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Kissing Under the Mistletoe
(2012-12-24 - 2012-12-25)
The Shard Seekers are doing community service in Traverse Town, providing the refugees with clothing and soup. Katyna meets with the group and introduces the leader of the Shard Seekers to the wonders of the mistletoe.
Reize Seatlan It's a snowy night at Traverse Town. They fall slowly, whisked away by the wind. The homely place that is constantly filled with the night sky, save for the bright lights overthe streets. The open area is filled with brick roads and buildings that join together.

Numerous stores line up in the streets, trying to draw people in. Many are filled with people trying to hndle some last shopping. While this is the shopping district, along the streets are a few stands set up.

Those stands are small, filled with various volunteers passing out food, blankets, and so on. This is a good opportunity for the Shard Seekers to do some bonding with the people of the town, including the refugees of New York.

Reize had been leading the efforts to provide food and warm blankets for the snowy weather. The leader himself is passing out soup and blankets over towards a family, offering them a bright smile.

"There you go!"

He brightens, his head lifting up. "It's good to be able to help some of the families here." This is also a good opportunity for Leida to help others for her path of atonement. Besides, this is community service for the Shard Seekers!
Leida The little princess in question is also here, wearing the same plain shirt/dress that she foraged out of the Shard Seeker's stockpiles, a belt cinched around her waist to keep it from drifting up and damaging her modesty. The practical garment looks rather out of place in comparison to the elaborate metal greaves rising up to her knees. Clearly some clothes shopping is in order.

Leida seems unbothered by the cold, despite her exposed legs, and goes about passing the smaller gifts out to those who approach. Each person is greeted with a shy awkward smile and sent on their way with a formal Japanese bow. Manners are important, after all.

Christmas was a foreign holiday to the girl but the concept of giving gifts was universal and with the cold settling in on the unfortunate survivors of Manhattan's tragic downfall she cannot help but feel compelled to aid them however she can.

"Umm... please... take this..."
Katyna After her 'lesson' with Riku, Katyna had been feeling kind of sombre..As expected, disturbing nightmares had invaded her dreams and she had been unable to lurk the dark hallways of Hollow Bastion without glancing over her shoulder at the slightest breath of wind, or passing of a shadow.

Her wanderings eventually took her back to Traverse Town where she now searches for her lost rosary amid the crowded streets of refugees who seem to only grow more abundant with every passing day.

Kat's no generous volunteer or kind hearted chariteer, but she IS looking for information, and so she walks with a basket of apples, passing them out to refugees while seeking information from them in exchange, about the whereabouts of her precious holy relic.
Lily Lily's been quietly helping out the group. A lot of strange things have been going around and it's left her in a quieter, more thoughtful mood. Now back in Traverse Town, she's with the Shard Seekers... in fact, seated at the booth, not too far from Reize and smiling around, cute as a button with that bowl cut of hers... don't mind the crystal in the girl's forehead really.

"I don't know what this Christmas is that a lot of people are talking about, but it has everyone pretty busy!"
Reize Seatlan Reize is taking the moment to look over the activities of his companions. The princess, who is under his charge, is working her best to give out the presents to families of the less fortunate. The young boy grins happily, then he looks over to see a group of kids running over him.

"Hey! Big Bro! Tell us a story! You said you'd tell us a story!"
"Yeah! You have a lot of adventures! Tell us!"

Reize scratches his head towards the children, offering them a smile, "Hehehe. Don't worry, I'll tell you kiddos a story of adventure when this is all over." He leans over to ruffle their hair. For a moment, Reize's smile grows fainter, slowly feeling reminiscent to his home. Those kids...

He joins with Lily and Leida.

"Well, uhh... I don't know too much myself. I was told that there was an origin behind it, but no one has told me what yet. Nevertheless, it's also where there is a rush of good will towards others. ...With things that have happened to the people of Manhattan, it is much needed." He offers a faint smile.

"I also seen that there has been an exchange of presents amongst people as well."

He scratches his chin, "Maybe Ivo would know." Though, amongst the people doing good will, Reize looks over towards a familiar figure, "...Katyna?" Reize brightens, "Oooi!" %
Leida Leida winces mid-bow at the mention of the Manhattanite's suffering but manages to hide it from the mother and her two children now carrying away the bundle of blankets. She lingers with her head down a little longer than usual this time, staring at the footprints in the snow.

