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Ice Comet
(2014-03-27 - 2014-03-27)
Taking the water-crystal out of the safety of the camp, Avira tests the item with a unique Gummi-block out in the Realm Between!
Avira Wagner Industries, currently the leader in Gummi Technology. This lucrative position has been maintained so far through rigorous testing and gummi block collection. Today, gummispace outside the Golmore Jungle has been appropriated for some very important testing.

Details about the test have been kept oddly silent; only the closest of Avira's friends might be aware of just what the woman was trying to attempt today. Given the materials involved, her need for secrecy would be well understood. There seems to be a little extra security around the research facility today too. Out in gummispace itself, curiously enough, the Odin is not present-remainign grounded at camp in its much smaller form.

Since the initial accident with the Catha Badb months ago, Avira's adopted several precautions she uses when testing gummi ships-namely, having people nearby to pick up the pieces in case something were to go horribly, horribly wrong. She is alone in her special Hrist today with her special cargo on board but outside the ship remains several other Hrists nearby, piloted by Responsible People and technicians monitoring the test. Everyone that has agreed to help today has received a safety briefing and instructions to remain a certain distance away from Avira's Hrist and away from a certain...well, Avira calls it the "firing vector."

"Dusk Wolf here." Avira announces cheerfully, using her old gummi ship callsign. On the viewscreens equipped in all Hrists, the radio system does display a head-on visual of Avira, though her head is mostly obscured by a helmet. Safety precautions, again. "We are a minute away from beginning test one of the Water Crystal-magigummi weapon system alpha version. Report in with positions, everyone!"
Oathkeeper "The bird is ready." A 'certain man' is present on a solo Hrist by 'invitation'. He's not really doing much except for staring out of a window, his fingers against the cold translucent material. He's speaking softly enough that nobody else can hear him. Except for the other people at the 'other side of the line' to his communication device.

He then sits down in front of the window and lights a small cigarette, and begins to enjoy it. He's a business man of sorts, of the mysterious kind. Just here for the show.
Tifa Lockhart At the helm of a Stingray, trusty attack model that suits her style to a tee, a spacesuit-dressed barmaid. Well, Tifa that is. While she's at ease behind a bar, or fighting with her fists, she's not as used to ship piloting, but these things pretty much pilot themselves fortunately. She just pushes buttons and aim in the right direction when she shoots magic missles.

She makes the last second checks, calling out "Stingray-Theta ready for deployment... What is theta anyway?" She wonders, the commlink still open at the question, as readies for take off. She volunteered to help out as she usually does, and she's friends with Avira too, so its all karma.
Warden Thache Hat down over his eyes, feet propped up on the control board of a little airship, a specific pirate cracks open one eye as his com crackles to life. "Ah. Well then."

Saying that he promptly...closes his eye and settles in for a longer nap.

He's a cat. This is totally getting ready.
Katyna Katyna's pretty new to the whole gummi ship thing, but she had promised to help Avira out. Afterall, she owes her big time..Plus she's been markedly absent from the VALKYRIE for a while. Better get started before the VALKYRIE leader attracts more trouble, as she's prone to do.

Kat's decked out in a flashy red, black and gold spacesuit of sorts, piloting the Red Phoenix as she awaits instructions. "Red Phoenix, ready for launch!" she exclaims through her communicator.
Minerva Minerva knew Avira was up to more Gummi science as of late. This i where Minerva starts to worry she's again got her own Gummi ship ready, she's debated perhaps she should start to customize it a bit to make use of it. She takes a deep breath as Avira gets ready to make use of the water crystal. So it's time for madness and she better be ready.

"Ice Queen ready."

No she didn't pick it, some of the workers gave her the name and it stuck.
Avira "Excellent." Avira grins behind her helmet. "Alright everyone, hold onto your butts, the test starts now!"

In an instant, everything immediately seems to grow colder. Though it may be hard for the guardians to see, a single gummi block mounted near the cockpit suddenly glows a bright blue color. Then, in a flash, the blue glow expands into a massive blast of blue light that quickly widens to beyond the width of the Hrist. Double its width. Tripe its width. The blizzara gummis set into the Hrist, standard with every model, also glow brightly until their features are obscured. That blue light starts to leak out between the seams of the Hrist, illuminating every single gummi block the ship is constructed from.

"H-holy..!" Avira's voice can be heard over the radio, startled and fuzzy. Communication from her Hrist quickly deteriorates.

The ice beam tears through space, piercing the darkness with its fierce blue light. Avira's Hrist glows for a few moments longer before exploding in a blast of blue light, scattering frozen gummi blocks in all directions. Upon that, the spell seems to end, the beam tapering off into a point to create an extremely long, extremely large ice comet, which hurls off into the depths of space.

