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Deidra and Will's Bogus Journey
(2012-12-23 - 2012-12-24)
Will asks Deidra about her knowledge on the Fae...and her special book.
Will Sherman The Clocktower.

Will just assumes that Deidra lives up here now, because why the hell not? Gargoyles love high places, and stuff, and it's safe here than anywhere else in the city. Even if she doesn't live up here, he told her to come that he can ask her questions about...the book she has and the fun stuff it might have.

"Hey.... Deidra? You here? It's time for serious question time!" he shouts, a bit in better spirits than he has seen in most days. "Deeeeeidra?"
Deidra It's a good guess really it's high out of the way, one can get air after they wake up. She's around somewhere she hears Will and she creeps up behind him with a big old grin on her face before she goes "BOO! Right here!"
Will Sherman "ACK!" Will says, jumping! "Not cool." he mutters, rarely surprised but he wasn't expecting usually serious Deidra to be...not so serious. This was also the first time he saw her sense...the event. Without warning, he gives her a hug. "Sorry about everything. I really am...but I think I need your help issue." he says, scraching the back of his head...

"Should I tell you everything from the begining, or give you the basic synopsis?"
Deidra Deidra is glad to hear from Will and if anyone figured out where she was sleeping these days this was a good spot for them. The last time she'd seen will was, oh dear god it's a norse god waking up in a very foul mood. Will seems to be well back to himself. "It's acccept but what could I help you with?" Her tail moves a in a somewhat suprised notion, what would Will need from her, but it's got to be imporant if the king of all hobos is asking.

"From the start, I have a feeling it's going to answer some questions."
Will Sherman " story short, Riku and I fell into the keyhole thing? We...fell into fallen Manhattan. It was...a nightmare. There, however, we met Hel." he says, "Hel basicly told us that what was inside me was...Loki, and that something was endangering the seal placed on him. She also guided us to a boat...a magic boat, that took us out of the city."

He pauses... "Well...the boat eventually took us to Riku's home...and then my first home. In the home we kept getting flashes of my past...and Loki's. Loki apparently made lots of bad choices, and was punished for a war that broke out among the third race, as they are called, in the Aesir...a guy named Oberon got involved...and Loki's son was destroyed, and made into chains to bind Loki, where a snake poored venom into his eyes."

"Well, eventually I guess the people wanted to leave the place Loki was sealed? So he had three sisters that apparently were casting a spell...and Oberon messed up the spell on purpose..."

"...And I was born. So...yeah. That's what I am...a seal for a crazy god...I'm not even human. But...we also found out that my powers are drawing on Lokis...and that I need to find my OWN power and use it...or well.."

"Loki comes out to play again."
Deidra Deidra listens intently she knew a fair bit about a lot of myths and legends, given her more recent history she put a lot more stock in them. At the very least the beings talked about in them actually existing. She listns as the tales goe on. "The king of the third of the Race if I recall right." She grimaces listening. "So...your a seal then, a seal that has a mind ans soul of his own but Loki's sleeping in you..." She grimces for a moment "Your right as someday he's going to want to actually wake up. What can Id o to help." She looks a little off like there's something else she's considering given how much Will has just trusted her with.
Will Sherman "We I need to find a way to draw on MY power, and not Loki..." Will looks a bit determined. "I can't risk...helping you guys with this time bomb in me. If I apparently is tied to me using my powers too. The more I use them...the weaker the seal gets. Eventually...I might just unravel completely, and well..." he sighs.

" know about fae magic right? Then we need find out about it, maybe learn about what I need to do to awaken my own stuff?" he asks oddly, "...I mean. I guess...I am"
Deidra Deidra says "I get it, your powers weaken the seal when you use your powers. Okay well then maybe there is something I can do. I do have the tome." She looks for a moment at Will. "Yes, very painfully from first hand experiance." She grimaces more as she thinks back.
Will Sherman "Oh..?" Will asks, looking oddly at her. There WAS that string of Glyossomer...but she was a magical gargoyle right? Eh, who knows! He places his hands behind his back and looks at her again, " you have a tome right? Well, I mean, I dunno what it might HAVE...but it's worth a shot.." he shrugs, "I just...kinda feel out of my league here...and without Manhattan anymore.."
Deidra Deidra says "I have the tome." She pulls it out from inside her jacket. "I'm just going to be honest I had very bad dealings with the third race. To the point I carry cold iron on me always since that encounte." She notes as she gets the book and opens it up. "So I have no idea if there's anything of use here I haven't translated that much of it to be honest. Not till I can master what I have already."
Will Sherman "...Cold Iron?" he asks, and looks at the book.

