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To the winner goes the spoils.
(2014-03-24 - Now)
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Warden Thache Near Montressor, on the edge of Traverse Town lies a little upscale bar. Normally its not all that packed. Its off the beaten path, down a little side street. Not /all/ that pouplar with the locals.

Tonight however? Its busy.

One might call it packed. With such a varried group too. Ship captains. ld men and young women. Young men and old women. They seem to be all milling about in the pub, where a bit of a podium has been placed on a stage usually resevered for magicians and musicians.

The people seem to be from all walks of life, though all are here for a secret auction. An auction that promises to be at least entertaining. All sorts of items up for bid. Some magic. Some rare. Some powerful.

All expensive of course.

Its invitation only, but with a little digging? /SOME/ people might have been able to aquire one.
Avira So many various individuals here, one of which being none other than the Lady Wolf, Ice Wolf, CEO of Wagner Industries, Dusk Princess of Manhattan, Wanted Woman, Kickassian, Antiviral, Water Crystal Thief, Leader of VALKYRI and wielder of the Spine...AVIRA!

She also happens to know a number of detectives so digging and investigation is something she can easily get ahold of. Some members of the TDA like Isaac would no doubt keep tabs on this kind of stuff. So many interesting things turned up at auctions after all! Through investigation and wheedling, Avira snagged herself an invitation. Wanted or no, there was no way she would be denied with that in her hand.

Being the extremely short person she is, Avira has nudged her way through the crowd towards the front so she can get a good view. It's unclear whether or not she's actually alone here. Nobody in her immediate vicinity looks familiar, but who's to say she doesn't have someone watching the seedy bar from afar? Altercations with Avira were never a quiet affair, after all.

She's also visibly armed with her unusual weapon at the small of her back. Approach at your own risk, scoundrels!
Warden Thache Well she can be content with the fact that she isn't the only wanted person in the room.

Infact the ratio to scoundrels to normal people is fairly skewed. Highly skewed.

A pair of cat ears sail above the crowd like the sails of a pirate ship. They twist this way and that as their owner winds his way thought he crowd.

Normally he would stay further back in the group. However a very odd weapon noted on the back of a very short woman is something he both reconises and can't quite pass up.

"Well well well," Warden's drawled voice comes from just to Avira's left as he almost seems to materailze out of the crowd. "Look what the cat dragged in."

The man is dressed...suprisingly well. A new captain's longcaot. His hair tied back in a ponytail. His outfit laundered and pleasent. A slim rapier on one hip, and pistol at the other.

At least one scoundrel has defintally thought her worth the risk.
Avira As she waits for the auction to start, Avira makes use of her time by carefully observing those around her, taking note of each, knowing that at any moment someone may turn up to be an enemy. Her attentiveness pays off as she sees a familiar pair of ears winding through the crowd. Part of her holds onto the glimmer of hope that, well, maybe it's another member of Warden's species.

But no. They are dashed as he slinks up next to her. Warden is visibly eyed from top to bottom before Avira turns away, sniffing a little. "Well, at least you dressed up." Avira has too, though her outfit skews more towards nice battle regalia, uniform-like in its pants and coat. No skirts here and no fancy shoes either. Warden would know that this outfit has been choosen and perhaps even /designed/ to fight in at a moment's notice. With her standing there, it's hard to tell what sort of range of motion she has in her jacket but it is presumably enough to reach back and draw her weapon if needed.

"I hope you are here for the auction because if you are here for me, we are going to have a problem." The entrepreneur murmurs under her breath at the pirate.
Warden Thache "Oh don't tell me you approve of this old thing," Warden almost preens, a quick smile slashing across his face as he rests one hand on the hilt of the slim-bladed weapon. Should she take note of it, its a very fine make. Twists of delicate wire shapped into fanciful whirls on the hilt. Obviously expensive. However...equally obviously its still a weapon. Very functional. Very keen. Under all the flash is still a deadly thing.

"I have to say," His voice almost a purr. "I like the outfit." The way those bright eyes of his slipping over her slender form with attention to every detail.

He /does/ approve. That much is obvious. It entirely wans't a lie. "Very...military."