Amongst the debris of a Hrist floats the Water Crystal and a frozen Avira.
Oathkeeper At a distance, a man smirks in that tiny little Gummiship. "The bird has... ... well..." He has to take a moment to figure out the right wording. "The bird has exploded. Concentrate on the goods - the others will take care of 'the girl'."

The individual then goes quiet again, staring out the window like some kind of Illusive Man.
Minus the weird eye thing.

In the depth of gummi-space, nobody can hear you scream. Having fallen into it, Avira must be in a /really/ uncomfortable situation. It's perhaps a good thing that she's frozen as she is. But she shouldn't be left out there like that! The Crystal in the meantime is floating away from the fleet - as Items of Power usually do.

The Ice Comet in the meantime, continues to hurl forwards further and further. And then...


It is a roar that has the Mystery Man sit up, recognizing the sound from somewhere. But... where had it been? When? It'd been recent.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is veering through space, clicking on seemingly random buttons. "Why do you all get the cool names and I get 'theta' anyway?" Sounds like the ones that picked names really had a sense of humor anyway. Could have been worse, though.

But then, her cameras catch what happens to Avira. Her eyes widen "Avira!" Looks like the frozen casket will keep her alive... don't question it, its magic after all. It ends up being the somewhat better alternative than being flung out in space without a suit at least.

"So what's the plan then?" She asks over comm since they said they would handle Avira's recovery. At least she stayed away from Avira as she ordered... That blast could have wiped a few fleet worth. She got a bad feeling so she activates some shielding from her controls, covering herself and Minerva as the front line.
Warden Thache "The damsel in distress always has enough people to save her," Warden murmurs with a smirk as he unfolds from his nap. "Espicially when she goes and does it to herself." His fingers dance over the controls of the little air-ship. Just something he's picked up from somewhere. Sleek. Single winged and double engined. His own take on the dragon skull and crossbones emblazoned on the sides and tail fins.





The engines on the little ship power up. "Did you actually tell her that was going to explode?" He adds with a slight twitch of a smile as he angles the machine towards the remains of the mess. "Tell me if anything /else/ is coming could you? I'm going to have to concentrate."
Oathkeeper "No. I didn't know what was going to happen." The mysterious man answers Warden over the communicator. "But I felt that I had a good guess. You don't just pump that kind of magic into something without proper preparation." He glances out the window again.

The man takes a wiff from the cigarette, and then blows a big puff of smoke into the air. "And yes. There's something coming. Something bad. Get the price and get out of here - or mingle with the fleet without them noticing you." Ah, now he remembers that sound! "Remember that big dragon that messed things up in World of Ruin? I give it ten minutes."
Katyna Kat smirks through her communicator at Tifa's comment. "Heey, Theta's totally cool, no sweat!" But then things suddenly go from light-hearted to serious trouble when ice explodes from Avira's ship..And she gets hurled through space like a giant icy popsicle comet..

And what of the ice crystal? They cant just lose it like that! But Avira only has seconds..."Avira!! We gotta save her first!" Assuming she's still alive! She too, activates shielding against the blast, before trying to locate Avira on her controls as she flies out after where she thinks she saw her go.
Minerva This was totally not what she was expecting now there's a world eating dragon coming for them. She goes to open her mouth to say something over the radio to Avira but really it's not Avira's fault. This would have happened the moment any one here stepped into ship. They just attract trouble an she freaking knows it.

He Golem is now powering up and Minerva starts prepping her defences while she's got the time to do so. She totally needs to do so there' a hell of a fight coming.

"I'm moving in for Avira now!"
Warden Thache Yes. Yes. Moving in for Avira.

As airships and rescue teams move for Avira herself just like he knew they would. Warden's little pirate-marked ship moves with them for the most part, near the leading edge of the pact. However...

His systems ping something much more shiny than a frozen Avira. You know how pirates are with shinies.

The snappy little airship turns away from the crystalized Avira, in order to angle towards the actual crystal itself as he kicks on the full speed of the swift little fighter. Zipping though debris most recklessly as he hrmmms happily to himself.

She is going to be /so/ cross with him once she gets unfrozen.

It'll be /glorious/.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart lets the job of getting Avira back to the others. No use all going at it. But she still swerves around, patrolling the immediate area during the recuperation procedure "Get her back to safety... Whatever it is, its approaching fast, and I don't think having her floating in space is the right idea. Put up your shields too, whatever's coming is big."
Maira A Hrist blasts through space, headed straight for Avira. This particular ship had fallen behind briefly due to an unfortunate cupcake-to-control accident, but as soon as Maira heard Avira was in trouble she'd given the thing all the speed it could get--and it /must/ be fast, its RED. Everyone knows if its red it goes faster. "I got her!" she cries over the radio, activating the counter-thruster thingies (ie the things that sort of go WOOSH!) to slow down as she approaches, throwing on her helmet in order to open the hatch and leap out of it toward Avira, terrified that she won't be on time!

