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(2014-03-25 - Now)
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Deelel Deelel was a multi media program in the depths of her heart and would always be as such. She'd found a job as a DJ for the ATRA Vicus nightclub and was working as a DJ she often used a lot of local musics but she often would slip in songs that were her own making or those from other artists on the grid. She always enjoyed sharing her kind's creations with the users even if they never were aware of it. Also as a nod to some DJ's she knew of? DJ Basic_Girl kept grid style helmet on when she was up doing hert thing in the club like she is right now, and one of the songs thumping is quite a classic flynn OS song.
Masked DJs It didn't take long for the mysterious masked DJs of the End of Line club to get out and about in the world of the users, as soon as they got a day off from their regular gig. They've spent the last few hours marveling at all the sights and people, even tentatively poking at a few just to see what they felt like. After the third one beat them with her purse, though, they quickly put a stop to that.

Now that they've discovered a nightclub, though, they've agreed to check it out, to see what kind of entertainment the users enjoy. As they walk into the club, side by side, the lights reflecting off of their helmets, they notice something pretty familiar about the music. The one in the silver helmet tilts his head a little, trying to figure out if it could /really/ be grid-native music, while the one in the gold-and-black helmet starts looking around for the DJ. They remain oddly silent.
Deelel Deelel is putting on another number shortly as she works and bobs with the music she's playing. It's another grid track from the sounds of it they would get a look at the woman behind the DJ's stand and they'd seen one while not a light suit her clothing sure looked like someone had tried to make one and the circulit Line Tattoos on her exposed arm were glowing faintly. Finally the helmet it was clearly from the grid or a heck of an case of users got the same idea as basics when it came to gear.

Deelel just lost in the enjoyment of doing what she was made for and enjoying watching people dance.
Masked DJs The gold-masked program catches sight of the DJ, and nudges his partner, pointing her out. They both stare at Deelel for a moment or two, surprised to see someone wearing grid styles here. Could it be that another program has found a job working with the users? They're impressed to say the least, though it's hard to tell through their expressionless masks. However, when the track changes to another familiar one, they decide to do what they came here to do:

Lose themselves to dance.

Giving each other a brief look and a nod, they head out onto the dance floor and launch into some variation on, of course, the Robot. Needless to say, they're quite good at it.
Deelel Deelel notices two people on the dance floor she pauyses eying them from behind her faceplate as she works. She wonders for a moment just whom they are but the show goes on. She's just going away with her play list at least untill she gets a request from two club goerss who are celebrating an imporanty event. She's happy to put their song on the list next and it twitches to something that isn't really related to techno, but hey she gets it and keeps on going while she does seem to be keeping an eye on the other two helemted people. They have her intreste now as well.
Masked DJs The teamwork between the two masked strangers is impeccable, almost as if they're able to read each other's minds. Though the jury's still out on that, their ability to flow from dance style to dance style is pretty impressive. When the playlist goes to something other than techno, they skip a beat in surprise and look up at the DJ again. Little LED question marks show up on their visors, but they soon shrug and try to adapt.
Deelel Deelel contiunes on for the rest of her shift playing one song after another until the last song comes up something called around the world by a band called Daft Punk. As the song finishes Deelel gives a wave to the crowd as the next DJ takes to the stage, as she turns off? The Masked pair would see that DJ Basic_Girl has a ID disc attached to her back, yup totally a basic here. Her handle might have even beena means to tip off other programs from the ounds of it as she's heading away from the DJ table while a young man with epic shades and red hair take up the job of keeping the music going.
Masked DJs The last song is definitely one the DJs know. In fact, they're pretty sure they composed at least part of it a while back. In any case, when the DJ on stage finishes her set and leaves to let the next one take over, the masked programs instantly take notice of that one defining feature. Yep, definitely one of their own kind. With another nod to each other, they step away from the dance floor to follow her.
Deelel Deelel is now heading for the back to go to the change room to pick up a few things and ehad on her way, however she's caught on to the fact that she's being followed. As she gets to near the back rooms she paruse turning and looks at the pair for a moment tiling her helemted head as she speaks.

