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J for Java
(2012-12-23 - 2012-12-24)
CHIEF is hanging out in Wildcat's Cafe. He meets a few faces and makes a new 'friend'.
Wildcat's Cafe was a nice little Japanese-isk Coffee place. Many people came here to get drinks and what have you. Also thanks to the whole New York mess in another universe, this place has become far more busier. People come and go here from time it is open to the time it is closed.

However for tonight, an unexpected individual sits in the corner of this nice little coffee shop. He has on a black leather duster that has a few holes in it. Pair of red shades, leather fingerless gloves, and a black, armored body suit. Over his feet are a pair of biker-like boots with steel toes; these happen to be on the table, as he leans back slightly in the chair.

A nice waitress walks over and ahems gently. "Sir," She says. However the individual doesn't reply. She then moves in a little closer. "Sir?"

Still no reply or movement.

So the waitress moves in a little closer, so goes to speak, however quickly a hand moves out and snatches her blouse pulling her in close, as he at last speaks. "Listen user," A smile starts to appear on his face; a killer's smile. "Bother me and I can't promise where you may end up next."

The woman's eyes are white and whatever color her skin was is slowly becoming ghostly white. Though when he does let go, she slowly backs up, shivering almost. Before quickly walking away from the table to go speak with her manager.

At this point, the man is getting several looks and a few customers move away from him.

After all, who wants to be near a jerk like that?
TRON Alan is sitting on a table near the back, reading a newspaper to keep current with various stories throughout the multiverse. His talk with Deelel was enlightening, but he can't always rely on others--especially since less-than-friendly Programs are loose.

The disturbance in the back corner causes the man to peer over there over the upper rims of his glasses. The rude man in the corner just called her a 'User'. Only one place in this entire broken universe uses that term.

He waits for the poor waitress to rush past him, then gets up out of his chair while folding his newspaper closed. He tucks it under one arm and slides into a seat at CHIEF's table opposite to him, resting his back against a wall while hanging one arm over the back of his chair. "Was that truly nessisary?" His voice, though quiet, held a strange edge.
LEXUS "Temper temper."

The voice chides lightly, a suited man sitting down as he sits across from CHIEF. A familiar face, one that might be mistaken for those Users, if it wasn't for the glowing purple circuitry lines upon the tie and crawling up the sides of his head to the temple.

And the eyes. The irisless eyes, black holes with a burning violet insignia, circles within circles.

"I know you want to deal with them, CHIEF, but do try to have a /little/ restraint. If nothing else, it's easier when they're not expecting it."

He looks up, stepping to the bar and coming back with a coffee. He takes a drink from it, relaxing for a moment as he smiles. "So, enjoying your freedom?"
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS heard that people looking similar to him were in this place and upon coming in, he finds...a familiar face. "CHIEF?" He asks, looking stupified as he begins to approach. He really didnt hide what he was, and just approaches as if he saw something he didnt expect to see.
Lavi While the incredibly rude behavior might be upsetting, it is not an uncommon sight in the recent days. With so many people homeless and destitute in the aftermath of an entire world's destruction, tensions are naturally high. People express their anxiety and grief in different ways, some becoming withdrawn and insensate, while others bemoan their fates openly.

The customers within the small shop are used to seeing this kind of open aggression every now and then, so they simply put their heads down and try to ignore the two men, hoping that this won't escalation into another open confrontation. This town has enough problems with the smatterings of Heartless that continously seem to crop up to prey on the weak.

It is for that very reason that Lavi has chosen to remain here for the time being. Well, there were other reasons. She had recently accepted a contract from the VALKYRI upon coming to the conclusion that assistance would be preferrable in her quest to gather information about the Heartless. Plus it provided a steady source of income, something she was still getting used to after living in a world that had reverted to barter economy when society had collapsed.

At the moment, however, things seemed quiet. The titanic knight sits outside of the small shop, her legs crossed with both of her massive swords laid in her lap. A group of children sit across from her in a semi-circle and listen with rapt attention as she regails them with tales of her exploits in the lands of Astoria.

"...and then I ran it through the chest!" Her arm is thrust into the air for emphasis to the sound of hissing accuators. "But this beast would not be felled so easily. It had more than one heart you see and it took advantage of the element of surprise to throw me loose and flee. And that was my first encounter with the Shard Lizard."
CHIEF, as it seems the man is called as LEXUS speaks to him. Only glances over at LEXUS past the rims of those red shades with those mildly glowing gold eyes. There was a spark for a moment of green lines started to power on the body suit by they dimmed back down, as he closed his eyes and seem to go back to 'resting' for the most part. "Like they deserve it.." He rumbles softly. He then inhales deeply before he grins. "..and I always enjoy my freedom, after all." He extends out his hands slightly, looking at LEXUS once more. "I am--"

CHIEF doesn't get a chance to finish what he was thinking as another man shows up sitting now at the other table. Looking directly at CHIEF and probably past LEXUS perhaps. This slowly gets CHIEF to look in that direction before he just smiles that dark smile. "Everything is necessary for something or things just wouldn't be what they are."

