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Chita It may have come as a surprise when Chita reached out to Rhiannon, of all people on both sides. A letter came to her one day in moogle mail. A couple of nights past, in fact. A fat, chubby moogle that looked like he ate one too many kupo nuts... hell, who are we kidding, that moogle ate the whole kupo tree, floated up to her one day and groaned out a kupo after handing her the mail before flying off. Perhaps he was trying to lose some weight. It was a wonder he was even flying. No matter, though, because the contents of the letter were strangely clear.

Hey, Rhia

Chita here, as I am sure you would have been able to tell even had I not said that. Our parting last we spoke was not on the best of terms, even though I had no ill will towards you despite my actions. Simply put - no, I do not trust you. Not in all ways. But there are a few things about you that I trust.
Among them your thirst for knowledge. I am offering you a chance to enjoy yourself and figure out something that may very well be confounding those whom I consider the wisest. And please, do not be so crass as to bring your company with you, or anyone to arrest me. I will not have the weapon with me, nor would I tell you where it was did you try. Near Traverse, there are several portals one can reach, one leads to Luca, and if you continue west, you will eventually come to a crossroads. Meet me there, please.

Chita - I promise you will not be disappointed. Oh, and bring the bear I gave you a while back. Surely you still have it, hm? You might not admit it but I am sure you secretly enjoyed it.

Some things never change. Chita most especially. As the letter stated, he was waiting beside his Chocobo while standing at the center of the crossroads, dressed quite nicely for a change. Business suit, slacks, tie and so forth. One might think he was going on a date.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia had been out and about the city back in Goug, handling minor business since her own company was watching her like a hawk at the moment, when that moogle mail came. Just the fact that just a rotund creature had managed to attain flight was amusing enough to her, and she took the letter mostly because of the entertaining show that preceded it.

She held onto it until she'd returned to her quarters back at the company building before finally opening it to check the contents.

Ah, a letter from him.

That would explain the archaic delivery method. What it didn't explain was how a blind man wrote a letter. Of course, it was entirely possible that someone wrote it for him, but Rhia couldn't think of anyone who he'd divulge such information to for that purpose anyhow.


"...This one thinks he can lead me about with a carrot on a fishing hook, hm?" The woman muttered to herself, relaxing in her bed as she considered the offer written. Her first impulse was to ignore it and go to sleep or something. Her body had been acting up a little more often recently.

But it was not like she would be able to get anything done here at the moment. Turks and Shinsec were watching her lab activities around the clock now, as well as being general nuisances. Not even Hojo had babysitters like that.

So after a bit of thought, Rhia decided that perhaps maybe a little trip outside woulding hurt.

It was an interesting exercise, shaking off aforementioned Turks and Shinsec in order to leave Goug by herself. But she eventually managed it, and was soon making the trip.

An indeterminable amount of time later, Rhiannon had stepped through a portal, apparently having made the trip. She stepped along through the crossroads, arriving at the center.

"There you are." She spoke evenly, brow arched at the sight of Chita. "My, someone is dressed a kill today." Could almost be a Turk even.

She herself was dressed a little more casually as well. She wore a dress similar to the one she usually wore, except it was burgundy with a golden lining, and sleeves that went past the length of her arms. Black stockings and red and gold heels made up the lower half.

"Considering the current situation, whatever you have to offer must certainly be substancial if you are willing to meet me all alone now. Am I wrong?" She smirked a tad then, eyes narrowing in that usual mischievous manner known to her.
Chita Well, he /had/ chosen that moogle for the job. The moogle had originally told him to go Kupo himself, but offering him a bag of Kupo nuts had changed his mind quickly enough. After all, he had a feeling that making her smile before she read it would probably help the situation. Not that he may ever get the satisfaction of knowing such since he couldn't see her face when that happened, but with her arriving? He got to smile a little. "Yes, here I am. And thank you, I do try."
"And I imagine you are just as beautiful as last I saw you." A playful little bow was given before the next bit came out. "Who says I am alone?" Of course, there was no one visible for a mile around and the rolling hills did a good job of stopping others from really seeing much of them from a distance. "After all, I have my Chocobo with me and that's good enough for me." Patting around quietly on the side of his Chocobo's saddle he pulled out a bottle of water and slowly downed all of it before placing it back and pulling out another. "Water? At least Vieran females who are with child need to drink plenty of water. I cannot imagine humes are too terribly different, hm?" Polite as ever.

