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(2014-03-29 - Now)
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Hati It's night in the city that never sleeps. There is a thumping bass from a nearby club that seems to carry for blocks. People mill along the major streets, talking, smoking, wobbling from a night of too much 'fun'. Despite the danger from the Shadow Lords, Manhattan has remained largely unchanged. It's still a place of human life and activity, full of people who are wary or outright antagonistic towards the outside world.

So, why would Hati come here? Well, a recent newspaper article claims that there have been a series of attacks made by what can only be described as 'a werewolf'. There's even a blurry photograph of a dark, lupine shape fleeing from one of the scenes that some ameture caught on their Ma-Belle.

Hati is perched on a rooftop, crouched there as she reads the article, her ears tucked back and her tail tucked. If this was the work of her father, then what was the point of it all? The most recent victim seems to be a museum guard, which has lead her to keeping an eye on the place to see if there is something that Odin might be after.

Thus far, she had no real proof that the old leader of her pack was still alive, but things were starting to add up in that direction. The closer she got to confirming that he really was back, the closer it pushed her to the edge. Even now, as her hands clench on the news article, Hati's fingers are darkened by a purple-black mist rising up from them, a low growl in her chest.
Skoll Ulfang "Hati." The voice she'd recognize as her brother's visits her ears as the figure of Skoll lands on the same roof she is perusing. The werewolf is in his regular punkish garb it'd seem, hands in his pockets, hair looking like a mess as usual. In this world, it's almost impossible to see those wolven ears of his. They're kind of just hidden in the gray fuzz that is his hair.

He'd come here with the clues that Hati had. But he didn't come here for the same reason. The werewolf is more perceptive than most people give him credit for. He figured Hati would likely be looking out for clues like these. It's not like he wasn't; his father is a possible threat to his friends - as well as innocent bystanders. The wounded woman at Halloween Town had proven that.

"It's me." He steps out of the shadow of the night and approaches her. "How're you hanging in there?"
Hati The sound of her name causes Hati's head to whip around, and in that moment, there is a flash of red in her eyes. It's an eerily familiar look - like one she had given him once on the crossroads between worlds. She hadn't remembered him then, and the darkness had been lurking at her heels, ready to drag her down into it. This time, it only lasts a fraction of a second before the mis-matched colors return and her expression softens as if nothing had happened.

"Skoll..." The girl's ears lift slightly, and she pushes herself up onto her feet. There is quite the height difference between the two siblings, and she only ends up at head-height to him because she's on a slight rise at the edge of the rooftop. "Guess you're here for the same reason I am..." She folds up the newspaper article and tucks it into the back pocket of her jeans. "I haven't seen anything yet. It's been quiet tonight." Well, at least as quiet as you can get in New York City.

The question about how she's doing, gets a quick shrug as she tucks her hands into her pockets. It would be impossible not to have noticed the dark energy radiating off of her. Even Faruja hadn't been able to really quell the anger lurking beneath the surface. "Not great. How about you? Any luck with the ancestor-spirits?" It's easier to change the subject than to address her own struggles.
Skoll Ulfang "Woah woah. Calm down." Skoll raises his hands defensively as his sister shows that flash of anger. It's not like he didn't expect this kind of responce. But it is still startling at times.

To think, once he'd been like that. Perhaps not even 'that bad' for all of his personality still shone through the darkness. But had it been much longer, he would likely have had a hard time struggling with it all.

"Yeah, it's me." He repeats himself as she speaks his voice, approaching her further until he's standing just a few feet away with one hand reached towards her. "That's why I'm here actually. Or actually - it's tied to that."

He tilts his head sideways a little, glancing at the newspaper she is carrying. Indeed, his hunch had been correct. "I ran into a little... 'issue' while passing through some of the Cloisters. And it has to do with that."

The newspaper becomes the target of his half out-stretched hand. "Somehow... 'he' survived." The expression on his face is hard to read.
Hati After a moment's pause to look at his hand curiously, Hati removes he bit of folded up newspaper from her pocket and lays it in Skoll's hand. Her ears are tucked backwards slightly, her tail still hanging down without much 'life' to it. "I've been keeping watch for something like this since you told me what happened in Carbuncle's cloister." The wolf-girl may not have been there, but Skoll certainly would have told her about their mother's 'ghost' and her warning about the dark entity standing in the way of her brother's quest.