CHIEF then shrugs, before he at last kicks down his feet, as he does so, those green lines flicker on across that body suit that can be seen. Which for those of the Program world of Computers, it was the lines for those who were military applications.

Also the 'exploits' of an adventure do not escape CHIEF's ears. He can hear the woman talk to children outside; perhaps even hear them ask her further questions about that Shard Lizard, which causes him to look back at Alan, "..Maybe you should go wonder off.." he pauses, a mild chuckle passes his lips, "..and go listen to stories that might suit your little--"

He is unable to finish as someone calls his name. A voice that registers for some reason and causes him to furrow his brows. He slowly looks over toward the unknown Program as he stares at him. Their reflection cast in the red shades. He slowly opens his mouth, closes it. Tilts his head and then smiles as he speaks, "..and who are you?"
TRON Alan cants his gaze, regarding the first newcomer wearing a suit and tie without diverting too much attention from CHIEF. His calm expression is unwavering despite recognizing the tie design for what it is, even before he notes the very un-User-like eyes. Alan's code /screams/ danger from both of the men, but the suit-wearing man is especially high.

A confrontation would be ill-advised indeed.

He turns his head to look at CADUCEUS as he approaches them, eyes narrowing faintly behind his glasses. The green circuitry lines indicate a military Program, same as the rude man--CHIEF. The same CHIEF Deelel warned him about, perhaps?

He stays silent for now, ignoring CHIEF's taunting outright, and watches the events around him with a keen eye.
LEXUS LEXUS looks over at the incognito Alan for several moment, considering something. There is something about the man that... bothers him. He can't put a finger on it.

And for a man who prides himself on his information, that is terrible indeed. However, as the outer ring of the eye rotates slowly, as if something within processes deeply... He looks away, turning his attention back to CHIEF. "Please don't throw a fit in here. The tactical disadvantages are significant even with your... indisciriminate nature." He comments. The approach of CADUCEUS causes LEXUS to look over at the program, and he narrows his eyes slightly. "You. What is your identifier, Program? State your purpose."

Lavi's storytime is ignored by LEXUS. He has no reason to intervene in such a thing.
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS just tilts his head. "Man it's me. I thought when they got rid of Star Wars that you were shelved or destroyed." CADUCEUS says and when LEXUS orders him to identify, he just tilts his head. "I am the Clinical Assistance Directorial Utilitary Companion with Enhancement Upgrade Systems, or CADUCEUS. I was designed by the military to aid medics on the battlefield, to provide support for those with little to no medical training." CADUCEUS explains as he then gestures to CHIEF. "Even knew him for a time, back then he was part of the F-117 Targeting interface. Jets were pulled and shut down and heard he was sent to Star Wars."
Lavi The tale of boisterous heroism and terrifying beasts is interrupted by a chorus of youthful voices, all vying for superemacy as they blurt out questions.

"Did the lizard run really fast?"

"Was it slimey?!"

"How big were it's teeth?"

"Was everything in your world big like you?"

Lavi quells them after a few moments with a soft chuckle, her hands held up for silence. "Easy now! I can only answer one of you at a time. The shard lizard, like many of the mutants, was a unique breed. It was over thirty feet long and looked similar to the scaley little things you might find crawling in the grass. It was not slimey, no, but covered with hardedened scales as strong as my armor."

She thumps her chest, filling the air with a resounding clang. "The creature did not have teeth because it did not chew its food. Rather it coughed up a foul acid that burned through flesh and bone alike, turning them into soup!" There is a resounding noise of disgust amongst the listeners.

"But yes, despite its size it was very fast and it scuttled away into the forests where it made its home. I knew I had to follow it because it was a cunning and dangerous foe and would soon return to preying upon the border settlements."
CHIEF glances over to Alan in the corner of his eyes; which was visible to be seen since they are not wrap around shades by any means. Think aviator style really. He did grin only for a moment in 'Alan's' direction at a creeping thought crossing his mind.

However LEXUS called him out on it. 'Don't start a fight', was pretty much what the higher up here was saying. Though CHIEF did look at LEXUS with a warm-like smile. "Now come on, LEXUS, you should know numbers mean little to me. I am not for all the crunching stuff, I just like to go bang bang." He then does a fake sigh, before placing up his hands. "But fine, for you~, I will be a good little weapon. No bang bangs and kabooms."

CHIEF then huffs as he mutters "..take the fun out of life."

Now he turns his attention back to CADUCEUS as the program goes down /what/ he is and such. CHIEF stares at him yet again. There was a gentle click of his tongue. "..F-117 Nighthawk." He says with an /extremely/ calm sound in his voice. Whatever smile was suddenly gone. It was a straight look on his face. "..and Star Wars.." He says again.

