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(2014-03-31 - 2014-03-31)
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Rhiannon Zellen A FEW HOURS AGO

"...It's a damn shame." A man dressed in the black garb of Traverse Town's security forces laments, lightning up a cigarette as he looked on at the ruined prison facility in front of him. "They got greedy, thought they could handle it on their own. Look how it turned out..."

Beside him another man sighed and shook his head. "...Taking in a high profile prisoner like that. The Director was obviously looking for glory. ...And that judge just dropped her right into his hands, and endangered how many lives?" He tched and shook his head again, clearly irritated with the aftermath. "Naivety in it's finest. Should have known better. ...And the Director should have tossed her to more capable people first thing. ...Multiple faults, and this is the turnout. Man..."

The two men sighed and fell silent, observing the smoking, ruined structure as relief teams moved about, assessing the damage and treating the wounded.

"Gonna be a PR nightmare for sure."


At a rather shady looking dive in Montressor, about a mile away...

"My, quite a place here." Rhia mused, looking about from the corner table they sat at in the moment. The place was packed with a bevy of unsavorable types of all manner of races, some looking more alien and weird than the others. Truly a spaceport if any. "It certainly has a certain...image about it."

And the fact that no one seemed to care about them made it even better. A perfect place to relax, unsavory atmosphere aside.
Warden Thache Warden smiles, hat tipped up to reveal his smiling cat's eyes that glimmer in the guttering light of tavern lanterns. "I only bring you to the best places." He replies lightly. His own humor evident in his tone as he relaxes back in his chair. Blancing back on two legs of his chair the captain looks compleatly at ease here, one arm thrown carelessly over the back of his chair.

The other is curled around a bottle that he leans slightly forward to fill a glass with two fingers of sweet rum and slide it across the table to the Doctor, before filling one of his own.

"I like the place. Most people here know better than to ask questions."
Chita Well, Chita eventually had to trust something or someone other than himself... he wouldn't have even blamed them, unless they /knew/ they couldn't handle her. He thought they could... they seemed functional enough. But perhaps that was the issue. When he finally heard about the ordeal happening he ran there straight away only to be told that she'd been broken out. By the time he got there, though, people were already cleaning up. People from Shinra, a raccoon, and a cat pirate... and something about grenades and elves and holes in the wall and guns not working.

Throughout it all, he could only parse and understand a few things, and the one thing he picked out of that, which might be a lead he could follow up on, /was/ exactly that. A pirate and a Raccoon. Where could he find a pirate on short notice? Ships... strange technology... he'd run into him at Bodhum. Perhaps Montressor?

Thus, that's where the Vieran Judge went, not getting as much information has he thought he might from the locals. He went from bar to bar, trying to get information on someone of Warden's description, paying bribes here and there and not getting much. Though one drunk fellow finally mentioned a human with her hair done up and a cat pirate made their way towards a certain direction.

Finally getting there and pushing the door open, he was immediately out of place and everyone there knew it. A bunch looked his way and stared, and eventually paid him no mind because hey, seemed blind. Maybe they'd rob him later or something. Yet, with the sword on his hips, as he stepped forward and let his hand rest on the hilt, the sudden flood of thoughts on his mind as the weapon SAW her gave way that she was here.

0kill her now
0there she is, end it

Chita forced hiself to ignore the weapon and actually took his hand off it entirely for a moment before grasping the hilt again lightly with his hand and making his way over to where she was. "Well, you certainly dug your grave deeper, even after I tried to lock you somewhere that even you could not make it worse."
Rhiannon Zellen "Good. Undue questions would not sit well right now." And no one did ask. Some looked at the doctor with a faint glimmer of familiarity, but no one was dumb enough to actually come out and say anything to their faces. But there was a whisper here and there. Something like 'Wonder how much that chick'll fetch with the locals?' 'Gotta be a nice sum!' 'I ain't about to lose my head for her! You wanna try?' 'Hell no!' And then a round of chuckles and more drinks.

What a laid back place. ...When it wanted to be.

Chuckling herself, Rhiannon took the offered glass. Bringing it up to her nose to take in the aroma. Not out of suspicion, though she really should be by this point. But rather, out of appreciation for the drink itself. After assessing it's aroma, the glass was brought to her lips and a sip was taken. "My, this is strong." Nonetheless, it didn't seem like she had any trouble with it. "A shame Alise could not be bothered to join us." The woman intoned in a fake show of concern, hand to her cheek.

