu and bizarr musical number."
CADUCEUS "If you want to know something it is better to ask the person directly." CADUCEUS says as he pulls his disk off his back and holds it up at the two women and a green light will soon try and bathe them as he performs a medical scan. "Since it seemed to be a spar, I didnt think anyone minded if I kept injuries to a minimium, sir. I trust you are doing well?" He asks curiously.
Sable This is somewhat confusing, somewhat like watching someone talk to themselves just about on the outside as on the inside. Only with multiple people. Sable blinks once or twice as he tries to parse this but he's only one person so the 'tilt' sign eventually shows up.

As with most things, when he doesn't understand something he puts it on a little shelf to re-examine later. Possibly take it down, polish it, and then put it back on the shelf with the other knick-knacks of his subconscious.

"So-- You are more than two people. You're--" he pauses then guesses, trying to remember them. ".. what. Six?" He only knows what a node is because it's a computer term, and he's been trying to look those up. Sable doesn't like the feeling of being ignorant, even though it's practically the mode he lives in. "And yeah. That certainly-- was very telling." although he adds to himself it's more telling of their /mental/ state than anything. Manhattanities are crazy. "Yeah. You kept the wounds down to my pride. Thanks. So, you work with Phil? Because I desperately need an in there." he says this with a smile but he doesn't seem to be expecting much. "Sorry, I didn't catch your name."
Legion It seems Caduceus and Sable know each other though, again, they don't know that Caduceus is Caduceus. He seems to be some sort of medical program.

The quiet one steps in suddenly as the disk is held up to the two of them. She blocks the disk's 'view' of the Talky Legion and places a hand on the disk. Electricity crackles across her arm and laps at the data disk, causing no harm to it. However.

"Lethal cutting edge," She says. "Noted data present. Attempting download."

"How did you know?" The Talky Legion asks, not even looking back to the other Legion. "...Mm, but it's Five now, actually, the Network corrects herslef." She smiles. "Who is Phil?" She glances over to Caduceus in case he happens to know though, of course, there might be something strange going on simultaneous to all this, but she is letting the Quiet Legion deal with it.
CADUCEUS "Actually I was wandering about the city when I came to the colliseum. Reminds me of the game grid back home, only without a meglomanical tyrant demanding that you either become a part of him or be destroyed." CADUCEUS says with a faint chuckle. "Makes it better let me tell you. I am the Clinical Assistance Directorial Utilitary Companion with Enhancement Upgrade Systems, but you may call me CADUCEUS, or Cad if you are the type to use nicknames." He says as he looks to th quiet one. "This is an identity disk, everything that is on the grid and is alive has one. It is also our weapons. On this disk, holds everything we have ever done, or experienced. In my case it is also designed to allow me to take medical readings of a patient and treat them, be it user, or Program." He explains as he holds the disk.
Sable "Uh. You might not want to do that." Sable interrupts, looking at the disc and then at Caduceus and recalling several important things. Most to the point-- that the object in question is a disc, or at least looks like one and-- Oh.

Sable relaxes. Apparently this rpogram wasn't territorial. He was kind of expecting that considering how important Discs are to programs, but that might not be part of their programming as a medical program.

"Nevermind. Uh-- I saw the two of you, and the others at the singing madness and put two and two together." he looks faintly exasperated at the next question. "Phil." he pauses, then continues. "Phil is a satyr. He's a really short goat guy who runs the coliseum. I'm--currently having some trouble with him, but eh-- I'm sure it'll work out."

Sable looks at Caduceus. "Game grid? You mean computers, right? How did you manage to get away? I've heard-- most people who come from there are, well.. refugees."
Legion It makes sense to be territorial when it comes to disks that contain your identity but then again Caduceus seems totally fine with randomly scanning people so really perhaps this is just Legion's attempt to say hello back. She looks back to Sable as he provides advice but then he says nevermind and she seems to take this advice at face value too. She isn't damaging it at least.

The quiet one does speak up, though, without interrupting her 'download attempt'. "You were not using it as a weapon, however, but to perform medicine on us? We are not ill." She tilts her head curiously. She seems less intense than she was a moment before--she must have thought it was an attack of some kind. These two are, it seems, on edge. Worried. Nervous about something.