"Yes, though, I did have a bit of... something to offer you. It would be unwise to tilt my hand in full though. Unlike you... you sat on the one who you were researching that damned sword for quite a while. Garland, hm? I guess that proves you are willing to do research for anyone who can provide you with something interesting enough."
Rhiannon Zellen Sigh.

As polite as ever.

When he wasn't losing his temper and trying to impale her with lances. Granted, that was a while ago. She eyed the water offered for a moment, keeping her distance in a brief moment of suspicion. It could be rigged. ...But then, it was Chita. Goody two shoes who'd play fair to the end.

No response was offered for the previous compliments as she closed the distance a bit more and retrieved the bottle. She did need to drink actually. And that was exactly what the woman did as she listened to him talk.

The mention of Garland didn't evoke any sort of response out of Rhia and she simply tok her time drinking. Once satisfied, she lowered the bottle from her lips and arched a brow. "Garland? Who exactly is this Garland you speak of?" She did a wonderful job of playing dumb. Not even a trace of a smirk on her face to be seen. Even her voice sounded genuinely confused.

"Garlands aside, do go on. What exactly do you have in mind here?" Chita promised it wouldn't be a waste of time, but she held her doubts still.
Chita "Don't lie to me." he replied to her remark softly, not letting it go. "That is exactly why I brought you out here. I wasted too much time, spent too long trying to find a way to solve this problem and you have already delivered the fruits of your labors to the one you planned to give it to. There is another who wound up with a weapon just like the one I had! The one you made! And unlike you, he talks too much. Do not lie to me, Rhiannon. I have spent far too long around you mixed up in this for you to try that now. No matter how much anyone says it could just be similar, I know it was your research, it had to be."

A small sigh came out of Chita as he tacked onto that, "I pulled you out here because I know all too well your personality. Your desire for knowledge, to learn things that others do not know, to create. Knowledge. Others want to simply kill you. I? ... I cannot blame them, and understand why. But you can be more useful to the world alive than dead and they are too short-sighted to realize that. I came to offer you a chance to at least throw water on the mess you made. Nothing will clean it up, but if you help me out and figure this out, I will personally see to it you benefit from it."

Chita knew full well that she couldn't care less about protecting herself, though, or for that matter making amends. She simply didn't care. Which is why he quickly said, "Before, you created a weapon, a heart-consuming creature that had the potential to be a keyblade. Now, the weapon that idiot has, given to him by a man named Garland, will kill him if he doesn't consume hearts to feed it. Consume him. I want you to find a way to change that. To find a way to destroy a weapon of your previous creation entirely. I want you to create a weapon that eradicates Heartless entirely, and can purge such from the corrupt hearts they are paired with. However, i want you to do this in a way that does not hurt others, or cause any death or illegal things."
Rhiannon Zellen The accusation that she was lying simply drew a small smile out of her, but she didn't respond to it verbally. What came after was much more interesting. "Oh my, is that so?" She uttered in a fascinated sort of way, her hand resting against her cheek. "What a dire coincidence." And even still, she played dumb. "That certainly sounds like a problem. A heart eating sword." And from what she could tell, Garland made some modifications. How splendid.

While Chita started on another spiel, she took a step or two away and turned to stare across the endless grassy fields, drinking her water in the meantime. His words drew a small giggle from her at some point, and a shake of the head came after.

"Really now."

At that, the woman turned her gaze slightly from the grassy expanse to the Viera from the corner of her eye. "I thought this would be a waste of time. I see that I was correct." Other than the knowledge that Garland had finally put the results of her research to some sort of use. Looks like some hapless fool was given a 'keyblade' to wield heroically recently.

The thought still made her smile.

That said, Rhia turned and fully faced Chita. "Why do you need me to do that? Just subdue him and break it yourself. Your friend Angantyr had no problem doing just that to my own." And a shrug. "You called me all the way out here to waste my time and energy reverse engineering some heart devouring blade? How troublesome."

Another sip of her water, and then she spoke again. "Besides, I am currently unable to work anyhow. The company has been regulating my resources and keeping me under watch. Too much attention and all that."

She sighed.

"Truly troublesome."
Chita Her remark about it being a waste of time earned a sigh from him. Perhaps he really wasn't smart enough to figure out something that could entice her into figuring this out. He was certainly going to try though. Leaning idly against the saddle of his Chocobo he listened to her as she took a drink or two from the water, the sound not hard to hear. At least there was that. "And here I thought you would see it as a challenge to create the opposite of what you did last time. I know you are well bright enough to do such. It may intrigue you to know that the husk of the previous weapon? That I ran off with? No hearts remaining. In fact... it is memories. It is the vagrant memories and will of those that were once trapped seeking base revenge. Whatever Angantyr did to it released the hearts, bumbling in rage as he was or not. They were still vengeful though, single-minded in the task. A creature without a heart... is a heartless, yes? Now it has no housing, and no heart."