The young mage has her momentum to carry her through space, Shinru's roar sounding and sending a shiver through her bones that has nothing to do with the freezing temperature or the icicle-Avira about to be in her arms. Maira grits her teeth and grabs hold of Avira, using a blast of Aero to push them back toward Maira's Hrist, holding her best friend tightly with both arms and wondering just how they are going to get out of this one!
Katyna It seems that three people are now headed for Avira's location. But what about that water crystal? Kat frowns, "Listen, looks like you guys got this under control! I'm gonna look for the water crystal! Keep me updated on Avira's condition!"

Katyna veers off in search of the water crystal..And spies something else out there too. What's this, some sort of unfamiliar ship? "Hey, that's not part of the main crew? Is that a pirate ship?" She increases her speed, hoping to get there before the pirate ship grabs the water crystal.
Katyna There is of course, the roar, it's loud enough to give Katyna pause, shuddering a bit in her seat. "Wuh..What the heck was that!? Someone get a reading on that noise?" She really doesnt like the sound of it, but first thing's first!
Warden Thache Sorry Katyna. It seems this ship both has a head start /and/ is fast. A bad combo when you're trying to catch up.

Good news/bad news time!

Good news? The nible ship seems to be slowing down.

Bad news? It only slows down long enough so a long graple line can launch out and snag the water crystal itself.

One that is secured? The afterburners are kicking in and a familiar to some voice cuts in over the short range and open channels.

"If I were you loves," Warden's voice sounds rather amused. "I'd pack up what I can and get out of there. Seems Lady Wolf's little experiment pissed off a dragon." A pause. "And now? Excuse me. I think I have somewhere else to be."

It seems the pirate craft does not want to stick around with the dragon.
Oathkeeper They can see him in the distance. A white dot at the horizon, blazing with a destructive purple haze near the tip. There's damage. Quite a lot of damage. But what's more, the beast is angry. So very angry. The power of a Water Crystal had severely hurt the Convulsing Chaos. But this small fleet of Hrists is certain to be /no/ match for the Dragon.

It roars and cries out in anger, its eyes set on the group. They're delayed his hunt!

These puny mortals would feel his anger!

And in Gummispace... this beast is many times larger than even the Odin! It seems to cast shadows over the worlds it passes. Blotting out the stars behind him with an enormous swarm of heartless.

<< Shinryu will be here in 1 Round >>
Oathkeeper The mysterious man slowly gets up from his seat and casually wanders off to the front of the Hrist's cockpit. "So hey Warden. You will want to get a move on. He's almost here. And I'm pretty sure he's pretty peeved." And for that matter, the mysterious man doesn't either.

He settles down in his seat and drops the cigarette on the floor, and crushes it with the heel of his boot. "Let's get out of here, shall we?" He mumbles to himself, and begins to steer the little Hrist away. There's no way he can go and help Warden in this situation.
Minerva Minerva can see the thing coming for them she know they don't have much time. She's going to try to get into a good spot to intercept the horror if he does get to them. She knows this is going to be bad, this is going to be so very bad but she needs to do something to by all he allies time to deal with Avira and the crystal.

"I'll get ready to intercept if we need too."

she's basically taking rear guard now with the formation aiming to cover for their primary ship.

"...It just had to be one of those days didn't it?"

She knows she may have to throw herself at the swarm if they can't get away in time but for now she's moving with the rest as they are aiming to get the heck out of dodge.
Maira As soon as Maira makes it back to her ship with Avira in tow, she closes the hatch switftly then begins to summon just enough of her magic to thaw Avira. She had to be very careful, or she will end up burning her, but she has to get her warm as quickly as possible or she will be in even greater danger!

Not to mention, Shinryu. The great beast is coming, blotting out the stars, a swam of heartless in his shadow. They need to be running, but Maira can't let Avira /die/ in a block of ice! "Come on Avira...come on..." she says, increasing the heat a little. Its getting /quite/ warm in this little cockpit.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks over to Katyna's direction, calling up over commlink "I'll come with you, they got Avira..." She steers her ship toward the crystal. She can practically feel the roar and the tremors through the space. This definitely won't be good. "Its incomming, everyone brace for impact. Get Avira out of there now!" She gives her warning, as she pushes the energy toward the shields, while she chases Katyna toward the crystal "I'm not sure we're going to get it in time, defense first."
Avira If Maira were able to see beneath the ice and beneath the helmet on Avira's head, she would notice Avira's eyes suddenly popping wide open. The ice around her slowly starts to thaw.