But the Talky one keeps chatting away.

"There was a bit of an anomoly there..." The Talky one agrees. "But that's good. We were worried. Mercade Alexander--his job is to help those who cannot get help anywhere else, so we were worried--but it seems that you at least have a short goat guy." Who runs a colliseum.

"Goat." The quiet one adds.
CADUCEUS "The game grid is a part of the computer system. A portion anyway. A rather important program escaped and defied the said tyrant. During the chaos I decided to try and escape. Finding the way out isnt too difficult, eventually you find the ends of the system..." CADUCEUS says as he looks to the electrical arcing of his disk and just tilts his head. "Please try and not do that in the future to other programs. As I said, this thing is literally our memories. I however have been programmed to not really be violent unless something threatens those under my care." He says as he looks to the women again. "I...prefer to check myself. Users sometimes hide injuries because of some sort of pride." He says before turning to Sable
Sable Sable nods to the program and then tries to keep up with the conversation with Legion. "Yeah. I'll work something out. I'm trying to get him to let me teach some of the junior heroes. I don't have any magic, but I know more than enough to help them protect themselves." he pauses to listen to Cad, because he really is one of those people who favors nicknames.

" Have you been working with Hearts Intertwined or one of the city services, Cad? Because they could really use some healers right now with healing items so pricy these days." he then turns back to the Talky Legion, while smiling at the Not so Talking Legion as perhaps gentle encouragement.

" Well-- thank you for worrying anyways. Um-- does he do that a lot? I mean-- break out into song? I mean. I've read detective stories but none of them involved singing and-- christmas and-- spotlights. I'm still trying to figure that one out."
Legion Legion doesn't seem intent on hurting anybody. They may have tried to hurt Caduceus but he has been otherwise nonoffensive beyond the medical scan. The medical scan of the quiet one is clear enough. She gets less protein than the average User but she's within healthy amounts, suggesting a vegetarian diet. She engages in regular exercise. Neurological data is a little obscured and weird, however, but then again brains are weird. There was some electrical interference. There is similar around the Quiet One's arm but there doesn't seem to be anything weird with it.

She pulls her hand away shortly after. It is unlikely that she has 'downloaded' everything that is Caduceus in that timeframe but she seems content with what she did get. She doesn't say what it is but she does say, "Thank you. The Network will bear in mind your warning. The Network requests you ask permission in the future before scanning our bodies. It is possible such scans could set something off." She does not explain that in further detail either and, instead, uses this opportunity to step away a bit and go quiet again, a little pink in the face--she doesn't like attention.

The Talky Legion seems uncertain. "We have only known him for a few days..." She admits. "But that was the first time we have seen him break out into song. Though his associate did ask us to 'sing and dance' on a seperate occassion but thanks to our efforts with a tablecloth we were able to prevent the singing from getting too out of hand." pause. "Though it was rather strange. This sort of thing never happened back home. Traverse Town is very interesting to us, The Network admits shamelessly."

Did it happen in Manhattan though? Well they wouldn't know, having never been! Who is Xanatos anyway? A gambit? You mean he's an X-Man?!

"What is Hearts Intertwined?" The Quiet one pipes in awkwardly.
CADUCEUS "A practice I been asked more and more. I guess I probably should, I just been trying to be efficent. A side effect from my military origins." CADUCEUS says as he then turns to Sable, shaking his head. "No, I been avoiding the groups because I feared for the safety of my patients. See...some people seem to be offended based on certain programs which have been hostile. Not to mention if the hostile programs or servants to that tyrant comes to this world, they may try and destroy me because I prefer to help the users. Still, perhaps by becoming part of these groups, maybe I can find TRON...." He says with a curious tone.
Sable Sable's medical scan is not really anomalous in broad outlines. He's a healthy and extremely fit human about fifteen. Yep. /nothing/ abnormal here at all. Assiduously.

The teenager listens to this, walking over to lean against a nearby wall as the conversation continues. He glances between Cad and the two Legions as they speak. "Well, I bet you were great at it." he teases the Talky Legion, smirking and completely disavowing any connection he might have himself with singing. No Singing Allowed. Ever.