"So, what are you here for?" She asks, folding her arms across her chest as she steps off of the edge of the building. There's that height difference as the his shorter sister leans back slightly, looking towards the museum even as he speaks. "An... 'issue'? Define 'issue'?" Hati's lip curls slightly, showing a flash of fangs. It's not Skoll that she's angry at, but any discussion of her father is bound to raise her heckles.
Skoll Ulfang Skoll takes the newspaper and flips over to the 'offending' page. Indeed, he'd told her about their mother and the dark entity looming over his quest.

"Our father. He survived somehow. And he's become my shadow, stalking my moves. Roaming the worlds. It may even be that he's trying to obtain some of the Ancestors' spirits for himself." Skoll explains.

Skoll moves past her, and lays both hands on the edge of the roof, looking down at the museum - the light of the city making him a tad more visible.

"I wonder if he knows. I wonder if he knows that you've told me the truth about him. Or if he is still expecting me to just follow him."
Hati "I'd lay good odds that he thinks I'm dead. You did for all those years, why would he think any different?" Hati turns as Skoll begins to lean on the edge of the building, her mismatched eyes looking out over the lights of the Manhattan skyline. "All the better for me. He won't expect it when I sneak up and slide a dagger into his back." Her voice drops a bit lower, a growl forming in the undertones.

Skoll may very well try to reason or understand his father's intentions. Afterall, as dark an influence as Odin was, he at least seemed to care for his son. Hati grew up with a very different man in the role of her 'father'. He had hurt her mother, denied his daughter, and left the girl to die on in the freezing snow. There were some things you could never reason with. There were some things you can never forgive.

"He's probably testing you, the same way he did when we were little." Hati steps up to the railing and grips her hands on the stone, her claws making white marks there. "He has to see just how powerful his Golden boy become. Precious little Skoll. Daddy's chosen one. "

There is something just /wrong/ about her voice in that instant. It sounds the same as the first time they had met. She had told him then that the one thing she wanted to do before the darkness took her was to rip out their father's throat. She had been so angry and jealous of Skoll back then, and some of that seems to be rising to the surface. He doesn't deserve it, though.

"Sorry." She whispers, ears tucking back, knowing full well that the words were meant to hurt him and that it was wrong. "The closer he gets... the closer I am to losing myself again. It's getting worse." She reaches up and rubs at her blue eye, the one that her father had taken and that Serrak had replaced with his own daughter's eye.
Skoll Ulfang Hati's desire for revenge is not something Skoll could easily deny - nor her feelings on the matter; she has great personal stock in being the one to do it. "Be careful Hati, he's always been strong. And who knows what new powers he might have gained after surviving the destruction of our world. I may be Unlimited, but you're not." Perhaps the wrong words to have used, before she speaks of testing him.

The werewolf glances away as she speaks of him like that. As much as he may be a 'warrior', he also has guilt. He'd seen his father's love, but only in exchange for what should be been Hati's. His ears flatten, and he tries to concentrate on the far away streets down below. No answer comes from him. His sister anger would only get worse if he got angry back at her. It's not her fault; he knows that.

When she finally appologizes, he looks back up and her way. "It's okay." Skoll whispers, and then pushes himself away from the edge of the roof and moves upon Hati in order to carefully put his arms around her. "You're my sister. I'll be here for you. And don't forget about the Mouse. He may be a bit crazy, but he can help you too."
Hati There is that brief moment where his words strike on just the right chord for her anger to flare. Her mouth opens to say something nasty, but then she's dragged into a hug and the entire thing defuses. Skoll has always been able to keep her from falling over the edge and into true darkness. Her ears lay back along her black hair, nearly hiding entirely in the process. "I'm not a pup anymore, Skoll. He can't hurt me like he used to. I started with his paw, and I'll finish it with his life." She growls, "I'll kill him with my own bare paws if it comes down to it."

And then he has to mention Faruja. There is the kink in her armor. If it weren't for her brother and the rat, there would be precious few relationships in her life strong enough to keep her from straying down the darker path. Katyna, Avira, Morgan - The faces of those who she's fought beside since leaving the Shadow Lords play out in her mind. "I don't know that I want to get him involved. This is something I need to do on my own, and the last thing I want is Odin using anyone we care about as a shield to protect himself."It's something even more likely in Skoll's case. The werewolf has so many more people he cares about. If Odin truly is the monster that his sister says he is, then all of them could be at risk.

Her head leans over and lightly nudge's Skoll's shoulder, which is more affection than the wolf-girl offers most people. "Anyway, we need to figure out what he's up to. There's got to be a reason he's only watching you at a distance. Like... something's changed that he wasn't expecting."

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