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Showdown in Traverse Town
(2014-04-03 - Now)
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38 Thieves Traverse Town. City of eternal night. Though this place has often been a target for the Shadow Lords and the Heartless, tonight it seems to have a different set of enemies. The infamous Forty Thieves are after Scrooge McDuck's lucky dime. Well, more accurately, thirty-eight of them are after the dime. Their leader Cassim and the dim-witted stooge that gave away information to Maira and her friends are both absent. That doesn't seem to stop Sa'Luk and his cohorts from creeping across the rooftops like the evil-doers they are.

Our heroes must have tipped off the ducks to the danger, as the shop has closed up early tonight. Though, three little duck-heads are peeking out of the front window, their colored caps visible through the glass. The trio seem to have set up their 'ice-cream launcher' atop the building like a turret. It's a far cry from it's usual purpose as a fun, novelty game. Could it really be used as a weapon?

There is no sign of the old billionaire's usually defender, Gizmoduck. Instead, there is the usual band of 'heroes' and possibly a few unlikely ones thrown in for good measure. The ducks all seem barricaded in the shop, leaving the defense of it to those gathered outside.

They're clearly going to attack any minute now. *crickets chirping* Annny minute now. This might be a good time to get into position and do that whole, pre-battle buffing thing.
Maira It had taken them a little while to figure out what the dim-witted Thief had let slip about the 40 (38?) Thieves had planned. A duck, a coin? Not too much to go on, but when Maira had gone to the shope in Traverse and asked the young trio a couple of questions, it all became clear. They were even in time to warn them!

Now, Maira is eating an ice cream cone and looking at the ice cream launcher essentially like D: at the thought of launching /precious ice cream/ at bad guys. SUCH A WASTE!

Despite the ice cream cone, Maira is otherwise outfitted for battle in her crimson chain fireproof dress. "Guess we'd better get ready..." she says, then casts her protection spells on a couple of her companions, namely Angantyr and Avira. "I sure hope they have the egg," she says, axiety leaking through. Maira is very worried about Phoenix. She doesn't want to fail this mission he's set her on.
Avira It has been a good week or so now since Avira's little 'accident'. She's finally recovered and this is probably her most active day since then. (Well, aside from giving interviews to nosy reporters.)

'Infamous' 40 thieves indeed. Avira had expected some..well, fiercer thieves. Maybe the ones that were attacking were so? Her childhood would be kind of ruined if they weren't based on those stories she heard.

"So I hear this dime or whatever is actually the first coin that Scrooge McDuck ever earned." she says conversationally to her BEST FRIEND. "It means quite a lot to Mr. McDuck. I heard he got it put under a special case and everything. Maybe these guys are planning to steal it and hold it for ransom for Scrooge's fortune." Avira doesn't know the duck that well so she's not sure if such tactics would work.

"I hope they have the egg too. But I kind of wonder why they'd carry it around with them." There's a worried look on her face at that. Grinning, she reaches out and gives Maira's shoulder a reassuring squeeze.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart had been called upon by Maira. With good reason. For one thing, she was a friend. For another, she had a bar in town. She also had ties in with the Scrooge McDuck, and last but not least she was a front line force. Something that Maira likes having, considering her more brittel nature.

She steps up, patting Maira on the shouder, tightening her fighting gloves over her hands in the next motion "If they don't, we'll beat the information out of them, don't worry. These fists are not for killing, I'm sure we can shake one or two awake once we're done." She smirks and takes position ahead "That duck is my supplier of ice cream, I need him to stay in good mood."

Following Maira in the preparations before the incoming fight, she casts a dose of magic of her own on herself and present companions. Never can be too careful.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr was told that something was going to be stolen.

So he shows up, in tow of Maira, and sits outside of the shop, arms crossed, waiting for the thieves.

As things were about to get hot, Angantyr gets the initive.

Darkness between the stars is channeled, flowing into his body and sealing him into his armor. The armor, now called the Abyssal armor, manifests, two baleful eyes stare out, glowing crimson, as he waits for the theives to come.

Even as Maira's magic reenforces the armor. "So what is the deal?"
Warden Thache Why is Warden Thache in Traverse Town? A place where people /might/ not be too happy with him? Because...well...why not! Its never really mattered to the cat-captain that he's a wanted man in most 'polite' places. He isn't with the thieves currently creeping along the rooftops.

He is actually in town for a bit of thievery of his own. In point of fact he's occupying a rooftop a bit away from the shop. Though his thievery is put on hold as he notes a new gang creeping around the rooftops. He frowns from behind the slight cover of a chimney as he watches the annoying groups creep along the rooftops.

"They don't look like they are from around here do they Spooks?" The captain asks his compation as he takes a swig from a bottle of rum held casually in his hand.

"Cap'n, we ain' from around here either.