"Yes, Traverse Town has it's moments. They take people in when they've got nowhere else to go." Sable frowns at this as if not really understand why, but he waves that away, crossing his arms. "Well. I'll tell you what someone else told me. You'll be better prepared for trouble in a group. They can help you, and if-- those programs come looking for you, you'll have somewhere to go." He pauses.

"HI is.." he pauses, then continues. "It's a charity. Or it started as one. Now it's pretty much a big organization trying to help everybody whose been displaced get back on their feet. Find them information, reunite them with their families. They hire mercenaries and adventures to stave off the heartless. "

Sable shrugs. "They do a lot of things, and help a lot of people and-- that's .. good I guess."
Legion "I suppose in most instances their work would be approved of, however some people may not wish to be reunited with their families and without careful cataloguing they could cause trouble for someone." Talky says. Sable seems nice and helpful, perhaps Mercade is hoping to recruit him as a person who is nice and helpful. The only strange thing is that 'good I guess' but that could just as easily mean nothing.

"Thank you for saying so." Talky says as if she WAS the one who had been singing because even though it was a different Legion who ahd been singing Legion is Legion according to Legion so one sings, all sing! Well, that's the attitude they aim for anyway.

"Aren't programs...programs?" Talky continues being the talky one. "We admit we don't understand much," If they had downloaded this information, they haven't parsed through it yet. "But you are constructed entities. One can't really blame you for your actions because they were at the behest of your creator, correct? Or are there anomolous program alterations beyond User Control?"

"Who is TRON?" Quiet asks.
CADUCEUS "Every Program has a personality. Their purpose, function generally outlines it, or sometimes they act like the user who made them. Point is, programs broken like people can be, mentally. Reprogramming for example can cause problems and sometimes, some become so focused on function and logic that...they lose sight of the pain and suffering caused." CADUCEUS explains as he then looks to the quiet one. "In our world exists a supreme entity, the Master Control Program. Those who dont accept him willingly are derezzed, destroyed basically. Sometimes he will make programs fight each other in gladiator style games to the death instead. TRON Was a security program who defied the MCP, willing to fight for the users. The MCP believes the users are nothing more then a hinderance and will be dealt with in time." CADUCEUS explains. "TRON was a security program who refused to give in to the MCP's demands. And despite what the MCP puts him through, he always does what is right. TRON is a symbol for hope for the programs who believe that the users are worth protecting and fighting for."
Sable Sable has to admit that this conversation is sort of getting out of his reach. Talking with a computer and two girls who talk like computers is starting to make his head hurt. "Yeah." he chuckles faintly. "Yeah-- some people don't want to be found." he rubs the side of his head gingerly.

He listens to the entire story of the game grid and the programs with intense curiosity, searching Cad's face and peering at him as if he was trying to figure something out. He almost seemed to be so lost in thought as to not be really paying attention at all, in a fugue like state. "..That's an.. interesting story." he finally comes back to himself with a look of weay chagrin. "I'm sorry Lad--" he pauses, then continues. "Ladies." the hell with the math. Headache territory.

"I hate to interrupt but I have an early morning if I want to eat again in the evening something that tastes well--" Sable pulls his jacket a little closer, leaning away from the wall and throwing a hand of farewell to the group. "One of the various little snags that shows up when you try to deal with so many people at once. The food sucks. It was-- interesting to meet you. Also, Cad--the offer is open should you change your mind." He looks very wary at Cad for some reason, turning away to start moving down the street after saying his goodbyes.
Legion Legion is not going to look at deleting apps from their phones the same way again. They both seem at least a touch bothered by this explanation even if they don't neccessarily understand the whole deal. This seems like one horrible computer. Who would even use one like that?

"Thank you. PLease take care, Sable Owens." The TAlky one says, they both bow their heads a bit rather than wave. The two then look towards Caduceus and nod to him as well with another 'thank you' before moving to head on their way as well.
CADUCEUS "Take care, both of you. If you need me, seek me out." He says as he reaches to pull the green glowing rod off of his leg and holds on either end of it. He then becomes encased with green holographic light which becomes solid, forming the lightcycle once more and once they were out of the way, he rides off, that whining hum being heard as he goes.

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