"Far too professional, that one." Another sip. "So, if I might ask, why /did/ you come for me?" The doctor finally asked, brow arched in curiosity towards the captain. "Surely, there must have been something in it for you, yes?" There was a moment of thoughtful countenance then before Rhiannon added. "I can hardly imagine Shinra or Alise paid you either. The former is far too worried for their internal affairs, and the latter would never ask an outsider for help."

Someone had entered the bar at that point, but Rhia had initially paid it no mind. Not until she realized that things had gone silent for a moment or two. That spurred her on to look as well. Ah, curious, more than the rabbit, that sword at his side drew her eye. ...Not that it mattered now. She had more important things to worry about.

As Chita approached, she didn't offer any immediate outwards reaction, simply taking another sip from her glass. "I recall doing nothing special. It was hardly my fault that certain people saw fit to assault the facility you so poorly chose." A chuckle and a glance towards Warden. "I believe we have passed the point of conversation between us however. You know where the door is." A dismissive wave of the hand followed that statement. Looks like she had nothing to say to him.

"Now where were we?" The woman asked, glancing back at Warden to bring up their previous conversation, as if Chita wasn't even there.
Warden Thache Warden shrugs slightly. "Most of the things here are a touch strong. Its the nature of the place itself." The pirate replies as he releases the bottle shifts his hand. That hand moves to his belt and he draws a pistol, setting the weapon almost casually on the table.

Perhaps he heard someone talking about selling his drinking compaion.

"As for why? Well sometimes I have to take a chance. I figured getting you out might be a larger payout in the future than leaving you to rot." The pirate explains with a chuckle towards her. "So consider investment. Mostly due to my own curiousity. I find myself facinated about what you might do next."

He takes a pull of his own drink, his pistol still on the table as he raises his eyes towards Chita with a smirk half-hidden behind his glass.

"Well well well, look what the cat dragg--" A pause. "...wait. No. No I didn't. You dragged yourself in here on your own accord. Seems that you and the good doctor have had a falling out then?"

A shrug before he smirks back towards Rhia. "None of my business really."
Chita Chita stood there silently as she spoke, being flippant towards him. Well, that was expected. He DID kind of drug her and capture her and throw her into a magical-sealing facility prison that could in theory handle her. "I suppose that sounds true enough." He visibly winced a little as the weapon was screaming at him in his mind, enough that he was forced to pull his hand from the weapon again, instead crossing his arms. "And no... we are not. While you've every right to be upset at me, or whatever it is you are feeling, you brought it on yourself. You should feel grateful I did not use the other bottle of water I had with me. On the way back, I checked your satchel and realized you brought what I asked."

For her sake, he didn't say she brought the /teddy bear/ he bought her. "Couldn't bring myself to do anything else, so I took you there so you would be safe, from yourself as well as others." That was kind of his way of trying to say he /did/ still care about her. Hell, she was kind of with his child at the moment, or so she's maintained. For all he knows she could be lying, but he saw no reason not to believe her on that. He turned towards Warden, then, and dug out a bag of munny from his cloak and offered it to the pirate. "My thanks for keeping her safe, even if you went and screwed her chances harder by helping to break her out." Using one foot he hooked the chair behind him and pulled it over to sit down on, backwards, facing them. "And I SWEAR if you do not stop telling me to kill her, I am going to break you in half right here." The sword didn't stop, but perhaps Rhia knew who or WHAT he was talking to. While the rest probably think he's insane.
Warden Thache "So love," Warden drawls at Chita yells at the sword. "Has he always been mad, or is this a new thing?"
Rhiannon Zellen She simply stared at Chita, chin resting in her palm, and the other around her drink. "Mhmn." A dismissive sound of bare acknowledgement from her. Yes, her things. Thankfully she didn't have anything truly sensitive with her. The tablet was just a glorified notepad, and then some other minor material things he'd find no use of. The mention of that silly bear caused her to shake her head just a bit. "Of course."

"Whatever I may feel is also none of your business. And I believe we have established that there is nothing further to discuss. Laws, heroics, must stop experiments and save everyone, yes, yes. Indeed, I have heard it all." And frankly, she didn't want to hear it again at this point. ...But she probably would eventually. Ah, and to think that there was another mess waiting for her when she got back to HQ.

She took a sip of her drink, forgetting about that little detail for the moment.

