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(2014-03-24 - 2014-03-24)
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Chita The last few days for Chita had been rather hectic. Of course, Seith could have realized such in spades given Chita was still wearing that ring he'd been given. Why was he even still wearing it? Well, he had no desire to burn that bridge. Seith seemed interested in him for whatever reason, so there was no harm, in Chita's view, in going along with it for the time being. He might have also noticed the Viera making his way out and down the Path of Defeat after his encounter with Rhiannon the previous night, having deposited her somewhere in Traverse town before doubling back after retrieving the Chorus weapon from where he'd stashed it.

Eventually Chita would come to a stop when he got roughly to where Seith and He had their fight forever ago, one of a few, and hopped off his Chocobo. Sending him away with a whistle, his hand came to rest on the hilt of the blade to his side in a relaxed manner before he finally called out, "Seith, you are always listening, yes? I think it is about time we had a proper talk, about several things. I can come to you, or you can come to me. I care not."
Seith "Petulant child." A voice appears from behind Chita, as Seith draws himself forth from a Portal of Darkness, taking firm steps onto the ground and then releasing the rip in reality out of existance. He's joined by two heartless Leopards, with jagged blue stripes down the backs of their bodies.

"You wouldn't even know where to find me, or how to come to me." He warns him. In truth, Seith had but two places he called home. And only few knew of one - and even less of the other.

The man glances down at the blade in Chita's hand, and then gazes back up at the Viera male. He seems rather relaxed, bringing his arms to his chest and crossing them, giving Chita an impatient look.

"What is it?"
Chita "You are right, I don't know where you lurk or stay, but I seemed to find you well enough when I wanted to." He smiled a bit at that, not too terribly upset at being called petulant for whatever reason. He's been called far worse by people he liked plenty more. "You brought your heartless? I'm insulted, or perhaps I should feel honored - do you think I'm going to attack you, or... is it you are worried about something in my possession?" He had no desire to fight with the man of course, but the entire situation did puzzle him.

Why did Seith seem so surly suddenly instead of where he usually seemed relaxed and in full control. Did something happen? Bad day? Or was it something else entirely? "But no, I had come to speak to you about something a man named Merlin only partially was able to answer despite his overarching knowledge, or what seems to be such, on the way the world works.
Seith "Hardly." Seith answers Chita when he speaks of the Heartless. "These are simply my pets. To control the darkness means you control more than just normal heartless." He twists his left hand a little, and the pair lay down onto the ground. "But it's a gift one needs to always train. There is always more to learn." The pale haired elf looks down at the pair of heartless, before looking up towards Chita again.

"I know of Merlin. But I do not know him. Very well - speak your question. Perhaps I can help. But know this - Viera - knowledge comes at a price."
Chita "Of course it does. I decided to go along with your little request that you gave a while back, when I mentioned wanting to find a way to navigate the darkness... to control a weapon of pure darkness." Popping a clasp on the leather cord-like hold he was using in place of a scabard he pulled the weapon from his side and held it out, sideways, in front of Seith. "This is what is left of it, after a keyblade destroyed the original and seemingly released the angry, bitter hearts within. An empty shell, no hearts, only angry memories. Yet, it can understand and seems somewhat sentient, even if one-minded. I suppose my questions revolve around this weapon. What it is, was... and the research that was used to create it has seemingly made another."
Seith Seith glances at the blade, and raises his hand to his chin. Interesting. "A blade with no heart, only angry memories? Like a spirit or a ghost? It's no cursed blade though." At least, he doesn't sense any such thing from it. "I am afraid that is a question I can not answer you. But... I can perhaps send you on your way to someone who would." The elderly man considers for a moment... grins... and then adds; "In fact, there are only two people I can think of. You could go and see Garland, or you could visit Maester Yo Mika."
Chita Chita nodded at that. "Yes. The previous blade was composed of a, from what I best gather, heartless-like shell that consumed hearts, and the hearts within that were giving it strength. Now, that body, and the hearts, are gone. Only memories. What would one even call that? A body with no heart is a Heartless... what is something with no heart or body... a Nothing? Still has a mind, though, and a mind is something." To hear that Seith couldn't answer that question was quite disappointing. But, that did prove even further than the older fellow /was/ just like everyone else, and he had his limitations.

But whom he suggested...

Garland? Maester Yo Mika?

Only one of those names had he heard before and as chance would have it... the first was exactly the one he wanted to know more about, and to find out how he could possibly separate them from the ability to create more heart-consuming weapons. Or the need for it. And who was this Maester Yo Mika? Yevon, probably, given the Maester bit. He had met Seymour before and knew a passing travellers bit regarding the religion. Perhaps that was a safer response.

"In that case, I leave it up to your... wisdom on who to speak with. If you wanted me dead you would have already tried to do such sometime ago. So if nothing else, I have no concern regarding that." The blade gets a careful flick and he replaces it on his hip, hand never leaving the hilt even as he carefully reattached it, resting on it as it was before.
Seith "I am hardly one to go around naming something like that." Seith answers Chita. "But if I must - I would simply call it a recorder weapon. A cursed weapon without a heart. Perhaps 'Nothing', ... or perhaps 'Null'. One might also call it a Lingering Will - perhaps?" But even then, it's hardly a strong title. The pale haired elf moves his hands behind his back and straightens himself a little further while eyeing the blade a little more. It'd be a great research project to possess such an object. But on the other hand, he is uncertain he has the skills to do so. It's hardly his kind of thing.