He takes a long breath before adding. "And though I will always be there for you, tonight I'm afraid I'm here for something entirely different."
Avira Avira DOES take note of the weapon, evaluating both the rapier and the pistol. Those are only the visible weapons; knowing Warden, he likely had some hidden ones as well, including whatever it is he had on him that produced the energy ropes. Something around his wrists if Avira recalled correctly. "No." she says, sounding a touch defensive, "It's just that it makes you look /slightly/ less like pirate scum."

A frown follows as he obviously eyes her up and she lifts her chin. "Well tell me, Warden, does this outfit make me look...intimidating?" The phrase is said in that sort of 'you'd best answer yes to this question' tone. Knowing his infuriating nature, the answer will probably be no, especially since he so obviously /likes/ it. Bah! "Because that is the idea. I want to give off the impression that crossing me tonight would be a bad idea."

Of course, the warning can also be applied to Warden himself. A slight amount of tension leaves her when he admits that he is certainly not there to pester her. "Well then, we should have no problems."
Warden Thache Just because he is here for different reasons doesn't mean that he isn't going to pester her. I mean its second nature to him by now!

"There are always problems, luv. Its how the world words around here." Warden's voice has that same drawl too it. "At least I'm a someone fun one to be around." There is a pause. "And good only slightly. I'd hate to think I'd be looking /respectable/." His nose wrinkles at the mere thought of that.

Up front the first item up for bid goes on the block. A dagger. Gleaming runes etched down the blade. The price goes futher and further up as the minuites tick by. Warden however looks entirely disintrested in it.

His eyes arn't even on the woman. "And you should know that I don't intimidate easily, luv." Now his eyes cut towards her. "I could tell you just how you look to me, but I don't relish being an ice cube."
Avira He never could resist, could he? Like a cat distracted by something shiny, he had to play and tease. The worst of it might be his voice alone-that accent. Avira had a certain weakness for accents that her best friend is aware of (and possibly Angantyr).

"I hope to have no problems involving me tonight." Avira says briskly, clasping her hands behind her back. Doing so, of course, puts her hands in a position close to her own weapon.

Much like Warden, Avira seems equally disinterested in bidding on the dagger. Her curiosity is sparked by the weapon itself but it wasn't something she could be throwing money yet. No, there was a specific object she was looking to procure here.

Though given what that object is, she had to wonder if Warden here meant to bid on the same thing. She knew the two had some mutual interests in the field of travel.

Her brown eyes dart over to Warden. "...wise of you." she notes before returning her gaze to the stage. "I can see you are a little intimidated, heh." Silently, she edges just a little bit closer to the stage.
Warden Thache He leans forwards as she steps forwards. "No," His voice that warm purr. His rolling accent just a whisper right by her ear. "I'm many other things yes." That tone leaves a clue just what he is. "But not intimidated. I can be more detailed if you want..."

He pulls back, just inside her personal space. "...but really. I think ice would react poorly to this outfit, and you don't want to know who I had to kill to get it." Isn't sure if he's serious or not.

The next item float up. 'Pandora's Box' its called. Obviously not the real one.


The bidding continues fast and furious. Ping-ponging from one side of hte room from the other as the swift tounged announcer can hardly keep up.

"Just what do you plan on paying with here, Lady Wolf. I would have thought you would have spent most of your money on that massive ship of yours."
Avira Warden will note Avira involuntarily shivering when he suddenly leans in all too close to murmur into her ear. He'll also detect a definite drop in the temperature around her, perhaps a slight sign that ice cubing might be on the way. "No." she says abruptly. "You don't need to elaborate, I can guess just fine." It could be worse. He could be draping himself all over her.

"'re not serious, are you?" she questions, unwilling to let a comment like that go slipping by unchallenged. "About killing a man for that outfit."

Pandora's box? Avira will not touch it. Let' some other poor fool open that thing.

"I make plenty of money." Avira sounds defensive again, "I sell some of my ships for a profit and divide it up into budgets for various people and things. It's why I can afford some nice things but still remain behind on others. There is something here I really want so I have prepared to purchase it."
Warden Thache The man always seems to skitter just the ragged edge of Avira's patience. He's very good at it, he can feel that tempture drop but just on the edge of a frost he pulls back. For now at least.