Naturally, that comment was meant for her she thinks. Reize and the others were very kind but also very adamant about ensuring she never allowed herself to hide from the truth. Still, she didn't want to ruin this occasion for celebration so she puts on her best 'cheerful princess' smile and straightens up, moving to get a new set of blankets.

Her attention is caught by Reize's callout to the apple-bearing woman and she turns her head to stare out towards Katyna curiously. Her lack of concentration, however, fails to register that she is still moving forwards and she plows straight into the tall pile of fabric. With a soft squeak, she flails at the sudden impact, pushing her hands out to try and steady the now wobbling Jenga tower of blankets but only succeeds in shoving the middle backwards and the rest come tumbling down atop her in a padded avalanche.
Katyna It doesn't take long for Katyna to cross the paths of the shard seekers, recognizing a few faces from brief encounters with them in the past. What she finds most interesting is that the Shadow Lord Leida is here, helping out as well. Was she on a mission too? Perhaps she was merely spying on them.

Her gaze sweeps casually over Leida's appearance, not giving it too much thought. There's the girl Lily whom she's seen once or twice..And then Reize. She smiles a little at the boy in the yellow scarf, his ever chipper demeanor helping to lighten her mood, although her amber eyes look distinctly tired all the same.

"Reize..Hey!" She calls out, moving towards him, but hesitates for some reason. What was it that Seith had told her about this boy..No, no, he'd been quite mysterious, but he obviously had an interest in her. All the same, Kat had made an oath to protect him, as strange as it seemed.

"It's a been a while, how've you been? Oh.." She sweatdrops then, as Leida topples to the ground. She'd normally tell the girl to get up on her own two feet, but other eyes are watching her. She smirks instead, moving towards Leida, offering her a hand, "Hey, you alrght?"
Lily "Auh?" It's not that Lily wasn't listening to Reize's explanation. But well...

There's ab it of a tumble nearby, and LIly gets a front row seat at Leida being BURIED under blankets. "Urmmm---?!" The mage girl's tone is a bit squeaky and uncertain at this, but she scampers over to the Leidapile and attempts to reach through all of the blankets to dig her out. "Are you alright...?"
Reize Seatlan "It's been getting a little hectic, but the Shard Seekers are pulling through!" Both hands rest on his hips as he lifts his chin up high.


Now that snaps him back to attention. "Leida!" Quickly creening his head over towards the young princess as she falls over with the blankets coming down at her like an avalanche. The boy is joining both ladies in getting poor Leida out of that large pile. The young leader of the Shard Seekers is admittedly trying not to laugh, because it is likely that she is not SERIOUSLY hurt.

But still, he's worried for her. "Heheh--Leida... are---snrnk-- you alright?" He's trying not to. But, he has to admit, it is kinda funny. Though, she likely won't laugh.
Leida After a few moments of digging, the trio manage to unearth the small girl from the mountain of blankets, apparently unharmed. Sitting on the snow, she looks up at them already half in tears at the mess made by her clumsy mistake, her hands balled up to cover her mouth. It was just like back at home, she was always doing this.

"I-I'm so sorry! Please... I-I'll fold them back up... I promise!"
Lily "H-hello!" Lily asides over at Katyna, giggling a bit to herself at Leida's situation. It's funny, she can't help it. That just looked silly for some reason!

But the expression Leida's showing makes that wipe away pretty fast. She peers down at her confusedly.. leeaaaaaning forward a bit too precariously!

You know her though. At that point, onelittle push might send her toppling. Watch out! "... you didn't hurt anything, why... why so upset...?"
Katyna Kat nods and smiles, "I really has been a while, hasn't it? But I'm glad to see you're alive and well! You must have your hands busy leading the Shard Seekers with all these new members all the time. You've made quite a name for yourself!" She grins and winks, making light of the situation. A quick check of his attire assures her that the pendant is still there. But she's still no closer to discovering its secrets.

Katyna nods and smiles to Lily as well, trying to remember her name. "..Lily wasn't it? Good to see you again! It's been a while. I'm sure you've been taking real good care of Reize now, haven't you?"

