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Fuzzy Warnings
(2012-12-25 - 2012-12-25)
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Skoll Ulfang Things are early and Christmas is still a little while ahead. Skoll is hanging around in the Shard Seekers HQ - and has been awake for some time now. To be more precise, he's just coming out of the shower. This means that he has a nice big towel wrapped around his waist, and is otherwise still dripping wet. The young wolfish youth casually wanders through from the garden back towards the Boy's Dorms, and somewhere in the middle of the lobby he stops for a moment and starts...


It's like a dog shaking out all the water, the stuff spatters everywhere -- mainly the floor really -- until the beast is finally done and dry. It's a miracle really! But the more hilarious part about it all is that the moment he's done with shaking out the water... his hair and tail both suddenly go 'POOF!'. They fluff up and suddenly look immensely fuzzy and... well... silly really. One hand still on the towel, the werewolf then begins to make for the dorms - unawares of his surroundings.
Avira The upcoming Christmas is making Avira a bit anxious. This is actually the first year she's bought gifts for so many other people. Surprisingly, it hadn't been as hard as she thought to figure out what to get the people she knows, even though she's only known them for a few months. This is also the first Christmas she will spend without her parents. That thought...hadn't been as hurtful as anticipated. Avira assumed her parents had perished when Brooklyn fell, after all, and left that life behind.

Skoll is one of the many people she's been thinking about this holiday and has bought him some gifts. Today she's making a quick visit to the Shard Seekers HQ to visit them. At the same time, though, she really needed to talk to Skoll. To warn him...somehow, without telling him what had happened to her.
Shehe invites herself into the Shard Seekers HQ, heading for the lobby.

Just before she enters the area, she hears the sudden SMACK of droplets of water against the wall. Waiting for a few seconds, she peeks around a corner, just in time to see Skolls hair floof up all over the place.

Avira giggles. She really shouldn't be laughing because bathing is a pain for her too. Every day she goes through a bottle of shampoo now because of all the fur and hair! As he turns around, Avira's quick to slip around the corner so he can't see her.

Standing there, she waits until Skoll heads for the boys dorm before sneaking after him. Suddenly...she ambushes him, with hands held over his eyes from behind! "Guess whoooooo~"
Skoll Ulfang When those big hands suddenly touch before his eyes, Skoll freezes up. His tail moves between his legs at first, and it's obvious that the werewolf was startled. After all, he believes this place to be 'safe teritory' - a place where he won't be assaulted! Yet here something big and dangerous is covering his eyes! His fingers flex and he moves them both up for a moment... and then calms the moment he hears her voice.

His tail starts wagging excitedly, possibly slapping against her legs seeing as how she is so close. "It's Avira." Skoll answers her. The wolfish youth then lays both his hands carefully against hers and lets out a little chuckle. "Any reason you're covering my eyes?" He doesn't turn to face her, he's just waiting for her to do whatever she may be planning to do...
Avira It is of some relief that Skoll doesn't completely flip out! Yes, this is the Shard Seekers Headquarters so he should be safe there. What Avira hadn't accounted for was the fact that her big ol' paws would feel very off to him, wouldn't they? As she observes his reaction, she starts to feel kind of bad.

But then his tail starts wagging as he recognizes her and she sighs in relief. She looks down, perhaps instinctively as someone would do when someone's being hit in the legs and...oh...oh dear, she really startled him.

Flustered, she looks back up. "W..well, I didn't want to startle you. So...uh...turn around slowly, alright." He was blind last time so he hadn't seen her.

Avira withdraws her hands and steps backwards, clasping her claws in front of her.
Skoll Ulfang No, while he may have been blind, he knows what she roughly looks like now. He'd used his hands to see in that moment in the cave after all. Yet, when he turns around 'slowly' - as requested - he still looks a bit surprised. She can probably see his eyes taking her in, her current form. Yet his tail doesn't stop wagging. At least that should show to her that she's fine. "Avira." His ears do fold down a little though. He's sorry to see her in this state after all.

