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(2014-04-03 - Now)
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Disarray The city of Luca isn't a place that the Beast normally would go in her travels. It just so happens that a certain ship captain by the name of Barbossa happened to be heading this way, which meant that the monster could tag along. It's an opportunity to raid, pillage, and possibly procure a few more slaves for the dungeons of Hollow Bastian. The dark ship remains out in the harbor. Tattered sails loom ominously, enough to draw whispers from the locals.

Disarray has made her way ashore with a couple of the local pirates who have been sent to scour the place in search of a certain child of 'Bootstrap Bill Turner'. She could care less about their reasons for being here. The pirates were just a means to a greater end. The beast, herself, is hidden beneath a cloak, although it is painfully obvious that she isn't human by any stretch of the imagination.

As the pirates talk among themselves, she picks a bit of what looks like flesh from underneath one of her nails and flicks it. "Just make sure you're back before nightfall, otherwise I'll leave you two behind. I'm sure that would go over so well with the locals." It was a full moon tonight, and that means that the pirates would shown for their true selves. That's not exactly a great idea in a city as large as Luca. "Get out of here, before I tell Barbossa that you were fooling around rather than looking for Turner."

The beast waits for them to depart, and then stalks down pier. This is a seedier part of Luca. It is a far different part of the port to the areas near the Blitzball stadium. The clean, wonderful facilities shown to visitors are replaced by shadowy alleyways and equally shadowy figures. This is the sort of place that Disarray feels right at home. For a start, she makes her way towards one of the locals smoking something foul-smelling outside of a dingy looking shop. "Where can someone buy slaves in this town?"

The man laughs at this, which draws the Beast's ire. Her hand snaps out and slams him into the wall. "I think, I asked you a question."
Chita Why /was/ Chita in this part of Luca? He didn't really have anything he was looking for here, especially as he fancied himself as not needed anything from this part of town. He was a Judge, what could he have possibly needed here? Well, that just so happened to be tangible. He was on his way to a black-market sphere shop he heard about where rare spheres that were found washed up and were sold. Sphere Hunting and the sort was not really out and going yet, so those who wanted to obtain rare spheres with possibly lucrative information on them had to pay munny.

He didn't mind that so much. And... truth told, the Spheres of this land, of Spira, had fascinated him for some time. As he wandered along quietly, blindfold on his eyes and wearing simple enough clothing in the form of a pink dress shirt and black slacks, remnant traveling clothing from his trip towards Mysidia, it was the sound of something getting thrown against a wall with a bit of force that got his attention. Well, slammed, when he noticed what was going on, even though he still didn't LOOK that way so much as let the swords vision guide him, carefully shifting his grip on the weapon from his right side to his left, hand holding it in a still peaceful manner despite what was going on. Slaves? Is this person serious?

Seemingly so.

"As far as I know, Spira trades not in that kind of thing. If you want slaves that bad, you will have to take them. Of course, I will stand in your way on principal and there is no need for that kind of conflict." If Disarray looked towards the plain-clothed Judge she could see he wasn't even facing her at the moment, technically, turned away towards the ocean with the sword, the Chorus, nobody-weapon, in full view beside him. "Perhaps you can share why you need such so bad and maybe I can help you find a way to get what you need without forcing others to serve you."
Disarray There is a tense moment where the Beast simply continues to hold the poor local man up against the wall, to the point that he starts to claw at her hand and turn an unsettling shade of purple about the face. It isn't until another voice twitches her ears that the monster drops him, coughing and sputtering, to the ground. "Get out of here..." She growls in a low voice, her tail lashing behind her. There is obvious threat in her tone.

As for the man who interrupted her, the monster's eyes turn in his direction. Though the green of them appears human, everything else is monstrous. "Every place deals in that sort of thing, and if you think otherwise, then you're a fool." She laughs to herself. "Every town has unwaned sons and daughters, or men too poor to pay off their debts. You just have to look a bit harder to find it." It may be true that most places have that seedy underbelly where many things, even human lives can be bought or sold. That doesn't mean that she's right about Luca, though.

Her nose twitches, looking at his covered eyes and his hand on that sword. For obvious reasons, Disarray is not one to judge on appearances alone. Sometimes the blind were capable of quite a lot more than people give them credit for. "I need them, because I have work that needs able hands to do. I'm afraid that I had to dispose of one of my slaves due to some inappropriate behavior, and now I need a replacement." There is a flash of teeth from the monster, "But I enjoy forcing others to serve me. I've yet to find a single person worth paying for. People are lazy when they think they can leave. The threat of death, I find, is far more encouraging to their work ethic."
Chita That thought caused Chita to shake his head. As much as the optimist in him may want to deny that, he couldn't argue that she was probably right. No place was perfect and especially large towns and cities... probably did have such a system in place. Such a shame too. That this female(?), this other person, no matter what they looked like, was actually brazen enough to ask others instead of using quieter channels showed either desperation, brazen unconcern or something else. Perhaps she was simply bored and trying to stir up trouble.

Still, she answered his question. She's cheap. "In that case, you should learn how to take what you want instead of abusing the run-down or unlucky. You get what you pay for. If you want a slave that bad, you are welcome to try and take me as one. Though what use you would have of a blind slave, I could not say."

He still didn't turn towards her, though his tall ears did occasionally twitch a little. He was probably listening to a lot more, given that display. But, even still, he hadn't been aggressive towards her outside of mentioning he'd oppose her attempts on principal if she continued.
Disarray "You have large ears, but you don't listen very well." The Beast laughs to herself, the sound like nails on a chalkboard. "I'm not interested in employees. There's a little problem with them." She raises her claws, making a tiny space between them. "People who work for you, think they have a right choose not to do what they're told. It's quite an annoying habit. You know what does work? Threatening to kill them. Or better yet, threatening everyone they hold dear..." That wicked little smile returns, showing far too many pointed teeth in her beastly muzzle. "That really gets them working."