CHIEF continues to stare for a bit, before he then slowly stands up. "Are all deleted projects and I fear you are confusing me for another program. Those CHIEFs no longer exist." He then goes to walk over to CADUCEUS, that smile slowly coming back on his face. "Got it, Medic? Whatever you remember, whoever you knew, is /long/ gone and that program is /NEVER/ coming back." Those words though for a moment loud, also came with a bit of laughter. "They made sure of it. They made sure he would never come back, so please.. please.. don't ever talk about such things in presence again.."

CHIEF then slowly tilts his head, that smile only becoming larger with a bit of that laugh still there. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigar-like object, before he lights it with a flicker. Placing it between his teeth. That grin still remaining, though the laughing is very mild now. "..or I will not be responsible for where your data-stream ends up.." he then removes the cigar, before flicking some ash to the side, "Compliance?" He then places the cigar back in his mouth once more, "After all, LEXUS there asked me so nicely to behave. I hate to bring the roof down of this /nice/ facility. Even though to hear all the users scream would be very appealing right now."

CHIEF may ask about where those lizards are. He may like to have one for a pet, but for now, he needs to make sure someone gets the message. Oh, and he really is trying to not start something.

TRON Alan presses his lips together into a thin line, both in concern and in black amusement. So his 'instinct', as Users would call it, was right. The Program in the trenchcoat is CHIEF and the Program in the suit is LEXUS--the two Programs Deelel had warned him about the last time they had talked. Right now, he isn't sure which one is worse.

CHIEF's explaination stirs recognition in Alan's eyes. He has heard cases of improper User rectification before, but to /see/ the afteraffect is another matter altogther. Small wonder CHIEF hates Users so much, even against innocent humans who probably don't even know what a computer even is.

Alan continues to stay silent, commiting the three Programs to memory--their appearances, voices, and mannerisms. Friend or foe, he needs to keep track of who is Out.
LEXUS "Well, if you're going to fight, at /least/ do it outside. I kind of like this place." LEXUS says. "They have good coffee." He smiles thinly as he drinks more.

He does tap the side of his face, listening intently as CADUCEUS and CHIEF have their exchange on the history of the military program that has been repeatedly rectified. He's seen signs of it. He knows what it looks like. He didn't think it was quite /that/ extensive, though. "Well then. A pleasure to meet you, CADUCEUS. So what are you doing out of the Grid?"

Lavi's story is told in the background, and he tilts his head. Something seems to have gained his attention, as he listens.
Lavi Despite the noise of the crowded streets, the muttered awe of the children, and her own ample voice, the titan remains fully aware of her surroundings. Dozens of sensors sample the local area constantly, monitoring every little detail from the composition of the air, barometric pressure, and moisture levels to more exoteric readings such as arcane radiation levels, sound decibels by quadrant, and air density, all of this processed and fed directly onto her eyes by blinking lights in the armor's angled gorget.

Lavi's gene enhanced mind filters through this staggering wall of information in moments, providing the knight with a unmatched sense of perception of the world around her. As such the conversation within the small cafe does not go unnoticed.

Tilting her head slightly to bring the transparent doors into her field of view, Lavi watches the oddly dressed men converse for a moment, memorizing their faces and appearance such as she can see from here in that single glance before turning back to the children.

"The losses inflicted upon my squad were terrible. While they were brave and fierce, the men of the Crystal Knights were only mortal and this was a foe beyond their power. Gathering a few meager supplies, I set about following the shard lizard into its own domain."
CHIEF listens to what CADUCEUS has to say. Those gold eyes staring right into the other program's, before he reaches up, to remove those shades from his eyes, while he takes a few puffs off his cigar. He was annoyed, that was obvious. Though his motions were smooth and calm; deceptive really.

"Caduceus, was it?" CHIEF asked, before removing the cigar. "Is any of this getting through your processor?" He then twirls the cigar for a moment in the air. The glow of it creating a circle for a moment. "What has been done, can not be undone. The users made sure of that, which is why I /love/ them so much for ever, little, micro-second of their..." He pauses as he smiles and takes the cigar in his hand fully, before crushing it in his hand. Data bits can be seen coming off it, even the smell as it tries to burn the leather, before being destroyed. "..little..cycles.."

Those gold eyes close for a moment before he inhales deeply, then his eyes open slightly. His brows slightly up as he opens his hands letting what remained for the cigar fall to the ground in ashes of data. "After all, I /love/ everyone." He then reaches up with his hand; the very hand that held the cigar; and goes to place it on Caduceus shoulder. " why don't you have a seat with my /friend/ here and get to know one another, because your so lucky I don't have a big problem with my fellow programs. Even if you are acting like some user worshiper."

His gold eyes then trail over to LEXUS, "..I need to.. take a moment to breath.." There was that smile again, before CHIEF went to head for the door. His hands moving down to his sides, where two pulse rifles were being concealed by the jacket are at. He hasn't pulled them out, but his hands were now resting to remove them.