The crunch of plastic could be heard as he shifted and stood up, "And it still wants you dead of course. Truly troublesmoe. How about this, then..."

Pulling a long stave from behind where he was he walks closer towards Rhiannon and stands roughly beside her. "Your research... I cannot imagine you simply erased it after you got done playing with it and giving it away, despite your petty little lies to me the otherwise. How about you deliver it to me, then, if you are so incapable of what I asked? I will find someone who can use that knowledge and bring something new and wonderful to the world that has the chance to destroy that damned thing. Not like you have any use for it anyways, right?"

While he knew nothing about computers, he simply couldn't imagine Rhiannon discarding knowledge like that, throwing away her research after delivering the results to the party that commissioned it of her. It was there somewhere... along with other things.
Rhiannon Zellen "Ah, the challenge angle. Unfortunately, I am not so prideful as to fall for such obvious bait." She chuckled after that, rolling her eyes a bit. The mention of the state of the sword he took did draw her attention however. She wasn't interested in taking it right here, that was the job of other people. But hearing of it was intriguing enough. "I see."

Another shrug.

"Indeed. A an existence without a heart, is a heartless. And in turn, they seek other hear hearts to make up for their own missing heart..." This was interesting territory, this is what made her think. "That white creature not a heartless." A hand was brought to her chin in thought. "It has no hearts, and yet, seeks not to fill that void like heartless. It is an empty existence. ...Nothingness."

She would have gone on with her theories and conjecture, but Chita has interrupted when he moved to stand beside her. Upon hearing his request, what he earned was another roll of the eyes for his trouble. Prolonging her response with another long sip of water, Rhia spoke up afterward.

"Have you ever heard of Client Confidentiality?" A pause, and then she continued. "What I do and who I do it with is none of your concern, nor is that information or results available to be freely given away." Nope, looks like he wasn't going to be getting her research notes out of her. Only two people in the worlds were privy to it. And one of them already had it. The other...

"Now, if you really must have it, then by all means, seek out the client and obtain their permission. If you can manage such, then very well. You can have it as well." A smirk. "But as it stands now. You haven't the clearance." Doesn't help that names weren't given. Of course.
Chita And the bait was taken. He figured he'd try niceties before that, but ultimately, he knew what would actually get her to bite was the remnants of the first weapon. What was now left elsewhere in his possession...

Listening and letting her talk, he kept silent, taking in what he could about what she had to say. Unfortunately, he had the mind to speak and that caused her to shut up. Mentally chastizing himself he let her speak her bit and then she babbled on about ethics.

"Really? You're going to pretend you have ethics, Rhiannon? To me? Ethics? I would say try again, but we both know you are lying through your teeth. You don't care to any extent what your research is used for so long as you can continue to learn things. At least... so you told me before. And I believed you... still do."

Slowly he moved back to the Chocobo and looked like he was a bit lost as to what to say. "You really do frustrate me sometimes. I know what you want, yet... can barely get you interested. Tell me, what did you learn from all this if not having the thrill of actually creating it first? What about it all would not get you enjoying yourself again if given the opportunity to make something similar, yet entirely different?"
Rhiannon Zellen She smiled.

"When it suits my causes. Does my sudden founding of ethics frustrate you? Did you hope they would suit your needs this time?" She shook her head. "Unfortunately, this isn't the case." She turned away at that. "You tried to use my 'lack of ethics' for your own ends." She broke her speech, downing the rest of the water. "So perhaps you are not so ethical yourself, hm?"

"In any, you can't have my research notes, I won't tell you who they were for, and there is no debating it." Just to spell things out as a professional for once in her life. Well, maybe not once, but it certainly was rare. Sure, Chita may have 'known' at least partly, but he had no proof.

"I find no interest in delving in similar concepts. What I learned, I have already taken in. Doing it again would serve no purpose." Other than potentially saving lives, or someone's life. But that wasn't her perogative. "I sought to study darkness, the heartless, and the relation of the heart to the environment and to people. I got what I sought in spades. ...With a bonus."

An angry, white, sound spewing bonus.

"Besides..." The woman turned a bit and glanced at Chita. "...Does this new development not intrigue you? To see what this man will do with that weapon? How things will turn out?" Of course it didn't. She must have asked just to bother him.
Chita "More than you could ever know."