When he offers himself up, she gives him one of those long, up and down sort of glances. "You don't seem like the sort that would be good in the forges. Unless, of course, you're looking to be a different sort of slave." Her eyes dance with mirth at the thought. "I've heard that the blind are sensitive. I could have /all/ sorts of fun with that." Her head tilts. "You probably couldn't keep up with me if you tried. So, thanks for the offer, but I'll pass."

The Beast turns with a swish of her cloak, seemingly with every intent to just walk away from this little interaction.
Chita She couldn't see the amused expression on Chita's face given he was facing away from her, especially as she continues talking, telling him what he wanted to know. What the slaves were for, too. A forge? So she was making something. But what? Weapons, perhaps? Armor? And who was she trying to supply it for? A forge large enough that it required many slaves would have to be quite large... where was it at?
And not only that, but she seemed to at least have a sense of humor about her despite that.

"I wouldn't say that. I am sure i would leave you howling at the moon." Sure, he couldn't see under the cloak, but the sword did let him see bits of what looked like clawed hands and, what he could 'see' looked rather monsterly. Yet, off she went, or seemingly. Which meant, as far as he knew, she was simply going to find someone else to try and beat the location of the Black Marcket out of. "Keeping covered like that implies you are trying to hide. Which means you must surely be quite beautiful, so much so that you have to hide from the world lest someone without impulse control would steal you away to ravage you." Chita's voice implied a bit of good-natured teasing even as he turned to walk towards where Disarray wandered off towards. Maybe he was just going the same way?

Probably not.
Disarray So many questions about this monster, but for now, she seems content not answering any of them. Even as she begins to walk away, her ears can pick up on the sound of his footsteps following behind her. With a snap of her tail, her head tilts back with what could only be a wolfish laugh. "I severely doubt that." There is a snort of breath that follows. "I've seen fluffy forest creatures more intimidating than you, you wouldn't last ten minutes with me."

Her head turns, following her nose. The stench of unwashed bodies and blood would be a good marker that she's heading in the right direction. Her eyes close to focus until he makes the quip about her cloak. A low growl follows, her green eyes opening to look in his direction. "I was wondering what that foul smell was. It's the scent of bullshit coming from your mouth. You should really do something about that." She hooks her clawed fingers in the hood of her cloak and pulls it back, revealing a full head of pointed antlers and a monster's face.

"Are you content now? I'm sure you'll have no trouble controling your impulses to ravage me." Her tone is dripping in sarcasm, clearly unimpressed. "Then again, from what I've heard about your kind, that's all the males are good for, anyways."
Chita "Indeed, I have too. Have you seen the hares of the forest? They are quite a scary thing. There were tales of a demon rabbit that could even take down Behemoths..." Hois voice showed no signs of jest, either. Yet, she stopped, and spouted off at him and pulled her hood back. When she did, Chita showed no signs of fear, or worry, or suddenly changing his mind. In fact, he simply continued to walk closer, not directly towards her so much as if he planned to walk past. He stopped, however, not far from her when she said the last bit and sighed.

Perhaps she touched a nerve.

"I am blind, if you cannot tell. If you are trying to startle me with a sight, you are failing, my eyes see nothing. I also do not judge based on what one could see anyways. The way you move about, you do not try to hide yourself, you try to keep others from seeing you. I, more than anyone else, should know that. I hid for much of my life pretending to be female so i did not have to fight with my own kind to keep my freedom. I can hear the movements of your heavy cloak, of you, when you turn, jerk your hood off and so forth. You are daring others to give you a reason to hurt them."

And finally he turned directly towards her and stood there, facing Disarray. "I do not know anything about you, other than what has been shared here since I heard you slam that fellow against the wall. You are welcome to tell me i am wrong. But do not spit on a bit of light-hearted flirting in the face of me otherwise laying you on your back and arresting you for trying to trade in slaves."
Disarray "I haven't met one that could best me yet. They do make a tasty supper, though. I'm quite fond of them in stew." The Beast folds her arms over her chest, content to stand there for the time being. If he were following her, then she could easily lose him in the city, but it's easier not to have to go drawing that much extra attention to herself.

"No, I couldn't tell." She snorts with that same sort of sarcasm. "I'm just not interested in treating you any differently because of that. You clearly get around just fine, eyes or not. So excuse me for not treating you like an invalid. I'll remember to do so in the future if that's what you prefer." Her tail snaps behind her, irritation radiating off of her like poison.

"As for hiding, that's where you're wrong. I'm wearing the cloak because it's cold. I could care less what people think of me. I know what I am. I'm a Beast, and that's all there is to it." She shakes her head. "As for daring them to give me a reason to hurt them. Of course. If they're stupid enough to cross a monster, then they deserve what comes to them."

Her growl seems to fade ever so slightly, though. "You wouldn't be so 'flirty' if you knew the truth. We can leave it at that." Her expression shifts into another of those grins, all teeth and cruelty, "As for you besting me and putting me in chains... I'd like to see you try. The guards here don't tend to take well to people taking the law into their own hands, and as I haven't actually /done/ what you're claiming you want to arrest me for, I wish you the best of luck there." She taps a finger on her chin, thoughtfully. "Maybe you could get me for assault, but I doubt you'd find that man again to testify. Your word against mine, doesn't stand up so well, does it?"

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