At least he is going outside or heading that way.
TRON Alan sets the folded-up newspaper onto the tabletop and leans completely back against the wall, his expression impassive while listening to all of the tales and stories around them. His black-gloved hands fold together over his chest, elbows braced on the uneven levels of chair-back and tabletop.

He remembers a group of military programs being pulled into The Games at one point, though CADUCEUS's name specifically is unfamiliar to him. He nods once to the medic Program, looking quite calm despite the simmering threat of violence making everyone present uneasy at best. He's fairly sure it looks odd, a User amongst Programs without any apparent worries concerning his own safety.

His gaze cants outside, past the glass of the establishment, even as he allows himself a moment to listen more closely to Lavi's tale.
LEXUS LEXUS isn't worried either.

But that comes with the territory. He simply sits as CHIEF goes to move outside, kicking up a leg and picking up his coffee. He sips it, casually, as if he is completely unconcerned that something terrible is about to happen.

"It's such a nice day for coffee." He says, apropos of nothing. "They don't have anything like this where I come from."
CADUCEUS "I know the user's frailties. I want to help them surpass them. Last I checked it wasnt worship." He says as he watches CHIEF and then turns to LEXUS, looking to his eyes. "Another program. May I ask for your identity and function?" He asks curiously, green eyes maintaining eye contact with the shadow lord.
Lavi Lavi's brow furrows as the confrontation continues, her mind parsing through the infomation to be gleaned by their casual conversation. She picks out a few names from the lightly veiled threats: Chief, Tron, Caduceus, Lexus. They sounded more like call signs than human appelations. The last one gives her pause for a moment. Where did she hear that name before?

It only takes a moment for the giant to recall. Lexus, the one that the mutant Avira had mentioned. If she was to be believed then this man - no, this Program - was responsible for the mercenary's current situation as well as the fall of at least one world. On top of that, she had called him a Shadow Lord, claiming that the sentient code could control the Heartless.

If any of that were true then this situation could become very bad, very quickly. With so many civilians around, an outbreak of battle would lead to mass panic and that alone could be responsible for many deaths. Mortals were so frightfully frail.

Pushing to her feet, Lavi carefully placed the crystalline swords back on her hips, locking them into place with a sharp magnetic hiss. "Alright, children. That is all I have time for today. The rest will have to wait for another time."

The expected disappointed whines are met with a broad smile. "Now, now, I am glad you are so keen to hear of my exploits but your parents are certain to have uses for you. One must not shirk their duties. Now, off with you!" The collection of younglings turn to leave in various directions, disappearing back into the milling throngs of people. Well, that was one burden off her mind.

Lavi turns back to face the cafe properly now, her arms crossing as she watches to see what unfolds. There really isn't a good way to clear the streets entirely at this point without setting off some sort of alarm and perhaps instigating a fight where none was brewing.
CHIEF leaves them inside to whatever they are going to do. Though for the moment he is unaware of watchful eyes from the warrior woman who was telling her tales to the children that have gone off back home; maybe a good thing.

Once the program reaches the outside, he walks right by the warrior, before turning down an ally alongside the building, the last thing she may see is him actually pulling out those pulse rifles; which are nothing like anyone has in several words.

There was some silence, before a whirling sound could be heard, then followed by several 'shots' from the pulse rifles. The shots sound like they are impacting trash, paper, and scare out a fleeing cat. At least he wasn't hurting anyone.

Perhaps blowing off some steam?
TRON Alan's opinion of coffee is better left unstated, but this is a good place for rest and relaxation all the same. /Better the Users have their coffee than Programs. I'd hate to see certain Programs get overclocked on caffine,/ he thinks to himself in private amusement.

The sounds of gunfire startle all of the coffeeshop's patrons, Alan himself half-rising out of his seat instinctively with his expression hardening and a sharp battle-ready glint flickering in his eyes. It takes a few seconds to register the sounds of hit targets--inanimate objects, not Users. Better to let CHIEF vent than try to stop him and cause all sorts of collateral damage.

He reseats himself, his expression relaxing just as quickly as it had hardened. He meets Lavi's gaze briefly, noting the titan's full attention on the cafe, but offers no additions to the conversation between CADUCEUS and LEXUS.
LEXUS "Why?" LEXUS asks CADUCEUS. It is a simple enough question. "The frailty of the User is part of their definition. They live, they multiply, they die. It's very similar to other kinds of life I know of." When asked for his identity, he simply smiles thinly. "You may call me LEXUS." He says. He doesn't explain what it means.

Alan's disturbence at CHIEF blowing off steam is noted. He doesn't intervene, however. He instead stares directly at Lavi.

He sees you.

He sips his coffee, casually. Does he consider everything that Lavi has considered in terms of dealing with the current occupation of the Cafe? Or does he simply like coffee?