"Are you alright?" He then asks. It's perhaps a far more natural response than she might have gotten from certain others. But it's perhaps also yet a bit disappointing. The werewolf moves his own hands down and wraps them in front of his belly for a moment and then kneels down before her, grabbing at his towel to make sure it's around his waist, and sniffs at her before getting back up again.

"To what do I owe this visit?"
Avira There are...such mixed signals going on right now! Wagging tail, folded ears, interpreting them is difficult to her. It could be her darkness that was causing the latter issue. She's no idiot though and knows that Skoll of all people should be a lot more accepting of her beastly appearance than the other humans she knows.

"Yeah...I'm managing." She smiles, even though it's not really the truth. He asks for the reasons for the visit and she's forcing herself to look straight ahead and not down for...obvious reasons.

"I mostly came to drop off presents." Avira admits, letting her eyes lower to Skoll's neck. "I also wanted to make sure you were...doing okay. You said some stuff back in that cave about yourself that has me worried about you."
Skoll Ulfang With her smile, those ears rear back up again, and the youth smiles right on back to her. "Walk with me." He then says, "Unless you want to keep admiring my chest or something." The werewolf then turns his back on her and wanders the rest of the way to his bed, his tail wagging the entire way. In truth, he wanted to move because he feels like she may not be telling him the entire truth. Of course, it's but instinct, nothing tangible. But at the same time - for her to say that she's managing...

It must be hard on her. This.

"You should talk to Zia one of these days. The Gargoyle that lives here. She's been afraid of humans for the lngest time, because of what they've done to her people -- simply because of what they look like. Maybe she can give you some hints on how to cope." Though he doubts it, seeing as the white gargess is still afraid of humans and all that.

The werewolf reaches his bed and quickly begins to get properly dressed. Pants first, then a shirt. Nothing else is needed - he figures. He's at home after all. "Presents?" He then asks, one ear flopping down while the other remains up. He turns back to her, and basically gives her the most adorable dog-like look imaginable... without meaning to. The fact that she's looking at his neck goes unnoticed. His collar however, doesn't look like anything special. More like a fashion-statement than anything. But he /is/ wearing a collar.

"I'm okay. Don't worry. I'm doing better now that the whole Manhattan mess is over... for now."
Avira "Oh noooo..." Avira looks faux mortified, "You weren't supposed to notice me looking at that!" She'll give him that. What girl wouldn't be checking out a guy when he's mostly nude? Of course, she follows after him, though only a few steps behind. From this angle she really can't get a lood look at his collar due to his hair.

"The white gargoyle that helped defend the heart?" Avira asks. Well, Zia lives her /now/ right? "Well then, I'd be able to approach her easily like this? She might not even know me as a human. Not unless she was watching when I changed." Which could be the case, actually, but so much had been going on then. "Wait. What have humans done to gargoyles? I'll be honest, I never even knew they existed."

Avira tries not to make a big show of watching him get dressed. Sure, she's still doing it. "Presents. For Christmas. It's a holiday from my world...mostly celebrated by giving gifts to people you care about."

Her eyes narrow at that collar. It..didn't really look like the one that woman tried to put on her. But that could be just an illusion. "I mean that...darkness you mentioned. Has it felt any different at all?"

Avira edges closer to him. She had to touch that collar! Maybe even steal it somehow!!
Skoll Ulfang "Oh yes, nothing escapes these keen eyes. To look at my chest like that! Tisk tisk!" Skoll jokes right on along but fails to make a big deal about it. In a culture where people turn into werewolves after all, things are a tad different. "But yes, that's her. I almost forgot you met her. I don't think she saw you transform though, but I can warn her ahead of time, just to make sure she doesn't freak out." As much as Avira may be scary - Skoll accepts her for who she is, but also what she looks like. He's not any less aware of reality. "As for what humans did to them... well, I do not believe that is my story to tell."

The werewolf then steps away from his bed a little and raises a brow at her wandering eyes, before looking at her neck. Mostly, because he never really looks people straight in the eyes. It's probably a very strange thing, even now, for anyone but Sassaral and Hati. There's a nod. "Ah yes, Christmas. I heard about it amongst the refugees. I've been working on gathering some presents of my own for the folk here." He pauses for a moment, and then adds; "And a little something for you too, of course." Seems she gets a special mention.