It is probably better to let Chita keep it, and learn from his use of it.

"As for whom you should speak to. I suggest you see the Maester first." He wants to know how a Maester would respond to a blade like that. A blade of memories. "But perhaps there is another place you could try to take it." He adds, "Take it to the Castle of Oblivion."
Chita "Yes... and very well. The Castle of Oblivion you say?" Was that not the place he went with a group of others some time back and they fought against that one fellow who had pissed him off so badly regarding Priel? Chita's posture shifted a bit as he thought about that, eyes not seen beneath his blindfold but perhaps the slight shake of his head might betray his dislike of the place. Yet... it was connected to keyblades, or at least, it had been used in the past for such. If what he understood from Shiki was true. "Funny that... there was a man there at one point I had intended to question. He slipped away after a fight and I have not heard of him since. Perhaps that is indeed the best option. Will you be accompanying me, Seith? Perhaps take me there yourself to make it quicker for the both of us? You still have not had much to do with me after tainting my mind at the Castle of Dreams."

A bit of a frustrated sound came to him as he said that, resisting the urge to complain about such. But, perhaps Seith didn't know everything, and wasn't always listening. Perhaps he didn't know he could see now, using the sword... and any illusions clouding his mind would be rendered moot through the sword on his hip.
Seith "Taint your mind? Hardly. All I did was remove some of your mind's blindness." Seith answers Chita, and turns in order to pace around Chita. He's trying to think about the concept of joining Chita. On one end, it would certainly give him a lot of data. On the other hand, it would needlessly put him in harm's way. And what's more... Castle Oblivion exposes memories. And those are something Seith refuses to expose.

"No, you will go without me." He answers Chita. "But I also suggest you do not go alone. Bring the mutt and her friends or something." He halts at Chita's side after having done three quarters of a circle around him.
Chita "The mutt? Her friends?" Who was he talking about? Avira? Hati? Someone else he didn't even know? Hopefully he would answer that. Part of him wanted to go alone, honestly fearing that if he accepted others to go with him, some would get involved and start a fight with him over the weapon. Not to mention Shinra was still after him... probably especially so since he decided to try and deal with Rhiannon the night past. "No... I think I need to go on my own. I will not put others in danger or risk a few certain idiots who tend to hang around with them and pretend to be well-intentioned getting involved and trying to destroy it."

Such a pain. Perhaps if he could just trust a few others. Maybe...

Seith's pacing didn't seem to get him to even budge, the sword visible in some fashion from all sides, and thus Seith. Only when Seith walked on the side opposite him did the hand on the weapon shift a bit further and push the hilt parallel to the ground so the blade pushed out behind him, an idle movement to those who didn't know he was using it to keep a proper track of the man pacing in the blind spot of the swords current position.
Seith Seith's gaze descends down upon the blade as Chita moves the pommel and all that is connected to it... and then begins to circle him again. He's keeping a good eye on Chita like usual. "Avira, I believe her name is." He corrects himself. "The former Mutate who once gave in to a contract with Hades for her beauty." The man halts opposite to where he stood moments ago. "You know you can always tell people 'not' to come, right? Or... well, you could tell 'friends' that. Though it'd appear you are direly low on those."

It may be a bit harsh to pont such things out. But on the other hand, making someone like Chita feel more lonely only serves as a 'useful' thing to Seith. "Either way. It doesn't matter to me what you do in that regards. Just keep yourself safe." It's a pity Chita didn't take the tainted 'heartless' blade though. He wanted Chita's heart to descend further into darkness... to become drawn by the power and learn to properly control it. This blade... who knows what will happen.
Chita Or he could simply not tell them at all. Seith didn't have to do much to make him feel all the more alone. He'd had a few upsets here and there lately that made him rethink those he trusted, even if it was simply things like choices of morals. Maybe he was overreacting. He could probably trust others to come along. But could he stomach the idea of putting them in danger just to keep himself safe? What was there for them to get out of it?

"Any such happening is my fault in the end, and I accept that. I do plan to stay safe, though. There are various things I need to take care of and I can hardly do those if I am dead. Or perhaps I could, since I am still cursed by Hades. Hard to say until such a time comes. No matter... thank you for the time of day, Lord Seith." He tosses in the lord bit, perhaps obviously being polite enough since Seith was generally civil enough to him.

"Though I would ask one more thing of you before I go. You are of course welcome to call me an idiot and leave, but I have not had the chance to truly test this new weapon yet. In fact, even the old I have refused to use in a fight, ever. The playful bouts I have had with it so far prove nothing."

Stepping back and pulling the weapon free again he held the blade up towards Seith in a challenging, yet non-threatening manner. "It is neither Light, nor Darkness, I am fighting with now."
Seith Seith is quiet for a while even after Chita stops speaking. It's obvious that he's considering Chita's offer. But eventually, Chita will notice the opening of a Dark Portal. "I do not know what that weapon might do to one such as I. And I'd rather not risk my life needlessly." He points out. "If you seek to fight someone in a true battle. Fight the hotheaded idiot they call Angantyr. If there was ever a way to truly try out the power of a weapon - it would be like that."

And with those words spoken, he steps through the portal. "Fare you well, Chita. And godspeed." The elf calls out and then lets the gate shut.

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