That was the only response she got out of the Viera regarding his dislike of her sudden attempt at hiding behind ethics. He was almost certain she had none but was simply using it as an excuse because she didn't care. "And yes... I did plan to use your own personality to my advantage. It'd be a pity to not take that opportunity." Listening to her speech regarding why she found it interesting, how she wouldn't enjoy doing it again, why and finally her question.

"Does it intrigue me? Of course not. I have no desire to find out what he will do with it. It should not even exist, and he should not have it. That he does was my failure and my failure alone. I was far too lenient with you and I gave you the chance to spread that information. Far too... spineless for my own good, or anyones good."

He couldn't deny that. Still, perhaps he was wrong about her. He'd prepared for that just in case, though. The water bottle empty as it was, he dug around in the satchel and pulled out another before offering it towards her. "Have another." His expression could be seen as torn, perhaps debating with himself about something. His own ethics were called to question. "Maybe I'm not as ethical as I thought. You are probably right. I hide behind my own morals often because I am too weak to follow through with what is needed. What is needed now, however, is a solution. And you are the only one I know who has access to a grand solution. Besides this Garland, who I am not certain I can even deal with. I know nothing of them."
Rhiannon Zellen What he was saying wasn't anything new to her.

She'd turned to stare off into the grass while Chita was talking. Not really paying one hundred percent attention to him and his speech. It was all old stuff to her. "Hm. Yes, of course." The usual spiel about how it was his job to be a big hero and stop everything because he was a force of a good. Yawn. ...Oh wait, she actually yawned.

At around that point, Rhia was beginning to think it was time to head off. This meeting was a waste of time. Pointless offers and old speeches revisited. Nothing of worth. The fresh air was nice, she supposed though. "Well, that is a shame. Good luck with your solution finding."

Not catching Chita's hesitance on the new bottle, she approached and took it, putting the empty one in his hand. "In any case, I believe it's time for me to go. Any further posturing here would be a waste of time." Thus, the woman turned away, her heels digging into the dirt path as she began to walk away.

In the process, she opened the bottle and took a sip...
Chita The water was... well, water, at least as far as anyone could tell. Nothing strange about it except perhaps the that the little sealing ring beneath the cap didn't quite crisp the way it normally would on an unopened bottle. Then again, it was Chita. He couldn't bring himself to do anything remotely unethical.


Well, with her back turned, walking away as she was, she couldn't see him looking torn. Part of him was screaming YOU BASTARD, while another was saying, 'Hey, it's for the best'. All reasoning aside though she could finally hear him say, "Don't drink that. I mixed enough sleeping powder into that to knock out a Chocobo." Nope. He couldn't do it. As simple a thing as it was... no matter who it was, he couldn't do that to someone. Not someone who trusted him enough that she didn't remotely question taking it from him. She trusted him, and regardless of anything else, he was too upright to follow through with his own plan of just in case she refused.
Rhiannon Zellen "Hrm?" Rhia half mumbled, bottle already to her lips and water passing through, by the time Chita's warning came. Upon hearing it though, she immediately began to cough, spitting out whatever had made it's way into her mouth. "Excuse me? You did /what/?" She was less indignant and more just plain surprised.

Surprised that him of all people would do such a thing. "So you were prepared to drug me, but...then..." As Rhia spoke, her vision began to get blurry. " cold...feet..." Looks like she'd ingested enough to see some effects. "...typical...wishy...washy..."

Blinking quickly, trying to remain awake for a while longer, she brought a hand to her ear, muttering something to herself faintly.

"Suppose I...trusted too..." Without finished, she sunk to her knees at that point, before slumping over onto her side, unconscious. Or rather, asleep.
Chita "Yes... " He shivered a bit, hand on his Chocobo's saddle. "Where you are intelligent... I plan, several times over." He's going to hate himself for some time to come. Yet, she was speaking strangely. She had already begun to drink it when he said that? "Heh... damn. Perhaps I planned too much." when he heard her slump and collapse. "That was why put so much too... in case I couldn't get the nerve." Funny that. Despite not being able to do something as simple as spike her drink with something to knock her out and take her peacefully into custody, it still succeeded because he'd planned for that too.

"Come on Senra, let's get her safe and into custody somewhere. I gave her a chance after all... and she refused." Attempting to talk himself into a bit of nerve he finally made his way over with the Chocobo, carefully knelt down and felt around until he found her form. And up onto the Chocobo she was placed, Chita hopping up behind her and carefully holding around her middle so she didn't fall off. "Alright, head back to town." And off they went, unless something else happened.

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