The wolfish youth follows her with his eyes as she edges closer. His tail still wagging, he just tilts his head a little - wondering why Avira is trying to get closer to him. Is she going to give him a hug? Kind of instinctively, he leans his head in a bit and moves his arms a bit wider to his sides. "Hrrm... the darkness? It's gotten a bit less since Manhattan... I think. It's hard to tell... but I've not had 'that' nightmare recently."
Avira "It really wasn't much of a meeting." Avira's smile disappears. "Could you? I would like to have a meaningful conversation with her." Though it would be rather surprising if Zia was afraid of her. She almost looked like a gargoyle, after all, and might even be mistaken for one of the Avalon Clan-if people were more familiar with them at least. "I hope she won't mind me asking. I can claim innocence in this case..."

She tries to meet his eyes only to find him looking at her neck. Seems she really hasn't realized that just the mere reflection in her eyes can trigger his change. Not that she's especially bothered by his werewolf form. "You got me a gift?" Avira sounds downright touched by this-especially since, well, this was a non-native holiday. It's cute to see other worlds adopting it. "I brought you presents too. of them is more like a Shard Seekers present. You'll see what I mean."

She edges closer in spite of his confusion. His stance-oh yes, a hug. Wait. THAT WOULD BE PERFECT. She waits until he speaks, then moves forward to hug him tightly, throwing her arms around his neck. "That's good...that's very good...I was so worried." That's not just a diversionary bit of speech there either. Ever since that encounter, she WAS worried. She was worried the Gaudium Lords would check up on him again and reassert their control.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll nods at Avira. "I will." He comments in regards to Zia being warned of Avira's looks. Indeed, he doesn't expect Zia to freak out that much either. But does one really want to take that chance? It might hurt Avira's heart after all... or scare Zia - which also would be bad. Poor Gargess has enough on her plate with the whole 'turning to stone' thing. "I'm sure she won't mind - if anything, tell her I sent you."

The creature then moves his arms as the girl moves forwards further to get into that hug while she speaks. "I got you a gift, yes." He explains, and then is surprised that Avira managed to get him a gift too. "A gift for the Shard Seekers too?" He asks, before taht hug connects. He actually goes through his knees a little so she can throw her arms around his neck, and he lays his hands low around her waist and then pulls her up a little so she can get a good hug... of course, lest she somehow holds on better, it's going to make for a short hug that will strain her arms.

Skoll just chuckles, amused with Avira's antics, and sniffs her once more with her so very close. "Why worried? As much as the darkness may be within myself... I can still take care of myself. No need to worry." Although truly, if the Gaudium Lords wanted him to truly not notice...

What if they already got to him, and are just somehow disabling him from noticing?
Avira Avira would rather not take any chances, ultimately. Even if it's not an appearance issue, Zia might be bothered by a random stranger approaching her out of nowhere. "I will indeed let her know." They appeared to be friends, after all.

Recalling an earlier interaction, Avira lifts her head up to brush her cheek against Skoll's. This should /definitely/ distract him long enough! In the meantime, her claws start to fumble around, looking for the clasp or buckle that his collar uses. Hopefully there would be one.

It's actually kind of a struggle to stay focused, starting when he wraps his arms around her hips. "You.." her mind races, searching for something to say to ease his suspicions. If he heard about her encounter, he'd never see her again...first out of his own volition and then at the hands of the Gaudium Lords! " seemed really upset about it last time. Though I don't blame you...this whole time, you hadn't noticed what /they/ had done to you."
Skoll Ulfang When Avira goes and brushes her cheek against Skoll's... the creature makes a confused sound. His tail continues to wag - and it's obvious that it's something he doesn't mind in the least. But at the same time, there's something alien about it to him. After all, that was one of his social behaviors, one he tried not to use too much around humans. It confused them after all. But to have Avira do this to him? Still, he can't stop himself from instinctively rubbing his cheek back against hers to finish the 'greeting'. "This body's instincts taking over?" He asks, worriedly, "Or do you...?" He doesn't finish that sentence, letting it hang - and with that, creating the possibility that Avira may think she did something 'else' - something other than just a greeting.