"Closer than they are!" Warden protests as he stoppers his drink. "Lets see what they do anyway. I'm fairly sure this unorganised advance isn't going to go well for them. No style around here. No style."

Spooks just sighs and shakes his head. "You were here to see that pretty redhead at that club you like and you say they have no style."

Warden just smirks down at the racoon. "You shush before I decide to use you as a projectile."
Deelel Deelel had plans for tonight she was going to scout out a spot, for a project she'd been considering. That goes out the window when she gets tipped of that there may be a problem here in town. Deelel has been tipped off and had thusly joined some of the others. DPS was likely busy culling heartless so the thieves had picked a good time to strike. Well for them.

"Maira, don't worry I'm ready."

She runs several commands as she perpares for what may be a fight.

"Well Tifa, I hadn't planned on lethal force myself."
Quina Quen What's all this about thieves and coins? Quina is not a thief, and s/he doesn't care about money, so s/he obviously isn't here to actually defend the least, not of his/her own initiative. The instant s/he walked through the gates into town and wandered in the direction of the item shop, s/he caught the scent of /delicious ice cream/. It wasn't long before the gluttonous Qu managed to locate the source of the faint smell, and even less time before s/he started clambering up the side of the shop toward the roof.

"Mrrrf...grrr...why they put ice cream on top of tall house? So hard to get to!" Quina complains to him/herself, white face turning red with exertion. S/he's almost reached the top, using his/her fork to stab into the wall and pull him/herself up despite his/her considerable weight.

Wait, balloons blow around in the wind, right? And they're pretty big and round. Quina, too, is pretty big and round. Therefore, a strong breeze should be able to carry him/her up to the top! S/he takes a moment to catch his/her breath, then concentrates on his/her magic. A moment later, the wind starts to pick up in the area immediately surrounding the shop, blowing upwards along that wall (and Quina's dress with it).

"Bwah! Get out of face, clothes!" S/he fights with it using his/her free hand, but as the wind picks up, it soon succeeds in its intended purpose, carrying him/her up over the roof. Finally shoving the offending cloth down away from his/her face, the Qu looks down and realizes that s/he's reached his/her destination, and quickly dismisses the spell, coming to a crash landing on the tiles, cracking them and the boards below in the process. After taking a moment to dust him/herself off, s/he bounds over to the ice cream launcher and shoves his/her hand into it, trying to reach the ice cream within. "I smell yummy-yummies! You not keep them from me, strange pot!"
Nagetta Speaking of unlikely, Nagetta had managed to get herself caught in the middle of this mess. She had just gone out to get some ice cream and the next thing she knew she was recruited to fight a band of thieves. Well, some of her friends were fighting so she decided to stick around. The shy lamia looks at the odd creature trying to get at the ice cream. "I don't think now's the best time..." She curls up as she takes a defensive stance.
38 Thieves With cat-like tread, the thirty-eight thieves creep in the shadows. Luckily, there are plenty of dark places to hide in. Unfortunately, they aren't very /good/ at the hiding thing. Maybe this sort of stuff works in Agrabah, but it isn't hard to spot a whole horde of men who are all coming out of the woodworks towards the ice-cream shop. They pop out of dumpsters, over rooftops, around corners, up from sewers, pretty much anywhere you can imagine possible, there is probably a thief clambering from it.

Of course, their leader has to be the one to strole right on up towards the gathering heroes. "What a nice welcoming party the duck has for us. Why don't you hand over the coin and we might just let you live." Sa'Luk is a huge man, with an eternal five-o-clock shadow and a mustache that could give Jafar's a run for its money. Hey look, he just so happens to have a glowing, red, egg-looking thin in one hand.

Oh wait, there don't seem to be thirty-eight thieves here. One, two, three. Yep, definitely some missing. "Actually, I think I'll just take it over your dead bodies. Get them!" Look, more thieves! A set of triplets pop seemingly out of nowhere followed by a handful of other genuinely hard to distinguish characters. Suddenly, there are men with blades launching themselves at nearly everyone.

There's even one tiny, asiany looking thief who seems to be trying to creep up on Quina as he/she works on getting at the icecream. The machine doesn't seem to want to give it up. Oh wait, there are buttons!
Maira Maira's guess is that these thieves are going to show up, see Angan in his crazy scary armor, and maybe just run away. Hopefully not before she can find the leader and /inquire/ about the egg, though.

Thieves come out of the woodwork. There are quite a few of them. She's not exactly counting, as she is expecting near 40, but the guy they met back at their base...well, they probably didn't bring him on missions very often. Poor guy. Maira moves a little close to Angan, frowning with concern, the air around her beginning to heat up. Its a natural reaction to being least for Maira.