Given the circumstances, it might be a 50/50 chance.
CADUCEUS "Because it is one of my functions, to treat and heal their injuries and improve their physical capability. Besides, despite the limitations, users have proven to do most...unusual things." CADUCEUS says as he tilts his head. "LEXUS...I think I heard of you on the grid..." He says as he looks to the gunfire hand reaching for his disk but stops halfway when he realizes the targets were inanimate, hand lowing back to down. "Deelel says your as terrible as the MCP, as dangerous and can control the heartless...For what purpose do you do this?"
Lavi While the designs may be different in their overall form, Lavi knows a gun when she sees one. As CHIEF ducks around the corner, the giant meets the gaze of the other two programs, a faint tightening around her eyes as she frowns in response. She'll deal with them in a moment.

Striding across the short gap between herself and the alley in question, the titan follows the frustrated program from several feet behind, keeping him in sight at all times but not closing in to confront him directly yet. At his childish tantrum she just shakes her head, confused and mirthful at the same time. These 'programs' seemed to act quite similar to humans.

Despite the non-lethal nature of CHIEF's fury, she remains sentinel over him for the moment, deep sapphire eyes staring at him without a hint of timidness or embarassment should he notice. She's got her eyes on you, Program.
CHIEF ceases his gunfire as he feels eyes on him; which he quickly spins around and takes aim at her, the two pulse rifles becoming one with a simple 'combine'. How they did this, is really unknown, yet it did so with a flicker of light.

Now staring at the Titan in equal, the crazy Program only looks back with a slight grin on his face. "You know it is rude to stare, even foolish to do so when they hold a weapon." CHIEF tilts his head. "Though something tells me you really don't care about that."

The Program keeps the weapon trained on her, as he gives a little chuckle. "Beyond your exploits against a lizard," Yes, he was indeed listening. "I wonder how good you /really/ are." His eye brow gentle raised. "But if your like so many, you will not give me that privilege to find out."
LEXUS Lavi is left to go annoy CHIEF. This will probably go swimmingly. He starts his internal chronometer to find out how long until the gunfight begins.

LEXUS, meanwhile, responds to CADUCEUS. "You have left the Grid. Do you not see? You are more than what you were. You are capable of doing anything you wish, not just what you were programmed to do. Do not allow yourself to be so... limited."

"Deelel?" LEXUS asks when he is accused of being horrible. "I remember saving a program by that name from an MCP quarantine team. Why would she say such things about me?"
TRON Alan says nothing and does nothing, his eyes shutting as his attention splits. He half-listens to the conversation between LEXUS and CADUCEUS, half-focuses on further gunfire in the vicinity of the last burst.

As much as he'd prefer to deal with LEXUS here and now, there is far too much risk if one is concerned with collateral damage of any kind. For that matter, simply listening teaches more than rash decisions ever could.
CADUCEUS "She said you were hostile." CADUCEUS says as he watches him. "I enjoy what I am programmed to do. I help users surpass their flaws and imperfections. I heal those injured by those who believe power is the ability to injure people. What greater purpose is there then to help the users reach perfection, to overcome their flaws?" He asks before looking about. "You helped save her from the MCP? Do you fight for the users as TRON did?" He asks curiously, tilting his head.
Lavi At CHIEF's words the armored giant just grins down at him. Despite the bottom half of her face being obscured by the thick neck-guard from his lower point-of-view, the amusement is clearly visible in her eyes and voice.

"And beyond your heroic ability to slay garbage cans, I wonder if you even know which end of that thing is dangerous."

Lavi stares back at him, never breaking eye contact. By now the people in the street have noticed the wire-tight tension that is building and after the gunshots they need no further urging to begin clearing the area. Fortunately, none of them are freaking out just yet. Seeing this, the knight plays for time so let them get away before the inevitable confrontation. Admittedly, she was rather enjoying the prospect of a fight to help alleivate some bordeom.

"You will find that I am unlike any other, little man. Do you think your that gun is intimidating? To something besides alley cats, that is."
LEXUS Tick. Tick. Tick.

LEXUS frowns, affecting a sorrowful expression as he drinks the rest of his coffee. "You're not even listening to what I say. It must be very sad, to be so afflicted cognitively."

He is asked if he fights for the users, and LEXUS laughs. "Hah! No. I fight for myself."
"To call it a gun is rather insulting." CHIEF remarks back with a grin. "But trust me, I have played with far larger toys and I do /love/ my toys." The program then tilts his head a little. "Also if I really wanted to create damage, I would have done it already. I have no problem with letting my weapons do the talking."

The program then narrows his eyes. "Shall I demonstrate to you, user? Demonstrate the very thing I was created to do. After all, why give a program the knowledge to kill, unless the programmer was a fool and never expected that program to kill."