He opens the book, without even giving a shit, and starts looking at the pages.

"Translate? YOu can't understand this?"
Deidra Deidra nods "Weapons of cold iron could pause even the king of the third race." She frowns "Some of it's in latin and some even in third race. I think the maker did it as a security measure. All the simpler stuff was in latin for the most part."
Will Sherman "Well, that explains why I can't read this..." he says, flipping a page. "YOu mean You can't understand this?"
Stormfall "Ah-- but this is such a /LOVELY view/" comes an amused voice from higher up in the Traverse Town clock tower. "It's such a pity so few have any time for appreciation." There is a chuckle, then a figure comes into view. They toss a ball into one of the clacking mechanical mechanisms that causes the entire part of the puzzle to sizzle, smoke, and half the room to contort into a different shape. "Ah-- and it's not a security measure. It's all /paranoia/ -- but even They have enemies."

A white haired fellow in an extravagent but slightly archaic outfit is floating 'just' behind Will's Shoulder, looking down at what he was reading. "Riveting." The man says with in a bored voice.
Will Sherman Will turns his eyes on ...The guy. He raises an eyebrow...looks back at the book, and then back at the guy. "Not really. It's kinda boring. I actually don't understand it...I mean, I guess I understand the words, but they all mean stuff I have no idea about." he shrugs, letting Deidra have the book fully.

"So who the *goosehonk* are you? I mean, besides...weird." he says, squinting again. He hasn't seem very many Fae, and well...the strings are weird to him.

"I mean, really weird."
Deidra Deidra says "I can it's been slow going i'm just afraid to tamper with somthing I'm not ready for It's not like I have someone to teach...." ehe trails off as someone intrudes into the clock tower and she looks for a moment. "Yes who are you and what business do you seek here?"
Stormfall "My My. I remember you now. You survived."

The man looks greatly amused by this. " And you've grown up to be the soul of charm, haven't you? Or to even have a soul. /Fascinating/" He comes to a spinning flourish stop and takes a great bow. " And who is this humble stranger, who wears the mask of comedy in a room of tragic faces? Oh-- but it is the Puck, and there is none other than I." He floats over to Deidra.

"Ah. Well-- certainly not YOUR business tonight, my dear. Hilarious as it might be with your merry wiles and dire spells and faint" he smells. "--ah yes. Faint smell of desperation and doubt. Another day perhaps, when Puck is in the mood for lighter fare." he turns away from her, dismissing her as he returns to Will.

"Why-- I'm here to /help/ you, of course. Isn't that what you wish? The Puck can provide, for he is never an ungracious guest."
Will Sherman Will looks oddly at Puck for a few moments, cocking his head to the side. The music hasn't played yet, but it's certainly going that direction.

"...Wait..." he pauses, "What do you mean by that?" he tries to play his cards close to his chest, he pauses as Deidra comes to his attention, "Hey, leave her alone." he complains, "IF you're going to be mocking someone, I'm right here."

"And why do you want to help me? I mean, unless you know anything about the third race, from my world, which is now /gone/.." he pauses, "Man, this buisness is making me all serious. I remember the days I'd just bullshit." he sighs, "God I am turning into Mercade Jr."
Deidra Deidra takes a very deep breath at the name. "A Mid Summers Night dream. That play was a retelling of an encounter the writer had with you isn't it?" She looks at Puck again as she's just brushed off prehaps it's for the best she's being ignored she's kinda slinking back. She almost seems somewhat afraid of Puck. The play had Puck as a trickster but not of the malicous kind he had his pranks and no one really was hurt. She however seems a little concerned. "Given who you are I will, trust you have no true ill will, Puck." She's going to try to not react too hard to the insults nor throw any. She recalls how the last her last knowing encounte with one of his kind. She's not Sure what to think of Will but in her mind? Will is Will, King of the Hobos, the sealer of Loki. Nuff said.
Stormfall "An excellent farce, my dear. One I quite enjoyed, though in such things, the Puck is saddened that never is his role truely done justice to." When Will makes his comments, Puck turns his attention back to him. He disappears, reappearing next to Will's other side. "Perhaps someone used too much starch?"