To Avira's credit, her flight suit and her helmet seem to at least be protecting her skin from the ice she is frozen inside. There's also the fact that this is water crystal ice-it's probably magical to some degree.
Katyna "Dammit! Lost the water crystal!" But who was that guy..And how'd he manage to sneak through so easily? "Some kinda pirate ship......" Woah...Seems there are bigger threats on the horizon, however. She hears the massive roar again as Shinryu rapidly comes into sight. "Geez..Where'd that ugly thing come from?" She activates her shields.
Warden Thache Since Warden already has the crystal and he seems to be perfectly willing to kick in the afterburners in an attempt to get the hell out of the way regaining it might be difficult.

He does not really feel like or /intend/ to engage the dragon. He just wants to get away.

"...what in the name of Neptune's spear are you all doing?" He adds with a touch of exasperation. "Do you all /want/ to fight a great bloody angry dragon?"
Tifa Lockhart The commlink from Tifa's side "... No, I don't, but I can't leave people back here while I'm feeling either.
Shinryu The beast approaches closer. And though it has not gotten in range yet to /devour/ those tasty tasty gummiships, it is more than close enough to threaten them by merely opening its mouth and letting that purple breath start coalescing.

"Today I will FEAST!" It boasts, its terrible voice seeming to make space itself tremble! A wash of turbulence rattles the Hrists that haven't moved away yet. This is soon followed by an enormous purple beam that snaps from its jaws and then spreads far and wide towards them, more than capable of vaporizing anyone without their shields up...

And some who /do/.

Its demonic eyes gaze out towards the Hrist that carries Maira and Avira. Showing its enormous teeth, the beast grins. "Yesss.... yessss..." Shinryu, now voiced by Megatron from Beastwars.
Maira Maira closes her eyes, gasping softly as Shinru's voice roars inside her mind, chasing away all thought and replacing it with raw, primal fear. Shaking, she opens her eyes and takes a few breaths, steadying herself. "Oh no, you are not. Not today, not any day," she replies quietly to that voice.

Maira keeps the air hot, the heat radiating from her body in shift waves, the sort you'd see rising from pavement that has been baking in the summer sun. Avira should continue to thaw. Maira needs to get back to the controls and get them out of here!

Scrambling back into the pilot seat, Maira presses buttons furiously before grabbing the /helm/ and turning the Hrist to begin to flee with the others.

Though she blasts away as quickly as the Hrist will move, Shinryu has arrived. The purple tinged light flashes, blinding her temperarily as she tries to evade the horrible violet beam, screaming as it hits the shields and alarms sound in the cockpit. "I AM TRYING TO LEAVE! I had to start thawing Avira or her heart will stop!" she shouts over the radio to Warden. "Now lets GO!"

The Hrist has taken quite a hit, the shields operating far below maximum strength...but the Hrist still flies.

Maira floors it.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart's ship gets rattled harshly by the beam. It manages to make a really big gash on the gummi's exterior. Here you thought those were indestructible. Well, its Shinryu, probably doesn't care about those details.

Tifa grips the control, bracing for the impact. Her shielding seems to do nothing at all. "I've been hit, bad damage too, there's no way we can face this thing now. If you're not retreating, DO IT NOW!" No, its not order. Its suggestion before the entrie group gets annihilated and more bodies in space need to be fished out. She's glad she put her space suit on, she might need it.

Right now, her attention go to her controls, she needs to make sure this thing can still move fast enough to get out of here. Fortunately, it looks like the engines didn't get hit at least. She veers back away, since the crystal and Avira are accounted for.
Oathkeeper With the rapid departure of the Hrists, and the little things fast enough - a quick bend around a nearby planet puts them out of harm's way of the enormous gummispace bound dragon. The beast continues to follow after them. But landing certainly pulls them out of danger.

It doesn't stop the World of Ruin to momentarily be covered in a dark shadow blotting out the planet's light. It's just a short moment - like an eclipse. Only this eclipse doesn't show a corona of light...

Only two enormous red eyes looking in... before it departs again.

Strange. Why didn't the beast follow them in landing onto the planet?
Katyna Katyna follows after the others, zipping for the nearby planet. "Phew, looks like we lost 'em, but how come it didnt follow...?" Well, whatever. They're alive...But missing a water crystal, dammit! "Heey, how's Avira doing? She okay?"
Minerva Minerva sees the rest of the fleet fleeing and is going as fast as she can and she's in the rear now, she wonders why it's not following them? That worries her but that's something she'll voice in a bit once she has some more distance between them and the dragon of chaos.

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