Her claws soon find the locking mechanism at the back of the collar, it's a pretty standard buckle, feeling warm to the touch and a bit moist, seeing as he wore it within the shower. The beast then tilts his head again, clearly still confused. But when she continues to talk and tries to put his mind at ease, the wolfish man lets out a comforting sound from deep within his chest. A rumble of sorts.

"I'm still upset... honestly. I'm worried what effects I might have on you. And... I'm worried that 'they' may be watching."
Avira "Y..yeah, kind of..." she registers the surprise in Skoll's reaction and, in that instance, she moves to slip the first bit of belt halfway out of the buckle. "It's that and...I learned it from you. The gesture." Avira had asked him to explain it after he did it the first time because she didn't want to get the wrong impression! That awkward moment is remembered well.

She should be disgusted by the instincts but she can't really...find it in herself to be so right now. This was no time for self-pity or self-loathing!

She pulls her head back a little so she can look at him. "You worry you might deepen my darkness. It could happen...but...I guess that's a risk I'll take if the alternative is never being around you again." Her ears fold flat down and she tries to ease the belt out of the other half of the buckle.

Avira wants to say she wasn't afraid of 'them' but that would be a lie and Skoll would be able to sense it. "I want to help you." she whispers quietly in his ear, praying that they aren't listening right now.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll accepts Avira's excuse rather naturally, while he keeps looking at places like Avira's cheeks and neck. His ears 'twitch' a little, as if he were trying to get rid of a particularly annoying fly. Did he notice her playing with the buckle? It is metalic, and it does make sound, but it would seem that Skoll trusts her enough that he'll just let her do whatever she is trying to do.

His expression grows a bit sad when she mirrors his own worry. His tail slows a little and the beastly young man bows his head a little. Her further expression that she doesn't want him to leave her like that... does strike a chord somewhere within his heart. The expression on his face visibly changes, showing that the thought saddens him too. His ears even go all flat. He then touches his nose against her cheek. "I'd always be with you in some way." He offers to her.

And then she goes and says what he was worried about. "I don't know if you can help... Avira. I don't want to put you into that kind of danger. And... I don't know if I /can/ be helped. I am me. I owe so much to them..." He knows what she is meaning to say - or at least he thinks he knows. "And for all I know, they might target you... I wouldn't want that to happen to you." Though he's immediately reminded of something Zia had said not long ago, on the Alexandrian mountains. You can't protect everyone.
Avira She's only half aware of his lack of gaze, really, since part of her is distracted with working off that collar. Those ears twitching, though, make her stop suddenly, worried that he's definitely noticing her removing that buckle. She waits a few seconds before resuming, working the belt free of the buckle completely.

Her sadness is genuine, really. She didn't want his darkness to take him away from her and she believes it is the same for the other friends he holds dear to him. "Skoll..." she murmurs quietly, sounding sad even though he mentions that he'd always be there. He'd said the same thing about Manhattan but...this was different. She didn't want Skoll to be reduced to nothing but memories.

Avira's ears go flat now, both in sadness and anger. "There has to be something." Oh if Skoll only knew she was placed in that danger. "And...and let's be real here. Look at me. I am the leader of VALKYRI. I've taken a stand against the Shadow Lords. Have I not fought them bravely? Even with this change, I'm still fighting back." She half-smiles, "I'm not going to be a novice forever...and I'm not going to be a damsel in distress."
Skoll Ulfang Skoll still doesn't react to the collar being fully undone. It would truly seem this is a regular collar. That, or his attention is simply too much on the girl herself - though this is doubtful. Now and again, he quickly glances up at her eyes, noting her full expression, before looking away again. His ears perk a little when she speaks his name. Instinct and all. "You shouldn't worry." He whispers. But of course, it's not like he can truly stop things from happening if they did. But... he doesn't want her to worry. He doesn't want anyone to be sad regarding his presence or lack there-of.