Another thoughtful glance towards Leida, and she ever so slightly arches a brow as she attempts to help her to her feet. "Heey, what's all the crying about? It's just some clothes. No big deal, right?" Hmm, this girl is as strange as she was back in Manhattan, but..She seems different somehow, more personable, perhaps..Was it because of Reize's influence..? Kat nods towards Leida all the same, acting as if they've never met before as she offers her a curious smile.. "And I see you have a new member..What's your name?"
Reize Seatlan Reize can't help but still snicker, but when she starts to develop tears, the boy reaches a hand out to rest on the princess's head.

"Oooii, Leida. Don't worry about it! No one was harmed!" He offers Leida that paternal smile, his hand lifts up to he to take his hand. "Come on, let's get these out to the people, okay?"

And then, his eyes shift towards Katyna, a sheepish smile is rewared to her as she mentions about his hands full. "Yeah! It's... been a bit of a struggle! But we're managing!" Reize is never without that pendant. It remains well around his neck.

The boy gestures a hand over to Leida, "Oh! Katyna, I want you t meet our newest member, Leida!" He glances towards Leida, "Leida, this is Katyna, she helped me on an occasion when we first met!"
As the boy looks over his head, his eyes stare at one of the railings above.

Oh hey, with all of them so close, a segment of mistletoes are up.

"Whoooooaaa! What are those?"
Leida At Reize's headpat the girl closes her eyes instinctively, expecting to be struck for her carelessness... but the hand just rests there causing her to blink in surprise. The quick application of gentle reassurances stems the tides before they get out of hand and Leida sniffles, rubbing the back of her sleeve across her face.

"R-really?" They are all staring down at her but not one them seems mad, so she timidly takes the outstretched hands and stands up, still half buried in clothing and blankets.

She turns to look up at Katyna, shyly hiding the lower half of her face behind her hands, tucked into the droopy sleeves of the too-large shirt. "N-nice to meet you..." She bows to the dark knight. "Please treat me kindly." The traditional greeting comes across as a little strange through the magic of the multi-verse's auto translator.

Her gaze is drawn upwards along with Reize's to the strange ribbon-bound leaves. She has no idea what they are either.
Lily "Nnhm! Lily!" Nodding her approval at Katyna, Lily takes a few steps Reize's way while looking at her and promptly HUGS the ceilingwards-looking boy from the side witha tight squeeze the way one might grab a teddy bear.

"I have! It's not easy. He keeps running into dangerous places..." This is said sourly and sadly, and she squeezes the boy again... her concern more than a little evident.
Katyna Katyna blinks, peering intently at Leida as she continues to sniffle, acting terribly shy and bashful..So very strange from when she attacked those goodygoods back in Manhattan. She scratches her head, trying to figure it out...Oh wait, she must be putting on an act. A really good act!

She smirks at Leida, shaking her head, "Wow, you're really shy Leida..Dont worry, I wont hurt you..It's really nice to meet you too!" she glances back at Lily and chuckles, nodding very well what a trouble magnet Reize is. "Glad to hear that. He really does manage to get himself in a lot of trouble, doesnt he?" Another impish wink is tossed towards Lily..and Reize too, only the sly..

And then he just HAD to ask about that mistletoe..But this gives Kat an idea..With a mischevous twinkle in her eye, she steps closer to Reize, offering him her hand to take, as if to lead him towards the mistletoe. "Ooh, you really dont know? Well then, come on Reize, lemme show you what that's all about!"
Reize Seatlan There is a growing concern for Leida when she closes her eyes instinctively. It is a frown that draws on him, realizing that the girl had a lot to deal with in her time. He gives a thoughtful muse, then he leans hishead over towards her forehead.

"Oii, don't worry. You're amongst friends now."

Then, he pulls back his brotherly affections, grinning towards the interaction between the two. Meanwhile, as Reize continues to look up towards the ribbon-bound leaves, he can feel Lily's hug embracing him. He places his arm around her to return the hug.

As Lily notes about his habits with the sourly tone, Reize can only give Lily an apologetic smile. As for Katyna, he does note the wink his way. He laughs sheepishly, the cheeks turning bright red.

"Oh! You'll show me? Great~!" Reize is absolutely interested in learning more about the strange plant. "I don't think I've ever seen one of those before! I wonder if we should plant some at the garden!"
Leida Leida nods once at the comforting words, gazing down at the ground bashfully. After a moment, she kneels down and starts to sort the pile of blankets, putting the ones that managed to stay folded up to one side. The stack is quite small.