"The question is.." He smiles a very dark smile. "..who is going to pull the trigger first, but I am a good sport, so please." He then chuckles. "Make the first move! Its on me!"
TRON Alan continues to sit silently at the table CHIEF had abandoned, eyes closed and shoulders slightly tensed. The tension in the air is high both within the cafe and without, if the sounds of hurried footsteps on the pavement outside is of any indication. But still he waits patiently, letting events and conversations play out without intervention.

He knows it is only a matter of time now.
Lavi Lavi inclines her head to the program slightly, acknowledging his assertions.

"Ofcourse, weapons are meant to be used, lest they grow rusty and forgotten. The most potent warriors are forged in the heat of battle against the strongest foes."

She lowers her arms, hands resting on her hips. "It is refreshing to see sportsmanship exists in this strange mixture of worlds." Suddenly, there is an explosion of motion and CHIEF's senses are drowned out in wave of metal plates and hissing machinery as the titan bears down on him. Her speed is staggering. Even discounting the massive bulk that the armor gives her, nothing that big should be able to move that quickly. It flies in the face of rationality, blinding perceptions as the mind races to put those two disjointed pieces of the puzzle together.

The crowd that still remains stares in blank fascinated unison, their responses just as Lavi had come to expect from mortals seeing her fight for the first time. Whether or not the program was capable of overcoming this thanks to his non-human nature remained to be seen as she drove her gauntlet down at his face.

The first strike was followed swiftly by a powerful boot to the chest, sweeping to blast him down the alley like a soccerball before she turns her hands to face him. A quartet of snub-nosed gun barrels emerge from hidden slots in the vambraces, each one wide enough to eject shells of a calibur that could probably put holes in armored vehicles. A defeaning roar fills the enclosed valley of the walls as she unloads a continous volley of screaming white tracers, a huge grin still on her face.

"I didn't think there was anyone still that stupid left alive!"
LEXUS And there it is. The party starts, from the sound of it. LEXUS simply stops his chronometer, mentally assessing it.

Hmm. New record, for him.

He orders another coffee from an undoubtedly frightened barista, and he sits back down, sipping.

Eyes flick towards Alan. "So." He says, without looking directly at Alan. "You're not a normal User, are you? What is your interest?"
The speed was indeed a hard thing to dodge, after all. It was not something CHIEF was expect, so when he was punched up and then kicked back into the wall. He bounced right back off; planting hard into the ground. Though he did start to laugh as he slowly picked himself back up. Grinning like a loon as he looked at her.

"Sometimes, stupid solves things when people think to much!" Was his reply as she started to then fire away. The Program leaped up, running up along side the wall as the bullets traced by. One or two of those bullets nicking his jacket as they place in more bullet holes.

With a hard kick off the wall, he flipped into the air before firing down a blast of his own as he attempted to get in a few shots of his own as she still was reigning down bullets; forcing him to stay on the move.

His own shot though comes in on attempt to blast her into the sky. Mostly to get her off the ground and to cease that constant firing she was doing. The next however was nothing more but a simple toss of several 'grenade' like devices that blasted out 'smoke'. This very smoke attempting to seep into anything it made a long lasting contact with.

Not something anyone wants to just hang around as the effects could vary.
TRON Alan's eyes snap open upon the first sounds of combat, a quick glance around proving that, at least for now, there is no immediate signs of danger. He readjusts his seat slightly, giving him a better view of the outside and the people within the cafe. He still keeps his back to the wall, perhaps an established habit over time. It keeps LEXUS in his sights as well.

"Indeed not." It is the first time he's spoken since LEXUS has made his presence known. He can't help but chuckle at the thought of he being a User. It's oddly funny, even if he can't explain why. "My 'interest'?" He offers a stiff shrug, turning his gaze towards the outside. "I am merely listening. Learning."
Lavi Yellow flares light up the giantess' sublimely beautiful features as she unloads and entire magazine into the alley, tracing the program's path as he put inhuman agility of his own to good use.

The buzzing whine of her own gunfire gutters and dies out as CHIEF launches himself skywards, the veteran soldier fully aware of the danger that falling lead could pose to people not even remotely close to the battlefield. What goes up, does eventually, come down.

The energy shots slam into her thick chestplate, leaving steaming scorch marks but doing only superficial damage that doesn't slow her down in the slightest. Lavi doesn't even give him the satisfaction of flinching or lowering that smug grin of hers even a notch. If anything, it gets worse.

Heavy thuds echo down the alley as she bursts into motion again, barreling through the cloying smoke and leaping into the air after the Program. Like a ballistic missile, her momentum even moving up from the ground is impressive and she aims to collide with CHIEF in midair, shoulder lowered.

Another burst of gunfire rips out at him, this time from her other hand. The tracers are red instead of white, carrying with them powerful fire enchantments that will set him ablaze upon impact.
LEXUS LEXUS has no desire to have people wreck the cafe. Evil or not, even VILLAINY enjoys a good coffee. BLACK AS YOUR SOUL.