Her question only get a wicked grin, which is no answer what so ever.

"Mmm. concidently there is something here I want very badly as well." He drawls out pleasently enough. "They are very nice airships. You wouldn't be adverse to selling me one would you? It was fun to pilot that one. Even if you would rather have me thrown out of it."

The box is sold.

The next item up for buisness is a battered leather book. A ships logbook. The man's posture shifts forwards. He draws a deep breath, his intrest shifts swiftly from the woman to the little book.

"The logbook of the gummiship Lustina!" The announcers calls. "Lost a decade or more ago in the depths of the abyss! Now the only hint to its resting place is right here in the room! Shall we start the building at 2000 gil?"
Avira Damn that pirate, he had been around her enough to know where that line that should not be crossed resides with her. Sometimes she kicks herself for holding back and being a reasonable person instead of some enraged gorilla, smashing around those that offend her in the slightest. Gorillas don't get business though.

Her frown only deepens as he refuses to answer her over the outfit. Again her eyes turn to his clothing, this time inspecting them a bit more carefully for tears or the odd splotch of blood that might suggest a more illicit route of aquisition. Her jaw tightens as he mentions actually purchasing one of the ships.

Her mind races to compose a cost-benefits analysis of this. On one hand is the sheer principle of selling this ship to Warden, who would no doubt use it for some kind of piracy and potentially get her ship a lot of bad publicity. On the other, if she refused, he would likely find a way to steal one AND she wouldn't have gotten any money for it that way. And then he would use the ship for some kind of piracy. "...I'll consider it." Avira says warily.

The next item announced grabs her attention too. This, this is clearly what she was waiting for but judging by Warden's reaction, so was he. /Figures/!

"2000 gil!" Avira immediately calls out.
Warden Thache "2500!" Warden's voice is a loud staccato from right next to her. One hand still lightly resting against hte hilt of his blade to steady it. His ears are just slightly starting to flatten out, the edges of them looking like miniture wings.

His head cants just enough so he can catch Avira out of the side of his gaze, his cat-slitted eyes glimmering softly in the light of the room.

"Really Lady Wolf? Out of all the things here you could bet on you go for /this/ one?" He hisses quietly in her direction.
Avira The moment Avira hears Warden speak up, even though she half suspected this would happen, she flinches. Brown eyes dart in his direction, catching his, then narrow. "3000!" she counters.

"Remember how I mentioned that I had been saving for one particular thing? This is that thing." Her lip curls just slightly, showing a flash of white teeth beneath. "Is it really that unexpected of me to take interest in a journal from an old gummi ship? Fascinating, that, since it seems that this technology has existed before."
Warden Thache "What is this sudden intrest in gummiships anyway, love?" Warden murmurs back towards her, his eyes flicking between the woman and the prize. "Isn't the massive thing you have enough for you? Want to steal gummis from my world now?" He replies quietly as he drums his fingers against the metal hilt of his weapon.

"It could just be an old /space/ ship instead of a gumi--3200!--ship." He ups the bid again. "They are known to oversensatalize things here."
Avira "What do you mean a 'sudden interest'? I've been researching gummi ship technology for the past nine months! Almost a year now! I have started my own company! Constructed my own ship!" She seems almost livid with his needling, about to go on before he inserts another bid.

"3500!!" she calls out.

"Why are you so interested in it? You don't do /research/. You have several perfectly servicable crafts." she narrows her eyes.
Warden Thache "Four if you include the Grid carrier. Thank you for that by the way," Warden snaps back with a smirk angled in her direction. "...and is this gummi research a touchy subject eh? People don't think you're cut out for it."

Stragely en--alright so not so strangely it is Warden--he doesn't answer her question at all. Instead simply keeping that smirk on his features.

"Its a ship that can do -3800!- barrel rolls too. You really shouldn't let Maira fly."
Avira "I didn't do that for you at all. That was just timing-wait, hey, I didn't say that!" Avira huffs. "I am defending my motives to obtain this object!" Her hands clench into fists and she turns just slightly to glare at him.