As Chita yelled at his sword...well, technically her sword, but she wouldn't split hairs, she just chuckled and asided to Warden. "He has always been mad. But yelling at swords /is/ new, I must say~" Her free hand was brought to her mouth as she giggled.

Of course, she knew just what Chita was going through, but it was funnier to say he was mad. ...Not that she had room to talk really.
Warden Thache "Well," The pirate replies as he smiles just slightly. "It takes all kinds doesn't it?" The man seems compleatly at ease with a madwoman at the table with him and a madman yelling at his sword.

Of course he spends his free time in Hollow Bastion. Who is he to talk.

Warden flashes a grin for a moment. "She didn't need much in the way of protection, and I have to admit I wasn't the only one to help. However, you're welcome." A pause. "And she didn't /have/ a chance you know. She would have been executed one way or the other, isn't that the way of things? I find it more entertaining to let her out." A pause. "Besides, its against my nature to leave someone locked up."
Chita "..."

Chita didn't respond to the accusations of being mad, though when Warden mentioned they were going to execute her either way, there was a small growl from his throat. "I explicitly stated I only brought her there on the condition that execution... was not an option." Then again, what authority did he even have to demand such? "And no, Rhiannon. You may not want me around... but I still want no harm to come to you. So consider this a grace from me, or do not, I do not care. I... am done pursuing you, for justice or anything else. Likewise, I would have you rescind Shinra trying to take this sword back."

He wasn't even holding it in his hand now, and the weapon was getting to him, still hanging in the makeshift scabard at his side. Chita shivered a little at that and tried to shake it off only to stand up and put the chair back in place a little sloppy. "Or do whatever you want. You do anyways. Be safe Rhiannon... I would hate to see you hurt." And with that, he intended to leave, having said his piece. He came to try and apprehend her, but with the weapon trying to force him to kill her, he refuses to take the chance. Onec again he should have known that would happen though.
Rhiannon Zellen "Likewise."

Was the curt response in return. "I am quite done with your heroic theatrics herself." Another sip, and then the glass was set down. "Do you really think those glory hounds would listen to a word you say?" She cracked a smirk at that. "I imagine the moment you were out of the vicinity, they had set about devising the best way to attain glory from 'having captured me'." She rolled her eyes. "Have you met with the Director? He is...quite an ambitious man." Ambitious...that was one word to describe him. Probably one of the kinder ones. Rest assured, Many had wanted to do to him what Alise had hauled off and done earlier.

"So, if you are done pursuing me, then why not run along to your nosey little flower girl? I imagine she must be beside herself with worry right about now." The statement drew a faint chuckle out of the woman before she raised the glass to her lips once more. In the meantime, she observed him, watching his subtle changes in mannerisms and body langauge. She wondered how long he would be able to handle that weapon.

Surely it must have been worse than the original Black Omen.

Lowering her glass, Rhiannon watched as Chita stood, seemingly making to leave. "My, my. And here I had thought that you came to try and apprehend me." Her smile grew a little. "/They/ must be screaming so incessantly right about now, hm? I wonder..."

A finger was brought to her cheek thoughtfully.

"How much longer can you withstand that sword?"

She said nothing about calling off Shinra from the search. ...As far as she was concerned, if she had brought things upon herself, then so had he. No one got to have their cake and eat it too. Ah, but how many cakes did Chita lose by now? The thought got a giggle out of her.

Warden is given a slightly more genuine smile then. "I suppose I have yet to thank you." Her tone wasn't much genuine however. But then, that was Rhia for you. "The guards on duty were constantly telling me how execution was being called for."
Warden Thache A thoughtful smile dances across Warden's face as he watches the byplay between Rhiannon and Chita. For the most part he lets the pair of them fence as his hand moves back to the bottle and he leans forwards to top of Rhiannon's drink. She must be getting a touch low by now. Sweet rum won't drink itself and all.

"Tell me friend," He finally drawls as he tosses a question towards Chita. "Which is more of a mercy? Dying all at once, or dying slowly over the years. Inches at a time." One shoulder lifts in a shrug. "I'd take the bullet in the head over that." Those oddly slitted eyes slide towards Rhia for a moment. "No offence ment."

He obviously hasn't heard the story of just /how/ she got to be in jail in the first place.