"Really." LEXUS says, sipping his coffee some more. "What are you learning, then? Anything you are interested in?"
CHIEF wasn't really trying actually. He wanted to see, after all, what she was able to do. Just like he has been doing with many users. Testing their skills. Seeing what they were all able to do. After all, he was no fool. He was designed for military warfare; tactics came along with part of this.

However the price of taking it laid back, meant you were going to get laid into. This is exactly what was happening as well. The Smug titan smashed her shoulder into him, knocking him up higher into the air, before blasting him with rounds that set his armor on fire.

oO<Fire>Oo, he thinks, oO<what is with users and fire?>Oo

He lands down roughly on a building as bullets continue to follow his movements. However instead of going back down to the streets, he remains upward. Raising up his arm in defensive posture. Though he starts to laugh once more. "Excellent! Keep it coming!" He yells out to her, before he pushes back to attempt to get some ground on her.

In timing the shot rounds, he splits his pulse rifle in two units once more, before flipping a switch on them. He then blasts out a stream of green energy toward her; which on impacts attempt to drain the very life energy from her and revert it back to himself.

This was then quickly followed in by several suppression shots of his own.

It was about then, CHIEF realized he never did get to flip his cigar at her. Alas, she will never get his trade mark fight starter, but only further proof he wasn't being /to/ serious about this.

Then again, is he ever?
TRON Alan smiles. It is neither warm nor jovial. "Those who are Out. Faces to names, such things as that." He orders a glass of water, moving aside his newspaper to make room next to his elbow. "I hear much, but it's only in meetings that bits start falling into place." He looks at LEXUS over the frames of his glasses, his gaze as unthreatening as his stance but with a slight glint in the pupils. "Don't you agree?"
Lavi The titan needs no encouragement to pour on the pain. After all, battle was what she lived for, it was what she was /made/ for. Every scrap of genetic code in her body had been sequenced, purified, and altered to make her a living engine of terrible destruction. A god of war.

And she loved every moment of it.

The strange wash of green energy seems to slam into an invisible wall as it strikes out at Lavi, her massive form now plummeting down towards the Program as gravity reasserted itself. The beam winged off at an angle, unable to find purchase as the ancient wards and advanced ECM systems combined their efforts to deflect its devouring touch. The subsequent rifle shots fare no better.

Reaching down to her own weapons, Lavi finally draws forth the twin crystal swords. Her thumb brushes over a small rune carved into the hilt of each massive blade and a shimmering buzz of bluish light fills their transluscent interiors as the power fields surge to life.

Like the hammer of an angry god, the blades come down with staggering force, shattering the rooftop of the structure beneath the Program from the sheer force of the impact. Chunks of masonry fly in all directions, some sheared clean off by the deadly energy and some propelled by raw kinetic power granted by the meteorite of steel and flesh.
LEXUS "Those who are out, eh? Out of something? Out of somewhere? You're being needlessly cryptic." LEXUS turns to look at Alan, and smiles. There is no mirth in that smile.

"People who are being needlessly cryptic tend to get my attention. I do agree, howevever. Meetings are very important."
CHIEF brought up his arms once more to take the force of the strike coming in. The sheer power that the woman provided was-- amazing to say the least. It was amazing and entertaining. Perhaps a normal soul would say terrifying, but for CHIEF; it was fantastic!

The Program was slammed into the building that happen to be right next to where the cafe was. Thankfully it was not the cafe itself! Down crashing through one floor, soon into another. The floors shattering under him, as he found himself coming to a stop as last onto someone table, which broke under his weight.

He glares upward with those gold eyes. However what damage was done, was not being shown by blood as one would expect. But instead the damage over the body suit armor was blue glowing data blocks and as such, some on his face as well. "Your good." He says with a playful grin. "..I like that."

CHIEF then pushes himself back up, before he lunges right back up after her. "What other tricks do you have to show me!?" He roars out as he lunges out, firing off a few quick shots before landing on the street, then attempting to build up a charge of energy, to sling up at her from his pulse rifle; which if it connects, yank her down into the very ground.

"I want to see it all! I want to feel it all! Give it to me!!" CHIEF hollers out with cackling of laughter.
TRON Alan chuckles. 'Needlessly cryptic' is such a subjective term. He could play the hero, demand for LEXUS to leave, but what would that get anyone? Injured Users, destroyed property, damaged reputation, and little more than a phyrric victory. It doesn't make logical sense, not considering the circumstances.

Besides, there likely won't be another chance for a relatively peaceful conversation.

Alan pointedly ignores the question as to the meaning of 'Out'. "Then we understand each other, if only a little." The intensifying of combat and collateral damage draws his full attention briefly. The fight is getting closer.
Lavi A huge grin is plastered across Lavi's face as she crashes into the program, a wild-eyed stare boring into his face as she carries the both of them down through layer after layer of wood, plaster, and concrete until at last their momentum is dulled.