"-4000!" she shouts while glaring straight at the pirate.

It doesn't go unnoticed that the question was not answered. It must be something else in that journal, Avira realizes, to make him bid on it like that. "She was just being enthusiastic!"
Warden Thache Warden turns just slightly towards her, his posture gradually coming more agressive. Though the smile isn't fading. In fact he seems to be enjoying this quite a bit more with the irate Avira involved in it.


"Enthusiastic destroyed /how/ many of your little Hrist's?" He asks with a smirk towards her. "And defend away! I reserve the right to not listen to a word of it and just assume you're attempting to steal things from my world!"
Avira In response to his agressive stance, Avira adopts one of her much as she can with her stature at least. She puffs up her chest and squares her shoulders. Her back goes straight and her chin lifts. To anyone else she might even be intimidating! But not to Warden as he's already admitted he's /not/ intimidated by her.


"Oh you're one to talk about /stealing things/!" Avira laughs in his face. "A pirate, accusing me of stealing something I'm bidding for!? Preposterous!"
Warden Thache "Mmm. I love what that jacket does to your figure when you act like that, love." The pirate's drawl slow and smoky as he looks down towards her, his smirk just growing. His eyes slipping down to how her jacket fits her slim figure before darting back to her face.


"I never deny I steal things, love!" he adds with a smirk. "I'm a pirate, it what I do. You though? You're a detective! Shouldn't you be above all sort of that? I mean I'm already a scoundrel and all, so you tell me every time you see me. Means I should act like one shouldn't I?"

His eyes dance as he challenges the woman, refusing to back down in the least.

Around them the crowd is starting to murmur and look in their direction. Rumors and questions fly though the crowd as the pair of detective and pirate seem determined to start a scene.

'Are they married you think?'
'Jilted lover maybe?'
'Hrmmm. Ooooh! Estranged siblings!'

The thoughts are flying fast and furoius even before Warden speaks his next bid.
Avira Right away, Avira has to start shutting out the words of the crowd around her because the more she hears, the more she wants to go ballistic at those around her. JILTED LOVERS? This is not how lovers talk!! She's never like this with Mercade! "You are -infuriating-!" she hisses at him before tearing her gaze away to shout back at the auctioneer.

"5800!!!" She calls back, inwardly cringing at the escalating price tag on this item. If anything, she was determined to not show how far to the edge of her funds Warden was pushing her.

"Says who!? And since when is this stealing? You haven't answered that yet! When I win this item, I will have paid a pretty /hefty/ sum on it, no thanks to you no less!" Her hands clench and one lifts, a finger raised and shaking. It's as if she's holding back an urge!

She eventually gives in, though, and aggressively pokes Warden with that finger.
Warden Thache "I know," Warden seem to take some preverse pride in all of this. Its written on his face how he's enjoying this back and forth. Even if he's catching hell on the cash department. Its costing him way more than he wanted to pay, but...still...

At least he's having fun dowing it.

She jabs him in the chet and from the crowd there is an 'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH~~' from one of the onlookers.

"You know we are causing the most delightful scene." He seems to love that fact as he leans slightly more towards her. "6000!!" He shouts out towards the auctioneer.

He pauses once more however before glancing towards her a slight frown musing his former amusement. "...we /could/ share it you know..."
Avira That he's not at all upset by her words pushes her buttons even further. It's clear she's trying to not completely blow up at him and it takes all of her willpower to remain semi-civil. Semi..because now she's resorted to agressive physical contact, which clearly is having the opposite effect. He's invading her space and enjoying this way too much.

"I've noticed." she says through gritted teeth as he leans in. Her face is looking a little red too since they ARE on the spot now.

She takes in a breath, "7000!" then adds, "Why /do/ you want it? Answer quickly, this is getting expensive."
Warden Thache "You're looking a little flushed there Lady Wolf," Warden murmurs, that accent purring against her ears. "Something wrong? Should we ask our hosts to crack a window?" He pauses before stage whispering. "I personally think it makes you look delicious."

A wide grin then.