He tilts his head once more at Chita's departing words. He doesn't move for the weapon or to stop the bunny. Instead the pirate just chuckles quietly. "Now I'm not sure if that was a threat or something else. Could be either." Again however it seems he takes it as /mostly/ none of his buisiness. Thats betwen the mad scientist and the misunderstood bunny. The pirate intends to stay out of that line of fire. However he's put himself in several different ones tonight.

Mostly for the hell of it.

Its just how he is.

"Well," The genuine smile and the not-quite-so tone is met with a vulpine smile of his own. Is he wondering if that thanks was genuine? No. Either it is or it isn't. Worring which one it happens to be won't change how it is. He'll just hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Story of his life. "I'm glad it didn't come to execution. Much more difficult to break one out from that." Voice of experiance there. "And as for thanks, well we can discuss that later. Over breakfast perhaps!"
Chita With the various questions tossed his way, Rhiannon making fun of him, picking at him like she always has, Warden making a valid point, Chita turns and looks like he wanted to say something, but couldn't quite manage. "Death does not settle well with me, pirate. The concept terrifies me, and quite frankly, I would rather die slowly over many years than suddenly. But, that's me. Oh, and Rhiannon? Here." Turning, Chita offered the woman back her tablet and her satchel she had with her. Pointedly, they were separate and not all together. As he stepped closer to place it on the table near her, though, she got to see him bothered by the sword again in that he jerked his hand away from it and hissed out a low sound of frustration.

"Theatrics... perhaps that really is all it is." the Judge chuckled at the thought. "I suppose that is so true... never really thought of it like that. But, hey, that's me." He gave a bit of a shrug as he tried to laugh away the fact that the sword was actually starting to get to him. "Oh, and... I guess you never really checked, but I put something inside the gift I gave you a while back, if you care to look. I was going to point that out if you had actually given me access to the research or stopped acting as you were, but i did not have the chance. No harm in saying it now though. Enjoy, and again... please stay safe. I would very much like the chance to see the child in the future, with you there as well... wether you are behind bars, or otherwise."

And with that he quickly makes his way out, trying to ignore the weapon screaming at him to go back and finish it.

But what was inside the bear? She'd have to check and see!
Rhiannon Zellen "Hm, yes, I can entertain that much. It should be quite intriguing." She answered the captain regarding breakfast, smile remaining on her face. She seemed rather easygoing, compared to certain other people. Her company was probably one that shouldn't be kept too long though.

Rhia's thoughts on death...well, she didn't seem to think much of it, but she'd never actually voiced her thoughts on the matter often. Warden is given a nonchalant shrug. "No harm done." She hardly cared in the end. Beyond a faint bit of amusement.

Seeing Chita turn around and then return her belongings, got a curious look out of her. So that's where they were. She'd wondered where her things had gotten off to in the time she was out. Nevertheless, she took her things, but didn't check. Not immediately. Perhaps later. When things had calmed down.

"I see." She supposed she should have offered some form of gratitude, but the Viera had made a show of vacating the premises rather quickly. Thus leaving her without the chance. His hasty exit just got a chuckle and a shake of the head from her. "Well then..." Left to deliberate on Chita's parting words, as well as Warden's own comments, the scientist chose to drink, taking her recently filled glass at a faster rate this time.

Once she'd finished, the glass was set down and Warden was given a glance. "Shall we be on our ways? I imagine Alise will not wait much longer after all." Indeed, her missionwas to take the woman to Shinra HQ...who knew what waited for her there.
Warden Thache "A man that fears death shouldn't have the power to pronounce it on others," Warden's opinion on the subject isn't varnished or polished. It is simply thrown out there, like most of the thoughts the man seems to have. "If you fear it, then you can't use that power properly. Makes it more dangerous than it could be."

The bunny was already on his way out however and the Captain wasn't one to call him back. Instead he reaches up to take his pistol, slipping it away in the folds of his coat before he nods once. "Of course, if we keep Alise waiting /too/ much longer. She might organize a raid on the bar. Those never go over well and I think she's been though enough tonight." A smirk. "The woman is too professional to smile isn't she?"

Regardless of the answer he raises in one smooth motion before again offering Rhia his arm with a roguish grin. "Yes, back home with you. Anything else can wait till later."

He doesn't intend to make this a habit, but...its been an amusing distraction for an evening. That is something he can live with.

Who knows. It might even be profitable!

...and he is going to have to ask later if the bunny was serious about a child. Things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser.

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