The rest form a sort of odd hill around her with an indention in the middle where the girl sits and she begins the process of refolding them and adding them to the palette for distribution.

If the princess recognises her former compatriot in any way, she doesn't let it show. Nor does she seem to be aware of the dastardly plot currently being hatched.
Lily "Too much." Lily agrees firmly. She is learning. She is learning FAST. Reize has much tio worry about. Maybe.

"It's hard to keep up with it." She then adds in light complaint, but it's followed by a squeaky noise from the answering hug. Until, that is, Reize's attention is drawn elsewhere. Then she too focused on Katyna and the hanging plant.

"It's kind of pretty.. it's good for something though...? Like medicine?"
Katyna Katyna tries not to bother too much about Leida's strange reaction, acting as if she had been abused at some time in her life. Wow, she must really be a good actress..Katyna doesn't even want to think of the alternative. Afterall, she's already seen too many betrayers to her cause.

Instead she focuses back on Reize, but..How very naieve this poor boy is! But, if it'll earn her more of his trust, then Katyna is willing to...Experiment! Honestly, she's always been a bit of a tomboy, never really interested in boys, but, Reize has always been a little endearing, and fun to teast too! "Just you wait and see, Lily!" Another impish wink before turning back to Reize, quite amused at his innocence.

"Great!" She gently leads him by the hand, positioning him right underneath the mistletoe, then rests her hands on his shoulders. "Now, close your eyes and I'll show you the magic of mistletoe!" Assuming he does close his eyes, being the naieve little child that he is, Katyna moves her face ever closer to his..

And then suddenly, boldly, she presses her lips right up against his own, apparently going in for a full blown french-kiss!

Poor Reize..
Reize Seatlan It feels like Reize's days are numbered as Lily is learning more. It will soon be Shiki and Lily double-teaming Reize, if Lenn doesn't join in to make it triple. Hoo boy.

The naive young man is turning his head towards Katyna, brightening a smile her way. He looks back towards Leida, "I'll be back in a moment to help you!" And thus, Reize is following Katyna with curiosity over the mistletoe hanging above them.

After he gets close towards Katyna, he looks up at the mistletoe. "Huh?" Blink. Close his eyes, "Alright!" So, Reize complies with Katyna's recommendation, shutting his eyes to learn more about he mistletoe and----

---Wait, what?



The antenna hair rises up.

Reize's lips become locked with Katyna for that full blown french kiss. Both eyes widen pretty quickly now.
Leida Despite being a princess, the type of girl most people would assume has been pampered their entire life and couldn't tie their own shoe laces, Leida seems to be rather skilled at folding the laundry. She goes through the pile with impressive speed and the neatly folded blankets start to pile up in short stacks.

When Reize offers to help, she looks up in surprise at him. This was her mess, he didn't need to do that. But she decides not to turn down the offer as it might be rude.

"Oh... a-alrigh--aaaaah!"

Upon seeing Katyna's bold manuever, Leida colors up immediately, her entire face going bright red. That was some serious kissing! She looks away, /very intently/ focusing on folding the blankets. And maybe... sneaking a glance every couple seconds.
Lily "Uwooah..." Amazing. That is the expression Lily sprouts the moment the two go at it-- or rather, katyna goes at it.

Her eyes are completely wide, flaring with innocent curiosity and wonder. She starts tapping a finger to her lips thoughtfully, studying this hard!

... she's not feeling any magic at ALL coming from this, and that's the most perplexing part of it at all. Magic was mentioned.

A further peer is made to Reize's reaction and the hair.

Unlike Leida who ducks to hide... Lily starts sneaking in for a closer look.
Katyna Wow...He is so naieve! Almost sadly so. It really has Katyna wondering what significance this somewhat clueless boy is to the mysterious Seith. Seriously! But she had seen for herself what that pendant was capable of doing. Still, Reize is an enemy of the Shadow Lords...Isn't he? But, Katyna had made an oath to Seith to keep this one safe. So confusing! It just means his protectors will have to be a lot more cunning in order to better protect him from such tricks..!

"Mmmm..." Kat can't help it, she's enjoying this too much! Although she eventually does let him go, still holding onto his shoulders to steady him incase he faints or something. Finally she glances sidelong at the other girls and winks slyly at them both, as if sharing some secret with them. "well, now you know!"