"Greetings, Programs?"

She clearly sizing them up but doesn't seem hostile to them. Just curious.
Masked DJs The two masked programs seem a little oblivious to the implications of two guys following a woman into a changing room, and in fact, seem a little hesitant to speak at all. After Deelel acknowledges their presence, though, they look at each other again, fidgeting and gesturing in what is surely some mode of communication. Finally, after some thirty seconds of this, the silver-masked one speaks up in a synthesized, robotic voice. "You are a program too, right? How did you come to work with the users?" he asks, sounding a little reverant even through the tinny tones of his voice.
Deelel Deelel tils her head for a moment and looks at them for a moment she pauses.

"Wait, I know you two."

Her hemelt derezzes and she's grinning.

"Should have figured you two would be some of the ones to slip out without being noticed. Id's Deelel used to be pretty big in Argon till I got lost. It's a very long, story. Trying to escape a system I was in to find help to fight ... the system admin who'd gone insane. If you want to know the truth, I didn't much like being put into the Games over my faith in the users."

She still has her faith us but she's also aware the users are very derpish and would be lost without the basics to keep things going for them.
Masked DJs The two masked DJs seem surprised at the reveal of Deelel's true identity. "Deelel? We've heard of you, haven't we?" the silver-masked one asks his partner, who nods in confirmation. "Yeah, the multimedia program, right? Actually, I think we might've scored a fight of yours once." He offers a hand for her to shake as he continues. "Well, working for Zuse does come with some extra perks. We tend to escape notice when they're looking for players for the Games, and there are...ways to get out."
The gold-masked one picks up from there, his voice slightly higher in pitch. "We took the first opportunity we got to come here, of course. The chance to meet the users, to walk among was too good to pass up." They both stop for a moment, exchanging another silent look before the gold one continues. "By system admin, do you mean CLU?"
Deelel Deelel says "Correct, maybe I used to be involved in the games before they became lethal and I'm refering to the ones another system were running. True he is quite successful at what he does, he's older than me that's for sure. I think he's one of the first programs Flynn coded up."

She seems to be thinking for a moment and she nods in agreement.

"No there's other systems as you might have noticed some strange traffic in the end of line. There's at least two other systems I'm aware of, one made up of an arcade, the other is a copy of an older version of Encom OS. It was on the latter I ran into trouble."
Masked DJs The DJs think for a second, then nod. It's true that they've noticed some rather odd customers at the End of Line club, but they never really paid much attention before. "There are bright things ahead for him, for sure," the gold-masked DJ agrees with a nod. The silver one picks up from there, a touch of concern making its way through his synthesizer. "Older version of Encom OS? Don't tell us..." He trails off into silence.
Deelel Deelel shrugs. "The programs from the Arcade are good people. Even the ones you'd might think were evil actually are. They are just playing their roles like say actors in a play when they do their functions. Oddly in their games? If your part of that game and you get cubed? You get back up. If your not a native it's like that for the rest of us."

"Yes, the version Tron was from, to be exact. Every scary story you ever been told by the older programs or heard at the line? Has some basis in fact. Sark's a bigger null unit than the stories tell, let me tell you. I know this first hand."
Masked DJs The fact that there's a place where the Games are actually nonlethal comes as a pleasant surprise to the two DJs. "If you wouldn't mind, would you show us to the Arcade sometime?" Gold asks, but Silver is more interested in what Deelel says next. "So those legends had some truth to them, after all? And they might be even worse..." The two exchange another look, obviously a thing with them. Gold continues, "In that case, it seems we've got some work to do. The Arcade can wait; would you mind showing us to the Encom OS?"
Deelel Deelel says "Sure, it's here in the city, I live there taking care of it."
D She pauses for a moment as she looks at the pair with a serious look on her face.

"It belonged to Flynn. Be more worried about Clu or a Virus. The Rengade is not what we should be worried about it's the black virus, better known as the heartless. Can't from here, we'd have to head to the arcade either way to access it."

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