He keeps going up.

That question though gets him to pause. Now its his turn to do a cost-effect analysis. She can see it in his eyes as they flicker away. His gaze turning inward as he weights the pros and cons of things.

All the while people whisper. There might even be a betting pool going on weather they will either fight or kiss. Its even odds both ways.

Thats likey Warden's fault.

"If I told you then you wouldn't believe me anyway." He finally replies with a wry smirk. There is more to that, she might can pick it out in his eyes. Something he's not telling her. "So I'll just say the valubles on the lost ship."
Avira Avira's lifted hand shakes and makes a few jerky motions. It looks like she's about to smack him in the face. More seconds pass and she gives into the urge, her hand swinging upward at the catlike captain.

She falls perfectly still afterwards, watching him make his own calculations. Just what about this journal meant that he would even be willing to /share/ it with her? Maybe something connected to his accusation that she was out to steal things from his world? He was hiding something, clearly.

"Try me." she says in a low voice, hesitating before adding, "And maybe I would be willing to share."

An angry sigh escapes her. "...9000."
Warden Thache CRACK!

So suprised is Warden that he doesn't even try to dodge. The entire room goes silent at the crack of hand against cheek. Over half the room turns to stare at the squabbling pair.

...they /are/ arguing like an old couple you know...

The man defintally looks suprised. His eyes wide as the red welt grows on his cheek. "...well." He drawls out slowly. "I should have expected that."

"KISS HER!!" Is shouted from the back of the crowd.
"I should have brought popcorn..."

That last voice. A bid. Comes from a man in the back of the room. Noble by the look of it. Perhaps Warden's age. Dressed as if he walked out of the halls of English nobility. There is a bored smile on his face and he stares towards the pair of them.

Warden just slowly turns his head towards the man. The dislike almost radiates from the pirate.

"...did we both just get out bid..?"
Avira "You should." Avira stares him down intensely. So intensely that it immediately precipitates that KISS HER comment. That shouting draws her back to reality with embarassment, the red blush upon her face deeper. She mentally scrambles, trying to clutch onto her dignity at the jeering.

Until another bid is called out, citing a number /far/ above what Avira was prepared to pay today. She too looks over at the knowledge, she herself reflecting more surprise than the outright hatred that Warden does. "...We did, but..." She gives him a knowing look.

Warden Thache Warden continues to glower in the direction of the noble. The noble continues to smile back. Its obvious there is something between those two. Warden's eyes cut to one side towards Avira.

That one moment he shares that look with her then nods once. "I'll back whatever you can't cover." He hisses towards her. "As long as we beat that annoying little prat."

The nobleman just frowns as he notices some kind of sudden solidarity between the pair of once-bickering bidders. "...17,000..." Though his voice breaks just slighlty. Its obvious he thought his sudden bit was going to win him that book.
Avira So strange how within moments they go from adversaries to conspirators with just one look. Avira is pleased that he catches on quickly and she herself seems intrigued by the intensity of the hatred Warden seems to show for the nobleman. Did he know that man?

Avira makes a note to ask later.

It was one thing for Avira to lose to a stranger and another to lose to Warden. "18,000!" Avira shouts back with little hesitation. Her voice lowers, her next words for Warden. "I brought 10,000 with me."
Warden Thache "I have that much and can get my hands on more if needed. Just keep going." Warden returns, his voice closer to her ear than normally she might be comfortable with. Either he's not noticing he's leaning towards her or he's tanking advantage of things.

Its damnably hard to tell with the rogue sometimes.

The noble frowns again, glancing between the pair of them. He's considering things it seems. If he should give up the field in good grace or fight to the bitter end.

"How is your last merchant ship you sent out from Montresser, Croix?" Warden calls out nonchalantly. "Late is it? Shame that."

Then noble frowns. The way his fingers tighten into a fist. The way he squares his shoulder. He fairly radiated annoyance right back at the pirate now.

His eyes flicker between the pair of them before he breathes out a sigh.

"Going once~~"

Its seems this Croix isn't going to raise to the bait and continue to bet. Either that or he's too busy plotting how to murder them both.

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