Of course, this means her ice cream cone is melting /rather/ quickly. She takes a huge bite, noticing Sa'luk approach, her eyes locking onto what he carries. Maira's eyes bug out and she points emphatically, "MMPH!"

Swallow ice cream, continue.

"The egg!" she says. Maira narrows her eyes, letting both of her hands light up. What's left of the ice cream cone basically turns to ash in the intensity of the heat she's producing. "That's /not/ yours. You will give it back," she says, walking toward Sa'luk, amber eyes flicking like the flames she holds.
Quina Quen Naturally, Quina is too distracted to even notice that there are a bunch of thieves emerging from every nook and cranny around the shop, still trying frantically to dig some ice cream out of the launcher. However, it proves elusive, and the frustrated Qu finally gives up and retracts his/her hand. "How I get yummy-yummies out of you?" s/he asks the device, but to the surprise of no one, it doesn't answer.

A moment later, though, s/he notices the buttons on it, and it only takes a moment for this fact to click in his/her head. Of course! Pressing buttons is the answer to all of life's problems! But the question is, which button will give him/her that precious ice cream?

Quina just presses all of them. S/he mashes his/her fists on each button several times over in a completely random sequence, tongue flopping all over the place as s/he flails at the controls. "Give me yummy-yummies! Right now!" s/he shouts at the device, inadvertently causing it to turn toward the tiny thief sneaking up on him/her. A moment later, several globs of rocky road fire out of the muzzle, one splatting against the Qu's face and causing him/her to fall over in surprise, while the rest head straight for the thief!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks over to the small todal wave of thieves that seeps into the area. Well, at least she won't need to hunt them down. With her magically enhanced speed, she goes on the offensive immediately, dodging nimbly the first row of incomming pointed sticks and swords thrust her way. She's always been agile, these thieves might need to push it up a bit more to catch up to her.

But she takes that chance to throw in the first strike, flying kicks over the row of swords, right into the noggings of the closest ones "Is that what you were talking about Maira? I'll go get it!"

Well, she's going to try to at least, grabbing the nearest thief when she lands and sending him bowling into the next one with a strong kick. Don't mess with the barmaid if you can avoid it.
Avira "Gosh, looks like we're outnumbered." Avira grins. "Too bad for them." The thieves make some pretty /serious/ threats in their direction, suggesting death over the lack of handing the coin over. "Little extreme, isn't it? Still, it takes some guts to come out here in the middle of this extremely populated town and make that kind of demand."

Her eyes fall upon the glowing egg and Avira reaches behind her, sliding the Spine free. "You heard my friend here. Hand over the egg-rghh."

Whoops, sword in the thigh. Avira snarls and retaliates with a jab of the Spine before disengaging. Right away she leaps backwards and the air around her grows significantly colder.

A snarl escapes her and she leaps forward, first headbutting the thief, then following up with a sudden blast of ice that juts upwards and spreads all around. The magic comes extremely quickly.
Nagetta Of course Nagetta's able to see and hear the thieves from some distance away. That doesn't change the fact there's lot of them and only one of her, even with her natural grace the sheer number of attacks mean something's bound to make contact. That and she was a bit distracted by Quina. None of the ice cream reaches her since she's already airbourne with her spear extended and ready to bounce on a group of the thieves below the shop.
Warden Thache Here is Warden. Just politely willing to watch a group of professionals work and mock them for having no style. He wasn't /going/ to interfere. At least not until one of them lept out of the chimney he was hiding behind and socked him right in the mouth.

Warden does tumbling down the oposite side of the roof before catching himself. A musical series of irish accented curses greets the ears of the 'defenders' as suddenly a brillint (and familiar) coil of golden rope lashes out as the pirate makes his annoyance known.

"ATTACK ME WHILE I WAS JUST WATCHING?" Roars the cat as he flings his ropes towards his attacker to pull them from their hidey hole. "DO NONE OF YOU <GOOSEHONK> KNOW ABOUT PROFESSIONAL CURTOSEY?!"

Should he get hold of that one thief, he'll simply hurl him(or her) at their fellows.
Angantyr Vespar A thief jabs Angantyr in the chest.

Angantyr looks down at it, before swining his fist at him, but the man gets away.

"You heard the lady, she asked you about an Egg, I suggest giving it over." He says, and materilizes the keyblade into his hand. "But I don't think you are going to. So...allow me to show you why you should listen."

He turns the keyblade on the door and locks it.

"Nothing is going in there." he says, blade turning towards the thieves. "Until I open it." he attempts to draw them at him, instead of others. He swings the keyblade again, this time aiming to launch a trashcan right towards the leader, aiming to...can him.
Deelel Deelel is keeping ready she's got her disc ready but the edge isn't powered, well not yet anyhow. After all it ca still clonk someone pretty good when it's not powered with a killing edge. So she's ready but there's a whole lot of them as they come for her and she's caught by severakl if their attacks. Deelel attempted to evade but did not have much success with that as she's cught severla time. He clothing is cut and several thin glowing lines foprm where the blade and other weapon dispelled the illusion of human skin.