Making bonds really is... painful at times.

And there go Avira's own ears. "Something?" He asks? The girl then asks him to look at her. He still won't look in her eyes, but he instead concentrates on her lips. "I'm looking." He whispers, before nodding his head. "I know you are the head of the VALKYRI, and that you are standing against the Shadow Lords. You've indeed fought them bravely... but because you fought them... this happened to you." He touches his hands lightly against her waist.

"You almost died when you fought the red haired man, you were turned into this new beastly form of yours..." He doesn't call it 'monsterous' at least. "... I know you are not wanting to be a damsel in distress... but if you'd get hurt by my regard... I would never be able to forgive myself." Maybe that's a bit of an overexageration...
Avira Avira begins to slide the collar off from around his neck, watching Skoll for any kind of change. But there...isn't one. On one hand, Skoll didn't behave like a mind controlled thrall. On the other, she'd never been around him when he was in the presence of the Gaudium Lords. Maybe it only worked then? Perhaps she should hold onto this.

"Y..yeah..." she says, giving him a pleading look. Then he reminds her of her time with Kaze and how that man with the gun nearly killed her. The rest of the misfortunte that's befallen her...well.. "Don't blame all those things on yourself, Skoll!" she admonishes, "These are the results of choices I made. Unless you plan to control my choices, it isn't something you can stop." she half-smiles. "Okay Skoll? Promise me you'll stop blaming yourself...pleaaaaaase?"

She adds a little puppy whine to this request too.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll's collar comes up, and his hands finally move up to touch hers as she takes it off, giving her a confused look. He's not sure why she is taking off the collar after all. He touches the leather and tries to pick it up out of her hands and then moves it to her neck... just to see how it would look. It's way too small for her... as she is now. "Do you want a collar too?" He asks, while tilting his head a little and showing his teeth.

The beast then tilts his head a bit the opposite way when her eyes become pleading. He catches onto the expression easily and quickly. "I... don't blame all of those on me. Only your meeting with Kaze..." After all, Sevarious had been her fault. But still... what had he been there? Been there with her to keep her safe?

Her next words strike another chord though. To control her choices. He's reminded then, of Hati, and how she'd reveiled what their father had truly been. Although... he still has doubts. After all, she's tainted with darkness. But here he stands before Avira, and he doesn't doubt her! "I... I don't want to control your choices, Avira. But..." And then she goes on to whine. He instinctively moves his head along her cheek and lays his nose to hers for just a short moment, before backing away a little, casting his gaze to the ground.

"Don't do that... please... I can't..."
Avira Seeing that he's now noticed her efforts to slip that collar off of him, Avira tries to shift the focus off of their current depressing conversation about getting in trouble and making choices to the piece of jewelry. "...just been curious...where you've got this from." She lets him take it, but slight fear shows in her eyes when it seems he wants to put it on her. With that around her neck, they could control her!

"Even then...I made the choice to attack him. It was a dumb thing to do, really, because you /told/ me how dangerous he was. See, even that was really my fault." She smiles a sad smile, "For as clever as I can be I still do lots of stupid things."

Her whine gets that immediate reaction from him and an eyeridge rises. " what?" she lets out another little whine, "..that?"
Skoll Ulfang "... I think I got it when I was in this place called 'Akibara'." Skoll answers, looking up while thinking about this, and then looks back down to her. "They had some nice things. Got this shirt there too." He points at the shirt he's wearing. It's his favorite shirt... and he's basically always wearing it. At least he's good with the whole 'doing the laundry' thing. He keeps looking at his color, and then notes that speck of fear in her eyes...

Is she afraid of him? Or his collar? He looks at the thing, and then up at her again... but she's already shifted the subject. But the mood remains a tad sad and depressing. "I know but... still, if I'd never told you about him, you'd never attacked him." He comments, his ears moving flat against his head again. And then she starts whining again. His eyes go a little sad and he moves his head and instinctively nuzzles her again, letting out a little whine of his own.