Glancing back at Reize, she flashes him one of her charming smiles, and chuckles, "Oh, Reize, you can relax, it was just a kiss!" Another chuckle as she attempts to brush his shocked hair down. "But you're really cute when you're nervous, y'know that?" wink wink. "That's the magic of the mistletoe, see? It's an ancient tradition..When two people walk under the mistletoe, they must kiss each other. To refuse a kiss under the mistletoe is to bring bad luck to the both of us!"
Reize Seatlan What an experience.

Reize was taken to the bottom of the mistletoe. As he was directly underneathed it, Katyna managed to pull him into a kiss that was a bit more... what's that word?

Nevertheless, the antenna hair flos to the side, then to the other side. If he could he would likely turn into a rocket and start soaring into the sky. The boy's cheeks are beet red. That flush is consuming his face while he is in that shocked state.

He calms down. ...Or somehow manages to! Totally unaware of Lily nearby in that closer look. He finally manages to calm, "Ahahahaha, you just surprised me, is all!" Katyna's wink has his face turning red. "...Oh! So, to prevent bad luck, they kiss under the mistletoe?" He scratches his head, "If they do kiss, then that means it brings them good luck! That's an interesting tradition!"
Leida Despite trying to look busy, and failing miserably at it, Leida listens to the explanation for that surprising scene she just witnessed. The belief in luck and fortune was definately a part of her home culture and she understood well the importance of this tradition immediately. Ofcourse, it took a very different form in her world.

A person who was curious about their fate would travel to a shrine and draw a piece of bamboo out of a box with a number written on it. The priest would then find their fortune based on that number and give it to them on a folded piece of paper. Good fortunes were carried on hand so that the luck would remain close by, while bad fortunes were left tied to the branches of nearby trees so as to leave the bad luck behind.

Public displays of affection were unusual and embarassing. To make such a thing so impersonal by hanging this magical leaf about where anyone could walk under it was... shocking to say the least.

That doesn't stop the princess from watching though.
Lily "...oooooooh."

It makes sense to Lily too. Katyna looked like she was having fun, and having fun meant good things. "I didn't feel any magic... buuuuuuuuuut..."

Hey when did she get right behind Reize?

A few moments ago, apparently. Lily's sprouted this insanely cheery grin... and another's hands on his shoulders or not, she taps on Reize's shoulders, reaches a hand up to his head... and attempts to turn him around to deliver her own full-fldged SMOOCH, mimicking Katyna!
Reize Seatlan Actually, Katyna was just playing this all by ear. She knew little of the traditions of mistletoe, as it was usually something reserved for the spoiled and wealthy. Not something for the likes of a poor orphanned street wench such as herself.

"Heheheh. Never let your guard down, Reize.." For a moment, there's a serious look in her eye as she says that. "But afterall, this is the Christmas season, and a time for hope, love and happiness!" Another cheerful smile, even though she's hating every part of this now..Back when she was with Riku, in that dark hall, memories of empty Christmases had assauled her mind and torn at her soul..But she didnt want to think about that right now.

"Hmm, if you kiss under the mistletoe, it means you wish well for the other person. It also means you are entitled to one special wish.." She continues to make it up, finally letting go of his shoulders and stepping back, partially hidden by the shade of an overlooking roof. "Just be careful what you wish for.." And before they can dwell too much on that topic, or question it too much, she spins around to face the other two girls.

"Well then! What do you two think? Dont be shy! Now, if someone walks under a mistletoe, even a complete stranger, you know what to do!"
Reize Seatlan After a moment, Reize turns his attention towards the princess, who is still displaying that look of shock. Though, to be fair, Reize is still shocked as well. His cheeks are beet red as that nervousness sets in. He turns his head to face Katyna as she gives him serious look to never let his guard down. "...Right."

So, the person who kisses the person is entitled to a special wish. "A special wish? ... I wonder what would yours b--" Then, he blinks or a moment.


"Where's... Lil--..."

Wait. The tap on the shoulder has him shifting. Reize turns around to see Lily. Wait, when did she get behind him?!And the boy is caught in the onslaught of that full-fledged smooch.