"You really think it's going to work that way?."

Delele's got hee dis and she gets to throwing it now trying to rebound it off several of the thieves who have come after hwer, while she starts pulling back a bit.
38 Thieves "Well isn't this one precious." Sa'luk chuckles at the muffled sounds and emphatic pointing in his direction. The fist holding the egg is extended, the golden 'talons' attached to the back of his hand flexing. "Is this what you're looking for? Too bad for you, I'm not giving it up. It took a lot of work getting this little trinket." Like in Maira's dream, the egg seems to pulse as if it has something alive in side of it. Even as Maira's inner fire starts to burn a bit hotter, so does the red aura radiating off of the egg and up the master-thief's arm.

*Splat-splat* Two huge globs of ice-cream slam into the little thief's face, dripping down as he blinks. With an unintelligible yell, he charges forward, slipping and sliding on the ice-cream, more likely to actually barrel into the Qu than actually to hit it with the sword.

There are plenty of thieves ready to go protect their leader, and it's the triplets that end up facing off against Tifa. The moment she strikes out at one, he's gone. Then there's another, and another. Wait, what? Her blows don't seem to get her any closer to Sa'luk.

A couple of thieves end up landed on by Nagetta, but they seem quick to try to escape and come back fighting. The two fighting her seem to look at one another, as if silently going: You first. No you first! Then they decide to rush in at the same time.

It's Sa'luk himself who gets the brunt of Avira's attack, the sudden headbutt leaving him reeling as he steps back, little cartoon birds floating around his head. He doesn't seem as concerned about the ice spell, perhaps not realizing what it actually does. "Oooh, I'm so scared. Two little girls think they can take what's mine." He wiggles his mustache at them. "You three, work on getting inside while I take care of our 'friends' here."

The three in question seem to be the triplets, who look at each other, then ignore Tifa for the time being to start working on the door. It's probably not a great idea. They start to fiddle with the lock just before Angantyr uses his keyblade on it. "What the? Hey boss, it won't open!" They call out."

There is a sound like bowling pins going over nearby as Warden chucks one thief into his fellows and they all go down in a pile. Just afterwards, there is a 'plink-plink' sound as Deelel's disk goes bouncing off of a few thieves, leaving them dazed.

"Guess we'll just have to go through him, then." That is, until the ice-cream machine starts to overload on the roof. Blame Quina, it's all his/her fault. Many flavors start to shoot out in all directions, hitting thief and hero alike. Then, after trembling just once, the machine explodes, sending parts everywhere and taking out a chunk of the roof. So much for locking the door.

"Hey boss!" The small, ice-cream covered thief on the roof calls out. "Got a way in up here!."
Maira Maira nods at Tifa's question. "Yes, that's it," she confirms.

Phoenix's egg. Without it, he can't continue his cycle of death and rebirth.

Maira means business.

Apparently, so do the thieves. Maira sees Avira take a sword to the thigh and her eyes widen dangerously. "That was a /big/ mistake," she tells Sa'luk. Maira hadn't begun with violence (only the threat of it!) but now they were stabbing her friends on top of stealing a precious artifact needed by her favorite Esper.

Now she's just going to have to burn people.

One of the thieves tries to swing his sword at her, but Maira is actually quick enough to get out of the way with the aid of a bit of air magic to give her a push.

Angan locks the door to the shop, and Warden (of /course/ he's here roars and throws a theif off the roof. There is also a...a...a...whatever Quina was! Maira has no idea but the crazy looking thing with the giant FORK is looking for food! Seriously, a giant fork!?

You need a giant SPOON fore ice cream, DUH!

Suddenly, the ice cream machine EXPLODES! Maira wasn't expecting that, and goes flying forward from the force of the blast, a bit of debris smacking her right in the back of the head.

Maira lands on hands and knees, but she looks up she notes that she's still near Sa'luk...and hopefully no one else.

Maira ignites, flame blasting from her form to crash into the Thief leader, the fire roaring with rage.

Maira straightens to her feet, eyes on Sa'luk. "This little girl is going to roast you," she informs him.
Nagetta Nagetta finds herself getting hit by a barrage of ice cream making the lamia shiver a bit. She likes ice cream, but not being covered in it, she's quickly warmed up though by the explosion. She cringes in pain a bit. This is a bit difficult for her fighting in such close quarters. Still, the number of opponents has one advantage as she attempts to curl her tail around a few of them and suck the life out of them to heal her injuries.
Angantyr Vespar A pile of icecream falls on the Dark Knight. A litteral MOUNTAIN.