"That... that sad whine..." His tail even goes between his legs. "Why are you sad, Avira? Please don't be sad..." He keeps his hands on her clawed ones.
Avira "Akibara?" Avira tilts her head to the side, just like a confused dog. Skoll's earlier observation about her picking up on instincts was pretty spot on. She doesn't even notice how expressive she's being. She looks down at his shirt...then at his collar, then the shirt again. Maybe...maybe she was wrong. Maybe Skoll doesn't have a 'control collar' at all. "Where is this place?"

Her hands move back to the collar to take it. If she's allowed to, she'll lean forward against him and start to put it back on. Though as a whim, and just to be sure, she brushes the back of her fingers against his neck.

"I am sad about the blame game, Skoll." Avira says quietly, looking to him and fortunately, ceasing the whining noises. "I know a lot of bad stuff has happened...but can we not dwell on it? I do promise to be more careful...and not engage the red-haired man..."
Skoll Ulfang "I don't know. I've not found my way back in a while. But it was a place similar to this place. When I was in Akibara, there were already these strange heartless... I am guess it'd just 'opened up'..." For a loack of better wording. Not that he knows just how appropiate those words are.

He notices her staring at his shirt then, and then at his collar... and then his /shirt/ again. "Need me to take off the shirt as well?" He asks, misinterpretting her and already removing the thing when she leans forward /against/ him. The wolf stops half-way with his hands up, and then lets his shirt drop again and bows his head to let her put on the collar. The brushing of her fingers against his neck then suddenly get a strange reaction. The wolf's tail starts wagging quickly and his right leg twitches a little... and his mouth opens up. His tongue at least doesn't come lolling out.

He corrects his posture by the time she speaks again, his ears half-way down to show embarassment, and he's /specifically/ trying to look elsewhere now. "I guess I can try not to dwell on it..." Skoll whispers.
Avira "Then maybe you should show it to me sometime." OH GOSH anything to bail from this awkward moment involving removing pieces of Skolls clothing. Especially so as Skoll offers to remove even MORE of them. If Avira were still human, she'd be blushing right now.

The collar is placed back on Skoll's neck just as he offers to take off his shirt, "That's okay!" she squeaks, "I can see it fine from here. It's a neat shirt. Ahaha-"

Avira eyes that look on Skoll's face. It seems familiar. That sort of sedate, happy gaze. After putting the collar back on, she lets her fingers gently touch the nape of his neck, if only briefly.

The awkward moment, fortunately, passes. "Good." she says, relaxing as it seems she's out of the woods. The secret of the incident in the sewers was preserved and now he wouldn't be in danger of being 'disappeared' by the Shadow Lords based on her interference. They had to keep Skoll around her and the Shard Seekers and Zia...and hopefully, that control would erode.

At last she pulls away from him. "I hope you enjoy your gifts~"
Skoll Ulfang "As I said, I've not found my way back in a while. I think it must have fallen." Skoll points out, and waits for Avira to put his collar back on before he just chuckles. The little squeek was... cute. The nervousness about him taking off his shirt is something that still confounds him though. Humans. Silly people. But then, he guesses Avira isn't really currently under the 'human' category. But she was one once, so that counts for enough!

The look in Avira's eyes does set him off a little though. His ears perk and his tail wags without really realizing why she is looking happy. Her fingers touching his neck once more gets her the same reaction. A twitch of the legs and an opening of his mouth, as well as a slight blush... after which he steps back a single step and moves a hand to his neck, seeing even more embarassed than before. His tail just won't wagging. Grrr.

"I am sure I'll enjoy my gif~... you leaving already?"
Avira Mutate she may be...the animal genes had not completely overridden the human sensibilities she grew up with. Sure, she doesn't mind looking at bare man chest but too much looking could give off the wrong impression. Not that tonight wasn't already a huge bag of mixed signals that Avira has completely given up on trying to read. Isn't that what the books had warned her about anyway? Trying to read too much into things lead to the wrong conclusions? She doesn't WANT to be driven nuts by this kind of thing!