His antenna hair springs back up, the eyes widen. The cheeks are turning red, but soon, his arms wrap around Lily.
Leida "S-scandalous...!" Leida mutters to herself as even Lily gets involved in this barbarian tradition. Her hands go to her face, trying to hide her embarassment as she openly stares at them now. Poor Reize, being used so cruelly. She wants to rescue him from this shame but lacking a means, she just focuses on the jumbled throne of blankets again.

However, Katyna calls her out and she seizes up at the implications that a dignified personage of her stature would behave as such! In public no less! Setting her back and looking as regal as she can, Leida turns her nose up at the other girl and closes her eyes with a soft 'hmph!'.

"A-A princess would never debase herself with such... flamboyant behavior!"
Lily All of trhat studying gave Lily a pretty good idea of what was going on! A few glances to her and Reize right now makes that clear enough. A deep and merry french kiss! Eventually though it's time to pull away.

And that's when she giggles more happily than she has for weeks. her own cheeks are a bit flushed but she's hardly acting embarassed, that's for sure. "Kind of feels magical though, in a different way!" She grins impishly at Katyna.

Her behavior's getting more assertive and colorful. Oh dear indeed.

"I'll think of something-- huhn...?"

The girl in white turns about to peer Leida's way. "... ... umm... a what wouldn't what... what what...?" She starts mumbling the many unfamiliar words...
Katyna Katyna chuckles as Lily steps up to Reize and offers him another smooch. Wow, lucky guy..She arches a brow when he asks what her special wish would be and simply shrugs. "Hmm, my special wish? I never really thought of that but.."

A soft sigh escapes her lips, shaking her head slowly. Special wish? Why..There was only one she ever really wanted..~To be strong, to be tough enough that nothing, no one could ever hurt her again..~

"I guess..If I tell you, it might not come true, so I'd better keep it a secret." She looks back at Lily thoughtfuly. Yeah, she's sure he will be safe in her hands, but as for Leida? She's not so sure about that. And what's with this whole princess stuff..? Still..Perhaps this is part of some bigger plan? Yes, it must be. Kat will have to approach her at another time as Ember to make sure, however..

"Lily..Leida..Please take care of Reize..Until next time..Merry Christmas to all of you..May all your wishes come true!" Another cheerful smile is flashed before Katyna steps away from the trio and vanishes into the shadows of a nearby alleyway..
Reize Seatlan Reize's current status: @_@

It has been a very interesting day for the leader of the Shard Seekers. He had been kissed twice in one day, thanks to the mistletoe above him. The young leader winces, however, when Leida becomes offended.

He rus the back of his head, giving a very sheepish smile. "Errrr..

0It is sudden, the pendant is glowing with a dim light. It flickers on and off.

A blink. "Buh?" He looks over to the pendant, furrowing his eyebrows. Did someone have a strong wish? Reize falls to a pause before he shakes his head. A glance is given towards Katyna and then he offers a wave. "Take care, Katyna!" Then, the boy waves his hand repeatedly, "Merry Christmas!"

He then looks over towards Lily and Leida. "...Alright, we should get back to taking care of things. We're almost done handing out the blankets to the refugees!" He brightens, cheerfully approaching Leida, "Let me help you--and...."

That is when he looks up to notice that he and Leida are underneath a mistletoe.

Leida "Hmph!" Leida refuses to look back at the elder girl as she wishes them well and vanishes. Lily's confusion is voiced in such a manner that it is incomprehensible to the princess, so she just focuses on the suggestion that they get back to doing what they originally came out here to do in the first place.

The majority of the blankets sit refolded now in small piles as high as she was able to reach while kneeling. Leida takes one of these and shuffles it over towards the kiosk, settling it down and turning to repeat the process. However, Reize's sudden interruption causes her to turn and look at him, remembering to stop walking this time.

She notices his look and follows the gaze upwards, a look of embarassed surprise immediately overtaking her. "Eeeeeh?!

Leida glances down at Reize then back up at the mistletoe several times. This was bad! While she was most certainly not from a world that would endorse these strange practices, she didn't want to be rude by refusing to accomodate traditions. Traditions were very important after all! But.. in public?!

After several seconds of this up and down motion, she stares intently at the ground, her hands worrying together infront of her. "U-u-ummm... well... I-I...."
Lily Lily reaches up to scratch at the area around her head jewel a little, as thought it itched, not long after Reize's pendant glowed. But beyond that she's not paying it any mind. It often does that, after all!