However, Angantyr grins as the Theives are focused on him. That is good, it means that their defeat is assured...but the egg is odd. He is sure that...

First thing's first. The icecream EXPLODES from him in all directions, aiming to ICE the theives focused on him as he steps into the swarm. Aiming to HEADBUTT one of the thieves to stun him.


Angantyr swats the thief he stunned like beachball, aiming to send him FLYING towards the head thief, aiming to try and knock the egg from his hold.

"Batter up!"
Quina Quen Quina rolls itself into a sitting position, swirling its enormous tongue over its face to clean off the ice cream. It smacks its lips afterwards, thinking for a moment or two before stating, simply, "Need more sugar."

Pushing itself back onto its feet, the Qu turns around at the sound of someone yelling, and is met with the little thief ramming into its enormous belly. The force of the impact is sufficient to send both of them skidding backwards toward the ice cream launcher, which then prompty explodes, flinging Quina into the air! "Wawawawaaaaah! I no like heights! I NO LIKE HEIGHTS!" the Qu yelps in terror, flailing its limbs in a vain effort to grab onto something.

Oh, yeah. It can just use the wind again, this time to carry it gently to the ground! Grinning at this ingenious idea, Quina points its fork down at the roof of the building below, and the wind once again starts picking up. This time, however, it's /much/ stronger, quickly gathering dust and small objects into a swirling mass until it becomes clear that the Qu has created a small tornado! The little Asian thief might be caught up in it as well, and who knows what kind of debris may come hurtling toward him?

Oh, and Quina? It's been swept up by its own tornado, flying around in circles until its face turns green. "Waaaaaaaugh! I no like this ride! Turn it off!" it screams over the roar of the wind, wildly swinging its fork around. Just another hazard the thief might have to watch out for!
Tifa Lockhart Ice cream and explosions... Sounds like when she was chasing those recipes for that ice cream. Fortunately, it seems like she has resistance against ice cream elemental. She notices the thieves on the ceiling, and decides to go meet with them, if only to slow them down.

Using what's left of her haste magic, she vaults over a series of thieves lined up, bouncing on top of one's head, and then running straight up the wall. She must have amazing traction with those heavy boots of her to do that, even with the extra speed.

As soon as she clears off the wall, its a double sided kick that meets with the thieves "You're not sneaking in on my watch!" Thieves, meet reinforced boots.
Avira Avira hears a whistling noise overhead. A hand raises to defend herself from a falling piece of ice cream-covered debris. It spaltters against her rather hard and she grunts. "Yow. Girl!? GIRL!!!"

Avira whips her Spine around with an indignant flourish. "I...AM A WOMAN!"

Maira, Avira realizes, is certainly acting a lot more aggressive today. Could it be an effect of the egg? Was it stoking her fires, so to speak!? She'd have to talk to her about this later or, if need be, encourage her to not accidentally kill someone.

"Listen, you'd be better off handing off the egg and packing up. Stick around much longer, you'll probably be arrested! Or set on fire in a way you aren't gonna enjoy! No, wait, I've changed my mind!"

She makes a pistol-pointing gesture at the Sa'luk and with it, appears to fire an ice 'bullet' from her finger, like a handgun type version of her freeze arrow. It's aimed right the guy's feet and when it hits, it explodes into a layer of binding ice.
Warden Thache "Yeah! You take tha--"

Sudden ice cream sandwich. TO THE EYE! The pirate captain takes the bar right in the face and goes tumbling back over the edge of the roof.


More cursing comes before the pirate appears again. He's got ice cream splattered across his face. Some in his ears. One eye twitches slightly.

His tounge licks out to take a taste of whats left on his face before he frowns. "Rasberry?" Pause. "I HATE RASBERRY!!"

Those golden ropes of his turn black as they lash out again, wrapping around throats of various thieves near him. Again he's going to use them as projectiles against their fellows, however his targets this time is one towards the little guy by the hole in the roof and the other winged towards the man with the egg.

He raises one hand to wipe soggy ice cream off of his face and try to clean it out of his ear.

...however he /does/ have enough mind left to shout something. "She is indeed a woman!" He calls after Avira's shout. "With damn fine legs! Among other things!"

Some things you just can't pass up.
Deelel Deelel is having a bit better luhck at this point. She notices she's scored a few hits on the thiecves and she's ready for the counter attack as the strikes come? Deelel weaves out of harms way. She's not able to counter attack, but her acrobatics keep her safe for the moment. She calls out almost sing song like as she catches her disc.

"So boys, you think you can keep up with me?! I'm not sure you got the game to keep up with me."

She sends the disc flying again this time intending to try to disarm a few of them before she flips away again with the intent to catch it.
38 Thieves "Uh oh. Unca Scrooge, they're commin' in!" The duckling in the red outfit warns, bouncing down from his place at the window.