But still...that happy doggy look on Skolls face makes her want to continue. Regretfully, she pulls herself away, but she's still smiling.

"Yes. Why, did you want me to stay longer?"
Skoll Ulfang Ah yes, mixed signals, aren't they lovely? Skoll is the king of mixed signals it would appear. Mostly because he doesn't even know what he wants himself. At least in the future, Hati will be setting him right on a few things. But... what will that even mean for Avira? And more importantly... she will likely no longer need his help then. And she has so many boys who desire her already. Why add a werewolf to the mix?

The werewolf looks away and spots his tail, and moves his hand to grab it and stop it from wagging so frantically. "I... I don't know. I just..." Skoll stammers a little, before shaking his head. "No, I have no right to keep you here. I didn't really have anything in mind... I just thought you were staying a bit longer. But - I guess you were just checking up on me real quick - right?" He nods, as if agreeing with his own statement.
Avira She needed a definitive sign! It was frustrating-thanks to Valeth, she learned the painful lesson of pursuing a guy that had showed no signs of affection. Wrestling with her heart, preventing it from rushing off again, was difficult.

Werewolf? So what, really. He wasn't scared of him. She wasn't repulsed by him either.

Avira looks confused as he tries to stop his tail from wagging. "Skolll..." she nudges him a little, "I can stay a while longer. I don't mind. This was the farthest away delivery I had to make."
Skoll Ulfang Skoll looks up at the ceiling when the girl gets closer and nudges him. She always remains close. Oh, that tile looks incredibly interesting. Still, he lets his tail go, and it continues to wag slowly. "Farthest away delivery? Then you must be hungry and tired!" Skoll then suddenly decides. The werewolf then pads right past her and waves her over. "Come come. I will make you some food! I've got some bacon... and some beef... and I think there's some bacon." Two times bacon?

He looks behind him when he's passed her up though, pausing for just a moment. One ear droops while the other stays up. Is this okay? To let her stay? He should just let her leave. Just like he was so afraid when he'd guarded Zia that he might be noticed by the Lords. What if he'd been summoned then? What if he'd not been there for Zia? Sure, there'd been no threats, but...

Skoll worries. Skoll worries a lot. Still, the thought of making some meat will at least calm him down and rid him of those negative thoughts. "I think they may have some vegetables too... but..." She's like this now. Does she even still have the 'stomach' for vegetables? He waits for her at the lobby, before he continues on to the kitchen and starts pulling out meat and pans and starts cooking. He looks nervous.
Avira Strange how much her issues with physical contact had disappeared. Months ago she would recoil at the touch of other people. Now, she'll initiate it. All effects from being around and having friends to pull her out of her silly quirks.

"Bacon? Did you say bacon?" Suddenly she's very interested. Avira's tail doesn't wag so much as it waves back and forth. It's like the wolf instinct has to battle with that of the snake for operation of the tail.

Happily, she trots after him. "Let's try it." she says, slipping into the kitchen after him. Mmm, food.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll stands there already when she slips into the kitchen, and there is the sound of the bacon-fat touching the hot pan. SISSSSSZZZLE. It spits and spatters, as Skoll puts in more bacon and just kind of relaxes. It seems this werewolf calms down around food. That, or he's just a good cook and enjoys cooking. He even goes so far as humming a little... which really sounds more like puppy-like whines. The happy kind.

"Bacon bacon bacooon..." He sings. He's not good at singing. But you should hear him howl! The werewolf looks behind him to her, and moves one of his feet out to 'pull a seat' away from the table. "Sit on down. It may be a bit small a seat... but..." He eyes the 'wagging' of the snake tail. That's certainly interesting. For a moment, he's entranced by the movie like some stupid cat. But no, he's a wolf! An honorable and respectful wolf!

So he tears his gaze away from the snake and moves through the kitchen, finding a plate... and then adds more bacon to the pan. Its delicious scent quickly spreading throughout the kitchen.

This scene contained 31 poses. The players who were present were: Skoll Ulfang, Avira