Puck comments with a grin, patting Will's arm. "You are basically the forgotten sheet thrown over ancient Loki grown threadbare and scance with the washings of hundreds of years. You and I are of the same race, even if /clearly/ not of the same quality of making-- and the fact that Loki wiggles his arms and makes spooky noises through the patchwork is reason enough to hand you the sewing needles."

Puck disappears again, now upside down between Will and Deidra and sitting so in the middle of the air. "There is-- of course.. one or two.. small details to attend to."
Will Sherman Will pauses...okay...follow...

He frowns, "Of course we aren't cut from the same cloth." he says, "One of us is royalty, and one of us is obviously a master wordsmith." he says, giving Puck one thing: he can smith those words.

"I, Will Sherman, King of the Hobos will acknowledge your superiority in word smithing." he says, deciding to at least relax a little...

Will doesn't seem to have much trouble, or put off by the disappearing Puck, "You're the second of my race I have met...and to be honest, not a stick in the mud like Hel." he grumps at that, before he feels like he is being smacked on the back of his head, "Ow." he mutters, Why does that always happen.

" what we learned right? Is it because using his power that the seal is breaking down? I mean...does that actually mean I know..."
Deidra Deidra listens to Puck for the moment hse's shyuing back as he basically says Will is comming apart as it were. She listens and nods for a moment "I see so your going to need something from us in return for the sewing supplies or we got to go get them ourselves? It seems the bard was right about your skill at word play." She notes tilting her head
Stormfall "Well. Well." Puck says with another amused grin. "You do have a sense of humor." he makes a hand wobbling gesture. "..of a remedial disposition, but it's certainly more amusing than dealing with other /humorless/ souls." At this Puck looks greatly pained and tragicly weary. He springs back into humor almost instantly.

"Yes Yes. It is quite true. In fact you are barreling straight ahead into a tragic fate. Why, if you caught yourself on a thorn, think of the laundry costs!" Puck laughs at that, wiping his eyes to clear them of his own mirth.

"Let's just get this over with, shall we? I've got places to be, things to attend to." he gestures as if this of course should be obvious. "Ask questions of Puck and he shall answer. But a boon Puck asks of you in return. There is.. a book." he dismisses the one in Will's possession as inconsequential. "Not that one. Some can be terrifyingly adorable in their ignorance at times."

He eyes Deidra for a moment before continuing. "I need it--returned to it's original owner as it has passed from where I can reasonably fetch it. This saddens me but brave, stout adventurers with starch in their spines and iron in their blood should have no problems with such a simple request."
Will Sherman Will makes a bow, "Well, I do what I can...all self taught and all." he makes a grin towards Puck.

"Man, laundry costs are only the half of it!" he quips, " we ask the questions first...or do we have to get the book first? And this doesn't count. Don't even try that stuff, if you think it counts, I will totally hold you down while Tom Wedgies you." he says, cross.

"Anyway, if I have to ask the question...then..."

"How do I realize my powers so that I stop weakening the seal?"
Deidra Deidra listens as Puck gives them a request for a quest she bobs her head again had Puck needed the book will is one of the few people she'd have given it up for. She tilts her head again "I see no problem with this. "Laundy? I thought that was alien to you, Will." As more serious questions get fired off she gets quiet.
Stormfall "Oh, but you ARE going to be fun." Puck steeples his fingers, amused and slightly surpised that Will covered some of the basic angles before they even started the game. He chuckles, reversing his location so that he is floating upright with crossed arms near Will.

" A seal who crosses the sea finds at the bottom of THIS tale, his answer in the belly of a whale, but if you /truely/ want to ken. It's in the wrist, and who you mend." Puck disappears but his voice remains. "And now I send you to off to find, because although the Puck is kind, a few hardships more is what you must wend, and other matters I must strictly tend."
Will Sherman Will looks confused for a moment...well, he'll have to ask smarter people about that.

"...Great. I think I just got more problems..."

"...And now I need to go to the Sea, and find a whale."

Deidra Deidra looks at Will for a moment "The ocean I ... damn it I need to sleep! SPLUNK to the bottom!" She doesn't seem to happy about this idea either. She does know a merchant captain however prehaps. She can contact him.

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