"If they think they'll be havin m'lucky dime, they've got another thing commin te 'em laddies. Get behind the counter." Scrooge advises, but as one can expect, the nephews are not listening. Instead, they start to fling ice-cream bars at the invading thieves.

"You heard him, boys. Get to the roof." Sa'Luk calls out, martialing his troops towards this new weakness. The Keyblade wielder may have taken out the door, but they can thank their Qu friend for the new entrance. That, or blame the nephews and their crazy designs. He's too distracted by the sudden opportunity to notice Maira going into full 'human torch' mode. There is a roar of pain as he stumbles backwards away from her, mustache smouldering. "You're a demon." He states, flexing a hand into a fist around the egg.

Suddenly, there is a thief being thrown in his direction, and Sa'Luk moves to dodge, but instead slides sideways in a pool of melting ice-cream. In the process, though, he lands hard on the ground, dropping the egg, which clinks away before landing right in a huge glob of ice-cream left behind from when Angantyr de-mountained himself.

The two thieves fighting Nagetta are easily snatched up, especially as dazed as they were from the exploding ice-cream machine. It isn't hard to start to drain the two of them, who flop forward, unconscious.

The Asian thief gets easily swept up in the storm created by the Qu, but so do other things. Including the pile of ice-cream the egg had just landed on. It spins around in mid air with the fork-wielding 'hero'. Someone better hope it doesn't eat the egg.

Another pair of thieves covered in pastel ice-cream shades get knocked into the wall by Tifa, leaving behind human shaped impressions in splatters of sugary goodness.

It's absolute chaos. Thieves are slipping in the ice-cream, no one seems to be able to make it to the roof, and even Sa'Luk is having trouble actually staying on his feet. "Everyone, on your feet." He shouts. Maybe the reason that their real leader isn't here, is because this whole idea wasn't thought out very well. "Clear the way to the shop, now!" Just then, there is a flash and a layer of ice forms on his feet, preventing the leader from joining in their 'big attack'. "Damn you, woman!" See, she's a woman now. Happy?

About half of the thieves still seem to be on their feet, and when they actually work together, it's a fearsome display. They sweep forward, whipping up ice-cream around them with a swirl of sand and dangerous sweeping blades.

If they can knock out enough of the enemies, maybe there's a chance of getting through. A teeny-teeny-tiny one. "Where is that damn egg?" Sa'Luk shouts, having lost track of it in the fighting. Then, more thieves go flying. One sails past Quina, coming out of the tornado with the egg in hand. Wait, what?

"I've got it!" *smack* The thief slams right into the wall and goes sliding down it, the egg clinking to the ground again. The thing is bouncing around like a pin-ball. Oh, and then Deelel's disk goes and knocks into it for good measure, sending it spiraling up into the air.
Angantyr Vespar The Thieves pound against the Abyssal armor. Angantyr weathers, PUNCHING thieves in the face as they swing wildly. Angantyr litterally looks like a rock in a stream, he can feel pain, but he still manages to weather the weapon strikes.

"Is that it? My friends, if that is it...THEN I AM AFRAID THIS IS WHERE YOU.." a pause... "Go to Jail." He sighs. "Freekin' kids.." he mutters.

The Keyblade shines brightly. Before he reaches towards the Leader, aiming to DRAG him into the air, his now clawed hand diggs, before hundreds of claws tear up the ground all around him, aiming to drain the life force of the Thieves into him before the wave of darkness attempts to throw the theives infront of him.

The keyblade is a brilliant light now.

"Tyrant.." he says, fefore thrusting the blade forward, a shockwave of pure power roars from the weapon, a brilliant and blinding light aiming to rush through the thieves in a wave of unstoppable force. "BREAKER!" he booms!
Nagetta Taking to the roof might not be the best idea for the thieves. Nagetta notices the flying egg and leaps into the air trying to grab it. She's not exactly sure what creature is inside, but if everyone's after it, it must be important. If anyone's suited to keep it out of reach it's her. Of course her spear's drawn if any of the thieves tried to go for it, they would ended up getting stabbed with her spear.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart manages to punch some thieves away from the building at least. The splat they make is quite endearing. Fortunately, that splat is not their internal organs getting forcibly ejected, so that's why its pleasant. But there's still some more of these pests around. She looks around, spotting something she can use. Hopefully Scrooge won't mind a tiny bit of property damage, as she finds a small tower in the corner. And seeing there's a bunch of thieves below... she got an idea.
Shehe quickly moves behind it before they can scatter away, and goes for a hard body charge, cracking the foundations of the tower. Then reeling back, she sends a power punch rippling through it, making it slide along its cracked base, and then plumetting below. Fortunately, in a fantasy world like this, being buried by debris (probably) won't be lethal either, but she still lets out a "Watch out below!" only a second before it crashes into them.
Avira Avira is secretly very grateful for her upgrade! "Oho, you're not going anywhere now! You're definitely going to be arrested at this rate. And who knows what Phoenix will do to you for this!" As she speaks, she's moving, staying active, fending off swords, and reaching behind her to grab her shield off the small of her back. That too is used to defend but...