"Just do it! Good things are good." She cchimes, humming a few notes of a not-really-song to herself happily just a moment later.

Yeah, what does she know about embarassment or properness? Nothing whatsoever!
Reize Seatlan This is quite the situation, isn't it? The fact is that they are underneath a mistletoe. Even moreso, if they do not kiss, they will suffer bad luck! Think about it. Reize's luck is pretty bad as is. What if this multiplies the bad luck. Imagine during that for the rest of your life!

Reize is looking around, trying to figure out a solution. For Leida's sake of wanting to maintain dignity? Well...

Reize has an idea.

Reaching into his bag of tricks, the young boy procures a small object. It is a strange small object, but the young boy extends a hand over to Lily, "Hey, Lily, come on." He waits for her to come close.

"Well, we don't want the bad luck."

So, Reize immediately drops the orb to the ground. This creates an explosion of smoke to cover the area so that no one can see.

Reize mentally sucks in a breath..


Leida Put between a rock and a hard place, Leida in unable to decide which course of action is appropriate. Lily's cheering only makes her more uncomfortable as the commotion is drawing the attention of many of the nearby refugees who had come for their handouts and ended up getting a free show with their dinner.

Her shoulders sink, wishing she could go back to the pile of blankets and bury herself under them again. When Reize motions the other girl closer, she peers up at them through her bangs, wondering what he plans to do.

His simple explanation for their predicament is like a death sentence handed down from a judge. All of the color drains from her face. But before Leida can manage more than a stammered, "W-wait a mome-!", the pellet explodes and a thick cloud of smoke billows out to obscure them.

The touch of another person's lips on her causes the girl to turn a bright red from the top of her head down to her toes. Her heart thuds in her chest, the sound like a bass drum in her ears. Time seems to drag out unnaturally, even though the kiss lasts only a moment or two.

Immediately the mental image of the deep French kisses that her guardian had shared with the other two girls pops into her head. Before Reize can withdraw from his intended affectionate peck, embarassment wins out over fear, and Leida thrusts both of her arms straight out to push him away with a high pitched scream.


Again, invisible light plays across the tattoo on her shoulder. Power surges, filling her tiny frame with unnatural strength. Hands that were meant to give a firm but gentle shove hit like battering rams.
Lily "Hrm?" unsure what Reize had in mind, Lily leans in for a closer look... and ends up flinching back when HEY SUDDENLY SMOKE. Incidentally this puts her mostly behind Reize, and this time she can't see what's going on. Not... until...


Reize is shoved. And well, she's right behind him.

This might get kooky. She doesn't have much experience catching anyone!
Reize Seatlan It was intended to be a peck.

Nothing more.

Just a peck to stave off the bad luck from them. Unfortunately, Leida's embarassment wins over the fear. The hands immediately strike at the chest, sending him flying. "Gack!" And Lily is right behind him.

And Reize and Lily are likely the unfortunate recipients to fly. However, Reize quickly twists about, which will result him being at the bottom and crashing against one of the stands first. ...And to protect Lily, who will likely be on top of him.

"...I'm okay!!!" He extends an index finger up, looking dizzied.
Leida The force of the impact shoots Reize and Lily across the street, carrying with it most of the smoke, trailing behind them like the exhaust of a missile. When the princess opens her eyes, she's standing alone in the snow with people staring at her in a mixture of awe and amusement. She looks around at the gawkers for a moment, the over at two other Seekers buried under the remains of a kiosk.


Gathering what dignity she has, Leida brushes herself off and scampers out from under the mistletoe to go check on her friends, making sure not to cross below any other instances of the evil leaves of misfortune.

"U-um..." She peers down at them, a finger on her chin. Reize said he was okay but she still feels bad. How did he end up all the way over here anyways?"Sorry..."
Lily Tumble tumble DOWN THEY GO-- "Aaaaahghk--" THUMP!

Oh hey she landed on something relatively soft and warm...?

"Nnnh?" Lily opens her eyes after a very shocking and disorienting few moments... and finds herselfsitting on Reize's somach after sitting up. Blink blink. A glance down. A glance at Leida. She raises a hand and rubs at the side of her head, looking horribly dizzied and...

"I'm so... confused...."

This scene contained 41 poses. The players who were present were: Reize Seatlan, Lily, Katyna, Leida