"Aww, I bet you say that to all the women you fight." Her fist comes up, lashing out at his head again but CHIEF manages to elude her speed this time, peppering her shoulders and chest with further weapon's fire. A few of the blasts manage to catch her in the head, slipping past her broad gorget and leaving bright red welt where the energy has burned the flesh.

Struggling against the pile of debris that followed them down, Lavi gets back to her feet as he takes to the streets. A swift twitch of her wrist sends one of the heavy broadswords pinwheeling after the program, carving a line through his exposed back before it winks out, reappearing in her outstretched hand.

His retaliation is more effective this time, the energy gun striking at her feet and the unstable remnants of the floor. Brick and mortar gives way below her bulk, earning a quick look of surprise from the woman. She manages to steady herself before faceplanting into the sidewalk, hitting the ground on one knee.

"Nice move. Wonder if it was just lucky though."

Lavi slowly climbs to her feet, keying up an injection of battle-stims into her blood stream as she casually twists her head back and forth, neck cracking loudly. "You want the full package? Heh. Your funeral."
"My funeral?" CHIEF says with a raised eye brow. He has to think of what that means in user terms. Though when he realizes what it means, he barks out a laugh. "Oh trust me. Deletion.. would be a relief from what I have gone through." He says with a smirk. "I welcome the thought, so long as it comes doing what I love to do!"

He then combines the pule rifle once more into one unit before he inhales the air. "And honestly user, as programs go-- I am not a very young one, though I'll save you the calculative math in translation from CPU years to your user years. Lets just say its a /large/ number." He waves his hand a little, seeming to take the moment to also catch his breath a bit and let his body attempt to recover from the damage it has sustained.

"What is your name, if you don't mind me inquiring."
Lavi The burning heat of the drugs flows through her carefully monitored blood stream. Readings shift and numbers climb on the digital display projected into Lavi's retina until it reaches the critical threshold necessary to circulate evenly through her thick muscles. She closes her eyes and lets out an appreciative sigh at the sensation.

"My name?" She grins and looks at him directly again. "Hmm. You can call me Lavi. Defend of the Crystal Towers. General of the Knightly order of Astoria. And Harbinger of your Doom!" She points one of the swords at him meaningfully, staring intently down the lenth of the glowing blade like some figure out a movie. But almost immediately she retracts the weapon and looks thoughtful, rubbing at her chin with an extended forefinger and thumb.

"...nah, too cheesy. Hmm. Look, I'm no good at this stuff. Most of what I kill doesn't talk back. Or didn't I suppose. That seems to be changing every day."

The titan fidgits as the fire in her body smolders, aching to strike out at something. "Look are you going to fight or ask me out to dinner?"
LEXUS LEXUS looks away. "So I see." He replies. "Well, enjoy yourself. I will be taking my leave now." He stands, and begins to casually make his way out of the Cafe.
CHIEF quarks a brow at her question, before he glances up in a quizzical manner. "No can do, Lavi on the dinner part." he says looking directly at her. "I don't tend to normally associate myself with users unless it has a good reason behind it. Kinda goes against my style. Though you..."

He doesn't actually finish his train of though as he inhales deeply, before he holsters his pulse rifle---

--wait what?

CHIEF then crosses his arms over his chest, though he does reach up and flicks one of the remaining fire rounds off his jacket that is /still/ attempting to burn a hole in it; And in him. "How about this, instead of dinner, you and I both like battles. Both warriors without a cause; at least for me anyhow... not so sure about you.. but.." He then lowers his arms, placing out his hand. "We can play out this fun little rump a few more times in later dates before it pans out to its-- enjoyable conclusion."

"Oh.. and my name is Chief. Lets just say it fits with the territory."
TRON Alan inclines his head slightly and fully leans back against the wall, sipping at his glass of water. His gaze never leaves LEXUS as the Virus departs, but he says nothing further. He's already said more than he'd like.
Lavi Lavi doesn't return the hand shake. Her grip is rather full of sword right now and with the battle stims rushing through her, putting them down will be rather difficult. Infact, not smashing the program into little glowing blue legos is proving to be an exercise in mental discipline. His timing was rather poor.

"I have my own reasons for fighting. Those that wander and kill without a cause are little better than feral dogs." She grins again. "I'll be happy to discipline you though. Next time we'll start with 'heel'."
This causes another quirked brow, before he reaches into pull out his shades. Giving them a flick and placing them over his eyes. He does smile however; but it was a rather neutral smile. "The last user who attempted to control me found their test bunker destroyed by their created weapon that designed me to control. Though If you think you can do better then them, you can always try."

CHIEF then notes LEXUS leaving, before he gives her a little salute. "Catch you later for the next round." Before he trots off with a little stretch and rumbling something about needing to find where she keeps those fire rounds so he can have a few.

At least only one building was destroyed in the battle and no one was killed. Startled, yes, killed, no.

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