...there's just too many. They're not boss enough to fend off 38 thieves at once! Heck, even half a dozen would be difficult!
attered and beaten down, Avira manages to remain on her feet, planted solidly even amongst all the ice. Through the chaos, she hears Warden commenting about her legs. Avira scowls, then looks upwards. "Maira, there it is!" she points to the egg, "Catch it! I've got your back!"

She pushes the point of her sword against the ground. "As for the rest of you..!" Were it not for the presence of phoenix's egg, the surrounding air would become unbearably cold. Ice magic whips around Avira in a violent gale, lashing and sprawling outwards into windy whirls of ice that reach out to capture the scrambling thieves in frozen prisons.

Avira exhales deeply and relaxes, her breath coming out visible in the air as steam.
Maira Maira eyes Sa'luk, though with the brightness of the flame it is quite difficult to see any facial expression at all. She indeed, a human torch.

The thief slips on ice cream after being horribly burned, and drops the egg as he falls. Maira makes a dash for it, but the swirling sand and wind comes up too quickly! Just as she was about to grab it, another thief does then disappears into the cloud. "NO!" she yells, then rushes after the egg, throwing herself into the cloud.

Even through the roaring winds and sand she can hear Angan's voice yelling his Tyrant Breaker attack. Well, this ought to be over soon then!

Maira's defensive magics and the fact that most debris burns up in her infernal aura before it can touch her saves her from taking /too/ much damage, thankfully. She does flop into the wall after she's thrown out of the cloud, shaking her head to clear it.

When her vision clears, she sees the egg, pulsing in time like a heartbeat, and rushes for it, snapping it up before anyone else can try to take it away!

Maira runs out then to see what else is happening, intending to see this finished. Maybe they'd all get free ice cream for helping Scrooge, too! Angan sure was covered in a lot of it...Maira wonders...

No! Stay on target!

Maira takes a deep breath, clutching the egg against her chest as the flames that surround her turn brilliant white, pearlescent energy. "You should have run...and you will not hurt that poor man back at your base ever again," she says with a tone of finality.

Quina Quen Quina spies the egg being flung around in the tornado, but more importantly, it spies the ice cream surrounding the egg! Kicking its legs and moving its arms as if trying to swim, the Qu slowly makes its way toward the object, reaching out, trying to grab it...but another thief sails past and takes it from Quina's clutches!

"Hey! That mine! I find it fair and square!" Quina yells at the thief, then remembers that it can just release the spell. However, upon doing so, it realizes that it's still quite high up, and the roof is no longer below it. The only thing it can see to break its fall is a big man with claws on his hand. Well, better than nothing. "Look out beloooooow!"
Warden Thache "Well what do you know," Warden comments as he looks at the sudden oncoming wave of thieves. "They /can/ be slightly competent."

His last comment before he a barrage of sand, sword, and ice cream knock him clear /off/ the roof this time. He bodes tumbling and bumping down the backside of the roof with a clatter before he crashes /hard/ into a pile of crates at the bottom. He lies there as he looks up at the stars twirling above his head. Not sure if he's seeing actual stars or just the bright lights behind his eyes.

Slowly he reaches into his coat and fishes out his bottle of rum. One shake tells him that it seems to still be a bit full. He rips the cork open and takes a very long pull.

"Well," He drawls after he swallows. "I supose its not all bad."

He'll just lie here for a bit. Dream of Avira's legs.
38 Thieves This plan was a very bad idea. Even their strongest attack couldn't take down a single hero. The thieves begin to look from one to the next. It's as if they had finally realized just how screwed they all are. Some start to run away, slipping and sliding on ice-cream, others just stand and look on with total disbelief.

A wave of massive energy from Angantyr's keyblade knocks many of them over. Some are stabbed by Nagetta's spear. Others are smashed into by Tifa's powerful blow. Again and again, the thieves try to scramble out of the way, only to get floored. Many are frozen in place by Avira's spell, while others simply topple over from exhaustion.

First it's the massive form of Quina that smashes Sa'Luk face-first into th ground, and then Maira's Holy energy slams him backwards along with the triplets. They get knocked into a nearby building, and more specifically /through/ the wall. That had to hurt.

You remember that locked door? It appears that explosions and fighting have knocked out part of the wall just next to it, though it still seems to be standing. Scrooge peeks out from the rubble, looking a bit flabbergasted. It's not as if he can't afford to fix things, though, and the lucky dime is safe.

"Och, thank ye lads 'n lassies. Ah'm sure we can treat ye te some fine ice-cream. That is, if the boys havenae used it all as projectiles." Scrooge looks over at the trio, who slowly put down a couple of melting ice-cream bars and attempt to look innocent.

The guards of Traverse Town seem to choose /now/ to show up. Where were they during the real fight? Hrmph. They start to round up the thieves, who don't seem to put up much of a fight. It isn't until someone goes to check the smashed building that they find the triplets and Sa'Luk are missing. Oh no, they must have escaped! Well... four thieves are a lot less scary than fourty. /And/ they don't have the egg.

Mission accomplished. The clean-up, well... that'll take a bit longer.
Angantyr Vespar The Abyssal armor fades, revealing the form of Angantyr underneath.

"So you have the egg?" He asks Maira, "So who does that belong to?" He asks here, letting the guards do their job. He doesn't mind, the guards would just get in the way.
Maira Yes of course, /now/ the guards show up! Well, at least some of these thieves are getting arrested! Sadly Sa'luk seems to have escapes. This causes her to frown. She wasn't going to just let this go. She'd find him again.

The egg. She had the egg. Warmly pulsing in her arms, she holds it close, looking down at the object with reverence. Her flames calm considerably, burning in just a thin layer that surrounds her, seeming to pulse in time with the egg. Blinking, Maira looks up to Angan. "Phoenix. He came to me in a dream and asked me to get it back. Without it, he couldn't continue his cycle of death and rebirth," she answers. "I have to bring it back to Phoenix's temple." Which means being able to hold onto it until they can get there...
Avira "Bah, mustache guy got away." Avira murmurs, slipping the Spine back into its sheath. Limping slightly, she heads over to her best friend, unafraid of the flames that flicker around her. The residual coldness of her magic seems to protect her slightly from their harsh heat.

Curiously, she looks over at the egg. "Then we should leave as soon as possible for it. But first I think we need to help Mister Scrooge clean up here. Man, what a mess."
Quina Quen Quina comes crashing down on the thieves' current leader, but it turns out he wasn't quite as much of a cushion as the Qu had hoped. Even worse, those claws just /happen/ to be pointing in such a way that they pierce its backside! Jumping up with a startled cry of pain, Quina lands some feet away, facefirst, in a pile of ice cream. It lays there, unmoving...

However, if one were to listen closely, one could hear the sounds of slurping coming from its direction. Well, no surprise there.
Deelel Deelel sees that DPS is showing up and she moves to grab her disc as it returns to her. She now does not seem very happy about what happened with the theives but she is quick to fit the disc back to it's mount on her back as the fighting seems to be handled however. She nods to the DPS guards do their thing and she seems to wonder where did they go?

"Do we have all of them?"

She pauses making a quick head count, there seems to be some missing? Oh this can't be good.

"Well if that isn't rotton luck."
Maira Maira nods in agreement. "I don't think they are going to be coming back for it any time soon. Especially with you all around," she says with a smile. "You'll help me guard it, right?" she asks, looking up at Ang. This egg is going to bed with her. No way is someone knapping it again!

Maira smiles over to Scrooge. "Thank you! I'd love more ice cream! ...And we'll help you clean all this up, obviously. Too bad I'm not very good with water magic. A big hose sure would be helpful about now."

Maira then leans toward Ang and Avira, eyes on Quina. She speaks quietly behind a hand, "what IS that?"
Nagetta "Ice cream that's not on me, would be nice." The lamia girl hears her stomach girl growl a bit. All that fighting has just made her hungrier. "I have no clue..." She's never seen anything like Quina before. It seems to have even a larger appetite then her when she gets hungry though, so she's not going to interfere.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr, as an afterthought, taps the door.

It opens.

"I am...alright for ice cream." he says, calmly.

" the temple of Pheonix, eh?"
Warden Thache Of Warden there is no sign as the guards come to clean up. He is long gone, the pirate having made himself scarce. He didn't want to field all sorts of uncomfortable questions, or all sorts of uncomfortable Keyblades depending on who was asking the questions.

He also didn't relish the thought of being an ice cube.

Mysteriously. As a total (not) concidence. The last tub of rockey road is /also/ gone from the ice cream shop.

Maira Maira smiles, nodding. "To the temple of Phoenix," she confirms, holding to the egg as she strolls inside for more ice cream.
Deelel Deelel says "It could be worse, at least Ice Cream, tastes good. I happen to like it."

Sh grins a little bit as she looks to the Lamia for a moment.

"We did well all thigns considered."

She nods to Ang as he brings up going to the temple, that seems to be the best idea does it not?"

She moves to follow Maira in for some ice cream first. She could use a snack, right?

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